• January 21, 2022

Juan Castillo Is Confident That Eagles Defense Can Turn It Around

Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo isn’t ready to panic because his defense has given up eight touchdown passes in the last two games. They’re on a pace to break the team’s record for most touchdown passes surrendered in a season.

This is his first year on the job and he’s under fire because he has a defense that stacked with Pro Bowlers yet they have surrendered leads in the fourth quarter of the last two games.

“I have a job to do, right? I’m going to succeed, for Coach Reid, for the city, for my family”, Castillo told CSNPhilly.com’s Reuben Frank. “This is an opportunity, this is a challenge, this is a job. We’re all men. We all have had challenges before. So, come on, let’s go. You work harder. You lead by example. You don’t panic. You have a plan. We believe in our plan.”

They’re not giving out any championship trophies after week three so the Birds do have time to get themselves together. They’ve got to have their Pro Bowl players play at the level they’re capable of playing at.

Nmandi Asomugha who stands 6’3″ can’t be outjumped for a pass by Giants 6’0″ foot wide receiver Victor Cruz. The fact that Eli Manning would throw the ball up for grabs to Cruz against Asomugha is quite a statement. Not only was Asumugha there on the coverage, Eagles safety Jarrad Page was also battling Cruz, yet the second-year receiver came down with the football.

On the play if Asomugha had turned around and attacked the ball at its highest point, he would have had an easy interception. Instead he and Page let Cruz be the aggressor and came down with the football.

When asked about Asomugha’s poor play, Castillo responded, “Nnam’s gonna make plays. Y’all will see that. Nnam will make some plays.”

Safety Kurt Coleman let Cruz break his tackle twice on the 74-yard catch and run for a touchdown. Coleman has got to be able to make an open field tackle, as well as Asomugha, who missed the tackle as well. He’s got to attack the ball carrier, wrap him up and take him down. That’s why Castillo says that they’re going to continue to stress the fundamentals.

“We’ve played some good series; now we’ve just got to continue to keep hammering away”, Castillo said. “We all get tested. I think we’ve all been there, where we get tested to see what we’re made out of. I think it’s good for the players, because they want to see how I react. Does he really have a plan, does he believe in his plan, how’s he going to handle the meetings? Does he have confidence in himself? I think all those things are important, and that the players will see, that we do have a plan.”

The Eagles defense has been playing well for the middle quarters of the last two games, but in the first and fourth quarters they have been getting beaten on big plays.

On Sunday it was the 40 yard pass to Brandon Jacobs for a touchdown, which was a breakdown by rookie linebacker Casey Matthews, who bit for a fake as Jacobs ran a wheel route down the right sideline.

On the next series Manning hit Cruz for the 74-yard score, when he read an Eagles blitz. Coleman could get the powerfully built Cruz to the ground despite having two chances to tackle him. The Giants wide receiver broke threw tackles and took the pass the distance down the same sideline which Jacobs had traveled.

The Giants went two quarters without scoring any points, but in the fourth quarter, Manning threw the ball up for grabs despite the Eagles having two defenders guarding Cruz.

On the final touchdown pass by Manning, he dropped a screen pass to Ahmad Bradshaw and the Eagles were blitzing and free safety Nate Allen failed to do his assignment which was to cover Bradshaw. He got suckered into trying to sack Manning.

Bradshaw caught the ball and went untouched into the end zone.

Although Giants offensive coordinator had a good game plan to attack the Eagles defense, quite a few times it wasn’t the defensive call, it was a matter of the Eagles players not doing their jobs. That’s one of the reasons Castillo wants to emphasize fundamentals.

If the Eagles are going to get to where they want to go, Castillo’s defense will need to start playing great football as the season continues.


