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Who Has Been More Successful During Andy Reid Era: Giants Or Eagles?

The NY Giants will be out in San Francisco this Sunday facing the 49ers in an improbable matchup for the NFC title. If you asked anyone about their NFC title game predictions going into the season this matchup certainly would not have been at the top of anyone’s list. Both teams are coming into the game playing their best football of the season.

The Giants had a convincing win over the defending champion Packers at Lambeau field. The 49ers had a thrilling victory over Drew Brees and the high flying Saints. Both teams are on a collision course for what could be a fantastic, memorable matchup at Candlestick park, a matchup that could be reminiscent of the late 80s/early 90s when the Giants and 49ers were contenders year in and year out.

This leads us to our beloved Philadelphia Eagles who are once again at home watching their rivals from the north go on this improbable run. A run that most experts believed the Eagles were destined to make back in training camp when Vince Young coined the team as a “Dream Team”. But thanks to lousy play, turnovers, a soft defense, and other things the “Dream Team” is home watching.

This will now be the second time in the past 5 seasons the Eagles and their fans are forced to watch the Giants go on a long playoff run. If they reach the Superbowl it will be the 3rd time since 2000 the Giants will compete in a Superbowl. It will also be the 3rd time this has occurred in the Andy Reid era.

Something doesn’t quite add up with all of this. If you ask someone who doesn’t follow football closely to compare the two teams since the year 2000, logic would say the Giants are the more successful team. They’ve had 2 Superbowl appearances and a Superbowl title and potentially will make a third.

The Eagles on the other hand have 1 Superbowl appearance and 0 Superbowls and have not changed coaches in 14 years while the Giants have. When you dig deeper and ask someone who has followed both teams closely it’s apparent the Eagles clearly have been better than the Giants during the Andy Reid era. They’ve had more wins, more playoff appearances, and have dominated head to head play.

That’s all well and good but at the end of the day in my opinion success is measured by the number of championships you win and during the Andy Reid era logic says the NY Giants have been more successful.

The 2011 Eagles “Dream Team” on paper without a doubt is better than this NY Giants team. The Eagles split both games against the Giants this past season but could have won both matchups. During the first matchup the Eagles had more yards on offense, more 1st downs, more rushing attempts, a late 4th quarter lead, and led in time of possession. They also had 3 turnovers and a defense that couldn’t tackle which eventually became the main reasons they lost in the end.

Take away the turnovers and missed tackles and you have an Eagles victory which would have put them into the playoffs. The second matchup at Giants stadium the Eagles played with backup quarterback Vince Young. Even with Young starting the Eagles had more yards on offense, more rushing attempts, more first downs, and led in time of possession despite having more turnovers than NY. The Eagles of 2011 owned the stats when it came to head to head matchups against the Giants yet it’s the Giants that are playing Sunday.

Even if the Giants do lose Sunday against the 49ers their playoff run to this point should have grabbed the attention of everyone on the Eagles from the players and coaches to the front office. The way the Eagles performed this season there is no way they could have gone into Lambeau and beaten Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. The Giants are proving once again that teamwork and toughness on defense will get you far in the playoffs.

Now imagine if the Giants do go all the way to the Superbowl and win it. It will be their 3rd Superbowl appearance during the Andy Reid era and second Superbowl title in 5 years. As a fan of the Eagles this would absolutely disgust me. Not only would it not be fair to watch but it would be downright mind boggling because somehow the Eagles have managed to show more dominance during the past 15 years and still not even come up with one Superbowl victory and only 1 Superbowl appearance.

The Giants, who have managed to miss out on the playoffs entirely for consecutive seasons, something the Eagles haven’t managed to do yet under Andy Reid in the end would still have more Superbowls than this team just in this era alone. The Giants winning another Superbowl would be catastrophic to the Eagle fan base.

That initial reaction of unfairness and disgust at another Giant Superbowl is something all of us would feel. But let’s take a step back for a second and ask ourselves a question? We all want this team to win a Superbowl more than ever before right? We as a fan base are about to enter year 14 of the Andy Reid era and still have nothing to show for it.

We’ve watched countless players come and go over the years. Everyone from Dawkins, TO, Donovan, Trotter, Westbrook and plenty more have graced us with their abilities yet couldn’t get the job done. We’ve endured the pain of 3 straight NFC Championship losses and a Superbowl loss. After everything at this point some of us are certifiably in the “I Don’t Care” stage when it comes to this franchise.

