• August 12, 2022

Eric Mangini Denies ESPN Report Of Consultant Job Offer

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported on Thursday that the Eagles had offered a defensive consulting position to former Jets and Browns head coach Eric Mangini, who also happens to be working for ESPN.

I just learned that Mangini communicated his reaction to the report through a ESPN spokesperson. The former NFL defensive whiz denied that he was ever offered the position by the Eagles.

That’s quite amazing since ESPN is making two reports that are contrary to each other. Something will have to give.


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  • Liars, liars, liars! They’re all liars! He was offered it, & refused, because no one wants to ruin their reputation, by working with these bunch of bumbling, @$$clown, buffoons! Would you!? Maybe if the entire staff was $#!t canned & you were part of the rebuilding process. That would be a different story!

  • Agreed DCar. They all lie with poker faces. But i wanna talk about this game this weekend. This is week 6 where i said the eagles will start to look good. I said weeks 6 and on…Its not over yet guys lol… theyre still mathmatically in this thing and i feel this is the week we see vast improvements. I had a long article i wrote about the team and how they looked sunday but deleted it. Whats the point? But what i will complain about is the eagles allowing aaron curry to escape to the raiders for a 7th rounder, bad move birds. I dont know what happens. I think andy is a huge creature of habit and a very prideful man. So he ll rather have a failed season than to listen to anyone… bringing in a consultant probably would have been a good idea but andy would never admit that… But in all honesty i see them improving this week, i said week 6 would be the week we see a very good team and i stand by that…

  • Jon…come on guy.

    5 games and you’re talking mathematically still being in it?

    It’s a pipe dream when you’r looking at math in hopes of postseason action and only 5 games have been played.

    What have this team done to make any of us believe they can roll off on an 8 or 9 game winning streak?

    wake up already!

  • Final nail in coffin! This team needs to get lit up again this weekend if you finally want significant changes. The Redskins are looking at tape from their embarrassing loss last year at home from the Eagles. They are remembering how every media outlet was riding Vicks jock from the 5 td game. Oh they remember.lol. They will have no mercy on Vick. I would suspect they will try to run up the score and break Vicks back. Thats what I would do. VY may play this Sunday.

  • Good thing the Eagles were not willing to part with a golden 6th or 7th round pick for Curry. That’s where all they have gotten their “players” from the last 2 drafts, the early picks don’t even see the field.

    Side note: Lurie and Banner gave Howie Roseman more power and authority in the draft. Don’t think they shouldn’t escape some blame for the recent wasted drafts.

  • this is the same Reid who told us that Kolb will be the starter when he returned from injury?? yeah, sure…

  • Is this the same Jon Hart who emphatically stated the Eagles would Draft Casey Matthews, and that he was going to be the Starter and be an impact player in his Rookie Season, when some of us said, he was a Special Teamer and Back-up player at best… and I still state that if his last name wasn’t Matthews, that he probably would not have even been Drafted…
    Jon has still refused to acknowledge his error on jugement about Matthews… Also this same Jon Hart stated the Miami Heat would woop the Dallas Mavs in the NBA Finals and that the Big 3 of Miami were invincable..
    I am not sure what occupation you are in Jon, but I highly recommend that you keep your Day Job…

  • paulman, don’t be throwing stones from that glass house of yours, remember your baseball predictions

  • Yes I said the Phils would not win or even get to the World Series and I was correct.. WHo cares if they won 102 games or 94 games during the Regular Season, I stated this batting line-up was not good enough to win 3 Series in a row against quality Pitching and win World Series and I was correct… I did think they would have won the 1st Round though..

  • I will also go on the Record that the Phils Window has pretty much closed for any future World Series appearances/Championships in the near term.
    The Phils are old and past their primes at 2B,SS,3B, Terrible Bench production, and cannot play the small ball with Batters on this team and have some holes to fill in their Bullpen (especially if Madson leaves which I think is a 50/50 Chance that he does) .. They also have some age at the top of their Rotation in Halladay & Lee who pitched great this season but how much longer can these mid-30’s with lots of innings on their arms keep going..
    (I expect the Phils to buy out Oswalt option at $3 MIllion and cut him loose instead of committing to his $16-$18 Million Salary that would kick in for next Season if they were to keep him) and use this $$$ to lock up Hamels)

