• December 4, 2023

Analyzing An Absurd Review Of The Eagles’ 2011 Draft Class

While making my rounds through the internet, I came across a column written by Dave Spadaro of PhiladelphiaEagles.com. In his piece, Spadaro mentions a recent article written by Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News.

Gosselin wrote an analysis of the Eagles’ rookie class from 2011, and gave the organization an ‘A’ based on the performance of the first year players. His take on the performance of the rookies, Andy Reid, and the Philadelphia front office is very shortsighted, overwhelmingly positive, and ignores larger problems with the team. (Perfect content for Spadaro to draw references from, as he is typically one of the biggest Eagles apologists out there). Here some select quotes from his article.

“The New York Giants will be the team to beat in the NFC East in 2012. But don’t lose sight of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles failed to live up to their self-proclaimed ‘Dream Team’ status in 2011, but coach Andy Reid put the season of under achievement to good use. Reid flooded the field with youth on the way to an 8-8 finish, an investment in time that should benefit the Eagles in the future.”

To imply that Andy Reid put the 2011 season to good use in any way, shape, or form is utterly ridiculous. Gosselin makes it sound as though Reid is responsible for fixing a sinking ship, when in reality Reid and his miscalculations (which I won’t go into specifics, they’ve been repeated to the point of nausea by now) are the catalyst for why the team underachieved in the first place.

“Philadelphia finished the season with a league-high 10 rookies on the roster. Four of them were in the starting lineup when the Eagles stormed down the stretch with a four-game winning streak to capture second place in the NFC East.”

The Eagles stormed down the stretch with a four-game winning streak to capture second place in the NFC East? I’d by no means confuse the victories over the mediocre Miami Dolphins, the collapsing New York Jets, the Tony Romoless Dallas Cowboys, and the inept Washington Redskins as storming success. For the proper definitions of storming success, see the four teams that will by playing on Sunday, and don’t even mention the word success when discussing any of the 20 teams that failed to play football after January 1st.

“On the season, Philadelphia’s rookie class started a combined 46 games. Only two NFL teams claimed more.”

“Center Jason Kelce and guard Danny Watkins were season-long starters in a Philadelphia offense that finished fifth in the NFL in rushing, ninth in passing and fourth overall. Watkins was a first-round pick and Kelce a sixth.”

Jason Kelce may be the one player in this draft class that the front office should be praised for. The sixth round pick was completely off of the radar until he surprised everyone by taking away Jamaal Jackson’s job in training camp. Even then I believe offensive line coach Howard Mudd had more to do with Kelce’s selection and success than anyone else in the organization.

On the other hand, much more was expected out of Danny Watkins. The thought process behind drafting the 26-year old rookie guard in the first round was that he could step in immediately as a starter, and perform at a Pro-Bowl level. Watkins was initially overwhelmed by the NFL, and played his way out of a job that was his to lose in training camp, forcing the Eagles to go with a mediocre guard Kyle DeVan for the first quarter of the season. Once Watkins did take over, he was serviceable. He had his moments, but made many mistakes, and was the weakest link on the offensive line. He’s not a bust by any means, but to imply that his first year was a success, and that he had a significant impact on the success of the offensive line just isn’t true.

“Brian Rolle also started at linebacker the final 13 games of the season for the NFL’s eighth-ranked defense and Jaiquan Jarrett finished up as the starting free safety. Jarrett was a second-round pick and Rolle a sixth.”

And why was Rolle a starter for the final 13 games of the season? Because Reid chose to enter the season with a paper-thin linebacking corp, and the team’s first choice to start (Casey Matthews) wasn’t ready to see the field, and had to be removed. Rolle may have been the lone bright spot among linebackers, but that isn’t saying much at all.

When Gosselin says that Jarrett finished up the season as the starting free safety, he implies that the second-round draft pick’s play was of such a high level that he eventually forced his way onto the field. Another blatant, completely laughable falsehood. Jarrett “finished the year as the starting free safety” by merely starting the final (and meaningless) game of the season because the regular starter Kurt Coleman was injured in the previous game, and was unavailable.

