• August 14, 2022

Spagnuolo To Interview For Saints Defensive Coordinator Job Today

There’s no question that the Eagles are on the back burner if they’re pursuing former St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo as a defensive coordinator candidate.  Spagnuolo will interview with Sean Payton and New Orleans Saints today for their open defensive coordinator’s position.  This past year’s Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has left the organization to work for his close friend, Jeff Fisher, who just replaced Spags as head coach of the St. Louis Rams.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Spagnuolo interviewed for the Indianapolis Colts’ head coaching job on Monday.  He sat down with the brain trust of the Colts, but isn’t considered a top candidate for that job.  After all he was recently fired from his one head coaching position with the St. Louis Rams, so it would be a shock for them to make him the Colts head coach right now.

The astounding thing about the Colts interview was that Jim Caldwell sat in for the session, then was fired later in the day.

The coaching carousel is turning round and round.


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  • Old news G-Man, Paulman reported on this over the weekend.. C’Mon G, try to
    keep up with the Paulman already…

  • G:

    Typical Big Red thick-headed attitude. I’m going to stick with my man and I don’t care what anybody inside or outside the organization thinks. I have always thought Juan Castillo is a good coach. But DC has been above him so far. Juan better get used to coaching on the flame-hot griddle for 2012; because him and Big Red have nowhere to turn. Good luck to the both of them.

  • Paul, you need to start writing on here again, more often. Are you going to do some draft & FA articles, again this year? That could get a record # of posts the way this year ended.

  • I am not too sure the others will like that too much DCar…but I write up some Off-Season Plan/Suggestions and Draft Scenarios/Mocks as we get closer..Want to see how this EaglesCoaching Staff shapes up and how they handle their own free-agents for they have some importatnt decisions to make (D-Jax/SAmuel) and will check to see if G-Man wants to post up as an article.. some times, they (web-site) will pull a repsonse on a article and then make it into an seperate article..This has happened to me a few times

  • I would let Desean walk for the right price.

    Try to sign Colston or possibly Johnson.

    I hope the Eagles pursue Kitzpatrick or a decent linebacker thats not 29 already.

    Spag will sign with the Saints.

    Trade Cromartie for a high draft pick and acquire some picks to move up and grab best player available.

  • Atra,
    Do you think the Eagles should keep CB Samuel over DCR…

  • I don’t know if Spagnuolo is/was good friends with Castillo and is doing this to not take a job from a friend, but I hope not. Wish Spags would do a radio interview or something so we could whether he’s just looking at all options, but wants to come to Philly or whether he just doesn’t want to come back.

  • Everyone thinks that Spags owes Philly something… He is not going to come to Philly with a “WIde 9” System already in place.. Spags is only going to take a position where he has the final say so on what Fronts & Schemes to play and when to play them and that would not be the case as long as DL Coach Washburn is on the Eagle Staff
    DL Coach Washburn is a very fiesty Coach, who is a Type A Personality (as is Spags) and having the 2 of these type of similar personalities on a Staff that Coach and specialize using different schemes would not work.. Spags relaizes this, hence, the no interest in coming back to Philly..
    Does he have to apologize for this.. You guys really need to let it go.. Spags is not interested in the coming to Philly at this time plain and simple..

  • Perhaps Spags is not coming here because the position is not open. I don’t think it is. I think Reid is quite happy with the job Castillo did. I think we should probably be happy with that too.

    Question…what if before the season you were asked if you would be happy if the Eagles’ D were to give up less than 24 pts 13x? Or, if you would be happy if they gave up less than 21 8x? You probably would have said, “Wicked. Sounds good. We’ll win those games!”

    Well, guess what. Despite an all-new coaching staff and 6 new players (no team in the league with that kind of turnover) that’s exactly what this D did.

    And the 3 games over 24? Against Brady. Against ATl where turnovers and a special teams blunder led directly to 21 atl pts, and then in the NYG game where we went into the redzone 5x and came out with a measly 16. .. A couple turnovers set the Gmen up in our territory.

