• May 26, 2022

Asante Samuel Calls Out Front Office For Trade Talk

Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel isn’t one to bite his lip when he has something to say. Today he had something to say and he didn’t bite his tongue. He doesn’t like the fact that his name has been continually coming up in trade talks.

Samuel called out the Eagles front office and did everything but name names. He accused them of playing a type of fantasy football with owner Jeffrey Lurie’s money.

“Some people upstairs might not want me, but who cares. They probably never played football.”

“They run it like a business, so they’re going to do what they need to do. Upstairs, they’re playing with a lot of money, playing fantasy football. They’re doing their thing.”

When he asked whether he was referring to Joe Banner and Howie Roseman, Samuel said: “Howie and Joe? I don’t know, do they fit the comment I made? There ya go. You think they’re upstairs playing fantasy football with the owner’s money?”

The trade talks have been bothering the cornerback and he’s got no problem letting people know about it.

“That sucks, doesn’t it?” Samuel said about the trade rumors. “Each trade deadline for your name to be flying around and you’re supposed to be the leader of this team?”

“It’s a business and they run it like a business and they’re going to do what they need to do. They’re playing with a lot of money, playing fantasy football, doing their thing.”

You know this isn’t a good time for this type of talk before this huge game against the Cowboys. It’s very distracting and Samuel’s talk about their being a power struggle in the organization is really alarming.

“I think there’s a little power struggle around here,” he said. “But it’s all good. Like I said, me and Andy cool. I’m here to play for Andy. He’s my head coach and that’s all that matters. …

“Everything has been good with me and Andy. That’s my guy. That’s who I play for, that’s who I continue to play for. I go to war for Andy. It is what it is. All the other stuff upstairs.”


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  • It is ok to be like a business when a player holds out for more money or leaves a team to go to their bitter rival for more money. But when the team treats it like a business, they are the devil incarnate. News Flash: It is a business. Shut up and play.

  • sounds good asam. funies line is where you said you were supposed to be a leader. no- you are supposed to get pics. thats it. thats all. work on that for now. i dont dislike you. i feel kinda bad… but thats how it goes.

  • I knew Assante was going to be a problem this year when they acquired DCR and Asmo.. He should have been dealt with before the Season started and traded for LB help which was and still is, an obvious need for upgrading..
    Poor Roster Management by GM Roseman and HC Reid and this could blow up if not handled properly where Samuel may end up be deactivated..

  • Tell Em Asante!!!!!

    The truth!

  • The fracture betwen the Front Offce and Coach AR has been going on for a couple of years now which I have documented and posted about before (From B Dawkins departure, Coach AR Family issues, to McNabb Trade, Moving up for Graham, Firing McDermott, Acquiring certain Free-Agents,etc,etc)
    I have stated many times that Coach AR does not have the Autonomy and Power that he once had before and that Banner/Roseman were calling a lot more shots than many would think.. and just another example of no clear voice, no clear leadership in this Organization anymore and now everyone in the Front Office and Coaching Staff are going to be ducking and running for cover… You watch…only the Players can save this 2011 Season and it needs to start this week, if not, I would not be Surprised to see Coach AR start planning on his own departure after this season and leave on his own terms…

  • That’s right songs – let asante tell them –

    “But it’s all good. Like I said, me and Andy cool. I’m here to play for Andy. He’s my head coach and that’s all that matters. …

    “Everything has been good with me and Andy. That’s my guy. That’s who I play for, that’s who I continue to play for. I go to war for Andy

    yep – the truth – imagine that a team with 3 high caliber starters at one position, a solid slot CB at #4 and two recent draft picks, and they are having ‘trade’ discussions – maybe (just a guess) they were trying to find a LB? The amazing tidboits of information – wow – can we break that there is a war in Afgan and troops on Iraq? We have our first black president? Wow – Front office people run a team like it is a business – OMG your kidding me (feign surprise)?