“Fourth-rounder Casey Matthews also started games at linebacker, and fifth-rounder Dion Lewis returned kickoffs and served as the primary backup to Pro Bowl halfback LeSean McCoy.”

Gosselin is very kind in this analysis, to say the least. Yes, Casey Matthews started games at linebacker. But how did he perform? He certainly didn’t show anything to make anyone believe that he could be an answer at any of the linebacking positions in the coming years.

Yes, Dion Lewis returned kicks. He didn’t enjoy much success returning kicks, but he was the guy the Eagles sent out to do the job for the majority of the season. No one will confuse him with the likes of a returner like former Eagle-great Bryan Mitchell. Lewis was also not the primary backup to McCoy. He was occasionally mixed in to the offense, but Ronnie Brown was the second option until the final game of the season, where the Eagles gave Lewis the majority of the carries to get a look at him for next year.

“In addition, the Eagles broke in two rookie specialists in 2011, fourth-round placekicker Alex Henery and undrafted punter Chas Henry. Henery converted 24 of 27 field goals on his way to a team runnerup 118 points and Henry compiled a net average of 37 yards with only nine touchbacks.”

Gosselin failed to mention that Henery missed several crucial attempts in Week 3 against the 49ers, which helped cost the Eagles the game. In all fairness though, the two rookie kickers performed at respectable levels throughout the season.

“So the Eagles have something to show for their failure in 2011 — a young, promising future.”

All that the Eagles have to show for 2011 is a humiliating season filled with disappointment. Of the rookies on this team, only Kelce and Watkins seem to have chances to become legitimate blue-chip players in the future. The rest of the rookie class didn’t show much, and may be nothing more than average, easily replaceable parts.

Gosselin’s praise of the Eagles’ 2011 draft class is a reflection of how the national media is blinded when it comes to evaluating the job done by Andy Reid and the rest of the team. Writers like Gosselin evaluate by looking only at numbers, and not by what actually went on during games. National writers like him see that Andy Reid has a winning record and has been to five NFC Championship games, and because of those numbers they’re unable to see the team’s recurring issues and shortcomings.

Gosselin looked at the stats, and saw that 14 rookies made the team and combined for 46 starts. An abnormal number for the average NFL team, but also a hollow one. The Eagles received very little impact from this draft class (or from the previous class in 2010), and it was one of the reasons that they struggled throughout 2011. Great teams are built through the draft, and when a team’s front office comes up short in April, it’s reflected in the team’s poor record. The Eagles’ 2011 draft is certainly not worthy of an ‘A’.

Denny Basens

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January 18, 2012 6:36 pm

This 2011 draft as it stands gets a C grade at best. I don’t know what the author of the article was either watching or reading to get his information, but he obviously sees the Eagles through green colored lenses and wears t-shirts that read Andy Reid can do no wrong. The past two drafts are the reason why the Eagles had to bring in so many free agents. The Eagles drafts can not compare with that of the teams that are in the championship games this week. Reason being, the Eagles have accountants evaluating and drafting talent. I’m a psychologist, I’m sure I can draft better than the Eagles!!!

January 18, 2012 6:54 pm

Interesting – two eagles landed on many all rookie teams (Kelce and Watkins) and henerey was the most accurate kicker in Eagle history … a C? The punter did fine and got better as the year went on..

there is a genral mixing of what the Rookies did – standing alone, and what the team did – the rookies did well for themselves as a class – sure – could have got more from JArrett – the CB in the 3rd round was a non issue when they brought in both Asmo and DRC…..

What is the psychological word for people that can only see the bad, or the glass half empty? I think the correct term is pessimistic bordering on depression, maybe habitually negative temperament – but I am not a shrink type (though I self diagnose as a narcisist with borderline personality traits!)

but if you think you can pull two draft picks to be on the all rookie team – I think you beat out 31 other GMs – cause I don’t know another team that had two?

