• May 24, 2022

Eagles O-Line Is Getting Job Done, But Struggling In The Red Zone

After Michael Vick’s proclamation after last week’s loss to the New York Giants that he was ‘on the ground constantly’ the challenge for the offensive line was in place. On Sunday the Eagles squared off with the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial field.

The Niners entered the game boasting a much-improved defense from recent years, including a rush defense that is fourth in the NFL in yards per game. The dominate run stopping ability of San Fran was apparent through out the game as they limited one of the league’s best runners, LeSean McCoy to just 18 yards on 9 carries.

The Eagles offense was able to move the ball effectively early and Vick was given plenty of time to deliver the ball to his receivers. The problem remained the same for the Birds, as their failure once again to score touchdowns in the red-zone would prove costly.

The Eagles anemic red-zone offense is not entirely on the offensive line, although there was a few instances in Sunday’s game specifically that hurt them. One instance was in the second quarter the Eagles had first and ten from the 49ers’ 14 yard line, Right guard Kyle DeVan was called for a holding penalty that was declined because the Niners Aldon Smith was still able to sack Vick for a ten-yard loss.

An offensive line’s performance is not always told by the box score. The numbers that the Eagles put up on Sunday were impressive and would not suggest that the O-line had much difficulty. The line did have issues especially the interior composed of rookie Center Jason Kelce, left guard Evan Mathis, and DeVan.

This interior group hasn’t been able to get any movement inside at the line of scrimmage on the goalline. They haven’t been able to match the power of opposing defensive lines. Both the Giants and the 49ers were able to overpower the interior of the Eagles offensive line. The Eagles have been struggling in the Red Zone for years, but they’ve gotten worse because I think the interior of the offensive line has gotten too small.

Left tackle Jason Peters and right tackle Todd Herremans are the best offensive linemen on this football team, which makes the Birds a good pass blocking offensive line. But the interior part of the line struggles at times against both the run and the pass.

Fortunately for the O-line Vick was able to cover their deficiencies by throwing for a career high in passing yards with 416 and was able to avoid the pass rush and tacking on another 75 yards rushing on eight attempts.

The Eagles will face another tough test next week when they travel to another much-improved team, the 3-1 Buffalo Bills.

In his weekly Monday afternoon press conference coach Andy Reid said that Peters has a “fairly significant” hamstring strain and is expected to is said to be day-to-day but will likely not play next week.

That probably means that King Dunlap, who blocked a David Akers’ field goal attempt in Sunday’s game, will get the nod at Left tackle which given Dunlap’s track record could prove troublesome.

Reid also announced that he is going to “evaluate everything.” He was not specific in saying if that would result in personnel changes or not. This could potentially mean that Dunlap might not be the only new face on the 0-line next week against the Bills.

Although the offense line has not played outstanding this year it would be surprising to see Reid shake things up on that line for several reasons.

For starters it would detrimental to switch guys in and out on a line that is trying to develop chemistry. Also there is no reason for the Eagles to panic offensively yet. They still rank in the top 10 in all major offensive categories and the offensive line currently ranks 11th according to NFL.com.

Timothy Hindin

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  • Sports writer Bill Lyon said it best,”The Eagles Are Not Who We Thought They Were.”

  • Bill Parcells “You are what your record is”

  • The offensive line had the same problem in the 2004 superbowl – weak in the middle. G how are they ranked in the redzone?????

  • G- …. the playcalling is the issue… you have the #2 RB in the NFL and he doesnt touch the ball…. give it to him 3 straight times and I GUARANTEE he gets in.

    Andy and Marty are flat out retarded… you have an athletic QB who can bootleg or roll to the outside, a stud RB and weapons on the outside at WR.. there is no excuse…blame the line all you want, but the coaches are the issue

  • I still think the “Rounded Numbers” on their Jersey’s are to blame,
    they look girly and the players are playing soft and down to that level..
    Give us the “Block and Square Numerals” and not these feminine looking numbers they wear now… It’s football not ladies soccer…

  • and by the way, The Eagles have plenty of time to tinker and experiment with different combinations since they are 1-3 with 3 NFC Conference losses already are behind 10-12 other teams in the NFC Conference alone so their Playoff Chances are “Slim and None” and “Slim” was last seen at the Airport checking his bags in..
    I am not sure many of you realize how deep the hole they have dug themselves in as far as making the Playoffs.
    They have 8 NFC Divsional Games left (Seahawks,Cardinals,Bears and 5 NFC East Divisional games)… The will need to go 7-1 to have any shot.
    Then there 4 AFC Opponents Games with the BIlls,Dolphins,Patriots & Jets in which they need to win at least 2 of these games… Does anyone see this happening with this Defense and Red Zone performance .. I don’t ..

