• August 16, 2022

Report: Manning & Saturday “Very Likely” To Be Headed To Redskins

There’s been a report from ESPN’s Bram Weinstein that it’s “very likely”  that Indianapolis future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning and his Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday will be playing for the Washington Redskins this season.

This wouldn’t be a shock because of the poor quarterbacks that the Redskins have on the roster. It would immediately make the Skins a much better team and would mean trouble for Andy Reid and the Eagles this season.

When you add that to the likelihood that the Colts are going to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the first pick, then trade Manning and Saturday to the team that offers the best deal in return, you could see why Weinstein would make such a statement.


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  • I’ve also read he’s going to the Jets, Chiefs, Cardinals, and even Eagles!

    But none of this matters as it is very unlikely Peyton Manning is ever going to play again.

  • I think Peyton Manning will be going to the Television Booth as his Playing Days are over as I reported last August …

  • Irsay will not trade or release Manning….he will be a Colt for life and retire a Colt..

  • People are over rating the injured and old Peyton Manning, he’s not the same dude as he was 3 years ago, also, even if that guy played this year the Colts would have been 9-7 at best, they already were on the decline in 2010, when they went 10-6.

  • I highly doubt that he would be medically cleared, to play until he is fully healthy. The injury & operation he had, is very serious. He has to fully bone heal, build up the surrounding muscles, because of atrophy, & his neck has to be fully strong & stable first. If he does ever play again, in which I highly doubt, he is opening himself up to possible paralysis, or even death. Although all of these rumors are highly entertaining to talk about, it is all media, fantasy BS, with no investigative journalism being done. It’s like Paulman, Jake, Navy & myself, having our water cooler talk, on here. IMHO, if he doesn’t stay with the Colts, I think he would rather retire, because there is no competent team going to give such an injury risk, big $$$. IMHO, if he is able to play, he should stay for a year, to mentor Andrew Luck.

  • I agree Wassup.. His play and decision making was on the decline the last 2 Seasons as his supporting cast and more importantly, the COaching in the INdy wasn’t the levwl of Tom Moore, Howard Mudd and T Dungy.. Instead it was Jim Caldwell which is a huge drop off
    I made my own determination about Mannings Status last August when it was revealed that Manning was having his 3 Neck Surgery in like 15 months and he has no business of jeopardizing his future by getting back on the field, he has nothing to prove..

  • BTW, anyone else glad that the BS Tebowmania is over, like I said it would. I have never in my life, seen such a mediocre, marginally talented athlete, get overhyped, like that stiff. I am now on a ESPN strike, because of it. He is their new darling, as Lebron, Tiger & Favre were prior. They make you want to route against them!

  • I think Manning will be the opening day starter for the Colts in 2012.

  • DCar – As a fan of the SEC, I liked Tebow and his play with gators (I am not a gator fan though), but I was never sold on this Tebowmania crap either; but you have to admit that Lebron, Tiger and Favre could play buddy. Tebow shouldn’t even be compared to those Hall of fame athletes.

  • E-$$$, if he is cleared, you could be correct, but the Colts are in full rebuild mode, & Luck is a step right-in QB. The odds are very slim, between that, & all of Manning’s????
    Rocko, it isn’t that the others couldn’t play, it is the constant media whorefest, & constant, repetitive, forcing down your throat, that is nauseating, & makes you hate them. Just saying.

  • well first of all jeff saturday is a UFA so he’ll go where he wants to go, and reporting that manning is most likely going to the colts is bull as of right now. It is like the irresponsible reporting that came from jason laconfora this week that spaggs “will be back in philly by the end of the week”. it’s a shame that journalism nowadays “reporters” just throw crap out there and hope it sticks. Instead of reporting what they think can happen as what will happen, report what you know!

  • Arizzo, It’s called irresponsible journalism, at it’s finest. Everyone wants to get the early jump on a story first, so they can get the credit first, instead of doing their jobs correctly. Heck, Paulman & myself do a more accurate job of predictions, & throwing $#!t to the wall, than most of the national media hacks!

  • Once again, Mr Cobb, you are the voice of doom and none of the things have even come to pass yet.

    First, if Snyder wants to sign Manning and Saturday, he’s welcome to them. He’s done that ever since he’s owned the team and how many playoff games has the team been in??

    Second, you don’t even know if Manning will be cleared to play medically.

    Third, I remember you sounding the “Reid is doomed” song when Parcells and Gibbs signed on to coach the Boys and Skins respectively–all he did was go 5-3 against Parcells with three NFC East titles and 5-3 against Gibbs. Let’s say we wait and see how the offseason plays out first.

  • Bobbyuk, if you knew how to read correctly, you would have seen that Gary is reporting Bram Weinstein’s report. In what way is he the voice of doom, & in what way is this report, a report of doom!?!? Think before you post nonsensical stupid comments! Gary does a pretty damn good job on here, compared to the rest of the hacks in this city.

  • Bobbyuk, sounds like you have a personal vendetta against Gary. If you do, maybe you shouldn’t comment on, or read his site. Just saying.

  • Anyone just seee Giants WR Nicks bounce off a would-be tackler and take it to the house.. Eagles have no WR’s who can do this which is catch the ball in tradffic and then attack the Secondary.. Eagles Receivers either hit the ground or drop the ball to begin with and wuss out time and time again … ..

  • Rodgers, Brees and Brady. I predicted all 3 would lose this weekend. I’ll settle for 2 out of 3.

    The Giants just got hosed on that fumble.

  • Look at how The NFL refs and Head Honchos are treating Rodgers; like the next golden boy like brady and manning. The entire NFL nation saw jennings fumble the football before he was down. The league has become a real joke of a league. These golden boy stars (well not really them), but the NFL are trying to put this image out there and it is like being in on the in or out. This league is becoming more of a sham every year. That was clearly a fumble.

  • I’m hoping for 3 out of 3 Drummer; All golden boys go down!