    We’ll see w/GM Amaro will do, but they need to add 3-4 quality players and address this older players whose bodies keep breaking down and will most likley will continue to do so now that the Steroid-era is over in Utley,Polanco

  • Why is that when the eagles got Nate wayne, Levon Kirkland, Mark Siminauo, Takeo Spikes, Dhani Jones, Ernie Sims, etc, etc, etc I know I’m forgetting more of the free agent/trade aquisitions of other teams’ LB trash that so many hated on again and again, ….why is it that now they should’ve gotten Curry? Oh yeah, witherspoon…

  • Songs you fickle fickle man. You were head over heals in love with the Eagles and proclaimed that, thanks to your credit-deserving hard work, the team signed Nnamdi and several others, and you said they’d be 19-0. Now, 5 games in – granted with shitty shitty play, you’ve quit.

    So you’re saying that you’re a 100% fair weather fan who’s entire conviction can sway from one extreme, all the way to the other, with a little adversity. Wow.

    It’s a shame. i’m going to watch the rest of the saeson and enjoy some of it. It would be nice if you could too.

  • Mangini what are u thinkingto pass up an opportunity to work with a once (twice)in a life time genius like andy reid. why may i ask u did not take it? No Lb’s. explain a little more…Well Tonto , with lack of Lb’s a few things will happen. oppositions TE will dominate in 2 ways. By being open for a pass and blocking untalented Lb for the run. Tonto: sorry mangini i am an Eagles fan. What is the Run? Mangini keeps explaining why he won’t take the job…cHe said that is just Te position…WhEN u get deep in playoffs historically SB winners even recently, have been balanced offenses..

  • continued: Tonto; ASKs so? mANGINI: WELL with balanced offenses u have to stop the run…Tonto:yes……mang: well has Andy Reid ever stopped the run….no…well it is important….well with 5 yds runs u get first downs and keep the drive going , tire the D at the end of the game which they don’t score too many points, and get TD….Tonto ,wait what are TD’s…nm keep going…well with these LB u can’t stop it no matter who u bring in unless u get someone who believes in the philosophy …Tonto u mean the philosophy that is proven…Mangini; yes…..

  • Schill, there’s a difference! Curry is actually a good LB, & Carroll isn’t square peg in round hole Reid! Curry didn’t fit the DF change, & wasn’t forced to play out of position, like our genius, guru coach, always does!

  • Hey Dcar, are you aware that Nnamdi at CB is playing ‘out of position’? He was a safety

    Ok, maybe Curry is good and plays well in Oakland. We’ll see. Maybe the Eagles should’ve got him. But I’m just saying that the Eagles fans always criticize the birds for getting LBs that ‘were other teams’ trash’ and then now you’re clamoring for one. It’s a doulbe standard.

  • Asomugha, played both in college, Schill. Curry isn’t trash, he doesn’t fit their system! So no, it isn’t a double standard! Wrong again! Thank you, drive through please! BTW, Spikes wasn’t that bad, they didn’t want to pay his $$$. Witherspoon was a pro bowler at Mike, before he got here, & dipstick, changed his position! Etc. etc. etc.

  • Mangini to Tonto: U see lack of LB’s EVEN the Dline suffers even if we get a ton of sacks. Te domination and running ball, balance attack that keeps drives going and produces TD. Alot of things since LB’S are 1/3 of a Defense…Tonto; wow no wonder u won’t take the job!! u see Tonto, BABIN has 7 sacks and Jenkins about 5 but that is all for nothing with Lb pilosophy. Tonto to Mangini” Mangini u are a genius!! no, i just have common sense

  • tonto, like your sarcasm! Rock on!

