• January 17, 2022

Andy Reid And His Staff Were Outcoached On Sunday

Considering our innate ability and eagerness in becoming Monday morning quarterbacks each week after our favorite teams lose, there are a lot of things that we can point to as causes of the Eagles fall to the Giants on Sunday.

The most obvious aspects to pull out would come from the action on the field, after all the Eagles secondary allowed big plays, Ahmad Bradshaw and Victor Cruz basically did whatever they wanted in the Giants 29-16 win over Philly.

Against Philadelphia on Sunday, the Giants seemed to have moments where they simply made the right call for certain situations; plays that yielded success not because so much of the ability of certain players, but more so, the position that the coaches put them in.

Tom Coughlin and his crew are far, from perfect but credit must be given where credit is due. It surely didn’t hurt them to have Andy Reid and his staff on the other sideline. The Giants picked on rookie linebacker Casey Matthews as soon as they could, getting Brandon Jacobs a nice 40-yard touchdown pass in the process.

Why were the Eagles shocked that the Giants attacked Matthews, who was starting his first game at weakside linebacker? Why did Matthews have to be in the starting lineup after he showed the coaching staff that he wasn’t good enough to start at middle linebacker? Why did the Eagles coaches have no help deep for him in a man-to-man coverage early in the game?

Why were the Eagles surprised when the Giants ran a screen pass to Bradshaw on third down in the fourth quarter, a play on which the Eagles sent seven players after the quarterback?

Andy Reid, Juan Castillo and the rest of the staff, were caught sleeping at the wheel. While all the talk of Reid deserving to be on the hot seat may be a little misguided, for this game specifically, there are questions to be asked of the coach with the longest tenure in the NFL, particularly when it came to the crucial, short yardage situations.

Going down the field on the first play after Mike Kafka came in (with a call that had DeSean Jackson running a double move which Aaron Ross didn’t bite on) wasn’t the wisest decision, and likewise the 4th and 1 hand-off to McCoy will not be receiving nominations for play of the year anytime soon. McCoy is typically not a power back.

There are a lot of things that will be said about Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg in the wake of Sunday’s loss, some dead on and perhaps some a little off base, but at the very least we can say that the red zone has never been one of Andy Reid’s biggest strengths and nothing may be able to illustrate this more than the Eagles trip to the red zone late in the third quarter.

Let’s just revisit that series of plays, shall we. The Eagles ran the ball up the middle with full back Owen Schmitt, which gained a yard, no big deal, second down. A quarterback sneak ensues and Vick runs for no gain. But wait! There’s a penalty, which means two more chances to get this thing in there, hooray, second down again. Another quarterback sneak ran by an already hurt Vick, and oh boy, this is not looking good. The following sequence of events goes a little something like this: Third down, Owen Schmitt, field goal, heads shake.

Now of course, whatever problems the Eagles have do not come down to just four plays. It comes down to a laundry list of factors, that’s for sure. On the same same token, the failings in Eagles’ games may not even come down to a couple of moment, understood.

Consider this number however, six. That’s how many times the Eagles ran offensive plays inside the Giants 3-yard line on Sunday. None of those plays resulted in a touchdown. Poor red zone conversion rates, especially from that close of a range, are usually accompanied by losses. These losses are usually the avoidable type, the frustrating type, the kick yourself until you’re hurt type.

That being said, the Eagles play calling may not have been the biggest cause for defeat against the Giants, but it was definitely one of the problems, and one to take note of going forward.

Joseph Milord

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  • No real surprise G-Man
    They were outcoached in the Falcon Game when the game was on the line too..
    Look back at 2010 Season and Down the Stretch, they were badly outcoached by an Interim Coach (Leslie Frazier of the Vikings) in perhaps the most important game of last Regular Season (which they still haven’t recovered from in my opinion) and of course the Packers Staff thouroughly outcoached Reid and staff in the PLayoff game..
    Then look back at the final 2 games of the 2009 when Wade Phillips (yes, that WAfde Phillips and Staff) outcoached Reid and Co in both of those Cowboy Games to end their Season again in 2009

    The pattern here is not Coach AR getting outcoached by legends, these are other Coaches and Staffs and Teams that had no business beating the EAgles and with so much riding on those particular games, I find it inexcusable and a alarming trend.. I asked the other Day, whats the last big win that Coach AR has Coached over a winning team or in a meaningful game and you have to go back a ways, so all this crap about their slow start and people say don’t worry, Coach AR starts slow and finishes string is just not an accurate statement goving back the last few years, the NFC is stgronger now with more up and coming team and coaching staffs… The Eagles are in serious Trouble in my opinion…This game this week vs the 49ers may be the most important Regular Season game they play for if they fall short, I believe they will miss the playoffs ..

