• May 19, 2022

Eagles Mail it In, As Soft Defense Is Run Over By The Seahawks

Pathetic. It is the first word that comes to mind after seeing the Eagles put together one of the most uninspiring and disappointing performances in years. The Seahawks, another team with little to play for, simply outworked the Eagles. The coaches were ill prepared, the players looked disinterested, and the effort on both sides of the ball was extremely depressing. Yes, they played 3000 miles across the country. Yes, they had a short week. But that does not excuse the fact that this team, with the exception of a few players, clearly mailed this one in.

Lets forget about the offense for now. They at least have the excuse of missing key starters. The defense on the other hand, just had no interest in playing on Thursday. We have been forced to watch this awful defense for 12 weeks now and its habitual mistakes are not getting fixed. Juan Castillo’s group cannot tackle and they cannot stop the run.

The first touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch epitomizes the Eagles defense.  It looked like Lynch was stopped as he pushed the piled then came out of it on the other side to go into the end zone standing up.  The Eagles didn’t seem to show any passion in tackling him.

“I thought he was caught up in there, and all of a sudden, he popped out”, Trent Cole said afterward. “When he popped out, I didn’t know who had the ball . . . He was on his way to the end zone and there was nothing we could do about it.”

“It looked like there were a lot of guys around him,” Reid said. “Obviously, none of them got a hold of him. I guess he squirted through, our guys tried to jump on him and grab him. Obviously, nobody grabbed him.”

Defensive Line
Jason Babin was one of the few bright spots on the night. The former Titan’s relentless effort helped him hit Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson three times, including two sacks. Trent Cole also recorded a sack, but failed to do much else. Regardless of how effective these two tenacious pass rushers are they always give full effort.

Defensive tackles Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins were pushed off the ball a lot this week. Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch tore through the middle of the Eagles’ line to the tune of 148 yards and two touchdowns. No matter who tried to bring Lynch down, they seemingly could not do it. The amount of tackles the former Buffalo Bill broke was astronomical. He outworked every single Birds defender, not just the lineman.

Another week gave us another shoddy performance by the Eagles’ linebackers. Jamar Cheney was his reliable self once again, but he seems to come up short on several big plays each game. He recorded 12 tackles, including one for loss, chasing around Lynch most of the night. The outside linebackers, though, struggled mightily.

Seattle tight end Zach Miller had two long receptions because of poor coverage. The combination of Akeem Jordan, Brian Rolle, and Keenan Clayton just do not currently have the ability to be starting for an NFL team. If the Birds had put together a capable linebacker corps, all three of them would be playing solely on special teams right now.

That being said, until Andy Reid and the management realize this position needs to be addressed, this team will never win. Every dominant defense in the NFL right now (Ravens, Steelers, 49ers) has a stud linebacker or linebackers leading their defense. Alas, the Eagles do not. And they are 4-8.

The secondary did not have much work, Jackson only threw 16 times, but they also failed to their job when he did. The former Viking completed 13 of his 16 attempts for 190 yards and a touchdown. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll put his quarterback in a great position to succeed. All kidding aside, allowing that kind of success to such a mediocre quarterback is not acceptable.

Joselio Hanson was victimized on the only touchdown pass, an 11-yarder to Golden Tate. It was also clear Asante Samuel did not play with his normal swagger, another sign Andy Reid has lost his locker room. Nnamdi Asomugha, still hampered by a nagging injury, played well through the pain. Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen had 10 and 11 tackles, respectively, a sign that runners were making it into the second level.

All in all, it was just another disappointing game for the Eagles. It is clear this team has quit on its coach, on each other, and on its fans. The players and coaches alike should be ashamed of the effort displayed on Thursday night. This team, despite being 4-8, thinks they are superior to every team they play. It is about time this over-hyped Dream Team comes back down to Earth and plays like the underdogs they actually are.

Mark Hazlett

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Student at SI Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

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  • A blind quadriplegic, can run over this septic system of a team.

