• July 4, 2022

Clearly Eagles Castillo Is In Over His Head

I respect Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and his work ethic, but that doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t be the team’s defensive coordinator. His inexperience is showing in a major way and each game the opposing defensive coordinator has been able to make adjustments at halftime to then rip through the Eagles in the second half.

The San Francisco 49ers hadn’t moved the ball effectively against any one so far this season. In three games the offense had scored a total of three touchdowns. They were the 32nd ranked offense in the National Football League going into the game, yet in the second half of their contest against the Eagles, they marched the ball the length of the field three times for touchdowns.

Is it a coincidence that three teams in a row have beaten the Eagles in the second half? The Falcons beat the Eagles 14-0 in the fourth quarter. The Giants beat them 15-0 in the fourth quarter. The Niners outscored the Eagles 21-3 in the second half and 7-0 in the fourth quarter.

Think about it, for the first time in his career, San Francisco quarterback, Alex Smith, who has been a bust since he was drafted in the first round in 2005, had been unable to put together sustained drives yet he was able to do it against Castillo’s defense.

I respect his desire to become a defensive coordinator, but it was clearly a mistake by Andy Reid to give him the position without making him spend a year or two on the defensive side of the ball as a linebacker coach or secondary coach.

There are jobs in our society which require years of preparation and being a coordinator is one of them. Look at what happened a year ago with the previous defensive coordinator Sean McDermott. Looking back he had half the defensive talent that Castillo has, yet he was fired by Reid.

It’s not just a matter of knowing the different defensive fronts, coverages and blitzes, it’s more important to know how and when to use them. There’s no way Castillo can have a feel for when to use certain fronts, coverages and blitzes because he just hasn’t been in position to learn that vital information.

He’s never been listening for a season to the flow of the defensive calls. If he were an assistant for Jim Johnson for the last few years he would be much better prepared. There’s so much detail that goes into the job now because offenses change personnel nearly every play. The offenses are trying to get advantages in the matchups, therefore a defensive coordinator has to keeping up with what they’re doing.

Making adjustments during the game is one of the keys to be a good defensive coordinator. Notice that in every game since the first game of the season, each offensive coordinator that the Eagles has faced, has been able to make adjustments to what the Eagles were doing defensively in the first half and rip through the Eagles in the second half.

How can Castillo compete with a veteran offensive coordinator, when it comes to making adjustments when they’ve been in their position for more than a decade and thinking about those adjustments every day, but the Eagles defensive coordinator has only been in his position for six or seven months?

What adjustments should a defensive coordinator expect from the opposing coordinator at halftime of a football game? If his defense plays well in the first half, should he prepare his defense for changes in offensive formations or should he expect the offense to change their pass routes or plays?

Does he have a book on all the offensive coaches which he is facing? You can believe that Jim Johnson had a book on each and every offensive coordinator which he faced. Could you imagine how he would be putting pressure on opposing offenses with all of the talent that the Eagles have on the defensive side of the ball?

The Eagles defense isn’t performing any better right now than it did a year ago when it was lacking tremendously in defensive talent.


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  • over his head? what are you talking about? he was a division 3 linebacker in the 70’s and he used to have coffee with jim johnson that more than qualifies him to be a D coordinator!
    this is a travesty!

  • The owner must take responsibility allowing ANDREW WALTER REID to destroy his investment. If were LURIE , I WOULD FEEL LIKE A REAL FOOL RIGHT NOW. Reid sold you a bill of goods Jeff you thought were gold only to find out it’s ZINC.

  • I was embarrassed watching the game.

  • Out of all the things demonstrating this regime’s arrogance (“Gold standard” comment, the play calling stubborness, the drafting of certain players like Te’o and Bryan Smith way too early), the Juan Castillo hiring as defensive coordinator is the best exhibit.

    I’m tired of it.

  • I’m not too excited about the offense either. Brown’s lateral was embarassing. Then getting up and acting like he was passing it. Doesn’t know the rules. 2 missed field goals. Maclin’s fumble. 16-20 points lost. Just as much as the defense gave up. Playcalling on both sides is the worst I’ve ever seen. Not using McCoy is a major mistake. After the way he has been playing. I don’t understand how they are not using him to wear opposing defenses down. Who runs draws or sweeps in situation where you need less than a yard. Why give the defense more time to get in the backfield.

  • This breaking news brought to you by anyone with eyes.

    Seriously, I mean if there was ANYONE out there who thought this was going to work out I’d love to meet them. We all knew this was possibly the stupidest move ever made in football history, yet there was our “brilliant” head coach, passing on opportunities to hire some with a reasonable defensive pedigree like Jim Mora or Dick Jauron (who was ON THE TEAM!), and handing us Juan friggin’ Castillo. The sheer arrogance of the guy is just unbridled.

