• July 4, 2022

Running Back Matchup: LeSean McCoy vs. Matt Forte

On Monday night, ESPN will finally have a product to be proud of. After having boring, lopsided, and slow primetime games for the first eight weeks, week nine’s game will have two of the NFL’s best running backs facing off head-to-head.

LeSean McCoy of the Eagles and Matt Forte of the Bears are two of the league’s top running backs this year. McCoy is the league’s leading rusher in yards per game and Matt Forte has more yards from scrimmage than player in the NFL this season.

Averaging 155.9 yards from scrimmage per game, Forte is first in the league among all non-quarterbacks. More impressively, the former Tulane standout has averaged 171.3 yards per game in his last four games since his two yard rushing day against the Green Bay Packers in week 3.

Chicago’s 2008 first round pick is his team’s leading receiver by a wide margin. With 38 receptions he is 17 receptions ahead of the next closest receiver (Devin Hester). He also has 419 yards, 71 more than the Bears’ next best receiving yardage producer. Forte’s 419 receiving yards is also the best among running backs.

The league’s top receiving back is far from one dimensional. Forte has a balance similar to that of his Monday night opponent’s. He is one of the hardest backs in the league to tackle and if he reaches the edge, it is a chore just to track him down. Both McCoy and Forte give opposing defenders nightmares about their opponent right in front of them one second and running right past them the next.

“He’s got some nice wiggle to him,” said Jason Babin of Forte.

Wiggle is a good way to describe it. Babin went on to say that the Eagles need to focus on tackling and pursuit to contain Chicago’s running back. Tackle and pursuit are two areas that the Eagles have had trouble with this season. Forte is a running back that makes players miss, but “as long as we’re all running and hunting” he is stoppable, said Babin.

Number 22 has a knack for making big plays. He has 14 plays of twenty or more yards and 4 plays of forty or more yards. With the speed that the Eagles defense has, sealing the edge will be vital to contain Forte.

Even though he produces big plays, Forte has only reached the endzone three times this year, twice running and once receiving. His two running touchdowns is tied for 23rd in the league with 17 other players, including six quarterbacks.

LeSean McCoy is a good running back to be practicing against in preparation for Matt Forte. The two have similar running styles and are fighting back and forth for second and third best running backs in the league (behind Adrian Peterson).

Number 25 was the focal point against the NFL’s (former) best run defense in the league, having four more touches in the game than Vick had passing attempts. However, Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher, and Julius Peppers will make up a trio of players determined to shut McCoy down.

“[Peppers] is one of the very best in the league,” said offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg while breaking down the upcoming game.

Peppers and the rest of the Chicago Bears defense have put together the leagues 12th ranked running defense by allowing 108.7 yards per game. McCoy, one of only two running backs averaging over 100 yards per game, will have a match against a defense that has forced 8 fumbles against their opponents, ninth best in the league. The former Pitt Panther has yet to fumble the ball this year, though.

The Eagles running back could be the MVP of the game for the second week in a row. If Mornhinweg runs the ball early with McCoy, it can set up an aerial attack that will expose the Bears biggest weakness. Their 28th ranked pass defense, allowing 271.9 yards per game. The Eagles pass offense, 9th best in the league, could take advantage of a secondary that has just 4 interceptions through 7 games (8 by total team).

Monday night’s game will be one of the best matchups of running backs this season. McCoy (5.6) and Forte (5.4) account for the first and third spots in average yards per carry in the league, one of the most important statistics for a running back.

These two running backs will be the major factors in Monday night’s matchup. Whether it be catching passes or running the ball, Matt Forte and LeSean McCoy have game-changing playmaking ability.

Brenden Peddigree

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  • Is the passaholic reformed? And if so, will it last?

    For years, the fans screamed that Reid needed to upgrade his receiving corps and they were right.

    For years, the fans screamed that Reid needed to run the ball more often and they were right.

