• July 4, 2022

Two Stone-Cold Lock Picks For The Weekend

It’s all NFC East in this week’s picks.  The Redskins host the Cowboys and the Giants host the Eagles.  It’s a big week for everybody because wins and losses in the division are huge.


Dallas and Washington will set the table for what will be a huge Sunday within the NFC East. This will be the second meeting between these two division rivals this season as the Cowboys beat the skins by a score of 18-16 in week three. The Skins come into this one struggling. Washington has lost five straight and has really struggled from an offensive standpoint. Their defense however has been a constant all season and the Skins do a lot of really good things on that side of the football.

They give up a little under twenty points per game, and they also have a very feared pass rush led by Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan off the edge. Dallas has a pretty good defense though as well, and these two football teams usually play each other very close and very tough. Dallas is only 1-3 straight up on the road this year and seven points is a lot to lay on the road, especially in an NFC East match up.

The Cowboys will also be without Miles Austin and Mike Jenkins in this one. I feel that Miles Austin is a very important piece in the Dallas offense and they will miss him in a game like this. The Redskins defense should be able to keep it close and give them a chance to win it in the fourth quarter. Take the skins getting seven at home.


The Eagles and Giants will face each other on national television Sunday night as both teams are coming off losses last week. The Eagles have been the biggest disappointment in the NFL this year and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of light at the end of the tunnel. The Giants went into Philadelphia in week three and stole a win on the road as the Eagles blew another fourth quarter lead.

Bad fourth quarters have plagued the Eagles this season as they blew another lead in the fourth quarter to to Arizona last week. The Eagles look like a team that simply doesn’t know how to win. The art of winning won’t get any easier for the birds this week as they will have to go on the road without Jeremy Maclin and starting quarterback Mike Vick. It looks like Vince Young will get the start Sunday night and without Jeremy Maclin the Eagles offense could be in trouble.

The Giants have a very good front four and could feast on the the Eagles backup who has not made a start all year. Andy Reid should probably run the football this week to try and keep it close, but once the Eagles get behind I doubt Reid will actually stick with it. The Giants will be without Bradshaw again this week but they have been able to move the football without him in recent weeks due to the play of Eli Manning. I’m not a huge Eli fan but he is playing what is arguably the best football of his career. Lay the points with the G men in this one.

Steve Melzer

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  • OK this writer is certifiable. How are you going to take point spreads on divisional games for starters, two Mccoy might beat the Giants all by himself. I don’t think the Eagles are going to win either but these are the two games you came up with?

    Green Bay?
    San Fran?
    New England?

  • Yeah it is kind of funny as the writer chooses these two games and says the division wins and losses will be huge but he says to take the redskins and the points.Even if the redskins lose by six and get a points spread win it will still be a division loss.Does not make alot of sense.

  • More like stoned cold.

  • Redskins have no chance with or without the points
    The Cowboys are playing pretty good ball and have RB D Murray playing well
    and WR L Robinson to pick-up slack for missing M Austin who is appearring more and more like a1 hit wonder and really hasn’t done much in 2011…
    COwboys 27-10 over the hapless Redskins and Grossman who have no O/Line, Spotty running game and no WR’s,….

    Eagles wIll play hard and hang in for th e1st half, but I don’t see them scoring many points with VIck & Maclin out and I see Manning and Nicks & Cruz having big games .. Giants pull away in the 2nd half and win 31-16
    as the Eagles Season will be mathematically over by Thanksgiving..
    DReam Team is going to have to keep on Dreaming for it’s not happening in 2011.. We will have 1 more Season with Coach AR/MM and staff… Can’t wait

  • I take my rTrashing of the Redskins Back,and the Cowboys are not as good as I thought they would be either, this NFC East is pretty bad this year and in recent seasons when you think about it..

  • I’m assuming today will also mark the end of the “Skelton will replace Kolb” talk in Arizona.

  • I’ve been very busy the past few weeks and haven’t had time to post. I must though there really hasn’t been much to post about. I’ve been very disappointed in the whole football landscape here in Philadelphia. The Eagles management, coaches, players, and fans are all acting like certified losers. To state the obvious – the treatment of Desean Jackson by the front office has been unconsonable, how can you pay Steve Smith 4 million and only pay your 2x ProBowl All Star just 600 thousand. Then suspend rather than just fine him for what may have been one of the most important games of the season? That makes sense only if you want to make him the scapegoat for losing the game. Yes the Eagles lost because Jackson didn’t play (we saw how important it is to have him play even if it’s just to stretch the field and open up the middle for slot receivers) but that was the coaches’ decision not Jackson’s. – Loser policy and procedures. Avant’s statement to fans after the Cowboy win was also not well thought out. Philly fans don’t like to be criticized especially when they’re wrong. The Eagles still had eleven games to play. Don’t alienate fans. Even if they “They do not know what they do”. – Losers throwing red meat at the wolves. Record breaking 5 games lost with lead in 4th quarter means the your defensive coordinator is either inadequate or not making proper adjustments. The fact the the Eagles front office failed to bring in an experienced defensive expert to assist their novice defensive coordinator is inexcusable. – Losers are too proud to accept help. I’ve seen many losing seasons following the Eagles from the Sixties to the Eleventies. From Kuharick to Kotite to Rhodes, the characteristics are the same. Losers beat themselves before the game is ever played.

