• July 3, 2022

Eagles Trade Ronnie Brown To Detroit For Jerome Harrison and Pick

Yesterday’s decision by the Eagles to trade running back Ronnie Brown to the Detroit Lions for former Eagles running back Jerome Harrison and an undisclosed draft choice in 2013 was a good one. Like some of the other free agent signings which the Eagles made after the lockout, Brown wasn’t working out.

His decision to try to throw the football while being tackled by one of the San Francisco 49ers will be a picture of the Eagles horrible start of the 2011 season.

This will be the second time Harrison plays for the Birds. He was signed by the Lions when the lockout ended this past August. He’s a quick, speedy back who fits the Eagles system better than Brown. Last year Harrison rushed for 239 yards on 40 attempts (6.0 average) and one touchdown in eight games (one start), adding eight receptions for 43 yards for the Eagles.

Two years ago, Harrison led the Browns with 194 carries for 862 yards and five touchdowns, and tied for the team lead with 34 receptions for 220 yards and two touchdowns. Over the final three games of the season, he amassed a league-high 561 rushing yards and five touchdowns, including a 286-yard effort on 12/20/09 at Kansas City, which ranks as the third-highest single-game rushing total in NFL history, trailing only Adrian Peterson (296 yards on 11/4/07 vs. San Diego) and Jamal Lewis (295 yards on 9/14/03 vs. Cleveland). The 28-year-old Harrison also holds Cleveland’s team record with 39 carries on 12/27/09 vs. Oakland.


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  • A good move, R Brown just was not a good fit for the Eagles, he has lost that s explosive 1st step and cannot burst thru the holes like he used to, Harrison is a good player, a tough runner who is always running forward and sneaky fast and has a nose for the 1st Down sticks and end-zone.. He obviously knows the system and is a good locker room guy (which I am not so sure that Ronnie Brown was)
    I think WR Steve Smith has also not been a real good fit for the team and locker room, but I don’t think he’s been 100% healthy so I will give the 2nd half of the Season to produce..
    I am disapointed that they didn’t acquire a LB for this position could have really used a OLB with experience and toughness and some size.. I don’t believe LB K Clayton is working out to well and we all know that Matthews is at least a another year away from making any impact.. I was hoping the Eagles would move Samuel for a LB and High Pick to the Lions (for LB James Carpenter) or the Bronocs (for DJ Williams) or KC Chiefs (for Derek Johnson), but they are going to stick with what they have and we’ll see if it’s
    good enough…

  • I guess it wasn’t a bad trade in the sense. I’m not sure how much this will help in the end result. Paulman this is my first comment post and your behind some of the reasoning. Do you know people within the organization? The reason I ask is I can see how you can critique the actual game being played on the field. I mean we only have what we see on T.V and not the actual game tapes but I could see an opinion on that. But to make a comment that Ronnie Brown “is not a good locker room guy” is kind of ignorant. We don’t know these players, we watch from a far. I find it hard to believe you actually know the day to day goings of the team.

  • This looks like a good move. Hopefully we will continue to Run the Ball. If you want to beat the Cowboys run the ball and control the time of possession. We all know Romo is a good quarterback during season games so we need to limit their offensive opportunities. In addition, Vick takes less hits and your play action is more effective. I want us to win these next three home games by focusing on each game one at a time. I pulling for the players not Andy Reid. I’m still confused on how he can keep his job making all these mistakes. We all know if our homes games weren’t sellouts he would be gone. But because I bleed Green I want the best for the Birds. I feel if we don’t make the playoffs fire Reid. Then lets bring in Gruden or Cowher.

  • Skman7
    J Gruden just signed a 5 Year Extension with ESPN and is not going anywhere for a while and Cowher has stated numerous times that he has no interest in returnung to the sidelins as a Coach.. His wife passed away last year and he is enjoying his time with his daughters and his TV Gig..
    T Dungy is not looking to return to Coaching either, many of you are still living in the past.. These guys that everyone keeps naming are not interesting in Coaching any longer, It’s a young mans occupation and all consuming profession… Realtistically the availalbe Coaches out on the street who have actual NFL Coaching experience would be…
    Jeff Fisher,Brian Billick,Mike Tice,Jim Fossell,Dom Capers,Butch Davis,Brad Childress, Mike Martz,Jim Mora Jr, Eric Mangini, Jim Zorn,Romeo Crennel,Tom Crable, Josh McDaniels..

    The next HC for the Eagles will not be from these list and will most likely be someone promoted from a Coordinator Level that most of us never heard of for the Eagles Front Office is not into hiring re-treads or big -ego type of Coaches as they look for the long-term and stability..
    Probably looking at some names WInston Moss from the Packers, Chad Chudzinki from the Panthers, Mike Pettine from the NY Jets, B Shottenheimer from the Jets, Tom Clements from the Packers, Mike Trgovac from the Packers, Chuch Pagano from the Ravens, Bill O’Brien from the Patriots..

  • G…I had to comment about a story you wrote earlier in the week regarding moving Justice back to RT. That would be a horrible idea, Herremans has proven to be the Eagles best lineman. You want the best lineman protecting Vick’s blindside. You know Winston Justice is a mediocre player that had an ok game on Sunday. Why on earth would you put him back on Vick’s blindside? So you can have a powerful left side of the line to make holes in the running game. I’ll tell you what. Put Herremans at LG when the whole world knows you are running anyway and then run left. You also don’t seem to see what everyone else is seeing on the football field. Mathis has been rated as the NFC East’s best LG on ESPN’s NFC East blog three times in six weeks. Sheil Kapadia who also does a very competent breakdown of every single Eagle’s play has not had significant complaints about Mathis. He may not be a road grader but he is a much more competent starter than Winston Justice. The rookies have struggled at times but Mathis has accounted for himself just fine. For your Winston Justice suggestion I give you a big fat Chris Carter “COME ON MAN?!?!?”

  • I would like to continue to kick the Eagles like I said last week because their effort against the Skins was luke warm at best. The second half offense was pathetic. Same old same old. Relying on the big play, turning the ball over, and not able to get it out of their own end gave the Skins ample opportunity to come back. They need to be consistent for an entire half. And I was pissed about the RZ incompetence rearing its ugly head again as they went 2 for 5. The defense was excellent. I give Castillo a lot of credit for building on the solid second half against Buffalo and making some adjustments. They stopped a very good running game (although the 14 points on offense helped tremendously) and the secondary played much better. Rolle looks like a keeper. And Chaney looks like he might be soild at MIKE now that he has re-adjusted. Jury is still out on Chaney though. I was encouraged by the safety play. Page just sucks and had to get off the field. But I did like the benching of Nate Allen. He had to man up because he clearly took his job for granted. And get out of here with the knee issue. He was playing half ass regardless of the knee. The benching of Coleman while a motivator was inappropriate. Fokou sucks too by the way and they should really see if Mathews, Clayton or Jordan can help out there. Although I doubt it.
    Overall I did not find the Eagles effort particularly convincing, except on defense. That performance certainly will not cut it against the Cowboys. And by the way, it was great to rally behind Andy and all that and get off the schnide. However, October 30th I expect them to do it in front of their fiercely faithful fans (five straight home losses is completely unacceptable and people will be throwing shit if they make it six.) in front of the nation with everybody watching. If they want to make a statement there will be no better time to do it. Show us you are really back or lose and show us you are the most over rated team in recent NFL memory and suffer the wrath of the hoard. Andy will be hanging in effigy for the Chicago game. Lets see you tough guys try to tell the 65,000 to take their signs down. You won’t make it out of the stands. You will get what you deserve if you choke again Eagles. You better beat Dallas or I will kick you harder every week for the rest of the year and call loudly for Andy’s head on a stick.