    Did you know that in the Arizona and Chicago “comebacks” the Eagles’ D was responsible for 24 of the Birds 41 pts? (2 TDs and 10 set up off turnovers Deep). The Eagles’ offence scored a whopping 17 points in those 2 games when given the ball off punts and kickoffs. 17 points in those 2 losses.

    And we go on and on and on about the defense…….

  • Spags is not coming to Philly for he has no interest in working with DL Coach Washburn and the WIde 9 which is the only way Washburn Coaches .. it’s that simple irregardless of Castillo…. To Hire Spags, Washburn would have to have been fired which would have pissed off T Cole, J Babin and C Jenkins big time..
    Coach AR realizes that he finally has a DL Coach in place that Coaches and gets after the opposing QB and he is not about to mess this up and go changing schemes again… I can’t understand why fans and followers of the team cannot understand this.. SPags was never in question and to be honest, Spags has not appeared to be interested in returning at all with the Eagles for he wants to make his own mark, with his own Coaching Staff and Schemes instead of walking in on a team with a “Lame Duck” Head Coach
    He just went thru all this last season in St Louis, DOes he really want to go thru that again… C’Mon Guys, think about the situation more clearly and not with you emotions and my last point is that Castillo in his 1st year of DC has the Eagles Defense playing better than Spag’s St Lous Ram Defense where he coached and put that roster together in 3 yers time.. So another example of Eagles Fans and the Media living in a fog and with too much emotion without thinking things through.. too many of you are always going to assume that “Other Guy” will do a better job when most of you have little to no idea what that “Other Guy” has even been doing…

  • Vinnie- if i told you the birds had more than 5- 4th quater leads this season with the likes of nnamdi, cole, babbbin, Asam and such… would you have thought we would have a winning record? yes. If i told you we had the second or third leading rusher would you have thought we would have a wining record? If i told you we led the league in sacks.. would you have thought we had a winning record? if i told you we destroyed our division, would you have thought we had a wining record? If i told you we would have to face a backups backup in arizona would you have thought we had a winning record?

    give me a break. This TEAM was crap. not just the qb. your theme song…. “to everything…spin spin spin… there is a season…. spin spin spin.

    Pman- your “if then-therfore” crap does not work. We DONT know why spags may not come here. Him agreeing to go elsewhere MAN or MAYNOT have anything to do with wide 9. Stop flaunting this as another Pman victory.

  • PMAN- your lame duck thing has perhaps finally come true. It only took 5 years. BTW….. Coach Fisher will be fired… you heard it here first. It may take 5 years but…. it will happen.

  • No Victory Stevo..
    I just can’t believe that so many fans and much of the local media have gone ga-ga for Coach Spags who has not done all that much outside a great performance by his Defense in that Super Bowl Game what 4-5 Years ago too many are actingin like he’s a Savior and what has he done lately.. Why would he want to come back to Philly anyways.. Coaching and Coaching Staffs are about relationshipns and loyalty..Spags loved working for JJ but his feelings for AR and Banner and the Front Office is luke warm at best.. and now he’s going to come back to save everyone’s asses..
    On Coach Fisher, He will coach the Rams for a long time nad oversee their move to Los Angeles in 2015 once their Rams lease is up with the Dome in St Louis… No doubt in my mind that the Rams will be moving Los Angeles (which is where Fisher is from) and part of the reason this Rams job was perfect for him)

  • Apparently, I’m not the only one believes too much passing wreaks havoc on a defense. Here’s an except from NFL.com analyst Elliott Harrison in reference to why Green Bay was ousted from the playoffs:

    “Offseason Crystal Ball: One remedy for the struggling defense this offseason would be finding a running game to slow the game down and give the D some breaks, especially if the Pack are up by more than two scores. Sometimes the ground game was there, sometimes it wasn’t. Ryan Grant was inconsistent, less explosive than in past seasons and will turn 30 this year. James Starks was so-so, but hurt his team in pass protection in the playoffs. Do McCarthy and team president Ted Thompson give Brandon Saine a longer look? Maybe.”

