• June 25, 2022

Harrison has a brain tumor

By now, we’ve all heard about the failed trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions. The Eagles tried to send Ronnie Brown to the Detroit Lions in exchange for former Eagle Jerome Harrison and a seventh-round pick.

However, Harrison failed a physical with the Eagles and the trade had to be called off. Initially, they didn’t say why he failed the physical and it was odd because Harrison wasn’t on the Week 6 injury report.

Well, now we know why. ESPN‘s Adam Schefter is reporting that Harrison has a brain tumor.


The good news is that the prognosis for him is positive, and they aren’t ruling out a return to football at some point, although he won’t play again this season. But, think about it. This trade could have saved his life. The only reason they found this tumor is because of the physical with the Eagles. Who knows how long it could have continued to grow?

We wish Jerome the best and hope he’s able to continue his football career at some point.

Micah Warren

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  • Sorry to hear that. Hope the outcome is as good as possible.

  • Hope all is well….crazy thought…we all say things happen for a reason….we all wondered what the hell brown was thinking when he threw the ball…so he falls out of favor and then gets traded…but in reality we can say that stupid play saved a guys life…A thought….

  • Damn! That’s the truth. And I pray the best outcome for Harrison!

  • Well Former Eagles Head Coach Rich K survived his ( Non Malignant) so let’s hope the same is true here

  • Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for J Harrison who is a professional on and off the field..
    Any suggestions what the Eagle do with Ronnie Brown.. Do you as the EAgles just keep him and make the best of it, even though Dion Lewis has moved up to the #2 RB or do you cut your losses and release him and then go out and bring in Eldra Buckley who can at least play some Special Teams and contribute in some way during a Game..

  • Reports say he told the Eagle DRs that he was having headaches so they did an MRI

    Question is did he tell the Lions trainers etc that he was having headaches and if so why didn’t they check him out further

  • Pman – why not just release him and give his spot maybe to Graham when off PUP? Or get rid of Jarrod Page for Graham and still bring Buckley back – I just don’t see Brown playing again this season….. I like Lewis in SY/GL

  • Defensively,
    I see Safety J Page, DE J Parker or possibly LB K Clayton (who has fallen off the radar this Season) as release candidates if and when B Graham is activated which is not a given.
    I think the Eagles release RB Brown and gets replaced by Buckley as Lewis becomes the full-time back-up to RB McCoy

  • I think too much is being made about Ronnie Brown being a problem…Who cares if his feelings are hurt…This is the NFL..its a cut throat business not a daycare. How do VY and Samuel feel who the Eagles have made known their willing to part with? On top of that people are acting like he is our franchise QB or something..he a 3rd string RB. Furthermore, this guy needs to keep his cool and do whats hes asked if he wants to get that last contract he wants before he is out of the league. Don’t see this guy as an issue at all…needs to sit on the bench and take notes from Shady.

    Good luck to JH on his recovery…really liked the way he ran the ball when he was here. I rmbr when the people on here were running their mouths like they know anything, about how the Eagles FO was terrible when the trade first voided…the Eagles FO prolly just saved this guy’s life.

  • Congrads to the Eagles medical staff for propably saving a man’s life.

  • nice post pheags

  • Pheags, just get rid of Ronnie Brown,
    when you have former Starters who get demoted to 3rd String and don’t even contribute on Special Teams, it’s time to rid those players.. With a 53-Man Roster and the injuries that pile up as the season goes along, if you are a back-up or 3rd Stringer, you have to play Special Teams in my opinion or you just don’t belong on the Roster period.. bring back Buckley who can at least get on the field 5-8 times a game on SPecial Teams .

  • Paulman – 1) Do you know he’s not playing specail teams? I don’t. 2) He’s a vet who gets played to play football. If they put him in the backfield and handoff to him (god forbid one of the steller Pitt alumn RBs get hurt), the man will run and try to run well. He’s a competitive professional athelete. And you need a 3rd RB.