  • Giants are playing well right now..
    I hope the Eagles get a big Receiver like Alshon Jeffrey in the Draft or sign one of big physical Receivers who are free-agents.. I am tired of these small,scared, puny, deer in the the headlight Receivers the Eagles have who disappear in big games and when playing physical teams. I think have 1 of those types is ok but the Eagles have 3 WR’s in D-Jax/Maclin/Hall that are too small to play physical/playoff football. ..

  • Mke Peireia even called it a fumble. These refs have no ethics at all. Fair is fair in my opinion, and this is some real crap. You gotta love Coughlin’s enthusiasm on the field. He shows 10 times more life than Reid.

  • That’s the best news I heard all day Paulman. I’m a Gamecock’s fan and AJ would do our offense wonders. He is a serious beast, and a cross between Shannon Sharpe, Andre Johnson, and Tony Gonzales with the speed of larry fitzgerald. Good stuff PMan!

  • Definitely a fumble and I hate the giants. The Eagles can get a big receiver from Appalachian State in the 3rd round by the name of Brian Quick (reminds me of Marques Colston). Big receivers does not translate into superbowls though, all of the big receivers are sitting home now like me and everyone else posting comments. The key is the QB, Mike vick must be more accurate and careful with the football in 2012 regardless of who the receivers are!!!

  • Last year it was the NFL and Media all over Vick and building/overhyping him..Then they switched to Rogers once the Playoffs came around…
    This Season it’s been TBrees,Tebow for a while now will stich over top Brady and the winnter of Giants/Packers Game…

  • I like Jeffreys a lot and he wil be a beast in the NFL if he gets on a good team with a good QB, I think he will make an impact right away.. He’s rated anywhere from about Early to Mid 2nd Rounder and is rated #40th Overall by NFLDraftScout.com and is the 5th Highest Rated WR by Position ,though I have him rated as the 3rd WR and have him rated as higher than Norte DAms Michael Floyd for being mentally tougher and playing against much better compettition week in and week out playing the SEC Confernce and going up again top Athletes at CB every game..

  • Good stuff eagles have landed; I agree. I feel you also Pman. I’m beginning to think Eli is moving up into the elite Qb status (Never thought I would muster up enough to say that), but Eli plays his butt off come playoff time. That 2nd gear of his switches on once they don’t have to deal with us, and if they get in and we don’t.

  • Jacobs has to be the worst short-yardage Runner in the NFL, He stands up too striaght and too tall and likes to bounce it to the outside.. Poor play call on that 3rd and Goal play.. You have to throw the ball into the end-zone there..

  • Eli has had his best overall Season by far… he’s a Top #5 QB now..

  • Yeah he would of probably been rated a 1st round selection if it wasn’t for this down year. We had problems and dismissed Stephen garcia, and Connor Shaw took over. Also the nations top back Marcus lattimore got injured and it took a lot away from AJ because the 2ndary didn’t have to worry about Lattimore. They we’re able to put more guys on AJ; kind of like the opposite of our situation if: Desean is hurt or out, 2ndary plays closer to the line and put more pressure on Mccoy.

  • think theres gonna be an offensive explosion 2nd half ?

  • We need to get rid of reed because he never goes for Hail mary’s or has good playcalling. My white towels are all in and I’m ready for a coach who wouldn’t promote a guy like castillo to defense. look how we could of bee a force to be reckoned with this year if it wasn’t for this bone headed move. GET HIM OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I meant Reid not Reed. Also, yeah Eli’s movin on up there.

  • So I guess its official? Juan is staying our D-coordinator? Paulman dont you think we have enough holes on defense to waste a pick on a WR in any round is ridiculous. We should be drafting LB. Safties, DT in every damn round dont you think? WR should be way down the list in priorities. If they dont sign DJax then I hope they shove Riley Cooper down eveyones throat and enjoy him. I dont want to hear 1 person bitch about it.

  • Rocko you may get your wish next year, we have a brutal schedule. Unless Reid makes all the right moves this off season (what are the chances) we will be in the same mess we found ourselves in this year. I just have no confidence in Andy to get it turned around because he continues to bungle the defense from the DC to the draft picks. Who knowsthough it seems as if Jeff Lurie has a man crush on the walrus, I mean Andy.

  • I agree with you daggolden, especially with the last point.

  • Do any EAgles receiver make that Catch.. WHo do the eagles have that catches the ball in traffic,… Maybee Avant and that’s it..
    TO ROcko.. It didn’t help that their QB situation with Stephen Garcia has been all over the place either for Jeffery… I live in NC and follow the SEC and ACC wuite a bit.. but a plyer who I really like is CB Stephen Gilmore who at 6-1 195lbs and only a junior who is coming out in this draft I think can be not only a Starter in the NFL by year 2, but a potential big time player and I would love to see the EAgles grab him with one of their 2nd Round Picks becasuse I think this kid is 1st round talent if he went back to school for his Senior Season.. He reminds me of PAtriots Devin McCourtey a little bit but is more physical that he looks… I look at th eEagles situation at Cb and see Samuel gone this Off-Season.. DCR takes over as a full-time Starter and will be coming into his contract season, who knows how he plays next year or if he plays well, he may ask for ridiculous $$$ .. I think you can never have enough good CB’s in todays Teams…
    Also Melvin Ingram at DE/OLB is an animal but better suited for a 3-4 Scheme.. He’s a tweener and does not really have pass-coverage abilbity to be a 3 Down LB but put him in a 3-4 Scheme and let him rush the paser like a Demarcus Ware or Brian Orapko and this guy could be awesome

  • Giants defense is killin greenbay. if only we had a real d-coord this past season. Fire the person who annointed Castillo to d-coord.

  • It’s the giants defensive players, they’re big, physical and fast, as opposed to the Eagles defensive players, small, fast and soft.