  • And by the way, if you go back to 2003, 2006 and 2008, you can clearly see that Andy ALWAYS runs the ball when he is finally backed into a corner and the heat gets to be unbearable. Only then will he run the ball. He committed to the run when the Eagles were 2-3 in ’03 and won nine games in a row with the three-headed monster. In ’06, he ran the offense through Westbrook after squandering a 4-1 start down to 5-6 and won six in a row before losing a heart breaker but valliant effort against the Saints and their referees. In ’08 when it really looked like Andy was going to get fired for the first time at 5-5-1, he ran the ball even when it wasn’t working and we won six of seven in route to NFCC. He abandonned the run in that game and we lost. He knows what he needs to do. He just seems determined that running the ball is about as unpalatable to him as it is to the Phillies to play small ball. He just hates to win that way. Like it is distastefully primitive and unsophisticated for such an offensive genius as himself to revert to the run. That must be because his pass pass pass philosophy has been so successful in shattering NFL records and winning titles.

  • I seriously do expect a route on October 30th. First, emotionally they have to be ready. They know they have a must win game again. They know how the crowd will turn horrendously ugly on them if they lose. They know they can’t lose six in a row. They know they have to stick up for their home turf and their coach in front of all his critics. They will be fiercely emotional if they have any heart at all. And the Skins game indicated that they do have some more of that than we thought. Second, the wide nine will be out full force. With the current state of their interior O line and no Felix Jones, Dallas presents minimal threat to gash us with their running game. We should be flat out humiliated if this team runs for 100 yards on us. That means with the D line back to full strength, we unleash the hounds and Romo will be Romo. Three turnovers minimum for that deer in the headlights. He will be lucky to finish the game. I completely expect the Eagles to make him suffer severely. Third, I think the corners will step up in the national spotlight. Nnamdi showed his manhood last Sunday and he played very well against Atlanta while the lights were on. Expect a big game. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Assante has a pick six next week. He is WAY over due. Our defense is tailor-made to beat this EXACT type of offense. And I expect they will beat them on the scoreboard and physically. Fourth, Vick will have his first big game. The Dallas defense is no joke this year. Rob Ryan has them playing good ball again. And Vick will be running for his life quite a bit as well. But I feel 100% confident that Vick and our O line will hold up better than Romo and his. We need to show the run even though I don’t expect to get a lot of yards from it. We need to throw to Shady and the TEs and keep those OLBs at home a bit. Vick needs to shove it up their ass with twenty yard scrambles when they pull the blitz blitz blitz crap everyone seems to love to do against us. Give them something to think about. Vick will have over a hundred on the ground. And he will make enough big plays against that porous secondary to win this game by a comfortable margin. My prediction: Eagles 30, Dallas 13 in a game where you can actually get through it without feeling like you are going to vomit your beer and wings because you are so nervous. We will smash them next Sunday. I guarantee it. Best game we play this year.

  • paulman,
    Gruden signing an extension with espn means squat. Bill parcells was an analyst for years and he quit to go back to coaching. Matt Millen was a big time analyst before going to Detroit. Gruden is waiting on the right job. E.g. a team that needs minor tweaking to getting to a championship. SalPal was the one who said that. The eagles have the most dynamic qb in football (not best), they have one of the best RBs, two stud receivers, a line that in maybe a year will be good, and a defense thats can be repaired with some additions through good drafting or free agency. Gruden loves philly, and i think its the only job he would leave. If you watch those Qb specials that he had, did you take notice to the newspaper clippings one of them was from the morning call which is a lehigh valley newspaper. He went to the raiders because they were the only ones bold enough to hire some one so young, he went to the bucs because he wanted to be traded to a contender. Now he holds all the cards. Do you really think a young super bowl winning coach is really about to hang it up for 5 more years to broadcast, something he can return to. 7 years away from the game is too much ask joe gibbs.

  • Loki…I would agree that Gruden’s new contract does not mean he is off the market. I’m sure there are out clauses in there. They are not paying him enough to sign a guaranteed contract that he won’t go back to coaching for millions. But Paulman makes a good point because the Eagles are not going to throw money at Gruden while they are still paying Reid next year. But let’s see if Andy saves his own ass again before we come back to this subject. This will be THE SUBJECT for the remainder of this miserable season if we blow it next Sunday.

  • But I highly doubt we lose that game. One of the few instances I would actually bet heavily on the Eagles. Us long suffering know how this team keeps you hanging on for bigger and better heart breaks later down the line. It would be too painless to lose to Dallas. They have to reel us back in and get us hoping, wishing and dreaming again. They will get back to 4-4 at least. I could see a sloppty let down to the Cards that pisses us all off tremendously but doesn’t quite finish the season as long as we bounce back against the Giants. Which I think we will because 4-6 would be too early and too easy as well. And no way they beat the Patriots if they are 4-6 at that point. 5-5 maybe but never at 4-6. So the season would end by Thanksgiving weekend at 4-7. That is too soon to even ruin our Xmas. They have to drag it out longer than that. I could see a loss to the Giants when we are fired up and feeling good at 5-4, followed by a loss to the Patriots that drops us to 5-6 and ruins our whole Thanksgiving week and weekend. Then with the Seahawks, Dolphins and a rapidly fading Jets team on the horizon, we bounce back to 8-6 for another glimmer of hope (terrible isn’t it that you can all feel and see this happening as you read my words). Then Dallas ruins our Xmas. This is the most likely scenario I see for the 9-7 Eagles and their hopelessly long suffering fans like myself. 10-6 might not even get you a playoff spot this year so you can forget 9-7. Best yet, 9-7 will be enough to save Andy’s fat ass for another disappointing season next year.

  • 10 Games Left and currently at 2-4
    Wins over the Cowboys,Cardinals,Dolphins,Redskins,Jets
    Losses to the Bears (a killer) ,Giants,Seahawks (a dagger to make it official),Patriots and Cowboys.

    7-9 Final Season Record, No Playoffs and no Firings at all, among the Eagles Staff . All Coaches are signed thru 2012 and will get 1 more chance in 2012 to bring home a Super Bowl Trophy.
    After a better 2012 Season 10-6 and a playoff berth but a 1st Round Playoff Exit versus the Tamp Bay Bucs, Lurie and Banner fire the entire Eagles Coaching Staff and bring in a new HC who will be from a Coordiator level and not a re-tread, big name or big ego coach that everyone is hoping for.

