• July 3, 2022

Penn State President Out Today, Joe Paterno Should Go With Him

A source from the Penn State Board of Trustees told the Lehigh Valley Express Times that Penn State President Graham Spanier will resign or be fired by the end of the day.

Of course Spanier was informed in 2002 that a Graduate Assistant had seen former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a ten-year old boy, but he didn’t inform the police about the assault. There’s no way somebody who would make that type of decision should be sitting in a position of authority over a university.

Likewise, I don’t think Joe Paterno shouldn’t be allowed to coach on Saturday. He should be fired immediately. Their moral irresponsibility cannot and should not be tolerated. If Joe coaches on Saturday it will leave a stain on Penn State that will never be erased. He must not be allowed to coach on Saturday.

Not only did Spanier know about the sexual assault of a ten-year old boy, he had been informed of it by school officials who had been made aware of it by Paterno. Nobody went to the police. Sandusky was not stopped from continuing to sexually assault these youngsters.

I’ve heard that as many as 20 youngsters have contacted the police and are in the midst of being interviewed about the sexual assaults of Sandusky. The Grand Jury had eight victims in its report, but that list is increasing.

How can Paterno coach the football team after it’s surfaced that he was so irresponsible that he didn’t make sure that the proper authorities knew about the crimes that Sandusky was committing? Paterno sat quietly by and failed to make sure that the police were notified of rape of the 10-year old boy, as Sandusky continued to use his Second Mile program to provide him assess to youngsters which he could sexually molest.

This Second-Mile program which was Penn State supported was supposed to be helping “at-risk” youngsters. Instead it was being used to provide Sandusky with youngsters to molest. Paterno and Spanier knowingly allowed it to continue.



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  • Paterno has already announced that he is resigning after this Season

  • Agree absolutely, if he coaches again it sends the message that he and psu football, also now known as pedophile sanctuary university are above morality

  • Not saying the guy is innocent….but how about he goes to trial and gets found GUILTY before heads start rolling?

    Innocent until proven Guilty.

    I thought thats what this country was built on — guess some of us…..especially the media…is forgetting the principles this country was built on.

    All of this is hear say as of RIGHT NOW. When this thing goes to trial and light is shed on EVERYTHING, then I will agree with heads starting to roll.

    As to everyone else, enjoy your participation in the lynch mob.

  • How about thats b.s. and our justice system is corrupt anyway?

    How about Ray Charles could see that Joe should have went to the proper authorities about this immediatly.So that means hes guilty of gross moral neglect. You dont need a judge to deem him guilty of that.

    hes a scumbag,everyone up there are scumbags for supporting this crap. There fuggin children and that is a part of our society that needs no trial. Guilty.

    Enjoy your participation in being another sheep.

    He didnt report it and shoulda been fired yesterday. F his accomplishments,f his knowledge and what hes done for the university.It means nothing now.He turned his eye and or didnt handle the fact his d-cord was a molesting scumbag.

  • i can’t believe a 28 yr old, 6’5 250 pound red headed bastard didn’t help the 10 yr old boy

  • Bridobeamon, Penn State has to move ASAP to start cleaning this matter up. You have to understand that alumni are deciding to not support the university financially anymore. Recruits are deciding to go elsewhere. Current students are deciding to transfer. Current players may decide to transfer after the season. Joe was a draw but now he’s hurting the school by staying around even for Saturday much less for the bowl game. The clock is ticking.

  • I agree G.. the thing to do is cancel saturday’s game and the rest oif the season

  • I couldn’t agree more G. This makes the Jim Tressel story look like peanuts, we’re not even in the same hemisphere on this one.

  • Anyone and everyone that had information about this incident should leave. The right thing to do is to quit, to move on. If not, they need to be fired… this is a failure of leadership on so many levels.

    As for the ‘innocent until proven guilty argument’ – let the courts decided that – as for jobs, this is about a lapse in judgement – these people are very well paid for their experience leadership and judgement – could you ever think anybody that had knowledge of this could ever be trusted again?

  • Garry, you bring up good points. But on the other hand, we all know what Jo Pa means to PSU…etc…. yada yada – and there will likely be equal pressure to not shove him out in a disrespectful/unceremonious way. I’m not defending the guy or even agreeing with that opinion – but from the standpoint of how the univeristy deals with this – their damned if the don’t, damned if the do, and damned for when they do or don’t no matter what.

    There’s people out there defending JoPa as fervently as those expressing their (rightful) disgust for the acts themselves…

  • Everyone knew! The police everyone! Theres noway that all these children kept quiet. For none of these children not to confide in someone is unbelievable. I couldnt keep my 10 year olds mouth shut. Let alone a strange man doing hideous actions to him and then him keeping quiet. Out of alll the kids that have been abused it just baffles me how you can do this to a child and this not being reported to the authorities. Your damn right the authorities knew about this and covered it up.

