• July 4, 2022

NFL Power Rankings For Week 11

The Bears, who many said were done after their loss to he Lions, have proved many of the critics wrong with their four game winning streak. The Bears defense looks as physical as ever, and Jay Cutler is flourishing in Mike Martz’s offense. The critics also said that the Patriots were done after they lost the Steelers. They showed on Sunday Night that they are far superior to the Jets. Brady showed why many say he is the best in the business.

In turn, the Eagles season is pretty much over after a loss to John Skelton and the lowly Cardinals on Sunday. I’ve never seen such a huge collection of talent, yet the players don’t fit together. The NFL is  fight to the end, and the bell has already rung on the Eagles season.

  1. Packers– Dominated their rivals the Vikings, in front of a national TV audience. Same old story, but the defense improved tremendously.
  2. 49ers– The Giants came in, and the 49ers had no problem. Their defense is as physical and as aggressive as any in this league. However, the most important thing to take away from their win is that Alex Smith can do much more than manage the game.
  3. Texans-Physically dominated the Bucs on their home turf. The season ending injury to QB Matt Schaub will hurt, but not as much as people think.
  4. Ravens-Every time I declare that I think the Ravens are the tops in the AFC, they disappoint me with a loss to a bad team, this time the Seahawks.
  5. Steelers– Commend this team on a hard fought win in Cincinnati. However, this doesn’t look like the historic Steelers team’s, they win with Roethlisberger and the passing game.
  6. Saints-Its so tough to stop the Saints offense. They are balanced, and can attack you in many ways. I’ve always thought that they were better than the Falcons, and they proved me right.
  7. Patriots- Statement game in New York that included the coming out party of the Patriots defense. Plus, Brady looked like his old self and their schedule is favorable enough for me to expect the to win the AFC East.
  8. Bears– Showed the Lions why they made it all the way to the NFC Championship last year- with a physical, down-hill defense and an offense that now doesn’t look as one dimensional as once thought.
  9. Lions- Couldn’t match the physicality of the Bears, could run the ball and the offense was awful on 3rd down. Good news: A tune-up game as the Panthers before the Thanksgiving showdown vs. the Packers

10.  Giants- Giants played with the 49ers, but couldn’t win it in the end. Even with a tough road ahead, I have more confidence in them because of Eli Manning’s play.

11.  Bengals- Just like the Giants, played with the Steelers, but couldn’t win it in the end. All is not lost, they are still in a good position to make the playoffs

12.  Falcons– Don’t like Mike Smith’s decision to go for it on 4th down in overtime, but I do get why he did it. Titans come in off a win, but I expect the Flacons to rebound, especially at home.

13. Raiders- Carson Palmer looked like his old self in San Diego, and their defensive line dominated the line of scrimmage all night. They now are division favorites.

14. Jets- Mark Sanchez played erratic, and the Jets D had no answer for the Patriots offense. Going to Denver on a short week will be a tough test.

15. Cowboys- Dominated the Bills, and in the process showed why the NFC East is a two-division race.

16. Chargers- Phillip Rivers still isn’t himself, and even better is that the Chargers get to travel to Chicago to face a Bears team that is on a winning streak. Good Luck.

17.  Titans- Dominated the Panthers on the road, and because of Matt Schaub’s injury could creep into the AFC South race. Still Sorry Nashville, I doubt it.

18. Bills- The Bills are at a crossroads. They started fast, but have lost consecutive games by wide-margins. Their defense looks soft, and their offense limited.

19.  Broncos- Tim Tebow only completed two passes, but that’s all he needed behind the Broncos aggressive Defense and their down-hill running game.

20.  Chiefs-Their winning streak was against teams that just flat out aren’t good, and they caught the Chargers at their worst. What I’m saying is that they are average at best.

21.  Bucs- I question their effort, and the leadership of Raheem Morris after the Bucs got spanked at home. Just way too inconsistent.

22.  Eagles-Cant believe what I saw on Sunday from the Eagles. Michael Vick, despite broken ribs, looked like the old Michael Vick who left the pocket early and was very inaccurate. Also didn’t help that DeSean Jackson was out, and that Andy Reid refused to run the ball in the 4th Quarter again. The defense played decent for much of the game, until the 4th Quarter, when it counts. I also don’t get why Nnamdi Asomugha wasn’t on Larry Fitzgerald the WHOLE game. Starting to look like Andy Reid’s last straw.

23.  Seahawks- Seattle is always a tough place to win, especially when the Seahawk play to their opponent. The Ravens were yet another victim of the 12th man.

24.  Cardinals-John Skelton stepped up when it counted, and the Cardinals are now 2-0 this year when he starts. However, don’t give up on Kevin Kolb just yet. Give him time.

25.  Jaguars-Beat the Colts on Sunday, and Blaine Gabbert continues to grow. However, Jack Del Rio may not be safe in January.

26.  Redskins- Offense continues to be one of the worst in football, but give it time. It should help whenever they acquire their franchise QB.

27.  Panthers-The Panthers need to play better on defense for them to take the next step. A offseason priority must be to improve their secondary, especially with the division they are in.