    Some of you guys have to realize that Gruden’s deal with Espn is far more lucrative than Parcells,Ditka,Dungt or others have had.. He’s co-hosting the Monday Night Game and just sitting in the studio like the others.. He’s has his own QB Show and does all kinds of analysis for the Draft etc,etc.. He’s making major money, is very popular and still has a home life.. Parcells/Ditka/Cowher and others sit in an Studio for an hour for pre-game/halftime shows which is nothing compared to the exposure that Gruden is getting and he’s loving it from what most insiders say…
    It soesn’t mean that he will never Coach again, All I am sayign is he has become musch more that just another ex-coach Analyst who workds 1 day a week.. ESPN is promoting and growing it’s NFL Coverage into a larger format and alot of it surrounds the talents of Jon Gruden..

  • Ronnie brown is a good back who didn’t get enough reps here to justify his salary, he is also a symbolic whipping boy for that stupid half back option play, some of you guys are way too verbose with your posts, damn, keep it short and simple, stop waisting time at work

  • If you look at the NFC playoff picture, Detroit seems likely to fade from their currently lofty position. This is not a 12-4 football team but they are good. We will know a lot more about them after they play Atlanta this week. Speaking of Atlanta, this should be the game of highest interest to Eagles fans this week. We desperately need Detroit to win this game. Atlanta’s schedule is piss easy most of the rest of the way and they should win ten games without breaking a sweat if they beat Detroit. Since eleven wins seems highly unrealistic for the Birds at this point, we need Atlanta to drop this losable game before things start getting easy for them or the tie breaker looms large. This is the game to determine if Detroit is just pretty good or very good. We can take care of the Chicago tie breaker ourselves and I think we will. I also don’t forsee the Bears really in the hunt and more likely an 8-8 team. Dallas also has a fairly easy ride after they play us. Even from a 3-4 start they can easily cruise to ten wins which will make the Xmas Eve battle the focal point of our entire season. It will be win or go home in that game. The Giants will fade after the next couple games. They have yet another cupcake next week in Miami. Frustrating how easy their schedule has been while they were banged up compared to ours while we adjusted to all the change. After next week they lose at NE and hopefully at SF. This gives us an opportunity to drop the hammer on them in Week Eleven. They then travel to NO and face GB at home after that. The Giants will not win more than two of these five games. If they do, hats off and they have earned this division. The Skins should be primed for full free fall now. Carolina this week is no slam dunk. That team is competitive. And they face Buffalo on the road and SF at home. They lose at least two if not all of these games and will be irrelevant in the second half. The teams we are competing with are Dallas and NYG first and foremost for both the division or the remaining wild card. And if the wild card comes intio play, then so does Atlanta (especially if they win this week). We must take two of these three games against the Giants and Cowboys to save this season.

  • Playoffs for the NFC Conference

    NFC East Winner Giants at 10-6
    NFC North Winner PAckers at 13-13 (Lions wildcard at 10-6)
    NFC South Winner Saints at 11-5 (TB Bucs Wildcard at 10-6)
    NFC West Winner 49ers at 11-5

    So let it be written, so let it be done
    No Falcons,No Bears, NO Cowboys and No Eagles as these teams finish with records of about 9-7 to 7-9

    It is what it is, and whoever loses the Bears-Eagles Contest will be eliminated from Playoff Contention (maybe not mathematically but for all intents and purposes and the Eagles simply don’t match up well with the Bears)

  • Should be PAckers 13-3

  • To Jake, I am a Government employee so I am off the hook…
    I search and analyze known Terrorosts movements and activites..

  • Paulman…It is sad but telling to read your gloom and doom. Usually one of the more optimistic Eagle fans you have been terribly let down and now see things in a very negative light. If you read my post above, surely you must see (being such an ardent Eagle fan) that my predictions are more realistic and likely. You must think maximum pain Paulman. LOL! But seriously, the Eagles have dampened your spirits to the point you are getting a little carried away. The Bears have gotten us WAY too many times in the last four years and that one will be personal for Andy and some of the players that remain on this team. Also the Wide Nine will eat Cutler and that O line for dinner. See the Romo comments and the same goes for Cutler. As long as Castillo games plans around Forte and we don’t turn the ball over, we win that game comfortably. And no way we lose to Seattle. Don’t give me short week, west coast and all that crap. The Seahawks suck ballz. We crush that team. The only unexpected loss I can perceive is the Cards if we let down a little after three straight wins settles us back at .500 and we get sloppy. But look to ride the wave at least until the Giants game. If we beat the Giants for our fifth in a row then we are truly back from the dead and look out NFC East. And if we beat the Pats for six straight, we’re coming for ya’ Green Bay Packers. If we make it through November without a loss, we win eleven games, win the division and make some noise in the NFC playoffs. I don’t think that will happen. Just saying, if we get it together like that, we would definitely be no joke. We couldn’t win all those games if we were a bullshit team.

  • Jakedog…good point on Ronnie Brown but lay off my posts. I’m not busy and I’m thinking out loud for anyone’s amusement who cares to read. And I want G to give me a job so its an audition. LOL!

  • Hats off to our Eagles wheeling and dealing!

    We trade for a guy we should have been resigned, and get our starting WILL for next season to boot with that coveted 7th round “Shekel Saver” Detroit threw in with the trade.

    You know how the eagles love to stockpile those coveted draft pack?

    Hell…..look how well we’ve done in the draft the last 2 years.

    Go Eagles!!!

  • Paulman…Your predictions aren’t too shabby. But like I said, the Giants have a meat grinder in November. If they survive that at any better than 7-5, I tip my hat to them. But I just don’t think they are that good. Smoke and mirrors. That D line covers up a lot of inadaquacies on defense. The O line seems to be playing over their heads but look who they have played. Same for Eli. I think you will feel differently after November. Dallas is the most balanced team in the division. They have all the same strengths as the Eagles except better. Better receivers, better D line, better QB. I give us the edge in the running game, but they have more reliable special teams and a solid run defense that will be the difference in the end. Their schedule gets real easy after us. They will quietly pile up wins while the national media focusses on our own resurgence, the Skins free fall and the Giants emerging struggles. I like your Detroit prediction. I like the Lions but also agree they will sag quite a bit as the season moves along. They are a little phony at 5-1. And you make an excellent point with Tampa. I was alarmed at how easy their schedule stacks up the rest of the way. 11-5 is not at all ard to imagine and I saw the same thing you probably did. I agree Atl seems fraudulent, but they are definitely in the mix if they pull it out this weekend. I just don’t think they will. Matty ICE is going to get creamed. SO over rated! I don’t see GB losing three games though. 14-2 at worst. The Chargers can’t beat them. I doubt the Giants can. Their hardest match will be Detroit on Thanksgiving. If Detroit has any kind of team they can usually play great football on Thanksgiving.

