• September 21, 2023

Michael Vick’s Return Is A Good One; Will The Eagles Be Able To Make A Run?

The Eagles offense looked off as the game started, but recovered to score three touchdowns in the first half.  Michael Vick looked off in the first few series, getting his passes batted down and getting run down by the Dolphins to the tune of two sacks by Jason Taylor in the first two series.

In Vick’s first scramble and run, the quarterback did not slide feet first like he said he would incorporate into his game earlier this week. In fact, he went head first against three Miami Dolphins before being taken down while running the ball on the first Eagles offensive series of the game. Many of us, I’m sure, shook our heads as we watched the play unfold.

The weather became a factor on the last play of the opening drive when Vick slipped on the wet grass and was sacked, forcing the Eagles to punt. The play before the Eagles were stopped and could’ve been forced to punt, but the Dolphins took the penalty on third down to make it third and 13, and the Eagles couldn’t capitalize. The weather improved as the game went on, and Vick didn’t have any more slips or near falls because of the slick grass.

The first punt from Chas Henry was blocked and rolled all the way to the 15-yard line of the Eagles. It seemed like Henry was taking eight minutes to punt the ball. Sometimes I can’t fathom why the Eagles did not keep David Akers, because a rookie kicker and rookie punter have had a direct impact on this season, and it’s not a positive one.

The Eagles dodged a bullet in the 2nd quarter after turning the ball over on a punt return after DeSean Jackson passed the ball and Curtis Marsh fumbled it away. The next play from scrimmage, the Eagles got the ball back after stripping Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore and recovering the fumble. Bobby April made a bad call with that. No need for that play to be called, and the coaching on this team has been terrible this whole season, and this play call is just a microcosm of that.

Vick was getting his ribs tended to on the sideline it looked like, so it’s possible that they are still bothering him enough for his inconsistent play in this game. Still, he played well enough to win and the defense really clamped down on the Miami offense. Completing 15 of 30 passes for 208 yards was relatively mild for Vick, but impressive numbers if he was indeed affected by his rib injury. With one touchdown and one interception, Vick took care of the ball most of the time and the team won the battle of the turnovers.

All in all, the Eagles used LeSean McCoy more than I thought they would, or probably any of us thought they would.  McCoy is now one touchdown shy of an Eagles record for rushing touchdowns (15) and total touchdowns (18). That didn’t seem like it was going to go that way early in the game, as the Dolphins held McCoy in check for most of the game. He had 27 rushes for 38 yards, but the two touchdowns obviously were the key in the victory.

Is Vick the answer to this season? I doubt it. But he can be if he takes care of the football like he did today. The Eagles would be on the inside looking out right now if Vick wasn’t the turnover machine that he was earlier in the season. He put himself in positions to be further injured during this game, which points me to believe he won’t finish this season healthy. He’s not going to slide. He’s not going to be able to read defenses well when he’s pressured. But today, he did the job and if he can do the same the next three weeks without getting re-injured, there is no reason why he can’t come back next season and produce at a high level.

But the Eagles also need help from their own division. The Cowboys have to go 1-3 or 0-4 and the Giants have to go 2-2, 1-3, or 0-4 for the Eagles to be able to win the division. Oh yeah, the Eagles also have to go 3-0, too. Can they beat Dallas again? The Jets? The Redskins? We shall see.

Nick Camillo Piccone

Philly sports fan that grew up as a four for four guy. Love the sports biz. Follow me on Twitter @nickcpiccone

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December 11, 2011 6:54 pm

I dont blame April for the call with Marsh….the special teams has been the only bright spot all year and it could have turned out good if Marsh didnt fumble…no biggy….

the Eagles are done….so sick of people saying they are still in it….I dont want them to win so Reid can get out and they get a high pick to draft a QB like Barkley or RG3.

December 11, 2011 7:02 pm

What game were you watching Nick..
Vick had a very shaky game at best and was ineffective in the 2nd half when the Eagles had 2-3 possesions to put the game away in the 3rd period.. Eagles should have had 35-40 points with the field possesion they had ..