    Have enough years passed for Reid to finally get the picture?

    I don’t think so.

    I think he’ll go back to the deep passes, enjoy some success, then watch his QB get injured.

  • Its a good matchup! All depends on the defensive game plans of the team. The Eagles will try and take Forte out of the passing game. We all know that the run defense will be emphasized as well. Everyone knows that the Bears offense is going through Forte…Bears defense has way more worries than the Eagles D, head to head…Vick, McCoy, our WR’s TE, you can’t stop them all..McCoy has forced his hand of coach AR to run the ball, with a RB of that caliber on the team. McCoy is playing like a man that thinks he is the best player on the football field. He has a swag on the field and the skills that’s backing it up! McCoy doesnt need to get the ball 30 times on run plays tonight (unless we jump out ahead) but I will say he should touch the ball 30 times…runs and screens…
    But whats a great selling point as to why the Eagles will continue to run the ball? The fact that running the ball played a big part in keeping Vick clean. Vick had his best performance of the season last week an mainly in part to the offense running the ball. Less hits on Vick is a key to the ultimate goal of the team.

    Lets Go Eagles!

  • The Eagles work the middle of the Bears Defense to their Slot WR’s & TE’s in the first half to soften their Defense and have the LB’s on their heels. than the Eagles turn it over to RB McCoy to put the game away in the 2nd half ..
    Eagles 27 – Bears 16

  • Mr Nuance – really – game day and you are waxing yet again about the same tired lame nonsense – I thought we agreed that you knew nothing about football and should just STFU – we already have silky songs and his question waxing – go back into you rlittle closet and continue your solo waxing – your comments are lame

  • And to the real stuff – you guys hearing this nosie about eagles trying to negotiate with McCoy for extension – but McCoy wants to get away from Drew R becuase Drew R is caught trying to get deals for both Djax and McCoy –

    WHo else besides these two are up for contracts (among the 22 starters – I could care less about Vince Young or Steve Smith at this point)

  • I thought the contract situations was as follows…

    DJAX 2012 – FA
    McCoy 2013 – FA
    Maclin 2014 – FA
    Avant 2015 – FA
    Celek 2017 – FA

  • That’s about right RT777,
    I do think FB Owen Scmhitt’s is up after this season as well as VY & Steve Smith.. Does anyone know LG E Mathis is under a 1 Year or 2 Year Deal..

  • I check this site called rotworld dot com, for free contract details… it says Mathis signing is undisclosed…I think he is signed to a one year deal though…

  • How ling is DRC here for?

    I think that covers it – Schmitt can be resigned for minimal cost unless the birds want to upgrade – but after paying Weaver all that money then having him hurt – Schmitt is more then serviceable as a FB – I think Mathis is a a two year deal – I don’t see them doing anything with him this year – he is holding his own, and can be upgraded with either a FA or a draft pick – I see the Eagles leaving Hermanns at RT so this O Line is together at least 2 years – then they can do want they want at LG – I see a 3rd or 4rth rounder from a Big East school to challenege and develop next year –

    So this is the real question – McCoy, Djax and Maclin – I think that is the order they resign them – if they resign Djax – I am not going to pretend I know how all the salary cap goes – but to resign those three some veterans (Parker, Samuel, Vince Young, Justice, Jamal Jackson) are going to have to go to free up space –

  • Nope – I was srong – MAthis signed a 1 year deal on 31 July

  • DRC free agent in 2013

  • There’s no doubt that Jammal Jackson gets released, Winston Justice will likely be traded and still has Value for OT’s are hard to come by (and could return a mid-round 4th/5th pick in return)
    The Eagles will let VY walk and probably hang onto Steve Smith if they decide not to lock up D-Jax for wahtever reason, If the Sign D-Jax, then Steve Smith will be a goner..