  • To Daggolden
    Eagles have 7 LB’s on their Roster
    3 – 2nd Year players in Rolle,Matthews & LLoyd
    2 – 3rd year palyers in Chaney & Clayton
    2 – Veteran players in Jordan and Fokou

    I see then signing a Veteran LB (Tulloch ,Curtis Lofton, Rocky McIntosh, Dan Conner) and then Drafting 1 in the early Rounds
    Probably Fokou and Lloyd will be the odd players out ..

    If you don’t think the Eagles WR needs to be upgraded, your not paying attention is it’s ranks middle of the road in the NFL.. IN the NFC alone, the Giants, Cowboys,Packers,Falcons,Saints,Lions,CArdinals all have better WR Corps than the Eagles… Avant is another year older and Cooper has not stepped up in my opinion to be a Top #3 WR and 5th WR Chad HAll makes no other Roster in the NFL… So you have maclin & Dejax and theyte both are afraid of contact, both have had injuries and in todays NFL the Good Teams go 3-4-5 Deep at the WR postion…

  • Thanks Daggolden – Because I’ve watched Alshon jefferey and my Gamecock’s run the SEC, I kind of got lost for a second when paulman brought up AJ and always dreamed of what it would be like if we had him. I had to snap out of that dream; but yeah you’re exactly right. we have good receivers and i don’t want to see us lose DJax, only to see Reid annoint Cooper as a 2nd receiver etc.

    Paulman- Gilmore is a beast and plays hard. he mans that 2ndary and is a playmaker who is very Physical. The next big Defensive player who Spurrier and the boys might have for one more year is our big RDE Jadeveon Clowney. He stands 6’6, weighs 260 and is only 18 years old. He reminds me of Julius Peppers and i would love to draft him next year when we trade cole. Actually He and Gilmore went to the same High School in Rock Hill, SC – Gilmore graduated 2 years before Clowney I think.

  • Giant front 7 looking a little tired on this driver and are not getting off blocks and the Packers are calling plays making them run sideline to sideline and now the Giants show how poor their Def Secondary tackles too..

  • Gcobb posts alot of garbage and rumors…. it’s laughable!

    @Paulman – Jeffreys is overweight and reminds me of former USC top 10 pick Mike Williams…. he has battled weight issues and is around 240 right now… he isnt what the Eagles need… Michael Floyd is the closest thing to Hakeem Nicks and thats what the Eagles need….physical WR who is a game changer!

  • You want a beast at DE from next years draft class, check out Margus Hunt from Southern Methodist university.

  • Another Free-Agent LB is 49ers Ahmad Brooks 6-3 255lbs in his 5th/6th Season.. More of a run stuffer and Short Yardage/rRed-Zone Defense

    Is it me, or do the Packlers look a little flat..
    Rumors are that Asst HC WInston Moss will be the Oakland TRoaders next HC and may be taking 1 or 2 Younger Assts with him out west,,Of course, we all know about the tragedy of Offensive Coordinator Joe Childs is having with the death of his troubled son earlier in the week.. If there is a time to get the Packers.. this week is it as far as emotions go…

  • Micheal Floyd is another in a long line bust from Notre Dame..He’s more of a Miles Austin type and not a Hakeen Nicks who is a beast
    I like Brian Quick from my local University (Appalachian State) who at 6-4 225 lbs and can run and is not afraid of contact and is a excellent Red-Zone Rceiver and blocker and shold be on the board in the 4th Round and a steal in my opinion

  • See just a little out to Nicks and gets 8 yards.. What Eagles Receiver can shrug off Charles Woodson with a stiff arm.. that’s right no one…

  • You gotta love the way Perry fewell has his defense running on all cylinders out there. Fewell is a helluva d-coord. Who knows, we might get him as our dcoord after there season is over. (yeah right i’m tellin myself); Reid ain’t that smart.

  • Eli missed and had Cruz if he soulble pumpe and threw it up and out odown the Sidelines.. He had time too..

  • Paulman I see your on it, not a lot of people know about Brian, I don’t think Brian Quick will last to the third round, I’m hoping Eagles will look at him as their anual third round small school pick. Markelle Martin is a safety from Oklahoma St. U the Eagles should look at too in the second round.

  • Is it me, or are the Packers playing a much Softer Zone with their CB’s than usual both CB’s WIlliams/Shields are giving up too mucg of a cushion and especially on 3rd Downs this entire game.. (Is Johnny Lynne now Coaching the Packers Secondary… Good grief..)

    Also, notice how Teams that haven’t really turned the ball over during the Season seem to have the “Eagleitis” come Playoff time.. Saints/Packers will look back as their Turovers as the reason why they didn’t get to the SUper Bowl

  • Big Sack on 3rd Down keeping the GIants to a FG, Packers still have a chance

  • OK officials that’s why the Giants deserved that fumble. They should of been honest at the beginning of the game and thins could of been different for GB.

  • This game is over with that turn over, the midgets will win. S.F. 49ers await!!!!

  • It’s all about honesty when being a ref paulman (see my previous comment). GB is finished at this point and the giants are kicking into that 2nd gear for the playoffs. They have a very physical secondary who are very disciplined. Having a 1st round playoff rest can hurt a team if they aren’t in the groove.

  • So much for the high-scoring offenses. This game is about balance and ball control so that your defense stays rested. Why do you think those high-scoring, quick strike offenses always have poorly ranked defenses? Glad you asked. It’s because their defenses get no rest. Last season the Packers’ defense was ranked 3rd, but they committed themselves to the run. This year, they went the Andy Reid way. A few more games like this and Rodgers would become a cripple.

  • Refs still cheating and callin ludicrous penalties. I believe the refs are biased and are getting paid off for these calls.

  • Is anyone beginning to see a resemblance to the Eagles, i.e., QB missing wide-open receivers, balls being dropped by receivers, QB running the ball too offense, defense on the the field too long?

