• May 19, 2022

My Thoughts Eagles/Redskins

We definitely saw some good things in the Eagles 20-13 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday, but we saw some familiar problems pop up as well. But, for a team with this much talent, you just hope to hang around and collect some wins so you’re still relevant if and when you do fully right the ship as the season gets older. As horrific as the Eagles have been so far this season, they are still only two games out of first place. Yes, the NFC East is that bad. So, let’s look at the game:

What I liked…

-You have to like the 28 carries for LeSean McCoy. I also liked the 126 yards and 4.5 yards per carry that came with it. While I’ve been singing McCoy’s praises all season, I still wish he’d be a bit better at knowing when it just ain’t happenin’. Sometimes, you just have to fall forward for a yard and like it. Tough to fault him though when his filthy cuts get him out of trouble so often. I’ve never been able to run like that so I can’t pretend to know what it’s like. But, 28 carries is horse-like and he’s been able to stay on the field (knock on wood).

-Credit to Andy Reid for dialing up 28 runs for him.

-Of course there is love for Kurt Coleman. Most seventh-round draft picks don’t see the light of day in the NFL, let alone earn a starting spot and pick off three passes in a single game. Last time it happened? Sure you’ve heard. Joe Scarpati did it in 1966. Unlike Jody Mac (who I do like) on the radio last night, I knew that Scarpati was also the holder on Tom Dempsey’s 63-yard record field goal. Have a loudmouth in the office that thinks he knows everything about football? Ask him that one.

-And while we’re at it, two other guys have made 63-yard field goals (unless I’m forgetting someone and I don’t think I am). Jason Elam did it in 1998…who was his holder? Sebastian Janikowski did it in 2011…who was his holder? Tom Rouen and Shane Lechler respectively. Seriously, this is the kind of crap that I think about during the day. But it’s great trivia.

-Sorry for the tangent.

-I have to give some credit to Nate Allen. Yes, he had the one interception and probably could have had another. But he was just around the ball more. We saw this from him at times last year before he got hurt. No, he probably won’t knock you into next week or impress you with run support, but if he’s flying around the ball and making plays in the passing game, I can live with that. Excellent game from the safeties.

-Great hit by Sheldon Brown on Chris Cooley. No. 24 knows how to lay the wood. Seriously though, great tackle Nnamdi.

-How about that catch by Brent Celek? I give him a ton of credit for having the concentration (I don’t give out plaudits like others who say “give him credit for sticking with the play.” Like Chris Rock says about people bragging about paying their bills…”You’re supposed to!”) to haul in that pass. However, my enthusiasm is mitigated by the fact that he put himself in that position. It was a terrible first effort that he was able to salvage. It reminded me a lot of some of Aaron Rowand’s spectacular catches that he’s made in his career. Yeah, you made a brilliant catch because you had to make up for the bad break that you initially made on the ball. Still, Brent, that’s highlight stuff. And overall, it was a bounce-back day for Celek, who has been missing in action all season.

-Thanks to the Eagles for making me look stupid on my Fantasy Football Advice Facebook page. Every time there is a sure thing, it doesn’t happen. Ryan Torain had the juiciest matchup imaginable facing this Eagles run defense. And what happens? They not only do a good job shutting him down, but they jump out to a 20-0 lead, forcing the Redskins to throw and abandon the run. Thanks.

This is how this team was designed. This is how they are supposed to operate. The offense, with all of their magic and weapons, jumps out to a quick and commanding lead. This forces you to throw into the teeth of the defense against Nnamdi, Asante and DRC (more on him later). Turnovers ensue.

-Was that Mike Patterson I saw busting through the line a few times? Where has he been?

-Have to give some credit to a much-maligned offensive line. No, they weren’t perfect, but consider the circumstances. They were on their third left tackle this season. Third. Todd Herremans has been amazing. For those that think it’s easy to move around on the o-line, you’re out of your mind. He was a left guard his entire career. This year? Right tackle. Oh wait, now we need you to play left tackle. This is not easy to do. Then you throw a rookie center in there next to a rookie right guard. Your right tackle hasn’t played football at all this year. Add all of that up and they did an admirable job.