28.  Dolphins- Dolphins are still playing hard, and now they have wins to show for it. Unfortunately, their dreams of selecting Andrew Luck are over.

29.  Rams- Found a way to win in Cleveland, by blocking a short Browns FG attempt. Still need more weapons on offense.

30.  Browns- The Browns offense still cant score points in any way, and that is a huge problem, especially n today’s NFL that favors offenses tremendously.

31.  Vikings- Christian Ponder is still growing, and playing well. However, besides from the beast that is Jared Allen, their defense is horrible.

32.  Colts-No way any team catches the Colts, who now with ten losses have pretty much secured the #1 overall pick and Andrew Luck.

Matt McCool

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  • Good stuff Matt but a small crtitique
    Not sure how you can have the Cardinals ranked below the Eagles
    Cardinals are 3-6 just like the Eagles are and the Cardinals have won 2 games in a row including last week’s head-to head match up w/the Eagles..

  • Paulman…You took the words right out of my keyboard. The Eagles deserve no credit for their “potential” and talent on paper at this point. To quote the Tuna: You are what your record says you are and ours says we stink. We should be 24. By the way, you seem to have excellent knowledge and I have a question that always confuses me that you may be able to help me out with. What are the tie breakers on draft picks and where do the Eagles stand right now in accordance with those tie breakers?
    Quick comment in regard to the Colts. Miami or Washington will be willing to give up their own top ten pick next year in addition to their first rounder in 2013 for Luck. The Colts still have a QB that can probably play another five years so they will be listening intently to any and all offers and trying to establish a bidding war. Snyder will meddle heavily and demand Shanny give the earth, moon and stars for Luck. It will be very interesting. Yet another reason these could be dark days ahead for the Birds in the NFC East.

  • OK…let get this clear.

    The Eagles cut bum ass Jarrad page who started over both of our 2nd round picks at the safety position in the beginning of the season.

    Promoted bum ass chad hall who no team would dare sign off our pratice squad to give us the juice our bum ass pick Rily Cooper could not provide?

    Yeah…We’ll go on undefeated and hoist the Lombardi at the end of the season. GO EAGLES!

  • the Panthers are a better team than their record… I would put them above the Eagles… I bet they would beat the Birds in a game…

  • I can’t do it jott1972, Panthers are 2-7 and the Eagles are 3-6
    I have to rank teams with more wins higher than a team with less wins..
    But I do agree that the Panther have played hard and had a lot of close games (except for last week) and that their Coaching staff is getting maximum effort for the players.. I cannot same the same for Coach Ar and this Eagles Roster
    I believe the Panther will be a .500 Team next Season on the way up while the Eagles could be in a similar boat next year and be on their way down..

  • Paulman – If these coaches are canned and some fresh Real NFL Coaches are brought in maybe we can win.

    Jeff Fisher / Bill Cower / John Gruden / Tony Dungy are all not coaching as of today.

  • Next Season I mean

  • Jeff Fisher? C’mon….

  • I don’t see Dungy ever Coaching again, and Gruden not right now for he’s making a lot of $$ on ESPN, having a blast and has a couple of projects going between MNF Annoucning, Studio SHows, Draft Geek, QB Camps,etc,etc
    Cowher is going to want total control as a HC with GM/Drafting Duties and will probably take the Dolphins Job for he will get a ton of $$ for Franchise he can rebuild and mold from scratch in his likeness, this Eagle team is totally not to his philosophy and would take him 2-3 Years of replacing this small, but fast DL/LB where he can do that immediately in Miami…

    Jeff Fisher would love to Coach the Eagles, He is not a big ego guy and doesn’t really care who is handling the GM Duties, He likes to Coach, loves Philly and would make an excellent choise and would make the most sense where you keep OL Mudd, DL Washburn and bring in Def/Coordinator Chuck Cecil and Secondary COauch Tim Hauch and fire Castillo & Lynne

  • Hiring Fisher would obviously mean the end of VY Project
    But to have the least amound of down time or 2-3 year rebuilding project and keeping some continutiy with most of the current roster, Hiring Jeff Fisher would be the best move which is exactly why he be hired…
    Then Hire Jim Mora Jr as a Offensive Coordinator to work with QB Vick

  • I’m down with Fisher…Let’s bring Mcnabb back to back up Vick and keep Marty but have him commit to the running game first.

  • Yea lets get rid of Reid because he has been with an organization for 10 plus years and never was able to get his team over the hump….to go out a hire the same thing in Fisher…awesome I love when Eagles fans on here make so much sense.

    If Reid goes, I think you call Dungy in a heartbeat. I havn’t been the biggest fan of Dungy but the fact is your choices for a new head coach go down when you have Vick and millions of dollars tied into your QB for the next couple years. The big names coaches would prolly want to come in and draft their own guy or at least not want to go to war with a QB that has glaring weaknesses in pocket presence, protection of the football, and accuracy. Its obvious Vick is better with his legs than with his arm but fact is thats not the norm to what coaches typically want in a QB.

