• July 4, 2022

Reid & Eagles Embarrassed At Home By The Patriots 38-20

The chant was loud.  “Fire Andy”.  “Fire Andy”.  He said he didn’t hear but everybody else did including his players. Bill Belichick are the reason that Andy Reid doesn’t have a Super Bowl title, but he may also wind up helping to get him fired.

This was one of the most embarrassing situations Reid’s Eagles team have ever been in.  It wasn’t even half way through the fourth quarter and most of the fans had filed out.

The Eagles were blown out at Lincoln Financial Field.  They are 1-5 at their home field this season and 1-8 in their last nine games at home.

Yes the boo birds were out at Lincoln Financial Field and deservedly so. The Patriots took the Birds apart in every phase of the game.

The Eagles came out and got everybody all charged up by scoring a touchdown against the Patriots before the fans could get comfortable in their seats.

Unfortunately, just as quickly as they got the lead, the Eagles defense coughed it up and went on to get manhandled by the New England Patriots.  This was a laugher has been a very disappointing game full of bad performances.

This a talented football team, but this is not a good football team.

They were pounded by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots 38-20 and it could have been worse.  Brady and the Patriots offense totally overmatched Juan Castillo and the Eagles defense.  The future Hall of Famer easily carved up the Birds secondary.

Safety Nate Allen made a couple of horrible plays, the worst of which was making the mistake of biting on a play fake and letting Wes Welker get open deep down the middle.  This was a foolish because the deep safety isn’t going to be a major factor on dives up the middle.

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson also had a bad game.  He let a couple of passes go through his hands which could have been caught.  It looked like he turned down those catches because he knew he was going to get nailed.

Jackson also let a bomb which Young threw that was right on the money, slip through his hands in the end zone.  Reid took him out of the game, which was in a way a benching but he refused to call it that.  Reid said, “I was giving the other guys a chance to play”.

Vince Young did some good things during the game, but he didn’t play well enough to put enough points on the board to even stay close to the Patriots.  Young and the Birds offense piled up 466 yards but they couldn’t get them when they were in position to score touchdowns.

I’ll be talking about the game at 10pm-2am tonight on 94WIP.  Check it out.


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  • G- this game was the nail in the coffin for Reid…..he has been unable to adapt to the changes in the NFL over the past 5 seasons and has been regressing…..he continues to draft poorly, make bad free agent signings and hire incompetent coaches…. he needs to go!
    As for the players you named, Allen needs to be released and Desean can leave after the season as a free agent, neither is worth it!

  • The Eagles had a defensive alignment where no one was over the center. Anytime, the Pats see that alignment, it’s an automatic QB sneak. So, Brady took off for 7.

    C’mon, this is Football 101.

  • I liked the fight song at the end of the game when we scored a touchdown. This is comedy hour at the linc.

  • The All-In Dream Team could “officially” be eliminated in the month of November.

  • For those of you who are praying that Reid is gone after the season, forget about it. I have dissected the Eagles management behavior, moves and decisions over the years and have concluded this. Joe Banner hates Philadelphia and Eagles fans. His goal is to frustrate and torture the populace. He makes sure he keeps the pulse alive with just enough victories, but purposefully angers everyone of us with almost every move they make or don’t make. The ultimate for him would be to bring Reid back. At this rate, Reid can’t win a title in 2 to 3 years, but Banner can twist the knife and make us all suffer by forcing a failing and indignant Reid on us for a while longer. I fully expect this titanic to take at least 12 to 18 months to finally sink.

  • Andy Reid got alot of nerve benching someone. How about benching Marty for his pathetic game plan and non-use of the leagues best rb once again. How about benching yourd-coordinaotr who is the worst d-cord in the NFL.. Why not bench Nate Allen or that stiff Trent Cole who is good for 1 off side and 0 sacks a game. How about benching Howie Roseman whose pathetic draft picks have set this team back 5 years. Andy Reid has alot of nerve to bench anyone but himself.

  • rastadoc

    Why did they spend so much if they only wanted to frustrate?

  • I’ve observed Lurie too, and he wants MONEY.

    About half of all NFL revenue is derived from merchandising (jerseys, etc.) and Lurie’s been losing that money to the Phillies since they won the pennant. He’s lost a lot of money. It’s Christmas, and he’s losing money.

    The Eagles went all in because of that fact. They watched the Phillies get rich by winning a title. The Phillies used to have a revenue problem, but since they won the title, they have come the new New York Yankees.

    Based on their knowledge that football is No .1 sport, Lurie realized they could make their next billion much more quickly. Reid helped them to get rich and now he’s causing them to lose money. Based on that, he’s gone!

