• August 14, 2022

The NFL Should Fine Andy Reid For His Treatment Of The Media

In October of 2010 former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss was fined $25,000 for not cooperating with the media. “I don’t have any questions or answers for you, man,” Moss would tell the media during his three week media boycott Moss in the fall of 2010.

Monday, Andy Reid was no better than Randy Moss was last October; Reid did anything but cooperate with the media during his day after press conference. “That’s not for you to worry about,” “I’m probably not going to go there with you on it,” and “Come on, I mean you guys are killing me. Please.”

Those quotes were all responses from Andy Reid to reporters Monday. How are his answers any different than Randy Moss saying “I don’t have any questions or answers for you man”?

On Monday reporters asked Andy Reid 33 questions, Reid answered 18 of the questions. Which means Reid answered only 55 percent of questions asked by reporters. I understand for competitive reasons there are certain questions that NFL coaches cannot answer, however, anything outside of that should have an answer, and it should be a professional response to reporters. The NFL expects its players to act like professionals, but not its coaches?

Roger Goodell is tough on the players but a total wimp when it comes to his coaches, just ask ex-Raider head coach Tom Cable.

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid was anything but professional during his news conference on Monday. The Philadelphia media was only asking the questions that concerned Eagles fans. Andy Reid has a duty to answer questions.

How is it fair to fine Randy Moss for saying I have no questions or answers for you, but not Andy Reid for saying “That’s not for you to worry about”. Newsflash Coach Reid, it is the job of the Eagles beat writer to be concerned about the Eagles, just like it is Andy Reid’s job to represent the Philadelphia Eagles in a professional manner after tough losses, something he failed to do Monday.

Part of being an NFL head coach is answering questions from reporters if Andy Reid does not want to do that, there are plenty of high schools that will gladly hire him.

Andy Reid’s press conferences are a bore, I day dream when I am bored, and a thought I had while day dreaming was this-is Andy Reid a good head coach? Or was Jim Johnson that good of a defensive coordinator. Andy Reid has zero playoff wins since the death of Jim Johnson.’

GCobb.com readers, the time’s yours.

Jerry Brennan

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  • He needs to be fired, not fined! He is nothing more than an arrogant, condescending, egotistical, stubborn, stupid, wannabe know it all, that thinks he invented the game, bully! Most of the media are terrified, to even ask him the tough, logical questions!

  • There came a time when I turned my back on McNabb after years of defending him.

    The time has come to turn my back on Reid after years of defending him. I was at the game. I saw things that we should have capitilized on and didn’t. I can’t take it anymore.

    Andy Reid has to go.

  • If this season continues like it has started, Reid will be gone. No doubt.

  • I will personally reserve judgement of whether or not Andy should be fired until the end of this season.

    I dont really have any sympathy for the press considering the dumb questions they ask every week… the agendas they come to the press conferences with and the word twisting and manipulating they in their columns…

    no sympathy at all…

    As for Andy, so far he is doing a terrible job and his disposition reflects that as it should…

    The bottomline is that he has to put his foot in some people’s butts on that team (including his own butt), and they need start winning games… They have plenty of talent and it should be a matter of the coaches getting serious about this season..

    quit playing around and start winning games

  • LOL…half of the questions were duplicate questions…presented to him in a diffrent way…F the media!

    @Jerry, how about you do a better job reporting…how about telling us the question that was asked to AR and why he responded “not for you too worry about”…even a question about MM remaining the offensive play caller was asked to him…are you serious? some questions don’t deserve a response….

  • GCobb should fire Jerry and replace him with commentor Paulman

    how’s that for a head line….

  • Coach AR has a scapegoat in Juan Castillo to blame the teams deficiencies,
    (though Castillo didn’t Draft any of these current players, didn’t go into camp with such a green LB and Safety corp and believe me, I do not like the job Castillo is doing and feel he’s overmatched for the D/C Role to begin with)
    Coach is signed thru 2013 and will at least coach thru 2012 which is when all the assistants (Coach MM, Washburn,Mudd,J Lynne’s Deals all come up)
    Owner Lurie/Pres Banner will give him this and next Season to get to a Super Bowl and anything less, then he will be relieved of duty.. but not before then..

