• December 5, 2022

How Should We Take This Eagles Season Out Of The Playoffs?

“Too little, too late.” A bit much cliche? Maybe. Overused? Perhaps, but try and find four words better suited to describe these past few weeks, and you’ll likely end up right where you’ve started, ready to face the facts. From start to finish, the Eagles were the better team in Dallas on Christmas Eve. They came to play, left as winners and they should be lauded as such.

The Eagles look like they’ve figured things out, but the time for that is usually around mid-season. With Philadelphia having not gotten things clicking ‘til so late in the year, and with the wrong New York team having won at the Meadowlands, we are now left with a stark reality. The class of the NFC East will not be in this year’s playoffs.

Ahead of the Dallas game, when Andy Reid was questioned regarding the Eagles failure to make a turnaround earlier in the season, he replied, “You don’t look back, that’s not what [we’re] doing at this point.” Fair enough, after all, the Eagles were heading into, what was at the moment, a potentially monumental game. Now however, there’s no reason to buy any of that, in fact, quite the opposite. There’s no prize to play for this weekend, which affords us the opportunity to have a retrospective take on the season, and a quick glance at what went wrong with this team.

To be fair to the team, playing without the most explosive quarterback in the league for three full games, not to mention the fourth quarter in Week 2 at Atlanta, proved to be a massive loss, particularly when Eagles will be missing out on the postseason by a small margin. However, there are many different aspects that derailed the Eagles’ year, things that could have been avoided as easily as they were allowed to continue.

There’s the hiring of the defensive coordinator that wasn’t a defensive coordinator, which slowed down the already lengthy process of having a bunch of new guys gel and gave birth to the following sub-problems: Excessive use of the wide nine, complicating the cornerbacks’ roles (raise your hand if you thought Nnamdi would be in his own world playing man to man all season… No? okay), and finally, to a lesser extent, Casey Matthews having a starting role early on. There were also issues with LeSean McCoy being underused, Michael Vick taking too many hits, and, at times, just sheer lack of ingenuity in the play calling.

Having outlined all this, it may be said that this assessment of perceived flaws is perhaps a bit too harsh on the team. Maybe, but if there’s one thing, above all else, that there is to lament about this season, it is just how easily the division could have been won.

With all the troubles that the Eagles had, despite the many weeks filled with “Are they done or aren’t they” talk, despite the fact that Philadelphia had exited the periphery of many fans’ minds weeks ago, at the very least, when it came to playoff talk, the team still entered Week 16 with hopes of being division champs, and perhaps, were it not for a flukishly game changing Victor Cruz 99 yard-TD, they very well could have been.

But whereas “what if’s” and “shoulda woulda could’ve’s” are pointless to dwell on, what seems certain is that if there was any time for the Eagles to have a few stumbles on the road to the postseason, it was this year. Unfortunately and tragically, there were just more than a “few” trip ups for this team, and sadly just too much to overcome.

When Michael Vick says that the Eagles “would have done damage” in the playoffs, it’s hard to disagree with him. After all, they look to be, pound for pound, a better team than their division rivals. But, although the last two games against the Giants and Cowboys serve as evidence, Philly’s overall record simply doesn’t, with the result being the NFC East’s best team sitting at home in January. How unfortunate, and what a shame it is.

Joseph Milord

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December 30, 2011 12:48 am

interesting article by Marcus Hayes – who correctly pointed out the much talked about D has rallied to be #12 in the league in scoring and # 8 in yards allowed – on what an 8-8 season means – he quoted Jenkins:

If that sounds hollow, consider this: Hamstrung by a porous defense in 2006, the Packers went 4-8 to start the season but rallied to 8-8.

In 2007 they went 13-3 and went to the NFC Championship Game.

then asks the key fan question – what are you as a fan going to do –

So, wallow in your misery . . . or bathe yourself in hope.

not hard to guess what the large number in this group will do – break out the cliches boys – that ‘OL coach – outdid 20 other teams in scoring D – and 24 other teams in total yards – on a team that had the highest number of turnovers during the Reid era – wow – imagine if Castillo was a ‘real’ DC – he might have been top 10 in both! But lets only give him one year – cause how dare he not be in the top 5 in both – but question…….

1) IF our safeties and LBs were SOOOOOOOOO bad – and the ENTIRE debacle on D is castillos fault – how did he manage to be in top 10 in yards and #12 in scoring? – wait – I get it – the other teams just said we suck and fell down at the eagles feet?

