• August 19, 2022

Rookie Kicker Henery Misses Two Easy Field Goals, As Akers Watches

Despite the fact that the Eagles added an amazing amount of talent to their football team this off season, they also added some question marks or young players who haven’t proven themselves as of yet to be solid NFL players.

Two of those question marks happen to kick and punt the football for the Birds.

During the off season, they said good bye to Pro Bowl kicker David Akers and veteran punter Sav Rocca. In their place they drafted one question mark in the fourth round, rookie kicker, Alex Henery, and the signed the other question mark, rookie punter, Chas Henry, as a rookie free agent.

Even Eagles head coach Andy Reid had to admit that there was a great deal of irony in the fact that Henery missed two field goals, 39-yards and 33-yards, which could have given the Eagles the game, while Akers stood on the opposing sidelines in a San Francisco 49ers uniform.

When asked about it Reid replied, “I’m not into irony, but it will probably make a good story”.

The rookie took responsibility for the misses.

It’s inexcusable,” said Henery. “It’s my fault.” Unfortunately, it still doesn’t change their 1-3 record to 2-2.

“I thought I had the second one and I just pushed it,” said Henery.

The Eagles were supposed to be a football team competing for the Lombardi Trophy, instead this team is trapped in the basement of the NFC East at 1-3.


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  • The guy looks like a number two pencil.

  • The Eagles allowed 442 yards Sunday to the NFL’s 32nd-ranked offense, the 49ers’ most yards in seven years. The Eagles have given up 1,429 yards – their most after four games since 1989.

    Great Job Andy and Juan. Nice pick for DC. You had to know all thje NFL were laughing and shaking their heads behind closed doors and didn’t ewant to critisize an NFL sacred cow (REID). A big cow at that!

  • Anybody else see how Baltimore is absolutely pounding NYJ defense running on them at will? Harbaugh was a keeper…
    Andy Reid just simply doesn’t seem to be able to adjust gameplan mid-game or understand the importance of a run game… Offensive genius? I beg to differ….

  • doublemove -30% run 70% pass.

  • Yes he should have made them but the game should have never come down to those kicks.

    They once again looked terrible from the beginning. Same issues as always, cant score in the red zone, run too many gimmick plays, and rely on the home run. I wont even start on the defense, that starts and ends on the coaches.

  • This team is as soft as Reid’s stomach. The defense not only bends, it breaks.
    The dumbest move of all times. As long as Reid is coach I can no longer expect anything from the Eagles. If Joe Banner was using the Redsox Model, he got it right, total collapse. No redzone offense or defense. No effective coaching. Dumb mistakes by dumb people. No linebackers. No safeties. No tacklers.

  • It is not a good story. It is a lousy story. I’m “not into stinking.”

  • Blaming a rookie kicker, for losing this game, is a cop out, & is making him a scapegoat! How do you give up, almost 450 yards to an offense that’s last in the league!? How do you let a RB, playing on one leg, gash you for 125 & a td (I predicted 135 & 2 tds)!? How do you not run the ball with a 20 pt lead!? WTF, are you doing, having your QB play shotgun 80+% the entire game!? Why do you constantly suck balls in the redzone, on both sides of the ball!? Why does your RB throw a reverse pass to no one, as he is being tackled on the goal line!? Why do you continually wast challenge calls, when it is obvious, you are going to loose!? Why does your FO blow at talent evaluating, drafting & filling priority needs every year!? Why does your entire coaching staff suck sack, at in game adjustments & play calling!? Why does square peg in round hole Reids, pompous, egotistical, condescending, stupid, clueless, stubborn, overrated HC & GM still have job!? That’s why they lose & stink!

  • There’s more than enough blame to go around..I dont think its right putting it all on the kicker, but regardless he has a job to do…Everyone was all over Casey Matthews about his abilities…Only right that the kicker feels some pressure too…My opinion Browns TO was the biggest play of the game…I think if we dont get a TD, the kicker makes that field goal with ease…Maclin fumble…I’m not gonna get into all the personnel decisions and such, all I know every week we’ve had a chance and we’ve been out coached, especially on the defensive side of the ball, its that simple….

  • 1. Yes, those misses were big, but they were in a regular season game, not a playoff–loser goes home for the winter–game. And for his part, Akers looked just as shaky–missed from 44, had one blocked from 45 and just barely got the 45 yarder that he did hit. Remember, he was a rookie at one time in the league.

    2. .This is the first time I’ve said in conversation that I believe Reid should be sacked. But we all know that Lurie doesn’t have the guts to do it. He should be fuming that they spent so much money, had so much national attention for who they signed and are just 1-3.

    3. And speaking of Reid–him and Marty–what the hell is going on with all of this crap playcalling down in the red zone? I will defend them not running the ball much because they were having success passing the ball and the 49ers are what, first in the league against the rush–and McCoy got all of 18 yards in 9 carries. But just hoorible playcalling right near the goalline–and Brown–he’s a 7 year vet, he’s got to know not to put the ball up in the air like that when he’s being taken down.

    4. And once again, even though Jackson had a big game, I wasn’t impressed with two of his no catches–should have caught the deep ball in the first and should have fought harder to break up the INT in the 2nd and brought the defender down after the catch instead of complaining to the ref about a non call.

  • I have to say D Car that challenge was not a bad one. From every angle, and I had the game recorded here and watched it in super slo mo—he caught that ball. Both of his arms were under the ball–at no time did it hit the ground like the ref said it did.

  • Bobby, Reids lost challenge was on the Brown reverse lateral. The Maclin catch was challenged by SF. Get it right.

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