  • The AFC is interesting. KC, Den, Jax, Indy, Mia are already out of the running. I think it is safe to see Clev at 2-3 being done considering they haven’t even played Balt or Pitt yet. So ten teams for six slots. My hunch, the Jets are fading fast, Tenn is probably a fraud unless Houston can’t right that ship quickly. Cincy, same as for Clev. Lets see them play Balt and Pitt. NE and Balt are the strongest teams. SD is not convincing to me. Pitt will get in by virtue of weak schedule I truly despise them so much! Why does everything fall their way?? They were just in the SB and end up with a cheesey easy schedule! Pisses me off. But to that effect, I’d put NE, Balt and Pitt as locks. Houston should hang on in the South but they could make it interesting not because Tenn is good but from their own ineptitude. Kubiak better hope he gets back on track immediately or he’s finally done there. SD, Oak and Buffalo battle it out for the other two spots. I think given the Bills tie breaker, Oak’s best shot is to sweep San Diego and win that division. The AFC is finally interesting for once except of course the Steelers getting in again. But they won’t make any noise this year. They will be a wild card and wouldn’t beat San Diego or Houston on the road. I like NE so screw you guys who are getting tired of them. Who could hate Tom Brady?? He is a gentleman. And stop being bitter about ’04. They were better and NcNabb choked as usual. Stop blaming it on some bullshit spy crap!!

  • Songs, great point, the eagles would’ve been much better off versus the skins without Kurt Coleman, Nate Allen, Lesean McCoy, Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, Winston Justice, Todd Herramans, Jason Kelce, Dion Lewis, Jamar Cheney, Brian Rolle… heck, pretty much none of the good plays came from Eagles draft picks.

    Boy, you’re right

  • I actually Predicted the TB Bucs over the Falcons since the Summer Time..I think the Falcons,Jets & Bears all took steps backwards with their off-season moves and letting some free-agents walk and signed others who were not good fits.. (kind of like the Eagles with R brown, VY,Smith, and maybe even Asmo)
    I think the TB Bucs are going to be a tough competitor/team for the Packers,Eagles for the long term, young talented skill players, A good experienced OL, a young and improving DL and need to sure up their Safeties and have stated that their QB,WR,RB are as talented and young as any team in the NFL including thge Eagles..
    I think you are wrong about both the Cardinals and Seahawks..
    The CArds suck on the road and especially in the east and the Eagles will blow them out.. The Seahwaks at home are a different team and story,
    the EAgles always play like crap there and Pete Carroll get’s his teams to play their best ball the last 1/2 of the Season,.. they have no QB but I think the Eagles slim playoff chances go out the window with a devastating loss to them giving them 5-6 NFC Conference Losses versus teams they will be battling with (49ers/Seahwaks,Falcons,Bears,Giants..) that it’s too much to overcome regardless if the beat the crappy Dolphins and struggling Jets..

  • Schill…..You’re off base. He said last two drafts. And he’s right they sucked. Nice try to use ’08 and ’09 picks.

  • Paulman…we will agree to disagree on Seattle. I have that as a stone cold mortal lock whether they are playing out the string, Cruising on six game win streak or struggling to get in.

  • The AFC I will have to look at closer but your pretty on target
    The Pats, Ravens,Steelers I think are no brainers to get
    I like the Texans but they have had some major injuries but that Division is weak this Year with the COlts and JAgs both sucking,.. I think both Coaches should be fired , COlts have gone downhill every year under Coach Caldwell and ever since he rested his starts when the 14-0 and chasing History a few years back, that team,it players have not been the same.. evn with Peyton Manning this year, they were a 9-10 Win team and no real threat to the upper echelon of the AFC.. The Chargers look good as do the Raiders.. The Bills Defense has been making Turnovers at a crazy clip but can’t continue that for an entire season and I think they wear down by 3/4 thru but they also have a lot of good young players…
    The Bengals have far exceeded my expecations na anlysis, I really thought they were going to be terrible and maybe wioni 2-3 games with all the tumoil they had in the offseason with C PAlmer,OCho & TO but they picked it up and kept moving forward and I tip my hate to Coach Marv Lewis who didn;t excatly get a rining endorsement from the Front Office last off-season either…

    AFC East – Patriots 12-4
    AFC North – Ravens 11-5 (Steelers 10-6 and a WIldcard)
    AFC South – Texans 10-6
    AFC West – Chargers 11-5 (Raiders 10-6 and a Wildcard)

    I have the Bills,Bengals,Titans,Jets going anywhere from 9-7 to 8-8

    The Jets & Eagles will win the most over-hyped,over-rated,disapointing Teams in the NFL as far as the 2011 Season goes (which Is what I actually predicted in August)
    The Jets, you get rid of WR B Edwards, Brad Smith, J Cothery and add
    P Buress and D Mason who you then trade in their place.. Just assanine..
    The Eagles add big name players to be back-ups in R Brown,VY,S SMith but do nothing to address their LB corps and go into camp with a KB Corps
    of M Fokou, R Jeantry, J Chaney, K Clayton,A JOrdan and then Draft picks C Matthews,B Rolle and G LLoyd… all with a new Def Scheme (Wide 9) and a new D/Coordinator…. Are you kidding me, I am not so sure that any of the 8 LB’s I just listed would be a start on any other team in the NFl… That’s 31 Teams with 3-4 Starting LB’s so do the math and that’s about 110 LB’s.. How did the Eagles HC AR and Front OFfice really expect to compete and create a top level NFL Defense with a LB Corp like this.. You have to be kidding me..they shold have forgetten about 3-4 of their signings and got 1 to 2 LB’s .. but the Way, has anyone noticed who well that my selection at CB (Carlos Rodgers) has been playing with the 49ers and has helped the 49ers Defense become the #1 Defense in Red-Zone Scoring.. He is they the type of tough-hard-nosed physical CB the Eagles needed and would have had an easy learning curve already knowing the WR’s well in the NFC East Teams.. I would take Rogers over Asmo any day and I said it then and I will say it now..
    Imgaine if you added Rodgers, Tulloch, Jenkins and Safety Dwan Landry to this defense and the attitude and nastiness it would have..EAgles would have been be tough to beat..

  • tio JBRID,
    I will bet a $1 for this will be the “Chicken Game” that the Eagles have every season on the road where they just flat out don’t have it and lay the old egg..

    4 Years back it weas a game up in Buffalo,
    3 Years back it was a game at Cincinnati & Baltimore
    2 Years ago it was game at Oakland
    Last year was at the Titans and then the home debacle vs the VIkings..

    I am talking about the type of game where there is little engery, players and coaches looking befuddled, tired and unorganized.. It happens to every team almosrt every season where they play a game on the roand and jus don’t have theirer heads on sraight.. I predict that this road folly is on their trip to Seattle where they have never played to well to begin with..