2) IF we had 2 2nd year safeties and a bunch of rookie LBs and our best DT against the run was out – wouldn’t all those guys being a year more experienced – including the DC – make this a potential top say 7 D? AFter all they are already in top 8 in yards – just stop the turnovers, maybe they become top 8 there as well? Now maybe throw in another vet at LB and Safety – have Landri the whole year- get Dixon back…


of note,” said Jenkins, who was in his third season in 2006. “Any time you can find any type of positive to end a season like this on, you can use that to carry over. It can have a big effect on a team.”

lastly – if the eagles D plays well again – it plays for a shutout like it did last week until the blocked punt – how long will it take for everyone to comment on ‘how it doesn’t matter’ – but then everyon will comment on how the D needs to play with ‘fire and passion’ and all the other cliched nonsense they post –

December 30, 2011 1:19 am

Ugh…don;t mention that blocked kick and then TD with 7 secs left. Those lost shutout pts cost me a FF championship and a nice $350 Christmas bonus. Downer.

Otherwise, you’re bang on Navy. Let the parade of unsubstiantiated blanket statements begin in 3…….2………..1……..

December 30, 2011 2:09 am

Hollow, useless, numbers!!! What mighty Offenses they faced the last 3 weeks. Give it a rest Navy. Castillo is gone, & the LB’s & safeties need to be blown up.

December 30, 2011 5:02 am

They’re not 8-8 yet, and if Stephen Jackson hadn’t injured his hammy in the first game, they’d be 6-9 right now. We’ve lost to a bunch of second and third-stringers, and as of late, we beat a couple of 2nd and third stringers.

The thing is that Reid’s 26-42 regular season record against playoff-bound teams seems to perpetuate itself (and that was with Jim Johnson). We can beat up some has-beens and not-so-readies, but against the upper echelon, Reid sucks – and he always will.

Eventually the Kool-Aid drinkers will have their fill, only to realize that it wasn’t Kool-Aid at all.

Fire Reid and solve a bunch of problems.

December 30, 2011 7:18 am

Drummer, stop making excuses. You and many other haters always say that “stop making excuses” but then you yourself make excuses for why wins are insignificant. Blame the schedule for the wins. Or better yet, let’s just agree on which opponents are ‘upper eschelon’ in a given season and only count that record. Its wrong to evaluate an nfl season on a 16 game season right?

December 30, 2011 8:32 am

The NFC east best team is not sitting home.

The NFL has a 16 game season.

Playing hard for only half of it, means you are not playoff worthy.

The Cowboys and or Giants will win the division because they were a little bit better with the NFL requirements for getting into the playoffs.

The lost to the Patriots was expected. Belichik would out coach and defeat the Fat Phoney even if Belichek had to use the current Virginia Tech roster.
Any logical coach defeats Reid. That’s why he loses every year to New England, Chicago and the Steelers. They keep it simple and logical.

But the Eagles should have never lost to Seattle. They were run over in that game. They underestimated an opponent. Fat boy did not have them ready.

How should we take a season out of the playoffs with the weakest nfc east division in 10 years?

A normal owner would fire the Fat Man. Coaches all over the NFL are being fired. But the media is acting like Andy is coming back. Even writing a story why he should have one more year. It’s so sad… These are the same people who never think “Their spouse” is cheating on them. 13 years of no superbowl and some how a professional sports writer thinks that Andy Reid should have one more year.

One more year to trade out of the first round.

One more year to ignore the linebacking position.

One more year to go without a good kick off returner.

One more year to use the first round pick to get a AARP player.

One more year to name Rachel Ray as the new Offensive Coordinator.

One more year to trade our 1st round pick to a division rival.

One more year draft “torn ACL guy.”

One more year to draft “out of position guy”

One more year to draft high sized defensive ends.

One more year to have a Jr. high school sized #1 wr.

One more year to have the most predictable play calling in the NFL.

One more year to have “Bozo the clown” as your defensive coordinator.

Can wait for next year.

December 30, 2011 8:44 am

The best team in the NFC East is the Philadelphia Eagles. Case closed.

At least college football gets one thing right…..and thats how THEY determine conference champions.