  • yeah how does asante know who has the power come on did andy pull him to the side and say yo the dumbasses upstairs want you gone but i want here so you keep missing hits and tackles so bye asante cant wait to get 2and 3rd rd picks for you next year love all the picks you gave us but if you only played bumb and run and tackled better maybe they would want you

  • One better Pman – if they don’t make the playoffs – Reid will take a medical leave of absence that will have him take a year off –

  • Just shut up and play? Are you kidding me? The Eagles put out their ONLY defensive playmakers name on the trading block and he should be happy? I would be talking to. Out of all the other pathetic positions you could upgrade on this 2-4 last place team they chose to updgrade his position? The team can do whatever they want because its a business, On the other hand Asante can say what the hell he wants. What are the Eagles gonna do to him? They cant do shit. See when you have this thing called talent and alot of money the rules are a little different. Obviously Asante knows there are probably 20 teams that would love his services. Eagles sure arent the only game in town. Im glad he called out Howie someone needs to.Do you really think he really cares what us fans think?

  • He cant do this the week before Cards? Oh well.He’s not goin anywhere if they know whats good.

    Our prez is bi-racial.

    Who cares….he should be smarter then this….wtf is this gonna do for his TEAM!? Theres no I in team. But theres a ME. Come on 22……cool out. And get a pick this Sunday night and no one cares but Howie and Joey. Toolsheds.He’s right though…they prolly never made the varsity squad.Mighta suited for a game but 1st team reps.Doubt it.

  • damn asante, I applaud you, if someone was trying to ship my ass out of an organization I would be pissed too, I just wish the guy would play that tough on the field, you guys don’t understand what its like to be an athlete and be disrespected, otherwise you would be completely cool with asante

  • navy, Reid needs to make his health a priority, he needs to shed about 200 pounds, from his perspective, way more important than this football season

  • dag – Only playmaker? Wow, you don’t get it. You’re saying CB didn’t need upgrading? You prefer Patterson/Hanson over Nnamdi? That’s odd.

  • jake, Reid’s health and his weight are his business and they have nothing to do with football or the Eagles. Its ridiculous to think otherwise

  • G, you missed the biggest, most imformative and most telling portion of that interview. He hinted about a power struggle between AR and HR/JB. There was talk of this a year or two ago…where there is smoke, there is fire.
    This team doesnt pass the smell test as being labeled Reids. The O-Line is the most telling portion. AR knows the game starts and ends in the trenches.

  • Samuel has as many big plays this year as Jamar Chaney….1 pick…

    I dont get some of you at all…Samuel has played like shit this year…he has played without any energy and passion all year..he doesnt give a damn about Eagles fans. He even said as long as he is getting his check thats all he cares about…so some of you so called Eagles fans that support this guy that doesnt go all out on sundays and lets people run by him for TDs because he is scared of hitting people are idiots. I guess loosing games because of players like samuel who dont want to make tackles cuz their a bitch is not as important as Assante Samuel’s happy feelings. Get a clue

  • Daggolden your post is retarded.

    1- This diva has been everything but a playmaker this year (have you watched the games)
    2- CB was the most pathetic position we had last year..why are you mad at the FO for upgrading it? U must care more about Samuel’s feelings than you do about the Eagles winning
    3- Your right the FO can do whatever they want cuz its their business. Your wrong tho about Samuel, he cant do whatever he wants. He is a paid employee who represents the Eagles and the NFL. If you dont believe just ask Chris Cook from the Vikings who got his ass suspended without pay for acting like a jackass. OR better yet, ask TO. who cant even get a team to show up for his workout anymore cuz ppl cant stand him.
    4- There are prolly not 20 teams that want Samuel because if there was he would of been traded. Nobody wants Samuel at his contract, he is not worth it.

    If this was say DJAX who gets paid pocket change for an NFL superstar than I could see his point..but this is an overpaid corner who has 1 pick and doesn’t tackle anybody. He hasn’t done shit this year…The Eagles were smart to try and trade him…Then they could take his money and give it to Shady who has actually made a freakin play this year.

  • Samuel not tackling is a myth. I have seen him countless times come up on RB and go low. 5 of the hardest hits in the last 3 years from this defense have come from Samuel. Kind of pathetic if you think about it. 3 of them I think he got fined. He definetly is a better tackler than DRC and the mighty Nnamdi. Saying all that I also believe Samuel has shut it down this year and the off season trade talk has made him not play as hard. They have lost him. Can you imagine the circus if he was getting paid 600,000 this year like DJax?

  • Whether your name is on the trading block or not you should not let it effect your play…He is suppose to be a professional and on top of it he is getting paid very well. Think about it if he was shutting it down this year the Eagles wouldn’t obviously try and trade him then…He is doing none of that.