  • Dag

    I’m with you. How dare he!

    Jackson didn’t have his best game and he’s certainly not having his best season, but he’s still the best $500,000 player in he NFL.

    I called this out two years ago. They should have thrown him a bonus. There was no need to extend him at that time, but because he was a double pro-bowler, they should have thrown him $5 million.

    How many other double pro-bowlers will the NFL ever see? No one makes it at two positions in the same season, other than Jackson. So, the team didn’t have to worry about another player coming to them with complaints.

    It’s like they learned nothing from the T.O. situation.

  • Not even Kotite could have sunk to these depths with an “all-in” team.

  • I’m going to re-visit a question from years ago.

    Who was most at fault Reid or McNabb?

    At the time, I said Reid, and today, I still say Reid.

  • When I see the adjustments made by Belichick to protect Brady, I have to say Reid was most at fault. He’s always gotten his QBs beat to death.

    We were pounding Brady, then Belichick adjusted, and the rest is history.

    The QB Killer makes no such adjustments.

  • Funny how we took care of the NYG who beat the Patriots, then lay this egg. This coach so often can’t put his players in the right position to succeed. EVERYTIME Reid faces a good coach (include the likable Juan with the HC too) he gets outcoached, and in the last few years even average coaches do the same.

    Lurie and this FO need to “man up” and do what’s right by the end of THIS season. Time has long been overdue for Reid to depart!

  • I hope that this team moves to LA and leaves the Eagles name behind. I would love to see a real franchise start from scratch.

    This whole season has been a huge bust. The worst part is being stuck with all the wrong players on long term deals.

    I hope they can con someone into giving us a 7th rounder for 7 because he can’t see over his line

  • The Pats began their scoring with a 12-play 80-yard drive, 9 of which runs. They did that because we were beating the hell out of Brady. And guess what, Brady didn’t have any problems afterward.

    I wish Andy would understand this concept.

  • Drummer – I said Reid then and I still do.

    Iggles – The two games that the Eagles looked so good in, the Giants & Cowboys was against two teams that couldn’t have played much worse on both sides of the ball. That wasn’t the Eagles beatin the snot out fo their opponent, it was the opponent playing down to the Eagles level and losing for it.

    Reid sucks and his team does because of him.

    10 rushes by the best RB in the NFL instead of rushing 30 times to keep the Pats offense off the field. Are you effing kidding me? Good ole Reid. Too smart to win a game that counts.

  • Where are all the DJax groupies who laughed at me and Paulman when we suggested trading himduring the offseason? Every game that goes by he loses value.

  • Jackson was horrible tonight. 2 dropped TD passes. AR certainly deserves everything that he gets, but don’t defend Jackson and let him off because he didn’t get paid. D-Jax just proved to me once again why he shouldn’t get Top 10 WR $. I understand what he does for the offense in that he opens it up, but sooner or later a “Top” WR has to make plays especially when they hit you in the hands. If he can’t or won’t play because of the money that he wants then he isn’t the professional that he called himself about 5 times in a 30 second span with Michael Irvin. And he certainly didn’t look like a man which is also called himself a bunch of times when he dropped the pass and then into the fetal position in the endzone.

  • who knew all along bleed green actually meant bleed your green money away… if you buy anything eagles or any tickets you’re complicit. F this team, F this front office, and F this owner if he doesn’t fire reid. this is bs

  • Can Vince Young win the Eagles a championship? No
    Can Michael Vick win the Eagles a championship? No
    This team needs to draft a Quarterback. I assume they will land
    a top 12 pick. I would highly consider trading Asante Samuel and the 12th pick to move up around 7-8 to draft either Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin from Baylor. LaRon Landry is an option at Safety this off season. I see a dramatic change in coaching this off season. Andy, Marty will be gone. Juan will be demoted. I would love to see Cower as the new coach because he would use Shady way more effectively than andy would ever do.

  • What does a blow job and the Philadelphia Eagles have in common?

  • EaglesSuck – Reid will parlay a top 12 pick in to a high 2nd round pick and 3 3rd round picks he will later cut. Can’t wait for more fastballs and players he wants to convert to LBs.

    The problem has been Reid since he no longer had a crappy NFC East to beat up on to get in to the playoffs.