December 30, 2011 9:11 am

Eagles will bounce back in 2012, but they have a killer schedule playing the NFC South (Saints,Falcons,Improved Panthers and TB Bucs) and then the AFC North (Steelers,Ravens,Improved Bengals & Browns)
The funny thing is, that 2012 WIll probably play better ball but may end up with a similar record… if they don’t go at least 4-4 versus the Teams I listed above, it may be another 7-8-9 Win Season and not good enough for Playoffs

I see the Eagles playing the Steelers in the opening game next Season

December 30, 2011 9:49 am

Lurie will fire Reid – after discussing it with her husband.

December 30, 2011 10:07 am

Eagles Mock Draft (New Years Version 1.5)

1st Rd (#15th Overall) – MLB Luke Kuechly – Boston College 6-2 240lbs
2nd Rd (#45-from Cards) – WR Alshon Jeffrey – South Carolina 6-4 230lbs
2nd Rd (#47 Overall) – QB Nick Foles – Arizona St 6-5 240lbs
3rd Rd (#79 Overall) – OT Nate Potter – Boise St 6-6 300 lbs
4th Rd (#104-from Bucs) – DE/DT Trevor Guyton – Cal 6-3 280 lbs
4th Rd (#111th Overall) – WR/Returnman – Joe Adams – Arkansas
(5-11 190lbs and runs a 4.38 in the 40 time)
5th Rd (#143rd Overall) – SS Sean Cattouse – Cal 6-2 220 lbs (runs 4.5)
6th Rd (#175th Overall) – TE George Bryan – NC State 6-5 265 lbs
7th Rd (#207th Overall) – OLB Kyle Wilber – Wake Forest 6-4 240lbs

Eagles signed a bunch of Free-agents in 2011 so I don’t think they will get any compensatory picks in 2012 for losing Mickell/Bradley sinced they signed VY,RB,SS,Mathis,Jenkins,Babin….

That’s it for now…
Obviously I am using this Draft assuming that D-Jax will be gone..
#1) WR Jeffrey has the size,leaping ability and hands to be like a Greg Jennings,NIcks,Rice though he has to improve his route running as all young WR need to do
#2) WR Joe Adams is one of the fastest players in College and excells in the Return Game as a Punt/Kick-off Returner.. This kid is fearless and at 5’11 190 lbs, is a little bigger and stronger than people think.. He also is a very good WR/Run Reverses and is the kind of player that Coach AR loves with his speed,speed,speed…
I envision a WR Corp of Maclin, Jeffrey, Avant, Cooper & Adams and maybe an Free-agent WR added to the mix (Robert Meachem)
#3) MLB L Kuechely will be a Starter from Day 1 and bring some stability to the middle of the Eagle Defense allowing Cheney and Rolle to probably man the outside with Clayton & Matthews coming in on Passing Situations)
#4) DE/DT Guyton could be a real diamond in the rough at 6-3 280lbs, hes a pass rusher who in college came up from the DT position though his natural position is more of a DE.. He has the frame to add 15-20lbs easily if the Eagles want to keep him at DT or have him as that Rover type who can move up and down the line of Scrimmage..
#5) SS Seaon Cattouse is another Cal player who at 6-2 218 lbs can wallop a punch but has the speed (4.5) to cover the speefy WR/TE’s in todays NFL and being a 3 Year Start at Cal in the Pac 12 COnference he has had to go up versus some good QB,WR & TE who are fast and athletic from programs like Stanford,Oregon,USC, etc,etc
#6) OT Nate Potter at 6-6 and a lean 300lbs is the type of OL that Mudd loves.. Long arms, quick feet and the fact the he played in Boise States pass happy offenseive scheme has given him a lot of reps in Pass-Protection.. He will need to improve his strength, learn to get lower and use his hands more. I see him as a potential Starter at RT in 2 years time replacing Herremans and maybe even sooner if Herramans needs to move back inside to Guard dure to injury of Eagles lose G Evan Mathis to Free-Agency

December 30, 2011 10:12 am

boy you guys are funny – where is songs with his if-if -if – guess only one side can make up ifs –

Dcar – for you from another post –
comparison of Spags and castillo first years as DC –

Who was a better D Coordinator his first season – Spags or Castillo?