  • Paul…good point on Rodgers. I think Asmo will turn it around as the season progresses. He is smart and talented. Tulloch would have been nice. You need a tackling machine at MIKE in the Wide Nine. They don’t value linebackers. Lets discuss some LBs from last year’s final four. Urlacher, Harrison, Woodley, Mathews, Briggs, Hawk, Bishop, Harris, Scott. I’d say LBs are pretty important. You at least make Bradley a little better offer and retain some leadership. They put way too much faith in Chaney based on a small body of work and Mathews was a prayer because he has the right relatives? Are you kidding me? He’s not even making plays on STs!! Jaquan Jarrett was a bad draft pick as well. I would have tried harder with Bradley and Mikell at a minimum to retain leadership before pursuing Brown, Young, Smith. Smith was desperation over Maclin and Desean. I think they might have been hoping Smith would play well enough to give them leverage against D Jack in negotiations. But he has not been accepted in locker room, his heart is in NY and he’s not picking up the offense quick enough. In his defense, he should be given more snaps over Avant who the Eagles over rate if just to see what he can do. Avant is an ok slot receiver. Enough with this “one of the best in the league.” Do they watch the games. He drops a game winning TD against the Skins last year. He fumbles away the game in Buffalo. He drops passes so I’m tired of hearing how sure handed he is. He loves Jesus. That’s great. I can still pick on him. Not giving him a pass because he’s a wonderful human being. Doesn’t help me on the field.

  • Paul…I’ll take that dollar bet, but they beat Buffalo here on the season’s last day four yeara ago so you are thinking of something else there. There were many disappointments that year. The biggest being the 97 yard drive by the Bears. Just a terrible memory.

  • Paul….1992-W-20-17 OT, 1995-L-26-14, 2001-W-27-3, 2002-W-27-20, 2008-W-26-7. Not really seeing the struggle Paul. They beat bad teams here in 2005 when they were NFC champs and 2007 when we sucked. But no major struggles in Seattle. You’re mixing memories. Happens as you age. LOL!

  • Paul….I would think the Buffalo game when you are 1-3, desperately need a win, come out lack luster, turn the ball over five times and commit a comedy of errors right down to the wire pretty much qualifies as that game you speak of. Let’s hope it does. No reason to believe they do that again in Seattle.

  • I am thinking of the Eagles Team when McNabb was QB and they hung on to win I believe like 13-10 or 10-9 to a real bad BIlls team towards the end of the season.. What year was it that Seattle came to Philly on a Monday Night and jsut shellacked the Eagles like 44-3..

  • I do guess some the those memories do get rolled up into 1 over the years..
    Has anyone seen or heard from GM Howie Rossem since about the 3rd Week of the Season.. Even my sources have seen him around…
    The last 2 Years Draft Picks are very quesitonalbe and especially in the top 3-4 Rounds (Top 125 Players or so)
    2009 – Graham, Allen,Teo, Lindley, K Clayton, C Harbor and QB Kafka
    2010 – Watkins,Jarrett,Marsh and Matthews and Kicker Henerey..

    To be a top team you have to do better than this..
    Of these 12 players I see 3 Potential Starters for 2012 .. (Allen, Watkins and Graham) and besides a back QB in Kafka and the Kicker, the other 7 selections were not very good and most many not even be in the NFL come 21012 (Lindley,Teo,Clayton,Harbor,Matthews) and who knoed about Jarrett & Marsh,

  • I’m hoping they repeat 2003 where they barely pulled out a season saving unimpressive lucky win against the Giants and then slowly began to roll. They got two easy home games after that against a Vickless Falcons and a beat up Jets team. This time around they have two teams they owe a beating to with an inexcusably long home losing streak to overcome. Beating Dallas when they are 6-10 with Kitna at QB is not payback for the embarrassment of 2009. We will get our revenge next Sunday by pounding Romo. And we owe Chicago big time for the 97 yard drive that sank our season at 3-5 in ’07, the goal line fiasco which got us rolling in a bad direction at 2-2 in ’08 and the bye they stole last year with Lindley and Patterson playing the corners. These two revenge games might get us rolling. Then the Cards, the Giants really get us feeling good. And hey, Brady doesn’t like being harrassed and we can certainly do that. Thanksgiving weekend, prime time at the Linc. Could get fun around here. I remember in ’03 when we won six in a row and we were playing a good Carolina team that was tough at home with a look ahead to a HUGE home game with Dallas for first place. I said to myself, that was a stone cold mortal lock that we lost that game. And we beat them pretty impressively. And then Dallas and didn’t let down on the road against a desperate Dolphins team after Dallas. We just kept rolling. It all ended in a nightmare with the loss of Emmons and Westbrook in consecutive weeks. But it was an unbelievable roll.

  • Paulman it was 42-0 in 2005.

  • Paulman….’10 was just atrocious. Graham will be a bust. Teo was inexcusably bad pick where they kept trading down, got greedy, missed their guy and panicked. Hated the Clayton, Harbor and Lindley picks while they were happening. Definitely having a WTF? mentality that day. Donald Lee would have helped this team over Harbor this year. Harbor is a third string TE in the NFL.
    Assessing ’11 is too soon. We knew Marsh was a project and I can see him paying dividends learning from the guys that are here. Sheldon Brown caliber player maybe. Not a star but good. Watkins will pan out to be good player. Maybe not PB quality, but Herremans caliber over time. Same for Kelce. Henery might be good too given time. Mathews and Jarrett are busts. They lack the physical tools. I.e. SPEED!!

  • After that goal line situation against San Fran, Ronnie Brown was a dead issues! I’ve never seen( in all of my playing days) a total lapse in thinking! My partners wondered if Brown was given a bag of loot before the game. He sure as hell didn’t bet on Philly!

  • Good stuff jbird and I agree mostly on your Draft analysis..
    I don’t see Graham as a flat out bust, but simpley a roational player and a lot like a Darryl Tapp, decent for a few plays here and there but not an impact player and not what you expect from a #13 Overall pick that you basically screwed up your entire 12-13 picks that you had lined up in a very strong draft (2010).. Trade up and losing 2 3 Rd Round picks directly affected and cuased the Eagles to trade a 2nd ROund pick to the Cowboys (Which became MLB S Lee to attempt to gain back some 3rd/4th Round picks..)

    Here’s the thing that just F’n kills me about Ar and this dfront Office when it comes to drafting… In 2010, anyone who knows anything about Football has called that 2010 Class one of the Deeped at OL in recent History.. and then the 2011 Class one of the Deepest at DL and what do the Eagles draft, the opposite
    They draft 2 DL in 2010 within the 1st 3 Rounds in a medicore DL Class and miss out on good OL and then in 2011, they Draft OL and Safety in the 1st 2 ROunds when this was probably the weakest Safety Class in the last 10 years …
    Draft for need, but draft from the deepest part of the talent pool.. If it’s a strong LB class, then you can still get good ones in the 2nd/3rd/4th Rounds
    This continued philisophy of acquring and counting on 3rd Draft picks to build a roster is not how you do.. Your Starters are rounds from #2 thru #4 which is where you have to hit consistently… 1st Rounders are always a gamble due to the hype, and the glaring positions of need,Draft by the depth and quality of the postion and it’s value to the rest of the Draft..
    OT/DT/CB are probably the 3 Toughest positions to fill, besides QB

  • Jbird…the key to getting into the playoffs will be sweeping dallas. Your right that the christmas game will be the make it or break it game but I think you are giving the Cowboys too much credit..this team is so overrated. Their last 4 games are against NY, TB, PHL, NY which will all be teams desperate for playoff spots in the NFC…I could see Dallas going 0-4 in these games easily..remember how bad this team is in December.