So just how bad do you really want a Superbowl in Philadelphia? Because at first glance a Giant Superbowl this year sounds like the worst thing in the world to an Eagle fan. But can you imagine the pressure Andy Reid and Jeff Lurie would feel if big blue took home another Lombardi trophy in 2011. A trophy that the team, coaches, fans, and owner himself thought back in training camp belonged in Philadelphia at the end of the 2011 season. We’ve seen it all as Eagle fans during the Andy Reid era.

Most of us watch this team with disgust knowing they are about to let us down year after year with no end in sight. I’m not afraid to think outside the box in life and as much as I don’t want to say the next sentence I will. If the Giants beat the 49ers on Sunday and go on to capture another Superbowl it might not be such a bad thing for Eagle fans. The amount of pressure felt by the front office going into next season would be pressure they’ve never felt before.

The Eagles just came off a season where the fan base chanted “Fire Andy” during a game and hung signs protesting the coach outside of the Novacare complex. Combine that already existing disgust with the agony of having to watch the Giants celebrate another Superbowl title and imagine the endless amount of pressure the front office would feel going into next season. Just to be clear I’m not saying I will actively cheer for NY on Sunday because I know a lot of Giant fans and would not want to endure another off season of watching them celebrate another title. But I’m saying IF the worst happens it may not be such a bad situation going forward.

I know it sounds crazy but at this point we’ve endured it all as football fans in this town. The front office needs to realize they have failed miserably at capturing that elusive Lombardi trophy. They continue to talk at us during press conferences with praises of NFC Championship game appearances and statistics that don’t add up to a Superbowl title.

At the end of the day the front office hasn’t felt enough pressure and they choose not to take the fan base seriously when they show their disgust for the head coach on national TV against the Patriots. Going into this weekend I’ll cheer for the 49ers but if a Giant win means changes and pressure going into next season for the Eagles it may not be so bad down the line.

John Stratis

A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan always looking to share his opinion about the greatest sports town in the world. Follow me on twitter @JohnStratis

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January 19, 2012 6:36 am

Giants 1 Super Bowl during Reid era…Eagles 0. Nuff said. Success is measured by championships not buy revenue and playoff appearances. Although Lurie and company, and the FO groupies on this site think the Eagles are successful under Ried.

January 19, 2012 8:08 am

I hadn’t realized the Giants had made and won this year’s Superbowl. That’s weird.

Well then – congrats on another Superbowl victory Giants.

January 19, 2012 8:38 am

One of the Giants players once posted a photo with an EMPTY THROPY CASE in Philadelphia.

I don’t care if you go undefeated every regular season.

Every team starts with one goal. To win the SuperBowl.

The Giants have one in the Reid era and the Eagles have Zero.

January 19, 2012 8:39 am

If you ask the eagles they will say they are more successful which is why coughlin was coaching for his job down the stretch and reid was not.the eagles higher ups are fine with just having a chance to get 10 wins and 1 playoff win but will never win it all with reid here.

January 19, 2012 9:03 am

JOHN GREAT ARTICLE!!!!! But you left out one big factor. If 49ers win out Harbaugh would be more successful in one season than 13 seasons Philly have had with Reid.

He took an embarrassment of a team with minimal turnover and a dejected quarterback and turned them into contenders with a new coaching staff in place, and OTA’s cut out during a lockout season.

This proves a good coach can get things done immediately if the roster have talent.

The Eagles need a kick in the behind to shake up the status quo.

We need a hard-nosed straight shooting coach who will call out and challenge players if need be. We need a serious talent evaluator that will choose correctly on the defensive side of the ball.

We need a straight an owner who understands Philly enough to not put calculator crunchers over the football decisions.

Let Banner do his job with the cap with Roseman as an assistant accountant but for the love of god get a real football guy in the General Manager’s position.

The way the Eagles have done business does not result in winning championships!!!!

I know this article is about the Giants but let us take a look at the teams who have been more or egually successful during Reid’s Era yet was pathetic before he got the job.

PANTHERS who also lost by 3 points in the SB
RAIDERS who lost to the Bucs in the Superbowl

Listen guys…

I don’t even want to start with naming temas like the Lions and Bengals who are currently on pace to get one before us.

Andy Reid must go.

