• June 25, 2022

Hot Stove:Phillies Pursuing Ramirez, Shopping Polanco, Talking To Rollins

With baseball’s winter meetings underway, the Philadelphia Phillies have begun to move aggressively on their plans to improve the team for the 2012 season. General manager Ruben Amaro seems to be focused on finding ways to improve the team’s lineup. Reports indicate that the Phillies are very much in the mix for third baseman Aramis Ramirez, and are actively trying to trade current third baseman Placido Polanco.

Ramirez, who hit .306 with 26 homeruns and 93 RBIs, would be an excellent addition to a batting order that could use a shakeup after wildly underachieving in the past two seasons. His presence would give the Phillies a lot of flexibility with their lineup, and add another well-rounded right-handed power hitter to the mix.

To sign Ramirez, the team would likely need to find a way to jettison the veteran Polanco and his $7.25 million off of the team. The former Tiger has seen his skills and health rapidly decline over the last two seasons, and he can no longer be relied on as an everyday player anymore. He would still have some value as a part-time player, but his payroll number is one that’s too big for the Phillies to afford, if they were to add Ramirez.

The Phillies also met with the agent for shortstop Jimmy Rollins, and according to Jim Salisbury, the meeting didn’t go well. Rollins seems unwilling to back off of his demands for a five-year contract. Amaro and the Phillies simply won’t be willing to give a 33-year old shortstop with declining offensive skills and an injury history that long of a commitment. 

It’s already been a busy offseason for the Phillies. They’ve added an elite closer in Jonathan Papelbon, and they’ve rebuilt the bench by adding the likes of Jim Thome, Ty Wiggington, and Laynce Nix. The team still has a little bit of payroll flexibility to make a couple of moves to improve the team for 2012, and Ruben Amaro has proven that he’s constantly thinking big, and always looking to make a splash. We’ll see if he has anymore tricks up his sleeve this winter.

Denny Basens

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  • There is no doubt in my mind that J-Ro is a goner,.. He was waiting for Jose Reyes to sign & make a deal to establish a baseline market value for good SS..
    The Marlins overpaid big time by the unreliable Reyes, who when healthy and motivated is a very good ballplayer, but he definitely has some maturing and remaining healthy to bceome a consistent everyday SS like Rollins has become.. The issue with Rollins is his age, the fact that he;s played in a lot of games and probably has a little extra wear and tear than most 33 Year Old SS..His Offense #’s have declined almost every season since his MVP season of a few years back.. Rollins is worth a Solid 3 Year Deal, but the Phils won’t budge and any longer than this so it really comes down to ROllins on how much he wants to stay in PHilly.. I believe he will get better offers and probably will land in San Francisco and maybe even the St Louis Cardinals depending if they lose Pujols and would then have $$$ freed up to go after Rollins…

    I am a fan and supporter of 3B A Ramirez and have stated so since the end of the Season.. A potential 30-35 Hr 100 RBi man who would be a perfect #5 Batter behind Howard.. He won’t be cheap but is in the prime of his career right now and after playinf for the Pirates & Cubs his entrie Career could really use a change of Scenery coming to Philly, also a very underated Fielder (Probably not in the class of Polanco but not far off and has prett ygodo speed for a bog guy.. I think a lineup sometihng like this (If Rollins leaves)

    #1) Victorino CF
    #2) Utley 2B
    #3) Pence RF
    #4) Howard 1B
    #5) Ramirez 3B
    #6) Mayberry/Wittington LF
    #7) Ruiz C
    #8) Valdez SS
    #9) Pitcher

  • Ramirez has been consistent and adds some power to an aging lineup.

    Nix may be a steal as he was pretty good with the Nationals.

    Let Rollins walk and look for a veteran SS or give Galvis a chance,

  • I would package 3B Polanco and RHP Blanton to the Yankees,Tigers or Chicago White Sox and get some young players (Middle IF/Catcher) in return..

  • Nix used to be on the Reds too I believe, A nice 4th OF who can play all OF spots, run the bases, decent contact hitter who is a left-handed bat too.. I like him and Wittington over Francisco/Gload that Phils have had the last 2 Seasons

  • Mixed feelings on letting Rollins walk. He was the only player to show up in the post season. With a team with this pitching staff short stop is the most important position on this team. If the hold up to signing Rollins is a 4 year deal instead of a 5 year deal just sign him. Our window has to be 2,3 or possibly 4 years. Why screw ourselves now because we are worried about what is gonna happen in 2017. I want to win now I dont care about 2017.

  • Windo is no more than 2 Years daggolden
    How long do you think Hallady and Lee will be able to pitch at the High Level as they approach their mid 30’s … How long does Utley have and who knows how Howard recovers for that Achilles, he may miss most of 2012 Seaons and never be the same is that achilles nevers come back 100%..
    The NL East is improving as it appears the marlions are making a lot of moves to ensure a succesful beginning to their new Statidum, Name Change and Uniforms.. The Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves are both stocked with a lot of young Talent (more so than the Phillies) that are beginning to get experience and play everyday and look like they will comete and be around for a next few seasons… The Phils should have a lot more to show for than the 1 WS Championship they won in 2009.. but that’s what makes Baeball and fun and tough sport to predict.. It’s a very long Season with lots of twists and turns and the Phils Every position players are older and injury prone so as each year goes by, I would expect their Production to decline (Howard,Utley,Polanco, J Ro and Victorino all are not the players they were 2-3 years ago, it’s just a fact and their #’s collectively are trending down and have been for 2 years now..

