• July 3, 2022

Harrison Fails Physical And The Trade With The Brown Is Voided

What would it be like to play for a team which tried to trade you but couldn’t because the guy they tried to trade you for failed the physical? Eagles running back Ronnie Brown is going to find out what they feels like.

The trade between the Eagles and the Detroit Lions was voided because Jerome Harrison failed the physical here in Philadelphia. The Birds didn’t reveal why Harrison failed the physical, but Brown will return here and Harrison will return to Detroit.

He’ll be backing up the starter LeSean McCoy and rookie Dion Lewis at the running back position which doesn’t say much for him. More was expected of Brown when he was brought here. So far he’s been able to only gain


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  • Like I said on a previous article:
    The hilarity of this FO is priceless, & never ceases to amaze me. The comedic value, that I’m getting out of them, is priceless! What a joke! Watching these keystone cop, @$$clowns, stumble & bumble around, trying to cover up, hide, & rid themselves of their obvious mistakes, is hysterical! Trade a guy, you have never signed to begin with, & get him sent back to you, because the other guy in the trade, who you let go in the off-season, was damaged goods, is ridiculous! On top of that, you fail to rid yourself of the cancer, that is Samuel, & also fail to upgrade your pretenders, in the LB, safety & o-line corps. BTW, NFL.com stated that they also tried to trade VY & Juqua, but nobody wanted them, either. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Please Lurie, Banner, rid us of this FO, before it’s too late, & you have a mass suicide, & a bunch of raving lunatics on your hands! Wipe the slate clean, start over, & rid us of this never ending broken record, so we can get a fresh start, with some real football minds. PLEASE!!!!

  • What do you care DCAR? When the Eagles DO get some fresh football minds in, it ain’t like you’re going to watch them — so whats are you complaining for?

  • Looking at Mcnabb wallowing down into obsurity I can’t help but feel sorry Reid wasted the prime of his career and with it a chance of us having a few rings.

    The year he decided not to run the ball against Tampa… which was the same year the Eagles let Trot walk and picked up Kirkland.

    Years with no recievers while Mcnabb pulled rabbits out of his hat continuously.

    It makes me sick to see Mcnabb’s career down the toilet while the guy who ruined the best years of what could have been a dynasty still calling the shots here in Philly.

    It’s as if Mcnabb is the scapegoat.

    Guys on here would like to talk about Reid’s accomplishments without mentioning Mcnabb’s contribution to this organization’s success and it makes me want to throw up.

    What was this organization worth before Mcnabb was drafted and what is it worth now?

    Reid had his shot just like Mcnabb..and I say Reid should be fired if we don’t get to the Superbowl and win it this year.


  • EAgles should have traded for a LB
    A Package of CB A Samuel for Lions LB James Carpenter and a #2 Draft pick
    or CB A Samuel and RB R Brown to the Chiefs for LB Dereck Johnson and their 2nd Round pick (Chiefs could use RB Brown due to season injury to RB Charles)
    or even a Package of DT Patterson and RB Brown to the Broncos for LB DJ WIlliams and a 3rd or 4th Round Pick would have been beneficial to both teams

  • I wonder if they did discuss other possibilities with the Lions before negating the trade

    Will Vince Young still be the back up after his sad INT
    Kafka couldn’t have done it any better (or worse depending on your use of the English language )

  • Paulman, it take two to tango and you (as usual) are making dumb assumptions – that those other players are available and those teams would want to do that at all.

    Dcar – and others – I find it hilarious that haters cry for Reid and co to ‘make more adjustments’ – then, they try to make some adjustments and its ‘those (insert irrelevantly homophobic insult) trying to hide …etc… their obvious mistakes.’

    SEE – THATS TRUE HATE. Hate them if they don’t, hate them if they do. Hate them in the morning, hate them in the evening. Hate them when they’re winning, hate them when they’re losing. I’m not saying it’s just Dcar – it’s a common theme among many, but not all, Eagles/Philly fans. Negadelphs.

