• May 19, 2022

Analysis Of Eagles LB’s, And What LB’s They Should Pursue In The Draft

One of the main areas of scrutiny on the Eagles defense was the linebackers. Undersized, lack of technique, and youth were all words used to describe Brian Rolle, Casey Matthews, and the other players that made up the ever-changing Eagles linebacking corps.

Jamar Chaney was the one consistency in the Eagles defense. Whether he was moved to outside linebacker or solidifying the middle, Chaney was a sure defender when it came to rushing the quarterback, making a tackle, or dropping into pass defense. With 92 tackles, the Mississippi State linebacker led all other linebackers by at least 38 tackles. He was also the only one of the six splitting time to start all 16 games.

Another linebacker that caught attention was the 5’10” Ohio State rookie, Brian Rolle. Before the season, Rolle described himself as a “hard-nosed, scrappy player” that would bring “toughness and grit” to the team. He showed just that during his playing time, making 54 tackles and having a sack, forced fumble, and four pass breakups on his rookie season stat line. Listed as 5’10” in the roster, playing at about 5’8”, Rolle showed that you don’t have to be 6’3” and weigh 260 pounds to make an impact at the linebacker position (although it does help).

With Rolle and Chaney starting 13 games and 16 games, respectively, the remainder of the time was split between players that, at one point or another, made their living on the special teams. Akeem Jordan, Moise Fokou, Keenan Clayton, and Casey Matthews, who started the season as the starting middle linebacker, all came on at the end of the season when Castillo implemented his changing defensive personnel and defensive schemes. Of those four players, Casey Matthews was the only one to record a sack.

Since about week five or six, analysts and fans have looked at the linebackers coming out of the draft to see who could possibly turn the weakness of the Eagles defense into it’s strength. The specific need for the Eagles defense is at middle linebacker, a leader that can call the plays and run a defense.

One of the early candidates was Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Other names being thrown around are Alabama linebackers Don’t’a Hightower and Courtney Upshaw, UNC outside linebacker Zach Brown, and my personal favorite, Luke Kuechly.

Vontaze Burfict was expected to be a top ten draft pick entering this season but he disappointed by only recording 69 tackles. With five sacks, Burfict is more of a pass-rushing linebacker. The Eagles defense, with Jason Babin, Trent Cole, and Cullen Jenkins, already has enough pass rushers. In the heart of the defense, the Eagles need an all-round athlete who can stuff the run, drop back in pass coverage, or just hunt down the ball-carrier sideline to sideline.

Alabama linebackers Dont’a Hightower and Courtney Upshaw impressed many all season long by making up one of the best linebacking corps in the country. At 6’4” and 260 pounds, Hightower is your prototype middle linebacker. However, Hightower was another linebacker that spent a lot of time rushing the quarterback, and he tallied four sacks while only recording 42 solo tackles. His teammate Courtney Upshaw, whose draft stock for the Eagles has dropped because he is an outside linebacker, is another pass-rusher. He sacked opposing quarterbacks 9.5 times and only recorded 52 total tackles. He will likely fit a defense like the Cowboys or the Steelers who implement a 3-4 defense.

That brings us to Zach Brown. At UNC, Brown had a nose for the ball as an outside linebacker. He recorded 105 total tackles with 5.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and three interceptions. If Brown can transition into a middle linebacker, he will be a good option for the Eagles if Kuechly is not on the board at number 15. Standing 6’2” and weighing in at 230 pounds, Brown would be the biggest linebacker on the Eagles defense. Brown is a great defender against the pass, having had seven interceptions in the last three seasons. Zach Brown is potentially the Eagles best option if Kuechly is unavailable.

Luke Kuechly, the top linebacker in this year’s draft, and possibly of the next five years, is number eight on WalterFootball.com’s big board. Understandably so, the junior recorded 191 tackles along with three interceptions, one returned for a touchdown. Kuechly fits the Eagles defensive needs the most.

As I wrote earlier, the Eagles are in no need of a pass rusher with the defensive line stacked with speedy edge rushers. The Boston College product is the type of defender that will not allow a ball carrier past him. His worst season with Boston College, his freshman year, ended with 142 tackles. That’s 90 more than Courtney Upshaw, 73 more than Vontaze Burfict, 59 more than Dont’a Hightower and 37 more than Zach Brown – all during their 2011 seasons.

During his collegiate career, Kuechly only had five games where he had fewer than 10 tackles. Three of those came in his first four games of his freshman season. Four times in his three year career, he recorded more than 20 tackles in a game, with a career high of 23 coming in the third game of 2011 against the Duke Blue Devils.

Kuechly is the best option for the Eagles to draft. But will he last until almost halfway through the first round? Many say that he is not a top 5 talent, so he’ll make it that far. Sitting at numbers 6-10, teams have money invested in their middle linebackers. Sitting at number 11 or 12 (depending on a coin flip) could be the Eagles biggest threat to drafting the three-time All-American. The Seattle Seahawks, while optimistic about David Hawthorne, are not very deep at linebacker. With a deep WR draft, the Seahawks would be in the market for a receiver as well, and if no better options present themselves, Kuechly may be their pick and the Eagles will have to go to plan B.

Of course, this all depends on who the Eagles decide to go into 2012 with as the head honcho of the defense. And, if Andy Reid will change his philosophy on drafting linebackers. He has never drafted a linebacker in the first round and only Derrick Burgess, who he drafted in 2001’s third round, has ever made a Pro Bowl and he made two. Neither of those came while he was a member of the Eagles.

So let’s change up the draft philosophy and give the Boston College Eagle a chance to continue being an Eagle and draft him at number 15.

Brenden Peddigree

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  • Now with Rolle n Matthews having a little game experence you have two good backups, get rid of Jordan and Fokou, draft a stud (with the 1st pick) bring in an experenced FA to go along with Chaney and you solved your linebacking problems that quick.

  • Brenndan I’m gonna tell you this Donta Hightower will be the best middle linebacker in this draft the kid from BC got a lot of tackles but I don’t know if he’s strong enough to play the middle in the Nfl to stop the run.