  • Of course I agree with EVERYTHING I have read from top to bottom. And even with Brown’s mistake, the kicker missing 2 FGs, and Macklin’s fumble. It was still 23-3……the Offense did what it came to do! The 49ers are one of the top 3 redzone defenses, our front 4 especially Babin come to play every week! But when or if the ball gets past the L.O.S we look confused!! Juan is a plug, and Reid is full of ish, Vick has the heart of a Lion and will do anything to win! I’m sick of it! I said it before the season started “We have talent like we’ve never had before, but we still have ANDY REID”. Not saying he’s not a “good coach”, but it takes a “great coach”…..it’s just time for change! Goodbye Candy Reid, and take ur over-hyped friend Juan with you!!!

  • Just keep voting against the Rams… if they keep losing they might fire Spags, and we can bring him in as a “defensive analyst” for the rest of the year. Could save the season if they fire him soon enough.

  • Yeah the defense is really bad in the 4th —-36 to 0 –the last 3 games

    BUT the other key number is ZERO for the offense

    That is just as big a problem

  • Ugly Ugly Ugly Ugly.

    Now tell me though, all the players saying that it’s not coaching, that it’s them just not doing their job, messing up their assignment, losing the 1-on-1 battles, not getting off blocks, poor tackling..etc.etc..etc..etc.. – is that just BS? If you believe that, fine but if you don’t think what all the players are saying is total bullshit, then tell me, doesn’t that mean that what they’re saying has some clout – that it’s not really appropriate to blame the coaches for the losses the past few weeks. They players are saying that they’re losing the games with poor play.

    Now, I’m not suggesting that the players are responsible for gameplans, drafting, assigning who starts where etc.. etc..etc… but if Maclin doesn’t fumble, Henery doesn’t miss those kicks, and some linebackers and DTs actually stop the RBs at somepoint, then the Eagles have a W and blaming the coaches for a W is ass-backwards.

    I’m not saying the best thing to do right now is necessarily to stay with Reid and Castillo into the future after this season. What I AM saying is that there’s typical Philly ‘blame the coach’ backlash here, but it may very well be misplaced because if Cowher or Lombardi for christ’s sake was coaching a team who fumbles, doesn’t tackle, and misses field goals, the team will still lose.

  • I say this because it’s week 5 now and I’m not concerned with next year. I’m concerned with this year. And I’m not convinced that this year, changing more coaches – creating MORE transition and confusion on this team will help – at all.

  • here is the problem boys- do we have anyone on this staff that could take over? usually if you fire a DC, you replace him with an assistant. Do we even have 1 here that could step up? This is a serious mess my friends. HOW DO THEY NOT SIGN TULLOCH!!!!!???????

  • Stevo – I heard that said about Johnny Lynn (washburn doesn’t want to and Caldwell has no further experience). But the secondary has it’s own problems. Seems dumb to add to the responsibilities of a guy who’s department isn’t performing well.

    We’re all just going to have to suck it up and wait out this seaosn and hope the team actually improves. I just don’t see how they can make any changes to the coaching staff midseason.

  • He is f^#@ing clueless, lost & has no idea how to adjust! But I don’t blame him, I blame Reid for putting him in this position to begin with. This guy was fighting a losing battle from the get go, because Reid is a pompous, stubborn, stupid, clueless egotistical, condescending, bastard, who thinks he invented & can re-invent it, by being the first in NFL history to make a line coach, from 1 side of the ball, & make him a coordinator, on the other side! He gave himself an out & built in excuse for failure! Reid is a genius!!! THIS ENTIRE STAFF NEEDS TO BE FIRED TODAY!!! It is a comical, embarrassing, disgrace to watch this team! It is getting closer to me, openly routing against them, until that fat waste of space is fired!!!

  • Reid said “after interviwing several DCs Juan impressed me the most” LOLOLOL! I think that for the front office to Fire Juan/Andy may cause more confusion or getting use to for “this season” but at least the organization sends a strong message that says “We will not allow anyone to piss on the investments that were made, with circus plays, and bad clock managment” Com on….Namdi is alot better than the way he’s being used! They’re using him in zone, and expecting him to run across the field and “help out” once the LB/small saftey gets burned? And why isn’t Jamaal Jackson starting? We could get the push in the middle down in the redzone with a bigger verteran Center like Jackson. And the reason is because “Mudd” likes smaller/faster lineman. LOLOLOLOL…..Man this is some bs foreal! We look absolutely pitiful right now!

  • It isn’t all the coach Schiller, of course the players have to be held accountable for their actions. It wasn’t Reid who threw the pick, asked Brown to throw the ball away, or tell Maclin to fumble….these were 3 terrible plays that allowed the 49ers to stay in the game.