January 19, 2012 9:25 am

First of all there is no pressure no matter what happens. As long as mustard stained idiots wait in line to pay $80 for a ticket to constant disappointment, $20 for a parking space and $8 for beer they cut off at halftime; all in the blind hope that someday they will bear witness to history. As long as these morons continue to do this, there is absolutely positively no pressure whatsoever. The Eagles are whores. They have no shame. As long as the money keeps flowing nothing will change. So keep going down there like fools and keep contributing to your own disappointment. Disappointment you pay top dollar for.

January 19, 2012 10:36 am

No they didnt win it this year…yet but 2007 Super Bowl Champions over the 18-0 pats with a D Coordinator we dont want to hire

January 19, 2012 11:26 am

This article is sort of like stating the obvious. Giants have played in two Super Bowls, won one, and are contending for a third this year. Eagles have played in one Super Bowl and won none.

Which team is better? Gee duh I dunno??

January 19, 2012 11:35 am

Dream team or not,
I still don’t think the 2011 Eagles are better or more talented than the 2011 Giants are … Taking a look at positions across the board I have them ranked a little like this .. (Remember the Giants lost 3 CB’s, 2 Starting LB’s and had 2 Banged up OL Starters and WR’s the 1st half of the Season as well, as no Osi Yumenyuri until the last month of the Season while the Eagles were relatively heathly all season long except losing A Dixon, and a couple of games from Maclin & Vick)

QB – Manning is far superior to Vick in managing a game and coming up with big plays in the 4th Quarter when 85 % of NFL Games are actually decided.. Manning threw a record 15 TDs in the 4th Quarter this Season while Vick was very poor in 4th Quarters all season long) Big Edge to Giants
RB – McCoy was phenomenal all season and have a PRo-Bowl Season,
but the Heatlhy combo of Jacobs & Bradshaw is very effective too. Slight Edge to Eagles.
FB – Giants lost Starter Hedgecock early on, but replaced him with Rookie FB from Pitt Hypnoski (who I wanted the Eafgels to select last draft) and was more effective than Eagles Schmitt.. Slight Edge to Giants
TE – Celek has a very good season, Giants TE Ballard came out of nowhere and made some big catches when he was healthy, 3rd Year TE Beckhem is finally playing with some confidence . Slight Edge to Eagles
WR – Giants group of Nicks, Cruz,Manningham,Barsden is far superior than the Eagles Group of D-Jax,Maclin,Avant and Cooper. They just are and a big edge to the Giants.
OL – Eagls have edge with Peters and Center Kelce, the remaining are pretty even with the Giants crew.. Slight Edge to the Eagles

Defense –
DL -Edge to the Giants with JPP, Tuck,Uumenyuri, Canty, L Joseph and Tolleson who collectively when Heatlhy are more physical and dominant then the Eagles front 4
LB – Both Defenses weakness, but Giants lost Mike Goff for the entire Season and just got back a healthy M BOley who is better than anyone onthe EAgles side.. SLight edge to the Giants
CB – Should have been a huge Advantage for the Eagles but really wasn’t as high-prized CB Asmo struggled the 1st half of the Season, Samuel was ok, but not a real playmaker as in yers past and it wasn’t until the end of the Season that the Eagles utilized DCR correctly which is on the Outside and not a Slot-cover CB.. The Giants Starters Ross & Webster has 10 INt’s between them while the Eagles Dream Combo of Asmo/SAmuel and DCR only had 6 Int between the 3 of 3 of them… This Position was about even in my opinion

Safety — GIants Tandem of Phillips/Rolle/Grant were superior than Eagles Group of Coleman/Allen/Page .. Giants Tandem had more tackles 238-174 and more passes Defended 27-17 and more INt’s 7-6 as a group…
Advantage to Giants

Kickers – About Even
Punting – Advantage to GIants – Weatherspoon had a big season for Giants

Overall, Giants have the better players,the better coaching and the better schemes which is why they won the NFC East and are still playing..

January 19, 2012 12:30 pm

To answer the question: No doubt that the Giants have been the most SUCCESSFUL team during Reid era, even if they only went to SB once and won it, which they did in ’07. A “better” team, whether on paper or in W/L, means nothing because the goal of every football player is get THE ring… Eagles have nothing to show for it.
Doesn’t make any diff what Cowboys or Redskins did, the comparison is against the team just up the ‘pike.
I’d rather see the ’49ers win the SB, but that’s only keep it in the NFC and away from the Giants, BUT if through the Giants winning it all again (total of 4 SB’s) it makes Lurie get Reid and some of FO out of town, then “go Giants” in privacy of my living room.

