• August 14, 2022

Might A Radical Trade Involving Cole Hamels & Matt Kemp Be The Answer?

I am a big Cole Hamels fan. He’s probably been the most consistent Phillies pitcher over the last 3 years, he’s the youngest ace, and he’s got an incredibly bright future. But…the Phillies are in win-right-now mode, as the core of Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Shane Victornio, etc., only have a couple more years of productivity. Also, I believe Hamels is the only ace without a no-trade clause.

Accordingly, I propose a fairly radical idea:

Trade Cole Hamels, Domonic Brown, Freddy Galvis (minor league SS), and one of the remaining minor league young-guns pitchers, for Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Both Hamels and Kemp are in the last year of their deals. We’d be swapping our shortstops of the future (though Dee Brown, admittedly, appears to have a higher updside). The Phillies would probably have to provide the sweetener of Domonic Brown and a minor league arm to get the deal done. The Dodgers are going to chase Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols this offseason anyway, and they might like the idea of a Kershaw/Hamels 1-2 pitching in front of Fielder, Andre Ethier, Dom Brown, etc.

Sign Kemp to a long-term deal (with the money that would have gone to Hamels). Renegotiate a 3-year deal with Roy Oswalt for around $25 mm (3rd year is option year). Spend the money that would have gone to Jimmy Rollins on retaining Ryan Madson and signing another bullpen arm.

You would again have a lineup that people would fear, plus the presence of Halladay, Lee would give you a very good starting pitching rotation.

Starting line-up in 2012 upon Ryan Howard’s return:

Dee Brown (SS)
Chase Utley (2B)
Matt Kemp (CF)
Ryan Howard (1B) (with Mayberry at 1B until Howard returns)
Hunter Pence (RF)
Shane Victorino (LF)
Placido Polanco/John Mayberry, Jr. (3B)
Carlos Ruiz (C)
Roy Halladay (P)

I heard rumors of the Phils trying John Mayberry at 3B. I would push as hard as possible to make that happen. Even if he is a below-average fielder, it would be worth it just to get his bat in the line-up every day.

Your pitching rotation:

Roy Halladay
Cliff Lee
Roy Oswalt
Joe Blanton
Vance Worley
(Kyle Kendrick as spot starter)

You weaken the pitching rotation considerably, but also strengthen the line-up just as much. I think we’ve seen, two years in a row now, that an all-pitching, no-hitting, team can’t get it done in the playoffs.

Jason Liberi

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  • Jason I just wrote a whole paragraph about how I wouldnt trade my young ace Hamels. Then I looked at the lineup you posted again and deleted it. That is a pretty impressive lineup.lol. Thats a Texas Rangers type of lineup. Basically Im giving up Hamels, Rollins and Madson for Kemp and Brown. I could go eithier way. But Im cursing the trade if we meet the Dodgers in the playoffs and lose. If you could find a way to unload Utley for a younger, contact hitter Im on board.

  • Dude your article blows. You traded Hamels, D Brown, F. Gavis and another young gun for Kemp, and Gordon. Then you have D Brown leading off for the Phillies. Hamels for Kemp is more than enough, and I’m not trading three top Prospects for Gordon, by the way were would he play? You forgot to mention that. I get the concept but a little proof reading would’nt hurt.

  • Sorry I went back and read your article again and it sucked even more the second time. Dude you got Mayberry at 3rd and 1st, if he’s at 3rd who’s on 1st? If he’s on 3rd what happens to Polanco and what the plan for first base?

  • You are giving up too much!

    BTW, what do you do if you can’t resign Kemp after 1 year?

  • Although it would be great to have Kemp, I don’t like the staff without Hamels. They would have Doc, Lee, Worley, Blanton, Kendrick. I love the Vanimal as much as he next guy but are you ready to have him as your 3? I am not. And frankly, you don’t trade a mid 20s lefty that is as dominant as Hamels. You sign him up long term, so that he will be here when Doc and Lee have both retired.

  • Interesting article Jason but I disagree completely…
    Halladay,LEe & Oswalt are all approaching mid-30’s and who knows how healthy they will continue to be for the next 2-3 Seasons..

    If I were GM of the Phils, I would do the following

    #1) Buy out Oswalt’s option and let him walk.. (there is no way I pay him $15-$17 Million for this and next Season, I use this $$$ instead to lock up Hamels on a long-term deal
    #2) Sign J-Ro with an incentive based Contract for 2 Year Guarantee and an buy-out option in Year #3
    #3) Sign R Madson to a 3-4 Year Deal and this will cost alot but Closers command big salaries and he’s earned it I believe
    #4) Have Dom Brown play LF in Winter Ball and have him compete for the LF Position come Spring Training
    #5) Obtain a 3B with some power either in Free-agency or perhaps a trade
    (Aramis Ramirez from the Cubs or a David Wright from the Mets)
    #6) Trade P J Blanton even if I have to eat some of his Salary which I expect
    #7) Let Lidge,Gload,Schneider,Francisco, all walk via Free-Agency
    #8) Offer Ibanez a 2 Year Minimum Deal who can play a little 1B in Howards absence and still play LF/Pinch HIt if D Brown doesn’t work out
    #9) Plan on Mayberry playing 1B during Howard’s recovery.
    #10) Add 1 Left-Handed Proven Relief Pitcher to the Bullpen
    #11) Add Free-Agent Catcher R Cervelli from the Yankees as back-up C
    #12) Re-Sign Kendrick for a 2-3 Year Deal, He’s versatile and proven himself