  • I was not sold on this team all summer long where the weakensses, inexperience and unknown coaching had me reserving judgement on how well this team would be in 2011 regardless of all the big name free-agents they signed and I stated a 100 times that the first 4-6 games would be a work in-progress and that I would have been happy with a 3-3 Start but now with all these Turnovers and 4th Quarter collapses they are looking at a potential 1-5 Start which means the Season is basically over (As far as playoffs go).. I will watch the team and root for them and keep an eye on the young players .. What really stinks is theat J Castillo is so overmatched and not prepared that anorther DC will come in next year and many of the Defensive players will have to learn new systems all over again and they still have no NFL Caliber LB’s, questionable Safeties, so it’s going to be another good 2-3 Seasons before this Eagles Defense is strong enough to compete with Playoff teams and by this time, Vick and Young Guns may not even be around and McCoy will be on the downside of his career.etc,etc…
    The word or feeling that comes to mind when I think about Coach AR and his Tenure is “Missed Opportunities” .. and I am tired as a fan of supporting a Franchise that contiually messes up good situations or doesn’t have the foresight to plan 2-3 Seasons down the road and address obvious problem areas/positions on a timely basis and in the end, it’s the same old crap but a different season and I am not so sure how many more of these beautiful Fall October/November Sunday Afternoons I am going to spend in my “Man Cave” watching this team underperform when I could be out and about ad getting many more productive things done and spending more quality time with my family.. I have never become so disinterested in an Eagles Team so quickly before, by the overall make-up of this team,the Coaches & Front Office just don’t enthuse me much anymore.. Time to get some fresh eyes and a new approach/philosophy into this Organization..

  • Dcar – I didn’t say Curry is trash, I said he’s another teams’ trash. “he doesn’t fit their system! – that’s what they said of Ernie Simis.

    Oh and ‘he played a little safety in college’ – dude all of the ‘changing their positions’ guys the Eagles tried ‘played a little _____ in college’. THATs a doulbe standard.

  • I think a lot of you overlooked why Seattle moved LB A Curry
    The biggest reasons is that they drafted my #1 LB in this Draft by the name of KJ Wight who I have stated numerous times was a 6-4 255 lbs stud who was also a 2 year teammate of Jamar Chaney down at MIss State… Seahawks got him in the 3rd or 4th Round I believe and he has beaten out Curry plain and simple.. The Eeagles wouldn’t have half their problems if they Drafted better.. They took reaches in 2010 with Graham,Teo,Clayton,& Harbor in the 1st,3rd & 4th Rounds and then took reaches with in the 2011 Draft Jarrett,Marsh,Matthews,Henerey who all went 1 to 2 rounds sooner than projected and now they are paying the prices for these misses

  • and like most teams,, When a players gets beat out by a rookie who is usually making a lot less $$$ than the Veteran, then the Veteran gets traded or released as an example with WR D Mason with the Jets was getting beat out for playing time by a rookie names Kelsey, so the Jets moved him to the Texans who needed proven WR help now that A Johnson is hurt..
    Aaron CUrry was never a good fit in Seattle and has had 3 D/Coordinators in his 4 Seasosn there, Pete Carrol came in last year and has no connection to Curry since he didn’t Draft him, but by dealing a former top pick will send a signal to the rest of that Seahawk team that no one is untouchable and you have to have that sense of urgency..

  • Schill….Takeo Spikes was good with the Eagles..We were upset because they didn’t want to pay him after the year trial remember?

    So come on guy..don’t throw in names just to make a point.

    If this team valued Linebackers which is one of the impact positions in football this would not ba a discussion right now.

    There’s linebackers who came out this year that would have impacted this team instead of a damn 27 year old garbage fireman

  • ESPN’s Tom Jackson, ‘ I’VE been around football a long time and never seen this(Reid’s hiring of Castillo as DC)
    Belichick: i don’t know what they were thinking( andy reid’s decisions in SB)

  • Eagles coulda, shoulda woulda had ILB Sean Lee if they simply followed Paulmans Mock Draft in 2010 and instead of trading that 2nd Round pick to a DIvisional Rival who now leads the NFL in tackles and will probably be a perennial All-Pro for the nect 8-10 Seasons for the Rival,hated Cowboys
    And again, the reason they traded thhis 2nd Round Pick to the Cowboys was to get back some 3rd Round picks that they used when theey made the colossal mistake of moveing up 11 spots to get DE B Graham instead of sitting tight and selecting Center M Pouncey or CB D McCourtey or even OT R Saffold who were all on Paulmans suggested delection list for the Eagles. This trade up alone nad subsequent selection alone has set this Franchise Back 2 years in my opinion… and 1 last thing, If I was stupid enough to move up 11 Spots in the 1st ROund and trade away 2 3rd Round Selections in the process to do it, then I would have made damn sure I selected an impact player at a postion of need which would have been Safety Eric Thomas and not rotational player Bradnon Graham…. but what do I know… Eagles and Roseman F that Draft up so damn bad where going in, they had 5 Selections in the top 120 PLayers and came out with B Graham, N Allen, Teo, Lindley, and gave their NFC East Rival an All-Pro in Sean Lee… .I get so pissed typing this that I have to tak a damn walk to calm down….