  • oh Andrew Walter Reid and the Geeks in the FO. I have never been happier for you. Sooo much smarter and a step ahead of the fans. DON’T BUY ANY EAGLES GEAR FOR THE HOLIDAYS AND WEAR PHILLIES OR FLYERS AT THE GAMES. OH ANDREW,DOES THE NATIONAL MEDIA THINK YOUR GREAT NOW?

  • This is the Worst Tackling Eagle Team that I can remember and I going back some 40 Years watch this Team.. If I read 1 more time about how many Pro-Bowlers are on this Defense again.. I don’t care if a player makes the watered down Pro-Bowl… But does anyone really think that A Samuel, Asmo, DCR are going to the Pro-Bowl this year , they won’t even get honorable mention.. Does anyone think that Trent Cole, who does his Decemeber,Post-Thankgiving, mind on Hunting Activities instead of Football swoon, every season think he’s a Pro-Bowler..
    Safeties K Coleman and N Allen have poor tackling techniques, the CB’s have no Tackling technique.. Anyone notice how the Seahawks ran the same play around the right side (Right at Samuel) all game long and Lynch was getting 6-8-10 yards a pop) … The Giants,Bears,49ers,COwboys have all done the same think.. Throw short in front of Samuel, then run the ball at him and he folds up like a bad hand at a poker game
    One are I see these young LB’s doing is relying and using their hand too much when attemtpting to tackle instead of get more of their upper arms/shoulders to initiate the contact, then follow up with wrapping up of the arms… They all come in with a hands first which get pushed aside or ran threw..
    I am not much on Pro-Bowl honors but the only player with a chance is DE Babin who will most liklely end up with 15 + Sacks or more and it is a Statistic League and it would be hard to not have him on the team..

  • Quit with the BS about the defense

    The 2 dropped passes by Riley Cooper and the first INT by Young were the reasons they lost

  • And how about giving some credit to Lynch

    He like other top runners are at the top for a reason

  • Spectacular fashion. These are the kinds of losses we need right now to get a new head coach. Andy’s clock management was a thing of beauty last night, not using his last timeout before the Seahawk’s FG at the end of the 1st half. The 2nd half clock management was even better, calling timeout after making a 1st down when you know you’re going to be short on time later, and having the play after the timeout lose yardage, brilliant strategy. I love that the broadcasters kept bringing it up and even talked about the clock management in the Super Bowl. I loved how time and time again the offense kicks ass when they lead with the run, but sucks when they lead with the pass. I love when we lose to awful teams. I love Desean Jackson’s awful punt return decisions.

    These are the things that will get Andy fired.

    Go Dolphins!

  • Yuuup was the D.

    Here is a team with a clearly fragile psyche. D gets a 3 and out on first Seattle posession….


    VY strikes again with a pathetic, I mean seriously pathetic INT. Seattle Ball at midfield and the game was over. Honestly over. On road, in one of loudest bldg….fans REVELING in beating down the “DREAM TEAM”

    30 secs later they show VInce Young sitting slumped on the bench with his stupid touque on, head bowed, looking like he wanted no part of that game. Cut to Desean sitting alone with the same body posture.

    Game over right there.

    What a joke.

  • Dont forget the dropped passes by TE Harbor too..that 2nd one could have been a long gainer down the middle… He is not NFL Caliber.. This Team, Coaching Staff and Front OFfice need a make-over and it won’t happen…
    Does anyone really think with this Defense that they will stop the Saints,Falcons,TB Bucs,Panthers,Steeler,Ravens,Bengals next Season…
    plus their 6 Divisional Game vs NFC East.. Blow the team up, sell to LA investors and move the Franchise to LA… Philly is no longer worthy to have a Professional Football Team any longer as it has become a “Soccer Town”… Good Grief… Go Union….

  • Lynch is not a top tier Running back. Vince Young made very poor decisions. Our run defense looked terrible and the blame falls on Castillo and Reid.

    The front office better change things or season tickets will be easy to come by next year.

  • You could have ended the article after the first word…


  • 80% completion percentage to Tavaris Jackson and 160+ yards to Marshawn Lynch. First 4 picks in the draft have to be defensive players with heart! Very poorly constructed team!

  • Isn’t it amazing how this EAgles Defense continually makes average to below average RB adn especially QB look like All-Pro’s..