…and not so much…

-Watching the Raiders and the Browns reminded me of why the Eagles could be in so much trouble this season. Did anyone see the play where Jason Campbell broke his collarbone after running up the field? He dove head first into some defenders and now he’s done for the year. It was a carbon copy of how Vick “slides” when he runs. The next play could be the end of the season for the Philadelphia Eagles. I watch guys like Aaron Rodgers throw their leg forward, tuck the underneath their bum and slide safely with no contact after running. Are you going to tell me that Rodgers has some magic powers? That he possesses some athleticism that Vick doesn’t? That Vick – as he claims – isn’t capable of sliding because he doesn’t know how? You’re lying to our faces Michael, all in the name of bravado. Because that’s “how I play the game.” Well, then maybe you aren’t the guy to lead Philly to the promised land. Forget playing the position of quarterback, you aren’t even smart enough to take care of your body because it carries the hopes and dreams of so many others (and I’m not even talking about fans; I’m just talking about teammates). It’s beyond selfish.

-Because we saw what happened when Vince Young had to be on the field for as little as three minutes. He made a terrible decision to try to throw deep in his own territory while being tackled. Oh, and Jeremy Maclin wasn’t anywhere near being open. It’s probably mostly due to him not being on the field for so long, but still, you got a glimpse of what the Eagles will look like the next time Vick gets Jason Campbell’ed.

-A 20-0 lead in the first half is great. But…again…not one point in the second half? What is the problem here? The Eagles won this game because Rex Grossman saw to it that they did. His decision making with the football was absolutely terrible. Sure, give the Eagles defense credit for playing better, but Grossman should get a Christmas card from Andy. If the Redskins remotely get competent quarterback play, the Eagles are 1-5.

-I’m not ready to let Juan Castillo off the hook by any means.

-What was that first five minutes all about? Glad they settled down, but that was a joke. Vick was barely outside the tackle box and could have easily been called for intentional grounding. I think the roughing the passer call was correct though. They did give him the business.

-What does DRC do? He made a decent play on a deep ball at the goal line, but I could argue that ball should have been caught. I’m not saying that this is the case, but does anyone else get the feeling based on looking at him that he’d rather be doing something else? He should have had an INT to take to the house, but he dropped it. That second-round pick looks like the star of the Kolb trade.

-At what point do we stop blaming the Dion Lewis’s and Jorrick Calvin’s and start looking at Bobby April’s kick coverages/blocking. This team cannot return a kickoff to save their life. Sure, there are new rules in place, but Brandon Banks found some room yesterday. The Eagles couldn’t return a kick before the new rules were instituted. This is a big problem for me. Your offense is at an immediate disadvantage from the jump. And it goes back to even McNabb’s time in Philly. In 2009, when they were getting mopped up by Dallas at the end of the season, so many of their drives started around the 10-yard line. This has to stop. It’s so easy to blame Andy and Juan for this team’s problems (it really is), but when does April’s name get brought up? What’s he done?

-Brian Billick had a bad day on Sunday. Does he know any of the players’ names? He fumbled all over himself during the broadcast.

-One would have to think that the Redskins are not heading in the right direction. Rex Grossman isn’t as bad as people make him out to be, but he was as-advertised on Sunday. 9/22 with 4 INT’s? Yowzer. And if they think John Beck is taking them anywhere?

Okay, that’s all for now. The Eagles got a win and head into their bye week with two weeks to prepare for the Dallas Cowboys. Another division win would go a long way. I still have major issues with this team, but we can kind of/sort of relax…for now.

Micah Warren

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  • Since you’re so down on Billick getting the names wrong, Asomugha hit Cooley, not Brown. šŸ™‚ That would have been a heckuva play for Brown to tackle Cooley from Cleveland.