    That being said,

    The coaches must be accountable for the attitude that has crept onto this team. I’ve seen it for a couple years now (yes since addition of Vick and Desean). Guys running sideways before kick return tds. Holding the ball into the air running down fields, McCoy, Vick and now Maclin holding the ball carelessly. There’s a terrible “I’m the man” showboat attitude on this team and its should have been cut out like a cancer a couple years back. That’s on the coaches.

    I’d like to have a look, but wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles’ lead the league in fumbles. That’s careless. That’s coaching.

    The tackling issues? Coaching. I won’t allow my youth team to fly around looking for kill shots. Wrap up. That’s coaching. That “whiff” attempt the LB made (I think Rolle) trying to push the guy (Morgan?) out of bounds….that was one of the most embarassing things I’ve seen in a long time. Fall at his feet and play ends. Coaching.

    And finally on the coaches is 56 passes, 9 runs in a game the Eagles’ were leading from the 1st Q. That is inexcusable.

    I do not think the Eagles’ should fire Reid mid-season…that never works (team inevitably goes on a little run, then interm coach is hired long term though shouldn’t be – See: Singletary/49ers, Garett/Cowboys) but right now, the Eagles’ are not a well coached team. Mental mistakes, careless with ball, showboat attitude and absolutley ridiculous playcalling? Who else you going to look at?

  • G:
    I think I lost my previously typed post so I ax your indulgence if this is already posted.
    I told my son the OC of the 49’ers was playing chess and our DC was playing checkers in the second half. There was no doubt that the 49’ers knew who and where to block, and the Eagles were more than willing to get to the spot where the 49’ers were going to block them. This is coaching. It is also fear of mistakes on the part of the defender, and lack of strategic thinking. LEADERSHIP!
    Leadership starts with the HC and DC in this situation. They give the defenders the opportunity to free-lance when they must to blunt the variations that the opposing OC has cooked up at half-time. Lack of adjustments by the DC and (lousy, lousy, lousy assistant defensive coaches [yes, DL coach too!]) tentativeness by the players were sickening yesterday. Leadership, strategic thinking and aggressiveness.
    None out of 3 = losers.

  • Follow me on this. They replaced Juqua Parker, Broderick Bunkley, and Ellis Hobbs/Dmitri Patterson with 3 Pro Bowlers in Babin, Jenkins, and Nnamdi. And then they replaced the nickel Hanson with DRC.

    They are actually a MUCH worse defense than last year….and last year they were historically bad. How is that possible? Juan Castillo.

    Also, please remind me why Jim Washburn is some d-line guru? What the hell did Tennessee ever win? And didn’t Fisher just get fired last year too?


  • vinnie – nice response. I think the allowance for showboating goes along with my longtime criticism of Reid for coddling McNabb and letting players egos (both in the “me me me” sense and in the “dont coach him, just be the unconditional supporter because plaers are senstive and have fragiel egos’ sense) rule over laying down the law.

  • G:
    vinniethevictor is absolutely right. How can AR and JC let his players tackle (up TOP no less,) like they were trying to save a hard volley at the net during a volleyball game?! Put your arms up like your receiving the Heimlich maneuver and hope the other guy goes down.
    The Eagles obviously no longer hit or do hitting drills at practice. There are ways to do drills to get around the “no-hitting” rule that, obviously, the 49ers are using (in Youngstown, Ohio who is watching by the way,) that the Eagles are not. This isn’t football. They did not block, tackle or hit very well at all yesterday. THAT’s what’s frustrating for me and my son.

  • SCHILLER, you forgot some IF’s! IF, Reid & Rosebud knew how to draft! IF, Reid didn’t ignore making key positions, like LB, Safety & O-line better! IF, Reid knew how to adjust at in game adjustments & play calls! IF, they didn’t waste $$$ on Brown, Smith & VY, instead of a good LB, safety & O-linemen! IF IF IF IF IF IF IF!!!!!!!! No more f^#@ing excuses! They wouldn’t of lost IFFFFF the DF could actually tackle, hit or get a f^#@ing TO!!! You can’t lose a game to the 32nd rated OF, with a 20 pt halftime lead! NO FUCKING WAY!!!!

  • Dcar – now be reasonable – Reid ignored making the Oline better? They drafted 3 players, signed 2 free agents, brought in a new coach, and moved a vet’s position. That’s 7 separate MAJOR interventions – you just CANNOT call that ignoring something.