January 18, 2012 8:18 pm

The Texans with DE JJ Watts and OLB Brooks Reed may have made the All-Rookie Team and maybe the Bengals with QB Dalton and WR AJ Green but that’s about it…
I give the Eagles 2011 Draft Class an Overall B Grade
It appears that 3 Long term Starters from this class in Kelce,Watkins and Kicker Henrey and a potential with LB Rolle who is the msot instinctive,fundamentally sound LB on the Eagles Roster… I believe the that RB Lewis, LB Matthers and Safety Jarret are Back-up/Rotational/Special Teamers so in the end if you can get 3-4 Starters by Year 2 and another 3 Back-up/rotational/SPecial Teams players out of a Draft Class, that’s pretty good where 70% of your Draft Class is contribtubing at an early stage of their Careers.. I think Kelce has a great chance of being a Pro-Bowl Center and I see him and Watkins being side-by-side Starters for the next 5-6 Seasons if not longer, depending on any injuries..

January 18, 2012 8:26 pm

“The thought process behind drafting the 26-year old rookie guard in the first round was that he could step in immediately as a starter, and perform at a Pro-Bowl level.”

The thought was a rookie would come in and be a pro-bowl guard. That was the thought. Really?

I think that’s the stupidest line I have ever read on here….and that’s saying a lot.

“He’s not a bust by any means, but to imply that his first year was a success, and that he had a significant impact on the success of the offensive line just isn’t true.”

Not true at all. No impact. Didn’t make pro football all-rookie team. Nope. Nothing to see here.

” In all fairness though, the two rookie kickers performed at respectable levels throughout the season.”

Yup. Respectable.

As a rookie Henery was 5th in the NFL in fg%. Was 4 for 4 over 40 yrdds (why not more attpts???) Did I mention he kicks outdoors and is the only top 5 guy not playing in a dome or Florida??

There are 4 starters and several solid reserves in this draft. There will be 2 future pro-bowlers in this draft (Henery and Watkins – maybe Kelce too).

WTF do you want from a draft? 7 starting probowlers? It isn’t going to happen. On any team. Too bad it takes a writer from Dallas (Gosselin – very well respected football writer btw) to have to point this out I guess.

January 18, 2012 8:39 pm

Don’t fall asleep on the Redksins Draft where they got DE/OLB R Kerrigan , RB R Helu and WR T Hankerson.. I believe their 2nd Round Pick , a DT from Clemson (Jarvis Jenkins ???) was injured early in Pre-Season and missed his entire Rookie Season ans is a player they have some high hopes for..
If the Redksins can get a QB and add a big time WR and OL help, they can be competitve in the NFC East.. They are not as far off as many think
I see them making a real push for Packers back-up Flynn or maybe even get a Klye Ortan in to give them a chance if the they Draft a QB

January 18, 2012 8:42 pm

Give me a freaking break! AN A!? Reid put a season of under-achievement to good use!? REALLY!? REALLY!? Just because you have 10 rookies in the starting lineup, doesn’t make it a good thing! It was quite the opposite, because this team has ZERO veteran leadership & experience, especially on the DF side of the ball & the coaching staff. That killed us, all year long. Other than Kelce & Henery, we received stugots from anyone else. AN A!? BWAHAHAHA!!! Spadaro & Gosselin have ZERO credibility. Spadaro is a paid, lackey, stooge, puppet, apologist, @$$clown, of the Birds, & Gosselin is a friend of his & a media hack. So what do you expect from them! They drafted nothing but depth & special teams players, & I give them a C-, at best. When you trade up in drafts, you have to draft impact, difference makers, that can step right in & start & contribute. Our late round kicker, was the only one to do so. Our young, overwhelmed OL, took 3/4 of the season, to get a little chemistry going & it got our QB killed.

