• August 14, 2022

Colts Hire Ryan Grigson As Their New General Manager

ESPN has reported that Eagles players personnel director Ryan Grigson has been hired by the Indianapolis Colts as their new General Manager.

Grigson will have input in one of the biggest decisions which will be made this offseason in the NFL.   Indy must decide what they’re going to do at the quarterback position.

The Colts have future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Peyton Manning on the roster but his future is questionable because of a neck injury.  Indy must give him a bonus of $28 million dollars this off season if they want to hang onto him.

The Colts are also in position to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.  They could make Luck their new franchise quarterback or they could decide to go with Manning for a few more years and trade Luck.

I know Jim Irsay will ultimately make the call on this decision but Grigson will be involved in it.  I’m sure Irsay has already gotten Grigson’s opinion about it.  We’ll all see what happens.


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  • I wonder if Howie Roseman got even 1 phone inquiring about his availability? I highly doubt it.

  • Grigson is a football guy with a strong football background being a player at Purdue….Roseman was still playing sega genesis with his buddies while Grigson was banging heads on the field….Roseman knows absolutely nothing about football other than fantasy stats…. great hire by the Colts….Grigson worked with Heckert to put together some good drafts here in Philly… he will do the same for the Colts and had a strong mentor in Reid. Good Luck to him!

  • butch – Um, have you ever heard of a GM who’s under contract being interviewed for another GM job? That never happens, you don’t go after a sitting GM. So your point is moot – no body ever considers a GM who’s not being fired as available.

    Jott – do you think Grigson was getting coffee for people while he worked with the Eagles? Your hate of Roseman but love for Grigson shows a serious disconnect in your understanding of the Eagles scouting operations…. THEY WORKED TOGETHER! So if Roseman has such a lack of knowledge about football (which would be odd seeing as he’s worked for a FOOTBALL team for many years, and he had what you call ‘football people’ working right there with him, then in all actuality the ‘problem’ – which is all based in speculation on your part (hence, weak) – really wasn’t a ‘problem’ at all!

    If Roseman was such a crappy GM, then why would the Colts hire one of Roseman’s men? That just makes 0 sense.

  • Excellent Hire by the Colts and a great opportunity for Grigson
    I do expect him to contact both Marty M and QB Coach Doug Pederson to see if there is an interest in joining the Colts as HC and OC respectively to help help groom #1 Pick A Luck into the next Franchise QB..
    Colts Owner Irsay, per reports, has alraeady made a decision on Peyton Manning and he will be released by the Colts to pursue other Teams if he is physically healthy to play, reports also state that Manning will most likley Retire from Football as he should with having that Neck Injury..
    Eagles and Coach Ar needs to be on the phone talking to potential OC ,
    maybe a Mike Sherman or Brad Childress, but I expect we will hear annoucements on Coachs MM and Pederson on Friday

  • Paulman – broken record called – you’re cramping his style. You said that over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…..

  • New Article Schiller, and some didn’t read the other ones and besides, most Eagles Fans probably never even heard of Ryan Gridgson before..anyways, I thought you said I could not predict Future events and that my Sources were ficticious and bogus… I called this on Sunday and see, sometimes I am right.

    Here’s another one for you
    Oakland Raiders will hire Packer Asst Head Coach Winston Moss as their next HC once there Playoff Season is over…

  • Paul, that’s not ‘another one’. Dude that was posted on rumor bords on other websites. We all have the same access to the internet as you.

  • I had it first.. An old girlfriend of mine works for the Colts Ticket Sales and Marketing and I got the scoop from her last Saturday I believe..
    As far as the Oakland Raiders gig, as soon as they announced for Packer Executive McKenzie as GM of the Raiders, no doubt that Winston Moss is going to be the next HC.. They both played for the Raiders and have known each other since their playing days… Moss has all the tools to make a very good NFL Coach.. Give these 2 a few years with the Raiders and they will remake this team similar to what the Packers have been…

  • well, …..guess who knows the Eagles draft plans?