  • At 4-7 and one win in it’s last 8 home games they the Eagles organization has taken to disgracing a mount rush more president and reduced him to rubble.Ironically I’d like see an emancipation at the linc; free the fans from this humiliation and restore order,the fire Andy chant that resonated louder then the pre game fireworks is just the start.Jeff Lurie a native new englander was humbled and humiliated.As the owner who if memory serves me correctly,promised the fan base a gold standard,well it’s time to put up and not clam up like new England chowder. It’s painful to admit failure but it’s even more painful to sit idly and watch the faces of your fans suffer through embarrassment at the once crown jewel The Linc.Rocky himself is embarrassed and has tripped over the steps ,the Phillies have seized the city and the Eagles are an afterthought before December.Brotherly love ? How many days until pitchers and catchers,times yours fans,spend it wisely and show mr Lurie your green,by leaving your green seats empty and barren.

  • I feel like all you guys hopped on the bandwagon during the offseason and now that the eagles aren’t doing good, you bitch and moan and blame everyone you can think of. I know everyone is frustrated, but bitching about it won’t change anything. I agree with most of the comments made, but I feel that they go too far. I think we need to fire Reid, morningweig, and Juan and hire a real d- coordinator, and bring in a college head coach as our head coach like the niners did…. Maybe les miles? Vicks not going anywhere. Why do we have desean running crossing routes??? He’s too much of a pussy to catch them…. Play his strengths and throw him deep bombs. Our safety’s are terrible. I love Brian rolle. Ronnie brown was a terrible pickup. we need a legit kick returner. Riley Cooper is a stud…. Why did we sign Steve smith? Our d line and linebackers have improved greatly. Why do we never throw goaline fades? 4th and 1 pass??? Really??? Ok I’m done… Just some of my thoughts

  • I recall a non-sensical article posted on this site during the week about Desean Jackson and how his flipping the ball at DC Fewell in the NY game symbolized his “attitude”, which translated to the swagger of this offense. I remember thinking than, like now, Really, how about he just score some touchdowns instead. He had several chances tonite and we saw the results. I understand the whole spread the defense montra, but Djax, much like Babin, is a one trick pony and that trick is the deep ball. He wont go over the middle, cant beat press coverage and has suspect hands. That being said, there is a value to spreading the defense and I’d still bring him back next year, but not at top 10 money. Overall, the Eagles need to blow this whole thing up and start over. Trade some big contracts for whatever you can get. Draft a QB and go heavy defense after that. There are servicable parts on this team, but collectively and the way they’re coached, this team is dreadful and painful to watch. New HC, DC, OC, GM and philosophy. McKoy gets 12 touches? 4th and 1 at the 2yd line and we run a TE fade route? You can’t be serious. By the way Andy, Casey isn’t Clay, Nnamdi isn’t Woodson and C. Hall isn’t Woodhead.

  • Man, all of this talk about Sandusky, Big Red has gotten away with F’n us in the A for years now.

  • Drummer…
    “Jackson didn’t have his best game and he’s certainly not having his best season, but he’s still the best $500,000 player in he NFL”

    Man…have you ever heard of Ray Rice, Matt Forte or Arian Foster???

    Get out of Desean’s jock. Guy is a punk. Terrible.

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the most important position on the team? QB. ‘Cause both guys we have absolutely stink.

  • Cmon Vinnie, VY wasnt too bad today. 400 yards and a TD. Plus DJax cost him another 50 yards and a TD. Then 40 yards on the ground to boot.

    Why is it that DJax gets outmuscled in tight coverage? He needs to come back on that underthrown ball not get pushed out of the play.

  • This team is the most soft, pathetic excuse of a team that I’ve ever seen. This team has to be blown up! DJax sealed his fate, with his alligator arms today. 2 more dropped TD’s. That makes approximately 6 for the season, now. Do we even have LB’s & Safeties? Again, no running game! How do you only run the ball 10 times, with arguably one of the best RB’s in the NFL!? Tebow had f^#@ing 22 himself!! Again, how do you play the secondary in zone DF, 90% of the game, to the teams detriment!? This team has no heart, no balls, no leadership, no brains & bad talent evaluators & decision makers. Rosebud, Reid, Castillo, Morningwood, DJax, Samuel, all the LB’s, all the safeties, ASSomugha, Watkins, VY, Brown, Smith, & did I say Reid, all need to get the AX, at the end of the season. Because apparently it ain’t happening now! Where the f^#@ is Cole, Babin & this so called unstoppable, high priced pass rush!? BTW, where is Nate Allen & Joselio Hanson getting treated for their third degree burns, tonight!? Absolutely pathetic, disgusting, horrific & nauseating, this team has become!!