  • Deepthreat..

    How do the Ravens pay superstar probowl player Ray Rice $600k?
    How do the Bears pay superstar probowl player Matt Forte $600k?
    How do the Texans pay superstar probowl player Arian Foster $550k?
    How do the Bills pay Steve Johnson $600k?
    How do Steelers pay Mike Wallace $480 a year?

    It is what it is. There are teams all over the league with “superstars” making league minimum. Desean Jackson has to nut up or shut up.

  • Undoubtedly, Reid has been saving McCoy for a game such as this, one in which the defense will be keying on him exclusively. How long before he’s injured?

    Reid the QB Killer will now transform into Reid the Running Back Killer.

  • Wait. Do I read this correctly Drummer.

    For 10 weeks its been “REID DOESN’T RUN ENOUGH!”


    Got it.

    Don;t worry, we’ll see 40x throws as usual.

  • This is the Koy Detmer, AJ Feeley game. You know the game when Marty calls alot of runs, short passess and creative game plan. The game where you say why doesnt he call this type of game for McNabb I mean Vick.

  • Vinnie
    I’m not familiar with the circumstances involved with the players you mentioned. However if they’re being underpaid, yes they should be paid commensurate to their coworkers. No reason to penalize best players because others are being underpaid. No need to demonize Jackson . He not holding out or even complaining.

  • ?? They’re playing for the contract they signed. Just like Desean. At least 3 on that list are much better than Desean. They should all have contracts redone, and I’m assuming they will.

    ALl I’m saying is that these guys are just as “underpaid” as Desean…they are just as “disrespected” as Desean…yet tey don;t pout like Desean or miss meetings like Desean.

    I have no idea what to root for tonight. Vince young will never win a SB for the Birds. But neither will Vick. Both terrible options….but…..while they both bad QB,s Young doesn;t seem to be as much of a misecreant

  • Lets call this the kindergarten offence tonight

  • Why can’t any Eagle QBs just throw the ball right away? Right as the WR gets to the DB….ANTICIPATING that he’ll run by, instead of waiting till the guy is 60 yrds downfield and predictably throwing the ball short and allowing the DB to catch up?

  • Punting from the 36?? We’re 3 and 6. Is gaining 20 yrds on a kick that important? Go for it.

  • Vinnie,
    Maybe you should “root” for the other team. You don’t seem to like the Eagles very much.

  • You excited by this? You excited by Young? Tell me when he does anything approaching what an NFL QB should do and I’ll get excited.

    At least the D is playing OK….but they won’t be able to hold up forever with this disaster leading the O.

  • Ahhhh I see what this is about with you Vinnie. Of course you hate Vick and Vince Young. Dont worry maybe Kafka will play. lol

  • Riley Cooper stinks. He does nothing well.

  • I hate Vick. He’s a bad qb with the attitude that he’s great. He hates the world and is a misicrant. Nothing to love.

    I don’t hate Young. Not at all. Nothing to hate. That being said, he’s just not a good QB. You think the Eagles’ can go anywhere with this guy at the helm?
    Are you watching this shit? Young is terrible. I don;t know how the supposed “quarterback guru” has hitched his wagon to these 2 guys.

    Tell me…how would you describe 5 of 12 with a pick? Good? Acceptable? Or complete shit?

  • You guys still read what Vinnie rights ?…LMAO

  • so enlighten me gotta luv it

    you describe this Young performance

    Please…I want to know….tell me how this shit is Reids fault, or the oline, or the WRs dropping the ball……

    5 of 13 with 2 picks


    Enlighten me

  • LB’s seem to be there

  • I was willing to give VY a 1 quarter grace period to work off the rust as he hasnt played for a while. I wouldnt blame that last INT on him. Definitely seemed like a bit of PI.

  • VY has a winning percentage equal to John Elway and greater than Brees, Favre, Marino, Eli and Romo.

    A lot of superbowl winners in that group. Why not Vince Young?

