• January 17, 2022

There Were Times When Vick “Didn’t Seem To Be Himself”

I know Michael Vick took all the tests and he passed them last week, but there’s no way in the world anybody can tell me that he wasn’t “mentally foggy” during part of that game yesterday. He just didn’t seem to be himself during part of the game.

He was hit in the head a number of times and got up slow after some of those hits. I know he’s a warrior and wouldn’t want to come out of the game even if he knew he wasn’t all there mentally, but he didn’t seem like himself at times during the game.

One of the hits came after the interception by cornerback Aaron Ross in the first quarter. Vick was popped by Giants defensive end Dave Tollefson as the quarterback tried to put himself in position to make the tackle.

Jason Pierre-Paul got a good hit on Vick when sacked him in the first half. Vick eluded Pierre-Paul initially then the big fella got another shot at him and he didn’t miss the second time. Pierre-Paul dropped his head and drilled Vick.

Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty got the hit on Vick which broke his right hand. I thought it was a helmet-to-helmet hit.

With no timeouts left and the clock running out at the end of the half, Brent Celek had to tell Vick to get off the field and physically push toward the sidelines so that the Birds can kick a field goal without the clock running out.

This was a definite alarm about concussion symptoms. Here you’ve got a quarterback on the field who can’t decipher what situation he’s facing. which could have been taken as a sign of that concussion lingering.

What was the deal with those quarterback sneaks with a quarterback who is just getting back from a concussion? I have even said anything about that quarterback sweep. What was the deal with that?

Can Vick play the game without getting hit every play?

I’ve played with a concussion before and I know that some how you go into autopilot. When you’ve played the game so much that many things you’re able to do from muscle-memory. It seemed that Vick was playing some of the game yesterday on “Autopilot”.

Unfortunately, the details of the game are lost to anybody who is playing the game on “Autopilot”.


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  • vick will be next sun eat on that bitches

  • Maybe the constant pounding and injuries have caught up to him and in the back of his mind he is afraid of getting injured

    Would be normal

    Even warriors can only take so much

    It is not as if he is in the military and trying to protect home and hearth and comrades

  • for years reid never qb sneaked his 240 lb chunky soup man, but now with his diminutive, concussed qb twi in one series, i think reid wanted to kill vick so he won’t have to regret that 100 million

  • Now bein reported ….Vick has Hand contusion not a break

  • Just rewatched the game and Vick holds on to the ball to long. He holds it to the very last minute and he gets drilled every time. Vick has to learn when to give up on a play. If someone is not open dont stand around and wait forever for them, just throw the ball away or run it. This is what Vick was doing early last season and why he had success. Why did he stop? i have no idea.Maybe because the coaches want him to stay in the pocket more, but the problem with that is, he’s getting hurt more in the pocket than when he runs.Vick didnt even fumble as much when he was playing his game. He needs to play his game and they need to stop trying to make him a traditional pocket passer because thats not what he is.They should just keep showing him how to read blitzes and let him play his game. The Problem isnt Vick, its the coaches.

  • After the first quarter, I was thinking how he was playing not to get hurt.
    Without involving the team, coaching, and how the game went down, you can easily see that he was tentative.
    Football is the last sport you can do that with, but hey the guy maybe a veteran and I’m not the happiest fan in the world, but we’ve been here before and the season is very young (Vince Young for 4 games lol).

    It’s too early to be worried about a 16-game season, and what rtookies are busts or not.
    In reality, we’re 1-2 when we controlled all 3 games (time of possession and the flow of the game).
    We have many errors that are self-inflicted, with turnovers and it starts witht he leader and quarterback.
    I think we will be successful with and without Vick if we lean on McCoy like we did with Westbrook.

    Morningweg is the playcaller, and didn’t we all want to punch the ball in? We just didn’t execute regardless of your preference of running play, we have to put someone out wide to spread the defense a little, but I like the mindset. It’s not like were forcing home run balls, with the exception of Kafka, and we have had success on the ground because we’re actually running the ball and defenses are giving us space to so they don’t get beat deep. Dating back to preseason, we’re running a true West Coast offense and Vick (no excuses, he needs to man up and improve when he comes back) needs to get the ball out of his hands or run more. Use your legs, who cares about proving pocket presence, he’s been hit and injured in the pocket this season (how ironic).

    Our o-line has been better than most expected (in the pass, and impressive on the ground – the goal line failures are partly on the unit, and partly on everyone else involved on the field and calling the plays). The strength is obviously the ground game and we need to take advantage of all that space we are given underneath, and move the chains like we’ve been doing, but we have to find a solution in the redzone to score TDs. Sure, we’re gonna have games where the D bends but doesn’t break, but a lot of our shortcomings are because of ourselves and it’s always been that way during the Reid Era (keep in mind we’re competitive year in and year out, we win games and put ourselves in contending positions).