January 19, 2012 12:32 pm

Error above… should say the “more” successful (between Eagles and Giants)

January 19, 2012 12:46 pm

go GIANTS! Might as well root for an organization that wins since our “Golden Standard” have been relegated to couch duty yet again. Bafoonery!!!

We waited for the defensive chief announcment the same time last year and was blessed with the failed offensive line coach.

Are you guys on here really anticipating the Eagles decision on the defensive coordinator and the 1st round draft when it comes around?

here’s the answer —— Paste it!

Juan Castillo

Will draft an undersized player that will totally suck ass before an injury that will buy him 2 seasons before getting cut.

Go back to your normal no Superbowl having lives.

January 19, 2012 1:19 pm

Denver, St. Louis, Baltimore, New England, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, NY Ginas, New Orleans, Green Bay. Have all been better than Andy Reid in his era. Some of them Multiple times. End of Story

January 19, 2012 1:25 pm

Giants: they have a Lombardi with a coach whose been there 8 years and may be back to get another one; who knows, but I’ll say the Giants. The next round of that “good green stuff’s” on me boys! “Drink up”!!!!!

Yes, here we go again waiting to see the next D-coord while every other team is snatchin em up quick fast. AND THE WINNER IS (drumroll)…………..

January 19, 2012 2:49 pm

****Latest Paulman Rumor/Scenario****
Coach AR is fuming with having the “Lame Duck” label associated with his status as Eagles HC, which is making him lose quality Asst Coaches and limits his ability to go out and attract quality Coaches to join the Eagles Staff… Coach AR has demanded a Contract Extension and Public Support from Owner Lurie and Pres Banner that he will be the HC for the long-term… Word down at NovaCare Center is that this is getting ugly and that there could be a major Announcement come Friday…
As usual, lots of moving parts here, but keep your ears and eyes open….
Remember, you read this here first…

January 19, 2012 3:09 pm

Try taking a harder look at the differences between those teams that are winning Super Bowls and the Eagles. One of the major factors in some teams winning multiple titles is who has control of the team. Since Lurie bought our team the Eagles fans have watched the Giants win Super Bowl XLII, the Steelers win Super Bowls XL & XLIII and the Patriots win Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII & XXXIX. I chose these specific teams because they are Owned by long time fans of their team (Mara family 1925, Rooney family 1933 & Robert Kraft 1994 and a season ticket holder since 1971). Having an interest other than profits seems to be a recipe for Championship success.

In an SI article for ‘05 that explains why Kraft wanted the Patriots (Some 25 years ago, on a typically splendid autumn Sunday in New England, the Patriots were playing typically mediocre football at Schaefer Stadium. At halftime two ticked-off season-ticket holders, Robert Kraft and Jeffrey Lurie, met for the first time and together bemoaned the home team’s shortcomings as well as the culture of losing that engulfed the franchise. Says Kraft, “Both of us spent a lot of frustrating afternoons sitting on those benches and wishing we had a chance to run things.” – http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1108594/index.htm), fortunately for Patriots fans the team was bought by Kraft. Unfortunately for Eagles fans our team was bought by Patriots fan Jeffrey Lurie (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1005095/index.htm), who has placed personal profit above all else. While the Patriots have three titles during his time here you would have to agree that Lurie has watched his favorite team win titles while picking the Eagles fans pockets to a sum of over a billion dollars since he took over our team.

The number one problem with this team is the Owner. As long as the fans are content with playoff loses things will not change.

Recent history has shown just how little the fans of the Eagles matter to the Jeffrey Lurie.

January 19, 2012 3:50 pm

Paulman…good assessment of Eagles/Giants. I did that in my head about a month ago and came up with Eagles having an edge in OL, RB, TE, CB. Giants got QB, WR, S, LB, ST. DL I felt was pretty damn close to a draw but like you I gave the Giants the edge based on physicality, run defense, and star power. I always say Cole is over rated and is nowhere near as dominant as JPP. Osi and Babin are the same kind of one dimensional players but Osi has this unbelievable capacity to force fumbles. Tuck and Jenkins are comparable in their versatility. But when you look at the other 5-6 guys the Giants are much better once you get past the top three guys on both units. And JPP is AP and Cole was not even PB this year. Now in a passing league, when the other team has the better QB, WR, DL and S. And you have only have CB. It really slants things in the Giants favor