  • nice effort desean

    me me me me me me me me me me me me

    still don;t understand how that penalty didn;t come after the play

  • Djax is a douche. Cant believe the lack of ‘team first’ mentality our guys are lacking

  • mimitaro are you trying to compare Young to those guys?

    Are you kidding me? Have you never watched, played, read about football before?

    Don;t be ridiculous.

  • Im saying the dudes a proven winner. And given some time he could join those guys. Far too early to make assumptions like ‘hes just not a good QB’ when he wins games at a better rate than Brees.

  • Proven winner when playing in a kindergarten offence with a max 2 WR/te out at a time. WIth a good RB and a D. Can beat up on the Jags and Browns of the world. How’d he do in the playoffs?

    Guy is terrible. Forget the 30-17 record just for a moment. Just watch him. Does he look like an NFL QB? In any sense?


  • Anyone else notice the first INT was thrown to Jackson who got out positioned (albeit an underthrown ball Jackson still couldve come back to it and at least deflected it). And that last int that was overturned Jackson once again was out maneuvered by the defender. How do you let the defender get in front of you on a comeback route when the balls thrown at your feet and the defender starts off behind you?

  • Your asking me to watch a guy who hasn’t started for 15 football weeks and pass judgement on him today? Even Carson Palmer looked bad in his first Raiders game and that was only 8 football weeks off. Now with a bit of time he looks amazing.

  • I’ll take that

  • Thats awesome. Crowd loves it.

  • How sour did Coughlin look?

  • Better than nothing. I’m really rooting for Young. Rather him than Vick, because I think Vick is a negative guy. Like Youngs’s enthusiasm.

    But we’re not going to win a SB with Young at the helm.

    Oh, and how bad have the Giants been? Terrible.

  • I like how the Giants receivers are dropping so many balls while Steve Smith is on the other side catching TDs

  • See I dont mind Young pulling down the ball and taking the sack there. Vick probably throws it up or takes off running. Nothing wrong with taking the sack when no receivers are open. Hes starting to get in the groove of things.

  • hmmmmm….mildly suprising

  • Riley Cooper lmao. He just doesnt understand to knock the ball down.

  • great. The moment I start thinking to myself, “Hey, Young is actually starting to…..”

    He goes and throws that shitter.

    I’ll stick with my original thesis.

  • I thought we established years ago we dont have a receiver who can catch a fade?

  • Yup. That was clearly Cooper’s fault daggolden.

  • The throw was supposed to be to the corner. Like we say 50x today in the nfl. Throw was short. Should have been to the corner. Wasn’t. Blame Cooper.

  • Damn right it was. He looked like the unathletic player that he is. Help the QB out and knock the ball down your 6 6

  • We dont have a QB who can throw a fade either

  • At least if our defense keeps playing like this we wont blow a 4th quarter lead for once? Fingers crossed…

  • Hes not the 5 8 150 pound Jackson. Hes friggin 6 4 215 lbs. Knock the ball down you stiff.

  • Why is Eli still throwing to 85? Thats 3 drops for him today

  • Comon Dag. His job was to run to the corner and catch it over his shoulder. By the time he sees the ball its too late. Laws of physics buddy. It was a terrible throw.

  • Im still sitting on the fence with him. 3 INTs but 2 of them could have been prevented if the WR turned into a defender and knocked it away. The other was bobbled off the hands of a receiver into the Giants secondary. Ill advised throws but not entirely his fault.

  • and the throw that was just barely bounced into NYG arms? That’s close to 4….

  • this is the same as every other Birds game this year…let other team just hang around, hang around……

    Hopefully different result……but doubtful….

    and the D will again be blames….another “4th Q collapse” but this game ALL on the O. Esp on the quarterback.

  • The throw that bounced into the NYG arms was just as much Djaxs fault. How do you get out of position on a comeback route throw at your feet with the defender behind you? How does the defender get in front of that?

  • You can look at it how you like. We are going into the 4th quarter with a lead again, and the defense just looked awful on that series.

  • this game is NOT on the defense

  • In its entirety no. But they are still going to war with a lead in the 4th qtr. You would expect them to hold on.

  • Still throwing jump balls to Riley? Really?

  • good timout there. Stop the clock exactly what NYG wants

  • best eagle drive i’ve seen in 5 years

  • Nice

  • Hows that drive Vinnie?

    I was willing to give him a free pass to start the game and shake off rust. Looked decent for the second half.

  • QB controversy?????

    I’m a fan!!!!

  • How do you lose to Arizona?

  • Juan bring some pressure.

  • simple answer dag?



  • Dudes a winner.