  • G what can we do now to motivate Ronnie Brown. Some where during these next three home games we might need him. We must be careful how we use McCoy. If he continues to get 30 touches a game what will he have left at the end of this season. In addition, I’m not writing off Vince Young. Yes he made a bad decision which resulted in an interception, however, we may need him again if Vick gets hurt. I hope if he plays again that he can bring his A game and make a contribution to this time. I feel we can win the next three a home. I’m concern when we go to New York to play the Giants because that will probably be the game to determine whether we make the playoffs!!!

  • Songs- im kinda with you on that one. Dmac is not who he used to be.

  • I am new to this site… Or should I say haven’t been here in so long that I had to make a new account… So if I am missing something, please call me an idiot… lol. But where is the rest of this article??

  • Schiller- Agree, some just want t hate.

    ok, about R.Brown… who cares?? the guy is a pro. He is getting paid. He will continue to be the teams 3rd option at RB.

    about Asams feelings….. who cares??? he is a pro- he’s getting paid. He’s not even a leader on this D. From what i can see…. he talks…. ALOT. And from what i can see…. NOONE LISTENS TO HIM. So…. asam…. be a good girl and blow that man to man for me ok?? I dont hate him…… to me…. he’s like pluming… when its working… im thankful…. when its not…… I HATE PLUMING!!!!

  • D-Mac hasn’t been the player he was since about 2007 im my opinion or whenever he had that last Knee or Angle Suregery, he lost that lateral movement and his arm has really gotten bad too.. In last week’s game and other games I have seen over the last 2 years with him, and he bounces about 1/3 of his passes on 15-20 yard out routes.. he can’t get the ball there any longer on a rope..He’s done and not a HOF QB, never was and never will be.. A Good NFL QB with a Good Career but not Great by any stretch or HOF worthy which is a Shrine for the Best of the Best..

  • stevo – exactly. These guys are adults, professionals, and they’re men who get paid boatloads of money (in a shitty economy mind you) to play a game for a living – part time. They have egos and regardless of anything, they want to perform well on game days for their egos, their wallets, and their reputations.

    A little akwardness in the ‘workplace’ (heck, it’s a football team), we all deal with that on a regular basis, but again, we’re not ‘off’ most of the year, paid as much as them, or just playing a game.

    much ado about less than nothing

  • Where are all the McNabb lovers now? He’s lost his starting job THREE straight years to average (at best) QB’s.

    In hindsight, even if we DIDN’T have Vick, I would have STILL traded McNabb in favor of Kolb. Kolb has at least shown flashes of brilliance, Dmac just doesn’t have IT anymore.

  • hey paulman im not gonna take up for d-mack to much here his last good year was his last year here and also i dont think d-mack is as bad as he has looked for the deadskins and minny a coulple of things hav gone into that 1. neither team wash or minny had a good o-line 2. outside of A.P. WHAT real threat did d-mack hav to play with outside of A.P i mean percy harvin is better verson of hester and also wash- nor minny had a good Defense when you add all that up with the fact that d-mack isnt 24 anymore he is 34 ithink but the point being is he isnt young anymore he is getting there in age he cant be the main guy on your OFFENSE he needs help o-line wr,te & A DEFFENSE SO DONT LOOK AT NABB now he be shocked i still think he is good not great but good and with the right team around him i think he can still be a winner. if with that said a coulple of things off about the trade deadline 1. i hate mike brown cause raiders are a dumb ass team if mike didnt give the “carson i havent been good since 2005” reports are they were gonna go after V.Y. WE Couldve had another 1st rd pick for the raiders are not very smart but this is what i wish the birds wouldve done trade V.Y to miami for karlos dansby then trade asante to the lions for 1st rd pick and take a 6thrd pick and trade for d-mack but everybody has dreams.

  • Birdo- im right here. I dont think this guy had a fair shake here in Philly. I live in MN and am watching the games…. its sad really… he has nothing left. Kevin Kolb sucks….. id still rather have McNabb.

  • that being said Bird- the eagles are very good at knowing when to pull the plug. Clearly it was time.

  • Gloom- some things i agree with you about Mcnabb the other stuff……. not so much.