  • Press are a bunch of dopes who try to impress each other with their questions

    They think they have to ask one or look stupid in the eyes of the other reporters

    They want it both ways

    The head coaches protect their coaches and players and the press wants them to call them out and IF they do then they accuse the coach of throwing them under the bus

    Bunch of wannabees

  • Hiring Juan Cheerleader as Defensive Coordinator says it all about Andy Reid.
    His coaching and decision making have lost 2 game now not to mention the end of last season. Wearing his Packers Super Bowl Ring should be an insult to all fans. He’s been outcoached too many times. This plan that Banner talks about that was two years in the making was ill concieved. The organization has a non football mentality when the devalue linebackers, tackling and protecting your 100M man and have failed miserably in the draft.
    Pencil neck geeks are good at fantasy football not reaL NFL SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL.

  • Jerry – terrible point, terrible article. “Andy Reid has a duty to answer questions.” FALSE. He has a duty to speak to the media, but he has no duty to go beyond what he said in that press conference. His duty is to coach the team and try to coach wins and improvement – and he has failed at that for the past two weeks, no doubt. But if your sense of the media is that f-ing screwed up that you think a coach should be fired for ‘no comment’ and aggrivated demeanor – um, tell me a coach besides Rex Ryan who would still be employed Jerry. Please, do so. Billicheat is NOTORIOUS for the same shit. And you know what – fans in New England and even the media respect him for it – I lived in Boston for 5 years – I’m telling you it’s true. They all respect him for doing that because they realize that the media is worthless, just there to serve their own agendas. If press conferences went away – you know who would miss them? NOBODY

  • What about Caldwell / Zordich they both work more closely with the group than Castillo does?…Just can’t blame Castillo, these coaches need to share the blame…Coaches that work closely with their players on a day to day, need to be just as accountable for the recent results…

  • We’re 1-2 and one of those losses was a brutal road game. Noone came out of that one unscathed. We lost a heartbreaker to the Giants. It’s a tough week to deal with and everyone wants to see this team bounce back Sunday,no?

    WTF are all you b.s. wannabe coaches talking about? I coach h.s. ball and you all sound like mommys and daddys in the stand who know better. Are some of his faults legit,yeah. But does he have qualities of a great nfl headman,hell yes.

    We’re getting nothing from this draft and that hurts.

    The Giants were ready for everything and anything. Hats off to that team.

    Cowgirls and Deadskins…..horrible teams. Dont even tell me either one of those squads is on the Birds /Giants level.

    Theres to much talent on this team for this b.s. talk. Its week 4 and your talking about firing a coach…thats Cleveland and Cincy b.s.. This is Philly…tricounty proud fans who dont give up.

    Look at how the Pats lost.Look at how the Steelers had to fight.Packers havent had a cakewalk yet.

    In other words relax. Defend your beatdown of the headman and continue it,cause some of its warranted..but the fire him crap is a waste of energy and blog space.

    How bout those Phills?

    Go Birds.

  • Erock — STFU. The moron is making bonehead decisions. Ronnie Brown should be our goalline back and thats that. Give it to him 4 straight times at the one if you have to.

    We’re allowed to vent and its obvious that it’s time for a chance.

    Now go call Eagles LIVE! and ask some more dumbass questions.

  • @REAL, you are 100% correct, about Caldwell, Zordich & Castillo. But who hired them!?!? Reid! That’s the point!! So your arguing with yourself! You can’t hire an almost completely, rookie, inexperienced, coaching staff, & give them inferior players, & then say you are going to compete for a SB! Reid & his staff need to go!!!

  • jerry- BOGUS. bogus all over the place. The media is what realy pushed the T.O. thing. the media is the one that cant let go of the “MIVE VICK STORY”, the Media is the one that said the eagles would be AMAZING this year and the media is the one kicking them while they are dow. You overvalued Jim J-How many games did the Eagles D dominate in the playoffs under Jim? give me a break. He was good but his Blitzes KILLED us in the playoffs. Sorry you cant focus on everything he says…. try watching the game and talking about that.