  • Its all about who your coach is. You cant tell me that the Giants secondary is better than the Eagles? You cant tell me that the Eagle d-line isnt comparable to the Giants. Thier LB are alot better. But it all goes to scheme. On offense their run game stinks. Our run game is far superior. Eli and his pass game is better than ours right now. How else do you explain it? Same with SF. Alex Smith all the sudden is 14-3 and Montana like. Got the right coach.

  • The Giants have discount double checked the Packers, and to think Coughlin was on the hot seat. Worse yet, Reid’s not.

    They have represented our division well. Back in the 80s, we chanted, ?Beat L.A.” after the Sixers were knocked off by the Celtics. This week, I was chanting, “Beat Green Bay!”

  • Dag – You see things so clearly.

  • Game over and again, which Eagle WR’s get open and fight for the ball inthe Red-Zone.. Maclin and maybe Avant.. The Packer Run is over as I predicted for they had too much going on with rumnore of losing Coaches, Death of a SOn by the O/Cood and just played a slopy game.. How many drop passes did their WR’s have in the 1st half.. WR Jennings hasn’t played in a month and it showed
    and fans, I don’t want to hear that it could have been the Eagles instead of the Giants for no it’s not… The Giants are playing way better ball these last few weeks then they did mid-season.. The EAgles could not compete with any o the final 4 Teams in the NFC.. If they were to play 10 games each versus the Giants/49ers/Packers and Saints– they would lose 30 of them

  • Coughlin was only on the hot seat if they failed to make the Playoffs.. HE’s not oing anywhere and this Season may have been one of his best Coaching jobs with all the injuries they had.. OL was mess, WR’s early in the Season was a mess, LB and CB’s lost since Preseaon, Tuck and Omenyura missed a lot of time..

  • This game makes me sick. Look at the Giants getting it done and now headed to San Fran for the NFC championship game. You know they will beat the 49ers and this will just add further insult to the Eagles’ season.

  • Yes daggolden you’re exactly correct. it’s about the scheme and coach; for which we lack. Drummer: yep, and coughlin has a lombardi as well, and is back at again since 08. The giants know how to draft some studs and we have a pipsqueak pencil pusher as our GM; and yes the GMen have given the packers a discount “doubleckeck” lol!

  • Rocko – No doubt that the refs are biased. They try to build up their “Superheros.” That’s why I wanted all 3 top QBs to lose.

    They are messing up this game with rule changes, but it still comes down to a tough-man competition among very skilled, superior gifted and athletic people.

  • Agreed Paulman.

  • Anoyone notice how Clay Matthers lost containment on his side of the field on thise 2 back breaking runs by Bradswaw and now Jacobs.. If he’s not rushing the WB, Clay MAtthews is not that great of a LB as many think..
    Also, This may be the worse game I have seen Packers Charles Woodson play, he’s had missed tackles, bloxwn coverages and poor angles on may plays this entire game.. Wonder if Packers should now fire their DC Dom Capers for not putting players in position…. It’s about the Players my friends, always has been and alway will be…

  • Yep btc24 I am thinking the same thing buddy.

  • and you won’t hear or read a thing about the Packers fans, that you can very clearly hear on TV booing their team on several plays in this game…

    afterall only Philadelphia boos their teams.

  • I agree 1000% with your comment Drummer. Also, until we get a coach in here who can get our players to believe in their abilities like Jim Harbaugh did to the 49ers, we’ll be sittin here next season bloggin about the same thing.

  • Having success with both the run and pass have made GB’s defensive players look bad. It’s all about balance – not necessarily the ratio of pass/run, but the success of those plays. Whenever GB went to the blitz, NY countered with the screen and run plays. When GB dropped back into a zone, the Giants turned to their passing game. The players haven’t suddenly grown old or lost their skills. They were out-schemed.

    Wasn’t the same reasoning attached to the Eagles – they weren’t as good as everyone thought, they had aged or lost skills? As I’ve said all year (and last year), that’s not the issue. It’s about play-calling and/or scheme (on both sides of the ball).

  • Rocko – IMO… from what I’ve seen of the Eagles play AND comments I’ve heard Eagles players make, their problem has nothing to do with believing in their abilities. If anything, they think they’re far better than they are which caused team-wide underachievement throughout the season.

  • IF QB vick doesn’t elevate his game like his did for that 5-6 Week Stretch back in Oct/Nov of 2010, This Eagle team is going nowhere regardless of who te Coach is… After the 2012 Season, a clean slateof the Coaching Staff will be made but the real key to me will be whether Owner Lurie and President Banner decide to cut the chord with GM Roseman too. They need to get a football man/mind as the GM like these other teams have and not a Salary Cap/Fantasy League GM..

  • I’ve some comments claiming certain all-pro players aren’t as good as previously believed. I completely disagree. The coaching was the difference. When a player is out of position, he’s going to look bad. If he doesn’t have the proper angle, it will appear as if he can’t tackle. All pros don’t become all pros accidentally. They are as good as advertised, but they must be used properly.

  • I think one thing is pretty clear.. The Margin of winning and losing is very close.. Look at a couple teams who were thought pretty invinnceable like the Packers,SAints. Steelers a couple of weeks back and here, they are home like the EAgles.. And these Teams all won 12 Games + and it doesn’t meant boo come playoff time.. There is no doubt that the Steelers were unffocused and did not give the Broncos any repsect that they could lose to them.. The Saints/Packers turned the ball over 4-5 Times which we all know cannot be done in regular Season and especialyly in the Playoffs..
    It appears to be another Giants vs Patriots Super Bowl to me.. but I would like to see the 49ers & Ravens win to get in to change things up but the Giants and Patriots are playing the best all-around team ball and are clicking on all cylandirs right now..

  • When Reid had success with the deep pass last year, after the defense adjusted, Reid didn’t adjust the right way. He tried to go max protect, move the pocket and a few other things, but he never went the screen, the draw and he damn sure didn’t just run the ball to slow down the pass rush.