    Defensively, DE Juqua Parker will be released, Safety J Page will be released, CB A Samuel will be traded for Draft picks
    I think DT T Laws Rookie Contract will also be coming up and I am not sure about DT Anthony Dixon’s contract status who obviously is coming off an injury

  • Guys, remember you’re little ‘who gets cut when they activate Graham? Well you were all sure but wrong on that. So why are you playing the prognosticating game again?

    MNF tonight!

  • @Paulman – I agree with your above post…I think they are all gone…Steve Smith is making too much money right now for little production…dont see them sticking with him, he’ll be gone.

  • Schill – the context was trying to figure out how in the hell the eagles are going to be able to keep/pay McCoy, Djax and Maclin – I started it when I was reading that McCoy was getting rid of Drew R becuase of his conflict with trying to get both McCoy and Djax top dollar –

  • This is what we do Schiller, let us have our fun with Roster Management..
    Back on Topic, with the improved play of OT Dunlap and the healthy return of W Justice and the flexibility of Herreams to play either OT or Guard, Devant was the odd man out as the Eagles really like to keep 6 DE’s and with Parker & Tapp missing so much time so far this year and who knows how Graham plays, it defintitely made more sense to keep their Def/Line intact and to get rid of Guard Devant.. Now would I have known this 1 or 2 months ago, of course not, since it’s impossible to predict whose injured, whose playing well and who isn’t.. I am still surprised that Safety Page keeps a roster spot though..

  • I would sign and extend McCoy & Maclin before D-Jax, but that’s just me..
    Anyone see how many good young Wide WR’s there are across the NFL and this 2012 Draft is probably the deepest at the WR Position in years … I would never spend $6-$8-$10 Per season to a WR.. Give me 3-4 Good WR’s who are moderately paid and you can accomplish the same thing than having 1 Overpaid Superstar in my opinion .

  • Who is faster between DRC and Djax – I read somewhere that DRC may be the fastest DB in the NFL

  • I heard DRC say he was faster than Djax. I didn’t hear DJax counter.

  • DRC stinks.

  • Juan just wont blitz. lol

  • Like I said, we’ve got a couple of turnstiles on the offensive line and our coach has the mind of a plant.

  • The Eagles are who I thought they were.

    And the Kool-Aid drinkers drink what I said they drink.


  • After 13 years and a complete roster turnover, how can you still blame the players?

    Isn’t it Reid who chooses the players and coaches?

    Wasn’t it Reid who was given a blank check to build a winner?

    Isn’t it Reid’s team who has turned perennial all-pros into overnight has-beens.

    Wasn’t it Reid who got rid of Babin, who immediately went to the pro bowl afterwards?

    If you look at realistically, Reid did better with someone else’s players.

  • Maclin chokes in the clutch again… this is the 3rd time..I shake my head when we rely on him in a pinch… he NEVER comes thru NEVER..and if he is about to actually come thru? he’ll fumble or fall down this team is pathetic at times.. like somebody already said, DRC doesnt look good at all.. the Kolb trade is a wash.. Kolb sucks, DRC sucks…. I would be happy about the 2nd rounder, but something tells me to hold off on that… The d lineman are running around like Jay cutler is faking them out??? WTF???

  • The Philadelphia Redskins. This is what it’s like to win the off season with hype. I do think there is a lot of talent, but coaching has been smoked.

    Is this game a perfetr example of the need of linebackers, despite Rolle’s return for a TD. The Bears are tougher!!!!!

  • Come on Rasheed, you expecting a miracle out of Maclin when so many other’s on the offense came up small, excluding McCoy, Celek & Peters. Too many players playing without heart way too often. Especially on offense.

  • How ’bout that offensive line?

    Read a lot of crap after the Cowboys game, despite the fact that the rookies played poorly in the passing game. I give Reid credit for calling plays that took pressure off his rookies against the Cowboys, but I knew he wouldn’t stay with it into this game. The guy cannot stop calling deep pass routes for too long. It’s only a matter of time before he gets Vick injured for the remainder of the season.