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  • I think Im most concerned about Juan… Maybe Im misreading the guy, but he isnt making me feel confident that he knows what he is doing… It seems he cant spot a problem unless it shows up on the field and costs a game.. Then he may consider fixing it… I need to watch his press conference to get a better feel for his demeanor, but I just get the feeling that he is too lax about this stuff..

    not enough urgency… We dont have alot of games to waste while he figures out what he wants to do

  • This will be the last time I post on this site….I have said this too….the Eagles cannot get out of their own way…Every year its the same garbage, the Eagles have to move on past AR and his Blunders every week. This team will never win a SB as long as AR is the HC. For anyone who questions whether or not I am a true fan simply just needs attention!!! I just keep it real. When you have a HC making these type mistakes every week WTF does this tell you???? The play calling, the MISUSE of personnel, the arrogance at press conferences…the entire scheme is a joke! the west coast offense is dead!!!! Peace Out.

  • Talon…I have to disagree with you here.

    Andy have shown that hiring a inexperienced coach to coach the defense works.
    Look at the great guru Sean Mcdermott!

    He have also showed a coach can just coach any position like Segrest sucking at the special teams only to teach his sucking ways to our defensive backs. Hell, he should have been promoted to defensive coordinator.

    Andy knows the value of depending on athletic offensive tackles after multiple back surgeries. This mix always work in today’s nfl.

    Also Reid is the genius that figured low round linebackers on the cheap is the new trend the NFL is heading in. He’s just ahead of the curve. No more Michael Singletary’s and Ray Lewis’s of the world..Not even Trotters….The league is going with the new sleek bum ass Matthews, like the one we picked up in the 4th round. Slow and confused….That’s the new trend.

    I like what Mudd have done….You would think we can get a 3rd and one man on man, without depending on double flea flickers.

    Mudd should be teaching ballet,,,, Let’s sit his ass down and call him up once we pick up Peyton Manning after multiple neck surgeries.

    And what about Washurn’s wide nine?

    Teams bait the line only to do draws and screens to go against our bum ass linbackers and safeties.

    Talon…what do we know?

    It’s not what we said it would be…Is it?

    Who seen this coming?

    If anything…this perfect storm leads to a change and someone with a pedigree to do magic with all this talent..A losing season would be worth it.

  • DE PLAN BOSS DE PLAN go back to basics ABC tackle tackle get off block
    gain more muscle get more speed be like you brother wrap your arms around de man. This guy is lost big time.

  • I’m sorry. But Juan telling me everything is going to be alright, is like

    “Bozo the Clown” telling my girlfriend her make-up looks fine.

  • The 49ers were 6-10 last season> Maybe Juan Cheerleader will dominate them with DE PLAN

  • ya know – just spent 50 minutes on some CYBEX machine and have come to the conclusion – every one needs to chill the hell out.

    Did you guys catch ANY of the other games – any of them – all the teams look like crap – hell – the colts – without Manning almost beat the steelers and guess who missed some tackles – ol Troy P

    really think the Lions are going to run the table or fall off once teams start going – oh crap we have the Lions this week?

    The Patriots have lloked like crap and Brady couldn’t pull it off against Buffalo –

    imgagine this scenario – its eraly in the year after a very abnormal offseason – no OTA’s no camps, no off season get togethers, shortened pre-season period….. teams look bad – really – wow –

    Watched some more highlights – before we jump all over the coaches – lets remember this is a team game – On Cruz’s first TD – 2 players missed Cruz – the safety could have stopped him and the CB made a really bad tackle attempt – but Castillo had someone there – and on the 2nd Cruz TD – hey – 2 defenders right there – Castillo can’t run onto the field and take the ball –

    On the first RZ pick that vick threw – smith wide open – easy first down – he missed it – second smith mistake eing a yard short of the first down –

    the goal line stand by the Giants – the pass vick threw – look to the left Owen Schmitt is wide open and could have fallen into the end zone –

    McCoy had a monster hole on his 4rth and one and cut back….