    This Season alone, QB A Smith, R Fitzpatrick,Jay Cutler,John Skelton,Tavaris Jackson all look like all-star players and have career days playing against the Eagles and who can forget last years debacle where Vikings Joe Webb a QB at a Division III College who was drafted and coverted to a WR and then was forced to Start his 1st ever NFL game at the Linc in a very imprortant and meaningful game and looks great …

  • Some say Reid is a good coach. If so, how do you identify a poorly coached team?

  • Wow that was pathetic! I’m flying down to Miami next weekend! When I bought these tickets I was really looking forward to the game. Now I’m seriously going to make my lady think the trip was all about her. SMDH!

  • Eagle co 32 Why even attend the game? lol.. Miami will be hot, take your lady out on the town… These guys would only ruin your trip..

  • I am really concerned at this point at the prospect that this front office could watch that display of coaching and how badly this team has quit in the coaching staff and consider having Reid return next year. They would have to be more out of touch with reality than I ever dreamed possible to that. IF they keep him it has to be under the condition that he dismiss Juan Castillo immediately at the end of the season and hire a big name D coordinator to fix this mess. Jack DelRio would be a nice fit. He is not a good head coach but a very good hardnosed defensive guru. Former LB and Ravnes LB coach for their legendary 2000 defense. Given that LBs and tackling are their primary issues. He would be the right guy. The other problem with keeping Reid is this. How often do you have the chance to have a top ten pick? And he will just fuck it up by drafting another light/athletic DT like Laws or Bunkley or Corey Simon. Also, we will have another top forty pick from Arizona that can be combined with that top ten pick to move into the top five and get a big-time high impact defensive super star. But Reid will want to hoard the Cardinal pick and not give it up to move into the top five. I think you need to let a new head coach come in and pick his guys with such good draft position. Look how terrible his last two drafts have been. Also, safety will not be addressed in the off-season. The guy just spent two second round picks on Safeties. Do you think there is any way in the world he does not make excuses for these two bums and stick with them next year. He has clearly demonstarted that he keeps first and second round picks and starts them through their four year rookie contracts. We are stuck with Nate Allen and Jaquan Jarrett as our safeties next year.
    Regarding the whole Desean mess. Colston and Meachem from the Saints are both free agents. Meachem is a luxury they can’t afford with having to re-sign Colston. So he will most likely be available. He is fast and can stretch the field. Plus he is bigger, has better hands and is tough in the middle. I see that as a no brainer if he’s available. Cost you about the same thing they probably thought Desean was worth before these childish antics. $4-5 M. A longer shot is Mike Wallace. Pitt is good for not over paying big stars. If he became available, I would jump on that in a heart beat. He is like a man-sized version of Desean whp terrorizes defense with his speed. He will be more like $7-10 M though.

  • Paulman….I sat there texting a friend last night and stated that the ’99 team was better because at least they tried hard. This goes down with the top five worst Eagle teams I have ever seen in my 32 years of fandom. ’83, ’86, ’94, ’98 being the others. Do you know what all of those teams had in common? It was either the coaches first year or his last. I’m hoping this trend continues.

  • The 99 team had something else. Hope.

    They had the #2 pick in the draft practicing and getting ready. A new coach, an energy.

    This team has none of that. There was some artificial hope in the off-season with Nnamdi signing, VIck signing etc….but that fades quickly with every interception.

  • You know Drum, it is the same thing as how “bad” the fans are here supposedly. No one does any research. They look at wins and give him all of the credit when the defense and Jim Johnson were really the reason for success. Hell, McNabb’s legs helped him win a lot of games. Not actual play calling and game planning. The more that I look at it, the more that it seems like those teams won in spite of him instead of because of him.

  • I’m truly disappointed in this defense. 30+ points to Seattle? WTF is that about? Seattle obviously was not who they thought they were! This is ridiculous, Juan has done a terrible job. Zordich and Caldwell, what the hell have they been doing all season…I haven’t seen any improvement in the areas they control. The entire defensive staff either needs to be upgraded or they need to start from the drawing board and work their ass off during the off season. with that loss, last night, my faith in this year’s team has finally dissipated.