of course the Washington game can sway to facts a bit – here ya go – by league ranking –
Spags – total D #14 points – 17 pass d – 11 total yards – 7 rush 8
Castillo total D #10 points – 12 pass D 8 total yards 8 rush 14

profootball reference.com and nfl.com

wow – sure glad Spags had all that ‘real D coordinator’ experience I can see just how much better spags was his first regular season

glad to see we are back to ‘useless’ verse good wins – always tell when a ‘hater’ joins in – if Steven Jackson hadn’t pulled his hammy – maybe Spags would still have a job in St Loius (thats a joke – I don’t know if fired or not)

keep making shit up guys –

December 30, 2011 10:13 am

paulman , want to rethink your scouting report on griffin, at the collegiate level makes same mistakes as Vick, negative yardage, holds on to the ball too long, is undersized, and doesn’t play under center, the quarterback from Washington looks like the better prospect, I would not draft him in first round, he is an excellent college football player playing against weak competition compared to what cam newton, tim Tebow faced in sec,

December 30, 2011 10:36 am

maybe RGIII can play Safety then…. ha

December 30, 2011 10:38 am

Saints loss…Falc win,Cats win,bucs win…pick the Braves in march Paulmandomis.AFC north will be rough though.So go get a badass linebackah….a killah.

I see the Birds playing the jets in the last preseason.

birds 52-skins 14

Halladay man of the year.Goodcall.

December 30, 2011 10:52 am

For the record, I am not so sure that Spags even gets fired from the Rams..
His Team was decimated with key injuries right out of the gate and had a brutal schedule the first 6-8 weeks of the Season and just never recovered.. Kind of a lost year for them..

2 Teams in the NFC that played well down the stretch and will be in the playoff hunt for 2012 are the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks..
I am not sure if anyone realizes the injuries the Seahawks had to their OL where the lost 2-3 Starters off that line in the 1st month of the Seaon (OT’s Carpenter, Okung,and Guard John MOffitt, Cs, No TE J Carlson all Season and very little of WR S Rice.. These players bounce back in 2012 and they will be a different team and the Panthers Offense looks unstoppable (like the Eagles) with Cam Newton, 2 good RB’s in WIlliams & Stewart.. All World WR Steve Smith who is rejuvenated again playing with a good Qb and then 2 Good TE’s in Shockey and Olsen.. Their OL is still prety young but they have issues on Defense and especially at DT, CB, Safety… They had 14 Players on IR (2 Starting OL, 2 Starting LB, 2 Starting DT , and 2 Starters in the Secondary
The Eagles were relatively healhy all season as far as any major injuries go.. I think DT Dixon, LB Fokou, and now Safety Coleman who just went on the IR list were the only players really lost, which is very unlikely to happen again.. Other players Vick,Maclin,Samuel were banged up here and there but that’s just routine for all team… you look around the NFL this Season and most teams have 8-10-15 players lost that they were counting on which makes this Season even more disappointing for it’s very unlikley again to occur for the Eagles only to lose 2-3 players with a major injury ..

andrew p
andrew p
December 30, 2011 10:57 am

You can show all the stats you want this year concerning Castillo to prove he belongs but i havent heard one person bring up the most important stat,Red Zone! the stat that counts the most is how the D plays in the red zone, last i checked, out of 32 teams the Eagles rank 31st! Didnt everybody complain last year our O stats didnt mean anything cause we were horrible in the red zone? Same thing here people, we had to be really bad this year in the red zone if we did all this moving up in the D rankings and yet are still 31st in the red zone. So keep showing your hollow stats to prove a person who cant keep teams out of the red zone belongs here.

December 30, 2011 11:06 am

Eagles Preseason Schedule for 2012

1st Game – Win over Bills 10-9
2nd Game – Loss to Patriots 31-23 (RG III with 2 TD’s)
3rd Game – Loss to Steelers 20-3
4th Games – Tie to the Jets 13-13

Regular Season

Opening Game – Steelers 23- Eagles 10
2nd Game – Saints 44 – Eagles 16
3rd Game – Eagles 16 – Browns 7
4th Game – Giants 23 – Eagles 20
5th Game – Eagles 26 – Falcons 24
6th Game – Ravens 20 – Eagles 10
7th Game – Bears 26 – Eagles 24
8th Game – Eagles 23 – Redskins 16
9th Game – Eagles 30 – Cowboys 28
10th Game – Panthers 31 – Eagles 30
11th Game – Eagles 23 – TB Bucs 13
12th Game – Bengals 26 – Eagles 24
13th Game – Eagles 20 – Redksins 16
14th Game – Seahawks 24 – Eagles 19
15th Game – Giants 26 – Eagles 23
16th Games – Cowboys 23 – Eagles 9

Eagles finish 6-10 and the entire Coaching Staff is Terminated the Monday after the Cowboy Game… A new Coaching Search begins and the Eagles
name Bill O’Brien from the New England Patriots as their next new Head Coach and the rebuilding will begin..