    And he can’t tackle…the only move he has is a helmet to helmet hit. Thats not tackling. Last game, he turned his back and bent over when the player came after him…one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen in football. Nnamdi tackled chris cooley and knocked him out for the game and the year by the way.

    Just saying the Eagles were smart to try and trade him ANd they will trade him after the year…we coulda used a linebacker in returnl. Or Id rather have his money go to Shady and Djax in new contracts. guys that have actually made a play this year.

  • Pheaa you get a clue I didnt say dont upgrade the RCB position. You dont upgrade Samuels position. Now you have the most prolific playmaker(most INTS in the last 3 years in NFL) and trying to replace him? WTF I would be pissed to. Now you have a disgruntled perinneal pro bowler shutting it down because you didnt trade him. Theres not 20 teams that dont want him? Not for the friggin Eagles price no shit. Let him be released and let me know how that works out. Guarentee there are 20 teams interested. I guess Nnamdi and DRC wouldnt get a 5th round pick. Guess what they aint done shit all year eithier. Neithier of them have tackled nobody this year and Nnamdis career 3 ints(guess what Samuel has about 43 and SB ring) I can see why he cant make a play on a ball in the air. Honestly if you look at it Nnamdi or DRC cant carry his jock. lol

  • wow – wait for it – schill – I am kind of leaning towards Jake and his comment Andy needs to focus on losing a large bit or weight – maybe Mrs Reid is the one that step – I have said repeatedly – it is really just a game – not worth you health –

    but on to another thing – seriously Jakey chu – WTF you know about being an athlete – if you want to be prideful as an athlete – don’t get run over or matador a tackle – talking about it afterwards is lame –

    for the record, I think Asante is one fo the best CB in the league, but the Eagles have a log jam at CB and a need at LB…………..

  • Asante Samuel 5 10 180lb. No shit he doesnt make all the tackles on the 6 2 230lb rbs. lol WTF do you expect? Alot of DBs arent bringing down these big offensive players, These guys gotta come up and hit these TE who are 250 and run just as fast. It aint easy.

  • Im talking about this year and Samuel is playing nowhere near the perennial pro bowler player you speak of…1 pick…lol that pathetic when thats the only thing your good for…I was a huge fan of assante since he has been here but he has played like straight up trash this year. I dont give a damn about how many SBs he has…how many has he won us? DRC and Nnamdi are not the ones crying to the media every chance they get and being a distraction to the team. If the Defensive Cord. played Nnamdi in man press coverage he would be a beast…he has played Nnamdi out of position all year so ofcourse he is not going to be the same player…imagine if they had Samuel play press all game. He would be terrible. same thing.

  • pheags – minor point but one that irks the fuck out of me – the DC has not played Nnamdi at Nose Guard, DT, DE, or LB – he has played him at DB – he is a DB – he is and was and has been a safety and CB his entire collegiate on pro career – if we are going to get all in Asante’s ass for poor tackling – then no excuses for the bad game #24 had against the Giants – ‘zone verse man verse press’ bullshit – he hasn’t said a word – fact he was all onboard being moved around –

  • About time one of our playmakers calls out this ridiculous front office. Good job Asante, I’m pulling for you buddy, keep doin ya thing man.

  • These are dicey times for this Ealge team right and this fracture and distraction in the locker room comes at the worst time as the Eagles are trying to regroup and rally the troops for a 2nd half run… It will be interesting to see but if there is 1 think that I am pretty sure about Samuel, is that he needs to have a good season and not quit on his team and coaches, the reality is that this will be his final Season with the Eagles, whether they can trade him or possibly flat out release him after the Season.. But if Samuel goes the rest of this Season brooding or pbeing a distraction or negative influence, he urely would not be helping himself for his next potential deal.. he in essence would be actualyl hurting himself for his next deal with his next Deal and Samuel is all about himself and all about the $$$, he always has been and always will be and that’s why the bigger mistake here in this situation was the Eagles not dealign him before the Season even started knowing he was not going to be in the future plans.. This lack of action will come back to bite them and out them and jim in the awkward situation they both are now… He still has 1 good sized contract out there for him is he stays focused and being committed to giving his all, it just won’t be with the Eagles which this has been coming down the pike for 2 years now..