December 11, 2011 7:10 pm

Remember Nick that the Eagles Defense scored basically 9 points for the Eagles (with Colemans INT return down to the 1 Yard line and Hunt’s Safety) so before you overhyped this performance and get on the VIck Train again.. that’s only 17 points by the Eatgles offense when they have plenty of possesions all game long, starting in great field positon and especially late in the 2nd Quarter and in the 3rd Quarter when they should have put this game away.

December 11, 2011 7:21 pm

Paul – ‘only 17 points by the Eagles offense’ – and the other team had 10. So your point?

Dude, standards beyond winning are absolutely worthless. Why do you waste your time with worthless stuff. Ok, you got me, I’m reading and posting on gcobb so I cant talk… still man, why the focus on excellence when this season is pretty much a bust and winning is the best we could hope for? The conversation of this Eagles team executing at the top level has been out the window for months now but you seem to have not gotten the memo.

December 11, 2011 7:43 pm

“A good one” “Impressive”

OMG that’s the funniest shit I’ve ever read. The very first pass went into a defenders arms and was almost a pick 6.

Impressive. How, in any sense, is 15 of 30 impressive?

208 yrds?? Impressive?

In the second half Vick was 4 of 10 with an interception. Impressive? (two of those completions on plays when he was running around like an idiot again – but an impressive idiot)

The first 2 drives of the 3rd ended with an interception, and then a 3 and out with 2 str8 incompletions. Impressive?

But the best:
“Completing 15 of 30 passes for 208 yards was relatively mild for Vick,”
Actually no, that is EXACTLY what to expect from Vick. Its not mild, those #s mirror his career averages. The only question is why anyone would expect something different than that, when he’s been dropping exactly that for 10 years.

I know I many here complain that I sound like a broken record, but as long as there are still people out there who actually believe that this guy can lead the Eagles’ anywhere, I’m going to keep pointing out the folly of their position.

Impressive? Pretty low standards for what is impressive. I thought you were about to redeem yourself with the last paragraph, but you ended it with the inane, “there is no reason why he can’t come back next season and produce at a high level.”, when all Vick does, over, and over, and over is give you and everyone else reason, after reason, after reason, that he absolutely will not perform at a “high level” next year….unless of course your idea of “high level” is 55% 210 1 and 1.

December 11, 2011 7:57 pm

My point is Schiller this Article states in Headline, “Vick’s return a good one” and I disagree with that premise a 100%.. This game should have been over midway thru the 3rd Period as the Eagles left 10-14-17 Points on the Board by VIck’s ineptness.. I must have been watching the worng game but I though his player was bordeline terrible in the 2nd Half..

December 11, 2011 8:05 pm

He played at a HIg Level for 5 weeks Nick
Stop overating and overhyping VIck, he was awesome in 4 games last Season from my count

Sept 26th versu Jacksonvilel Jaguars (probably he’s most complete game from beginning to end)
Nov 15th versus the Redksins (Vick’s 1st half of play was almost Perfect, then struggled in the 2nd half)
Dec 12th versus the COwboys
Dec 19th versus the Giants in MIracle at the Meadowland II

I don’t think he particualrly well last year when the beat a very depleted Colts team and barely beat the Texans at home in November.. These were wins and ok performances but not the “high-level” that you are stating..
Even the Eagles 1st win last year versus the Giants was gift-wrapped when ELi fumbled trying to run the clock out… Way too much wishful thinking and day dreaming by too many writers on here..

December 11, 2011 8:18 pm

Paul, I agree with your assessment of Vick here. But I disagree that any game ‘should’ve been over by midway through the 3rd period’ – no game should be over by midway through the 3rd period. It’s the NFL “should’ve” doesn’t exist in the NFL. It’s about what happens on the field. Screw expectations and ‘shoulds’. Vick played pretty poorly – it’s the theme of this season for him. Part Oline problems, part injuries, part weaponry issues (djax, maclin…etc..) and mostly his ego issues..