    The offense is not off the hook either….AR, having Young throw so much, ain’t (excuse the grammar) winning football…Young with CJ, you’d rarely see Young throw more than 20 times a game…AR at some point you have to play a game that suits your players and not the way you want to play…

    On a side note, as Eagles fans we should be embarrassed. Not about the game itself, but about how much pride those Seattle fans have and support they show during the game. What has Seattle done to warrant such support from their fans?

  • About the Seattle fans Real, I think that it is a combination of things. 1) they don’t have much in the way of expectations for success. 2) They don’t have a bunch of overpriced, underachieving and selfish players. 3) Their team plays hard.

  • Was I only one who was hoping on that final pass play from Seattle that their TE would make it into the End-Zone to add insult to injury…
    Seahawk Fans have always been very supportive and loud.. They don’t get on TV often and being in the Pacific Northwest, they just don’t get much National exposure like the over-hyped, over-rated teams of the Northeast do…

  • @Bugs – I hear what you’re saying…the expectations point, I believe is an excellent one. I’m not sure if we can determine who plays hard and who doesn’t…I think the players start out playing hard, but the combination of coaching, players not making plays, begins to wear you down…That terminology “quicksand” is most def what occurs to this team….I dont know though, as fans at the games, we all should feel we have a job to do…There are way too many fans that go to the Linc just to sit quietly. Even if you know your cheering in vain, you’re at the game cheer anyway…I dont know, this is whole situation is ridiculous…I’m already thinking about next season, and that is wack!

  • I wasn’t rooting for that….I fact I thought the throw was bad sportsmanship…….(seems to be going around the NFL these days…GB, NO and NE all constantly throwing really late in blowouts too)….but I was rooting for pick #5. Bonus if it had been another pick 6. Just to really enphasize the fact that the Eagles are rolling out QBs pathetic Qbs week after week because…well…..ummm…..well actually I have no idea why VInce Vick is on the team at all.

  • Real…Great points. Caldwell was a sorry LB so how can he be a LB coach. I always wanted to replace him when he played WILL for us. Weak link. Johnny Lynn was a failure as D coordinator for the Giants and Niners and took a demotion to come here because he could no longer get a D coordinator position at the NFL level. As you can see by the way the secondary plays. He is clueless as well and offers Juan no support. He is the primary reason Singletary got fired. Now look at what Frisco is doing with the same talent Johnny Lynn couldn’t do anything with. And Washburn only wants to be a D line coach. With his rep he could have been a D coordinator years ago but he just isn’t interested in that. He likes his niche.

  • I don’t want the fans to sit quietly either, I want them to boo their asses off. I think it’s pathetic that Seattle’s fans were as loud as they were for a team that was 4-7 before the game in a lame division. I’m sure they were excited to be on prime-time TV, but what kind of message does it send to their owner, we’re ok with underachieving?
    Lurie needs to know that bringing back Reid is unacceptable and that the fans aren’t going to tolerate it. So far, everything is going well, losing games in spectacular fashion to bad teams, with a relatively healthy Eagles’ roster that sucks on offense and defense with heartless players that have clearly quit is the correct recipe. Sprinkle in lousy clock management, poor use of talent (McCoy), griping players (Jackson) and coaches fighting on the sideline for added flavor. We need to keep losing and keep abusing Andy Reid to seal the deal.

  • Real, I hear you. It stinks not having Sunday to look forward to. I think a lot of people go into every game hoping and rooting, but then decades of no championships has everyone expecting the worst. You are also right about who is trying and who isn’t too. We can normally only guess unless it is obvious like D-Jax. I think that someone made an earlier point about the fact that the guys are trying, but they are just not that good and then combine it with your point about the coaching being sub par and you have the mess that we are in now.