    So what do you say we stop playing dog pile on the coaches and few select players, get a reality check that hey, guess what – win this week we are 2-2 and probably no worse then 1 game behind the divisional leader – remember the Eagles typically start slow and come on strong after the bye week –

    Big E – tackling is a lost art form – watch the highlights – watch the Jets highlights – watch McFadden dance all over them, watch McCoy all over the Giants – all over the NFl everyone wants to grab and strip vice hit – Even the steelers had sloppy tackling

  • I’m feel Juan is over his head coaching this defense. If he doesn’t get the best players on the field we are in trouble. In addition, Andy Reid has made matters worse. If we were running the offense effectively then we could give our defense the opportunity to improve in a few games. We lost the Giants game on offense five times in the red zone only 16 points. Wake up DJAX before you come down on the defense check out the offense production. I not putting this on Vick because the play calling his on an elementary level this is the NFL!!!!! These next two games are BIG. If you want to get back on the playoff hunt we must win both!!!!!!!

  • Songs – again your fascination with numbers – good and bad linebackers come in all shapes sizes and draft picks – sure some LBs went high – Urlacher – Ray LEwis (eagles took tra thomas instead) some went low James HArrison all of 6 ft 240 pounds went undrafted – so EVERY TEAM missed on him – Trotter and Lance Briggs both 3rd rounders – we could play this game forever – first Ried didn’t value WRs then he uses a #1 a #2 a #4 and what is Cooper a #5 or 4 no he doesn’t value LBs – half the people on the board scream about the O Line and Vick’s BS and he didn’t do anything about that, the other half scream about the LBs the other group wants to bitch about the Safety’s – bottom line is every one of these picks at the time they were made were solid picks – of course we could dicker for months over the #2 pick could have been had in the 3rd round – but who cares what round a guy is picked in? Do you think James HArrison of the Steelers give a rats rear end anymore what round he was or wasn’t picked in? I mean really – does anyone care that in 2009 the Steelers first round pick was ziggy hood who started ZERO games his rookie year, or only 1 game this year……… no, steelers fans right now only care there team looks like crap and were lucky to survive the COlts

  • really SKman – so when Cruz had 2 TD passes with #24 directly involved in the play……… who else should have been there?

  • Navy- the Cowboys and Redskins looked pretty good on most tackles. t’s only a lost art form if the coaches allow it to be. I didn’t see any stripping oportunities in any of the Eagles games. On the goal line why run Vick who is small and just had a concussion up the middle of a weak in the middle O Line and why run the fullback who has no runs up the middle. Why not use Ronnie Brown. Why is he here. To appear on comcast sports Net. I did see the fullback wide open on the goal line stand but Vick didn’t.

  • I think NavyDave should be the next Comissioner of the NFL
    and Songs whould be the next HC of the Eagles with DDCar as his Assistant Coach/Defensive Coordinator…
    I will handle and manage the Eagle Cheerleaders in case anyone is wondering..
    while Jon Hart becomes a private Tutor for Casey Matthews to help him get his Degree in Sports Recreation Managament

  • Vick misses open receivers on many pass attempts and if VIck doesn’t start getting rid of the ball quicker, it’s not going to make much of a Difference on whether Jaun Valdez has this Defense all Coffee’d up or not..
    This Eagle team is only going to win games by outscoring its oppenents (like the Saints and Patirots) Eagles need to score in the low to mid 30’s to win any games against decent teams forthey won’t be stopping many teams from scoring TD for their Red-Zone Defense is off to another rousing start..

  • This is the same type of rhetoric spoken by Sean McDermott.

  • drummer – yep because Reid trains coaches to say bland stuff to the media. Billicheat does the same. Don’t be fooled – it really IS worthless to listen to the coaches. Pay attention to what the coaches do, what they say is canned garbage as a strategic plan to get through the obligatory media press conferences. You’re only letting the media play you by giving it your attention.

  • First, let me say I’m completely pissed at the state of the Eagles right now, and Andy, Marty, and Juan are all big factors on that side. I’d like to give Castillo the benefit of the doubt, but we’re really running out of time in what was supposed to be the easy part of the schedule. We need results now.