    After MIA, NY schedule gets really tough which include going to NE, SF, and NO…i think they drop all of these games. On top of that they have to face GB while we get the Bears so we luck out there.

    Its just tough for anyone to predict how many games the Eagles will win this year. The Eagles record sucks but they have basically outplayed every team they lost too. They have out gained the other teams by plenty of yards but choked when it came to turnovers, missed field goals, and terrible decisions by their coach and QB who cost them points here and there. You just don’t know if your going to get the focused passionate team or the sloppy pathetic effort team…

    I think we will def beat Dallas in our next game tho. We will be well rested and healed up with trent Cole back. the Cowboys won’t have felix jones and they just lost their starting guard for the year which hurts their already horrendous line. We have the Corners for once to match up with Dallas receivers and Whitten, you just got to hope that JC plays them right. BTW, say what you want about Nate Allen, but the guy has played pretty well in his last two games as he finally looks healthy. Hopefully he can keep this up, doesn’t have to be a pro bowler. just has to be solid which he has the past two games.

  • So….im hearing the ronnie brown trade is void….something about harrison failed physical…hope this isnt true….

  • Ronnie Brown back to the Eagles as RB J Harrison failed his Physical making the trade null & void… Now the Eagles have an unhappy camper in Brown back on the squad… Trade Deadline is past… just another typical situation where even the Eagles can’t even coomplete a trade without something F’up happening, Call it bad Karma, Dream Team Blues or whatever you want.. This Eagles Franchise is Cursed..

  • I wonder if Harrison can perfect that run pass option on the goal line?

  • Harrison failed PHysical and is back on Detroit, Ronnie Brown back the Eagles
    No Trade and the Deadline has past so no deal …

  • Pman…really? the eagles are cursed because we didn’t get the future hall of famer Jerome Harrison and a 7th round pick in 2045…Its just payback to the Eagles FO for trying to put a quality product on the field in the offseason which is no different than what any other team tries to do when they have money…Your are one gloomy, dejected individual man…you need some antidepressants asap

  • Now they are stuck with Ronnie Brown who knows he isn’t wanted or a goofd fit in the Locker room… So what do you do with him now Pheags.. keep him for the year and hope he isn;t a disruption or has a bad attitide.. or do you flat out release hime and pick-up some other back who doesn’t know your system
    It may not seem like a big deal, but how about if McCoy gets hurt.. then what
    I am only gloomy and dejected when It comes to the management and coaching of this Eagle Team, why didn’s anyone know about Harrison’s health or knee situation, what the hell is GM Roseman and his crack shot of Scouts doing or did they really want Ronnie Brown outta Philly so quick and bad enough that they were willing to take on a slightly damaged Harrison anyways.. It’s a damn bunch of “amatuers” running this Eagle Team and I am about tired of it…

  • Absurdity on the eagles. First blame running back brown trade him and now back. what a joke. Who is this jackass eichmann.I mean roseman what a clown

  • Lol are you serious man? Really I hope not or you really need meds…Do you really think Ronnie Brown is going to be a distraction? who the hell is Ronnie Brown? Our 3rd string rb? What has he done in an Eagles uniform to give him a right to have any type of attitude esp after what he did with the ball in his hands on the Goal Line…This guy should be suspended for year off of that play.

    FYI, Harrison wasn’t even on an injury report so unless you think the Eagles have undercover spies in the lions locker room that are not doing their jobs than you are way overreacting. But overreacting is you memo with everything.

  • The hilarity of this FO is priceless, & never ceases to amaze me. The comedic value, that I’m getting out of them, is priceless! What a joke! Watching these keystone cop, @$$clowns, stumble & bumble around, trying to cover up, hide, & rid themselves of their obvious mistakes, is hysterical! Trade a guy, you have never signed to begin with, & get him sent back to you, because the other guy in the trade, who you let go in the off-season, was damaged goods, is ridiculous! On top of that, you fail to rid yourself of the cancer, that is Samuel, & also fail to upgrade your pretenders, in the LB, safety & o-line corps. BTW, NFL.com stated that they also tried to trade VY & Juqua, but nobody wanted them, either. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Please Lurie, Banner, rid us of this FO, before it’s too late, & you have a mass suicide, & a bunch of raving lunatics on your hands! Wipe the slate clean, start over, & rid us of this never ending broken record, so we can get a fresh start, with some real football minds. PLEASE!!!!

  • number 1

    The Eagles need an NFL caliber General Manager who will fire this scoutng staff and bring in proven successful scouts that knows talent.

    number 2

    The coach can have a say if there’s a particular player he feels fit the offfense but the final decision lies with the GM.

    number 3

    The head coach have no say on the defensive side of the ball.

    The GM chooses his defensive coordinator so the head coach can concentrate on the administrative oversight from week to week along with the game plan.

    This atmosphere creates a healthy competitive nature in the ranks while destroying the complacent spirit we are now left with.

    It also undermines any conflicts of interests, so that players will have a coach they can talk to without feeling they’re talking to the front office brass.

    And above all….this system will allow an easier transition if a coordinator or the head coach needs to be replaced,

    Andy Reid have a strangle hold on the positions because Lurie and Banner likes the feeling of being in direct control in relation to the owner head coach arrangement but this team needs a general manager.

    Andy Reid is not Bill Belichick who can coach the defensive and offensive side of the ball against the best of them.

    Andy could be a good head coach and an even better game day coach if his responsibilities were limited and he worked to improve his clock management, instant replay system, etc.

    It’s time for a change back to the old way teams are use to winning.

    Look at the Steelers, Ravens, Green Bay.


    This is imperative..Andy needs a football boss…Not white shirts and pencil pushers signing checks for a living.

    We’re close but a proven GM can build a dynasty here. Please get one before another generation of good football talent is wasted.

  • I think the Eagles should hire “Paulman” as GM

  • Songs, that’s an interesting theoretical system there. It really is. And I know 1 coach, but only 1, who would be willing to take the job on that team – his name is John Jacob JingleHeimer “I don’t exist and I never will” Schmidt.

    “Hi coach, we want to hire you to coach our football team. You get to control, well not the defense, not the offense, not which players on the team, uh… so yeah… you want the job?”

    Get real Songs.

