• June 25, 2022

Kurt Coleman Leads Outstanding Defensive Effort For Eagles

In what was a major change in production by the Eagles defense. They did a great job against the Washington Redskins running game. Juan Castillo and company came into the game with the goal of shutting down the Skins rushing attack and forcing quarterback Rex Grossman to beat them.

They did an amazing job of shutting down the running game. Castillo and his coaches made the adjustment of playing the “Wide Nine” on passing downs and moved their ends inside on running downs. Running downs are 1st down and ten, second down and four or less, and third down and two or less. Passing downs are second and six or more and third down and more than three yards.

The adjustment helped the Eagles hold Washington to only 42 yards rushing on only 14 carries. The success of the offense in controlling the ball in the first half and the way the defense was successful in getting off the field on third downs, limited what the Skins could do offensively. They barely had the football in the first half.

I thought the defensive linemen and linebackers were tremendous in maintaining the gaps which they were responsible for on running plays. Eagles linebackers Jamar Chaney, Brian Rolle and Moise Fokou attacked the line of scrimmage. They were reading their keys and getting to the football.

Numerous times, the Skins running backs had no chance to make it to the line of scrimmage. They were either gobbled up the penetration of the defensive line or tackled by the backers.

It was the game of a lifetime for Eagles safety Kurt Coleman, who picked off three passes. On the first interception, he made a great play by attacking the ball at its highest point. Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman was trying to get the ball to tight end Fred Davis, who was matched on middle linebacker Jamar Chaney going down the middle,

On the second throw, Grossman was throwing the ball underneath the coverage on a crossing, but Coleman read Grossman’s eyse and broke on the football. Normally you don’t see a safety making that play underneath.

The final interception was on a broken play, where Coleman was covering one of the tight ends. Grossman broke contain and rolled out to his left. It looked like he might run out of bounds or throw the ball away, but instead he threw the ball at the last second and Coleman was all over the throw.

Coleman’s fellow safety Nate Allen also had a pick. He intercepted a deep pass by Grossman, which was underthrown. Coleman, Allen and their teammates did a good of tackling in the open field, which was like night and day in comparison to the way the team had tackled in previous games.


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  • How funny is it we have 4 picks today and not one by a conerback.

  • Sounds great, I missed the entire game and is good news indeed.. , I will watch the replay on NFL.Com this week…

  • Now, that’s the Rex Grossman we’ve all come to know and love.

  • not all that funny, no picks by a cornerback. hard to get a pick when they are throwing at the LB’s and safteys…

  • tell me again why Page was starting over Coleman

  • How bout that big hit by my man Nnamdi on cooley putting him out of the game.. And im not upset for cooley at all he ran his mouth too much this week talking about how were not disciplined and that were out of position alot, well were we out of position today? haha i loved it… teams dont realize that now were the team thats hunting, theyve given us bulletin board material because its become contagious with guys who just played us would come out and criticize us week after week which i have never seen before toward any other team but there was no respect factor there, for them to think they could just come out and talk against us like that, extrememly disrespectful…

    The LBs played great football today, i really think that game on monday night with the lions playing really helped them being that they too use the wide9 but they dont use it on every single play… the LBs today were attack every single gap aggressively and locked that run game down… the dline played great, i wish they would have gotten to the QB alil more but i ll take this play from them any day…

  • BBF, because they don’t know WTF they are doing, that’s why!
    Rex Gross. That should be his name! What a dog! I can’t believe all the hype that team has been getting! Who are their wide outs! Stallworth, Gaffney! Are you f^#@ing serious! Putrid! Their OF, is 10 times worse than our DF. HAHAHA!!!

  • Rex Gross need to be the quarterback for al our opposing teams so Canton can get the bust ready for our 7th round all world Curt Coleman.

  • I don’t know how someone can call themselves a “Die-Hard” Eagles fan and bother us with their ridiculous opinions…….yet “miss” the game and hope to watch it on replay.

    Get real Paulman.