    Bottom line, they have to win 10 out of their final 12 games and I don’t see this Coaching Staff and this Team being able to accomplish this.. They just have too many holes Defensively and too many Coaching deficiencies and now your start adding some key injuries to key players and it’s all over as far as 2011 Season goes…
    I would start playing some young players to see what they have..
    Players like Watkins, Harbor, Cooper, and on Defense C Thornton, P Hunt, C Marsh and J Jarrett…

    This Off-Season, there will be an exodus of players off-this team
    Offensivley D-Jax, V Young, R Brown, J Jackson, Devan, W Justice,and possibly Steve SMith
    Defensively : J Parker, DCR, J Page, T Laws, J Hanson and possibly A Samuel

    I will be concentrating the rest of this Season on Scouting the College Ranks and Free-Agency (which doesn’t appear to be the answer) but the Eagles have to Draft better players who fit their schemes and contribute more from the Top #3 Rounds..When you select 3-4 Players out of the Top #100, you have to get production and the Eagles are failing miserbly in this area..

  • We have gone back to the Joe Kuharick days.

  • Paul, and you know I don’t like to look ahead and assume things like you do, I don’t agree with your assessment here. To make the playoffs (and I still think we should be focusing on making the team better and beating buffalo, not talking playoffs now, see my opening sentence above), Eagles don’t have to do certain things against NFC opponents, they just need to have a good enough overall record at the end of the season. They can get those wins versus the 4 afc teams.

    Yeah, this is a big hole. But if the Eagles go 11-5 for example (and yes, I do realize that the odds don’t look very good), or 10-6, it’s quite possible they make the playoffs. We don’t know what will happen to Dallas, Washington and NYG between now and then end of december.

    You’re LOOKING for reasons to say why the Eagles are locks to miss the playoffs because that’s what you do.

  • Joe Banner can say he used the Red Sox model which recently failed.
    Why don’t the Eagles subscribe to the Red Zone Channel and pick up some plays that work for other teams. Not these LSD induced rediculous plays that these offensive geniouses use that fail repeatedly.

  • BigE – interesting how selective you can be. The redsox (and believe me, I hate that team, I lived in Boston for five years and I promiss you that their fanbase is one of the most obnoxious in the country) WON SEVERAL CHAMPIONSHIPS before their most recent decline.

  • Schiller it’s a shame that this year the Sox had a monumental historical decline
    which it appears the Eagles are headed for. Unfortunately the Eagles haven’t won several Championships so the application is not working.

  • I disagree with you Schiller,
    The NFC COnference Record is extremely important for the Tie Breakers Situation when trying to make it as a WIld-Card Team..
    The Eagles have 3 Conference Losses already and they were to lose head to head to the Bears later this season, then it’s all over no matter what they do versus the AFC Teams for they would be behind the Falcons,49ers,Bears in any tie-break situation and theses are the likely teams that they would be battling with for a Wild-Card Spot (along with the TB Bucs,Lions, and of course the NFC East teams.. You have to like the Redskins remaining schedule… they are 3-1 in NFC COnference games and have the NFC West Teams and NFC Teams Panthers and Vikings on their Schedule as well as the AFC East teams like the Eagles,Giants and Cowboys have)
    Redskins have the inside track with win over the Giants so far in the Division and an easier NFC Conference schedule..

  • This is not an O Line that can line up and knock you down if the other team knows whats coming. The playcalling has been horrendous in the redzone every see Childress left. Everyone knows exactly the play that is being run. Why not try a bootleg or a play-action pass? They (AR and MM) have no gameplan or strategy based on who they are facing and they never take advantage of mismatches. I won’t even talk about in game adjustments, because that went away with Jim Johnson.

  • Big, true. Though ‘monumental, historical decline’? That’s an exaggeration. But I’ve come to expect that from you.

  • Paul, see you’re basing your argument off of ‘if’s. Your point can only be so strong when it rests on a conditional that will not be determined soon. My point still stands, that tinkering with the odds of what will happen months from now doesn’t change the fact that all that matters is trying to win next week (same statement goes for the next few months).