    Otherwise – uh, yeah

  • The Draft was atrocious!!! The Defense is embarassing and cannot stop anyone. This defensive line gets more sacks but can’t stop the run. Does that make it better? The O line coach and the D line coach, neither of them are guru’s… The O line Coach had peyton manning in the same system for a gazillion years, he was a coach on the field. 1,2,3 the ball was gone. We are not built that way. Our Defense is small… was small last year too. We are built to rush the passer, not stop the run. Now Trent Cole is hurt…SMH. Can it get any worse. We have run the same plays for the last 13 years, Andy is stubborn as a mule and will not change. So why even stress about it. BTW, I don’t want Cowher or Gruden. I want a fresh new face.

  • We DEFINITELY WANT GRUDEN/COWHER….A Great coach with a contateous, Furosious attitude. Andy Reid’s “Low key, professional, laid back” attitude pisses me off.” When palyers make fundamental mistakes like not protecting the ball, or not tackling, or jumping off sides continually!!!! The Coach usually is in that player’s FACE!!! Throwing his head-set to the ground and turning red!! WHY? Because of the passion and desire to WIN!!!! U don’t have that with Reid! He looks like a Virgin standing in the Playboy Mansion! “Don’t have a clue, on what to do with what he’s seeing. But watching everyone esle be successful”….Bye Andy, 13+ yrs and still can’t figure it out? Against “great” coaches Ried is swallowed up! Someone please call Jon (Chuckie) Gruden!!…….Or Bill (the Chin) Cowher!! So we can atleast get 2 SBs out of the 6 yrs we have these Pro Bowl Players!!!

  • still – it takes 2 to tango. How do we know Cowher or Gruden A) still want to caoch, and/or B) Want to coach this team?

  • Schill, why do you think the Eagles need to make a change by midseason.

  • Songs – I don’t, Rocko and DDcar do (I think, they hasn’t repeated themselves yet but I’m still getting the hunch somehow).

    But if you agree with me, that they don’t need to make a change midseason, and then therefore the Reid/Castillo issue is really a moot point until after the season, then why don’t people talk about something else than blaming the coaches, blaming the coaches, blaming the coaches, blaaming the coaches…and so on?

  • no still – who is we – you got a mouse in you pocket – Gruden sucks – I have posted numerous articles commetns and critiques of his career – his own players do not give him credit for the TB SB victory – they give it to Dungy..

    Cowher – will not come back – check out the CBA and the lack of the ability to do much live hitting or practicing in pads —- Cowher is done…..

    and the track record for coaches returing after long absences is horrible – think an original thought –

    I have posted my top 3…. Brady Hoke (current coach at Michigan, Paul Johnson from G Tech (Pman – he can adjust his O to the pro game – though why – 90% of the buttheads on this site want the eagles to run more – here is a guy who thinks nothing but run) – and the DC of the Cowboys (though Dallas tanked as well)

  • Well it was said on Gameday Live yesterday morning that these coaches have expressed interest to return. They even mentioned Jeff Fischer wanting to return. And I don’t see why any great coach wouldn’t want such a HOT team, like the Philly Eagles!! Especially knowing that with these core of players, can make the job easy. As oppose to coaching a Team with maybe 2 or 3 good players. A coach of their experience and Will, could “will” a talented Eagles team to a SB! Usually the team takes on the character of the coach….Andy Reid does not fit the “NEW LOOK EAGLES” their not show-offs, or arrogant. They’re young and talented with a boat load of confidence, and to keep being “under-coached” could kill their confident! The front office got-a move now!! Before we loose one of these great coached to the Vikings, Dolphins or Carolina!

  • still – I have to disagree ‘they’re not showoffs and arrogant’ – um, we talking about the Philadelphia Eagles?

    And HOT? They just lost 3 miserable football games, how is that HOT?

  • Schiller, I think at this point it’s easy to jump on the coaches because Andy has been the coach for so long. I do think that if it wasn’t his 13th year and his 2nd or 3rd people wouldn’t people ready for him to go. But since it’s been so long, it’s just natural for people to go after him. Not saying I agree but I understand. Over the years we saw all the players being recycled, coaches being changed around Reid and he’s the only constant. So it’s very easy for people to want to see him go now. Now I do agree with you that changes in the middle of the season isn’t the way to go but if this team misses the playoffs, it’s hard to still want to see Reid stay. He’s not coaching the defense, but he’s responsible for the person that is. He ignored key position over the years and expected 6th and 7th round rookies to start immediately and be good. I don’t feel as strongly either way, but I’m definitely getting very tired of this.