  • At least Reid is laying the foundation for his exit.

  • I really hoped SOMEBODY, ANYBODY had something left in the tank…

    same old story with this team…. they have all the talent and it doesnt seem they have the heart… like Gruden said…. they were simply out hit by Chicago…

    I guess it is what it is

  • Avant really fired up his teammates to kick Bear ass. Great fake punt by Reid.
    Great punt return by Desaun. Great pressure on Cutler. Two costly personal foul penalities. As usual Andy said he has to do a better job. At 3-5 I guess he’s right
    about having to do a better job. What a total dissapointment and waste of sleep time.

  • The season’s half over, and with this talent, things should not be this way.

    Even if we were 3-5, we should at least look good. We look like a typical Reid team with lots of mistakes, blunders and heroic individual efforts that camouflage reality.

    Our emperor’s been naked for years.

  • Really, what coach could do less with this talent?

    That’s the real question.

  • I thought I saw Avant with a smile on his face on the last Eagles possession.

  • We only won 3 games out of 8 this season? yeah it’s time to can Andy and Juan, get a new offensive scheme in here; get rid of the west coast offense, get some “road graders” next to Herremans and Peters in here. We might have to let DJax go (thanks for all the good times DJax), but as a die hard fan; buddy, you’ve been playing like crap since the beginning of the season and I care more about the team and wins than your money. I’m about finished with your baby poutting and crap too this season. I know you have to get paid, but don’t let your fans who pay you suffer. Come on man. You too Front office for not taking care of this problem a year ago; you could of probably prevented this crap – EL CHEAPOS.

    I’ve watched the eagles all my life, and money has ruined the game of football. DRC plays like “just an avg player.” Asante has played his last season with us, every QB is hipped to him now and he plays to far off receivers. Year after year the same old thing. We’re wasting another 5-6 years of young talent.

    Like the last 10 years with McNabb, We all know where this season is headed. We need some Linebackers like the Bears, Ravens and Steelers trio. We lose by these no name receivers, WHO THE HECK GRANTS A O-LINE COACH THE REIGNS TO A DEFENSE?????? Lets overhaul this whole team and get BILL COWHER IN HERE. WE NEED SOME TOUGH HARDNOSED PLAYERS IN HERE.

    Throw the towel in this year. R. I. P. JOE FRAZIER. Guys, we’ve had plenty of battles on here for another season. I’m finished with us this season. If I pissed anyone off again this year, good you deserved it! Naah just kinda kidding but on a serious note, it’s all in good ol GCobb blogging fun. Take care guys; see you next year unless we make the playoffs which is highly unlikely. PEACE…E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Our Emperor’s been naked for years! Classic Drummer! I’ll start off bloggin on here with that statement either if we get into the post season or the beginning of next summer…”Our Emperors been naked for years”!! HA HA HA HA LOL!!!

  • Joe Frazier gave more than 100% in all that he did. He will be missed. To his friends and family- I am sorry for your loss.

  • Ray’s Replies: Birds much better when grounded

    Q. I can’t remember the exact stat but I know the Eagles under Andy Reid have an overwhelming record when running the ball 25 or more times. At least I think that’s the number. I’m likely off with the specifics but it is an indisputable fact that this team excels when the offense is balanced and the run game is a consistent threat. It is not merely a coincidence. I hope Andy understands that. Do you have the exact record of the Eagles under Reid when running the ball a certain amount of times?

    Daniel Klausner

    A. I keep two stats – the Eagles’ record in games when they have more rushing attempts than their opponent and their record in games when they have 30 or more rushing attempts. I have kept this stat since 2000, Reid’s second season as coach when the team went to the playoffs for the first time. The Eagles are 73-12 in games when they have more rushing attempts than their opponent (6-0 in the playoffs) and 50-7 in games when they have 30 or more rushing attempts (4-0 in the playoffs).

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