  • Accurate commentary Joe. No, the Giants don’t have the greatest coaching staff or even the best atheletes on their team, but the cocahes were good enough to play to the teams strengthes and the Eagles weaknesess. This is something that the Eagles under Reid are not good at. Offensively, if what makes Vick special is that he has 4.3 speed and the ability to make the opponent miss, why are we not running play action bootleg on the goaline and letting Vick beat a defender 1 on 1 to the corner of the endzone? Why did we sign 230 lb Ronnie Brown, if not for short yardage and goalline? With a still maturing offensive line, why are all the pass patterns 15+ yards downfield, taking too much time to develop and getting Vick creamed in the meantime? Defensively, assuming that a professional coach would know his defenses shortcomings, we leave a suspect linebacker 1 on 1 in pass coverage with a solid RB, their third string WR in 1 on 1 coverage with our practice squad safety and continue to blitz a panicky, turnover machine in Manning, when the 4 man rush was doing just fine in applying pressure. I feel as though this team could be formitable if the coaches would play to our players strengths and stop forcing a “system” philosphy, despite inadequate personnel.

  • In summary, despite the Giants team or coaching staff not being very good, they looked like Lombardi’s Packers against the Eagles, which speaks volumes about Reid & Co.

  • Andy Reid hired a 13 yr OL Coach to be the DC of what could/should be a top 5 defense even with the issuses at LB…..after interviewing several DCs?? “C’mon man” Juan Castillo is a over hyped, over-rated, mediocre OL coach with no DC skills. And if “Candy Reid” doesn’t win it all, or atleast get to the NFC Chamionship Game, coach his azz off, show a legit game plan, without the Circus plays….he should be fired!! And if he’s not……I question the organizations desire to “win”.

  • Reid, out-coached? You don’t say.

  • @drummerwinslow…….hahahaha, exactly!

  • Six plays inside the 3-yard line, with no TDs. How many years has Reid been focusing on red-zone production during training camp?

    Our emperor believes he’s clothed in the finest garments, but is he?

  • Paul

    Quite astute. Thanks for the data.

  • Paul

    What happens if the Eagles miss the playoffs? Does Reid get to finish out his contract. Is a measure of control taken from him, or does they team continue as is?

  • paulman, your analysis is excellent, stick to football, just be a fan of the phillies, cause you missed that one

  • I think Coach Reid has 2011 & 2012 to make SUper Bowl run,
    If they miss this year, he will fire Castillo who will be the Scapegoat
    (reemember that Highly paid assistants in Washburn,Mudd & Lynn are all signed thru 2012) .. Coach AR will spin that the lack of OTA’s,Short Camp and a new Def/Coordinator Castillo and the influx of many new players was the reason they underperformed.. Lurie and Banner will buy for 1 more Season, Coach AR will then be fired after the 2012 Season unless he takes the EAgles to the Super Bowl..

    Jake, just wait for more of my analysis when the World Championships of Ice Curling begins .. (I am picking the Team from Canada to win and you heard it here first )

  • Another big factor and wildcard here is hat we all have to be realistic about
    QB M Vick.. The Eagles Signed him to a 5-6 Year Deal for $100 Million..
    You know both Coach AR and Vick himself will tell Lurie & Banner that only Coach AR & MM can best Coach Vick to get the most out of his talents..
    It’s as if Coach AR and VIck are joined at the hip and Coach Ar will play this Card for as long as he can
    This fact alone makes a more difficult situation for Lurie and Banner who have already committed a ton of $$$ over the next 5-6 Years for Vick to be the Face of the Franchise.. Just a hypothetical, but let’s say they fired Coach AR and MM and attempted to hire a Defensive Minded Coach like a Cowher,Dungy or brought in a BIll Parcells to win a Championship .. Vick’s style of QB is not going to work with many Coaches who may prefer a more Standard Pocket type of QB… So when you think about it,.. firing Coach AR will not be as easy as many of us may think… Just something to keep in mind…

  • But here’s the ultimate question … why are we still talking about Reid being outcoached in big games 13 years after he first started getting outcoached? Why isn’t he some other team’s problem by now?