  • Good stuff Brenden,
    Kuechley has been rated between #12-#15 ranked player in most rankings,
    I am not sure where you are getting a Top #5 Player which is very unlikley for a ILB/MLB
    Zack Brown is an OLB and not really suited to play on the inside
    I like Hightower for he won’t be out on there on passing downs (bring in MAtthews,Clayton) but he would help versus the run and most importantly on short-yardage/red-zone Defense which is the Eagles biggest weakness Defensively, The Eagles have been weak in the Red-Zone the last 3 Seasons because they have lacked that physicality at MLB and Safety position in my opinion and Hightower would take care of that big time, but he is not good in pass coverage and you would have to deal with that and have Matthews/Clayton/Chaney come out on Passing downs

    Here are some other worthy MLB/ILB in this Draft by NFLDraftScout.Com
    Top 8 Rankings are as follows

    #1 Luke Kuechly – Boston College (6-2 237lbs 4.8 speed – Mid 1st Round)
    #2 Donta Hightower – Bama (6-4 260lbs 4.78 speed – Late 1st Round)
    #3) Vontaze Burfict – Arizona St (6-3 250lbs 4.67 speed – Early 2nd Round)
    #4) Audie Cole – NC State (6-4 240 lbs 4.84 speed – Late 2nd/Early 3rd Rd)
    #5) James Johnson – Nevada (6-1 240lbs 4.68 speed – Late 3rd/4th Rd)
    #6) Emmanuel Acho – Texas (6-2 245lbs 4.79 speed – 4th Round)
    #7) Mychal Kendricks – California (5-11 240lbs 4.72 spped – 4th/5th Round)
    #8) Jerry Franklin – Arkansas (6-1 245lbs – 4.6 Speed Late 4th5 Round)

  • Everything about Kuechly is great for a MLB except his size and speed. I have no problem taking him at 15, he should be available. I would seriously consider taking Hightower or Burict (may fall) with 1 of the 2 mid second round picks. I’m thinking Hightower at SAM if it’s not trying to fit a squre peg in a round hole. The Eagles need a thumper on the field. Am I suggesting playing a guy at a spot he did not play in college, exactly what I rip on the current staff for doing, YES. I just think the backers need an overhaul, there is talent else where on the team. I think they are going to make a go of it with the current young safeties so I want to put as much talent in front of them as I can.

  • Pman’s list is for middle linebackers, it dosen’t include the rushing outside backers that are typically taken before the SAMs. It’s not crazy to think the 3 top SAMs are available through the first 2 rounds.
    Burfict had serious issues with his coach and may drop despite his elite physical skills. Does a coach want him running the defense at the pro level?

  • Burfict. Vontaze Burfict. 100,000 + 10%

    Kuechly is smart and a good tackler but he’s far too slow. He will never translate at the pro level. We might as well draft Garry Cobb if we want a smart, sure tackler who doesn’t have the speed (anymore Garry) to play in the NFL.

    Burfict is an absolute madman who will thump AND terrify any offense. I don’t care if he’s crazy. We need crazy. We have a defense full of highly-skilled nice guys and powder puffs. I want a mean A-hole playing in the center of that field. He’s a young Ray Lewis guys. Mark my words. We would be crazy not to get him. Go watch his doggone Youtube highlights, he puts Keek-Lee to shame.

  • Boyer- “i want a mean Ahole” um… thats my line baby and its trademarked. haha. YES YES YES!!!!

    this is what ive been saying for 3 years folks. Im glad we have the fast guys on the outside that are ball hawks but i want 3 guys on the field (not on the oline) that are thumpers… mad men….. hard hitters…. a pinch of dirty….. fear makers. I want my MLB to be smart and yet kinda dumb. I want a big ol truck up the middle to clog the runners up and let the smash brothers (cole and babbin) do their thing. Wouldnt help to have a little brother outside LB to help with this. I want a corner who’s a little phsicall and a little tall (NNAMDI) and i want a FS who brings the wood.

    yes… i know, i know…. Vick is all that matters bla bla bla…. i know…. its not 1992.. D’s dont matter anymore…… need 11 ball hawks on D…. no need to takle…. bla bla bla….. but trust me…. gt a DC and add a CRAZY MLB and we are on our way.

  • *not on the D line

  • as others have stated i don’t see Kuechly translating well to the NFL. he lacks strength and can’t get off blocks. this Eagles defense needs to become alot more physical. Burfict is the guy, period. he plays violently, takes on and sheds blocks very well, and is a phenomenal blitzer (which would fit perfectly if Spags came here as the DC).

    if i were calling the shots they would sign Manny Lawson to play SAM, 6’5 4.45 speed excellent against the run and in TE coverage but failed in SF because he’s not a pass rusher. actually he didn’t really fail, he was excellent at what he did, he just wasn’t ENOUGH of a pass rusher to play in the 3-4. i thought they should have picked him up cheap last year but they never even looked into him. he played well in a 4-3 for the Bengals this year.

    the linebackers going into the year would be SAM-M. Lawson MIKE-V. Burfict and WILL-Chaney/Matthews

  • The Eagles need a thumper in the middle who sets the tone and leads by example…..Burfict is the perfect fit, but he has some anger issues and Reid might take him off the board because he is a moron. Kuechly is overrated and can’t come off a block….watch some games….he is a sideline to sideline guy who is never going to make plays in the backfield…he is easily blocked and will struggle in the NFL against bigger lineman…Hightower is a beast and another thumper the Eagles could use…..Upshaw is intriguing because he can play all LB positions..OLB in the 3-4 or MLB in the 4-3….he is a talent…. .my preference is Burfict because he can play all 3 downs….Hightower is a 2 down LB and Upshaw fits more of a OLB in the 3-4….right now Burfict is an early to mid 2nd round grade because of some issues he had in college controlling his emotions….the Eagles could use the pick in the Kolb deal to land their MLB for the next 5-6 years

  • I definitely agree with most of the posts, no way would I draft Kuechly, I can see him getting run over by opposing offensive linemen and the Stephen Jackson’s of the NFL. Give me Vontaze Burfict, I dont care where he is slated to go in the draft according to the professional draftniks of the world (Mel Kiper) . The Eagles don’t need to play around with their draft day shananagans and tomfoolery. Take him with the15th pick and prepare for the next two second round picks. Back up choices is Courtney Upshaw and Donta Hightower. Please no D linemen or O linemen, Linebacker is the position of need for the first pick and if a stud linebacker is available in the second round the Eagles should pull the trigger again, it’s needed !!!!

  • 2 young LBs – What if the birds can’t resign MAthis? WHere do you see an OL need then? Would liek to see them pick up another DT to challenge – I like Landri, PAtterson, Jenkins and Law – Dixon may be back?

  • Donta Hightower is taller, bigger, and faster, and more physical than Kuechley.