  • This team is nothing of a bunch of selfish @$$holes, that is full of delusion, denial, dissension, discord & dip$#!ts! They are overpaid & were over-hyped, from the get go. For this team to ever realistically have a chance to win a SB, the philosophy from top- bottom has to changed drastically. Banner has to fire Rosebud, Reid & his entire @$$clown posse. It has to be done ASAP! You can not go into next season, with these douchebags, making the evaluations! This team blows!!!

  • they wanted to get a new line coach and he put in all small athletic blockers..IE run blockers.. thats why mccoy is doing good and the passing game has regressed.. coaches made more mistakes this year than ever and this was supposed to be the year with the least mistakes.. vince young is good..vick is good.. but its the coaches and changes that ruined this team

  • Out of all the garbage on the Eagles lets get rid of the one probowl player on the team. Jackson. Sure hes having a bad year but I would think hes way down the list of things that need toi be changed. Whot the f%^k is gonna play WR next year? You aint getting Andre Johnson. Yeah give me Riley Cooper Ill take some of that. Alot of other areas are of concern before DJax.

  • Heres an idea. How about we get rid of Avant, Cooper and Steve Smith and give the money to a guy who has won us alot of games in the past and has proven to be a pro bowl caliber player. We can replace those other stiffs with low round draft picks. Hmmmm who would I rather have Maclin and Cooper or Maclin and Jackson. tough choice.

  • Dear Andy Reid,

    Here is Bob Hope’s theme song. “Thanks for the Memory”

    It seemed appropriate after viewing the game I knew was coming every since the Steeler Preseason game… Take Care FAT BOY.

    Thanks for the memory
    Of sentimental verse and nothing in my purse
    And chuckles when the preacher said, “For better or for worse”
    How lovely it was

    Thanks for the memory
    Of rainy afternoons that pulls me by the case
    And how I jumped the day you trunked my burning toast and prunes
    How lovely it was

    We said goodbye with a highball
    Find More lyrics at http://www.sweetslyrics.com
    Then I got as high as a steeple
    But we were intelligent people, no tears, no fuss
    Hooray, for us

    So, thanks for the memory
    Of sunburns at the shore, darling, how are you?
    You might have been a headache, but you never were a bore
    I’m awfully glad I met you, cheerio and toodle-oo
    And thank you so much

  • Dear Andy Reid,

    Here is Bob Hope’s theme song. “Thanks for the Memory”

    It seemed appropriate after viewing the game I knew was coming every since the Steeler Preseason game… Take Care FAT BOY.

    Thanks for the memory
    Of sentimental verse and nothing in my purse
    And chuckles when the preacher said, “For better or for worse”
    How lovely it was

    Thanks for the memory
    Of rainy afternoons that pulls me by the case
    And how I jumped the day you trunked my burning toast and prunes
    How lovely it was

    We said goodbye with a highball
    Then I got as high as a steeple
    But we were intelligent people, no tears, no fuss
    Hooray, for us

    So, thanks for the memory
    Of sunburns at the shore, darling, how are you?
    You might have been a headache, but you never were a bore
    I’m awfully glad I met you, cheerio and toodle-oo
    And thank you so much

  • On the goal-line attempts early in the game, the Patriots lined up in their normal alignment, with their linebackers playing deep. Thank about that for a second. Have you EVER seen a goal-line stand where the defense is in its normal alignment?

    They not only knew that Reid would not run the ball, they dared him to do so.

  • Desean Jackson

    You are a bum.

    I said in the summer and so many of your fans defended you.

    I knew that you were not for real when you have been in the league this long and have done nothing to make yourself better. With state of the art equipment and trainers you could have added 20 pounds of muscle and maintained your speed the same as world class track stars have done. Usane Bolt is a beast and he is all muscle.

    Your alligator arms are worst than Ricky Watters. I am so glad that the Eagles did not give you any more money. You are a one trick pony. Hitch a ride with Andy Reid on your way out of town.

  • Fat Boy and Boney J.

    That should be the name of your comedy act, because both of you are a joke.

  • I better never hear u morons say PAY THE MAN agai.n. Let Lil Todd pinkston walk…..asap

  • Phantastic Phour- What the hell are you talking about? You’re the only person on here I don’t recognize. Most of the people on here bitching have been right along saying this during pre season. We knew this team wasn’t equipped. Unless you’re secretly Navyeaglefan or Schiller which is not a stretch. Have you moved on to a different name now? You’re demented.

  • And to respond to goldenfag — I’ll take Maclin/Cooper/Avant any day of the week.

    Jackson and his “top 10” money attitude can go elsewhere.

    Desean Jackson is nothing more than a glorified Kevin Curtis — but even Curtis had better hands and wasn’t afraid of ANYTHING.