  • Guys, when the niner came within 6 points and we came back and about to kick that field goal. I told my boy “it wouldn’t surprise me if we missed this kick and the niners took the league”. And sure enough, it happened. It was so disgusting to see it play out but the surprising thing was I was not surprised at all. I almost expected it. Honestly, for the first time during Andy’s tenure, I expected failure. Most other times we lost big games, I really didn’t see it coming but with this one, I wasn’t as hurt as with a usual lost because I some how knew we’d lose. And I gotta tell you, that’s not a good feeling to have. From the coaching staff down to the players who make just as big boneheaded mistakes each week, it’s just disgusting to watch. Honestly, I’m not listening to any of their appearances on the radio or interviews this week. Just going to tune all of them out and watch the game next week because they are really making sick.

  • I agree with Schiller and Vinnie (nothing brings Eagles fans together like a bad team LOL) there’s an attitude problem on this team. Lack of leadership and toughness. Too much “look at me” from the offense and no one to put fear into people on the defense and grab someone’s face mask when they aren’t doing right. But a bunch of individuals out there. I do think Reid has to take responsibility for that as well. He put this team together and his attitude and his coaches attitude sets the tone for the players.

  • Scorp – that was an excellent post and I agree with 99% of it. I really really do – and frankly I think it’d be hard to find an Eagles fan who disagrees with that.

    My only thing there is that I think it’s still too early to blam Juan so much. It was a weird and unprecedented move for sure, and I’m NOT saying I think Juan will work out in the long run. But I still feel that with all the messed up LB/S situations and the DL that doesn’t ever adjust to stop the run (washburn needs to adjust a bit here)… I just think it’s too early to write of/blame Juan. That was Rolle’s first game and he seems to be worth a long term try, but Fokou and Cheney should not be starting in the NFL. If juan stays next year, and they draft high at LB, maybe even twice (and I know that’s a longshot), I’m not sure that Juan’s D doesn’t become very effective by mid next season…

  • Short-term Plan from Paulman
    #1) Hire Tim Hauck immediately and name him as the DC and demote Juan Castillo to “Special Assistant to the DC Postion Coach
    #2) Make a big move on Offense as well… Trade D-Jac for a Stud LB and picks, trade or bench TE Celek, or Flat out release RB Ronnie Brown..
    Something has to be done to not shake up this staff but the players as well.
    To be honest, some of us warned that with such an infusion of new players to the Eagles (25 new players out of 53 Man Roster) combined with new Position Coaches and Schemes that the beginning of this Season was going to be a real work in progress.. I really thought the Coaches would not have been so out coached like this though, this is embarrasing for they are getting schooled by every opponent whether it’s the 3rd Down Calls, The Red-Zone calls,..
    but they have and now they way behind the 8-Ball.. I am surprised that they have underachieved, not really, When I look at the ways that this Franchise has eneded their last 3-4 Season with all this talent they have… I am not suprised at all… One thing I do promise though, I am, not wasting my few Fall Sunday’s watching these Turkeys play when I could be doing a 1000 other things in the great Fall weather.. The Dream is over… Eagles finish with about 6-7 wins

  • Schiller – When I say “Hot” i mean the potential these players have are great! But their talent is too big for Reid! And they lost the last 3 because of the defense giving up the lead. If anything that game should’ve ended 23-6 or 9 because Akers can still kick. But Alex Smith started looking like Aaron Rogers, and the RB (Who had a bad ankle, and was a game time decision) looked like Emmit Smith!! LOL……it’s just time, it’s not personal!

  • I was puzzled by the hiring of Castillo when it was announced. Castillo was the o-line coach and let’s face it the o-line performance was less than spectacular. I wanted to believe that he could be the guy.

    What we have seen in the first 4 games is a talented defense that is lost and confused. They look poorly coached and prepared. The DC is responsible for preparing his defense and it is CRYSTAL CLEAR that Castillo is in WAY over his head and is not prepared for this job. You can point out the linebacker deficiency, but a solid coach should be able to work with that.

    The overall fault is Andy Reid’s. I find it hard to believe that Juan Castillo was the best candidate for the job, c’mon Andy Really? What blackmail does he hold over you?

  • Headline should also read “Coach AR and MM are in over their heads” too..

  • Dixon, Peters and Cole out the next few weeks.

  • schiller, I hear you. But patience in this town (and even the NFL) isn’t something people have. Sure we can say, give him another year and do this and who knows what will happen. But right now Juan’s defense isn’t improving week over week. Now if over the course of the rest of the season the defense gets better then I hear you. But today, honestly, I’m not trying to hear that about him. We have way more talent that last year and we’re a lot worse. It has to be the defensive staff. Whether it’s scheming, play calling or not being able to get the players to mesh, it’s the coaches responsibility.

    I just think that hiring Juan was a big mistake. I hoped it would work out but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Some things take time to play out for you to know what needs to happen and other things you can see were a mistake from the beginning. I hope I’m wrong but they Eagles aren’t making us feel any better.

