• November 27, 2021

Andy Reid Defends DeSean Jackson And Criticizes NFL Network

Eagles head coach Andy Reid just finished his day after news conference and came out in defense of his speedy wide receiver DeSean Jackson. In Reid’s opinion Jackson was “totally into the game” versus the Seahawks. He criticized the NFL Network for the way they portrayed Jackson being aloof and separated from his Eagles teammates.

In much the same way as in the second half of the Patriots game, the network cameras focused on

He has a point because the NFL Network described a conversation between Jackson and Eagles quarterback Vince Young.  Young was talking and Jackson wasn’t looking at him, but if you looked closely at the situation, wide receiver Riley Cooper was sitting next to Jackson.  Young was talking to Cooper and not to Jackson, so it wasn’t as the commentators portrayed that Jackson was demonstrating his attitude by ignoring his quarterback.


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  • What a soap opera.

  • …. and the reason for not blocking on the swing pass that would have given us a TD?

  • And this afternoon Jim Rome was going OFF on Desean and the press conference. SO I guess Andy Reid better go on there and put out some more fires.

    Look. All I know is after the first Young Pick, while it was being reviewed they showed a dejected Young sitting alone on teh bench, head and shoulders down. Defeated. Not up at the sidelines talking with the OC, not reviewing game pics….just slumped. And this during the challenge when the team couldn’t have been 100 sure it was a pick.

    Then cut to Desean slumped and alone on the bench also. The two should be cut for their body language alone. Infectuous. Team was done the moment that first flutterball landed in the arms of CHancellor.

  • It is time to take out the trash. Bye bye Assante and D Jack. Nice knowing you and thanks for the memories. There have been some good ones. I don’t think either of you will do much in the future. Juan you’re fired and NO you cannot have a job as the assistant towel boy. Go work somewhere else. You’re done here. Since you were such a mediocre O line coach I’m sure you can get your old job with another team. You have friends out there. I can’t say thanks for the memories because you ruined this season and I never liked you as line coach either. But I’m sure you’re a decent man. Good luck!

  • I agree that just taking a snapshot doesn’t show the entire story. But I also saw a guy not look back at his QB that needs help. He probably does that kind of stuff often but for obvious reasons, it’s more noticeable.

  • Jim Rome is a dumbass!

  • I think OFf/Coordinator MArty Mohnerwig should go to…
    Anyone read or have thoughts about Former Packer HC Mike SHerman getting fired down at Texas A&M.. I don’t think he’s an NFL HC Material, but is an excellent Offensive Coordinator/Game Planner and is good with QB’s.. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Philly as the next OC to replace MM… I am pretty sure that Coach Ar and Mike Sherman have a pretty good relationship going back to Reid’s QB Days… You heard it here first from the Paulman…

  • This is all they have to talk about because the team is a joke.

  • Rome is worse than Paulman, I can’t stand the jerk either…
    Iback on D-Jax, I have seen numerous times of D-Jax running routes and never looking back to see if it’s coming his way.. This was not an isolated incidence that NFL Cought on tape..Believe me, you will see a camera following his every move for the remainder of the Season as soon as he steps foot on the field over the last 4 weeks.. I am not so sure that he may even be de-activated for a game or 2 and come up with a mysterious illness or olique injury… His days are over as an Eagle as is Samuel and to be honest, this is not news to me for I been posting this for about 5 months now…

  • MM can’t control ball security…Which has been the biggest problem with the offense…I believe if MM goes anywhere it will be his choosing.

  • I agree, but his Play-Calling in the Red-Zone has been horrible for years and Marty should go just because of that.. I do believe he leaves on his own and no longer wants any part of the Coach AR Train Wreck that is occuring and will continue to occur theu the 2012 Season when AR is finally terminated..
    I really think if MM gets an opportunity to Coach at Penn State, that he may take it, even if it’s as a OC to help develop his Son and if nothing else, just to get out of the Philly Fishbowl…
    Mike Sherman would be a nice pick-up and change of pace who values a balanced attack..

  • Yes Andy, and there is an Easter Bunny and Santa Clause..