  • Anyone think its possible to let rollins walk and trade say Vic, Worley and prospect for the freshly supplanted H. Ramirez in Miami. He is 27, fast, high avge, RH, has power and plays SS. He solves a number of problems on this team. I hear he’s not thrilled about Reyes taking his spot. You could find a stop-gap CF or see if the Braves offer arbitration to M. Bourn. Probably have to go with a pedestrian 3B, but Hanley provides those #”s at SS. Maybe a line-up like this:

    CF- Bourn
    2B- Utley
    SS- H. Ramirez
    1B- Howard/Thome/Mayberry
    RF- Pence
    LF- Mayberry/Nix
    3B- Good glove man/Wigginton

  • Aramis Ramirez, would be a perfect fit here. Not only is he now healthy, he is an excellent glove, & a good all around hitter too. Get Polanco out of here, & while your at it get rid of Blanton, & Utley too. There was also rumors today, of Baltimore being interested in trading for Victorino, while including Adam Jones in the deal. Amaro would be stupid to not take that deal. Jones is a young all around stud. I like Victorino, but this team makes too much money & are getting too old fast, & need a major face lift. Rollins is being adamant about a five year deal. He has a better chance at seeing the big man upstairs. See ya wouldn’t want to be ya! You ain’t been great since your MVP season!

  • Everz, what kind of wacky tobaccy are you smoking!? Do you honestly think you are going to get two of our division rivals, to give us two of their better players, when they are upgrading their teams!? Also where are you getting the prospects for them!? Dude get your head out of La La land!

  • Also what did you do with Victorino, bench him!? He was arguably our offensive MVP last year.

  • OOH, you traded him & Worley for Hanley! My bad! Still ain’t happening.

  • That is not near enough for Hanley Ramirez even given the bad year he had last year. i would love it if they did, but I don’t see it. Plus the Marlins already have a pretty solid OF and they are going for the big prize in Pujols.

  • Plus while I like A-rams bat in the lineup, it depends on how much and how many years. Dude is very fragile.

  • Hanley Ramirez is bad news, Phils would have no interest in him..
    If Rollins Bolts, could see them pursuing a Rafeal Furcal for a 2 Year Deal

  • Marlins awaiting Puljos acceptance on a 10 Yerar deal
    The Phils Stranglehold on the NL East will be over sooner that I thought
    New Players like Reyes, Close H Bell and now 1B A Pujols ato go with up and coming players like Sanches, Morrison, BOnifacio, Stanton

  • That is pretty bad news for the Del Valley. Lineup could be Bonifacio, H-Ram, Pujols, Stanton, Morrison… and who cares who else. And they will have a good trading piece in Gaby Sanchez to go after some more pitching.

  • Sources from the Bay Area have tweeted me that the SF Giants and SS J Rollins are close on a Deal, which could be announced as early as Tommorrow or Thursday as they hash out the details..
    Remember the Marlins Rotation with a healthy Joe Johnson, A Sanches, R Nolasco is not a bad one and with Heath Bell being the Closer, they will be a contendor…

  • Pujols is on the decline so 10 years is a joke.

    The Phillies need to get creative and try to get Cuddyer and possibly someone like a Coco Crisp who can hit for average and steal. Try to sign Madson and use him as trade bait for a bat.

  • I was in and out of my car and WIP was on. They were reporting from the winter meetings and I could of swore I caught that Ryan Madson may be coming back and possibly taking arbitration. Maybe Im wrong but I thought thats what was said.

  • dag – article on csnphilly dot com speculating the possibility.

  • Bugsy, you also forgot Reyes leading off for them!
    Atra, Coco Crisp is a bum! No thanks!

  • I think the phillies may be the suprise team in the Pulois sweepstakes.. Look out for that. And everyone alive is on the decline were imperfect beings. But if you call what pulois did in the playoffs declining play, then you need to get your brain checked. Id ship ryan howard outta here so fast if that ment us getting pulois and putting him at 1st base… Im tired of howard! I think were the suprise team espn and other media outlets are reporting there is…

  • As much as I love to see Pujols (who is my favorite MLB player) here, there’s no way, shape, or form, that the Phillies will be giving out 10 years 25M+ out. They don’t have that kind of $$$ to give out, & they would have to get rid of 4, or 5 contracts (Polanco, Victorino, Blanton +), to fit under the luxury tax. They also won’t be able to trade Howard, because no one with a brain cell would trade for an injured player. That f^#@ing overpaid, overrated jack@$$ would blow out his Achilles, during the year, when Pujols & Fielder are free agents. They could of traded him, now they can’t, until he proves he’s healthy. Good dream, but it ain’t happening.

  • Idiot moment there for me Dcar since they just singed Reyes. Everything that I am reading online points to Jimmy coming back to town. Also, it seems to be the Cards or the Angels for Pujols. The Beurhle signing by the Marlins makes that rotation pretty strong and they are trying to get CJ Wilson too. If that doesn’t work out then, it looks like they may make a push for Prince.

    The Mets will be far and away the worst team in the division and Ruben should be all over them come July when they are 25 games out and they want to move David Wright. He would look great in Red pinstripes.

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