    This year, Reid absolutely refused to run McCoy in the red zone, despite pleas from media and fans week after week. Then, finally, when he had nothing to lose, he finally does . . . and what happens? He discovers that he has someone who can score from the 5 yard line.

    It’s this sort of head-scratching stubbornness that prevents Reid from succeeding. I wish he were gone now, but we must wait one more year. If I’ve learned nothing else from this clown, it’s that he will NOT change. I expect that next year will be better, but perhaps not. There are always one or two key injuries during camp or early season. If that injury turns out to be McCoy, forget ’bout it. Suppose it’s Vick, same deal.

    But even if it’s neither McCoy nor Vick, Reid will blow it.

  • I have been dreading what yankeesfan2 posted, that the midgets will win 2 superbowls in a four year span, and in a 51 year span the Eagles will win nada. Jeff Lurie you have been here as owner for 19 years and have employed a coach whose philosophy can not and will not win a superbowl. It’s time for change Jeff, if you can’t see that, perhaps it’s you who needs to go. Go 49ers!

  • we shall see in 2 years when Floyd is a beast and Jeffreys is out of football

  • You still have to react to the ball while the play if ongoing DRummer..
    I saw Matthews crash down inside on numerous times only to leave his side of the field open for big Runs— Is this Packers DC Dome Capers fault.. I saw Wodson miss 3-4 tackles that he usually makes, IS this Capers fauls too.. PAckers WR dropped 8-9 pasases today (probably more than the entire Season combined.. is this McCarty’s or WR Coaches Fault) .. the Packers had a emotionally draining week with that death of Asst Coach Child son, they are rumored to have 2-3 Asst Coaches on that Staff leave to take other positions around the NFL (Winston Moss , Darren Perry to the Raiders) and possibly lose Dome Caper or Mike Trgovac down in Tampa)

  • Paul

    The Steelers didn’t look invincible a few weeks ago. Their QB has been injured for weeks and their defense was showing its age. When you have “old” players, their age usually catches up with them toward the end of the season, often by way of injury.

    It’s those high-scoring, quick strike offenses that have been grounded. It began with Brady against the Giants in the SB, and as the defenses have become more pass oriented, those offenses have fallen off. If you do not give your defense rest, it will catch up with you.

    Like Buddy used to say, “A defense’s best friend is a running game.” His sons understand that, but like their father, they understand little else about offense. You can’t just run and you can’t just pass, especially in today’s NFL. You MUST have a better than average passing game, because any defense can stop the run. You just put 7 o 8 men in the box, but then someone in your receiving corps is one on one – which spells disaster.

  • Maybetheycan, you obviously have never been to another game outside Philly nor watched many games. I went to the Eagles/Skins game in Washington this year and I can’t tell you how much those fans booed Grossman and chanted for John Beck to come in. Watch any team on TV and the majority of fans are very impatient these days and will be boo quickly if things are not going their way.

  • Wow – drummer – glad McCoy had 17 TD runs of longer then 20 yards – cause we know how Reid hated to use McCoy in the Red Zone – and all 12 (and only 12) of Ray Rices TD runs ALL came with in the Red Zone

    Good to know even on a day when the season is over people can find some way, some how, some theory or some method to find fault –

    hey any of your bone heads hear when Aikman called the Giants win over the Jets as ‘thun turning point’ in the Giant season – for us the Jets were menaingless – see the difference in stats for the Giant D when they were 7-7 and how they got it going end of the season…

    Anyway – fire away – good to know you guys can find something (anything) to biotch about

    McCoy and the red zone – Drummer – you pull more shit out of your ass..

    17 rushing TDs…..isn’t that a team record – oh – and three rcving – those were all 80 yard bombs…

  • Paul

    You keep blaming players. It’s about scheme. When Brady was getting tattooed by the Eagles this year, it looked like we were going to dominate. They couldn’t stop our pass rush. Then Belichick called an 11-play scoring drive, 9 of which were runs. After that, they went no huddle and the defense didn’t touch Brady afterward.

    If Belichick had stayed his original course, Brady might not even be in the playoffs today. We were “killing” him.

    When Vick enjoyed that early success, Reid didn’t do what was necessary to protect him from the rush. Week after week, it got worse. After so many hits, Vick, like anyone else, instinctively went to his “run” game. He reverted to a game of survival – his natural game.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Vick is a great or even good QB. What I’m saying is that Reid set him up for failure by not adjusting.

    This isn’t new. I’ve posted this same thing at least 100 times in the past two years.

  • Paul,

    When I read your posts, every player has either aged or is overrated, even Clay Matthews. Tell me, who are the good players? Who are the real players?

    Play-calling and scheme, my man.

  • How many times did Rodgers run today? At that pace, he would probably have run more times than Vick this year.

    Play-calling and scheme.

  • btc24 – I absolutely agree. I was being sarcastic with the statement that only Philadelphian’s boo their teams. Unfortunately, the press would still have you believe that Philly fans are the only fans to boo their team.

  • Navy – Your mother!

  • Big Rumors coming from South Beach Florida where Owner Stephen Ross wants to shake things up for the Miami Dolphins, who were always #1 In South Florida as fas as Professional Sports were concerned, but now have fallen behind with the Heat and their Superstars and Baseball Team the Marlins moving to a new Stadium and signing Manager Guillen and some top players like Reyes and Burhle..
    Rumor’s are that Ross wants QB Vick to bring excitement back to their Franchise… Their GM Jeff Ireland has supposedly been in COntact with Coach Ar to see what it will take as far a compensation… Maybe a #1 Pick in 2012 with Starting OLB K Misi or MLB Karlos Dansby and a # 2 Pick in 2013.. Keep your ear and eyes open… If this would occur, maybe the Eagles make a play for Free-agent QB Flynn from the Packers or can be in postiion to move up and draft a Robert Griffin III … Lots of moving parts as usual…

  • These internet tough guys crack me up. You can tell they don’t live in the real word. They’re from Bryn Mawr or some other place, because if they were from Philly, they’d be dead by now.