    My Starting Batting Line-up looks like this

    #1) J-Rollins — SS
    #2) C Utley — 2B
    #3) H Pence — RF
    #4) Howard — 1B (Mayberry/Ibanez while Howard is recovering )
    #5) Ramirez/Wright – 3B
    #6) Victorino — CF
    #7) D Brown — LF
    #8) Ruiz – C
    #9) Pitcher

    My Starting Rotation
    #1) Halladay
    #2) Lee
    #3) Hamels
    #4) Worley
    #5) Kendrick

    My Bullpen

    #1) Herndon
    #2) Stutes
    #3) Bastartdo
    #4) Madson
    #5) New Left Hand Reliever,
    #6) Contreras is still under contract and let some AAA/Minor Leaguers compete for the final Spot..

  • Obviously all these great pitchers mean nothing. I think history is showing us 2 dominant pithers and 2 good pitchers is plenty in a series. A lineup that includes Rollins, Howard, Victorino, Ruiz and now add a pathetic Brown on board doesnt work, hasnt worked and wont work in the future against teams with good pitching.

  • Brown is not the player the scouts talk about, trade brown, Blanton, maybe a prospect for a third baseman, resign rollins, mad son will require a ton of money to sign and he hasn’t earned the title or proven he has the mettle to close, risky, I wouldn’t sign him

  • You guys are too down on Brown. How many highly touted prospects kill it when they are that young. Your expectations of him to come here, hit .300 with 30 homers and 100 rbis is insane. Look at Heyward in atl, Brown will be fine.

  • Why is Dom brown getting no love? Typical Philly, he had. Bad season…. Dom brown has biig time potential. He was a top 10 prospect in baseball a year ago. I’m not shipping him as a toss in. Dom brown is a central piece to anchor a trade.

    I do want them to let j roll walk, his value is ore as a leader then a performer. Let Freddy play, see what we got, this team needs to stop being the Yankees. When we lack at a position, u don’t have to trade for a big name, or sign someone. The phils got here because they let their prospects play… Lts get back to that. Frankly how much worse offensively can gal is be than j roll last year?

  • Dom gets no love because he sucks

  • Garbage trade, garbage article. If the Phillies absolutely have to make some kind of move (which I think they do) they need to get rid of the manager to change the approach of the team. There is no deficiency of talent, just a deficiency of intestinal fortitude and focus.

  • I like the idea of going after Aramis Ramirez…What did he hit this year?…30 HRs?…Of course, it would cost some money, and possibly players…But then the 3B problem is solved and you have added power.

    LF?…Could Ibanez be signed for a 1 year deal?…He did get some big hits, hit 20 HRs, and keeps himself in top shape AND plays top notch defense.

    Why not Galvis at SS, with Valdez & Martinez as back ups?

    See what Rizzotti does at 1B in the spring…Mayberry is still there if he fails, and we will have to see how Howard recovers.

    Keep Dominic Brown, OF backup.

    Sign Madson.

    The trade mentioned with Hamels is giving up way too much.

    I love Charlie Manuel, but there is Ryne Sandberg…

  • Of course there is always the problem of lead off hitter, but is it worth $35 million to keep Rollins?

  • I would offer Rollins a 3 Year $18-$20 MIllion Deal, take it or leave it…
    I would name Ryne Sanberg as bench Coach and let the current Bench Coach Pete leave to take the Red Sox Job.. Groom Ryno for 1-2 Seasons and take over for Charlie
    I belive Ramirez is a Free-agent for the Cubbies.. He’s averege 25-30 Hrs and 100 RBI while battting 285-300 the last few years and has an excellent glove at 3B too.. HE would be a good Clean-Up Hitter while Howard is out.. then slide to the #5 Hole once the big Man Returns …
    Top of the ORder

    (While Howard is out)

    #1) J-Ro – SS
    #2) Pence – RF
    #3) Utley – 2B
    #4) Ramirez – 3B
    #5) Mayberry Jr – 1B
    #6) Victorino – CF
    #7) Ibanez/Brown – LF
    #8) Ruiz – C
    #9) Pitcher

    When Howard Returns
    #1) J-Ro SS
    #2) Utley 2B
    #3) Pence RF
    #4) Howard 1B
    #5) Ramirez 3B
    #6) Victorino CF
    #7) Mayberry/Brown (LF)
    #8) Ruiz C
    #9) Paulman

  • wow this is bad… NEVER deal a lefty handed ace who is in his prime for ANYONE! Kemp is too inconsistent, albeit a great 2011 season. NO WAY

  • ok read it a second time on the players included and you should be banned from EVER posting anything on this site ever again… this is terrible. you suck dude

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