  • Stevo it’s not just vinnie ray didinger said it, sal pal, and paulman, three reputable football men, experts, the biggest reason for this failed season and the biggest question mark going forward is the play of the quarterback, vinnie got abused last year, as did I when we did not want to go forward with Vick, trash talk, racist remarks, well it’s now time to give vinnie his props, he called it, and your posts sound like you are pandering to the Vick crowd

  • Packers lost because most of their Coaching Staff are distracated and excited about Interviewing and taking other Jobs.. There are about 5-6 from that Staff that will be moving on and there is no wany that this cannot be a distraction or drag on the preparation of a team that’s it the playoffs then you add the Death of O/C Joe Childs son, and then you have all the emotional energy to deal with..
    Here is a lit of Coaches on the PAckers that are in some form of INterviewing process about other job possibilities

    #1) O/Coord – J Childs – Iinterviewed with Dolphins and TB Buc about HC spot
    #2) QB Coach – T Clemens – Discusing some HC opportunities with Indy and Tampa Bay as well as Penn State from over a month ago
    #3) D/C – Dom Capers – Discussions about HC spot w/TB Bucs and Dolphins
    #4) Asst H/C & LB Coach Winston Moss – Discussing HC with Raiders
    #5) Def Secondary Coach – Darren Perry – Discussing DC with the Raiders
    #6) LB Coach – Mike Trgovac – Discussing DC/HC with the Indy Colts

    This is half th Packers Staff that has has other things on their minds other than coachign the Green Bay Packers, They failed to stay focused which was eveident by their players hap-hazard play.. I amnot sure how any team can prevent this from happening, but it seem to overwhelm this staff to put those distractions and job opportunites on the side to focus on the taks at hand..

  • This defense was designed to win with a lead. Now, some want to dismiss the 5 4th quarter leads blown. The offense actually did what it was supposed to. It gave the D a 4th quarter lead in 5 games that we lost.

    I don’t think Spags wants to come to Philly because of Reid’s pass-happy offense which doesn’t allow the defense time to rest.

  • Paul

    Where do you get this stuff? Wherein the Eagles are concerned, it’s the players and not the coaches, but with the Packers, the coaches were “distracted?”

    It’s anything and everything except the real problem – the scheme. Too much passing. With all the evidence in the world staring you in the face, you chose to ignore it, say it’s coincidence, distractions, layoffs or some act of God.

    It wasn’t just Green Bay. It was also New Orleans. It wasn’t just New Orleans. It was also Tom Brady and Randy Moss against the Giants.

    Man, you really make me laugh!

  • Like Buddy Ryan said, “A running game is a defense’s best friend.”

    I think I believe Buddy and his Superbowl-winning defense over you, Paul, although your credentials are quite similar, I’m sure.

  • Paul

    Wouldn’t it seem logical that the Packers’ assistants would have boosted their earning potential by winning the Superbowl?

    If it were me, I’d be excited about the opportunity to not only make more money, but also to live in infamy by winning back-to-back Superbowls.

    Yet, you believe they were “so” distracted by the “possibility” of other opportunities that they didn’t do what was necessary to win. Doesn’t that sound just a little strange to you?

  • coaching distractions maybe, packers lost because they dropped too many catchable balls and rogers blew a couple wide open receivers ! several drives were stopped because of these mishaps ! if the 9ers can play smart ball they have a great shot at winning !

  • nev – you happen to notice that in general the team that turned the ball over less tended to do well this WE –

  • It would seem logical, but these promotions and open positions wont last another 3 Weeks.. Teams are building Staffes quickly as they always do.. The won it last year and I suspect that a few coaches on the Packers Staff were already thinking about their new potential positions,promotions and new jobs a lin the aback in their minds distracting them as a group on the task at hand.. It happens every Season where a staff gets raided with inquiries,interviews and runoras aboubt staff moving on to bigger and better things.. Next Playoff Season it will be the 49ers Staff that probably gets deluge with inquiries..