    Don’t give me the number of tackles spill. He’s alright but not as good as Hightower. Of course Kuechly racked up tackles but that is not saying where he got the tackles. Many after the team got a first down. How many were tackle for losses? Is he the field general like a Hightower. I’m saying this right now…Kuechly will be light Stewart Bradley. Please don’t give us a 237 pound linebacker so fans can be talking about another 1st round bust. Draft Hightower….And please don’t tell us about the scout experts…Look at Graham who was supposed to have been the top DE in his class. Draft Hightower and if possible pick up R. Lewis in the 2nd round too. That will set the linebacker position for the foreseeable future.

    Until we end up drafting the next 1st round slug…enjoy “groundhog day.”

  • There you go using logic.

    Since when has “Self Destruct” Andy used logic in the draft?

    Need a wide reciever?? Draft “I run in slow motion” Fedex.

    Need a center?? draft a ton of defensive ends.

    Need a explosive Kick off returner?? Get game breaker Reno Mahe.

    Need a pass blocking offensive lineman?? Draft an AARP run blocker.

    Need a linebacker??? Draft a guy from Nebraska who had a torn ACL.

    And get rid of the guy Trotter called the “Head Knocker” and watch him play for denver, and watch Tekao spikes play for the 49ers.

    13 years of this buffonery. The 14th will be the charm. Not.

  • Andy Reid is a cheaper version of Jeff Fisher.

    He has a winning formula, but not a championship formula.

    He has no heart.

    A real man is not afraid to admit a mistake and move on.

    This Fat Bozo will keep a bum on the field just to prove a point.

    From James Trash and Reno Mahe to Casey Matthews.

    He will keep passing even if running and protecting a 4th quarter lead is the smart thing to do.

    No heart. And Never will be a champion.

    A little person in a big body.

  • Way to keep an open mind bsmvideos….

  • Bsmvideos,

    Does, “This Fat Bozo will keep a bum on the field just to prove a point.” also apply to Vick?

    Just askin’

  • Boyer,

    “Burfict. Vontaze Burfict. 100,000 + 10%”
    “Kuechly is smart and a good tackler but he’s far too slow.”

    So you want Burfict (benched by his own coach, academically inelligble, undisciplined, character issues, production dropped this year) because he is “faster” than Kuechly?

    Burfict’s allegded 40 time 4.65
    Kuechly’s allegded 40 time is 4.70

    So that’s a difference of 5 one hundredths of a second. You’re telling me one guy is faster than the other because he makes it 40 yards in 5 one hundredths of a second faster than the other guy. Did you knw that human biengs aren’t able to percieve the difference of hundredths of a second? Do you know what this means on the football field? Absolutely nothing!

    I have no ides who the eagles should draft at LB, other than I know they should draft one. And I think it should be a bigger guy, but I will never get bogged down by the minutia of 0.05 seconds or the diff between 6’3″ 240 and 6’3″ 250 which is the height/weight “difference” between these 2 guys. (would be different if we did draft another 5’11” 220 lber….)

    So what should we look at? How about production on the field? And when we look at these 2 players one is completely heads or tails above the other. Its not even close.

    Kuchely (in 3 years):
    3x All American (2x unanimous) in 2009, 2010, 2011
    2011 Lombardi Trophy Winner
    2011 Butkus Trophy Winner
    2011 Lott Trophy Winner
    2011 ACC Defensive Player Of The Year
    2009 All Freshman Team
    2009 ACC Defensive Rookie Of The Year
    2011 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl MVP
    2009 Emerald Bowl MVP
    Kuechly is the all time leading tackler in history of the ACC conference
    Kuechly is the second leading tackler in NCAA history (in 3 years)

    532 Tackles, 44 Tackles For A Loss, 2.5 Sacks, 10 Passes Deflected, 7 Interceptions and 2 Defensive Touchdowns in 3 years.

    Burfict (in 3 years)
    2010 All-American (TSN)
    2010 Pac-10 Defensive MVP (TSN)
    2009 Freshman All-American (FWAA, CFN)
    2009 Pac-10 Defensive Freshman of the Year

    228 tackles, 22.5 for loss, 7 sacks, 12 passes defended, 4 forced fumbles, 1 int

    So again, why get bogged down in the who is a stitistically irrelevant 0.05 seconds faster and deal with who was the most productivel player? DO that and the comparisons aren’t even close. I have no idea which guy will be the better pro, nor does anyone here….but I would always pick the guy who was more productive on the field over the guy who does better running in shorts.

  • Kuechly racked up tackles being on a shitty Boston College team so I’m sure he had plenty of opportunities to make tackles while his defense struggled to get off the field. He is way too small. There is far more upside in Vontaze and/or Hightower. If I’m not mistaken, there were similar questions when Ray Lewis came out of college as Vontaze and look how that worked out. Vontaze would bring an attitude and energy to this defense that has been lacking since Dawkins left.

  • I do not see Eagles Selecting V Burfict due to his Character Issues, I posted over a month ago that Burfict has gone from the Top #15-#20 Slection and has dropped to Mid 2nd Rounder due to these Maturity & Coachability issues…

    I think HIghtower would be a great addition to the EAgles, but Hightower is not a 3 Down LB (think of Trotter), he would be a Run-Stuffer, excellent on SHort-yardage and Red-Zone Defense which is the Eagles biggest weakness in recent Seasons.. I don’t know if you use a #15 Overall Selection for a 2 Down LB, but the Eagles have a huge need in the middle, stopping the run,bring a physicality to the middle of the Defense which has been missing for a while and tough Red-Zone Defense so I think in the Eagles situation, Hightower is worth very much at Selecting at #15 and remember the Eagles have some LB’s who specialize in Pass coverages who played pretty well down the strtch in Clayton and Matthews so I don’t think only havnig him in running downs is a bad refelction on his talent and what he can contribute when the EAgles face those more physical teams who like to run more and checkign next years schedule versus the Steelers,Ravens,falcons,Panthers plus NFC East rivals, I think it behooves the Eagles to get the best Run-Stuffer in the middle of their Defense and that’s D Hightower in my opinion…

  • I bet Andy Reid doesn’t even pick at 15. Watch him move down in the mid 20’s so that he can grab another 2nd rounder or something. Make too much sense to stay put and grab the best linebacker…not his style.