  • Paulman, Sorry but the Castillo scapegoat thing isnt gonna get him off the hook this year if he fails, That trump card was used last year with McDermitt, Their was plenty of qualified, EXPERENCIED D-Coordinaters out there, As Reid himself told us went in to Banners office and convinced him why Castillo is the right man for the job, He’ll have no one to blame but hisself.

  • I just watched Andy’s press Conference…

    question about marty = dumb question

    question about Vicks mouthpiece = dumb question

    some of the other question are obviously asked because guys have their articles they wanna write, but that isnt Reid’s problem..

    His job is protect this team while he straightens out the problems…

    he is not obligated to play games with media… He usually obliges and does the dance with these guys after the games… this week he obviously is out of patience…

    I dont blame him.. it wasnt like he snapped at them or disrespected the media… He is just obviously tired of the stupid questions…

    he could himself by cleaning up his clock management and some of the issues that should have been already addressed…

    he just needs to get this team back on track and he doesnt have the patience for the press right now..

    I dont blame him

  • Bird that was really insightful.And wtf are you talking about Eagles live for….just cause some dude called the Birds station and stated his name was Erock doesnt mean it was me brosiff. If i called a radio station(which i dont cause its fuggin waste) i would use my real name.Osirus.lol!!!!!

    Venting is for h.s. girls who just lost there date,or when you have a bad day at work,and so on…not for grown men talking about pro football.

    Least you made a good football point…i agree, give it too Ronnie and let him leg drive.

    Start Jordan on the weakside.

  • PFT says Mike Vick is playing so…. a cut and paste job should be posted on Gcobb in about 5 mins.

  • I am ok with Coach AR only answering 55% of the Questions asked if he would balance out his Pass to the Run Ratio to this level…

    Here is Paulman’s Rankings of the NFC Conference after Week #3

    #1) Packers 3-0 (Defending Champs and no one has knock them off yet)
    #2) Lions 3-0 (2 wins on the Road so far, Impressive and Undefeated)
    #3) Saints 2-1 (2 good wins vs the Bears/Texans,close loss to Packers)
    #4) Tampa Bay 2-1 (2 Solid close wins and a close loss to the Lions)
    #5) Cowboys 2-1 (2 big wins in a row which could have been losses,Romo is stepping up without a whloe lot of help around him, ILB S Lee a Pro-Bowler)
    #6) Redsksins 2-1 (had a great chance to go 3-0 last evening, Defense is improved but QB Grossman just doesn’t cut it for me)
    #7) Giants 2-1 (have not looked at that great so far, have a ton of injuries, but here they are at 2-1 and Beat the Eagles on the road)
    #8) 49ers 2-1 (have 2 wins which is better than the teams listed next)
    #9) Bears 1-2 (2 losses to Saints/Packers and beat Falcons)
    #10) Falcons 1-2 (2 losses to Bears/TB Bucs, but beat Eagles)
    #11) Eagles 1-2 (blown last 2 games in the 4th Quarter, only win vs Rams, have lost 4 in a row at home.. )
    #12) Seattle 1-2 (desperate win at home vs the CArdinals to salvage season)
    #13) Arizona 1-2 (2 close losses at Washington/Seattle where they had a lead, similar to the Eagles and costly mistakes late in games)
    #14) Carolina 1-2 (2 close losses to Cardinals/Packers, won an ugly game in the pouring rain versus the Jaguars..Have Cam Newton who is a Star in the making and nice young talent to build the team around)
    #15 Vikings 0-3 (have blown leads of 17 pts, 17 pts and now 20 pts all in the 2nd half to go winless.. Is it time for QB Ponder to take over as Starter as they look towards the future..
    #16) Rams 0-3 (have had some injuries but are just not playing well at all and really have little talent to surround Bradford to help him out, leading to his sophomore swoon)

  • LMAO @ Stevo

  • Sheed….good points.Nicely put.

  • Ill tell you what…. Ill give you Tom Coughlin and you give me Andy Reid.. Deal?