  • If you follow my logic, the Vick signing may have been a mistake by the Eagles Front Office. If the Lurie & Banner had some reservations with Coach AR… If they felt uneasy about the Future with him as a Coach, Then why not keep the Franchise Tag and pay Vick the Big bucks for 2011 Season only and if things didn;t work out with VIck and or Reid, than you can change directions for future seasons without committing that huge Contract to Vick..
    I guess what I a really saying is the Coach AR for better or for worse will be the HC for the Eagles for many more years.. An area that Lurie & Banner can and should look at is this Teams Home play performance and Record here at the LINC.. Going 4-6 in their last 10 Home games is not going to cut as the local fans,media and buzz about the Eagles games are usually more heightened for “home” games and if they continue to struggle at home, then who knows…

  • paul, you’re running your ‘mouth’ like diahrea. Next season and beyond depend on this season. This season is less that 25% complete. Everything else is just an opinionated guess.

    and “An area that Lurie & Banner can and should look at is this Teams Home play performance and Record here at the LINC.. Going 4-6 in their last 10 Home games is not going to cut as the local fans,media and buzz about the Eagles games are usually more heightened for “home” games and if they continue to struggle at home, then who knows…”


    What are you talking about? The team will continue to sell out games. Period. Fan support is not in jeapordy. Not close. fans may hate, may criticize, whine, yell, protest, write letters, make phone calls etc etc etc about their displeasure with Reid or the team. But they will not lose fans. There’s just too many waiting in the wings to buy tickets, buy merch, and continue rooting for and following the team obsessively. Their only focus should be on bettering the team and getting better results on the field. Luckily, it is.

  • Paulman,
    Stop being so kind with the “may have been a mistake” business. It was a flat out mistake, and we’re going to pay for it for a few years. I’ll have more on this later in a post called “Mythical Vick vs Real Vick”…I’m sure you all can’t wait.

    And hold off on the curling commentary…..I’m quite sure there’s only one poster on this board who’s ever even stepped on to a curling sheet and thrown the rock. I even own my own shoes and broom!

  • They were out coached by Tom f^#@ ing Coughlin! That in itself, is a joke! Reid must go! This team will never lose it’s fans loyalty! As much as I can’t stomach Reid, I will always route for, & love the Birds! That’s why Lurie needs to fire him. There is no downside to it. If anything, it will make the majority of the fans, ecstatic!

  • of course these threads are always days late… even the average fan sees the issues you waste your time writing on the website…

    we can complain all we want and point out all the flaws on the Eagles and we will continue to do it all year long and it will NOT change until Reid is replaced.

  • DCar….while I agree its time to move on from Reid, I won’t be ecstatic. More like a sense that there was a great missed opportunity over the past decade. For me its a with a sort of resigned sigh that I will accept any changes. Reid brought a lot of things to this team. Purpose. Stability….he just couldn’t seem to get the team over the hump. I liken him to hockey coach Jacques Martin….always even keel…never too high or low…always competitive, but just doesn’t seem to have the ability to rise to the occasion.

    That being said, we have to be careful what we wish for…many of you hoped for Vick, and look how that’s turning out!! I can guarantee you’ll be complaining a lot more if we get stuck with another Kotite, or Rhodes……

  • Somehow, someway Vinnie, none of us are surprised to hear that you own your own set of Curling Spikes and Broom…

  • Vin, that’s all the more reasons to fire his @$$! It’s 13 years of the same old, same old. He blew his load getting to the 2004 SB! He should have been gone after 2007! It’s time for change!!!!

  • Spikes? You’d ruin the ice. One shoe has sticky rummber underneath, the other smooth plastic for sliding. Get with the program.

    ….. everyone over 35 has his own shoes and broom up here. Its what we do.

  • You are incorrect Schiller,
    if the Eagles were to continue to have poor performances at Home and losing records and missing the playoffs, then there will be fans,corporations and local Sponsors & media that start spending their time & $$$ on other activites & teams.. The City begins to lose it’s buzz , people are just not as passionate about the team as they used to be if they are out of the race by Mid-Season, Games begin to not be televised due to lack of sellouts, etc,etc… I am not saying this going to happen anytime soon, but have 2-3 Season of poor results and yes, you would see many fans interest look elsewhere for entertainment for their hard earned $$$.. Remember every Dynasty or COnsistent Winning Franchise has certain events and games that turn around a Franchise and a City to get and keep get a good thing going.. Just like every team that goes thru mediocrity or a worse spell goes thru certain events and games that turn their fortunes sour .. I believe the Philadelphia Eagles with Coach AR at the helm, are just at the beginning stages of the later scenario.. We will look back years from now and recall this 2010-2019 Decade of Eagle Football as “Reidmandomis Era” and it does not have a happy ending..

  • Whatever Paulman, how bout them Phils?

  • Love those Phils Schiller and happy to report that Cole Hamels had a great season thanks to me for following my advice and throwing with more confidence and trusting his natural god-given abilitiy..
    I also got into GM Amaro’s ear often enough to make him go out and obtain RF Hunter Pence for the Astros… (I was calling that move since May)
    So all in all, I am happy for the Phils and Fans as they get ready for another exciting Playoff season and hopefully another World Series Banner…
    I just wished the Eagles GM, Coaching Staff and Players would take my advice and suggestions as the Phils have done and then maybe the Eagles can fulfill their CHampionship quest……

  • You don’t say…FIRE REID THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Really? Out coached? Reid? Again? Really? SHOCKING!