  • @Paulman – agree on Hightower….love the kid’s potential, but he is not a 3-down LB….however, how many LB’s in the NFL are actually 3 down? ….The Eagles need someone to lead by example, stop the run and get into the backfield….i’m not asking my MLB to cover anyone…. that is what Rolle and Chaney and the safeties are for…. i’d risk Hightower at #15 because he doesnt slip into round 2 as the Ravens will snatch him up as Ray Lewis’ replacement

  • But hey when it comes to Andy Reid that might actually be better. Don’t want to seem him jump up again for a player that doesn’t fit this team like Graham. Graham was rated highly as a DE but for a 3-4 system. Hell, I think some people even had him rated in the linebacker group which tells you all you need to know about his capability of playing in a 4-3 at the NFL level. Would have been a really good fit for like the Steelers. If your not going to sign Djax, trade BG to them for Antonio Brown (had him on my fantasy team, this guy is a stud and might be just as good as Mike Wallace). Their defense is getting old they might take it.

  • Jott agree man…we need an enforcer in the middle of this defense. We need guys who can get it done against the power runners in this league. See Lynch just running over every player we have on defense. Made this defense look like JV.

  • vinnie- agiain- sorry about Kolb.

  • Not to change the subject, but let’s hope the EAgles face the Steelers in a first couple weeks of the Season..
    They have 4 Starters who probably will not ready to start for the beginning of 2012 Sweason due to major injuries the last coupldeof Weeks LT Max Starks, RB Mendenhall, NT Casey Hampton, DE Brent Kiesel all had major Knee injuries and may be Ooctober of 2012 before anyone of them can play. Hopefully the Eagles have them early in the Season ..

  • Well, Vinnie, you made my point for me “I would always pick the guy who was more productive on the field over the guy who does better running in shorts.”

    Those 40 numbers are in shorts. All you have to do is watch the tape. Burfict is a full step faster than Kuechly. Boston College’s entire Defensive game plan is about funneling the runner to the middle, side-to-side Kuechly was JUUUUUST fast enough to clip your feet…. in the NFL, that translates into tackling someones ghost. They’ll already be gone. He’ll only ever be a slow SLB.

    Just watch the videos available online. It was like the year Eli and Big Ben came out in the draft. Big Ben’s tape was heads-and-heels over Eli’s. Eli got drafted higher cuz his last name was Manning…. and it showed. Has Eli gotten comfortable and become the better pocket passer? Yes. But for the first 5/6 years, Big Ben was better. Without the constant tuteluge of his own brother, Eli is a backup.

    Look at when DeMeco Ryans came out. Only A.J. Hawk is better than him but three other LB’s were taken ahead of him. His tape clearly showed him the better LB. Tape Tape Tape. That’s where it’s all at. You can compile numbers or just WATCH them play. You’re in love with his tackling numbers. They won’t translate.

  • One thing to keep in mind is that the Eagles already have Chaney and Matthews to play on the Inside.. I think they liked the progress that Matthews made as a pass-cover LB on passing downs or against pass-happy teams..
    The Eagles may be looking at more of a OLB in the 1st 2 Rounds and grab a MLB in the mid-later rounds . I kind of like MLB’s Jerry Franklin from Arkansas who is 6-1 245lbs and runs a 4.6 or a Emmanuel Acho from Texas at 6-2 245lbs and run at 4.7who they can select in the 4th

  • 1- Trade second rounders and Samuel to the Titans for their 1st rounder…draft Hightower and Barron.
    2- Sign Fletcher
    3- Sign Tolbert to be a change up to Shady
    4- Sign Dixon or Hill as backup QB who could easily win a couple of games with this offense when Vick gets injured again.
    5- Trade Brandon Graham and Justice to the Steelers for Antonio Brown
    Super Bowl

  • ….and Paulman, I’m taking Hightower over Kuechly 7 days a week and twice on Friday.

  • I just dont see how tiny man Kuechly would fix the problems we have at the LB position. He is too small. We need run stuffers and guys who dont get run over. I would also like to see the Eagles draft Russell Wilson from Wisconsin.

  • I agree with you Boyer 100%, I would not select Kuechely at all

    To Pheags, you would Trade both 2nd Round Slections (#45 & #47 Overall)
    plus Samuel to the Titans for their 1st Round Pick (#20 Overall) … That’s way too much to give up in my opinion

    #1) Sign MLB Steven Tulloch & OLB Rocky McIntosh to 3 year Deals
    #2) Trade CB Samuel to the Panthers for maybe a 2nd or a 3rd Rounder in return and a 4th Rd in next Years Draft

    I would select Safety Barron with the 15th Selection before LB Hightower
    and then Select an OLB in the 2nd Round and add a big WR and DT

  • Paulman,
    In that scenario, your basically jumping 25 spots which would require a great offer. I don’t think its way too much to give at all when you think that you are going to get 2 players that many people feel will be pro-bowl impact players in the NFL. When the Falcons gave up the house to get Julio Jones it seemed like a lot then but who cares now? Does it really matter? They got exactly what they needed and Julio Jones is already a stud. You never know what your going to get with those 2nd rounders and your prolly going to lose samuel anyways. On top of it, your not going to go anywhere in this league without a QB…How much more years does Vick have in him (if hes even here after next year)? You put two impact rookies on this team on defense and sign a quality veteran or two and get better coaching in here and they might have a shot.

    I do actually agree with you man about taking Barron at 15 if we stay there just because the Safety talent in the draft isn’t as deep as the linebackers, were terrible at both positions. You could take Barron and then maybe one of those premier linebackers will still be there at pick 33 when the Colts pick again….The Eagles could just call their new GM and make a trade which will cost much less since you wont have to jump 25 spots.

    But again watch none of this happen. Andy Reid will prolly trade down and pickup a tackle or another undersized DE. Too easy of a game for him just to stay put and take the best linebacker or safety.

  • I hear you Pheags but giving up #45 & #47 and Samuel to move up 20 Spots is way too much to for a #20 Overall pick in my opinion… If your moving up to the Top 10 then may a different story.. This Draft has a lot of good players but I am not so sure about real game changers and the Difference of Talent between #8 and 30 or between #25 and #50 is not that much diffense… Eagles should stay where they are and use the #15,#45 & #47 and would have 3 of the Top 50 Players in the Draft and if they concentrate on LB & Safety with 2 of these Selections should be getting the Top 2 or 3 at each Position … Then if they can get a 2nd or a 3rd for Samuel now your talking possibly 5 Selections in the Top 3 Rounds or the Top 80-85 players selected or so is how i rebuild this Defense and add a big WR and OL Depth ….