  • I have a family life also, BIrdo, these last 2 weekends were picture perfect weather wise and I choose to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends over sitting and watching the Eagles … As I have stated, they are my favorite team but are not going anywhere this Season regardless so I will watch the replays on NFL Channel and catch there later games.. but I only get a few great weather weekends to enjoy hiking/mountain biking in the fall and I am going to take advantage of it …

  • F that Paulman. The world revolves around the Birds, and I don’t mean the ones you see on your nature hikes.

  • Well I said the Eagles would skin the skins but it wasn’t quite like that

    Seems to have bee a repeat of previous games where the O goes bye bye in the 2nd half and the D has to try and hang on which they did yesterday

    Turnovers again ruled the game but this time the Eagles came out on the better side

    What the hell is with the kickoff coverage
    Ball goes deep in the end zone and Washington brings it and for the most part past the 20
    Eagles start at the 20 on their returns

    Coleman had 3 ints but he almost cost them on that stupid roughing call after the pass was incomplete on 3rd and long and one series

    Hope the Bye week allows them to heal up especially on the O line
    Vick’s protection was not that good and he still gets balls batted down even when he goes quick release short drop

    But then the Eagles outside of the Rams have not had an easy opponent

  • I liked the roughing call on Coleman. (which shouldn’t have been a flag) — I want us to have an identity. I want us to hit hard and Nnamdi and Coleman did just that. It set the tone.

  • We’re counting Rexy as part of the defense now?

  • It was an obvious flag and coming on 3rd and long with an incomplete pass when the kins were going to have to punt was a Bonehead Play
    Luckily it didn’t cost them

    If you are trying to send a message ( which he wasn’t) you do it on a play when the receiver catches the ball for a short gain NOT 3rd down and long when it is incomplete

  • I could care less if it was a flag. Coleman went in with his shoulder, not his helmet. When you go in with your shoulder, you take your eyes off the ball at the last second — in Coleman’s mind, the receiver caught it….so he went in hard.

    Thats the kind of defense I like to see us play and thats the kind of hits I like to see them execute. It resulted in a flag, but what if the receiver caught it and that hit jarred it loose, then what would you say?

    I’ll take a hit like that any day of the week.

  • Maybe for you Birdo, I am just not investing my entire Fall Sunday’s to this team this year and have too many other things going on.. Enjoy the games and tell us how it ends up..

  • Then STFU when it comes to the Birds and stop offering your pointless diatribe about a team you don’t even watch you fairweather ho.

  • I agree birdo… paul comes on here talking his crap about the eagles all week long then doesnt even watch the games. Thats a violation to another level. NOONE LISTEN TO PAUL AND HIS CRAP HE SPEAKS ON HERE… HES NOT A TRUE BIRDSFAN

  • People are funny. They assign some sort of value to their sitting down for 3 hours a week and cheering on the team. Oh I’m more of a fan than you! I’m a die-hard. Wow good for you.

    I typically watch all of the games, but if I have something better to do, so be it.

    Do you guys yell at your friends if they miss the most recent episode of Two and a Half Men? HOW COULD YOU NOT SUPPORT KUTCHER!? You’re not a reall ‘Men’ fan!

  • Birdo, chill dude! If your life revolves around a sports team, maybe you need to get a life. That’s pathetic! That’s the bad part about this site, sometimes! Why can’t everyone have their own opinions & be different than one another!? Isn’t that one of the very few good that life has, is the differing interests in people!? Life would be pretty bland & boring if everyone was the same!
    PAUL, don’t worry, I missed the second half & watched it during the late game. Went over my buddies, with the old lady, & rugrats. They all went to the pumpkin festival in Linvalle, with his wife & kids. We BBQ’d steak & sausage, drank & second half played some football, bow & gun target practice, closed up his pool, then drove our bikes around a bit. Too, too, nice, to be stuck in watching a sloppily played game, with a inevitably, shot team. Glad they won, but like I said last week, I’m not investing my heart & ruining my only day off to this staff & team, until Reid is gone!

  • lol @ the men here today. Be nice ladies….lol

  • People get sucked in by the marketing you’ve been fed over the years.