    Man, you sure are obsessed with the far future.

  • My prediction for the future- Schiller will always be a delusional, condescending, Reid beanbag slurping, @$$clown, comment Nazi!!!GO AWAY!!!

  • Wow, 4 games down and looking towards next year. Are you serious, they still have the Skins and Cowboys twice, and the Giants once more. Let’s start with winning the NFC East, which is still very much doable. THis season is not over yet… Now lose in Buffalo and Washington then all bets are off.

  • There are so many things wrong with this team. The coaching has been atrocious. The players have been even worst. I haven’t been able to come on here and talk Birds or watch ESPN etc. this whole season because this team makes me sick right now.

    I cant really blame the front office too much because they did what a FO was suppose to do. They brought in player after player…we needed a corner so they give us two of them…we needed a better pass rusher so they gave us to studs on the D-Line. There is only one thing to blame on them and thats Stephen Tulloch going to the Lions instead of coming here. Why in the world would you pay Vince Young 4 million and bring in somebody like Ronnie Brown (who should be benched for the rest of the year, hell dion lewis is a rookie and he would never pull shit like that). We needed a linebacker, period. Mathews sucks so far but you cant really get on him too much because he was a 4th round pick. Honestly how many 4th round picks are suppose to step in the first year and make an impact. I think he was a mistake but I can’t kill him for being trash because its not like we spent a 1st on him.

    My point is this team should of done without Vince Young and Ronnie Brown and should have traded Assante Samuel because we a retarded D-Cordinator who cant coach a D anyway. Should have signed Tulloch and kept Mikell or brought in another veteran with leadership. Our D cord has no clue how to use the corners on this D. AT the game on sunday and i cant tell you how many times he had Nnamdi 10-15 yards from scrimmage being a spy/safety type..Are you F’n kidding me? Put him man to man on the best receiver on the team. what is so difficult about this. I could go on and on.

    This season is still early and I don’t believe our Division is any good. On top of that some wildcard teams like TB(almost lost to Ind last night), ATL(almost lost to tavarias Jackson), Chicago(tough Division) aren’t that good either. Basically one NFC wildcard is going to the Lions and the other will be up for grabs with the second place teams in the NFC East and South. So there is still a chance to make the playoffs. IF we dont though, Reid has to go. Ive supported this guy for the most part but if we dont even make the playoffs this year he should be done. You cant be afraid to make a move in this league. I would call Tony Dungy out of retirement.

  • Chuck Rob..I dont think a season is over either after 4 games but the difference this year is that we have a DCordinator who cant coach, period. You cant tell me that you have faith in this guy to change what he is doing. On top of that this Wide 9 thing is actually losing us games. Yea people its nice when were talking about sacks but its at the expense of losing games. Id take a 8-9 sack year from Babin and cole for a better overall defense.

  • Pheags you are correct…with the wide 9 there’s sack to get but what good is sacks if when the guys get there……no turnovers?

    You get a sack then a runningback get back the yardage and more running up the right side.

    The only thing ‘wide” we need is the door WIDE open to let andy and his compadre’ walk through as the knob hits them square in the ass.


    and games like this Sunday perpetuates what many fans here including G Cobb have been saying all along.

    Some of the most knowledgeable fans blog through “g cobb”…Only if Reid would chime in.

    If he did…Kolb would not have been drafted, Dawk would have still been here, Earl Thomas would be here, a stout linebacker would be on the team, and the fireman would be sliding down a pole in Canada.

  • Getting what job done? I’ll admit they have progressively gotten better but there still have been too many guys coming free on a blitz up the middle. The middle of this o-line isn’t that good. The tackles were fine but to say they are getting the job done is subjective depending on what you consider the “job” to be. But they certainly aren’t that good up the middle.

    Point blank, the reason a team even resorts to trickery like call a HB option pass on the goal line is because you know you line cannot get it done. Teams with good Olines don’t care if you know they are going to run it up the middle on the goal line because they know you can’t stop it. Not us. Andy didn’t have faith they could push the other guys back so he resorted to a awful play call and even awful execution, because he was right, the line cannot move a feather.