  • Credit to Andy Reid? pffft… He gets no credit. 6 games to pound the rock is ridiculous. How hard is it for these two idiots to get their shit together? Andy and Marty are two useless pricks. It will be a great day in Philadelphia when they leave.

  • Andy Reid is a great coach. Not good. Great. He and the Eagles will turn this mess around. Great way to head into the bye with 3 out 4 division foes chalking up a L and us getting the W. Well done!!

  • Sliding is tough for some people… thats real… Sliding feet first is unnatural sometimes on a football field, and could lead to guys hurting themselves more so than if they dive or whatever else… sliding especially on turf isnt easy.. catch your cleat wrong and you damage your legs.. some people just dont have a knack for it… it isnt as easy as rounding 2nd base and sliding into 3rd on dirt… Its the reason you see some of these guys have fumbles caused by the ground (like Eli did it at least twice against us)…. They dont know how to slide without hurting themselves and they sorta fall forward on top of the ball and lose it..Desean has lost a couple balls going down awkward, and so has Vick

    Anyway, Im just pointing out that is a real issue with some of these guys..

  • Andy is useless & Andy is a great coach. Talk about polar opposites of comments! JM, if you think he is a great coach, you are delusional my brother! He is as far from a great coach as you can get! He has been a somewhat, successful coach, not a great coach! Great coaches, make great in game adjustments. Great coaches, manage the clock with precision, & use their time outs & challenges wisely. Great coaches, make sure their play calls get in on time. Great coaches, don’t try to fit square pegs in round holes with stubbornness. Great coaches, have their teams prepared, week in & week out. Great coaches, put their players in better positions to succeed, not fail. Great coaches, hire good & competent assistants to help you not hurt you & give you a scapegoat. Great coaches, don’t stupidly, stubbornly & consistently, leave f^#@ing stiffs in, that can’t play, week in week out, just to prove you invented the game. Etc. Etc. Etc.
    I guess he is a great coach, Huh!?

  • Andy is useless? I’m going to dissect your comment just so you know how wrong you are.
    1) Successful, but not great – By contrast, if you are unsuccessful, you can be a great coach? How can he have a winning record after 13 seasons and not be a great coach?
    2) Time Management – Hall of fame coaches, Lombardi, Walsh, Landry are not known for time management (not sure if they even had the same clock rules back then).
    3) Team preparation – Andy’s Eagles are 43 games above .500 under his tenure, obviously he has prepared his team more times than not.
    4) Hire good coaches – Just to list a few of Andy’s hirings during his tenure, Brad Childress, Leslie Fraser, John Harbough, Pat Shumur, Steve Spagnuola.

    Here is what Andy did. 120-77 record with the Eagles, 1 Conf Champ, 7 Div Champ, His only downfall is 0 SB wins. Now if you base coaching greatness off of Superbowl wins, then Andy is not a great coach. Other than that fact, you cannot deny that he has been a great coach in the NFL, certainly the greatest coach in Eagle’s history.

  • Good stuff fellows,
    Not to change the SUbject, but I am looking forwards and not backward..
    This is BYE and CoCH AR is giveing players off until Monday 10/24..
    Does everyone think this is a good idea or idea.. Yes they are coming off their best WIn of the Season (though it wasn’t pretty) but they are still 2-4 and have alot if issues to adrees.. Maybe it;s a good idea for players and coaches to get out of town or NovaCare Complex to clear your head and be recharged for the remainder of the Season..
    My persoinal feeling is that everyone from the Coaches to the players have beenunder intense pressure and more so than usual with their sllow start, but I think it’s a good idea to clear them out for a few day.. but an entire week may be a little long.. I would have had them report back on Sat and start practicing/preparing for the Cowboys which now becomes the biggerst game of the Season if they want to keep their playoffs chances alive..
    Any thoughts on this..