  • sorry, one other guy would take that job, but I don’t know much about his coaching experience or football knowledge, his name is Pinocchio

  • Dcar – you getting enough sleep with “trade a guy you never signed to begin with” – uh, we did sign Ronnie Brown, so uh, what?

    And really, uh, you’re telling me you blame the Eagles for not knowing Harrison was injured? See that’s an example of BULLSHIT hate. You’re blaming a team for not knowing something that was impossible for them to know. That’s bullshit man. 100%. If you’re just kidding around and having some fun, uh, ok, but you should get a life. If not, then you’re full of shit.

    And Asante a cancer? Um, that’s baseless. If you want to say you hate how he plays off the man and gives up plays sometimes, that’s one thing. But to suggest that he’s a problem that is spreading through the locker room is just based on nothing. The man intercepts the ball more than anyone else. I like interceptions. Most football fans do. You should too.

  • Schill…that wasn’t a theory….Right now Tomlin for the Steelers is a better coach than Reid in less years because of the Front office and General Manager..The same can be said for McCarthy in Green Bay.

    Holmgren started this coach GM madness and how have it faired for him after leaving Green Bay?

    It became a fad the Eagles followed by promoting Reid to the position. We had a better scouting team with and better defensive talented drafts before Andy’s promotion.

    So again…I didn’t state my theory..but gave examples of winning teams in past and current Eras.

    There’s one exception to the rule…Belechick.

    It’s time Jeff and Banner hire a real caliber NFL general Manager that knows football and let the coach…coach.

    It made no since signing Vince Young & Ronnie Brown with the big void in the Linebacker position.

    With that almost 7 million a star studded linebacker can be paying dividends opposed to players who hardly see the field.

    Now, the Eagles did the right thing by sending back injured goods to Detroit and I don’t blame them for rescending the trade..But I do blame them for the lackluster 1st round picks and the blatant ignoring of key positions like linebacker.

    A General Manager draft the best players and hire coaches who can draft plays tailored to the talent drafted.

    We know what to expect with Reid after 12 seasons and know he have maxed out. A change is due

    If Eagles feel he’s a good coach then let him coach one more season under a new GM.

    Let Rosebud work with Banner on Salary Caps and get a football guy in here that will bring hard nosed football back to Philadelphia.

    Find out who head the scouting department in Green Bay, Baltimore, New England, or Pittsburgh…and promote one of these guys to General Manager.

  • Schill…we could use some picks from him next week because I think he has one this year. I predicted a pick six for Assante against Dallas because he is way over due for one of those and Romo loves to throw those careless out routes. I seriously do not see how that team beats us. Our emotions will be high and their runless offense is tailor-made for our defense. I don’t think Garrett is creative enough to surprise us by running the ball and he really doesn’t have the personnel to do it successfully. I just think we can make more plays than they do because Romo will be under more pressure than Vick. And Vick can make them pay for constant blitzing with his legs. You would think teams would get tired of these twenty plus scrambles and back off a bit. The constant blitzing gets really annoying after a while. I guess I’m finding it annoying because it is working to some degree. I don’t know.

  • I want to see Kelce and Watkins smash Ratliff right in the mouth early in the game. He is small for a NT. He disrupts the shit out of the Eagles O line. Cheap shot him early.

  • Songs…I agree Andy has way too much power. He wears so many hats that he is basically a jack of all trades and master of none.

  • D Jack has also been quiet lately so I look for him to come up big against Dallas. He needs to find the endzone.

  • Songs, you are ignoring the fact that Reid was only GM for a little bit. He is not the GM. You can dislike Roseman and/or criticize his decisions all you want (and yes, I know, you certainly don’t need my permission for that). but to ignore that he is the GM is bullshit. Heckert was the GM for years too. Don’t act like Reid didn’t have GMs here. And he had defensive and offensive coordinators as well. What are you talking about?

  • Jbird – what ‘hats’ does Reid ‘wear’ besides Head Coach/Executive VICE president of football operations.

    You think any team has a GM who doesn’t check/confer with the head coach? That’s absurd.

  • jbird – otherwise, yeah, I agree about ansante and Djax being ‘due’. But I really ond’t know how much tams have been throwing at our secondary…

  • Schiller…That’s the point!

    Roseman is not an NFL general manager.

    He don’t have the pedigree.

    He have not shown continual success scouting proven NFL talent…Rosebud was mentored by Banner who is another guy that have no pedigree in picking NFL talent.

    The Eagles need a football guy as General Manager.

    That’s my point.

  • Reid’s title as Executive VICE president of football operations need to end.

    He needs to focus on being a successful head coach and win a Superbowl before being rewarded with titles and finances a s if he actually won one.

    July 30, 2011 – 5:55 pm
    Rocko…I think you right…Roseman is the new blood that is bringing a fresh element to the franchise.

  • What changed your opinion of the GM ?

  • Songs – you constantly offer your comments and lame advice – what is your football pedigree? Just asking – cause when I read about the bio’s of Banner and Roseman – they have been working in the business side of football for decades – I can list ad naseum (that means a hell of a lot) ‘football pedigree’ people that failed miserably (Matt Millen for example) and then boy wonders that did fantastic… and then I can turn right back around and do the opposite –

    oh, I keep forgetting – I am a student of the game of football and I like to study and read and learn more and I have this unreasonable expectation that others will do the same – and you asked Schill a question – I know we are the same person but let me answer it –

    2010 Draft – we had 13 – yes 13 picks – how they doing this year
    Graham – hopefully due back from injury soon
    Allen – looked good last two games – nice coverage, solid pick last week
    DE teo – on the practice squad I think
    4 4rth rounders – all on roster – Lindley, Kafka Clayton and Harbor –
    Kafka looked good as a back up – Harbor is looking OK as a back TE (needs to work on blocking)

    so if you are keeping score – the first 7 picks are still affliated with the eagles – Allen is a starter – Graham is PUP so we can see when he comes back -Harbor and Kafka have made contributions

    5th round – Sapp and Cooper – I don’t think Sapp is around but Cooper is #5 rcvr and special teams guy

    6th round – scott from LSU – gone

    7th round – Chaney Owens- gone and Coleman –

    Well looky there two starters – one of which just won the NFC Defensive player of the week!

    so out of 13 picks – we have 10 players still with team – 3 defensive starters, 1 guy on PUP, 1 guy on practice squad, and 5 special teamers/backups – now before you go all GCobb shuffle on me – was Kafka or Cooper ever borught here to be starters? IS Lindley going to see the field as a CB with Samuel, DRC #24 and Hansen…….. really – HArbor was brought here to be a #2 TE nothing more –

    So – If Graham comes back from his knee injury (if – big if) and Allen and Coleman play at this level the rest of the year… that is one hell of a draft class – but as the knowledgable football students all know – you must wait 3 years to judge a draft

    Watkins – starting RG
    Jarret – has he dressed yet?
    MArsh – haven’t seen him – I bet they wouldn’t have drafted him had they known they were going to get #24 and DRC

    Matthews and Henry – kicker looks OK – I hope MAtthews figures it out – both on the squad
    Lewis and Vandervelde – back up RB and OL – hey 5th rounders – I see LEwis getting more snaps –
    6th round
    Rolle and Kelce – hey two starters and I think strong rookie performances to date – Kelce is a future Jeff Saturday (not me Howard Mudd – I just agree)
    7th – loyd and Havali – is Havali on the practice squad?