  • How do the Eagles fix this Defense for next Years Schedule which is a killer

    6 Games vs the NFC East (Cowboys,Giants, Redskins)
    4 Games vs the NFC South (Saints,Falcons,TB Bucs,Panthers
    4 Games vs the AFC North (Steelers,Ravens,Benglas,Browns)
    2 Games versus 3rd or 4th place Teams in the NFC North & NFC West

    Does anyone see this Defense match up with the OL, the RB’s and the QB’s from the NFC South and AFC North Divisions…. I don’t…

  • Paulman. First things first. Hire a coordinator. Then they need a NT. They need a 325 lb DT that cannot be single blocked by anyone but an AP OG/C and still he would struggle. That keeps the C/G from being able to go after a LB on runs and caves in the pocket on passes. You can get a guy like that with a top ten pick and a top forty pick if you trade up to top five. Carolina needs picks. They would trade that third or fourth pick away for say an 8 and a 38. Then you have to get FA LBs in here stat. Veteran help. They need to draft a good safety in second round and figure out which of these three scrubs can have the other spot. You cannot fix this all in one year. On the corners, trade Samuel for decent veteran LB or Safety. If not, just trade him for a 4th or 5th round pick which is all you will probably get. DRC can start and maybe he will stop pouting and the descension amongst the secondary can stop and him and Nnamdi can try to be teammates without Assante creating division in the ranks. At some point we will need a MIKE but there aren’t any in FA except Urlacher and he isn’t going anywhere and doesn’t have a ton left. And you need to decide if MIKE or DT is better option high in the draft. I would take either but a big DT has always been a missing ingredient here.

  • Paulman you last post is pointless….who knows what any of those teams are gonna be like next year and what the Eagles are going to be…

    Furthermore, for the Eagles to be successful all they need to do is win the division and the fact is this might be the worst division in football right now…Wash is going to be irrevelant for years to come…the Giants have issues just like us same thing with the Cowboys who got gift wrapped a pathetic schedule and who will just get blown out in the first game of the playoffs by NO…This division is just bad and at least the Eagles have that going for them into next year.

    It just comes down to if the Eagles FO finally gets it and makes the changes that are so obvious that 9 yr old Eagles fans can even see

  • Paulman….Schematically Jenkins is an ideal strong side DE. As a DT he is just another under sized Eagle DT except on passing downs. You rotate Jenkins, Cole, Babin and Graham for DEs. Then you start Dixon and stud rookie and the wide nine would actually work then. You contact Tulloch’s agent asap and let him know you are very interested before Detroit locks him up because Chaney is an average player that can’t be a MIKE. He can be a back up again. Rolle is fine for now at WILL but they need a veteran SAM. I think Nnamdi (used in a man scheme), DRC and Marsh could be a fine trio moving forward. Try to find a solid FS in second round and then see whether Coleman or Jarrett can play SS. Nate Allen can be a back up.

  • It is time to take out the trash. Bye bye Assante and D Jack. Nice knowing you and thanks for the memories. There have been some good ones. I don’t think either of you will do much in the future. Juan you’re fired and NO you cannot have a job as the assistant towel boy. Go work somewhere else. You’re done here. Since you were such a mediocre O line coach I’m sure you can get your old job with another team. You have friends out there. I can’t say thanks for the memories because you ruined this season and I never liked you as line coach either. But I’m sure you’re a decent man. Good luck!

  • anyone else getting emails from Philadelphiaeagles.com telling you to hurry up and shop at their site for best deals? i get it after every loss… i will burn all of my crap if this team doesnt show heart.


    IF andy stays…

    on draft day, tell him they are holding it at the all you can eat buffet and pick a big DT or FS while hes not looking

  • I have a feeling the Eagles are going to have simply release Samuel
    No team is going to agree to take on his contract (he’s due $9 Million in 2012 and $10.5 Million in 2013) so forget about even getting a Draft Pick in return
    Eagles will release him making his deal Null & Void and then he is free to make a new deal with whomever for the highest bid..
    I agree with your assesnment about getting a DT & MLB and Safety for the middle of this Eagle Defense which is undersized and weak at the point of attack and is another reason I wanted the Eagles to Draft DT Mohhamed WIlkerson from Temple with their 1st Round Selection in 2011 instead of OL Watkins.. Wilkerson has played pretty well for the Jets this year and is versatile,athletic and will only get better. The Eagles losing DT A Dixon right out of the gate this year was a serious blow to the middle of their Defense and didn’t receive much press from anyone..I felt this Defense would struggle out of the gate but improve as the Season wore on and it never really has happened and I really don’t see much hope or a bright future with players like Patterson/Laws/Chaney/Matthews and the Safety Players with who they have currently.. Just like in Baseball, you have to be strong and consistent up the middle and the Eagles are Soft,Soft Soft..