    Colts will win one before us. Watch

  • lol Pman. its called Profootballtalk…. everyone is doing it. haha

  • Until we get somebody OUTSIDE this organzation to come in with a different view were looking at the same win average we’ve had the past 6yrs, 9-7, look for the Janitor or Dave Spadaro to fill Grigson’s spot.

  • Schiller stop being an iconoclast on everything except reid and the front office paulman is legendary with his football knowledge and sources, remember there will be paulman although he has poor knowledge of basebal

  • Jott1972 – good stuff buddy I agree; I agree with you too andrew p. Paulman: just tell sheila to get back in the kitchen and make some sammiches buddy. You’re waisting your time trying to respond to an idiot like sheila. Speaking of broken records Sheila, you like to use the word hate too much when someone disagrees with this organization. Yesterday I hate Reid, today jott1972 hates Roseman. You’re a waste Sheila, a real waste who would probably lick the sweat off of the F O balls. You’re real garbage who I’m sure got your ass kicked in school and your only vengeance from childhood is to wear dresses and become a computer punk hiding behind the keys.

  • Jake, uh, …haha.. ‘iconoclast’…uh, do you mean your religion is hating Reid? Or do you mean I attack your ‘cherished belief’ (from definition) in bullshit?

    My honest guess is that what you meant by calling my behavior iconoclast is that I mainly post against other people’s assertions and opinions. That I guess is a reasonable thing to say but I still stand by my posts. This isn’t a 1 way communication site – the format allows for discourse and I appreciate that. I bet you do too. So why can’t I have different opinions and express mine?

  • rocko – I use he word ‘hate’ to refer to people’s searching for reasons to support dismissing him as a total ‘bum’ or ‘failure’ OR getting rid of guy – even further than that, it’s when people post that negative stuff ONLY to pour on a polarized blame target. It’s severe overkill and harmful to the psyche of the teams and city.

  • yeah Schill – that’s gonna take them about 2 weeks to figure out. You have at multiple words with more then 6 letters, several uses of the gerund forms of verbs, and you attempted to use logic and reason –

    stand by, I think Rocko has another order from the kitchen – I have not figured out his affinity for trying to have other men make him food? So I think either 1) his mother waited on him hand and foot and he has mommy issues 2) his old man used forced servitude of his mother and sisters and he has daddy issues or 3) he is just too stupid to use a microwave..

    and Jake – do you have one of those word of the day calendars – I have an Eagles trivia day calendar – you post the word of the day – I’ll post the eagle trivia of the day –

    ok here goes – What two Eagles share the record for most sacks in a game?

  • Redksins Hire fomrer TB Bucs HC Raheem Morris as their Def Secondary Coach which is his specialty and what he’s known for…

  • paul , you have been telling us repeatidly these fired head coaches would rather stay home and do nothing for a year , a bunch of these guys have already been hired !

  • Not all of them, and especially not the younger ones who were not sucessful
    R Morris is young and had a pretty bad ending where he lost his team completely down in Tampa., He’s a Coach that needs to rehabilitate his reputation as being a HC material again,,I think you could say the same for former Dolphins Coach Sporano who took O/C Position with the Jets, like Hue Jackson & Todd Haley and probably even Spags will do..
    Now many bigger name Coach’s that have had Success are going to have a bigger buyout clause’s in their Contract’s with their former Teams then these newbie Coaches who haven’t really established themselves as Head Coaches yet..

  • schiller if the players feel this so-called “hate” then they deserve to lose and are losers, the Phillies were “hated” for years, and even after Cole hamels won a world series MVP he was booed. Unlike avant, Mathis, kelce etc. When asked the press asked hamels about the booing he replied “if I were in the stands and paid to see that I would boo too.” he gets it, you don’t, where were you raised, on some horse farm in Chester county, Haverford, maybe new hope?

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