  • A couple of tems have 2 1st Round selections
    Browns who have #5 and #22 (from Atlanta) and ma be interested in CB Samuel
    Bengals have the Raiders (#17) and their own (#21) and could use some OL and Secondary help too..

    I think if the Eagles don’t select Safety Barron at #15, the Jets would at #16 who are desperate for a good Safety too.
    I think Hightower goes later in the 1st and seems to be a perfect fit for the Ravens or I hate to even say, the Giants, who will be selecting from 25 to 32 bases on how they finish the Playoffs.

  • Maybe the Eagles can package CB Samuel, OT Justice and one of their 2nd Round picks (#45) to get either one of the Browns (#17) or Bengals 2nd (21st) selections in the 1st Round …

  • Paulman…who caares about character issues? If a guy can win …and beat the guy on the other side of the ball …who cares?

    Would you rather have an alright player that takes the team no whereor a nasty player that leads the defense in the crunch?

    Character labels are overrated. Give me a guy who will kick the snot out of the opponenet. I prefer a defensive player with character issures. Ray Lewis up for murder charges….How did that pan out?

  • @Paulman – Mathews is NOT a MLB….he was moved to the outside at the end of the season to see if he had any talent…..and he doesnt….he will be lucky to make the team next season….Chaney proved he wasnt a leader or MLB this season…he is nothing special and will be challenged for his job….the Eagles will makeover the defense starting at LB and the secondary….you can bet on that one… look for them to bring in a veteran and draft at those positions early….
    Btw us ….Mathews wouldnt make the Colts as a backup LB….he absolutely blows!

  • You guys and your blanket statements….

    From BTC:
    “Kuechly racked up tackles being on a shitty Boston College team”
    As apposed to Vontaze on an all-powerful Arizona State team that was 16-20 while he was there?

    “He is way too small” He, at present, weighs 12 lbs less than Vontaze and they are the same height. I’ve already addressed the speed garbage.

    As for you Boyer
    “Burfict is a full step faster than Kuechly” Where does that come from? Did you ever see them run against each other? Were they ever on the same field together? Chasing the same guy together?

    Maybe Davis is better…maybe Kuchely…who knows…you don’t. I don’t. But why all these asenine blanket statements with nothing to back them up.

  • @Paulman – the Eagles have lacked that LB leader since Trotter left…. they need a thumper who can get off blocks…Chaney and the current group cannot and will not get better….they have reached their peak…

    give me Burfict regardless of his issues…….he will give you 100% and knock some heads off……take a look at him on youtube…..he is a Trotter clone but quicker.

  • Pman- Clays little sister is not good enough to be on the field. I hope he sticks around and works hard but please…. dont try and sell to ANYONE on here that the eagles like what he gives us in the middle on ANY downs. Remember…… early in the year they started his demotion by taking him OUT on passing downs.

  • Paulman, that’s a really good point about the Browns 2 1st rounders and Asante

    I came to my conclusion about the two LB’s by watching 10 minute of Burfict highlights and 20 minutes of Kuechly highlights. The entire 10 minutes I watched Burfict, he had me saying “Owww” “Ouch” “Ohhhhhh” and “WOW!!!”, nonstop. Not one time, in 20 minutes did Kuechly get one of those responses from me. I was very unimpressed. Take 30 minutes and go watch the tapes. You’ll see that extra step too. Kuechly looks like he’s running in a swimming pool.

  • Jim Harbaugh is a helluva coach just like his brother John. Coaches who game plan, manage the game and coach like hell. We have a crap organization from the owners to the coaches who don’t know a thing about winning a superbowl, and put our poor play and excuses on missing OTA’s etc. We need some fresh young in your face and tough with the media coaching blood around here. I hope SF wins the NFC. Another new coach comes into the league and surpasses Lurie, Banner and Reid. We all can sit here and argue back and forth all we want, but the point of the matter is that we really don’t have hungry ownership around here. The owners and coaches are spending more time tickling eachother’s balls and playin footsies. We have a soft organization point blank.

  • sean payton also surpassed reid

  • Look what Harbaugh did to make Smith an elite qb in 1 year. Fire Reid. Now I’m pissed. Reid has to go.

  • Really Lurie and Banner? Wyth all Desean has done for this team, you pay others and spread the money around and don’t even pay the one who helped catapult us into the playoffs last year; really owners of the eagles? and you say you all want a championship – yeah right whatever. just more smoke blowin and green kool-aid sippin. We have the worst organizational management in all of football. Every playmaker on other teams are rewarded. Even Vincent had a 1 year 10 mil deal and we can’t keep playmakers happy around here. lito , dawk, brown, dawkins and Desean. Our team management is the worst in all of football, and until we get an owner who really blows a gasket if we’re not winning a lombardi, we will be the same ol mediocre pile of crap that we have been for the last 13 years. Any other owner would fired reid right along when McNabb left, or even before he left; to see if we could squeeze a little life out of hi in his last few years here. Andy is as soft as the pillsbury dough boy and we ain’t winning nothing until he’s outta here.

  • No doubt in my mind that D-Jax will go to the 49ers via free-agency in the off-season.. 49ers are 1 legitiamte Deep threat of a WR to be a Supoer Bowl Team
    I counted at least 6-8 Drops by the 49ers WR’s and Crabtree with about 4 himself..

  • Another NFC opponent getting stronger and surpassing us. I remember when the Saints were the laughing stock of the league, and even they are still a force to be reckoned with. reid needs to go period. Screw talking about next year drafts an all. reid and MW need to take the rest of the staff and get outta town. once again, the wool has been pulled over everyones head for another year.

  • Look at Brady and belicheck’s consistancy over 10 years. Reid has to go.

  • did the 49ers have OTA’s? Coaching changes on both sides of the ball? New free agents? NO EXCUSES…….The Eagle fans are being shafted once again and I will not spend another dime on this team until there’s change.

  • I’m with you Songs. I couldn’t help but sit there and watch the fire and passion of Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers, then think about Reid standing on the sidelines with the red flag in his hand while they.re on his hips and him looking dumbfounded with no passion in his body language. I say fire the whole coaching staff and get some new blood in here. We may need john gruden in this city to help us win a superbowl (i never considered Gruden until today). It’s time for a change. Screw this whole dog and pony show until we get some winning attitudes in that front office.