  • Pcrow – PCrow, PCrow………… my friend, my new friend. Wow – welcome to the site – you must be new, so let me greet you and tell you first off you are spot on with your analysis and facts. I agree whole-heartedly. Throw in there 9 trips to the playoofs in 12 years, I think 3 coach of the year awards, 5 trips to the conference championships etc. etc. etc.

    I want to warn you of the vitrol that will follow you if you chose to follow this line of logic and reasoning (fact based as I call it) – this website is based on pure raw emotion, and only 2 emotions prevail, anger and frustration. This anger and frustration will be hurled at you i various forms – just getting you ready.

    The use of logic, and counter logic typically frustrates the masses – they are not emotionally equipped to have rants addressed head on – typical example – name some great coaches, Bud Grant, Don Coreyll, George Allen – what does these three have in common – no Super Bowl –
    Look at these coaches – Barry Switzer, Weeb Ewbank, Brian Billick – you get the picture

    Good luck to you and welcome – hopefully you enjoy your time posting here

  • Don’t forget Marv Levy, who I believe is a “Rhodes Scholar” and went to Oxford Universirty in England after his undergraduat here in the US and one of the Smartest men to ever have coached in the NFL..
    Someone may want to double check, but I am pretty sure about this….

  • Onto Pcrows Stats,
    Just like past perfomances with “Mutual Funds” does not guarantee future success.. I can list lots of reasons why Coach AR and the Eagles were good but not great squads in the early to mid 2000’s (Franchise QB in McNabb, Wide-Open Passing attack, A versatile RB in Westbrook who could do it all, A strong D/Coordinator in Jimmy Johnson, a down NFC East Division (Cowboys and Redksins were not very good teams then and still aren’t) and a down NFC Conference for that matter.. (Packers were just ok,the Saints were their usual bad selves..)

  • Pman – hat is up – saw you had your self a great weekend – my boy came home for a couple days – can’t call him a boy – the baby fat is gone and he is ripped and lean and very much looking and acting like a man – got the pictures of the fall lax scrimmage (lees Macra and Catawba) and he looks good – how did I get so old so fast –

    Anyway – just remember that I am on recrod as being of the opinion that Reid needs to get this team to the playoffs. If you look at the last 6 years of his coaching, you realize most of his ‘solid’ work was done prior to that…

    despite the vitrol and claims of ‘disallusion’, there are expectations – and with the talent level on this roster, the decisions that he has made, an expectation of the playoffs I do not feel is setting the bar that high – and the hole the team dug, is probably giving him the biggest challenge he had had as a coach…. looking forward to the Dallas game – we get to watch Songs favorite team!

  • Navy I agree with your point about people saying some really dumb stuff on this website, and I personally would never say Andy is useless and unsuccessful. I think there is a mixed bag of people on this website. There is nothing irrational about knowing something with empirical evidence like KNOWING that casey matthews was going to suck even before he stepped on the field in preseason because he sucked in college but you can’t sit here and say that something isn’t wrong when it clearly is and has been. The people on here with mental disorders can be filtered out, just like the blind complacent mild fans on here. The people on here with fitting comments on here is few and far between. I like coming on here, saying what I believe to be the truth, and reading what other people think. I have a tendency to flock to a couple peoples comments on here. You and Schiller I read on a rare occasion if I feel like going down the rabbit hole of blind love.