  • Andy Reid is full of camel dung as are his players who say they love him and play for him. Desaun is a scared punk who dogs it half the time. Andy Reid can make a person vomit with his i have to do a better job. He is incapable of doing a better job. His record since the Suprer Bowl sucks and his decision about Juan was one of the most stupid decisions of his career. His inability to get his team to run a hurry up offense is pathetic. Vick and Young are pathetic. Shady is a star and Fat Pig doesn’t utilize him enough. Our draft picks are non contributors and being embarrased on national TV by a 4-7 team doesn’t affect them.

  • Reid is the biggest f^#@ing hypocrite, that I’ve ever seen. Didn’t he just bench the guy twice for dogging it, & missing meetings!? He’s the cause for all of the soap opera drama, but he comes out blaming the NFL Networks coverage, even though I listened to 3 hours of Mayock, slurping Reids @$$! Please Lurie blow this f^#@ing team up already, & give us some peace of mind! This is insulting to my intelligence, & making want to route for another team. Enough already!

  • Firstly,the word Defense and anything resembling Defending Andys boys is just plain offensive,to our intelligence,as long suffering Eagle fans.I harken back to T.O. Playing heroically with screws in his leg in a Superbowl and getting the end around regarding any dialogue of money,Desean is named as a two tier pro bowler,and is treated dismissively..Doesn’t the front office ever learn from there past transgressions?Incentives,inventive bonus money pacification?It was always my contention that Andy who had not only the keys to the store handed him ,then taken away by management with a new G.M. Has been setting this season up for failure from the onset.Andy let huge boatfulls of money spent on the defensive side of the ball and handed the keys to His pal Juan Castillo? If Christina who in my opinion has the onions in the family,has any pink passion,do the charitable act of kindness and let the fans know ,as do we ,that this charade is over and we admittedly were duped ,but we hear you fans and we too have pride in bringing a product to the Linc that resembles a football team.This Greek tragedy is so predictable,it is not even worthy for C.S.I. It has Andys fingerprints all over the slow execution of a once proud football team. Assembled with perennial losers ,marty? Lions ? Drc Arizona? Oaklands finest? You can’t make chicken salad with chicken s–t..times yours….

  • Interesting post by Corey Seidman on csnphilly dot com regarding DJax and his Pro Football Focus numbers compared to other starters…

  • ***Most Ridiculous Trade Alert of the Day ***** (and maybe of All-Time)

    3 Way Trade Alert in the works as soon as the Season is officially Over

    Eagles Trade QB M Vick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their 1st Round PIck (a Top 10 selection) and Safety Dwan Landry.

    The Eagles then Trade both their 1st Round Picks ( Top 10 Selections – their own and Jaguars) plus OT Winston Justice & DT Mike Patterson to the Indianapolis Colts for QB Peyton Manning

    The Eagles also Trade CB A Samuel to the Carolina Panthers for a 3rd Round Pick and LB Dan Conner

    Eagles will have QB Manning leading the Offense and will not need a O/Coordinator since he will call his own plays

    Eagles Defense looks a little like this to Start 2012 Season

    DE Cole,Dixon,Jenkins,Babin
    LB Rolle,Conner,Chaney
    Secondary – Asmo,DCR on the Corners, Dwan Landry and Nate Allen at Safety

    Eagles will not have any 1st Round Selections but will still have 2 2nd Round selections and 2 3rd Round Selections giving them 4 Selections of the Top 100 Players chosen to concentrate on LB,DT,WR,TE. & OL postions.

  • @paulman – guessing you did a hit of acid when you came up with that trade scenario…

    If Reid isnt gone, then nothing changes… they will take an OT in round #1

  • Desean Jackson needs to go…. he is a piece of garbage…Allen Iverson of the NFL…. not worth it!

  • The old white blodder.. it keeps pulling me back in….
    See this is what happens when our Team is already out of it with a month still left to go in the Season.. If you start seeing more crazy posts from me or “Trade Alerts” , then blame the Eagles crappy Season for my rans since I have nothing else to write about this 2011 Eagles Team or Season

  • Great scenario if you ignore the fact that Peyton Manning isn’t ever going to play again……

  • Your probably right and I don’t like Manning would play at a high level anymore anyways…talk about another puss who is afraid of contact which the Eagles already have a roster full of those types…He was starting to fade the last 2 Seasons before his neck injury anyways and just doesn’t have the mobility anymore

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