January 19, 2012 4:07 pm

I really think the Eagles are so far away from being a bye team. And that is based primarily on coaching, QB play and ST. Back in their heyday the Eagles had a teriffic triumvirate of Landetta, Akers and Mitchell. People really under estimate the importance of that to our success. P and KR/PR have been a problem since 2004. But nobody in the NFL was more solid there than we were and that had a lot to do with winning because we won the field position battle. I talked about the weak return game a few weeks back and someone told me that was not a big issue.
2000-03 this team had a medicore interior line, average RB before B West took over, mediocre WRs, one pass rusher and uneven talent at LB.
But Andy and JJ were innovative coaches before they got stale in their approach. They could do more with less. We had untouchable kicking/return game, good QB play, good OTs, Hugh Douglas (and nothing else to brag about on the DL) and a great secondary. But that was only effective in the regular season. We still lacked talent in key areas like OL/DL, LB and WR. Hence why we never got that far in the playoffs.
Now we don’t have that great ST core, innovative coaching or good sound QB play (i.e. few turnovers). We have better OL, better RB, better WR, more pass rushers than we did then. But the other areas are sorely lacking.

January 19, 2012 4:18 pm

To much paralyses of analyses going on here. Every team goes into each off season attempting to make their team better to reach the ultimate goal of a superbowl. Andy Reid had a five year plan, he succeeded in getting to the superbowl but came up short of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. During Andy’s tenure the giants not only got there, but beat what was considered the best team in the league, who by the way almost reached dynasty status (Patriots). Philadelphia continues to wait for a superbowl which Andy obviously has failed to produce. If the criteria for success is measured in superbowls, then the giants must be considered the better team. Damn that hurted to say, I hate the giants! Yes I’m mad because they are our division rival that has acheived successes that the Eagles have not!!!!

January 19, 2012 4:30 pm

Remember that Giants lost their #1, their #3 and # 5 CB’s back in Summer Camp .. Starter Terrell Thomas (who was Pro-Bowler in 2010), Nickle Back Bruce Johnson and then Rookie 1st Round Pick Prince Amukarama..

This would be like the Eagles playing without Asmo,Hanson and Marsh all Season..How would the Eagles Secondary have held up with Samuel,DCR and Hughes all season long… .

January 19, 2012 5:04 pm

***Other NFL News concerning Coaching HIres & Changes

The Vikings hired former Colts DB Coach Alan WIlliams and names him the D/Coord and also brought over B Daly as the Vikings new DL Coach..
This puts Spags out the Vikings job obviously which my Twin Cities Sources stated that Spags had turned down the position to HC Frazier over th ewekend as it was just not the right move for Spags at this time..
Spags in my opinion has it narrowed down to 3 Choices as a DC

#1) Saints – Solid Nucleaus, with a blitzing and attacking style alreadyin place and worth with a dyanamic young HC in Sean Payton who lets you run your side of the Ball on a consistently good playoff team, playing home games in the loudest stadium in the NFL helping your defense out even more … Spags most likley will take this job as he will have input in player personnel,Draft, since Payton runs a very inclusive Coaching Staff

#2) Miami Dolhpins – Former DC Mike Nolan left the Dolphins to work for the Falcons just last week, Dolphins have a Good core Defensively already with 5-6 excellent players and a solid core to build around, they play in the AFC East so there is good exposure playing teams in Big Markets in the Eastern Time Zone to be seen and get recognized playing the Patriots/Jets,etc,etc
Negatives- No HC in place yet, will it be someone who gives him complete authority and on the same page scheme and philosophically wise.. He will have to wait on this obvisously as the Dolphins are still interviewing…

#3) Indy Colts – Has relationship with new GM Grigson, who will their new HC be, a very good possibilty that it will be with another former associate in Marty Mohrnewig. Spags would most likley would have complete control and say so in building his Defense in his likeness and how he sees fit. Colts play indoors making an attacking,blitinz scheme even more effective on that fast and loud surface. Colts have 2 Good Pass rushers in Freeney/Mathis, Have some decent LB’s in Brackett and Angerer but need Secondary Help big time.. Playing in a relatively weak offensive DIvsions with the Jaguars,Titans breaking in young QB’s and new Coaching staffs, they could add a few pieces and compete with the Texans and be right back in the Playoff hunt.. The new face of the franchise in QB A Luck will command most of the attentionas well as their new HC so this helps take pressure off the Defense where Spags can fly under the radar and do his thing while The HC, Luck will be the main attracations.. Any improvement Defensively will be seen a great job and a big boost for future HC opportunities since the COlts Defense has been bad for a long time since the Manning era focused on Offense… Spags could be looked at in 2 years time a Miracle Worker Defensviely if he can get big improvements on that side of the Ball..