    Navy, if you spoke to people like that in real life, you’d get your ass kicked.

    You definitely wouldn’t address me to my face like that. I’d put my foot so far up your ass, you’d be chewing leather.

    I empathize with the fact you were the last guy to get picked for sports, even after the girls.

    I understand that you have an esteem issue.

    It doesn’t escape me that people who berate others do so only to view themselves as superior. After all, no one wants to see themselves as inferior. But just because you blow out someone else’s candle, it doesn’t make yours burn any brighter. It’s an illusion and you’re only fooling yourself.

    Man, read a book, exercise, get a girlfriend, hell, get a life. Do something positive. I promise that you’ll begin to feel better about yourself.

    In the meantime, I will pray for you. I don’t want anyone to hurt the way you do. Remember, holding resentments is like going to the bathroom on yourself. You’re the only who feels it.

  • Paulman – I’ll assume your not the source of this rumor and only “sharing what you’ve heard”. That been said, I can’t think of anything that would convince Reid or anyone on the Eagles to willingly move away from Vick for the closing time of Reid’s current contract. There is no way Reid would go for bringing on someone new now, no way.

  • Does anyone think the Packers change their scheme much after winning 15 games this Season and being teh #1 Seed ofr the NFC Playoffs.. No, It was their lack of execution, dropping like 8-10 passes which stopped drives and of course , turning the ball over to the Giants.. Rodgers ran for 65 yards,but that Giants will take that instead of him throwing a potential few more big passes down the field . It was obvious that WR Greg Jennings was rusty and did not have his timing down since he’s last played about a month ago.
    This game I thought Packer Players lost the game and not their Coaches just like some of the Eagle games in which they lost to the Bills,49ers,Bears earlier in the season when it could have mattered

  • What your missing MTC is the way Coach Ar thinks…
    He gets in a Flynn or Drafts RGIII and these new QB’s show some promise and the Eagles finish about 8-8/9-7 and out of the Playoffs again, but is able to go to Owner and say, “Hey We have a 1st Year QB who showed some Potential and I just need some more time to develop them so we can win a Championship” with either of them fooling Owner Lurie to extend his contracat another 3 Seasons thru 2016.. Remember, you heard it here first…

  • The Giants were 8-8 this year and are in thevNFC Championship. FIRE REIDS ARSE immediately after we fail again next season. I bet we play like monsters with a new coach on the sidelines.

  • Paul

    You said the exact same thing about Reid – that the losses were on the players. Then you completely reversed field and said that you’ve been calling for Reid’s head for “years.” I still have the post.

    Yes, the players dropped passes, etc., but why? That’s what happens when you scheme properly. The plays come close, but are not quite executed. When players are coached properly, they don’t drop pass after pass, and Rodgers isn’t forced to run.

    Tell me, how do you identify a poorly coached team? If you can name attributes that don’t apply to Reid, I’ll eat my hat.

  • In order for the Eagles to take the next step and get back to the superbowl and perhaps even win it this time, Jeff Lurie must recognize the error of his ways and fire the fat man.

  • drummer – Do you really keep posts? Damn, talk about needing to get out once in a while….

  • Maybe

    Why not? You copy and paste. People talk so much crap on here. Then turn around say I didn’t say that. You’re right, though. I probably should get out more often, but I love my home. At my age, there’s nothing out in the street for me. I play my gigs, I work and I come home to the place I love most. Sorry, if you can’t understand that.

  • Actually, it was Paul who inspired me to copy some these posts. He has posted some crazy stuff over the years.

  • drummer – wasn’t really meant as a crticism. Hey, maybe you went all the way and enter them in a relational database with few nice queries… Ch.eers

  • Because the biggest issues among Eagles fans seem to center around Reid’s coaching ability, I go back to the question I posed a couple of months ago. How do you ID a poorly coached team?

    Like I said, I see blame laid on players, positions coaches, personnel men, owners, etc. When is the coach responsible for a team’s shortcomings?

    People are implying that the Eagles are well-coached, but the players don’t execute, aren’t good enough, etc. If that’s the case, what separates them from a poorly coached team?

  • Dropping passes or missing tackles,fumblins the ball, throwing poor passes has nothing to do with schemes Drummer, I think it’s a lack of focus by the players. The Packers had a rough week with their O/C losing his Son, but I am not that others know about them also having 3-4 other Assistant Coaches interveiwing and probably leaving for other jobs this week… Asst HC Winston Moss, Secondary Coach Darren Perry are expected to move out West to Oakland as the Riaders next HC and DC respectively.. Current D/C Capers is rumored to interview for the TB Bucs HC position and LB Positions COach M Trgovac for the open Colts DC position and OC Childs just interviewed last week for the open Dolphin Job.. Did this mean they didn’t prepare as usual as a Coaching Staff, I haveno idea.. but when you have multiple Assistants all interviewing, thinking about their new Job possibilities and all that entails about it whether its contracts, family issues and just the physical part of moving, it has to impact your preparation as a Staff… The Packers haven’t played a meaningful game since that loss to the KC Chiefs almost a month ago and it showed and their sluggishness showed on the field from the beginning to the end, drop passes, turnovers…
    And about the Coach AR, I stated a good 3 years ago that his dink and dunk, gadget plays, small be fast philosophy would not win Playoff games let alone a Championship and now it not even good enough to get the Eagles into the playoffs.. I do not think his Schemes are that bad, but his philslophy is built for a dome team or a nice weather team in wide open pass happy Divison and not for the more physical, outdoor elements in playing in the NFC East and the east Coast.. I have been consistent with this belief for a long time now and don’t see any change in his philosphy that changes it..
    Maybe when O/C MM takes the Colts job this week and they hire anothe rOC, maybe we’ll see a diffenrece, but I expect Coach AR to call the plays himself in 2012 which means the pass-run ratio could get even more unbalanced and he coaches for his Job..