  • Vinnie, my point about BC being shitty is that it allowed Kuechly to constantly be on the field and make tackles, thus inflating his numbers. At the end of the day, I really don’t care how many tackles he had as it is a very misleading stat. Like Boyer said, just go watch the tape on Kuechly and Vontaze and see for yourself. It has nothing to do with your favorite saying ” blanket statements.” Also, a LB being 13 pounds bigger is fairly significant.

  • Brenden, good topic, as the linebackers were highly scrutinized all year. A couple things a disagree with though. The Steelers and Cowboys run a 3-4, not a 4-3. While Z. Brown is impressive, 230 lbs would not the biggest LB on the Birds with Chaney at 242 lbs and Matthews at 232 lbs. Furthermore, Brown is an OLB and fits best at that position. Let’s not expieriment again with a player changing position when he gets to the pro level. While Kuechly had impressive numbers, while watching film on him, he seems smallish and not very physical. For what its worth, I like Hightower in the middle. On a side note, I was so happy to see the 49ers knock off the Saints. I’ve been beaten over the head with how its a QB league and D doesn’t matter all season. Well, it does matter. The 49ers bludgeoned the Saints physically and caused TO’s, which led them to the W. It was nice to see the refs let them play the game the way it was intended.

  • Kuechley will be a nice player in the NFL..
    But I think everyone wants to see the Eagles Draft or Obtain some real playmakers who can make plays from the LB and Safety Positions and be difference makers to help improve the Defense and bring a nasty more physical attitiude along the way. ( I don’t think Kuechley fits this mold..)
    Hightower & Burfice seem to fit th emold much better..

  • They “bludgeoned the saints” and won with Defense????????

    Ridiculous. Brees threw for 462 and 4 tds.
    The saints lost because of the 2 muffed kicks in the redzone and the one int return to the 4 which handed the 49ers 13 points.

    5 turnovers to 1 is the only reason that game was won by the 49ers. They are going to get killed if they go to GB next week.

    And what about all the Reid sucks at run/pass ratio?? You MUST run in the playoffs

    Saints 64 passes 13 runs – 32 pts
    49ers 43 passes 21 runs (aren’t they a “power running” team?? – 36pts
    NE 37 passes 27 passes (in a game they were up by 28 at half…the run/pass was 26/10 in the first half…that’s good BALANCE!!) – 45 pts
    Denver 25 passes 40 runs -10 pts

    I think the Eagles should run more!!!! That’s how to win in the NFL nowadays

  • This is the qb age in the NFL. Running the ball is an add-on at best. It isn’t 1986 anymore. Three yards and a coud of dust doesn’t win games. The Steelers air it out with the best of them, the Giants were dead last in running the ball but have a solid qb who throws down the field. The rules favor the passing game, teams must take advantage of that, and throw throw throw. People can keep screaming to run the ball more, but that simply no longer acknowledges the realities of the comtemporary NFL. The Eagles defense should improve next year, but the real weight is on the qb. If he does not play top notch football, they have no chance.

  • Saints Offense definitely struggled with the Turnovers early, but still rebounded and had the lead with a minute to go… In the end, it was the 49ers taking advantage and isolating matchups on Saint Safety Malcom Jenkins (#27) who got abused and toasted the entire game.. Most of the big plays from the 49ers Offense came with Jenkins in 1 on 1 Coverage and the 49ers took big time advantage of it.. This is why the Eagles need to Draft Safety Mark Barron with their 1st Selection in the Draft…

  • Joe, good point about it coming down to the QB. All of this discussion about our defense is worthless if Vick doesn’t improve. He was atrocious this year and may end up being the guy that holds the Eagles back next year if he doesn’t learn how to hold onto the football and make better decisions.

  • Oh and Boyer and BTC. I have watched the youtube vids of all 3 LBs, and you’re right, Davis makes some nice plays…..but you do know what we’reI watching right? Their highlight tapes. Only.

    From what I’ve read this Davis guy is undisciplined, slow to read plays and make a lot of mistakes. Of course none of us see that as only his good plays are put on youtube.

    There just might be a reason Kuchely and not Davis was the winner of multiple awards this year don’t you think?

    TheButkus (for college’s best linebacker)
    The Lombardi award (for best linebacker)
    The Lott trophy (for defensive impact player of the year)

    We’re what….supposed to fluff all that off because it looks to you guys like Davis hits harder on a youtube video??

  • Oh…and BTW…I would have no problem if the Birds were to use their 1st pick on a quarterback, safety, or DL in round 1 and then used the 2 seconds to move up in the 2nd to grab Davis if he’s there in the 2nd (which from many reports is where he’ll be).

    I just think using the 15th pick to grab a guy that’s ranked almost universally as a 2nd round prospect is silly. Aren’t people in here always complainging that the Birds reach for players? And now many in here are clamouring to pick the lower ranked guy over the higher ranked guy with the first pick.

    I think that’s weird….but then again, the majority of people in here constantly defend and make excuses for Vick, so I shouldn’t be that suprised.

  • Vinnie,
    Take a look at MLB’s Audie Cole from NC State and Jerry Franklin from Arkansas..
    I like this Jerry Franklin from Arkansas who played in the Physical Tough SEC and was facing big OL and RB’s almost every week over his career…
    Franklin is rated as a 4th/5th Rounder while Cole is rated as a 3rd Rounder. .

  • Pman, PTF had a stat that when at team is at a 4 to 1 turnover deficit, they are 1 for the last 71 games. That’s what, like 1.something percent? Yesterday’s game was a mirror image of the Eagles’ season, turnovers kill in the NFL. The Saints did a nice job fighting back, but the t.o. differential gave them almost no chance to survive. Eliminate just one of the fumbles are the game isn’t really in question.

  • Is this some kind of conspiracy? We have a serious need of a killer to put fear in opposing teams at the MLB position and the media is campaigning for a slow footed, average player at best Kuechley,when there’s biger, stronger, faster, and more feared linebackers with reater upsides available in this draft. I looked at the tape on all the linebackers and this Kuechley character is a role player. It’s clear the defense boston was running funneled players to the MLB position. yes, he was good enough to make the tackles but are you kidding me?

    He looks like he running in sand uphill!!!!!!

    Let’s stop this garbage and get a nasty SOB in the middle.

  • OK. So according to Songs,

    The guy who was Butkus award winner and voted the best NCAA linebacker of the year is just a role player and certainly not as good as the guy you watched on youtube.

    Some of you guys are friggin’ hilarious.