January 18, 2012 8:43 pm

Lions got DT Nick Fairley who was so-so his Rookie Year after injuring his ankle in the 1st week of SUmmer camp and didn’t really get into Football shape until halfway thru the Season, Their 2nd Round Pick RB Mile Leshoure tore his knww up in SUmmer Camp and was out all season who has potential and then a WR/Returnrnman Titus YOung seem to impreove as the season went along..
The need OL, Secondary & OLB help to take the next step…

January 18, 2012 8:51 pm

Eagles OL gave up the least amount of Sacks in like 6-7 Seasons for the Eagles..Vickgets killed becasue he runs right into the presseue 1/2 th etime instead of sliding up in the Pocket and delivering the pass, instead he loops to the outside where LT Peters has blocked his Defender and Vicjk runs right into him.. I swear I saw this happen once a game from VIck where he literally ran into the Rushing DL.. Vick’s Pocket presence and awareness for a 8-9 Year Veteran QB who has played in a lot of games as a Starter is horrible and that’s the truth.. I see ROkkies like Cam Newton, Andrew Dalton, hell, even Stehpen McGee from the Cowboys step up,slide over and get rid of th eball better than VIck does and of he has improved in this are by now, he never will which is just another reason the OC Marty M is looking to move on since he’s tried everythong he can do to make Vick a better pocket QB and it just ain’t happening…

January 18, 2012 8:59 pm

Pman – most of the sites I saw had Newton as the Rook QB –

January 18, 2012 9:06 pm

Danny, yes, Gosselin was a little over positive – as he always is.

BUT – your rebuttal – that the SCHEDULE – the FREAKING SCHEDULE for the last 4 games is an excuse to not give credit? The Eagles had no power to say ‘nope, switch out those last four opponents for the Giants, Niners, Packers, and Saints because we know their going to be the final four, and you know, we get to amend the NFL schedule to keep the competition close”. NOPE That’s such a bullshit hater logic to take credit away due to the opponent. The opponent isn’t a variable or something the team can control. DUMB Just worthless criticism.

And you take props from Henery for 1

January 18, 2012 9:08 pm

—– sorry —-

1 bad game – which shouldn’t have come down to field goals anyway. Heck, Akers was missing as much last year and he missed one in that game too.

And again, with Watkins you talk about expectations. Who gives a shit about expectations? It’s about what you turn out to be in the end. And he’s a starter. A solid one. Period.c

January 18, 2012 9:12 pm

Your proabably right NAvy, but if your the Bengals, you have to be excited about their Future with QB Dalton, WR’s AJ Green & Simpson, TE Gresham..
The’ve built a pretty solid Foundation with some quality players at the skills position..
Not to change Subject but their DC Mike Zimmer, would be a good potential HC and I hope he gets a shot somewhere maybe the Eagles in 2013 .. Ithink the TB Bucs, Dolphins and Colts were all going to talk to him ..

January 18, 2012 9:19 pm

Yes a C grade, and yes you are right, a person who only sees and feels negative thoughts and feelings is depressed, to which degree depends on specific criteria which I will not elaborate on since this is a sports site . If you would like to go to the DSM IV manual and look it up be my guest. Luckily for me Navyeaglesfan I don’t allow the Eagles to determine my feelings, thoughts or how I form my opinions and view the team I enjoy watching. In simpler terms, I don’t drink the kool aid. Danny Watkins made the all rookie team, not the pro bowl like maukice Pouncey in his rookie year. Jaquan Jarret couldn’t sniff the field until injuries forced him into service. Third round pick Marsh was not able to play, which is understandable but he was brutal on special teams. If you can’t hit on your first three picks, and to me Danny Watkins is a solid guard,thus far, nothing spectacular, yes I say they deserve a C. You are welcome to your opinion, the author is to his as I am to mines. As for me being able to pick better talent yes I believe I can. That’s called being optimistic,and self confident, the exact opposite of what accused me of being in the response you sent me. Times yours!!!