  • Andy Reid might be the best coach in Eagles history, but he was outclassed in this one. My biggest gripe is that, even though the receiving corps was a disaster in the second half, McNabb kept firing away in what was a pretty close game throughout.

    There are a few ways this can be looked at: Maybe he just had too much faith in No. 5 and believed he would prevail in the end. Maybe Big Red wanted to prove that his pass-happy scheme can win a championship. Maybe he saw Troy Brown in the secondary and thought the New England secondary could be further exploited.

    Whatever the reason, 51 passes in a three-point game isn’t usually a recipe for success against a dynasty like New England had back then.

  • that was by Michael Johnson Bleacher report

  • Schill…your comment would have merit if you told us one change of position executed by our Eagles that worked.

    Saying what others teams do does absolve the eagles , especially when the Eagles are horrible at changing a player’s natural position.

    They took 4 years from Gocong by making him a stand up linebacker to cover tight ends when he was a sack master in college.

    That’s a perfect example we should focus on.

    That’s like putting Demarcus ware on tight ends.

    It’s ridiculous.

  • Easgle again this year had 5 Selections out of the TOp 140 Selections and came out with Watkins, Jarrett,Marsh,Matthews and Henerey which agains was a “missed oppotunity” with Marsh and Matthews probably never see their final year of the Rookie Contract and were real reaches and Watkins & Jarrett are marginal players and Kicker Henerey is a kicker, they are a dime a dozen and don’t need to waste a 4th Round Selection (#120th Overall) on a Kicker

  • by the way how is graham doing and watkins

  • Lions draft picks look good

  • Where’s Tom Modrak!

  • as Paulman suggests,consecutive terrible draft years proceeded by average to poor ones are the reasons the eagles are on a downward slide, adding bulk players through free agency does not work as well as the draft, throw in bizarre coaching selections, flawed philosophies on both sides of the ball, undisciplined coach, players, we can confidently predict the outcome for this season, losing

  • I wonder how soo many false reports come out and no-one takes any kind of hit for the bad/false reporting..

    What does somebody like Sal Pal do when he puts out a false report? Does he go back to his ‘source’ and ask WTF?

    Does he get a new source?

    Does he even care if it true or not?

    these ‘reports’ turn up false alot… I wonder do these guys care or do they take any heat for bad reporting

  • Rasheed I’m kind of wondering the same thing. You made a great point.

  • True @ Sheed…I think it was an inside job…someone in the Eagles organization, trying to light even more of a fire under the DC…..

  • songs, you missed the point, we were talking about curry, not money.

  • Songs,
    Tom Modrack was released last off-season by the Bills and is now officially retired ..

  • Schill, I can’t make a point with someone like you. You make an argument, out of an argument. If one thing is proven wrong, you find another point to be wrong on. Your arguments & criticisms are pointless, & delusional. Dude, please go away already! You make my brain explode, with your insane, ridiculous posts. Dude why can’t anyone but you be right!? Be a f^#@ing man, & man up, take off your granny panties, & admit your wrong for a change. God almighty!

  • The problem is that Reid, the re-inventor of the game, changes players to positions that they 1- never played before, 2- can’t play, & 3- are not suited to play with their skill set. That’s the point we are all trying to make, Your stupid & idiotic Asomugha comment, about him playing safety in college, just shows that you just come on here to argue & get your jollies off, with no true knowledge of WTF, you are talking about. But yet you still, ignorantly & arrogantly come on here to try to correct & reprimand, us poor mere no nothings, so called haters, & non-fans. Get a f^#@ing life, dude! Being Reid’s apologist, lackey, puppet, stepford & @$$clown, is making you really bad! I don’t know, you could be a good dude, but man, you really sound like a douche, when you say some of the $#!t you do on here, to some of us! Maybe it’s me!

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