    There has to be some real responsibility taken by the players, the fact that Jamar Chaney made that Heat comparison today just tells me that the Eagles believe their own hype, and that they deserve the Lombardi by proxy. Think of the Cowboys last year, who thought they deserved the Championship based on what they did in ’09. It’s a bad, bad scene if that’s rampant in the locker room.

    The big negatives:

    1) Nnamdi was the best CB in the league when he was on the left side. Why is he being moved into the Nickel when we’re repeatedly getting beat on left? I think part of Nnamdi’s poor play is just his getting used to playing a number of different roles: he sounded lost his first week, and this takes time.

    2) Matthews on the field is ridiculous, he should be benched and schooled.

    3) It’s ridiculous that either Vick is not reading the dump off, or Andy/Marty are calling all outs, all the time. Play to the strengths of your squad, and allow them to get the ball in space.

    4) If we don’t start using size and height in the Red Zone, we’re done. One more Vick sneak and I’ll scream. Sunday was pathetic.

    On the other hand, don’t panic about the 4th and 1, and go screaming that we never convert this. We’re 5 of 7 converting 3rd and 1 this year, it was just a poorly executed play by McCoy. It happens, and it’s not the sole reason we lost. I won’t argue that it should have been a punt, but we’d have all danced a jig had McCoy run to the left like the play was designed.

  • 49ers 28
    Eagles 20

    Schill will not have a comment until Thursday after lost.

    Eagles bring in a defensive quality control consultant to help similar to the Dick Jauron hire to assist the last incompetent defensive coordinator.

    The Emperor is ass naked, eating a cheeseburger in a thong.


  • 49ers 23 – Eagles 19
    Eagles amass over 440 Yards of Offense with 28 First Down but settle for 4 FG’s inside the Red-Zone resulting in 19 Points.
    Chad Hall Leads WR’s with 9 Cathces for 147 Yard while D-Jax has 3 Catches for 19 Yards and a costly fumble before the half
    Star of the game for the 49ers is back-up RB and future Star Kendall Hunter for runs for 126 Yards and 2 TD’s and Rookiwe QB Colin Kaepernick leads 2 4th Quarter Drives for the 49ers Victory…

  • ANdy is a total control freak… It’s pretty obvious. He didn’t want a real Defensive Coordinator who would be independent and might challenge his authority. That can be the only explanation for choosing Juan. He’s a loyal Andy disciple and won’t make waves. This will go down as one of the worst decisions Andy has ever made and might be his undoing with The Eagles top brass. One can only hope….

  • They need to play Nnamdi in press
    They need to put DRC in the game more often playing press
    Either Page or Jarrett need to be in the box vs. run teams (Atlanta/NY)
    Allen needs to step up.
    Jordan Clayton or Rolle need to be WIL (Matthews is not ready or can’t play within this scheme. His speed or lack thereof is a detriment).

    Blitz less. The front four are getting there. You just need more speed at linebacker and safety to create more coverage sacks. I don’t know if Castillo is the answer but can’t say he has all of the bullets needed. I think that they really need to move Asante now for a top ten pick next year. They can pick up Vontaze Burfict (6’3/250) linebacker. He is being projected as the next great MLB. Keenan Robinson (6’3/245) is a athletic and fast SAM that can be had with one of their #2s. Also, if he isn’t there, there is Nigel Bradham (6’2/240) FSU or Ronnell Lewis (6’2/250) Oklahoma are also good L/backers that can make a difference. All three are extremely fast and very physical and most importantly are rated much better than the guys we have now. Also, I think that they need to consider going to base 4-3 and occassionally use the wide 9 tech. This will limit big play on the ground. What difference does it make if they can get to the quarterback 4 times a game but give up 150 yards each game rushing. Get in the red zone and give up a TD. Teams will scheme more that way and eliminate passing so much.


  • I figured it out. Andy looks at the roster in the offseason to patch a blindspot, and right afterwards look for a new position to deplete…..

    Between Burgers Reid is like ……”Ummmm”..”Let’s fill that corner position with 2 players and release our best safety.”