  • I love how people ignored the fact writer reffered to Randy Moss being fined for not answering the media’s questions..the nfl forces players to answer questions but reid is immune…technically moss spoke to the media too

  • To ES,
    You can keep them both and I’ll take DC Perry Jewell to Coach the Eagles..

  • I am not here to defend reid, but to say he is an arrogant, egotistical, stubborn, blah blah blah… isnt that every coach in the NFL? Now is he these things because he doesnt do what the fans want him to do? he does what he wants to do? he is paid to do his job, not what you people think his job is. Granted he is not doing a good job so far this year… but they have a team with a ton of new players, and coaches… and have you watched this team EVER????????? when do they ever shoot out of the gate? don’t you people realize that you make the same criticisms every year, at the same time of the year ???? now I know he should learn by now, but they dont do anything in the preseason, ever, so that is why they start slow… it happens every year. EVERY YEAR they start 4-2, 4-3… the bye comes, and they go 6-3, 7-2 after the bye.

    You criticize reid for doing the same things, yet every season all of you do the same complaining… wait to the playoffs to complain. This happens every year with the phillies, and the eagles… I watched all you panic when the phillies lost 4 out of 6 while having the best record in baseball… idiots.

  • zoltek – HAHAHAAHA thanks man, great to hear such REALTALK

  • Well yes sometimes the questions the press ask are often repetitive, and annoying. With that being said, the majority of the questions that they ask him are legitimate questions that we as fans also want the answer to. I see nothing wrong with asking him why he made certain key decisions during the game that affected the outcome of the game. That is a reasonable question and I don’t understand why he would take issue with being asked that. He might not like that part of his job but too bad, it comes with the territory.

  • The league didn’t fine Moss for saying that – they fined him for following through and ignoring the media. Nobody can blame Reid for ignoring the media or refusing to talk to them. They just criticize him about HOW he does it. Hence, Jerry is comapring apples to oranges.

  • I give Andy credit for how he deals with the press.. Even this press conference where he supposedly should have been fined…

    he just sorta sighed and bypassed the silly questions (like whether MM is still the OC, or whether Vick is wearing his mouthpiece, which is something that can be seen simply by watching the game)

    its not like he went Bill Parcells up there….

    Media is bunch whiners…. they think Reid should take their silly questions seriously and indulge them….

    they dont represent the public at all…. The public saw the game and we dont need deep insight into why he went for it on 4 & 1 with the lead… He shouldnt have done it, but he did *shrugs* We already know it, and he admitted it, so lets move on… He isnt going to give a speech killing himself over that move, and pressing him to do so is wasting everyones time and trying the coaches patience…

  • Zoltek….there is a different feel to this team. I can’t remember the last time we allowed 36 combined pts in back to back 4th quarters. That’s just trash.

  • chevron – I hear you, but the coach does have a right to not answer questions, and if he says something along the lines of ‘no comment’ and they ask for a comment again, that IS them being obnoxious, disrespectful, and wasting time and energy.

  • Birdo – I’m not Zoltek, but yeah, can’t disagree with you there. On that note, can you remember the last time we changed so many players on D, and the coordinator/dl/lb/secondary coach AND had no rookie camp, OTAs and a lockout during the offseason? I can’t. Let’s remember the context. Am I wrong?

    I’m not making excuses. Those are facts. You have to consider context. If this lasts all season and they continue to suck it up. That’s that. But they’ve played 3 games, and its worth seeing the rest of the season before overreacting (unless you’re a typical Eagles fan in which case it’s ALWAYS worth overreacting).

  • I found out schiller is not his real name…He’s a Schill for Eagles organization to combat any comment that may effect the Eagles PR negatively.

    Many companies hired losers like this and believe me guys, he’s typing from the novacare center. loser

  • I’m not saying that the team isnt terrible right now… but last year they layed a giant egg against the redskins, and blew that game against the titans that they were dominating (both before the bye)… and they still made the playoffs.

    Again, I am not defending the team, I am just tired of hearing/reading the same crap every year.