  • navy see your point…But there is difference when you have played one way and have been prolly the best in the NFL at playing that certain style, then to just be told by some guy who has never coached a defense on a professional level to play a different way, even though its technically the same position…

    Thats like taking Peyton Manning and making him primarily run bootlegs, when instead he is obviously the best in the NFL stationary in the pocket.
    Like imagine if they actually told Samuel to play press on people than 10 yards off of them…he would be beat every damn play and not have the int numbers he has had in his career.

    Id be the first to admit that Nnamdi has been a disappointment so far this year but he is not the one being a distraction.

  • While I personally don’t respect Asante for saying the things he says – I think he’s being a stereotypical whiny diva – I can at least understand that with an ego issue, he’d feel slighted. It’s cliche so it’s far from confusing. But for fans to use this as a point in their dislike for the front office? Are you f-ing kidding me? WHOA, an NFL team entertained trade offers for a player. Well HOLY COW. What assholes. Where did they get the idea that that’s appropriate or fair or the way to treat a guy. Hell, the fans who are angry at the front office or think they’re bad for doing this would never be happy if the Eagles traded for a good linebacker. Or say traded for a stud WR back in 03….nah, that would indicate hypocrisy…. nah, teams should not think about trades. It’s wrong. Immoral. Unacceptable. SHEESH!

  • yeah Pheags – i see your analogy – let’s see what they come up with this week –

    Schill – I admire your tenacity at attempting to find logic and reason with the world – rage on my friend

  • Snookie – I do not remember giving you permission to blog here tonight – and then you go and show what a rebel without a clue you are – yeah – that was real bad ass call-out – playing fantasy football with the owner’s money – you mean trying to build the best team possible within the salary cap – whoooo nelly – there is a call out – study your med pharmacology – clearly you have been mixing Fluoxetine and Clarithromycin — you a wanna be pre-med student

  • There is nothing tough about this. This is crybaby stuff. And his big tackles are immediately followed by either a 15 yard penalty or him being carted off of the field.

  • Asante aint been the same since they rejected his medical mary jane prescription at the Voorhees Marijuana Dispesnary

  • He’s not been the same since injuring his knee last late November if you ask me.. He knows his time is up in Philly and is just playing cautious not to get injured so he can hook up with another team and if he put’s upsome good Int’s #’s, he will proabbly get 1 last big contract from some sucker team, but it won’t be the EAgles and to be honest, I never really particularly cared for his style of play to begin with.. He plays too soft and will bite on a lot of double moves versus the experienced QB/WR’s and gets burned deep nad he always has given up that cheap 8-10-12 yard out in front of him and is terrible in the Red-Zone due to his lack of physicality….

  • daggolden, how many 6’2 230lb rb’s do you see in this league…..not many. Try 6′ tops, 200-210. Most running backs arent that tall. AP is the exception.

  • dag, Asante only tackles when he can’t avoid it LOL. He did say that they didn’t bring him here to tackle. His words, not mine.

  • schiller I agree with you. I actually like Asante but I don’t respect his comments here ESPECIALLY when he’s been playing as bad as he is. One hand he claims it’s all business as long as he gets paid and then he makes it personal. Well which is it? If all you care about is getting your paycheck then it shouldn’t matter about you being traded. New flash Asante, you haven’t played that great that you are immune from being traded. I do understand that players have egos and I would feel some type of way as well but for him to come out like this is really unprofessional and can’t be respected at all.

    The same folks he claims is playing fantasy football are the same ones that overpaid for him. He didn’t complain about it then so why now a problem? Also some of you fans are hypocrites. We’ve been whining about this team going out to get talent and now you’re on board with the comment about them playing fantasy football when at the end of the day that’s exactly what us fans want our teams to do. Now I do agree we still left some voids when upgrading talent but you still don’t pass up the chance to upgrade an position especially when there’s an overpaid, whiny, non-tackling diva over there. Don’t get me wrong, when Asante is on his game, he is great. But when he’s not, he stinks because not only is he not creating turnovers he’s not making basic tackling plays. And he had the never to call himself a leader. When did that happen? We all claimed this team didn’t have a defensive leader since Dawk left and now all of a sudden Asante is a leader? Yeah right. GTFOH.