    By the way…..”Let’s fire the defensive coordinator, I told everyone would be a good one. ..and replace him with our offensive line coach who coached one of the worse units in the league.”

    “Yeah”….. “That will work”……

    “Don’t worry guys!!!!”

    “Next season, we’ll be moving Marty over to the Defensive side as the new coordinator and sliding Juan into a quality control position under Marty…..”Who’s better than a guy who have schemed against defenses?”

    aaaaah …..Andy? Do you think a guy who have actually coached defenses in this league would qualify as a defensive coordinator?


  • diverreb – Andy a control freak!? He’s the HEAD COACH. Show me a coach in the league that doesn’t want control. Now tell me, wasn’t he notorious for totally letting JJ run the d for years?

    Another example of a fan criticizing Andy Reid for an invalid reason. He sucked at playcalling this week. He clearly hasn’t gotten the team ready at this point. He’s mishandling Vick and the OL. ETC ETC ETC, but if you think he’s a control freak or that that’s the issue with the team right now, um…..nope

  • Diver – is Andy controlling the OL? the DL? Nope. Brought in other guys and trusted them to insert and run new systems. Case in point.

  • In other news, Obama confident he can turn the economy around. Film at 11.

  • Riley – I agree with everything you said up until getting rid of Asante. They need to play DRC at safety full time – he’s fast and can at very least impede any runner to the extent that Page can tackle him. I also love the idea of putting Jarrett in there – really do. Same for Rolle and Clayton. They’re blowing opportunities by not doing that.

  • Songs – I was on vacation in cali for a few days – and I posted tuesday once I caught up with work and jetlag. You can expect me to post consistently – I know you love it.

  • By the way…Why did we draft Riley Cooper again?

    That was the so called red zone big target we sorely lacked. Remember?

    Another waste of a pick

  • By the way….Can Jarrad Page do any worse at safety?

    Since these guys are bums anyway why not see if Jarrad Allen can play…Hell he was picked before ASS HEWS…I mean Matthews

  • How’s the fireman doing?

  • Aaron Curry linebacker from Seattle just posted he thinks hes on the trading block, why dont we have him yet? Riley 1 i agree with you 100% concerning Nnamdi, Reid always says he has to do a better job putting his players in a better position and yet hes got the best press cover guy playing zone coverage, does this make sense? How is it we see these simple things and they dont? Its also very obvious Castillo is in way over his head, the sad part is he has nobody with D-Coordinator experience to lean on, its like making a guy jump out of a plane without a parachute.

  • am I the only one who has ZERO confidence in Juan Castillo?

    Sean McDermott did a better job with less talent… Castillo has some serious talent and isnt using them correctly… fricking stop the zone defense, play man up and blitz more often…

  • Songs, thanks as always for the laughs. And proving that you really don’t know what’s going on. First, Jarrad Allen? Who’s that? Do you mean JarrEd Allen? The Defensive End for the Minnesota Vikings? You think we should be playing HIM at safety? Or did you mess up and mean Nate Allen, our safety who you are correct, was drafted in round 2 (dude, your obsession with draft order/round shows your lack of understanding facts, trends, data, and THE WORLD has demonstrated otherwise. But if you mean NATE Allen, well then, that still shows that you don’t understand/aren’t paying attention – they’ve been playing him interspersed. And your suggestion is to play a safety at linebacker?

  • jott – no, everyone agrees with you.

  • schiller, We all know songs was talking about Jaiquann Jarrett the safety we just drafted, you know, the one we picked in the 2nd round when every other team had him no higher than a 3rd and more like a 4th, songs makes a great point, as bad as Page is playing how is it this big time hitter cant get on the field? Its going into week 4, all the excuses about the rookies not having mini camps doesnt apply anymore, they had training camp and 4 weeks to get use to our system, if they cant get on the field especially after watching how bad our safetys are playing and not even dress for that matter then that should tell you something, if it doesnt then let me, Wasted pick !