December 11, 2011 9:02 pm

For what he had to deal with he played well………..

What he had deal with was the Miami Defense. He’s supposed to be a top NFL QB

Here’s how other top QBs dealt with miami:
Eli 69% 350 2tds
Rivers 68% 307 td
Schaub 72% 230 and 2tds
Brady 67% 507 4 tds

That’s what top 10 QBs do against “what they have to deal with”

Our guy went 50% for 208. Including 4 of 10 in the second half. And a pick. That’s right….4 completions in the second half. And you want to try to convince me that this is in any way even remotely decent or acceptable. Sore ribs or not.

4 completions in a half is absolute shite, and there is no way anyone can sugarcoat that.

Mike Vick was good for 4 games last year because he had been away for 3 years. The NFL had experienced over 50% player turnover in that time. Probably the same for Defensive coaches. He was brand new again. Once they got film, the party was over. Congratulations to Vick for turning those 4 games into a huge payday, but lets call it like it is….he’s not that guy. He’s the guy we saw tonight. Blech.

December 11, 2011 10:15 pm

i agree with paulman, 24 points in the first half, 2 points in the second half and that was from the defense!! They expect to win next week there going to need more then 2 points in the second half!!!

December 11, 2011 10:15 pm

Nick i agree somewhat what your missing is this team has stalled ALL SEASON

December 11, 2011 10:16 pm

in the second half of games and it continued today, the only reason we won i believe is because jp losman was in, and it was still a nerve recking game

December 11, 2011 10:17 pm

not good!

December 11, 2011 10:21 pm

Would VY have scored 24? Is that the question? Is that who we’re comparing MV to? A guy who is a complete joke as an nfl QB? Oh yay! MV is better than VY. Wow! That’s a nice high bar to set. (BTW, seeing that 17 of those points were set up with ball at 46 after stupid fg miss, at the 1 off the int, and then the fg off another turnover – Mike Vick did absolutely nothing for 10 of them – in fact on those 10 pts vick was inc, inc, inc, sack on the 4x called to drop back – go Mike!)

And so a good game is one with only one pick? Fantastic. Man, you’re writing and setting goals for him like he’s Blaine Gabbert. He only threw one pick today…let’s celebrate!!

And I did see the throw to Desean…but I also saw the overthrow to Maclin, the very first throw right into the arms of the DL, the pass back across the body for a terrible INT, the 2 doinks on well set up screens, the several balls off the back foot into the dirt. the late and high throw to Maclin that he alligatored, the late and weak out to Desean when on their own 5.

Sorry man, but I’m not buying the “he only turned it over once – that’s a good game” garbage. I have much higher expectations than that.

December 11, 2011 11:15 pm

You cats always find something to wine about…Vick played terrible, he threw a pick, he didn’t block for himself and throw a pass to himself all on the same play. The man is playing injured, was 11 for 19 for over 160 yards and 1 TD in the first half. Solid numbers. Probably got knocked around a bit, started to take a toll, in which you saw him struggle a bit…

But this goes to whoever had issues with Vicks performance…(I’m not gonna go crazy and look for all of the stats to back up what I’m a say, but I’m sure if you do your research, what I’m bout to say won’t be far from the truth)

Everyone, screamed give McCoy the ball, give McCoy the ball…well he got the ball today, and did not have a good day running. Yes he had two TD’s but how many yards did he finish with, about 60 yards and had about 20 carries…Doesn’t look like the O line did a very good job, in the running game, with a dynamite play maker like McCoy, does it? So now lets look at their protection with Vick…How does anyone know, what audibles Vick called, and if the line failed to pick them upm how many false starts did we have all in the same drive? Linemen right?….What was that scene with Howard Mudd on the sideline throwing papers, while talking to the O Line? anyone see that? The man must of been upset with something…Until you cats realize how much of a team sport football is, you’ll always sound like dumb asses!