  • schiller, see how pheags gave cogent analysis of the problems with the personnel, what he would have done, meanwhile songs has repeatedly asked you for your analyzing the team its problems, and your responses are basically to let it play out, that its only 25% of the season, well if it stays on course it will be a train wreck, so get some cred here on gcobb, answers songs questions, tell us why this talent laden team sucks

  • actaully Jake – Pheags isn’t right – and to do a careful analysis you would need a couple things 1) film – without it – really hard to get into details (but telling Maclin to hold on to the ball woul dhelp – maybe have Djax catch coupl ethose drops…. you know the easy stuff – no stupid penalties)

    But for example – the whole experince DC and stud LB – this is the part you jack offs all hate – look at another Team – Say NEw England – there is a defense that absolutley SUCKS – but Brady hides that fact. The BEars have a STUD MLB – guess what – theyre defense is ranked LOWER then ours…

    but you guys dont really want answers – you just want simple easy things so you can scream RIED SUCKS……..

    in my opinion – ALL 53 players suck, ALL 53, the TEAM sucks. They need to figure it out.

    You know, based upon my years in the military and years in coaching – sometimes stayng the course and making minor course corrections is in fact the right thing to do. Who really cares what the record was the 4rth week of the season as long as the team qualifies for the playoffs –

    So if you want to get your, the eagles suck lets gloat on – go for it, they suck right now – doesn’t mean they will suck in December, and if you think that, you don’t have much faith man – gotta have faith

  • But Navy..Reid do suck..Don’t he?

  • Navy? Why did Andy choose a failed offensive line coach to coach his new defense?

    Any answers to that?

  • All I want Navy are some W’s… I don’t care how they play but at the end of the day, I want some Victories.. For a season to be so full of hope and excitement and to come out like this in 1st month and basically play your way out of Playoff Contention is bullshit and I place the blame at the top which is Coach AR..
    Why would it not be a bad idea to devise game plans which minimize your weakness (the Eagle Defense and new Dc, having Rookie Kickers,etc,etc)
    How about devising games plans for the first 4-6 games that allow you to take advantage of having a great RB in McCoy and a pretty good back-up in Ronnie Brown to develop a rhythm and grind it out.. How about devising game plans that allow your almost brean new OL to play together, to sustain drives and learn to play a little smash mouth football so that they can develope some chmistry and confidence together… Since I am just an Average Joe and can understand when putting all these new players together with new schemes and Coaches and that the 1st few games are going to be a work in progress and probably ugly football with the lack of time together, why wouldn’t I keep things simple and focus on executuin,execution and more execution instead of wasting valuable practice time on gadget plays that don’t work at the NFL level and especially in the Red-Zone… If I am such a simpleton and moron as many of you think and I can see this, why couldn’t a HC of 13 Years and a very experienced Coaching Staff see this and adjust to their Rosters Strengths as they learn to come together as a team.. Right now I sense Babin and Cole doing their thing to get Sacks, I see Samuel working on geting his Int’s, I see WR’s D-Jax and MAclin looking to pad their Stats, I see McCoy being a little immature… basically I see Vick trying to held this team together but in the end, I see a very selfish team with lots of talent who are playing for their own Stats instead of Team Goals and I hate to see it and I’m sorry that it’s happening.. but this Teams crumbling and finger pointings closely follows to what happened last year to the Cowboys.. It’s a shame, but to be honest, I am not surprises for this team for this Eagle Team for as talented as it is has lots of big ego’s and some very selfish players on it..

  • Songs – you can call anyone you want ass, and say anyone you want sucks – go for it man –

    Songs – I can show you 10 DCs with more experience that are worse then Castillo – get off the guys jock – leave it alone. Got your point – you have made it loud and clear – it is what it is – if Jeff Lurie is so pissed he can say somehting to Ried – I don’t know why he hired him – cooks a mean Bar-B Que? Wives get along? Who freakin cares – its his job and he needs to do it better –

    I will put it to you this way – there is no player or coach on the Eagles that doesn;t need to take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out if he wants to be here and show up to win on Sunday – from the HC down to the 8 guys on practice squad – you say it your way, I will say it mine.

    Pman – I hear ya brother. I am hurting too. Physically sick. I almost worked it out yesturday inthe gym – and then firggin ESPN comes on with the which team suck worse, the Jets or the Eagles – and I was back to feeling it.

    Focus on this week. This Sunday – take it one play at a time one game at a time

  • SONGS you don’t know what you’re talking about. Navy is probably the greatest person to ever breathe air.