    Last 10 Butkis award winners:
    Von Miller
    Rolondo McLain
    Aaron Curry
    James Laurinatis
    Patrick WIllis
    Paul Posluszny
    Derrick Johnson
    Teddy Lehman (our first bust)
    EJ Henderson
    Rocky Calmus (bust #2)

    So….7 solid pros one ok pro (poz) and a couple of pro-bowlers out of 10 LBs. But I’m supposed to ignore this pretty fantastic success rate for regognizing LB talent and instead go with Songs incredibly astute evaluation of how Kuchely looks like he’s running uphill.

    On youtube.

    Got it.

  • Paulman’s Top Pick’s for the Eagles
    (I am assuming that WR D-Jax and LG Mathis leave via free-agency)

    1st Rd (#15) – Safety Mark Barron -Alabama 6-2 220 lbs, has 4.55 Speed
    2nd Rd (#45) – WR Alshon Jeffrey – South Carolina 6-4 230 lbs has 4.6 Speed
    2nd Rd (#47) – OLB Ronnel Lewis – Oklahoma 6-2 245lbs, has 4.63 Speed
    3rd Rd (#79) – OT Nate Potter – Boise State 6-6 300lbs
    4th Rd (#101) – C/G Mike Brewster – Ohio State 6-4 305lbs
    4th Rd (#111) – MLB Jerry Franklin – Arkansas 6-2 245lbs, has 4.6 Speed
    5th Rd (#143) – DT Derek Wolfe – Cincinnati 6-5 300lbs

    3 Selections in the 6th Round to Draft FB,TE,RB Depth

  • If the Saint’s had someone playing Safety instead of Malcom Jenkins, they win that game.. He gave huge plays all game long which coast the Saints the game in my opinion..
    –Missed open field Tackle as the last line of Defense vs Gore to allow him to rumble 40 YArds + for a TD (when it should have been a 12-15 yd run)
    –Missed Vernon Davis on a tackle in open field which allowed Davis to rumble 30 + Yards down the sideline settin gup a TD
    — Got burnt on a 40 yard pass route down the left sideline in which Davis caught for a big play on a pretty pass from QB Smith but Jenkins had no idea where the ball was since he never got his head turned around setting up a TD

  • I never said anything about running the ball vesus passing the ball. Obviously the league has manipulated the rules to favor throwing the ball. The point was SF has playmakers and physical players on defense that create turnovers. Jimmy Graham and Pierre Thomas and D. Brees would likely attest to that. The Eagles dont have these types of players on their defense to date. I just enjoyed watching a quality defensive team beat the leagues most prolific passing attack, in an age where the rules to passing the ball mimic flag football.

  • The 49ers did win yesterday, but I think it had more to do with the Saints issues with ball-security than it did the San Francisco team. The Niners did a good job getting ther ball out, but I do not think they could do that repatedly against the saints in a series of games. The 4 to 1 turnover margin made the ‘Aints fugitives from the law of averages. I think the Saints beat that 49er team more often than they lose to them. While it did not go that way yesterday, I’d rather have the most prolific offense in the league on my side over the course of a few years. Its like playing roulette, you may win occasionally, even walk out ahead some days. But the rules favor the house, and if you play long enough, the stats say the casino will have all of your money over the long haul. The rules favor passing teams, you have to take advantage of what they are giving you.

  • And keep in mind, Smith had a 103.2 qb rating yesterday. Good qb play and turnover differential are the two biggest factors in determining wins and losses in the NFL.

  • Vinnie,

    You make a good point about the Butkus winners. That’s an impressive list, but it also indicates it’s not flawless logic.

    The “Davis” guy you’re talking about, I’ll assume is Vontaze Burfict. There is no linebacker named Davis in this years draft. The “Highlight” logic is flawed because they’re all highlights. They consist of the HIGHLIGHTS of each player. That means those are the best plays of each player. If you never see a WOW-FACTOR on any of Kuechly’s HIGHLIGHTS, it’s because he doesn’t have any. Burficts terrorizing potential is right there on the film. Kuechly does not have this same skill or potential or else it’d already be posted for the world to see.

  • The games changed leads 3 times in the final 3 minutes so what happened earlier in the game became irrelevant in my opinion.. The game was there for the taking for both Teams in the final 10 minutes or so and the Saints made more mistakes Defensively than the 49ers Did and QB A SMith came up with some big passes..
    Even on the Saints go-ahead TD pass to TE Jimmy Graham.. The play was made possible by a horrible decision by 49er Safety Donte Whitner to try try to make a play on the ball instead of making sure Graham gets tackled after a 25 yaerd pass and not give up a 60 yard TD pas…
    What was very eveident to me is that average to poor Safety play will get a Defense explotied all day long .. The 49ers attacked #27 of the Saints all Game long who could not make a play..

  • To Boyer and the LB Wuestion,
    Again I go back, do you want playmakers on your Defense or just good solid,fundamental tacklers and palyers..
    LB Kuechley is a solid, very consistent,headsy player who makes tackles and tgets in proper position, while LB Burfict/Hightower have the athleticism to be game changers,diffreence makers, but will also likley to make more mistatkes than a very stay at home type of LB that Kuechley has..

  • Songs – You’re right buddy; We need a mean big nasty SOB in the middle to help anchor this D. Screw Character issues and the “classy good guy crap”, this defense hasn’t had a nasty attitude since Trotter and Dawk left. We need some nastiness in this D.

  • Paulman- I like Kuechley-The problem with Kuechley is that he is not capable of shedding o linemen and using his hands going up against those same o linemen, the Eagles scheme will require him to do that. If they draft Kuechly we wil be complaining about him getting run over and not shedding blocks. He will be a good player in the right scheme, but the wide 9 is not for him. I watched him alot this year and he’s good flowing to the ball, but he was more of a product of the system where the D line occupied the o line, that’s not what the Philadelphia Eagles do, he would have to go head to head with o linemen and get engulfed. That’s why in my opinion Hightower, Upshawor Burfict would be a better fit. But seriously we are talking about the Eagles, they will probably draft a D or O lineman making our comments moot !

  • Kuechley is another Mattews clone, in which I want ZERO parts of! I would love it if they drafted any combination of 2 of these LB’s with their first 2 picks-
    Hightower, Burfict, Upshaw (all 3 are big, animal, tackling machine, athletic players), Brown, Lewis. How would a LB core of Chaney, Hightower, Brown, OR Chaney, Burfict, Upshaw look? Very possible if they can swallow their pride, stubbornness, & ignorance, & draft correctly!