    Tony Dungy has been close with Vick since hes been out so Vick would listen to what he says. Dungy also brings a defensive mind to this team which it desperately needs. I don’t believe Dungy is done coaching. I think you offer anybody the right price and they will coach. On top of that he would be coming to a team that has plenty of talent, they are just soft which can be changed by a new minded coach. I would like to see Dungy and Spags (who i think doesnt cut it as a head coach and who might get let go) as our D-Cord.

    No way does McNabb come back here..get over that bum. On top of that Vick is already turning into McNabb 2.0 with his choking in the 4th quarter game after game, How many Td passes does Vick have in the 4th quarter total this entire year? Terrible…if Kafka isn’t a possibility in 3 years then we need to draft a new young guy to hopefully be the future of this team in a couple of years now.

  • I meant to state finishing my previous post that since Hiring a Jeff Fisher would make the most sense, to get this team up to speed back quickly in 2012 without having an entire rebuilding project, this is exactly why he “WON”T” get hired..
    Sources of mine tell me Mrs Laurie really like Juan Castillo since he work’s so hard and can help spread the Eagles Franchise to an even wider,growing Hispanic populatio as a fan base..

  • Dungy is not interested in Coaching again, he has his missionary projects that keep him plenty busy and with doing SUnday Night Show, keeps him close to the game,etc,etc.. He has publicly stated numerous time that he is finished coachin at the NFL Level..
    One thing I do keep in mind that if Coach AR goes, so does MM and the nect COach hired has got to have some type of relationship with Franchise QB, $100 MIllion Man Mike Vick, It just cannot be anybody and this New Coach would probably have to VIck’s support in some way shape or form..
    Watch them hire turd Jim Mora Jr… Good Grief..

  • Just off the phone with a old friend of mine in Florida, he stated to me that the word around Gainesville,Fl is the former HC Charlie Weiss is itching to get back to the NFL and would love to Coach in Philly for the obvious reasons (Cheese Steaks,Pizza and Lasagna available on every corner..)
    Remember, you heard it here 1st… Weiss has stated off the record that with Vick and this WR Corps, the he would have schemes that would just dominate the NFC like he did with Brady and Co 5-7 Years ago… Keep you eyes and ears open..

  • To Jbird
    To the best of my ability and as of right now, the Draft Positioning would go a little like this for the 1st Round for th eTop 15 Picks (all teams with losing records right now) and what players who I think these Teams would select based on their current needs and Draft tendancies.

    #1) Colts (0-10) QB Andrew Luck – Stanford
    #2) Carolina (2-7) DE Q Coples – UNC
    #3) Vikings (2-7) OT M Kalil – USC
    #4) Dolphins (2-7) QB L Jones – Oklahoma
    #5) SL Rams (2-7 ) CB M Claiborne – LSU
    #6) Cardinals (3-6) OT J Martin – Stanford
    #7) Browns (3-6) WR J Blackmon – Oklahoma State
    #8) Seahawks (3-6) QB M Barkley – USC
    #9) Jaguars (3-6) WR A Jefferey – South Carolina
    #10) Eagles (3-6) MLB V Burfict – Arizona State
    #11) Redksins (3-6) CB D Kirkpatrick – Alabama
    #12) TB Bucs (4-5) CB J Jenkins – Northern Alabama
    #13) KC Cheifs (4-5) OT R Reiff – Iowa
    #14) Chargers (4-5) ILB M Teo – Notre Dame
    #15) Broncos (4-5) RB T Richarfdson – Alabama

  • Vontaze Burfict by the way is 6-3 and about 255 and a reminds a lot of people of a J Trotter/J Beason Type, Big, thick, fast and loves to hit and play downhill and would a great pick by the Eagles and probably would become the Starter at MLB in 2012 allowing them to move Chaney to the Will or Sam Position ..
    Next Seasons LB corp could be Burfict, Chaney and Rolle with players like Fokou/Clayon goners and players like Jordan/Matthews as Back-ups & Special Teamers..

  • Another player I love for the Eagles is SS Mark Barron from Alabama who surprised a lot of people last year for coming back to play his Senior year instead of entering the Draft last Season.. He is by far the Top Safety in this years class and at 6-1 233lbs, is the type of Physical Force to play the SS positon that the EAgles have been lacking since Brian Dawksin’s.. The Unique ability about Barron is that he also has very good ball skills for being a big hitter so he can cover and would be a force in the Red-Zone which the Eagles haven’t had again since Dawkins was around..
    He’s rated anywher from 15-20 by most Draft Guru’s and not sure the Eagles would use him with the #10 Pick and especially since the used their 2nd ROund picks the last 2 Season on Allen and Jarrett..
    I’ve said this a few time, Jarrett is simply overmatched at te hNFL and was a very poor selection at that spot last year (#55 Overall), I do no see with his size and lack of foot speed or coverage ability that he would be a Start in the NFL anytime soon… But a pairing of Barron/Allen could be a nice one for years… Barron play SS and Allen go back to his more natural position of FS and play more Centerfield and let Barron step up in the Box…

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