  • Thanks for the props Jakedog.

    Paulman, you’re bang on with the coaching distraction in GB beforfe the game. The same can be said of the Saints defence, knowing their DC was also going to be clearing out. These distractions are often fatal for a team, especially in college. So many times when a coach takes on a position with another team in the time after the season and before the bowl game said team goes out and shits the bed knowing their coach has bailed on them.

    Drummer…keep ramblin’ on about run games like its 1952. “the real problem – the scheme. Too much passing” Haven’t we gone over this 1000x. I really am getting tired of debunking this myth.

    The eagles’ throw the SAME amount as most teams, and less than many. Even teams in the playoffs. Here…take a look. Here are the QBing stats of the 4 remaining teams in the playoffs along with the Eagles QB stats (I combined Vick&Young). I won’t give the names…just the stats….see if you can pick out the throw too much Eagles.

    359 of 589 61.0% 4,933 29 16
    273 of 475 61.3% 3144 17 5
    401 of 611 65.6% 5235 39 12
    312 of 542 57% 3510 20 12
    319 of 537 58% 4169 22 21

    Oh wait……I guess its going to be pretty easy finding the Birds QB’s, they’re the only ones with the awesome under 60% AND over 20 ints moniker.

    Now, granted, Vick did have 76 scrambles which were called pass plays, but if I add those on, and sacks, and then did the same with the other QBs, the results would still be about the same. The Eagles’ are ranked 13th in pass attempts this year. If we counted Vick’s scrambles we’d move up to 5th I think…

    And before you switch to….well the Eagles’ dont throw more than other teams….but its the KIND of throws that hurt the birds. They always throw deep exposing Vick to hits…yada yada yada…..well know that both Brady and Eli have higher yrds/completion #s than Vick, and so do 8 other guys.

    And It wasn’t the run game (or lack thereof) that killed the Eagles. You know what did?

    38 touchdowns
    38 turnovers

    Tied for 1st in interceptions. 7th in fumbles. First in turnovers overall.

  • Vinnie,
    Please, there outta be a law against combining Vick’s and VY 2011 Stats, even in Canada.. please don’t do that again..have a little decency…
    Tthanks from the Football Fans from the United States of America…

  • ok

    Here’s another area that needs to be drastically fixed and requires more attention than the defense.

    Special teams. Especially our returns. During games this year it got to the point that I just sighed whenever another team punted to the Birds, knowing it would be a fair catch…..

    Kick return average 20.9 yrds. Ranked 31st. Why bother?
    Longest kick return 33 yrds. Ranked 31st.
    Punt return average 7.1 yrds. Ranked 28th (thanks Desean – thought this was your specialty)
    Number of punts fair caught – 1st. (thanks again Desean – nice effort). We had 30 return attempts and 28 FCs.
    Longest punt return 51 yrds. Ranked 19th.

    I pretty much blame all the PR ineptitude on Desean who mailed in this season. Again, enjoy Oakland Desean!

    It was hard enough for this Vick led offense to score and not give the ball to the other team. Numbers like this just added to the misery.

    At least our coverage teams were good. Ranked 12th in kickoff yrdage given up and 2nd in punt return yardage given up. We didn’t give up one return TD this year.