    1) Y would the Dolphins trade for young? They are in the Suck for luck mode right now. They might not say it but Young is not going to turn that franchise around. PLUS- he has only this year under contract. SO y would they do that? Y would they trade Dansby?

    2) Asam would not get a !st rd pick. Do you even understand how much this guy is making next year? and this year? Word is… the birds wanted 2 #2’s this summer. I would argue is stock was higher then…. NOW…. maybe a #3.

    3) McNabb will be back in Philly… mark my words…. but only for 1 day… when he signs the contract and retires.


  • To 462Monty
    Welcome aboard and here are a couple of Rules for a New Poster to follow to get the maximum enjoyment from GCobb

  • Gloomy
    Using the O/Line at the Redksins and VIkings as excuses is just not going to fly with me ..Most people will say the Eagles O/Line is pretty weak too…
    It’s time to face facts, when you cannot hold a Starters Job for 2 teams in 2 consectuve years, it”s time to hang them up… Take a look at Lito Shepard, same thing with him as he failed with the Jets,Vikings..

  • well paulman when ur a qb u need a good o-line look at how brett favre loked his last year with that o-line he sucked to. mcnabb has lost some of his skills but if you put him on team with a o-line and good skill spots he will win he cant run like he did in the past so he needs these things there are olny two qbs right now that can get away from that o-line don plays with mike “the quick” vick, big ben

  • gloomy- wrong. Favre sucked cause favre sucks. Its plain and simple. People dont realize the ammount of Luck they had they year before…. just say this out loud…… Greg lewis caught an unbelivable hailmary catch in the back of the endzone to win a game…. yes…. it was THAT crazy. The Oline is not a huge problem in MN last year or this. Its not an amazing Oline but its not the biggest problem.

    the problems in MN have been these….

    1) AP is facing 8 men in the box on nearly EVERY PLAY.

    2) The coachins has been very very bad.

    3) The WR that is supposed to be their best wr(harvin) cant get off the bench or the line.

    4) As much as it pains me to say this…… “worm killers” to Wr’s in man to man.

    and prolly the biggest problem… the D is not consistant.

  • harrison has a brain tumor- i pray that he is ok.

  • Hopefully it is not cancerous. God bless him.

  • with all that said steve-o how do u blame don for there problems then think you for making my point

  • Dcar – you still blaming the Eagles and calling them ridiculous because of how they handled the Brown/Harrison thing?

  • gloomy- the man cant hit a guy wide open right now. i dont blame him for giving up a bunch of points on D but when the opponet is stacking the box with * guys, you have to be able to make them pay for that by hitting your TE… your WR’s. and Don is not. He’s not the only prob in MN but u cant blame this on the Oline.

  • I wonder if D-Mac would be open to coming here next year as a backup.

  • D-Mac will not be in any Football team’s uniform next Season, his Playing Days are over after 2011

  • I would love to see the best QB in Eagles history retire as an Eagle and play out his remaining years here in some fashion. Who knows, if the Eagles actually re-sign DeSean Jackson McNabb could come in and save the day at the end of the season next year. It’s clear McNabb needs a deep threat and he doesn’t have any in Minnesota, had none in Washington. Everybody and their grandmom said Kurt Warner was washed up until he wound up in the Superbowl with the Cardinals. Speaking of which, given corn on the Kolb is playing the way corn on the Kolb does Arizona could improve their situation with McNabb…Atleast he would have one above average receiver that generally plays the whole season.

  • Lol you could put All-Pro players all around McNabb and the same people on here will come and say he needs more weapons. Defenses didn’t even respect him either this year and he still sucked..all they did was load up in the box to stop AP and what happened? McNabb threw for like 45 yards lol

    How can you compare McNabb to Kurt Warner who will be a HOFer, who has won a Super Bowl and was MVP of that game. …McNabb wishes he had half the career Warner had. This is almost as absurd when McNabb himself compared himself to John Elway…what a joke. Face it he is trash and every other team in the NFL thinks the same. If I was McNabb I would just retire cuz the more he plays the more people find out how bad he truly is…the entire NFL thinks he’s inaccurate, fat, lazy and dumb already. Why destroy whats left of your NFL career even more?

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