  • I just don’t see how a team with Super Bowl aspirations goes into the season with the LBs and safeties we have, an oline coach as a defensive coordinator and no one on the defensive staff that has any experience running a defense.

  • That’s ok Scorp, this 2011 Season is lost already at 1-3, with their 3 NFC Conference losses already and the fact that their remaining 10 games are much more difficult than this opening month was…but this will allow for some younger players to step up and evaluated to see if they are really NFL Caliber players… (King Dunlap,Phillip Hunt and maybe Cedric Thornton..

    Banner and Roseman have a lot of decisions to make for the Direction of the Franchise.. DO you hope that Coach Ar and his regime wich get things turnined arounf.. or do you blow it up and start all over again with a new HC, a nev Coaching Staff and Philosophy… (where’s this leave you with your $100 Million QB) …. Now you’ve added older players with some of their best years behind them and with lots of Salary obligations to pay them like (Asmo/Jenkins/Babin and only be a 7-8 Game winner… what’s the point…

    Dixon,Laws have been big disappointments as well as the entire LB and Secondary so far to me…

  • Paul, stop it with your knowing about the whole season. I’m not in the mood to put up with your tired old know it all act.

    Scorp – yeah, agreed to all the above – especially about Philly fans and patience – that’s a cold hard fact if I’ve ever seen one.

    Frankly, (you mentioned superbowl aspirations) I think any team or fan who thinks about the superbowl at all before the playoffs are set is being foolish. Let’s look at the NFL again this year – not just the Eagles but certainly including them – ONCE AGAIN people suck at predicting it and it comes down to nothing but what happens on the field on Sundays (etc).

  • Have wanted Reid out of here since ’06. Agree with guy above who said Lurie has been sold bill of goods. A pass-happy offense isn’t the problem (see Payton/Belicheck), but a coach who knows how to build a team for its purpose… that has never been an AR positive. To ignore the importance of O linemen to protect your QB, or the LB position for so long is example of stubbornness. The best O and D line coaches are not magic bullets to fix the basic problem.
    Personally, I’d rather see this team spiral downward with the worst season ever (like being swept in NFC east for starters) under Reid, because Lurie’s eyes need opening – search for new HC must start behind the scenes. Reid has been the one controlling the destiny of this team. Players are taking the fall for his bad decisions and game-planning and that’s too bad because there are good guys here.
    Would prefer that Mudd/Washburn will stick, but Reid and Juan are out of their league. Too many changes in such a short time have backfired and blame lies at feet of Lurie and Reid.

  • stfu schiller, you are the last person who should be telling others what to post, Paulman just raised legitimate questions about the direction of the franchise, and thus far a lot of posters have been very accurate with their predictions, dcar, paulman of note, you will never be right or wrong because you live with those timid souls who are afraid to be original, to have a creative thought, question the presumptive creator of modern yet futile football, Andy Reid

  • wait, Jakedog, did you just suggest that I’m afraid to be original? I find that odd. In my time posting on Gcobb, I’ve had people support/praise and refute/hate my posts/me but never have I been accused of being unorriginal

  • Jake, i’m still waiting to be proven wrong by the @$$clowns! I got bashed ceremoniously, for weeks by the apologists! Now the realisation that they were proven wrong, the truth hurts, & their egos took a major hit! I guess i’m going to wait a long time for that apology!? Reid has to be fired, before I seriously invest my heart to this team again! My heart & stomach can’t take it! I’ve broken three remotes & a candle holder, over these f^#@ing stiffs!

  • Iggs – reid ignoring the oline? That’s funny to me, he was criticized heavily for OVER emphasing the Oline for his first several years here. He’s made tons of moves/acquisitions/picks on the OL. Many have not worked out, but ignoring the importance of it? Hardly

  • DD – who was proven wrong? The only person I saw on this site who predicted immediate and sustained success was when Songs cliamed 19-0 once Nnamdi was signed.

  • Navy….why the CBA and the lack of the ability to do much live hitting or practicing effecting the 49ers defense?

  • Bills 34
    Eagles 24

    Bills will score 24 points in the 2nd half.

  • Schill, you & your partners in crime, labeled me a hater, negative pessimist, & said I didn’t know what I was talking about, & many other names for weeks! Everything I assessed, didn’t like & was worried about this team has come to fruition! It’s sickening!!!

  • yes Schiller, man up, apologize to dcar, acknowledge your transgressions, repent for being the coward you are, its not too late

  • DD, the way the Eagles are playing sure is sickening.

    Man, I labeled you a hater because you were hating. You’re still hating (see ‘fire reid fire reid over and over and over again’ ‘it’s too late’. Dude I don’t owe you any apology. The Eagles have looked bad through week 4. That’s all that’s happened.