  • You have to remember Daggold that the power of “Shame and Humiliation” will sometime overtake people (Kids & Adults) to keep quiet.. It’s not easy for anyone to admit they have been sexually abused.. Who wants to discuss the shame,embarrasment, the fear of retaliation or bring disgrace to your family in discussing a topic like this… Sudies on Victims in Sexual Abuse cases show by a whopping majority, that Victims have a tendancy to keep these very painful and dark episodes in their lives to themselves or maybe share with a Mother, Sister, Pastor,. It’s not an easy topic to discuss and just look at all the Rape victims w(who are adults) who refuse to testify or press charges over the scumbags who violated them for fear of retaliation, shame, being labeled as a whore, etc,etc,… Many Victims feel that keeping these episodes to themselves is the least harmful/embarrasing way then going public, or to the law or court house about… It’s doesn;t seem to make sense, but this is indeed the pattern of behavior of Sexual Abuse Victims..

  • This was not a football problem and Joe passed it on to someone who should have taken care of it. I dont see how he is at fault.

    Everyone is missing the real point of this situation about the sicko who performed these crimes.

  • When a former Coach,a long-time assistant, a close personal friend and even talked about being a successor to the legend himself,Paterno and who had access to the University and Football facilities, a person who attended Athleltic Events, Athletic Dept fundraisers and Soclai Evenats and on the Recruitming trail, then it is a Football Program Problem and a Joe Paterno Problem… You are way off-base Wild BK to think it’s completely a non-football issues.. The man in Charge of the Football Program is Paterno, the face of the Football Program and the University for that matter is Paterno, so to say that Paterno had nothing to do but report it up the chain of command is a very weak,lame and immoral standard for a man who dedicated his life to living and behaving up to high standards and not buying your analysis for one minute..

  • joepa, mcquery, spanier, the other two idiots, they all did nothing!

    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    -Edmond Burke

  • The Board of Trustees at Penn State have just announced the dismissal of Head Coach Joe Paterno effective immediately.
    Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley has been named interim Head Coach for the remainder of the Season…

  • wild_bk, you are incorrect. Joe Paterno did the bare minimum at the most and was quite possibly responsible for the cover-up or of setting the tone that led to the cover-up. If it was your son being raped in a shower and you found out that this man knew and had the power to do something about but instead never followed up leading to more children being molested, how would you feel? Are you saying that Joe Paterno is only responsible for football problems and not criminal and moral issues? I don’t think so.

    Penn State just fired his corrupt ass, I hope he’s sued into the poor house.

  • Glad to hear Paterno was fired. The 2002 incident was not the first he heard about; one in 1998 also involving Sandusky was swept under the rugs by local authorities and charges dropped. Adults preying upon innocent children in this country is being exposed… PSU, LDS in Colorado City, Catholic Church clerics. Do you think they’re the only ones?!

  • Birdo, you’re the biggest @$$clown, fool on here! How in the f^#@ can you still post support for any of them. Read the affidavit & the prosecutions investigation, & do a little research, dope. Do you honestly think that that monster, worked with Paterno for over 20 years, & Paterno didn’t know, or suspect anything? Give me a f^#@ing break. Mcquery told him the details anyways, so WTF are you spewing, you nitwit!? It doesn’t matter what you say anyway, they’re all now gone. Good, f^#@’em all to hell.

  • BTW, that evil, monster, bastard, had worked with children since 1977. God only knows, how many kids this guy has assaulted. Wait & see how many people come forward now. This guy needs, & has to get a life sentence, with no parole, & sent directly into general population. My Uncle called me last night, from up state, & he said they hope he is sent there, because they are hoping & waiting. He will get his 1000 fold, to what he inflicted. He will deserve everything he gets. Then he gets to go straight to hell, when he eventually perishes.

  • This is what happens when you let sadistic homos loose in society. peddy’s and cross dressers. We need Leviticus 20:3 executed in our society.

  • Also, Birdo, apparently you either don’t have kids, are a heartless, soulless human being, or just don’t give a f^#@. I don’t think your are stupid, but it’s common sense, not being involved in a lynch mob. Don’t give me that innocent until proven guilty garbage. The only innocence in all of this was all of the children, who’s innocence was taken by that monster bastard, then ignored & nothing was done about it, just to cover their own @$$e$. So you sir, are an epic FAIL!

  • SONGS, BWAHAHAHA!!! Breaking out the Psalms? Your too funny. I don’t think I want to take it that far. I don’t think it is on us to decide any of that.

  • Songs, the courts will decide that, hopefully!

  • preach on, the most reverend songs

  • Dcar – I don’t think he will ever see the inside of a prison……….. when the reality of life in prison as a chester meets his courage, he will take the only way out…

  • Navy, I was thinking the same thing. I’ve seen it many times. Cowards will take the easy way out, before having to face the music.

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