• June 25, 2022

Report: Michael Vick Will Miss Next Three to Four Weeks

The Eagles have some major problems with the San Francisco 49ers coming to town next week. Howard Eskin just reported on NBC10 Football Night In Philly.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has a broken right hand and looks to miss the next three to four weeks. Even though the injury is with his right hand, he can’t take the snap with one hand, so they’re going to have to go with Mike Kafka or Vince Young.

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin strained his hamstring and will probably miss next week’s game against the Niners. He could miss more, but he’s almost sure to miss next week. That will mean former Giants wideout Steve Smith starting at the wide receiver spot in place of him.

The Eagles will now have to make the decision to go with Kafka or with Vince Young as next week’s starting quarterback. Young has been recovering from a hamstring strain since the last game of the preseason when he strained his hamstring against the Jets.

Kafka has a better grasp of the offense but Young is a veteran, who has a much stronger arm and the ability to make plays with his legs.

If they go with Kafka it’s going to mean giving up some of the deep throws to DeSean Jackson. If they go with Young it’s going to mean using just part of the offense.

I say go with Young because of the way Kafka looked today. The youngster threw two awful interceptions that were easy to pickoff.


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  • Im concerned with alot of things with this team… i thought i had a good pulse of this team already but i definitely do not, and i know andy doesnt either… now with vick and maclin going down, nothing can get worst than this…. vick after getting a concussion last week follows that up with recieving a broken hand… the blame can go around to alot of guys at alot of positions so i ll save that… im lost for words which is very rare for me…smh

  • “Just rewatched the game and Vick holds on to the ball to long. He holds it to the very last minute and he gets drilled every time. Vick has to learn when to give up on a play If someone is not open dont stand around and wait forever for them, just throw the ball away or run it. This is what Vick was doing early last season. Why did he stop i have no idea. He needs to play his game and they need to stop trying to make him a traditional pocket passer because thats not what he is.They should just keep showing him how to read blitzes and let him play his game.”

  • The parties over, stick a fork in them! Vick, Maclin are out, LB’s, safeties & O-line are atrocious & gut wrenching & the coaching staff are f^#@ing stupid bastards! Well we always got next year, right apologists!? Oh yeah, all you cowards are in hiding. Who else is going to change their names like Wmonell (Awolwest) did, because of the embarrassment & cowardliness!? You’re jokes, & proven wrong over & over, Awolwest, Schiller, Birdo & the other stepfords!

  • Vick is a stupid bastard. He has never been a good QB, Never!!! He had 4-5 good games last year. He has regressed back to a nothing QB. Like I said, as soon as they give him a new contract, he will regress, because he has no more pressure to prove himself! Now they are stuck with his stupid, injury prone, dumb @$$! After last week, I said 9 wins. They’ll be blessed to win 7, now!!

  • Vick is a warrior you joke of a human being DCar. How dare you. Were all upset at whats happening. But you?. Hang yourself..please. Just do it.

  • ANDREW WALTER REID STRIKES AGAIN. Andrew must have blackmail pictures on the owner Lurie. Jeff did you do something that will embarrass you?
    Jeff, you have to feel like a horses backside allowing this fat incompetent slob to ruin your 100 million dollar QB and your team. Jeff, em em em, times yours!

  • never forget ” multiple super bowls ” you guys feel better now?

  • I know exactly how this is gonna play out. V Young will be the QB for the next month and he will go 3-1 or 4-0 and we will have a QB controversy.

  • I would take a QB Controversy right now Dag if VY can come in and in 3-4 games… If Eagles are not 3-3 by week 6, they are toast as far as the Playoff go.. The are better teams in the NFC this Season with the Packers,Saints at the Top and improving teams like the Lions,TB Bucs,Falcons, 49ers,PAnthers,CArdinals and then the usual tough teams like the Bears & GIants..

  • Should have said if VY can come in and win3 or 4 games..
    Time for D-JAx, Steve SMith to step up and make plays at WR.. Maclin will be missed and do the Eagles still have TE’s on their Roster..Another weak spot on this team, look around the NFL where almost every other team has athletic TE’s making plays every week and here are the EAgles with the slow-footed, drops too many passed TE of yesteryear good for a 8 your button-hook route and that’s about it…

  • Dumb and dumber.

    So Andy Reid makes many mistakes. Seems to be a theme the last 2 days. Perhaps the biggest mistake is to create (allegedly) one of the most complicated passing offenses in the NFL and then bring in 2 with the decision making skills of a bag of rocks to run it….no kidding they can’t make this thing work.

    Now many of you calling for Vick, (20 on the wonder and not known for his quick thinking abilities), to be replaced by a guy who scored a 6???

    Should work….I read Reid just put in a call to Tom Osborne….they hope to have a new option offence installed by next Sunday!

  • Andy Reid didn’t throw that interception on the eagles first possession when they were driving deep in Giant territory

    What I fault him for was the play calling at the goal line

    He should have had Vick fake it to McCoy and then roll out around end

  • Gotta go Young because if he’s healthy he can still win you some games just because of his playmaking ability. We already know he can win games. Don’t think now is the time to experiment with Kafka. You need to win.

  • Hey, Jimmy Mac, go blow Reid, you tool! Being a warrior doesn’t win you games or make you a better QB! He has a pea brain! He got his, now he has nothing to prove. In his own mind, that is. How dare I!? WTF, has he done since the middle of last year!? Nothing!! He is a injury prone, turn over machine! Some of you go overboard, with labeling greatness. He is a phenomenal athlete, not QB!

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