  • Also in the meantime they can also sign a veteran like D’Qwell Jackson, EJ Henderson, Dan Conner to one year contracts to help.

  • Man, I have a feeling were targeting Alshon Jeffrey with the 15th pick. We rotate our receivers, passed up on Dez & Nicks, and have concerns about DeSean. Whether we resign or franchise DeSean or not, I still see this being the pick. Jeffrey is 6’4 230 lbs. and ran 4-times between 4.46 and 4.56. He is bigger than Blackmon, and Blackmon is only a few hairs faster. Jeffrey is 3 inches and 15-20 lbs. bigger. (Not to slight Michael Floyd who is 6’3 224 lbs. average speed, but looks for contact after the catch rather than outrunning DBs. Plus, Floyd and Blackmon might not be available at pick 15).

    Alshon Jeffrey is a big target and a deep threat than ran DeSean Jackson routes. Jeffrey only had one drop last season in the SEC and has the best hands in the draft. Jeffrey uses his body and leaping ability, a dimension that Riley Cooper flashed. With his size, speed, and leaping ability, he might be another receiver that falls in the draft because of the limited routes he ran in college. Nicks has shown flashes and hasn’t panned out yet, and Dez is well on his way although he is still raw. But they’re both young and I’m glad we have the CBs that we have. Despite me hyping up Alshon Jeffrey, I hope we keep DeSean in Philly and that trio will terrorize the NFC East and feast on the league. Not to mention we still have Jason Avant and Riley Cooper gained experience this season. DeSean has the most production despite his situation and the magnified drops, and if he accepts 8-9 million a year I expect him to sign an extension.

    I hear the linebacking talk, but if there’s no 3-down linebacker that is head over heals the other prospects, he is not worthy of the 15th selection in the draft. I’m craving he few and far between Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Pat Willis monster in the middle just like most of you, but taking one in the 2nd round after teams have a few of the other options, the best available would be evident.

  • Awol, I hope your wrong, but knowing Reid’s track record, that’s something stupid he’d do. Either WR, or undersized line-men.

  • Joefriday your wrong!!! The running game (with D of course) won the Steelers two Super Bowls in last 7 years. Big Ben sucked in those SBs. your theory is wrong there…Did Rogers kill us in last years Playoff game…no …Starks ran over us…that was year 2011 not 1986…WHo killed us more in the SB in 05 (besides Reid) Dillon with 28 rushes we could not stop them….Most people yelling for more running with Reid are actually saying balanced offense. Reid actually ran mcCoy alot this year, but he did not run him in key games(Patriots) a second RB did not rush alot to give us a one-two punch that most SB winners use(well balanced Off)

  • How did the Packers win the Super Bowl last year? Throwing. How did the Steelers win the previous year, throwing. Remember Santonio Holmes in the end zone? How did the Cards get to the SB a few years ago? Throwing. What got the Saints to the SB? Drew Brees, throwing. The last team to win the SB without an elite qb was the Bucs in 2003. No need to balance the offense when the rules encourage you to pass. Vick must be better, or this team is nowhere.

  • And keep in mind, the eagles need a faster TE and a big WR on offense. Maclin is a #2 wideout, not the #1 we need. DeSean is a one trick pony who can be intimidated and taken out of a game. He is a nice novelty item, but is not essential. Has anybody noticed how many qbs are making high outside throws to covered receivers and having them caught for big gains? We do not have that type of qb or that kind of wide outs. This team is two solid drafts from being any more than a one and done team in the playoffs. Its a sad situation, but it hardly matters who the coach is. People worry about the wrong things.

  • Make no mistake, Vontaze Burfict is a three down linebacker! Alshon Jeffries is a helluva receiver , but it takes him time to build up to his top end speed, Vick maybe scrambling or sacked by the time Alshon would reach his max speed. Desean reaches his top speed in three steps, that’s a weapon. I do agree, the eagles will do something stupid in this draft like take anunder sized lineman and tell ushe’s the next Dwight Freeny. Oh wait they did that with Brandon Grahm.

  • I agree with JoeFriday…
    Many teams are now employing 2 TE Sets where 1 TE is athletic who really creates mis-matches.. Look arounf the NFL, and see how many young,very godo TE’s there are.. It may be one of the Deepes Positions in the entire League where the old slow blocking TE who will catch you 7-8 yard down and in’s is long gone.. I have actually mentioned this trend the last 2 Drafts where most teams are getting younger and morte athletic at the TE postions..
    Patritos with Gonl and Hernandex, Ravens with DIxon & Pitta, Bengals with Gresham, Lions with Pettgrew & Schefler, Packers with FInley, Titans with Jared Cook, KC CHIefs with Moeaki (whas was hurt in 2011) abnd on and on
    Here are some top TE’s in this Years Draft as rated by NFLScoutDraft.Com

    1) Dwayne Allen – Clemson 6-4 255 lbs 4.76 Speed (Late 1st/Early 2nd)
    2) Coby Fleener – Stanford 6-6 245lbs 4.77 Speed (2nd Rounder)
    3) Orson Charles – Georgia 6-3 245lbs 4.64 Speed (Late 2nd Rounder)
    4) Michael Egnew – Missouri 6-5 245lbs 4.60 Speed (3rd Rounder)
    5) Ladrius Green – La-Lafayete 6-6 240 4.64 Speed (Late 3rd/4th Rd)
    6) Brian Linthincum- Mich St 6-4 245lbs 4.8 Speed (4th Rounder)
    7) Rhett Ellison – USC 6-5 250lbs 4.76 Speed (Late 4th/5th Rd)
    8) Kevin Koger – Michigan 6-4 260lbs 4.78 Speed (5t hRounder)
    9) George BRyan – NC State 6-5 265lbs 5.1 Speed (5th/6th Rounder)
    10) Kavario Middleton – Montana 6-5 250lbs 4.8 Speed (6th Roonder)

  • The 49ers changed Head Coaches and now are playing in the NFC title game. As an eagles fan I am disqusted that the Giants are playing today and we are not, and I am even more diqusted to see the Giants in position to win another title abosolutely ridiculous that the vilified and almost fired Tom Coughlin has this team competiing for a trophy yet again.

  • The Giants get superbowls and all Eagles fans get is a stubborn coach who can’t draft defensive players and excuses. The life of anEagles fan!

  • Giants/49ers/Packers and Saints all have better Coaches & GM and have more players with heart than than the Eagles.. It’s really that simple …

  • I guess the 49ers wont be getting “killed” in GB next week.

  • This is intolerable.

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