    You are a negative pessimist. You were saying that stuff BEFORE it happened.

    Jake – transgressions? what transgressions? Coward? What was I afraid of?

  • Schill…What do you attribute to the Eagles playing horribly so far?

    Give us some ensight to why they’re stinking up the joint.

  • Songs – really – did you just ask me for real if a team that gave up over 500 yards of offense was affected by the CBA lack of hitting – really – are you being for real or just a jerk off –

    Hell Jackson had about 170 in rcving and if he caught the couple he dropped he coulda been up to 250 – the 49ers should send gift baskets to Maclin and Brown for the fumbles – and the 12 year old kicker we have…..

    really – you just being a jerk off on a crappy monday – 500 + yards of offense……..

  • This defense is worst than a player being replaced in the LB position (rolle for matthews).This defense has BIG problems. The entire defensive scheme is flawed.Im tired of Castillo saying “We have a plan” well what the heck is the plan? Juan looks like he has no idea whats going on. He makes no adjustments at halftime. Does he not know that the opposing team will make adjustments in the second half? I knew that this team was going to struggle early and that they wouldnt look there best to start the year but this defense looks a mess. They cant tackle, they CANT COVER!… is it the personnel? Is it the scheme? Is it because there running out of bodies? I think its all of the above… another thing i noticed is that teams are attacking wherever asante samuels is lining up at because one big reason is because he doesnt play press coverage he plays 5-10 yards off the receiver which never made sense to me. Teams love that. Theyre not fearing throwing his way anymore… im not jumping off the bridge i just have to be honest about what iam seeing… there is alot more i can say but im tired of typing about this bad bad situation…

  • Jon…I’m with you.

    By the way Jon….Do you think the defensive learning curve would have been eased with a hire of a defensive coordinator of higher pedigree than Juan?

    Why would Reid put a failed offensive line coach over a defense with a new scheme, with new coaches, in a short offseason?

    Jon ..what’s your take on that decision?

    Why not get in the running to hire Rob Ryan or a top defensive team high assisstant?

  • Songs, I don’t know about insight, but I can tell you my opinion. I think Casey Mathews was clearly a bad idea. But morseo, I think Washburn is too 1 dimensional with the DL calls. He’s got to use the wide 9 judiciously – I’m not saying use it sparingly – use it a lot – BUT not over and over again if the run is gashing us. I also think Akeem Jordan should be on the field – he played better than what our LBs have done this year, at least in the past. And Songs, sometimes I think teams just need time to gel. I really do.

  • Schill..how many losses would be appropriate while a team gels?

  • songs, I don’t know what you mean by that? We don’t get to make any decisions about what’s ‘appropriate’ or not. Ideally, none. With each loss, it get’s more painful and frustrating from a fan’s perspective (heck, most likely fron everyone’s perspective) but there’s no ‘threshold’. It is what it is, they hopefully start to gel over time, and hopefully stop losing. What else is there to say?

  • Eagles will finsh in last place in the weak NFC East (which has fallen behind the North and South Divisions as the class of the NFC anymore..)
    The Eagles will fall into an 9 year funk where their best season will be an 8-8 Record led by a 185lb Jewish QB named Fred Nausbuam in 2017..
    Their average 1st and 2nd Round Draft Choices will have an average of a 2.5 Year Careers and make no impacts
    The “Linc” where the Eagles have a losing record gets sold to a Large Rodeo Outfit bringing Fri and Sat night Rodeo’s to Pattison Ave…..

  • Schilll..What could reid and the front office have done better to avoid this debacle?

  • songs = for starters – tell Maclin to catch/hold on to the FB late in the 4rth Qtr…. tell Djax to stop dropping the ball….. tell Ronnie Brown to hold on to the ball……………….. I could probably make a list a mile long – but right now I think 2 of the games may (might, possibly, we would have had a chance…) have had better outcomes if we did those 3 things –

  • You guys are all haters. This team is really good.

  • Give Andy Reid a raise. Hell give everyone a raise. You guys deserve it.