  • RTB – you little parasite – there you are – I was waiting for you to try and give me a quick reach around –

    Greatest – you flatter me – just upper 10th percentile……. I even have a good book recommendation for you – you read that Clancy book I gave you the heads up on?

  • Because I like you and you probably need it – Terry Orlick – The Pursuit of Excellence –

    We have it in our houselhold because my daughter (on the USA NAtional U-17 Beach Volleyball Team) has a beach coach that includes a mental focus part of the training and he assigned her to read the book – I picked it up becuase – well why not right –

    here is an overview – Reach your potential! Whether you are an athlete, a coach, or a promising high achiever in another walk of life, In Pursuit of Excellence provides the expert advice and proven techniques to help you fulfill your aspirations.

    Author Terry Orlick, an internationally acclaimed sport psychologist, has helped hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes maximize their performances and achieve their goals. In this fourth edition, Orlick provides new insights and a powerful step-by-step plan for you to develop your own personal path to excellence.

    You’ll learn to focus for excellence and high-quality living. You’ll gain a more positive outlook, a more focused commitment, better ways of dealing with distractions, and strategies for overcoming obstacles. You’ll also achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction and discover better ways to work with teammates, respond more effectively to coaching, and become more self-directed in your thoughts and actions.

    Both practical and inspirational, In Pursuit of Excellence is a guide to daily living and motivation as well as a road map to long-term achievement. Read it, use it, and win with it—on and off the field.

    I think its like 10 bucks on B&N or Amzon – give it a read and let me know what you think –

  • Navy, did you support the Segrest Special teams to defensive back move?
    How about the McDermott to defensive coordinator move?

    Now that we’re havng similar problems with the better personel…You thnk it’s time to hold Andy accountable and fire his ass?

  • hey paulman why in the hell would the eagles let go of djack,drc when they are young and in the prime the only name on the list you gave i really see leaving is samuel and that only because he has the most trade value and the other names on the list that you named everybody knows they are gone for most of them only signed 1year deals so yes they are gone if they cant resign djack they will put the franchise tag on him and the tie breakers are not important because if the eagles win the east a tie breaker with other teams in the nfc wont mean a damn thing. A couple of things to point out to every one the o-line isnt that bad at all i know some of you are like what the hell is he talkn about but loook at the stats were like 8th in passing 3rd in rushing and thru 4games so far vick has only been sacked 6times i know hes has been hit alot and alot of that is on him because he holds the ball to long sometimes because he knows what he can do i mean that game on sunday if it wasnt for that suck ass defense we would be talkn about how great of a game vick played i think the season rides on these next 2games if they win both there still in this thing but if they lose either one man it will be time to play the kids i knew this team would take time to jell but i had hoped they could still win while they were doing that but all it takes is one game for this d to finally put a team away and they will come together if not the season will be over but i know there are things that the coaches can do to hide our weak players on D cause no team in the nfl has 11 pro bowlers on the D every team has weak and ok players they find ways to hide them go EAGLES

  • gloomy – because Paul is obsessed with transactions. Transactions transactions transactions. He’s also obsessed with predictions, specifically HIS predictions, and he’s been sticking to the ‘djax is out of here, be it by release or trade’ for a long time so he’ll keep bringing it up hoping that it happens and he’ll get credit.

    That’s Paul.

    He also knows a lot about football and spends a lot of time researching other teams, he’s funny sometimes too, but mostly he’s that first paragraph above.

  • Thanx Schiller, and I admit, I am gloomy sometimes, maybe I am so used to the same-old, same old from Coach AR, that I expect gloom and doom for I have never liked his philosophy or game time coaching skills and have never thought his system would be good fit for my favorite team who happens to be a Northeast Team who plays outdoors in the elements in Dec or Playoff time…I also don’t like how the Team has become “Sft” over the years under his Coaching Tutledge and have stated so many times for many years…
    Now back to Physical Football.. Not to be Debbie Downer, but looking at next years schedule may be a daunting task… The NFC East will play all the teams in the NFC South (Saints,TB Bucs,Falcons and Panthers) They also will get the AFC North teams (Steelers,Ravens,Browns and Bengals)
    then they will most likely get the basement teams in the NFC North (Vikings)and the NFC West (Rams) so the Eagles better toughen up and get bigger and especially across both lines of scrimmage and the LB Corps or they will be looking at another 6-7 Win Season…
    I may have to go back to wrting Comdey Sketches for it appears if the Eagles keep Coach AR and his flawed philosophy, my interest in Eagles Football will continue to dissipate..