December 30, 2011 12:12 pm

your right- i should look at this “all in season” as a positive. I mean….. we did win 7 or 8 games. lol

December 30, 2011 1:10 pm

Eagles are NOT the best in NFC east… an NFL season does not consist of 6 games, but 16 total. Stop trying to make this team a “champion” of sorts because they missed playoffs, again.
Why would I really want the Eagles to represent the NFC east when the NYG beat Belicheck/Pats in their house and the Cowboys almost did likewise.
Fans should at least be balanced realists, not blind dolts. Make all the excuses you want for the Reid-coached Eagles (13th time) but there still isn’t a Lombardi trophy sitting at the Novacare complex. How ’bout trading Lurie!

December 30, 2011 10:36 pm

I love all the comments about our D- honestly guys, what game did they win for us this year? What game did they go in and take it for us? How many times this year did you say- thank God for juan and his boys? How about the red zone? Were you like me? Did you just KNOW it was 7 points when a team got into our redzone? I’m not a hater- this D did NOTHING.

December 31, 2011 2:27 am

What game did the O win?

What game did they go in and just flat out outscore the opposition?

What game did you say, “oh we’re down but we’re going to score guaranteed!”

What 4th Q did they outscore their opponents?

What about the redzone?

Were you like me? Did you just KNOW that in any game we fell behind late we weren’t going to score?

I’m not a hater….this O did nothing.

andrew p
andrew p
December 31, 2011 11:50 am

Vinnie, The O did enough to get us into the 4th quarter with leads 5 times and the D couldnt keep them for us, a sack or turnover would of been nice just once, and speaking of red zone, do you know as good as our stats look on D this year we still rank 31st? All the complaing everybody did last year about the Os red zone problems and yet people want to show stats and forget to add the Ds red zones red zone rankings.

December 31, 2011 12:25 pm

The Team is 7-8 due to all facets being average.. Coaching,Offense, Defense, Special Teams.. Can’t anyone accept that this Team is just not as good as all of the Fans,Local and National Media built this Team up to be.. It happens, whats the big deal.. There will be Football in 2012 and we’ll start all over again about the hype and the promise of a Super Bowl Contendor ..

January 1, 2012 7:53 am

How Should We Take This Eagles Season Out Of The Playoffs?
Posted by Joseph Milord

We should take it the same way you would if on your honeymoon you wife did not put out…

Some things are just expected.

You have a playoff team that adds a few pro bowl free agents then their should be an improvement. But Fat Boy decided he was smarter than the entire Universe and Hired “Bozo the Clown” to run the defense…and decided not to give “alligator arms” Jackson any money. The guy was completely invisiable this year. The offensive line was so horrible in the summer that Vick began the year uncomfortable and throwing ints like it was part of his contract.

Then there is the AARP first round pick. A passing coach, drafts a run blocking Tackle and moves him to guard.

Will e Coyote – Super Genius.

If only Andy’s air of superiority was as funny as that cartoon.

Just once I’d like to see one of the reporters ask him does the think he should resign if after 13 years he still has to learn how to ” put the players in a better position to win.”

January 1, 2012 7:58 am

I think Kentuckys basketball team could beat a couple of NBA teams.

That center reminds me of Patrick Ewing when he was at Georgetown, and that 6’7″ 230 fresman small forward is a beast.

Thanks to the Fat Man, my NFL season is over.

Please Andy Just leave. You can’t stand Philadelphia fans yet you continue to stay. Just like one of those guys who never knows when to leave your house. You have a home field dis-advantage.

Uncomplicate things and just leave.

January 1, 2012 8:04 pm

a disgrace of a season. waste fire the fat slob lurie you have your super bowl u patriot fan

January 1, 2012 8:18 pm

Coach AR, Castillo and Staff all returning for 2012…

January 1, 2012 8:22 pm

kudos to chad hall , he had a great little run and nice punt return . never said much nice about him but the guy doesnt quit!