January 18, 2012 9:25 pm

Eagleshaslanded – Do you think that the good teams consistently ‘hit on (their) first three draft picks”? I sure as hell don’t. Nobody does. Your standards are out of sync with reality. I’m not saying the Eagles had an A or and A+ draft. But those standards are makebelieve.

January 18, 2012 9:32 pm

Eaglehas landed – as an educated man – you do realize the reference to drinking the kool aid is a reference (incorrect I might add – it was actually flavor aid something similar to kool aid) to the mureder suicide of over 900 people – as opposed to an opinion of a guard being named to the all rookie team becuase in some other year a rookie got all pro?? Really – OK man –

glad you don’t let the eagles ‘set your emotional’ pace for the week – it is after all a game.

I look forward to reading your ‘picks’ for the draft this year – Pman always has a good list – I will gladly add yours to the reading.. time is yours my friend – looking forward to it – any opinion on the eagles first pick this draft?

January 18, 2012 9:36 pm

Oh and Doc – don’t be so – what is the word for peple that think other people are thinking and talking about them – paranoid? – I was refering to the general eagle fan population on this site – most find fault with everything the eagles do – as for your confidence – don’t know ya dude – but the genral tone is to downgrade the performqance of the rookies becuase the team did not do well, to downgrade the defense becuase they didn’t do well early in the year – to look at any positive and write it off as a ‘meaningless game’

January 18, 2012 9:48 pm

Lol, yes the term is paranoid. Long day, this is truly how I unwind at the moment. I will put my draft up, thanks for the invitation. As far as who I would like to see the birds draft, (Vontaze Burfict) I would give him therapy for his emotional issues, his talent is to great to pass up on, speed, power, and size. Who do I believe the Eagles wil take, it will depend on what they do in free agency. Just to change my tone, I loved the off season acquisitions last year except Vince Young, did not like it then, definitely don’t like it now. Now to address who I think the Eagles will take with the # 15 so i’m not dodging your question. The defensive tackle from LSU- Brockers, 6’6” 305, pass rushing d- tackle. I still can’t see Reid taking a linebacker with the 1st pick. Who do you think they will choose Navyeaglefan- ? When do you guys start posting your mock drafts? Times Yours.

January 18, 2012 10:03 pm

DT Brockers just announced his entry into the Draft and is a monster and will rise up the Charts if his workouts go well..
I did not like the VY or Ronnie Brown Signings and stated so when they happened … I thought signing Steve Smith would be a homerun and that he .. would be a perfect complement to the Eagles offense and obviously, I was way off on that one.. I thought their best pick-up was DT C Jenkins and I thought LG Mathis had potential and was a definite upgrade over last years Guards of McGlynn/nick COle/MGJ) and I was a little familiar with Mathis since he played some with the Panthers, but I did not think he would play as well as he did and really played well the last 6-8 weeks of the Season as the entire OL really started to jmesh and paly well together as a unit..

January 18, 2012 10:07 pm

Schiller, I believe quite a few teams do hit on their first three picks , meaning they contribute to the team. Take a look at the Eagles 3rd round picks, who has contributed? The last being Brian Westbrook, the fact of the matter is they have cut quite a few of them, the last being Daniel Teo-Neshiem. They have to draft better, you know it, I know it and anyone who follows the Eagles know it. I’m willing to bet Andy and Howie Know it! If they drafted better over the past three years they would not have had to go out and soak up all of the free agents they got last summer.Why do you think the Patriots, Saints, giants, Ravens Steelers etc. etc. are not very active in free agency as the Eagles are, because they hit on their drafts. They don’t have to depend on other teams free agents to buid their team.

January 18, 2012 10:48 pm

Oh and thanks for the history lesson involving kool aid and flavor aid ( the product name is truly irrelevant) as it pertains to the whole Jim Jones atrocity, I will try to be more acurate in the future for those who are sensitive to it.

