• August 12, 2022

Gore says Eagles quit on Sunday

The Philadelphia Eagles have clearly been a disappointment so far this year. The biggest problem is how horrific their defense has been. We look at how terrible the linebackers and safeties are, and how disorganized they’ve been, but it is possible that they also aren’t giving the necessary effort?

San Francisco 49ers RB Frank Gore thinks so. And he says they were able to come back on the Eagles because they quit.

“I think playing that second half and the way we came out, the Eagles didn’t want to play no more,” Gore said on ESPN’s “First Take.”

Gore, you’ll remember, ran all over the field on the Eagles despite entering the game averaging less than three yards per carry and sporting a bum ankle.

“We just kept pounding and kept pounding and making plays and we kind of knocked the fight out of them,” Gore said.

Others in the media have echoed this sentiment, which would be a set of problems on an entirely different level. An Andy Reid team dogging it? It’s easy for those of us not playing to speculate, but really only each player knows the level of effort they are giving (unless you get a clip of Albert Haynesworth just laying on the ground while the play is still going).

Is it possible that the team has no faith in Juan Castillo or his system and have thrown their hands in the air? Could certain players be disenfranchised with how they are being used? I guess it’s possible.

However, I think we need to look at reality here. Frank, you’re telling me that a team with a fourth-quarter lead, sitting at 1-2 with – for all intents and purposes – their season on the line…quit? I have a very, very difficult time believing that. If Henery makes one of those two field goals, did the Eagles all of a sudden try the whole time? If he makes one and they win, are we making these comments?

No, that’s why Gore’s comments don’t pass the sniff test. He can say whatever he likes, but I just can’t imagine that players gave up on a game like this.

Micah Warren

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  • With all due respect…bump him…bump that Niners game and im tired of this b.s. about this team. You make a good point Micah…the bum kicker drives the ball and the media talks about the Birds being resiliant.

    And speaking of teams(cause in coachign u need to make a special play before your special teams) can someone return a kick to the 40?Or how about lay the wood early on a return.

    They’ll beat the Bills…they’re scared ok Mike and he knows it.

    Back to Gores comment….no Frank, our guys were out of position and running up field.our backers arent breaking down and they have o-lineman in there lap from go. And it doesnt help the safeties only lay the wood behind the l.o.s..

    I still believe in this ballclub and see them beating the snot outta the Bills. After they beat the Skins,or if, will Andy still need to be fired folks?

  • I dont buy Gore’s comments… Eagles were up 20 pts and they all of a sudden ‘didnt want no more’?? I doubt it…

    they just look disorganized and out of position the whole 2nd half

  • There is a posibility that the players are frustruated with their play and the defensive schemes and therefore are thinking too much and not reacting because of confusion.

  • I don’t buy it either but the Eagles and especially AR deserve this. Their little cute plays that backfire, turnovers, and horrible play calling have hurt. Maybe all this negative pub will finally piss off enough people (including Jeff Lurie) to start playing football the right way.

  • Were just soft rite now it all starts with the coaches I don’t ever remember being a soft team with Jim Johnson god rest his soul

  • No. Gore was dead on. In Ray Diddinger’s article, “UNDER REVIEW: EAGLES’ DEFENSE IS SOFT”, he said that he and Baldy watch the game film (coaches film) and saw”

    There were several troubling aspects to the play – Nnamdi Asomugha again looking lost in zone coverage was one of them – but even worse was seeing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie walking – walking!


  • The Cardinals pushed around the Eagles Defense most of that NFC Championship Game if you recall under JJ and how about that Monday Night game when the Seahawks came into Philly and just annilihated the Eagles like 44-3 or something.. RB S Alexander ran for lke 150 yards and his back-up got another 85 yards, it was a embarrasment…

  • Paul lets not jump on “JJ”, hmmm but I do recall that game against the Bears on National TV that we let them march from behind the 10 with less than a minute (Do I have the facts right fellas) under JJ. I was equally pissed at that game that I was in the niners game last week.

    In both games i walked out the sports bar left my friends without even a good bye. Now thats pissed So Juan and JJ have inpsired the self same rage. Hopefully Juan will present me with the same redemtion tha “JJ” presented me after that game. That is my hope, I am not gooing to rage on Juan he needs my good karma and i am going to give it to him.

    It is sad how I bailed on my team last week but in fairness to me, they damn well deserved it so nah nah nah ti you Eagles Defense, now get your ARSE right and tight for Sunday.

    As always “LONG LIVE THE EAGLES”

    PS ” In my tiny, tiny, tiny of tinyest voices” IF WE THINK POSITIVE MAYBE WE WILL GET POSITIVE …… work with me NATION, don’t ya wanna win.

  • Would you let a 15 yr old with a permit drive your Ferrari? No; absolutely not. But our coach gives this high powered Defense to someone who has never coached defense…what a “croc – crap”; plain and simple. That was a stupid decision and it just keeps on adding up with the other stupid decisions by reid. Sean Mcdermott should of been given a second chance if this was going to be the case. Who in the heck goes along with reid’s decision in the front office. This is to pathetic and if jerry Jones, Al Davis, the Rooneys or Robert Kraft were our teams owner, they would of gotten rid of reid after the 2005 season. FIRE HIM NOW, HE IS COSTING US YEARS AND MANY YEARS OF PAIN AND ANGUISH. HE HAS TO GO NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “croc-a-crap” plan;


  • Do you think wimpy ass 49ers would be making statements like this if Dawk was still on the team?

    Once the 49ers began coming back, Gore said the Eagles basically gave up.

    “I think the Eagles, they didn’t want to play no more,” he said. “We just kept pounding and kept pounding and kept making plays and we kind of knocked the fight out of them.”

    Those are strong words. Gore is saying that the Eagles quit.


    None of Ray Rhodes Linebackers and Safeties have been adquately replaced.

    Now teams are abusing our defense like they are a bunch of bitches smacked up by pimps. Damn, Gore treated the teeth of our defense like a malnourished crack addict.


  • Frank Gore needs to STFU (yeah im defending the Eagles)
    your bum A** averaged 5 yards a game before the Eagles game
    and talk is the coaches wanna bench your A** for a rookie
    and you talking about quit? you had one break out year
    and have been average since.


  • Gore’s wrong!!! They never started!!!

  • My Biggest concern in Sundays game vs the BIlls is the lack of depth and conditioning of the Eagles DL with all the injuries that are piling up..
    WIth T Cole & A Dixon out, players like Tapp, Parker and Hunt are going to have to play a lot more snaps and Tapp and Parker are coming off their own injuries and not 100% to begin with… I sense a 2nd Half wear-down and he Eagles will be pooped up by the 4th Quarter and get pushed around
    Babin can play all game long but Jenkins,Patterson cannot, Hunt has not taken extend snaps at all and Laws wil have to step up big time too..

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