  • vinnietheevictor
    November 20, 2011 – 9:29 pm

    so enlighten me gotta luv it

    you describe this Young performance

    I Describe it as a WIN




  • Ugly game… But at least they won… Still made alot of stupid mistakes but VY hung in there and made the difference in the 4th. Great pressure by the D after nearly blowing it…

    D played as if the Giants challenged their manhood… they looked hungry. I noticed plenty of running plays called by Andy… Still dont trust this team but at least there is still a real reason to watch next week.

  • Great game tonight, kudos to VY who stayed calm,cool and collected even with his 3 picks earlier in the game.. He had a very good sense of the rush and got rid of the ball timnely… OL gave him time for the most part..
    Also, the Defense played great (outside of Nate Allen’s poor play on the ball in the air to Nicks down the Sieline and Asmo’s poor positioning on that TD pass to Cruz late in the game.. The D/L and in particulatr C Jenkins, D Tapp, J Parker were the Stars of the game in my opinion… Tapp and Parker were pressurig all night and allowed Cole & Babin to be fresh late in the game)

  • Well…interesting. I was really into the 4th Q. Really liked that scoring drive. Best I’ve seen in a while.

    That being said, VY (who I can root for 1000x more eagerly than Vick) was terrible for 3Q. Eagles were fortunate that Eli picked today to display his Mike Vick impersonation on national TV.

    Eagles D was fantastic, and really compensated for Young’s early foibles. To overcome 3 INTs is pretty solid…if not remarkable. I don’t know if Young will be able to come through without that kind of help, but am willing to give it a look, something I cannot do with Vick, who stinks….

    QB contorversy….I’m in. I’m calling for Young over the misecrant.

  • great point paulman.. tapp & parker kept the pressure on all night along with rolle playing some good ball too… Im still seeing blown coverages in the 4th qtr though..

  • Paul, I thought Parker was done and not worth keeping around?

  • Vinnie….who had abetter game? Vince Young or Eli Manning?

    another thing guys….

    Please don’t get excited because Bill Belichick will be matched against Juan Castillo at the Linc.

    I’m off the roller coaster

  • I just noticed something interesting. In games we win, McCoy averages 24 rushes. In games we lose, he averages 15.

    Nah, probably doesn’t mean anything.

  • Songs, also remember we have our weapons matched up against that awful Pats defense. All in all we have better players. They will be more disciplined and team orientated however

  • Horatio whilst running generally sets up a good balanced winning gameplan those stats are skewered.

    If we jump out to a big lead via the pass then of course we are going to run the rest of the game and the number of runs look inflated whereas it was the pass which won it for us early. e.g. Redskins blowout last year

    Also if we are losing because the other team has had a fast start and maybe some turnovers, we are going to pass more.

    Therefore stats showing us running more

  • Horatio whilst running generally sets up a good balanced winning gameplan those stats are skewered.

    If we jump out to a big lead via the pass then of course we are going to run the rest of the game and the number of runs look inflated whereas it was the pass which won it for us early. e.g. Redskins blowout last year

    Also if we are losing because the other team has had a fast start and maybe some turnovers, we are going to pass more.

    Therefore stats showing us running more arent entirely accurate

  • Don’t be surprised if McCoy get 8 carries next week in another losing effort.

  • Does it really matter right now? This ugly win is just delaying the inevitable. VY, stinks. He’ll get you all the way down, only to make stupid mistakes. Where was the running game, again? If it wasn’t for the meaningless 60 yard run at the end of the game, McCoy would only of had 55 yards rushing, on 22 carries. They use the run, & don’t stick to it when it gets stopped a few times. Sure, let our mentally challenged, backup QB, who hasn’t played in over a year, throw the ball 40 times. BRILLIANT!

  • Since when is 20 carries not running the ball ?

  • DCar – “They use the run, & don’t stick to it when it gets stopped a few times.” It got stopped all night long and, as you pointed out, they still ran it 23 times. How is that not sticking with the run? I’m usually the first in line to criticize AR & MM for not sticking with the run but given the way the O Line couldn’t help get McCoy out of the backfield all night long, I was inpressed with how much they did stick with the run and I don’t see how you can reasonably crticize them for the number of running plays called. Of course, as Songs pointed out, they’ll probably only run it 8 times next week.

    And I agree, none of it matters anyway. Even if, by some miracle, they manage to get in to the playoffs, Reid doesn’t have the coaching skills to make in-game adjustments to win against well coached teams in the playoffs. If it doesn’t go as planned, they’re screwed.

  • See, from these posts, its clear that the haters can’t enjoy a good win. “it was ugly” – um, if you want pretty, go watch something else – this is football. And you’re upset about HOW they won the game? The goal is to have more points at the end, not go for some particular stats.

    You fools are sad.

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