  • To Andrew P
    Seahawks OLB Curry is on the way oout of Seatlle because my LB Pick of the Draft (KJ Wright) has beat him out of a Starters Spot. and now Seattle doesn’t need Curry or his big Contract he has since being the 4th/5th Overall pick from 3 Years Ago.. Eagles could offer OT Winston Justice and a 3rd Round Pick and could probably get him.. I mentioned that Curry has wanted out of Seattle for a while now and the Seahawks would entertain offers for him. Curry has not lived up to expectations but has been on some bad teams who have gone thru 3 Def/Coordinators in the 4 years he’s been there .. I belive a change of scenery would be good for him and the EAgles could shure use a 6-3 245 lbs OLB who can run and tackle and could be a nice fit in this Eagles Defense

  • Andrew – oh, I guess I figured I’d give him to the benefit of the doubt on being 50% correct on the name, as opposed to 100% incorrect as you see it. May bad. I should have accounted for Song’s passion induced failure to communicate. Sure, I want them to play Jarret too.

  • Do you think Reid hired Jaun Cheerleader as defensive coordinator and the other older coaches so there is no one on the coaching staff to replace him. Maybe in the 20 or so DC’S he interviewed their was head coach material. Reid seems to have gotten worse with age. Remember the two Dallas coaches who tried 4 time straight at the goaline to score on the Eagles and failed. One was Dave Campo.

  • I don’t want to hear another f^#@ing word, come out of Ritalin boy Castillo’s mouth! He doesn’t have a clue, to what he is doing, or what he is saying! He is a f^#@ing joke! He is another built in fall guy, for Square peg in round hole Reid. So if they do horrible again, this year, he can say to Banner & Lurie, hey we had a rookie, inexperienced coach. Give it time! Just to save his own @$$ again. Don’t fall for it boys! Fire his @$$, it’s been 3 years too long already! See if you can convince Cowher, Fischer or Gruden to come in here, from semi-retirement!

  • At the very least, you’ll have a team with guaranteed, good running teams & teams with great DF’s. Not to mention, all 3 of them went to the SB & 2 have SB rings! It can only go up! Fear of change, will hold this organization back, from ever winning the SB, unless they start over & get Reid the f^#@ out of here!

  • The problem Shills is that it is difficult to have one person playing off and the other playing press. The continuity of the scheme is the problem. I love Asante’s bigg play ability, but since he has gotten here, it has been a departure away from what the team has done best, and that is put pressure on the qb. We’ve played more zone schemes over the past 5 years than I’ve ever seen. The problem is magnified by the fact that you are paying Nnamdi 12 million a year plus, and traded a “franchise” qb away for DRC. So, we are wasting both of their abilities. Neither is special at zone. They excel in press. Asante refuses to relinquish his starting status, so, Nnamdi is forced to play more off and he is average at best there. Also, we don’t know if DRC could play safety or if his tackling is better in that role than Coleman or Allen.

    The point I was making is get something tangible now for the only misplaced chip and get a top 15 pick for next season. Burfict is expected to be the next Ray Lewis. If he is nearly as good, it improves the linebacking corp tremendously! Also, it allows a scheme to be more integral rather than having so many displaced parts that we have now. Additionally, Chaney can play what I believe is his natural position, WILL. Although he plays well at Mike, he still is built like a WIL, speed of a WIL, and chase ability etc.. the other LBs I mentioned above would provide bulk, speed and coverage ability to the position and make this more a natural 4-3 team.

    Placing Jarrett allows for us to add more 46 concepts and exotic blitz looks to disrupt blocking schemes.

    Castillo may not be a defensive coordinator in the long run, because I think he wants to be a head coach. So, experiment, unfortunately this year and move to another guy that can run this effectively. (Jeff Fisher).