  • Maybe – lol

  • Dropping passes has nothing to do with scheme? If a player hears footsteps it’s because he’s been hit hard earlier and hears footsteps. If a player find himself covered when he’s usually open, it can take him off his game. When Vick found the Giants in his face last year, he started turning the ball over. Was that scheme? “Everything” in football is about scheme. Not just football – all sports. I’ve seem basketball teams kill then run into a different style of defense – the players might not even be equal – but the scheme, the alignment can take them out of their game.

  • Okay, Paul, let’s say you’re right, it’s not about scheme. Who’s responsible for having the players focused?

  • The coach (reid) is Drummer, and he can’t seem to do that. Coughlin has been with the GMen 8years/ 1lombardi and 2012 NFC Championship; Reid has”to do abetter job of putting players in better positions” to win games…go figure. REID IS OUR PROBLEM
    TIMES YOURS!!!!!!!!!!

  • “The Packers haven’t played a meaningful game since that loss to the KC Chiefs almost a month ago and it showed and their sluggishness showed on the field from the beginning to the end, drop passes, turnovers…”

    The Packers came back to tie the game. They were poised to take over, where was the sluggishness then? It nothing to do with the Giants defenders being all over the them, huh? I disagree.

    So, do you think the Eagles probably could have beat them today? How about Dallas? Most NFL team would have beat them today, 2 or 3?

    On one hand, you say the Giants forced Rodgers to run because they’d rather give that up. Then, you say it wasn’t the Giants who caused the Packers to lose, it was their lack of intensity (despite their comeback).

  • The Coaches and Head Coach are ultimately repsonsible..

  • drummer – I remember the question when you first posted it and I don’t recall a memorable, if any, answer. I am by no means a football expert and don’t profess to be. Only a passionate fan. Although my answer by many will be considered far to simplistic I would say, don’t over-complicate it. Anyway, here is what I consider to be the top criterion.

    IMO, any coach, or any professional for that matter, that continues to make the same, or very similar, critical mistakes and doesn’t exibit the ability to learn from their mistakes is poor in their profession.

  • Rocko

    You know I agree. I’m anxious to see what the story will be next year. This Kool-Aid is highly addictive.

  • Giants beat them at the point of attack along the line of Scrimmage for most of the game.. in the 1st Half0 Giants sometimes only ru Come the 2nd Half, the Giants bring the pass rush on and even blitzed a few times getting to Rodgers and hitting him around a little after went untouched in the 1st half.. Packers Defense could not get off the field all game in 3rd Down situations and gave up some 3rd & 8uard, 3rd & 10 Yards plays to keep Giants Drives alive.. These are back-breakers for any Defense to give up and the PAckers gave up a lot of them today and it seems they lost their will to play late in the 4th Quarter when Packer still have a remote chance if they could have stopped the GIants or forced a Turnover.. The team that played better today won the game.. It doesn’t mean the Giants are te Btter team, but today they were and now they move on to the Championship game while the PAckers go home in major disappointment after winning 15 games and having the #1 Seed… I expect up to 4-5 Assistant Coaches to move on and Coach McCartrhy to reach out to some his old coaching buddies to join him..

  • Maybe – That’s by far the best answer I’ve read.

    I couldn’t have expressed it any better.

    Reid has some great qualities. He can design plays. He can motivate. Even this year, he didn’t lose the locker room (a great tribute). He’s highly organized (about certain things).

    On the other side of the coin, like you said, the exact same season-ending issues have plagued him for years. That’s why he lost me. He refuses to change. When I look at how it took him to finally upgrade his receiving corps, alone, I am completely baffled. Which reminds me, he not only has the same issues, but he’s found some new ones – the DC coordinator position – could there have been a more idiotic move made in all of professional sports. He fired a guy who had been groomed for the position (albeit he was called upon too early) and replaced him with someone on the other side of the ball.

  • To MTC,
    I like your answer/definition for a poor Coach and.or GCobb Poster…

  • Okay, Paul – the better team won today. What in the Giants’ SB? Same thing?

  • lol – Paul, what are you implying?

  • Not to bring some bad news.. But another great Coaching Job by Giants DC
    Perry Jewell which just elevates him to possibly get a HC positon for Tampa Bay, Miami Dolphins, maybe the Indy Colts (if Coach Marty M turns it down)
    which leaves the Giants DC Job open for Spags to return to the Giants

    Looking and thinking about Coaches that will be availalbe after the 2012 Season

    Rex Ryan from the Jets, Rob Ryan from the Cowboys
    Leslie Frazier of the Vikings, Norv Turner of the Chargers
    the usual Big names that everyone says Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy,John Gruden,Brian Billick, Jim Fassell, Marty Shottenheimer…

  • So, Paul, you think it’s a coincidence that two top offenses in the league were bounced so early? You think their schemes had no bearing?

    The Saints had no such layoff. The came in hot!

  • Drummer – your right – my mother – she is smart enough to know 17 rushing TDs and 20 total implies use in the red zone – your the only dumb ass to stupid to realize that – bawhahwahwhaha

  • You forgot one – Andy Reid.

  • I am not implying anything, but next time a Poster says something in which he or she made the same mistake or didn’t learn from past mistakes or errors in udgement it.. I am going to call them out on it and call it the “MTC Rule” ..ha

  • pman – DC Jewell of the Gnats – what college he go to – that’s right – pride of Hickory NC!

  • Maybetheycan, my bad dude; I didn’t pick up on your sarcasm.

  • Navy, those TDs came at the end of the season, much too late, as I said.

  • Well, I’m guilty. I allowed myself to stoop to the level of certain posters, but after a few weeks away, I’ve been restored to sanity. I won’t waste my time name-calling like a 5-year old, again. If I do, please remind me of the MTC rule.