Vick played hurt, the defense played solid and the Eagles got the win…stop the bitchin and moaning..

December 11, 2011 11:33 pm

Paulman, Vinnie good points. Nick, I appreciate trying to find a silver lining in what has been a wretched season and yes, Vick was somewhat more responsible with the football today. They also ran Shady 28 x’s, which is not the norm for this team. Vinnie said it best, Vick #’s today are about what his career average would indicate. The Eagles (who have been procrastinating signing Jackson, I assume to see what he’s worth), jumped the gun in signing Vick to a huge contract after 4 great games, against a league that hadn’t seen him play in 2 plus years. I would say by the end of 2010, defenses had him figured out. The fact that he played with broken ribs is also ironic in that he’s always hurt. In his career he’s only finished all 16 games one time. I would hope we pursue a franchise QB in the upcoming draft.

December 12, 2011 12:01 am

I hate the giants with a passion but WOW Jason Pierre Paul is a freakin beast…single handed just won that game with huge play after play after play….Unbelievable to the type of force he is turning into

Brandon Graham as of right now looks like shit compared to JPL…can’t really blame the kid himself because he didn’t pick himself in the draft when JPL was there for the taking…But damn bro you need to start turning into a player ASAP…JPL will be in the probowl easily. This season is just becoming more and more painful to watch as an EAgles fan.

December 12, 2011 12:24 am

Pheags – I must admit – I did not see the game today – sorry – I used my football watching chit to watch Navy extend to 10 years straight over Army – but how can a 26 – 10 win be more and more painful – isn’t this what the GCobb (distinctly different from eagle fans) fans have clamored for – a stout D and give the ball to mcCoy –

you guys read the article on what it will take for the eagles to win the NFC east?

real talk is my hero – shut your freakin pie holes and enjoy the fact the team won –

December 12, 2011 12:38 am

Im allowed to write whatever I want on here…If you don’t want to read it then don’t man. Plain and simple…I was just commenting on a competitive football game since you know other than being an EAgles fan i do like to watch other games going on as well esp ones that concern the division to see what the Eagles will ahve to deal with next year. While watching the game I noticed a player WE COULD HAVE EASILY HAD who just dominated while the guy we took right before him isn’t even in his league right now. There will always be comparisons in this city between BG and JPP. Dont get what the issue is.

On top of that half the people on here don’t read the articles. I didn’t know Gcobb.com had so many rules we all had to follow.

Great win today, we beat JP Losman….I have some real hope in this defense and coaching staff now for next year. Better make sure we bring everybody back. Nothing like having your defense show up finally in week 14.

December 12, 2011 1:02 am

I am happy the Eagles won and that the Defense came around and played a better game for 60 minutes though it was against the Dolphins offense led by JP Losman, but the bottome line is we as Fans have this final 4 games to evaluate the Future of the Eagles and the Coaching Staff
I stated that Vick is starting with a clean slate and should be healthy for the final 4 games and should see about 250 snaps and have 130-150 Pass Atemmpts in these final 4 Games…
His stats today were not very good 15 for 30 for a little over 200 YArds
I give him a “C” for today’s Performance.. I expect a lot more from the Eagles Franchise QB but I will give him the benefit of the doubt since this was his first action in almost a month.. but he will need to play a lot better in these final 3 games to give me any feeling that he can lead this team in 2012
Let’s see how he does versus the Jets,Redskins & Cowboys in which 2 of these games he will be playing teams with a lot on the line (Jets/Cowboys as they try to make the playoffs)
The Ball is in his Hands and the Time’s Vick’s for the next 3 games..

Gotta Luv It
Gotta Luv It
December 12, 2011 9:39 am

Possibly 8 – 8 with a Division title still in sight

Can you guys let the man’s nad’s swing a lil bit…dudes straight hope on and swing as soon as the read his name