  • yes G i sure can imagine
    how about he would man up and send the farm
    we have 3 supposed lock down corners playing zone 60% of the time its awful

    please castillo play man send the house
    and when they get into the redzone play zone

    y r we so backwards

  • but i havent given up on season
    i think we r in a weak division and can still win the nfc east
    we can forget about wildcard unless some 1 gets hurt somewhere
    detroit has softest schedul i have ever seen and so 1 of thos guys will win the div and the other the wildcard

    gotta go 5-1 in the division to have a chance now
    sad but doable

  • Good Article G…I say FIRE REID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t see how anyone would want Reid fired mid season… Tell me one team who has made it to a Super Bowl and won after picking up a new head coach during the season… Anyway, I say just stick the season out with what we have as far as coaches, and try to bring in some LB and Safety talent to cover Castillo’s bad game planning/adjusting… At least then we have some leaders on D and our young players can learn from some veterans… This team is going nowhere as it is now…

  • Songs, The reason why andy would never ever ever higher a Rex ryan or a Rob ryan or anyone like them is because of how out spoken they are, because he would challenge reidevery step of the way and could very well in the end take reids job. Another reason is because rob employs the 3-4 defense 100% and we have some 3-4 in our defense but not dominantly… but if you look at the cowboys defense theyve been struggling too with rob ryan teaching them his new scheme… so i think with our players, with the shortened training camp and reids inability to be cover all the bases and leave things to chance we were gonna struggle… now we have a bills team coming in that beat the high powered patriots out right… but i say this to say that we will win sunday and the following week against the redskins… they have to… its “Do or Die man, do or die” Hugh Douglas voice…

  • Spelling Police — Should be “Hire”
    Eagles should Hire Tim Hauck immediately to at least assist DC Castillo with game planning and trying to coordinate the Back 7 with what the Front 4 Is doing since he was the DC for Titans and knows Washburn and his Wide-9 Syetstem as well as anyone… Hauck was let go when Titans Coach J Fisher was fired which Washburn knew was coming and why he even took the Eagles job.. Jeff Fisher would never come to Philly as long as Vince Young is on the Roster… some more real talk to share w/everyone

  • BILLS 33

    EAGLES 27

  • Bills 38 – Eagles 26
    (Eagles miss a 2 point conversion play when Steve Smith recieves a direct snap from Center and fumbles the ball and get’s tackled for a 15 yard loss on the games final play…)

  • I guarantee the bills will not score more than 17 points against the birds… things will be totally different this sunday.. I think veterans like Vick, Jenkins, babin and others will take more of a authoritative role and really bring that leadership that this team so desperately needs and the birds win 31- 14

  • Jon buddy ..I wish you were right….but

    Usually when the chips are down the Eagles use to find a few doormats to crush and get the swagger back.

    This is not that type of team.

    hence, Alex Smith and the worse offense in the league outscoring the Eagles when it counts in the 4th quarter.

    The niners use to be those doormats.

    It only gets worse from here.

    While this defense is trying to find it’s way teams are actually playing like the season have started already.

    Our Eagles have yet to put together a complete game.. 1/4 through through the season.

    and the 49ers were one of those doormats.

    Sorry don’t see it.

    chan gailey will have Juan Castillo for lunch.

    Look for the runningbacks to have a monster game and a tight end no one hardly knows to have his come out party.

    This is the only way we’ll finally get the change we Eagles need to get the prize in the future..

    This season is over.

  • If thats the case we mind as well tank it and get in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes good grief…

  • Iam hearing rumors about the birds maybe trading for aaron curry of the seahawks.. we ll see what happens…

  • I heard that too JH about Seahawks LB Curry who I like and have stated that he needs a change of scenery from Seattle and would be a good fir in this Eagle Scheme.. The Seahawls needs are CB/DL/OL and I really thought they may be a deal involving CB Samuel or Hanson with some Draft picks back at the beginning of the Season. But now, since the Eagles don’t really have any depth along the DL/OL with some of their injuries, I have to assume the Eagles & Seahawks are going to sit tight and maybe something will happen come the off-season but the Tradking Deadline is coming very soon I believe

    It’s almost too late to bring in a player from the outside now going into Week #5 who will then need a few weeks at the minimum to get up to speed.. but the Eagles could sure use help at the LB Corp and I am still surprised that the never brought anyone in duriing the CAmp/Pre-Season or in the 1st 2 weeks of the Season.. It’s almost too late toexpect any help from the outside at any position at this time for the Season is marching on and will be halfway over before the kids go Trick or Treating.. On the bright-side, there are some very good LB’s in this years Draft and many analysts state it’s the deepest and most talented across the board in a few years, so maybe they can Draft one as these younger LB’s Develop (Rolle.Matthews,Chaney). I think the record will show that the Eagles did more harm to Matthews by throwing him out there before he was mentally and physically ready which may end up screwing his head up and his potential promise… It was a move that made little sense to me… Should have kept Chaney the Starter at MLB from Day 1. Pick-up a veteran like Rocky McIntosh or Steve Tuclloch and have Matthers learn behind some veterans as he works on his strength and learns the system.. Matthews could have been back-up to all 3 popsitions, play SPecial Teams and be ready to rally challenge for a starters SPot in 2012.. I didn’t understand the reasoning of rushing the kid and putting a huge amount of pressure on his right out of the gate..

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