  • Hey there Navy, good to hear about your Son, we’ve haad some beautiful weather down here the last couple of weeks..
    I do think that Coach AR can get this turned around.. IF this season has taught us anything, is that most teams are up & down and very inconsistent..
    and especially in the NFC (Packers & Saints have been consistent, and the newbie teams 49ers & Lions still have to prove it to me, though they have exceeded expectations thus far and are off to good starts)
    But look at the rest of the Teams that will be battling for Playoff Spots
    Giants,Cowboys, Redksins,Bears,Falcons,TB Bucs have all been up and down all season too.. Since the Eagles have already lost to the Falcons and Giants once, it’s imperative they beat their NFC counterparts in head to head match-ups.. Losing to an AFC team like th Pats/Jets will not matter as much come playoff-tie break time, but the Head to Head matchups vs the Bears,Seahawks,Cardinals and their NFC East Divisional Opponnents are going to determine whether they make it in or not…(they will need to go 6-1
    in these final 7 Games in these final 7 Games vs NFC Opponents in my opinion)

  • “This is BYE and CoCH AR is giveing players off until Monday 10/24..
    Does everyone think this is a good idea or idea.”…

    hmmmm..I guess everybody needs a break every now and again. Although giving a week off with a huge must win Division rival game coming up to me seems like a little much. But maybe he feels confident enough that the team can be ready for Dallas and he has a good record coming out of the bye. We will find out how good/bad of a decision it was next weekend. (biting nails..lol)

  • RTB – I think I should be required reading, I am witty, insightful, and throw a mean elbow! But in all seriousness – the rabbit hole of blind love? But yes, I have blind love for the Eagles and am not ashamed to admit it – I don’t care who the coach is, who the QB is, who they traded or got in a trade. I want the Eagles to win, win the division, win the conference and then win the SB – that will not happen if you start firing coaches mid year….

    as for blind – no – not at all – I see and know all (not really – I learn something every time I step out onto the field (or go to a ref meeting) – I did as a player, a coach, and now as a ref – it is amazing how much different the game looks when you do not care who wins……) I see a team that is 2-4 and shot itself in the foot in 2 of the 4 loses. I see a team that I think can win its next four games – get to 6-4 and be right in the thick of the divisional race – I will re-evaluate what I think and know at that point.

  • paulman, before the Redskins game you wrote a treatise about how after the skins decimate the eagles the rest of the season would be a death march, you now claim Reid will turn it around, although Reid should get credit for this win, must win on the road, there was nothing about the eagles showing to support your abrupt change of opinion, c’mon Paul, you are paulman the flim flam man

  • I stated that if the Eagels lost last week and dropped 1-5, then the Season would have been over and that changes would have been made over the BYE
    week.. II expected a rested, heatlhy Redskin at home to man-hanldle the struggling Eagles, obviously they weren’t prepared to play and their QB was horrible and the Redsksin game plan was odd to say the leadt, but who knew that was going to happen.. The Season marches and now the Eagles have a new chance but all this Redskin Victory really means is that next week’s game versus the Cowboys is now a meaningful game and the same thing applies, the EAgles Win and go to 3-4, they have a chance and continue to have a meaningful game verus the Bears,etc,etc.. They lose and drop to 2-5, then the Season is over.. This is waht happens when you dig a hole for youself which the Eagles did.. It’s not anyone else’s fault but it is what it is due to starting 1-4 and losing a couple of games that they coulda,shoulda, woulda won, but they didn’t.. I am pulling and hoping for an Eagles comeback and to be honest, I didn;t not think they had the heart to win vs the Redksins which should me something about the team and coaches that I hadn;t seen in a long time.. .So yes I was wrong about last game and so what, I rather be wrong and have the Eagles win and move on instead of teh gloom & doom that I predicted would occur if they had lost and dropped to 1-5..
    NFL is a 16 week Season and week by week, the ebb & flow of a team, it’s players, coaches and opponents can change quickly as we all know.. I am herr to support them and pull for them though it will not be an easy road and they really have to win the next 4 games (all NFC opponents) in my opinion to go 6-4 to be in position for a strong finish to get a playoff spot which is what it is all about.. We have seen in recent years that getting to the Playoffs is what matters, not neccessairly the best regular Season Team or the highest seed but to be the hot team making it in and carrying on with that momoentum and confidence.. If the Eagles were to win 8 out of their final 10 games then I would surely state that they would be a hot team coming into the playoffs and probably a team that no one would want to face .. but you have to get there first… 10-6 is the minimum record they will need and probably more like 11-5 to win the NFC East.. we’ll see how it goes…

  • Paul – that post sums up why you are a moron to predict things and then try to claim credit….