    IMO, Lurie will NEVER fire Reid. Reid is gone when, and only when, Reid says so.

  • That pic of jacobs out running casey to his touchdown says it all!!!!

  • Remember if Andrew continues to waste Lurie’s money and lose, he will be gone next year. REID no longer has Jim Johnson ,or any Ray Rhodes draft picks to save him. Andrew is only an average coach now. He is now figured out.
    LURIE needs to look at how much money he has allowed ANDREW to waste on his draft picks who can’t even get on the field.

  • we resigned joselio hanson who can hardly get on the field yet cut our best TE of the preseason. Something seriously wrong is going on with the Eagles organization under Reid. Maybe he endears himself to certain guys…I don’t know…What I do know is something is wrong……What impact defensive player have we drafted within the last 4 years?

  • listen you dolts to what pete just said, paraphrasing, without jim johnson and rhodes draft picks reid is just average, that is true, reid has been successful on others accomplishments, on his own, just average, wake up eagles fans, instead of thinking you are right, look to the pearls of wisdom on this site, thanks to pete and others who critically think, stop with the propaganda

  • jake – that previous statement is just flat out wrong – its false – its a lie – I mean you are either stupid, ignoirant or refuse to accept that everything is not totally screwed up –

    first off – give me the criteria you want to evaluate the drafts on – # first rounders that went to the pro bowl – # of overall draft picks that went to the pro bowl – # of starts per draft pick – # starers that were drafted – you guys just throw out this subjective bull shit and then give each other reach arounds what standard are you using –

    songs – define impact – its another bullshit subjective word – tell me what impact means – we drafted Henery to be the kicker in the 4rth rd – is he an ‘impact’ player?

    make shit up – slam Ried and the FO – stupid ESPN wanna be quote – post comment

  • navy…Impact player drafted on defense within the last 5 years ..

    for instance… McCoy is an impact player on offense. Desean Jackson is an impact player on offense.

    I’ll ask again….Have there been an impact player drafted on the defensive side of the ball within the last 5 years? If so…who is he?

  • again – what is the criteria – you are subjectively saying they are impact – I am picking the 05 draft for a very specific reason – both Patterson and trent cole were in it – trent cole is an impact player – but what does impact mean – patterson has started I think every game over the last 4 years – he started as a rookie – he played in a two gap system – so he didn’t get ‘stats – but what is the expected level of play for a 1st round that makes him ‘impact’ Trent cole is ‘impact’ but he wears down towards the end of the year – McCoy hasn’t made a pro bowl yet… what is impact – Stew Bradley was being widely hailed as an up and coming star until he tore his knee up – but he was drafted and did have a year of being an ‘impact’ player until he got hurt – if you are going to penalize Bradley for getting hurt – you have to give credit to patterson for not getting hurt – hell Mays and Studebaker (we drafted) are still tearing it up in the NFL – so is GoCong –

    But again – after this cerebral debate about ‘impact’ players – isn’t Asnate an impact player – isn’t 24 supposed to be an impact player – isn’t Cole and Babin – are they not impact players – what about Jenkins – impact or no? How about DRC – so 2 CBs (maybe 3), 2 DEs and a DT – we have 5 to 6 ‘impact’ players (and I still do not know what the hell IMPACT means) on D – who cares if they were drafted, bought, traded for, stolen, picked up at a garage sale or dropped in from the heavens – you get 11 players on the field – and half are IMPACT players………………..

    so the eagles draft better on the O side – McClin, McCoy, DJax, Hermanns, Celek, Kelce, trade a 1 for Peters, sign a dude from jail – who cares, why the absolute fascination and again – how many ‘impact’ players have the PAtirots drafted on D in the last 5 years or the Colts, or the Saints, or the Broncos – well hell I don’t know because I have ZERO idea what IMPACT means other then some ESPN wanna be garbage you make up in your own mind –

  • Guys…you’re wasting time going back and forth about Andrew Reid. I’ve laid down my gavel and he is found GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES. FIRE HIM NOW AND QUIT WASTING TIME.!! 11 years is long enough. The writings on the wall. From T.O., Mcnabb, B-West, dawkins and all the great players that have worn the green and white to get us to the top. IT IS TIME TO GET RID OF OUR REAL PROBLEM. OUR PROBLEM IS REID. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I’VE THROWN IN ALL TOWELS ON REID. FIRE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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