    The NFL tells you about ‘your team’. The beer commercials tell you how to ‘be a man’. Sports talk radio says you need to tune and all day and let’s the dopes like the dude who goes to the game in shoulder pads show you what a ‘real fan’ is.

    The truth is, the Eagles don’t represent anything about the city. Are any of the players from Philly? The coach? The owners? The only thing Philly is where they play, and that could change.. right Cleveland?

  • Mugz, that’s the problem on here, everyone wants to d!@k measure, on who is the biggest fan & who are real fans! Trust me, if I didn’t love this team, I wouldn’t waste my time, venting my frustrations on here! Have fun guys, life is too short. Nobody on here, is better or worse than anyone else, including me!

  • LMAO @ mugzy…dude WTF are you talkin abt…lol..speak for yourself homie
    LMAO @ DCar…now after a nice win in the NFL you on here with all that kum-by-ya shyt..GTFOH…you and that other dude were on here 50 to 60 posts a day easily the last 40 weeks….

  • last 4 weeks

  • Paulman’s NFC Rankings after Week # 6

    #1) PAckers (6-0) – Catch them if you can
    #2) 49ers (5-1) – Wins over other NFC squads Lions,TB Bucs & Eagles already..
    #3) Lions (5-1) – A minor set-back, curious to see how they respond
    #4) TB Bucs (4-2) – Young team with a nice rebound win against the Saints
    #5) NO Saints (4-2) – Have probably played the most difficult schedule so far
    #6) NY Giants (4-2) – Up and down like the entire NFC East this season
    #7) Redskins (3-2) – Blew opportuntiy to put a dageer into the Eagles Season
    #8) Bears (3-3) – Bounce back game after Mon NIghts game loss to Lions
    #9) Falcons (3-3) – Up and down and have not hit their stride at all
    #10) Cowboys (2-3) – Up and down, played the Pats well
    #11) Seahawks (2-3) – Is Charlie Whitehurst the answer (how bout Carson Paler from the Bengals in a Trade)
    #12) Eagles (2-4) – Showed heart with an ugly win on the road with lots of injuries to make their next game meaningful
    #13) Cardinals (1-4) – Kolb is not the real deal
    #14) Panthers (1-5) – Cam Newton is the real deal but needs a defense
    #15) Vikings (1-5) – McNabb needs to retire, he looks horrible out there
    #16) SL Rams (0-5) – 1st 5 games vs Eagles,Giants,Ravens,Redskins & Packers…but will get some relief with NFC West divisional games coming up

  • Navy’s thoughts ( I know who cares right) – why is this win ugly? Isn’t this the ‘win’ you guys have been talking about – a defense that holds the opponenets to what 50 yards of rushing while grounding out what 130 with McCoy and then throw in Vick’s – stellar 3rd down D…………….. many have been clamouring to go to this style of game – you get it – and now its ugly?

    Fan – you all know my feelings on this (no definition coming Dcar) – I am the first to admit that I have to do battle with the family if there is something else going on – doesn’t mean I don’t check interenet – shopping mall TVs – listen to it over the internet/radio – and Dcar – sounds like you had a great Sunday –

    Mugzy – those sports commercials are the best – that new ‘NFL experrience’ with the kick the FG or goal line dive –

    Game wise – Glad the D showed up – I think Cooley is going to rememebr #24 for a while, Nate Allen looked GREAT, Coleman and Allen looked like a solid S combo – did you guys see Asante tackle (well, he fell at the guys feet!)

    SOmeone else suggested it, but that Lewis from Pitt may be the GL/SY answer, you see how low to the ground and hard he ran – shame he didn’t get that TD –

    Hate Vick QB sneaking, hate it – McNabb had some size to him –

    2-4 headed 2 games out of first place headed into the bye – get healthy – no reason this team can’t get to 6-4 and be in the thick of the playoff race

  • All these fairweather fans show their true face sooner or later. Mugzy, Paul, DCar — your opinions never meant sh*t to me before but now they mean even less.