  • I agree and stated this all Season long Vinnie,
    Coverage teams improved, but the return teams sucked and there was no impact by D-Jax and even when you look at his 2010 Punt Return #’s and take out the unbelievalbe return versus the Giants in Miracle II game, D-Jax’s #’s suck and rank towards the bottom because he is a chiicken shit and afraid of contact which to me is you don’t even put him out there . I thought Lewis would make more of an impact and they need to really get LEwis/Curtis Marsh (former RB in HIgh School and 1st 2 Years in COllege) and coach these guys up..
    One a positve, the Eagles did sign Mardy Gilyard last week that went under th eradar to mosr fans, but this kid was a great Return man and WR in COllege and can run nd is about 5-11 190lbs so he’s bigger and strong than D-Jax.. His speed is more of the straight ahead kind but nothing wrong with making the catch, take that one cut and go for positive yards.. D-Jax runs backwards nd sideways too damn much and I hate even seeing him on the return teams at all … D-Jax will not be on the Raiders, they have 3-4 young and fast WR’s and a great returnman already in Jacoby Ford..
    D-Jax will end up on the 49ers.. No doubt in my mind
    On a downer note, the Eagles be coverage Specialtis Colt ANderson will not return for a while for he suffered a major knee injury right towards the end of the Season (Similar to what Brandon graham did in in 2010) and I don’t expect Colt Anderson to be ready for live action until probably the 2013 Season so they need to find another gunner for Colt was outstanding in this role,,,

  • I just keep saying Raiders because that’s where he belongs.

    Besides, so what if the Raiders have 4 fast WRs? When have they ever let logic giude one of their decisions?

  • Spags has signed with the Saints as of 1/19/12……….I guess nothing changes with the DC Castillo………

  • I think Samuels is a much better player. Cromartie at best is a backup and maybe an offensive experiment at wr.

  • Atra, what kind of drugs are you doing, or did you just get out of bar when you drunk posted!? Samuels is an overrated, overpaid cancer, that couldn’t tackle a dead person & if he was traded when he should have been, before the greed demons over at the Novacare, put the kabosh on it, Cromartie would have been properly played at his true position, instead of a glorified safety. OFFENSIVE EXPERIMENT AT WR!!?? ….Read beginning comments of my post.

  • Paulman, Mardy Gilyard? Let’s start up the parade buses down Broad Street. He was with three teams in three years. How is he upgrading this roster. He is a camp body, that’s it. It didn’t go under the radar, nobody gives a $#!t, but the moron @$$clowns at the Novacare complex, Come on!

  • For all the Green-Aid drinkers who believed the Eagles spin concerning Dawk losing a step…….Dawk will be in a 9th pro bowl while his replacements here conitnue to suck ass. I thought we were improving the position by letting Dawk walk…right?

    This organization is a damn joke. It sucks that Vick was signed here and pulled Andy’s fat out the fire.

    Imagine Kolb at the helm of this mess created by Andy.

    Fire Andy and let’s start with a new coach before more good talent on this is wasted or get pissed and walk.

  • I believe the next HC of the Eagles will be one of the Following COordinators

    #1) Jay Gruden – OC for the Bengals
    #2) Chad Chudzinki – OC for the Panthers
    #3) Dennis Allen – DC for the Bronocs (He interviewed for DC position in 2010)
    #4) Mike Zimmer – DC for the Bengals
    #5) Chuck Pagano – DC for the Ravens

    Let’s go Eagles..

  • Mardy Gilyard was drafted by the SL Rams in 2010 and played with the Rams as a Rookie.. He injured himself (Hamsting pull) during the Summer Camp/Preseason and was a Final Cut of the Rams. He did not play for anyone in 2011.. Where are you getting that he played for 3 Teams ???
    HE caught over 200 Pactches for over 3000 Yards and 25 total TD’s while being a 3 Year Starter at the Universisty of CIncinnati.. This kid has spees and can play… I see no reason why he can’t handle the Return Duties and be the 5th WR and replacing Chad Hal if he remains healthy…

  • Forgot to add OC Tom Clements from the Packers as a Potential HC for the Eagles too in 2013

  • paul, dont rush to judgement ! we could go 12-4 next year and andy named nfc coach of the year > then what?

  • Tom Clements played for the ROUGH RIDERS!!

    One of my earliest football mamories was him throwing to Tony Gabriel in the Grey Cup!! I wore my Gabriel jersey proudly as a kid.

    I think Clements would be a fantastic hire.

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