• July 5, 2022

Michael Vick Won’t Practice Today

Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick won’t practice today.  Of course, he’s still being bothered by the two broken ribs which he suffered in the Cardinals game.

It seems that Andy Reid isn’t comfortable going with Vince Young or Mike Kafka.  He won’t name which quarterback will play if Vick can’t go.  I think he’s holding out hope that Vick will be able to go come game time.

Safety Jarrad Page was released and wide receiver Chad Hall will take his place on the active roster.  Page played himself out of job by missing so many tackles in quite a few games. It was just a matter of time before they got rid of him.   He was one of the slowest and non-athletic safeties, I’ve ever seen.

Hall is a security blanket for Reid because he play every wide receiver position.

Page was also identified for being at the Juliet Supper Club in Manhattan where a 44-year old man was killed.  He was there along with New York Giants players Aaron Ross, Antrel Rolle, Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and Chris Canty.   They were celebrating Cruz’s 25th birthday.  Reid says releasing Page had nothing to do with the shooting.

Left guard Evan Mathis will be back in action, today.


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  • Eagles finally got rid if Jarrod Page, question is why did it take so long.

  • IF he dosent play this week he is soft, Romo can play with a flat jacket, vick should be able to. Run the damn ball more and vick wont have to do as much

  • Romo had ONE broken rib. Vick has two. There are 12 sets of ribs, all ribs aren’t created equally. Where the injury matters A LOT.

    Please spare me the tough talk – dude just played an entire game with two broke ribs, no shot, no kevlar, nada. He is beyond TOUGH.

    However both him and Romo are STUPID as are their organizations. Just like Vick shouldn’t have played in the Giants game after being concussed, he shouldn’t play in this game.

    Romo shouldn’t have played with the broke ribs, kevlar or no. You can cause even more damage by doing that. But hey…men and their toughness. SMH.

  • I know you guys probably already talked about it but found it interesting that McCoy pointed out how Kolb was basically calling out our plays from the sideline. McCoy said he was on the money with every call and when Kolb was on the radio he was even surprised they didn’t change the language or signals. Just laziness that you wouldn’t do that when you have a QB on the other team who’s been in your system for 4 years. Just imagine the slight edge that could give if the defensive coordinator is getting accurate input from the player about what the next play is going to be. Combine that with no Jackson, Vick playing bad already with broken ribs, no dedication to running the ball and you end up getting shut down by the garbage cardinals.

  • Just saw a clip on sportsctr wit djax doin an interviewed to be aired later. In the preview for it djax says AR never benched noone else for something like this. Then they cut n say to be aired later. Cant be good. Djax prob gone now.

  • Even though he didn’t practice today, he still had 2 interceptions and a fumble on the sideline.

  • Why waste 2 roster spots with backup QB if Reid won’t use them, we could use more Def. and special teams players.

  • Chad Hall is back baby..lol…sad thing this is dude maybe the toughest WR other than #81 on the team…

  • Now were back to Chad Hall, a guy who is not NFL material. He gives his all and is a fine person and served our country, but.

  • One think I will say about Chad Hall, at least he will give 110% and give it his all which cannot be said of the sour-pusses, fragile egos and afraid of contact players like D-Jax, Maclin, and Avant is now playing scared since his public statements a couple weeks back about the fans.. I think he’s afraid a fan will throw something at him from the stands.. This Eagle team needs to get out of town and go on the road for 2-3 week , they have been home for over a month since the Redskin game Oct 16 .. too many distractions and negative vibes from goons like me, hunker down on the road and get back to playing repspectable decent football, is this too hard to ask from this team.

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