January 18, 2012 10:50 pm

Eaglelanded, Interesting points. But the pats, saints, and ravens are active in free agency. They all do draft pretty well. But they get FAs…. come on. That was one very active year of FA, not a trend.

Sure, everyone should draft better. That could only be a good thing.

Dude when’s the last patriots first rounder that turned out great?

3rd round?

Derick Burgess, Sheldon Brown was third overall pick (2 2nds) in the Lito, Michael Lewis, Sheldon Brown, Westbrook draft, JR Reed good before injury – not a bad pick. Cornelius Ingram DITTO, Bradley was decent too…. just saying.

January 18, 2012 10:54 pm

And Eagles hand, I’d say they’re not depending on FA. top four wrs, RB, TE, 3 key OL, all drafted. Best DE, drafted, kickers drafted…. not relying on FA. And still young and building.

January 18, 2012 11:17 pm

Schiller-Yes of course the teams I mentioned bring in free agents , to fill in one or two holes. Yes the Eagles draft offensive players well, it took Reid forever to get the WR’s straight, but finally, he did. And I see the third round picks you have up there, but how long ago was that? And as far as the d backs you listed the Eagles did not think enough of them to sign them to long tem deals, that’s why Sheldon and Lito left, they flat out let michael Lewis walk. That’s why I said over the last three years. Not hitting on draft picks over a three year period hurts your team, agree or disagree?

January 18, 2012 11:37 pm

Hey Mr Basens and several other s who don’t know who Rick Gosselin is–he’s only the most respected NFL writer in the league. He comes out with his special team rankings every year which reflect those that come out of the league. I take issue with a couple of things you write here–

1. Who, exactly expected Danny Watkins to “come in and perform at a Pro Bowl level”–only the most moronic person–after the lockout and his holdout in camp–not to mention his switch from LT to RG and a new blocking scheme–would have expected that.

2. Did you know that Alex Henerey set an NFL record for accuracy by a rookie kicker–his 88.9% set the record. How many years did Akers hit that?

3. I think you, along with a lot of other people discount the Eagles 4 game winning streak because of who they played when they played them. Well, let’s take a closer look–
1. Miami–one of the hottest teams at the time–the Eagles were playing them on the road–and they just came off of a close loss at Dallas two weeks before on Thanksgiving Day
2. NY Jets–thought to be a playoff contender, the Eagles killed them at home.
3. Dallas–on the road, when this game started, the Jets-Giants game was still in doubt–they knocked Romo from the game, but Dallas STILL had both of its STARTING offense AND defense in the game.
4. Skins–they could have laid down in this one.

In fact, last season, when Detroit won their last 4 games, everyone taked about them setting the table for possibly a winning record this year–so what happened? They got in the playoffs.

If you’re going to discount the Eagles last 4 games, you might as well discount the Pats season then–they won ZERO games against teams with a winning record–the only two games they played a team with a winning record, they lost–at Pittsburgh and at home against the Giants. And gee, if they hadn’t collapsed in the last minute and let the Giants win, the Eagles would have won the East.

I agree that some of Reid’s decisions let this team down–especially putting Castillo in charge of the defense, but let’s take a look at those five leads they lost more closely–

1. I haven’t seen NONE of this noted in any column–those 5 leads they had in games they ultimately lost weren’t exactly 2 or 3 TD leads–10 agains tthe Falcons in the dome; 2 against the Giants; 6 against the 49ers; 6 against the Bears; and 7, then 3 against the Cards.

2. The offense, in the first four of those games, scored a total of 3 points inthe 4th quarters and turned the ball over an ungodly amount of times–you had Maclin droppin the ball against the Falcons late; you had Kafka throwing tow 4th qtr INTs against the Giants; you had Maclin fumbling the ball on the 49ers 30; you had Maclin tripping all over himself short of a first down against the Bears; and you had Steve Smith avoiding a hit a yard short of a first down against the Cards.