  • When I came to the opinion that Reid showed me that he was incapable of learning from his mistakes and or change I wanted him gone as head coach.

    Not my disdain for his arrogant way of handling the public, reporters etc.
    Not for being a passaholic.
    Not for his unwillingness to stop the stupid gadget plays.
    Not for seeing the value in a high quality linebackers.

    He doesn’t learn from his mistakes and is, IMO just one of the worse game-day coaches I’ve seen in the NFL in 30+ years.

  • So, Paul do you think it’s a coincidence that both the Saints and Packers were bounced so early – after dominating this season? The Saints came in hot and were playing meaningful games until the very end. And what about the Pats against the Giants in the SB? Same thing – coincidence? Scheme had nothing to do with any of these losses?

  • Saints problems where the Turnovers and their own player Safety Michael Jenkins (#27) who gave up about 4-5 huge plays and played a very poor game as the last line of Defense.. I think tthem losing RB Pierre Thomas midway thru the 1st Quarter with that shot he took at the 5 yeard line and subsequent fumble really hurt their confidence in being able to run the ball at least a little bit to help keep the 49ers DL a little more honest.. I also think the Saints Receivers got a little tentative due to some of the big hits the 49ers LB/Secondary were laying all game long.. The Fact that the Saints were down 17-0 and turned to ball over 5 times and were even still in the game is a testament to their great offense for most teams it would have been all over (like the Packers today)
    I do think the 49ers Coaches ghad a great game plan, and still think the Saints had a good game plan to, but the 49ers Defensively took it to them and really controlled that line of scrimmage all game and were in Bree’s face quite a bit where he couldn’t step up and throw as comfortabley as he likes but still ended up with over 400 Yards in passing I believe, but he some happy feet for many plays in the game which a good Defense and Pressure will do to any QB…

  • Early Calls on Championship Games next Week

    AFC Patriots over Ravens 27 – 16
    NFC Giants over 49ers 26 – 19

  • Maybe – I couldn’t agree more about the media handling. After all, they are sharks. They go way past reporting. They kill people and they are merciless.

    As for the passaholic thing. At first I was against it, primarily because of the reason Paul stated. I didn’t think it would work in cold weather, but Reid proved me wrong. So, I got on board.

    But after watching McNabb get killed (especially when he had the sports hernia), I began to have doubts. I noticed that McNabb didn’t even have time to set-up before the defense was all over him.

    I came to believe that he regressed after so many hits and injuries.

    Another thing that helped me arrive at that conclusion was the play of Brady and Manning. Both went entire seasons were they were barely touched. Granted, both had quick releases and read defenses very well.

    However, if you recall, Manning was considered a bust. For years, he was labeled a guy who couldn’t win the big game. He threw more than a few season-ending picks. In fact, he’s done it again since he won his one SB.

    I came to realize that these guys weren’t getting pressured the same way. They had time to set-up, read and release. And the difference was in the play-calling.

    During my sand-lot days, I used to love to play nose-guard on D and running back on offense. I remember what it was like to have a running back run past me a few times. When that happened, it slowed me down as a pass rusher. After all, the goal was to stop the other team from scoring and it didn’t do any good to get to the QB if the back was running downfield.

    Anyway, long-story short, I came to believe that Reid’s play-calling was a primary reason why his QBs stayed injured, and also why they regressed.

    I didn’t have a big problem with gadget plays in the beginning. His first victory over Dallas was fueled by the on-sides kick. But after time, I realized that he used them in place of power football, when that style of play was needed.

    Certainly his under- valuing linebacker and receivers always bothered me.

  • Paul,

    I’m going the opposite way on both. Don’t have a score, but I like the Niners and Ravens. That’s based purely on my desire for both teams to win.

  • 3 teams playing good D- hmmm- so much for not needing a D. I hope andy is watching. It does not work andy. Get us a DC.

  • So, you’re saying it was coincidence that the Pats in the SB, the Saints yesterday and the Packers today lost those games. And Vick’s sudden turn-around last season was also coincidence?

    I disagree. I say those types of offenses can no longer win against the top defensive teams. They could when this was a running league, when defensive linemen and linebackers were big and slow, but that has changed.

    These quick-strike offenses leave their defenses on the field much too long and if they suffer turnovers, that problem is compounded.

    I can’t recall the name of the coach who once said, “Only three things can happen when passing the ball, and two of them are bad.” Obviously, that was long before the passing-game rule changes, but the fact remains the same. It’s just taken some time for defenses to catch up. It would be even worse if they hadn’t instituted the “defenseless receiver rule.”

    In any case, I believe in another old adage, “Defense wins championships.”

  • Alright, I’m out. Good discussing “football” with you. It so nice to get back to that. I’ll check out your posts tomorrow.

    Stevo – You just made me realize that Reid is the antithesis of Buddy Ryan. Ryan knew defense, but nothing about offensi and Reid knows offense and nothing about defense.

  • Stevo – Boy I hope the Ravens beat the Pats but I have a tough time seeing that.

    It’s a toss-up between the 49ers and the Giants. If the 49ers go be to the SB I think they’ll be so overwhelmed by going they won’t be able to bring their A game.

    I see only the Giants as the team that can beat the Pats in the SB because they truly think they can win. The Pats will question if they can.

  • I thnk it was Woddy Hayes or Bo Schmebekler who said that about that only 3 things happen when you pass the ball , and 2 of them are bad…

    I would like to see the 49ers and Ravens win next week just to see some new teams get to the Super Bowl.. But the Giants and Pats have too much Offense right now and are playing at an extrmeley high level..

  • Nfl network just scrolled top taklers for the playoffs- tied for 3ds with 15- mays and tulloch. The first guy I LOVED since he was big and played out by me, the 2nd I BEGGED for. No no- clays little sister is much better.

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