    IMHO, I’d move away from these Cover 3 schemes (getting burned underneath so much) and be more of a 4-3 with Man Under/Cover 2 and/or 46 concepts. I’d add one more big tackle to rotate with Antonio Dixon. Maybe Red Bryant since he is a FA 2012. Cullen Jenkins and Patterson are my undertackles…. Vinny Curry of Marshall would be a DE in the draft and replace oft injured, over priced Juqua Parker. So, rotate 5 DEs and 4 Tackles.

    the point is our biggest asset is also our biggest liability to continuity on this team. All other back end guys are essentially man players, so we need to go man all the way since the defense has been drafted as such. (BTW_ that is why Csaey Matthews is struggling. He is not a man LB. He is too slow! He would be better playing for a Vikings or Chicago where they play more zone at the linebacker position). Anyway, that’s my take.

  • Interesting points Riley. I’m not sure I agree that one off and one man/press is an issue. I still think it’s hard to throw against our CBs. I think they should let Nnamdi play any way he wants – just let him do his thing. Same for Asante. I think they should manipulate the safeties to accompany their adjacent CB. I think DRC and Jarrett should be on the field because of their speed. They can recover and stop runners in their tracks, allowing others to bring them down if need be. I’m just saying that if we have to be bend but not break, Jarret and DRC can execute the ‘bend’ in my opinion, better than Page/Allen/Coleman

  • Juan Castillo as a head coach is Wade Phillips Part 2….deer in headlights, say everything you want to hear, used card salesman BS…

    the guy is an O-line coach and thats it… he is so over his head and Reid doesnt see it because of his loyalty to him….

  • Schiller
    He is a Control Freak… Not all coaches wield the power he does… In reality he is still Coach & GM, despite having the kid in there with the title. Nothing in this organization doesn’t bear his stamp of approval. Other teams have guys that have a shot at becoming or were Head Coaches. Reid used to develop that type of talent. No more… He is stubborn and doesn’t want to be questioned about any decision he makes. Just look at his Press Conferences. He answers to no one. Years ago Andy divulged his theory on Linebackers…. Not important in his overall game plan… How’s that working out for us? Our owner is a hands off guy and our President is a numbers guy, leaving Andy with “Total Control” which he pretty much insists on. Mudd was a bad decision… His system isn’t working here. How’d we do on those QB sneaks? How many times is Vick running for his life? There is no doubt that it’s Andy’s way or the Highway.

  • I agree Schiller.. Let Nnamdi play press, Let Asante play off and get DRC in the mix… Let these guys play to their strengths so that they are comfortable.. Nnamdi will play better if he is in comfortable situations like playing press coverage.. Dont over complicate things at this stage…

    If you notice? Washburn has already implemented a style that optimizes the abilities of the Dline… They are happy and beastin right now.. Sure the wide 9 leaves holes, but also pounds the quarterback without blitzing and is perfect for these speedy ends we have..

    Juan needs to formulate something to complement that on the back end.. I personally think the linebackers need to move in (to fill the running lanes faster) and they should bring a safety down for run support.

    Juan needs to simplify the game and let his players make plays… no need to blitz and try to trick offenses when we have the talent to execute without blitzing and zoning and doing all types of shuffling..

  • Devrreb – Thanks for your input but you just said stuff that’s true about every other team. That’s the standard press conference behavior in the NFL minus Rex Ryan. Can you give me examples otherwise? And you want a ‘hands ON’ owner/president? I can think of only 2 examples of that in the whole league – Jerry Jones in Dallas and Al Davis in Oakland – both examples of teams that have suffered greatly because of that for the past two decades.

    You’re points are popular ones, and ones that the Philly (especially radio) media makes all the time, but THEY MAKE NO SENSE.

    And Mudd? You give the guy 3 games, less than 25% of a season to evaluate how his system works here with only 1 guy playing the same position he did last year? Are you kidding me? Do you know what a sample size is? Hopefully you do, and if so, you have to admit that that there is a TERRIBLE sample size.

  • I am not so sure that the Eagles could have all of their 6 LB’s on the field at same time and still stop the run or cover TE’s/RB’s with the big gaps from the Wide-9 Scheme. There are teams in the Canadien Football League and the SEC Conference with more production and talent than this Eagle LB Group..
    I am being serious too..

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