  • Navy…If you really don’t think the wide 9 system is more of a detriment to our Defense than a benefit you must be mentally ill man.You don’t need game film to understand that. Its common sense you need pretty good linebackers to use a wide 9. Our linebackers aren’t even average there beyond terrible. On top of that their small..Hell theres punters bigger than Brian Rolle. You need big guys that can move into those enormous holes and stop people. Frank Gore tripled his average against us. Cadillac Williams was washing dishes for the past couple of years and all of a sudden killed us. What else do you need to know that this system is no good for this team. If they want to use it when were up by 20 in the 4th quarter than go ahead but that will prolly never happen anymore. I guess its more important for Jason Babin to get the Eagles sack record over giving up record points as a team.

    You want to bring up the Pats D? Well i could really care less about them but one thing I know is that If Bellichik had our corners and D-line that pats D would be a lot better. UNlike our clueless idiot of a coach Im sure they would know how to use our personnel. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that when you have the best man to man corner in the league you use him in man to man…not 15 yards as a spy/safety/corner or whatever the hell they had him doing in the 49ers game. But to give our team any type of props on the way they played on the essential reason that there is a Defense in the league that is just as bad is truly pathetic. Every single player and coach in that locker room should be called out by any fan, media, writer whatever..Ronnie freakin brown was smiling in his interview talking about that asinine play he did…smiling about it…what a joke. This team needs to get some damn heart and guts..but whatever thats prolly the reason why ronnie brown will be out of the league riding on the back of a trash truck in a couple of years. The fact is there was real options at D-Cordinator in the offseason. Guys that could really coach and who actually had experience in this league coaching a defense. They were there for the taking. Reid decided to go on vacation instead when all the guys were getting picked up and then had to hire his buddy. Ive been a Reid supporter. But if he can’t make the playoffs with this team and in this pathetic division then he needs to go period.

  • Vince Young, Ronnie Brown, Assante Samuel, Justice, Parker, Patterson, Jordan, Jackson should all be gone next year.

    Use those millions to sign Shady, D-Jax, DRC and a free agent linebacker. Better not draft anything other than O-Line linebacker and safeties.

  • Pheags – I don’t know enough about the Wide 9 to make a decision – I think the DEs just blowing up the field is creating huge crease and cutback lanes – but I don’t know if that is a system thing a personel thing – but unlike most – I don’t go around saying everyone sucks and we need to fire everyone and everyone is ass…. and I agree – I have agreed all week – right now our team sucks – it doesn’t look good – so I don’t know how mental illness plays into this –

    I do think I have posted several times all 53 players – all the FO needs to check themselves in the mirror – and see if they really want to play this week…

    You actually make some decent points but then you do that typical GCOBB rant thing – guess its more important for Jason Babin to get the Eagles sack record over giving up record points as a team – really – you seriously think anyone on the team thinks like that – check yourself on the mental illness comment – does that even make sense to you?
    you say – The fact is there was real options at D-Cordinator in the offseason. Guys that could really coach and who actually had experience in this league coaching a defense – dude – I have been screaming all day about the example of Rod Marenello in Chicago – many many many years as a D coach and guess what – our D is ranked ahead of his.. so the rest of the rant
    – Reid decided to go on vacation instead when all the guys were getting picked up and then had to hire his buddy – makes you sound childish and immature

    LEt the season play out – I think the eagles can go 9-3 the rest of the way – 10-6 will get the playoffs – let it happen –

  • But hey who knows the way Castillo is coaching this defense maybe we will have a shot at Luck….

    or maybe Kirkpatrick…hmmm wonder where Castillo would use his skills? prolly try and turn him into a nose tackle for a wide 9 defense

  • pheags – stay focused – we got this man – troops are going to rally – where would we be if John Paul Jones sailors said – ahh this is too hard

    Where would we be if Pattons troops said – its cold out

    Where would we be if the guys at the Alamo said – its getting a bit uncomfortable here…

  • Navy, the only thing you’re excellent at, is being a clueless douchebag, Reid @$$clown, with no common sense, that looks down upon everyone, but is always proven wrong! You’re a walking, delusional, joke, that shouldn’t be allowed to converse with another human being, ever again! Look at your self in the mirror brother! You are not any better than anyone else! Get over yourself!

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