  • if that is true about schiller, than I am even more glad he agrees with me.

    All the negative PR I hear publicly comes from gcobb.com…………

  • oh songs, everything is so simple for you isn’t it?

  • I work for a reputable healthcare organization for your information

  • hmmmmm is it… NOVA CARE ?? *cue dramatic music*

  • nope, more well rounded than just rehab and the likes…. much more well rounded

  • zoltek, you hear the same crap every year because every year its the same crap, and schiller, it is that simple, but not to you, an educated derelict.

  • And even if they were 3-0 people would be complaining, noone does anything but complain

  • Hey Zoltek, as a Fan I would still rather state or read complaints about a team thats 3-0 and going somwhere than this 2011 version of 1-2 … This team focus,preparation and execution, coaching , roster management and draft leave a lot to be desired…

  • wait jake, anyone who disagrees with criticsm against the Eagles works for them? It IS that simple? If that’s the case why are there so many Eagles fans in the reagion who are unemployed? By your and songs’s logic, all they’d have to do to work for the Eagles is point out a flaw in criticsm toward any aspect of the team. (wait, did we just solve unemployment in the region!?)

  • speaking of ” leave a lot to be desired…”- i would say repeating the same crap arguments over and over again is getting boring. Lets get in a 49ers fan to kick around.

  • Please. He has no obligation to give you what you want. This whining is worse than Vick’s.

  • Honestly, I couldn’t care less about how Andy answers (or don’t answers) questions. We’re never going to get an answer we don’t like. It’s been like this since he’s been here so I really don’t care. All I care about is him fixing the problems on the field. I can care less what he says or doesn’t say in front of the cameras.

  • Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity… at least when andy reid does the same things, most of the time they make the playoffs, and sometimes they do not. Making the same complaints year after year does nothing, and never has.

  • Best point of the article, in my opinion, is that Reid hasn’t won a playoff game since the death of Jim Johnson. Not only has he not won a playoff game, but his defenses are breaking scoring records while money is being spent hand over fist.

    Winning playoff games is his job and that’s Realtalk.

  • I don’t know about being fined for not speaking to the media, but he most CERTAINLY should be fined for impersonating a head coach.

  • Vernon Davis aaaaalllll day!

  • I disagree 100%. I don’t really like much of anything about Andy Reid, I’ve been ready for him to go for the last 3-4 years, but I’ll defend him here.

    Answering 55% of the questions at a press conference the day after a tough loss is more than acceptable, and financially forcing the coaches to play nice with the press just neuters the game even more. I’m glad he treats guys like you like shit the day after a tough loss. In fact, I’d lose even more respect for him than I already have if he was a pussycat the day after a bad loss. Andy Reid has no duty to answer the press or the fans, he answers to his boss. He’s not an elected official, he’s a paid employee.

    That being said, I’ll be happy when they walk him to the door.

  • The NFL Should “FIRE” Andy Reid For His Treatment Of The Media is what the headline should read. GET EM OUTTA HERE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAKE, “educated derelict”, LMFAO!!! I love it! That’s some funny $#!t, I wish I thought of it! I finally figured it out, Schiller is Spadaro! Double agent Spadaro.

  • Dcar – you finally figured that out!? WOW amazing, and it was only 3 or 4 years ago when people first made that dumb joke on this site about me. You’re ahead of the curve!

  • Schiller, I just started on here, this year, dunce! It’s funny, don’t get your granny panties in a bunch, get over it! Don’t be such a female, & people wouldn’t rip you a ripe one!

  • dcar, schiller’s educated, just ask him, but he’s a derelict nonetheless, an educated derelict

  • jake, I’m glad you’re enjoying your new nickname for me, but I find it funny that it’s ironically wrong. What do you mean by ‘derelict’? I’m not neglected, you all seem to surely pay plenty of attention to me. I’m not homeless, and I’m not unemployed. In fact none of the defenitions of the word apply to me.

  • You are a vagrant! HAHAHA! Just messing with you! That’s why it’s funny, dude. It doesn’t make sense! Have a sense of humor!

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