  • if tebow is named the qb, we need to trade riley cooper to denver for a 3rd round pick

  • I have made it clear that Desean is a punk. The Ricky Watters alligator arms business he pulled in the 1st was laughable.

    That being said, Vince Young was throwing kill shot balls all day. He had several of his wrs lit up, and a couple where guys pulled in the arms would have resulted in some wipeouts.

    Don’t give me the “400 yrds” guff. 200 of it came when it was 38-13 or whatever the score was in the 4th. Young was scattershot, innacurate, bouncing balls off the turf or leading his WRs knockouts.

    How can you play WR on this team? Turn around and where do you expect the ball to be? They never know with these 2 QBs. High? Low? who knows. At least with McNabb they knew it would always be low. At least he was consistently innacturate.

    I will not back off my stance that QB is the most important position on the field and both our “starting” QBs are rotten to the core. Ramble on about LBs or JAson Babin all you want. We’re not winning anything with MV or VY at the helm.

  • if I were Vince young I would have busted that puny ass Jackson dropping two touchdown passes and others, costing Vince young money, Vince young can play

    and that fourth down call just typifies how stupid Reid is, everyone was calling for a sneak with your hoss qb except Reid and bellecheck who knows how damn stupid Reid is, I want some of these front office suck ups ,Reid defenders to show up now, pathetic

  • “Kill” shots? LMAO. You play wide receiver in the NFL, you make the play. Plain and simple. Avant got murdered and didn’t care. He kept going back to work. Vince Young would have had a CAREER day without the drops.

    Get off McNabbs nuts. He got benched for Rex Grossman……then he got benched for a rookie. Stick a fork in him.

  • look, if there weren’t so many other targets of the fans derision, Reid, mm, Castillo, et. al the big story would be how that chump Jackson cost the birds, I don’t see how any of you can defend his play, his attitude, good bye

  • I don’t know who Desean Jackson is……but I thought we released Todd Pinkston a couple of years ago. What was he doing on the field yesterday?

  • Everyone take a deep breath.

    Live in this moment.

    we’re looking at the house Andy built and there’s no Superman to pull his poor coaching fat out the fire.

    Now, we can hope Vick gets healthy to lead us under a better coaching staff next season.

    What have we gotten out of the draft the last 2 off seasons?

    Who told us this regime does not value the linebacker position?

    Who abandons the run game when it’s all on the line?

    Who would pass 4 consecutive times from the 5 yard line and not run with the league leading running back, playing in a must win?

    Who does the same thing over again only to promise to do a better job of doing the same things over again?

    We need to get away from the gimmicks, small undersized bums, and change this coach along with the small players who are mauled when it’s all on the line.

    Andy was asked why didn’t he run with his elite running back with multiple opportunities near the goal line…and his answer?

    “They are a little stout against the run.”


    So now we get it.

    You let the team dictate to you what to run.

    So, instead of you building a team that can maul a team that is stout against the run…you in turn hire a 295 pound center that moves nothing near the goal line forcing you to throw?

    Fire his ass Lurie!

    Fire Andy’s Ass

  • Andy’s going to do a “better job” next year. Write it down, he stays. Sorry.

  • Coach AR, Mudd, Washburn, April all return for the 2012 Season

    Marty Morhnewig resigns and takes the Penn State HC job
    Secondary Coach Johnny Lynne is terminated
    Juan Castillo is demoted to Linebacker Posiiton Coach

    Doug Pederson is promoted to Offensive Coordinator
    Chuck Cecil is hired as Defensive Coordinator
    Tim Hauck is hired as the Secondary Coach

    Eagles finish with a 7-9 Record in 2011 and end up with the 10th Draft Position… They Trade CB A Samuel, OT W Justice for additional Draft Picks..
    They let Free-Agents D-Jax, Steve Smith, R Brown, Jamall Jackson,J Parker,T Laws, J Hanson, M Fokou & O Schmitt all walk and move on to other teams via Free-Agency
    The Eagles look to lock in OG E Mathis, OT K Dunlap & Vince Young

    They Draft LB,DT,WR,Safety, RB,OL and they sign a 2nd Tier OL,RB,LB in Free-Agency…

    The Eagles finish the 2012 Season 9-7 and miss the Playoffs again and then Coach AR and his Staff are all terminated/released of duty

  • flat out reid is gone after this season, you state a million times paulman that reid returns, but it aint happening, reid is bad for business, lurie is business, reid is gone, he will resign at the end of the season with some bs press conference, theres your stone cold lock

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