  • Asante may be on the move #justsayin… we may get a LB in return from the rams!!! Possibly there standout James Laurinitis… you heard it hear first.. things can change though guys…

  • My thoughs on the Eagles/Redskins…

    Use my new 9-9-9 plan to help the Eagles win the Superbowl

    FIRE ANDY GREED at 9:00 on the 9th of November and give him $9.00 to catch SEPTA home from the NovaCare Complex.

  • CB A Samuel to the Detroit Lions for LB James Carpenter and a 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2012. Lions need CB’s to be able to compete with the Packers
    3 & 4 WR sets for the next few seasons if they want to topple them in the NFC North ..

    Schiller, who is trying to claim credit for anything..there you go acting like a jealous little kid again… You guys crack me up..

  • We traded ronnie brown to the lions

  • Gotta like the trade, but it does make me chuckle a bit. Harrison definitely performed better as an Eagle than Brown. Let’s rebuild the 3 headed monster, we have the right heads now…

  • Don’t see this doing much…Trading a back-up RB for a back-up RB who will get 20 carries between now and the end of the Season.. Where’s the LB..
    I will have to downgrade the Eagle chances to make the Playoffs from 1 in 7 to 1 in 9 chance now…

  • The birds didnt like the offers for asante.. they were talking to everybody.. in the end asante stays… the birds are not comfortable with the LBs but there gonna have to make due with what they have…

  • They did play much better this past sunday… the LBs actually resembled a solid unit, making plays all over the place… there are still alot of holes though…

  • Another waste; fire AR ASAP.

  • What was the waste snookie (oops I mean nacho) – you breathing, eating taking up space in your parent’s basement or the continous drivel you enlighten me with – really – all day to think up a snappy response and that’s what you came up with… wow – clearly you need some new material – go ahead – we can smell the fumes, you must be thinking – you have my permission to come up with a doozy of a comeback – dial it up – bring the heat – show your best stuff – come on cupcake (quick, call someone to help you, we won’t tell)

  • I feel sorry for the kids you claim to be refereeing you sicko child pre–tor. I’m sure your boy knows daddy’s lil secret; I’m sure you cuddled all of that fat you sicko just like your old man did you; you phony eagle fan. “How did I get so old so fast”, that’s funny an old man behind the computer talking noise? You’re not even worth my time you old fart! Go and change your old man depends pampers you old buzzard.

  • Old “Buzzard Poop”, come on out of your cave you old fart; put you old pampers on first you incontinent douchebag!

  • that’s it – an hour and that’s all you can come up with? I already did the you molested the young boys about three blogs ago…….. you are rehashing my old lines back on me – then you say not worht your time – and an hour later you write again – sad – sad and lame….. the depends line had some potential – should have run with that one first……..

  • funny part is now I got you answering to snookie! Can I borrow a Dcar BAWWWWWWWWHHWHHWHWHWHHWHWHW

  • Be my guest Navy, LMFBO!!! BTW, who the hell is nacho!? I’m trying to catch up! BWAHAHAHA!!

  • Navy, thanks. Been checking Gcobb for a few years now, just can’t hold back anymore. My thing is if you are going to spread the praises when the Eagles are doing good (Bwest, JJ, weak division), then you should spread the blame too, eventhough excrements always float to the top.

  • PCrow – exactly – you can point out the good, the bad and the ugly (love movie cliches and sports analogies) and still stay positive –

    D – thanks my man – appreciate the assist – my comedic timing was off on the use of the ‘nacho’ – so it fell flat – but snookie (where you at snook – I know you got help with that second one – just waiting for that super snappy comeback) knows how I will summon him and he will respond as directed

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