    Reid’s/Eagles time management was good to see, and we kicked that field goal right before the half). Sure, it could have been Bobby April, but regardless we got some points where we normally wouldn’t have, so hopefully that’s another step in the right direction. We do have to get everyone on the same page starting with our leader Vick, but that guy was thinking too much the whole game and was probably worried about getting hit again and forgot the time and situation (he’s gotta be aware, but I’ll give him a pass, from here on out I won’t).

    Defensively, our d-line is excellent, but we really do need to keep the defensive play calls basic. Castillo putting our linebackers in isolation/man-to-man is out of the question right now. They made their decision to go with smaller, quicker, and younger players at the position, so they have to adapt their playcalling and philosophy with the personnel. I don’t like how Nnamdi gets magnified for a mistake, when clearly it’s going to happen and no one is perfect. He gave up an improbable touchdown, but Eli had no pressure on that play and the safety came after the fact. In the preseason it was reported that we would run more Cover-2, well we need to do that and blitz less. We have an excellent d-line and a very good secondary, but we negate our secondary when we have Coleman covering a receiver and Allen in the box against the run. Coleman needs to be the 4th LB/safety in the box, and when Allen is in (although he doesn’t look healthy, or simply has lost a step from his knee injury) he needs to play center field in the back. Page has played well enough and had a nice deflection in the first quarter, and it was good to see “fan-favorite” (lol) Brian Rolle come in and get a deflection on the same play Matthews gave up a TD to Jacobs on.

    Defensively, we’re very skilled upfront and in the back end, we should be able to find success playing a basic defense with our fast linebackers, Castillo has to grow as well. But this man has been in the game forever, and regardless if you wanna give Juan a chance or want him removed ASAP, it’s a long season.

    I still think we’re going to win this division and finish in the top 10 on both sides of the ball with a number of Pro Bowlers (which is irrelevant, just describing my expectations), and I fully expect us to make a deep playoff run. I do think we will get to the NFC Championship game at the very least (when it’s all said and done), but yes I agree we have some work to do and we have to improve/pay attention to detail with urgency so we can play better/mistake-free football.

    Off-Topic: Anybody follow the Bears/Packers game? Before people decided to talk about it today, right after the game ended I said it was a fix by the refs. You may hate that I bring something ugly into a game we love, but it’s Philly and we can handle ugly lol. The Bears were robbed, sure refs make mistakes like the pass interference they didn’t call for Hester early in the game, when Woodson was going to get toasted for a TD and he basically chop blocked Hester on his route. But I’m referring to 2 plays in crunch time, Knox was pass interfered and that was also obvious.

    Near the end of the game, GB punted to the Bears. Hester and Knox were split on opposite sides of the field awaiting the return. Hester acted like he was receiving a routine punt, waving his teammates to stay away and then even calling for a fair catch. The thing is, the ball was punted to the other side of the field (idk how GB didn’t know where the punt was going lol) and Knox returned it with one blocker in front of him for a TD.

    The Vegas odds were GB -4 and the final score was 27-17, any TD would have made it 27-24, thus throwing off the odds. Very fishy, and I will tell you that after mulling over fixing in the NFL for about a year, I have come up with the conclusion that Tony Romo is in on the fix. I’ll spare the details there, but I did not just think of it yesterday lol.

    Anyways, have a good Monday fellas, our Eagles have their work cut out for them, and it’s annoying that we’re off to another slow start, but don’t make me the lone voice on the bandwagon, even if you have your concerns.
    Go Birds!!

  • correct supabud, but do you think andy square peg in a round hole will figure that out, i mean, bring in kafka to throw the deep pass 1st attempt, w/ no arm, but vick didn’t air it out once, you cannot change the way a qb plays, vick is a running quarterback, not a pocket passer, for him and eagles to have any shot they must let him play to his strengths, like randall said, “let me be me”, and even at that it is not super bowl for birds, but at least vick won’t get killed, in all sincereity that is where this is going if he continues in the pocket

  • We need to play Vince Young this week and rest Vick. We should be able to beat the 49ers at home with VY. Give the ball to McCoy and play the real west coast offense. We need Vick for the Bills game. Kafka is a bum and needs to go back to the 3rd string. We can’t play around with any more games because you must get 11 wins to make the playoffs!!!!!

  • Good point Supabad!

  • Jake, stop stealing my lines! (square peg in round hole Reid) 😆 LMFBO!!
    Just kidding, use it, it’s true!

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