    So 2011 – I count 3 starters and the kicker! 10 picks – 3 starters and 5 back ups and your kicker –
    (not sure if MArsh around)

    So songs – do you just ask these stupid rhtorical questions becuase you are too lazy to do any actual research or learning – in the last two drafts the eagles have had 23 picks (most in NFL I think) and have drafted 6 current starters and several key back ups – I do not know how this balances out with the league average – but why don’t we be smart (is that possible for you) and get through – say maybe half a season maybe 3/4 or wait – a whole season, before we start saying the 2011 draft is a turd? That unreasonable?

  • Gitta lov it – yeah – ya do – that is ole silky songs – master of the GCobb shuffle – dance, tap, slide to the right – any situation – he correclty predicted what happened yesturday – unless he din’t, then he really did, you just didn’t read it right.

    go ahead ask songs what a football guy is –

  • Yeah songs, you were singing the praises of Roseman in the offseason. Because HE brought in Nnamdi, and jenkins, and Babin (who you said was a one year wonder).

    He’s been working in the NFL for many years and currently is a NFL GM. You say he’s not an NFL GM – that’s 100% factually incorrect. Ok, what you really meant was that ‘he wasn’t an NFL player therefore, he’s not qualified to be a GM’. Navy pointed out very clearly that playing experience doesn’t correlate to managing skill.

    Tell me, in all the well discussed ‘skill-set’s for NFL players….we all know the lists – we all go over it every year come draft time…..where do analytical skills, statistical analysis, personel managment, negotiations, buisness knolwedge….where does that all fit in at the combine? How does tackling a guy tell you how to manage a roster? You think Roseman sits in a room by himself and looks at tape and then picks players? No he has scouts, like every NFL team, and plenty of input form many many people. When he chose Dion Lewis – you think Duce Staley, the team’s running back coach who is a former player wasn’t consulted? You think Zordich – a former safety – was never part of the conversation on Jarrett?


  • Schiller, you have to attack every single point that is even remotely negative about the coach, the front office, you sound like some braggadocio mom talking about your kids, so what If some of us can’t put up with this coach, this philosophy, sometimes, maybe once just stfu, if you are at a bar and someone says something negative about the eagles front office do you go pedantic like you do here, probably not because they would turn your stool upside down and make you sit on it with your boyfriends

  • Jake, I don’t have to do anything except live die and pay taxes. And I don’t attack anything. I do point out issues I have with some comments. And if you did a review, I hardly come close to responding to 100% of the negative comments about the coaches, front office….

    If you can’t put up with this coach, philosphy, then express it (reality check YOU HAVE), or stop following the team/this website (just an option), or suck it up and accept it – your only other option is to keep doing what you want and not get so bent out of shape about someone expressing an opposing opinion (me).

  • Lil Jackey chu – the attack Chihuahua – yapping as usual – see if you would shut your yapping for a little bit – you would realize the problem isn’t with negative comments – it is with unsupportable, unsubstantiated, totally subjective verse objective postings. Its with people who predict the future and the past and somehow, no matter what the outcome, claim they predicted it correctly (why you should stay off those Dione Warwick lines you keep calling to ask if you will ever get a girlfriend) –

    I realize these are big words for you – I have no problem when someone points out that the Eagles are in the bottom third in red zone offense (they may be last) that is a fact – an objective fact. I have no problem when it is pointed out the majority of Reids success as a coach happened dyuring the first half of his tenure – its a fact. I have a real problem when someone like Songs writes Roseman does not have football pedigree (what the hell is that, define it) and can’t draft (define someone who can draft?) – when I can clearly show that the two years Roseman was GM – OBJECTIVELY – I can list out each of his draft paicks – all 23 of them – and show where they are today (for the most part) Now – the biggest issue I have always had is give me a standard to judge people by – In baseball, if you hit .330, you are probably a good hitter – but how do we decide if Kelce is a good center? What is the criteria for a 4rth round QB drafted to be a back up – its totally subjective – and that is what I argue constantly – but in reality, the eagles have added 2 kickers to replace two aging vets, and 6 to 7 new starters in the last two drafts – last year they won the NFC east, and they are in a huge hole right now – lets see how they respond –

    but lil Jakey chu – I am seeing this temper problem with you where you all the sudden get all big for your britches – yes, when I am at a bar and someone, anyone talks shit about my eagles, I say something to them….. its up to them where the conversation goes after that is up to them.. but this hole bar stool thing – seems like you have some past experince cause thats some funny stuff – a bad hazing incident or something – its OK, you can talk about it, we are not here to judge……. we are here for support

  • ha, jake, yeah um, for the bar scenario – I absolutely speak up about my opinions there. I don’t find that people start fighting when you talk Eagles in a bar – not at all. They may disagree, but I don’t go to bars where there’s fights often to be honest. You watch too many movies

  • schill do gay bars

  • Schiller probably the bars you hang in new hope you can act all tough

  • Haha songs brother reading my mind

  • Wow, you two took the bait. I knew you would. You revert to gay jjokes quicker than 15 year olds. You think about gay people more than gay people do. You seriously think bars fall into two categories…gay bars and those with bar fights all the time? No, of course not, you’re just being juvenille

  • really JAkey chu – do you need an intervention – you are admitting you are thinking like shift silky songs……. its time to put the crack pipe down before your teeth rot and you start lowering your prices……….. have some respect for yourself

  • hey silky songs – I am bored – no one else home – out of state Vball tourney -so I figured I would keep poking your ignorant ass in the eye – I reveiwed the 2011 and 2010 draft and made the comment you must wait 3 years to grade a draft – well hell silky lets look at 2009 cause I am BORED!

    #1 Maclin – yeah pretty solid pick there – starter
    #2 McCoy – yeah I don’t know – guys we think this one was OK – Maybe –

    one note here – the eagles actually had 2 #1 picks and traded the other to get – what the hell was his name…. umm…. oh yeah – JAson Peters – someone refresh my memory – is it two or three pro bowls since he got here… but I will not include him as a draft pick!

    we took 3 guys inthe 5th round – Ingraham – harris, tupua and gibson in the 6th – Ingraham showed potential – is he still around on practice squad (checked – nope)? all others gone

    7th we took Fanaika and Fokuo – a current starting LB

    so 8 picks and 3 are starters on the team…. McCoy is a star

    So what kind of draft grade do you give to a team that got Maclin and McCoy – traded for PEters and picked up a starting LB………. hum………….

    should we continue on – or as usual have I shown that you speak mostly from your ass? 2008 was the year of the Djax

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