    We all have families. My wife knows that I’m not to be bothered on Sunday during the NFL season. Thats it. Do not bother me. I don’t belong to anyone but the television or the field if I’m in attendance. During the offseason, I’ll do whatever my family wants on Sunday….during football season, don’t even talk to me.

    It’s what being a DIE-HARD fan is all about. You guys wouldn’t know anything about that. You’re casual fans. There is nothing wrong with that…..but then don’t come on here with you BS about the team when you don’t even dedicate yourself to it like some (most?) of us on here do.

    I was even told today at work, “You’re a different person on Monday when the Eagles win” — and you know what? They are damn right. This team represents the city I am from and it’s a city I am damn proud to be from. None of the players are from philly? Who cares?! Shady McCoy grew up a Iggles fan, you don’t think winning means much to him?

    You clowns that try to come at us real die-hards need to fall the F back and respect those of us that TRULY spend our time and money on this team.

  • Birdo. Ur dead on man. Im tired of all the stupid comments all week long about the eagles problems and this and that. Then the game is here and most of those so called fans arent even watching the game. Haha! And we win the game and we dont hear much from them except them trying to defend themselves making excuses.

    Now all these guys are saying is that they have a life??? There on gcobb.com 90% of there day if not more they cant possibly have a life lol unbelievable. Phony birds fans learn how to back ur team 24/7 not being extremely hard on them when there losing the mute once they win. U sound so stupid. Just shut up the whole week bc we who are real die hards dont wanna hear it.. clowns!

  • coleman was benched in idioacy… and hes still better than nate allen

  • What does that say when your best safety is a 7th rounder?

    I will never back up blind spot Andy.

    When he decides to be a coach that run the ball consistently and build a cold weather team that don’t get mauled when the season winds down I’ll support him. Not until then.

  • Gotta, Navy, all is cool! Kum-by-ya!! LMFBO!!!! Just trying to take it easy. This team gives me heart burn & anger issues! I’m trying not to be so pessimistic, but Reid still needs to go! HAHAHAHA!
    Birdo, I’m far from a fair weather fan, I love this team dum@$$, I hate the coaching staff! You never hear me wishing them to lose, just that I don’t think they are going to ever win a SB, with this staff. If you don’t like the truth, too bad! Your opinions mean even less to me! Don’t be mad at others for having a life, that apparently you don’t have. Life is too short, & my family & friends are priorities to me, not some f^#@ed up, rich spoiled athletes & owners, who could give a $#!t less about me or anyone else. So go ahead, with your pom poms, & Eagles colored glasses on, keep ignoring this brutally flawed organization, & let your get broken again. I’m not going to let that ever happen again until blob man & his cronies are fired! Have a nice day!

  • BTW, Birdo, I have no problem what so ever, with you being a die-hard. I watch every game, have 5 Jerseys, Eagles pool table, posters, football signed by Jaworski, Bergey, McDonald & Randall. So I guess I don’t like the team, & I’m just a casual fan! RIIIIIIIIIGHT! I can’t speak for the others but, I don’t come at any of you, until I try to defend myself, for my honest opinions for what is real issues with this team, against the one’s that call me a hater, non-fan, etc. etc. Don’t take the truth personally, are they f^#@ing paying you, or giving you @$$. Some of you guys make me laugh! Don’t be a F^#@ing Hypocrite! Like I said before, some us have one opinion, some of us have other opinions. At the end of the year, we will see who was right! Hopefully I’m wrong, which means we were successful. But I severely doubt it! Have a nice day!

  • I see the light!!!!

    Our problems are now fixed and this defense is what we can expect going forward against opposing offenses.

    There’s no more issues at safety or linebackers…These stallworths have shut down the all world Rex Grossman and Canton can get Kurt Coleman’s bust ready.

    Juan Castillo is the 2nd coming of Buddy Ryan.

    Now we just need Rex Gross Ass to quarterback the teams we’re playing going forward which would make Andy Hall of Fame aspirations a mortal lock.

    Fly Eagles Fly

  • JH, you are a joke! Anything you say is meaningless, ever since your Heat & BRON BRON, sword fight fest! Go away @$$clown, stop being a brown nosing pillow bitter!

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