• May 17, 2022

Report: Eagles Workout Quarterback Trent Edwards

According to Jeff McLane of Philly.com. the Eagles are worked out free agent quarterback Trent Edwards earlier this week.  Edwards is a very good athlete who didn’t play for anybody in the 2011 season.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Edwards is a very good athlete.  Reid seems to like the type of quarterback who can take off and run with the football if the need arises.

I don’t think the Birds are thrilled about their backup quarterbacks.  Vince Young led the Birds to a win over the New York Giants, but he struggled the last two games he started.

I don’t think third-string quarterback Mike Kafka has a strong enough arm to be a starter in the NFL.

Bottomline, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Birds say good-bye to Young and sign another veteran quarterback to backup Michael Vick.


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  • even more reason to be disgusted with this team…the team up north is prep’n for a title game shot and and we’re reading about Trent stinking Edwards…oh,our turnover prone squad is playing xbox and shopping in the islands….

  • Paulman’s Picks for the Back-up QB’s to check out

    Kyle Orton from KC Chiefs (does not have a big arm or very athletic, but a good system QB who is smart and has a quick release and accurate)
    Dennis Dixon from Steelers (Very Athletic,Smart kid too, Decent arm)
    Jason Campbell from Raiders (Big Arm, if he is healthy enough w/Shoulder)
    Chad Henne from the Dolphins (Big Arm,has had 3 O/C during his time) w/Miami,worth a look and still hungry and young but is coming off Injury)
    Josh Johnson from TB Bucs (Big Arm, very Athletic, got beat out 2 years ago by Josh Freeman and has not had a chance to play much since then but fits te AR Mold very well)

    Then you can look at older career Back-up QB’s that will be Free-Agents
    like Shaun Hill, AJ Feely, Matt Moore, Charlie Batch. Jon Kitna that can give you a start or 2 over the course of a Season but nothing to get excited about but at least have NFL Starting experience.. and last but not least, do not count out Kevin Kolb who may get the plugged pulled from him by Arizona and is due a Roster BOnus come March 1st which many are saying that the Cardinals Brass doesn’t know if he’s worth the the large Bonus for his medicore play since he was outplayed by John Skelton down the stretch

  • Give me AJ Feeley…done….Trent Edwards wasn’t on a team this year for a reason; HE SUCKS……..Feeley!!

  • This is just the Eagles just ttrying to get someone on the cheap

  • Coach Ar is most likely Coaching for his Job in 2012 and will most likley go with a player he trusts since the Back-up QB will most lilely have to real good chance to start a couple of games duwe to VIck usaually getting hurt.. I see AJ Feely or possibly even D McNabb coming back to Philly in an attempt to bail out old Coach AR again…

  • Pman-“Coach Ar is most likely Coaching for his Job in 2009.. i mean 2010… i mean 2011, i mean 2012”- got to stick sometime right pman?

  • Coach AR has had a free reign with Owner Lurie & the Front Office and has not been under any real pressure until this 2011 Season, in which he did not do a very good job..
    I have stated for a few years now Steve that 2012 would be the decisive year and his final Season for many of the reasons I already have mentioned, like the obvious Contract Status, Coaching Staffs Contracat s stuates, Certain Players Deals as well (Vick,D-Jax) that fit uniquely for his AR’s system.. It all comes to a head here in 2012 and my beleif is that the Ownership will come to their senses and feel that it’s time for a fresh start and a new vision for the Franchise and hopefully this will mean getting rid of their Fantasy League GM Howie Roseman too.. Just getting a new HC is not going to be the answer so remember that in 2-3 years time Steve when everyone wants to know why the Eagles still underperform..

  • Let’s try out Sid Luckman. he fits the fo’s profile

  • gmcliff – you’re kidding right? The Eagles have done nothing but spend spend spend recently. Does up mean down to you?

    They didn’t make the guy an offer, they worked him out. This is nothing about money. This was about doing homework.

  • Paul – ~ “Reid hasn’t been under any pressure” – BULLSHIT

    He’s been coaching in PHILLY……that’s PHILLY for 14 years.

    You sir haven’t been given a free reign to post utter bullcrap on this site for too long – sadly with no end in sight.

  • What pressure has Coach AR received from the Front Office or Owner Lurie before this Off-Season Schiller.. very little to none I say.. Who agrees with me..
    Now Pressure/Criticism from the Fans, BLogs,Talk Radio is a whole other topic for that does not directly affect his job..I am talking about pressue from his superiors about losing his job.. When has he received any until this off season..

  • BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! WHY!? I can’t take it anymore. It is Conference championship week, & everyone else is making good changes, off-season preparations, coaching changes, etc. etc. & we’re getting Trent “freaking” Edwards. I really am so over this regime. I wish they all would just get on a plane, & not come back.

  • Paul, I’ll give you the credit for clarifying that distinction. But what – other than media slant and putting words in their mouths – has the FO done to show that they’ll fire him? Or not resign him? You’re reading into it in the same way you’ve done for years (as stated above).

    His superiors have said nothing about him losing his job.

  • Dcar – who said we’re getting Trent Edwards? You tripping? And who’s making all these great offseason moves?


  • and rocko inserts the funny cliche from 1999…….. and somewhere somebody else yawns….

  • You guys read too much inot this–you often kick the tires, as they say on players who are FAs and didn’t play the year before.

    As far as Reid being under pressure, you guys apparently listen to Lurie–NOWHERE in Lurie’s presser did he say that Reid had to win the SB next year to keep his job;.he merely said he expected “significant improvement” over this year. Well, what constitutes such improvement? Winning a WC card and getting bounced in the next round? Winning a game in the first two rounds and getting bounced in the NFCCG again?? We don’t know. Only Lurie and Banner know.

  • Schiller, numbnuts, when I say we’re getting Trent Edwards, I mean getting information about the the Eagles taking a look at him, not signing him. You dope! Who’s making great off-season moves, you say? All of the other failed teams, that have the balls to make coaching & FO changes, with better options, unlike this failed, sickening, FO that you make excuses for! Go back in your hole & put a tampon on your bleeding lady parts!

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