  • I dont know paulman, I think if you looked at his stats, Asante will be one of the top ranked CB’s again this season…The fact that he has only what 1INT this season, is more of a reflection on Castillo than him, in my opinion..In fact this defense has hardly gotten any takeaways.

  • He’s been terrible versus the Run (alway has) but I find it hard to believe that any team is going to pay what his current contract calls for in 2012 & 2013
    and when you trade in the NFL, the Trading partner team has to assume the years left on that deal (maybe that can be negoitiated down) but the Eagles will fine very few if any takers.. and especially now with teams having to be at 95% of their Cap (which most of them are right now) how many team can bring in a $20 Million committed salary for the next 2 Season for CB who doesn’t tackle, struggles in the red-zone and now 30 years of age… I just don’t see it happening.. Now once he’s released, and he’s free to make a new Deal, then I can see a team offering new 3-4 year Deal and give him a nice e signing bonus, so he will probably get his $20 Million eventually, but it won’t be from the Eagle Organization and it won’t be over the next 2 Seasons..

  • true I hear what you saying…I agree!

  • Ray Didingers stat of the day. Phillys redzone defense under Jim Johnson from 2000-2008 average was 2nd in the NFL. From 2009-present they have been 32nd. In the matter of 2 years they have gone from first to last. That is unprecedented.

  • Jason Babin killing the Eagles. He continues to disregard the run and simply rush up the field to pile up meaningless sacks. You would think the guy would say let me close this gap for once they have killed me on this side all year long. He doesnt give a f$#k. Why wouldnt Washburn say the hell with the sacks lets close that gap up once in for all.

  • Dag, is Babin disregarding the run on purpose or is this the play call? I would think that the coaches have a different design for the defensive front on running downs…instead of going outside with the ends bring them inside…I dont know Dag (lol, I dont know a lot of things, I’m a true dumbass today, I have no idea what the hell is going on, anymore) Have we even seen the linemen drop back on passing downs, none of that…our inability to mix it up on defense is ridiculous.

  • Personally if they are killing my defense by running the ball I would NEVER have my ends go up the field. I dont give a damn about the pass rush. I will sacrifice my pass rush before I let a rb shove it down my throat. Let Tavaris Elway beat me. I only would go to wide nine on 3rd and long. If I cant get a friggin pass rush without the wide 9? Then blitz.

  • Seahawks had only scored over 30 points once this year. Enough said.

  • Babin another on the long list of bad decisions

  • Th real damning thing about last nights game is everyone in the Statdium knows the Seahawks are going to run the ball with Lynch & Forsett and limit QB T Jacksons pass attempts and he still completes 80% of his passes and makes no turnovers or negative plays meanwhile Lynch rambls for 150 Yards.. I don’t think the devising a Defensive Game plan is all the complicated versus a team like the Seahawks which makes last nights performance even worse to take…

  • To Daggolden,
    I believe the Eagles fast demise of Red-Zone Defense has to do with 2 major personnel moves

    #1) The departure of B Dawkins
    #2) the Addition of A Samuel

    The Eagles Defense was always known for hard-hitting and one of more physical Secondaries in the NFL (Since ther 80’s anyways).. With th edeparture of Dawkins and unable to replace him with anyone close to his physical style, the middle of the Field is vulnerable where most teams TE’s doing their damaging work in the Red-Zone
    Then you add a softness of A Samuel who is not a physical,man to man cover guy and you have that right side of the End-zone to play with.. How many times have we seen Samule line up 5 yards off the Receiver when the other team is in the Red-Zone.. What are yuo worrying about, you only have 20 yeards of field to cover and can’t get beat deep.. but that’s the way he plays and it makes me sick…

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