So when you do your inspection, please write all of the facts and have some respect for an NFL writer that knows his stuff.

January 18, 2012 11:37 pm

Problem is that the FO came out in off season and said we were ALL IN. To make the statements about these rookies and the future is nothing more than spin. You can put whip cream on dog crap but its still dog crap. This organization is making a mockery of itself. When is Reid coming back from vacation? Will he have a post season presser? What an arrogant , over rated Bum. I base that on a 300 winning percentage on teams over 500 and a 700 winning percentage on teams under 500 in 13 years. Thats a the track record Lurie gushed about. . Those are facts so all you koolaid drinks pipe down. One last note….Spadaro is a rag and a absolute tomato can.

January 18, 2012 11:55 pm

Bobbyuk, you left out that Gosselin is a friend of wink wink nod nod of Spadaro & the birds.

January 19, 2012 12:03 am

Eagles has landed – I don’t do mock drafts – sorry – I do not know enough about all the college folks out there – I don;t watch much college anymore – I am usually ref’ing 3 days a week and Sunday watching the birds –

as for positions – LB/S/DT/OL and find a kick returner (I want Brian Mitchell back) – WR depending on what happens with D Jackson – Free Agncy or the draft – need to fill those spots –

January 19, 2012 11:28 am

An unusually harsh view of the rookie class. Really, take off your sack cloth, dust off your ashes, and take a leap off of the nearest waterfall into crystal cool pool. And then flog the log or something young man.
What exactly is “borderline personality disorder”. If read correctly it would seem to mean that no one can tell whether or not you actually have a personality, on the border – and that you are disordered.
I think that at least two of these rookies will make major contributions on this team next year. Kurt Coleman leaves the field with nothing left to give. I like that. And Dion Lewis will improve. The others should not be counted out yet. Seriously, the venom should have already been spewed. Let’s take realistic stock here.

January 19, 2012 11:38 am

As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle of these two analysis. I think a draft that nets you “two blue chip players” like Kelce and Watkins is a good draft. You shouldn’t really expect to hit on much more than two or three future Pro Bowl-type per draft. That’s about the average if you have 7 or 8 picks to work with.

I think the fact that Reid seems to rely on draft picks to come in and contribute immediately tends make it look like his drafts are worse than they really are. It’s not fair to do an analysis of players after their rookie year and declare boom or bust. Heck, for years people thought that Peyton was the better Manning brother, but now it looks like Eli has at least a chance to compete for that honor. You never know when players are going to bloom.

January 19, 2012 11:43 am

Wasn’t it just a few years ago that we all bithched that Coach AR never played Rookie’s.. Now many Eagle fan’s complain if Rookies don’t make All-Pro in their 1st Season playing..
Sorry Fans, this is why many of you inside the “Eagle Bubble” don’t deserve a Championship.. I hate to say this, but it’s the damn truth.. Good Grief…

January 19, 2012 11:51 am

now, honestly i thought the draft class sucked until I read this.. If you think about it.. 2 starting offensive linemen in the draft – That is NOT BAD, not bad at all.
Watkins was made all rookie pro btw as well..

Jarrett has a lot to prove to be a good pick up, but Rolle & Casey Matthews may have solidified them selves as starters in this league somewhere for probably a long time.

Still want a top tier linebacker this coming draft though

January 19, 2012 12:35 pm

MLB Jamar CHaney has surgery on his neck the other day and who knows
what his recovery will be like… Forrmer GIants MLB Antonio Pierce had simialr injury and surgery and was not deemed fir to play football again and had to retire.. I am not saying this is the case for Chaney, but when dealing with neck/back or head injuries, you can never be sure of a player returning
This may make the Eagles really decide to go ahead and Draft MLB in the 1st 2 Rounds of the Draft or have to go out and get a proven Free-Agent MLB..