  • scorp – word. Navy – always appreciated. You know me, I’m not changing any time soon. I have a lifelong devotion to logic and reason…wish that were more coomon

  • Wild-bk…while there are many RBs 5’8 – 6′, you shouldn’t just dismiss the fact that there are many very productive RBs over 6′ tall

    AP 6.1 220
    Forte 6’2 220
    McFadden 6’2 215
    Jackson 6’1 220
    Wells 6’2 230
    Foster 6’1 230
    Hillis 6’2 250
    Matthews 6’1 220
    Jacobs 6’4 270
    Okoye 6’1 253

    I’m back from the basement. Coming shortly….”How Mike Vick stinks and the last performance vs the Deadskins was pretty terrible”

  • I back Asante Samuel 100%

    He’s calling out these pencil pushers who have never played a down in their life yet think they know football.

    If those guys knew football they would have told Andy, “No Damn Way will Juan Castillo be defensive coordinator of the philadelphia eagles!”.”Did McDermott’s hire teach you anything Andy?”

    But they know nothing.

    Now, the big deal in this is that other teammates feel the same way but keep it to themselves.

    Teammates talk and believe me there’s others who feel geeks who know nothing about football is running the Asylum.

  • July 29, 2011 – 8:41 pm
    I TOLD YOU BITCHES THEY HAD THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 29, 2011 – 8:43 pm

    July 30, 2011 – 6:41 am
    yeah bitches…we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 29, 2011 – 9:27 pm
    Now we’re talking aggressive….Talent helps
    Juan Castillo job just got a lot easier.

    July 30, 2011 – 5:55 pm
    Rocko…I think you right…Roseman is the new blood that is bringing a fresh element to the franchise.

  • 2-5 as of oct 31 2011

    by the way,,,,those living on the pacific may want to move asap…



  • GLI,
    I am not going to harken on Sings for statements shortly after the Free-agency signings we made, Everyone was pumped and excited about the possibilites..
    Once Camp opened and after a couple of Pre-season Games, than it was apparent to me and others (Though I am not speaking for Songs) that this Team has a lot of issues and didn’t appear to be allowing some of their players to do what they do best .. As a matter of fact, I was about the only one critical after the 1st Pre-Season game when many of you guys were clanging Super Bowl of Bust and I saw a lot of deficiecies which were really exploited vs the Steelers, and I am not talking about X’s and O’s sort of thing, I am talking about improper alignments, crappy schemes and players just getting beaten physically by stonger players across from them .. Everyone says it’s only Pre-Season and it doesn’t matter, the EAgles will turn it on once the the Games Count.. I guess I am getting old, but I believe you play like you practice, and is summer camp is not going real well nad the team is struggling in pre-season, then to me, you have a lot of issues to address….

  • Yes Pman your statements are factually correct – but remember there were several others (me) commenting on the ‘one big splash’ verse upgrading several ‘less glamorous’ positions –

    If you remember – I posted many times after last season that we really didn’t have that big a CB problem – but that if you noticed we struggled covering and tackling RBs (could Ernie Sims tacke?) and when they released/did not resign LBs The Eagles secondary actually haeld Rodgers to a couple of his wrost games last season – I was of the opinion the eagles would go after LBs – I think in a couple of our posts I mentioned we needed to plug the RG and LB areas..

    I am wondering how much of an affect NOT being able to pull off the pre-draft trade to get DRC for Kolb and the 2nd round (prior to the draft) played into the situation where we have a very strong corp of CBs and a still needs to improve a bunch LBs – – –

    and you are old – welcome to the club right – so we have both been around long enough to know the early season darlings quickly fade away (the Skins – maybe the Lions) and the sleepers (the Ginats a couple years back, the Pack last year) come on in the 2nd half – we are poised for a strong strecth run!

  • Paulman thank you…my sentiments exactly.

    It was clear in preseason our coaches had no idea what the hell they were doing and put the team back weeks by naming Matthews a starter.

    I wasn’t worried about the wins and losses in preseaon more so than the crispness of play. Do guys tackle well? Are they sure about their assignments? Do the Eagles players dictate play on both sides of the ball?

    It was clear early in preseason this team was not ready. Then Juan Tortilla put our best press corner in position to fail.

  • Although I agree with him about the front office dorks, he needs to shut the f^#@ up, earn his $$$, get some interceptions, & make a f^#@ing tackle, for God’s sake! What exactly has he done this year!? Only 1 interception, getting burned like Izzell Jenkins, & wiffing like a matador every game, is unacceptable. IMHO, they made a huge mistake, in not trading him in the pre-season, when they had the chance. Little diva, fem, bi-atch!

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