    AND Buckley was just signed by the lions. Ronnie Brown is better than Buckley ever was, so I don’t see why you prefer Buckley…

  • I prefer Buckley because he would contribute on Special Teams as a 3rd RB. Ronnie Brown does not and has never played Special Teams at the NFL and probably even at the COllegiate level, so what good does he do the team besides holding a clipboard…
    If Buckley is gone, then bring In RB’s Martell or Joquie Bell, if they are availalbe, and at least know the System.. .
    With as tight as these Rosters are, you cannot afford to have back-ups and 3rd Strings do nothing.. they have to play Special Teams like the othe rback-ups or you are hurting your team in my opinion.. Same with Steve Smith, why not have him return Kicks/Punts… (D-Jax is simply going to Fair-Catch everything his way this season for fear of getting hurt on Punts)

  • Paul, but special teams has been fine. So you’re trying to fix a nonexisting problem. You think April hasn’t found the players he wants? I think he has.

  • I am not sure what NFL Season your paying attention to Schiller, but the Eagle Return teams (Punt and Kick-Offs) rank in the bottom of the NFC/NFL..

    Dion Lewis has 21.1 Yard Average Return which ranks 15th out 16 Teams in the NFC
    D-Jax has not even returned enough kicks to count in the Punt Return Stats

    Again Schiller, you need to do a little homework and pay attention to what is happneing around the NFL, This Eagle Team is not as good as you think or as good as your were told/read about that they would be.. The truth lies in the numbers and in most of the the Important Categories that actually determines winners or losers each week like, Red-Zone Efficiency, Points Scored, Points Allowed, Turnovers, Penalties and Special Teams, is just not very good for this Eagles Team.. Can they turn it around, sure they can, but one more loss here in the next 4 games versus NFC Competition, then it’s all over for 2011..
    The thing that pisses me off the most is that it’s the same areas every year that this team is deficient in, fundamentals, focus, cloak and time out management.. Just like Mohammar Quadafi and the people of Libya, the Fans of the Eagles need a complete regime change..

  • Is B West still available? I see Deuce on the sideline all the time, suit him up and get him in there (probably would be a better blocker than the 2 rookie offensive linemen).

    How about Darnell Autry or Dorsey Levens?

  • Pman – the issue with both is understandable though – teams are kicking away from Jackson or kicking it super high to prevent returns… I can’t think of a situation yet this year where a bad or non-existent punt return has hurt us (or punt for that matter) if anything, I think punters being afraid of Jackson has helped us – this is an opinion of course (plus our defense needs to make other teams punt more!)

    Up until this week our kickoff coverage has been OK – couple slipp ups – our KOR has been bad – Lewis made some bad decision to try and return some kicks early but I think he is settling in – maybe we will see some life shortly

    PAT – fine there – FG – Henry has been fine except for the SF game – kickers are strange birds – we shall see what happens – we blocked an Akers FG – hopefully our D will start to force more FG attempts should something bad happen…….

    so – while we can do better – this is not the disaster it was what – two three years ago…..keep the faith brother – gonna woop dallas next week – bad!

  • pman- seriously- your talking about the 3rd RB. time for a lunch break or something.

    without getting guys like Vinnie all calmed up…. we havent punted the ball much because we just turn it over like 4 times a game and we havent had many punts to us because team have been scoring alot on us. please everyone…. im not being negative….. im just saying the special teams has not been a major issue as far as im concerned.

  • You don’t pay a 3rd String RB $1 Million a year to sit and do nothing ..
    It is a big deal and sets a bad precedence on the team..He’s toast and a wasted Roster Spot on a team with no margin for error..

  • Last I checked pman- you “don’t pay” a million either.

  • They keep bums around like R Brown, I won’t pay a dime on the team either..

  • Seriously pman- you focus on the dumbest things. Brown was brought here to be ourbackup if mccoy goes down we will need him. Settle down and enjoy your sat of non stop blogging.

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