January 19, 2012 6:19 pm

PFT has Spags to the Saints per Glazer.

January 19, 2012 6:48 pm

Saints had Greg Williams now Spags..That’s a “golden standard”.

Andy’s on vacation getting his back hairs waxed.

Time’s Your’s

January 19, 2012 7:04 pm

Who beat the Patriots in a Super Bowl? Case solved! Enough said!

January 19, 2012 7:06 pm

songs i have been thinking that for a week now ! sean payton was eliminated 4-5 days ago . stayed on the job ! not our boy i guess everything will be just fine ! we are going to the tournament cause we got andy!

January 19, 2012 7:28 pm

A real no-brainer for both Spags and the Saints..
Spags has a very good corps to work with lots of aggressive,fast Defenders..
And playing FDefesen in that Dome with Offense that gives you a nice lead a lot of the times is a DC Dream job.. and working for a well liked and respected HC in PAyton who will give PSags the leeway to make whatever changes he sees fit to make and mold the Saints Defense into his own liking
There was never a doubt in my mind that Spags would not chose Philly to come back too.. He would very little to gain and a lot to lose for him personally as far as his reputation would go and there was no way that I could see him and DL Coach Washburn co-exisiting on the same Staff..
Now we can fast forward to the OC position because I believe that Coach MM will be offered and accept the Indy Colts HC position by the weekend and take QB Coach Doug Pederson with him as his OC, so Coach AR better be on the phones calling some quality Coaches to come to Philly on a 1 year Lame Duck win or your done status to help him out… The Sink is shipping and there are not many Row Bboats left to grab…

January 19, 2012 7:38 pm

Heard that Reid was about to announce he was moving Castillo back to the offensive side of the ball (sort of).

Castillo about to become the NFL’s first offensive/defensive co-ordinator.

January 19, 2012 7:42 pm

Radio reported today that the Colts hadn’t even asked for permission to talk to MM yet.

January 19, 2012 7:47 pm

Congrats are in order for both Coach Spags and the Saints…
CAstillo may even become the HC too once AR finds out he is able to hire anyone to join him… Castillo will be wearing 3 Head Phones (Offense,Defense and Special Teams)
I think I have stated this before a couple years back but is worth mentioning again, Coach AR’s Downfall is his own fault and it really started when he had no succession plan on replacing the sick Jimmy Johnson, who ran the entire Defensive side of the Team for Coach AR.. and in 3 Season’s Time, Coach AR has not only hurt and prevent the Eagles from improving and remain in Super Bowl contention, but has put a huge Blemish on his own Judgement, Decision-Making & Leadership Reputation as a HC in the NFL…
It’s Sad, but it’s true and now us Fans have to continue to pay the price..

January 19, 2012 7:50 pm

You may have to change the Station then JoeFriday .. My sources state that there is serious interest on both sides ..

January 19, 2012 7:57 pm

Andy is more successful…..it’s been a decade and half no SB….he’s amazing

January 19, 2012 8:14 pm

paul , can you confirm reports : mike singletary is front runner for our o-co-ordinator if MM leaves ?

January 19, 2012 8:29 pm

No on Mike Singletary for Offense or Defense, nev856,
Coach AR would reach out to Brad Childress to return since he can’t get a job for anywhere else and he may be one of few people who would come on a possible 1 Year Job to help out an old friend in Coach AR… Mike Sherman could be a long-shot but probably would not want to come to Philly with the currrent Coaching situation the Eagles have right now..
Believe it or not, Fired Colts HC Jim Caldwell could be a candidate for the OC/QB Coach if MM leaves…Coach Caldwell is good with QB and that’s about it and could probably keep Vick somewhat focused while AR tries to do everything else himself

January 19, 2012 10:00 pm

There is one thing that I’ve learned about And Reid during the past 13 years. Reid’s decision making process often begins in this way.; Step 1, what would conventional wisdom dictate? Step 2, elimiate Step 1’s answer from the list of choices.

So, like beginning a game with an on-side kick, not using an obvious time out, beginning 10+ games with a pass play, on 3rd & long having the WR set on the far side of the 1st down marker,selecting the D-Line Coordinator as your DC or going to a hurry-up offense during that last few minutes of the SB when down on the scoreboard, AR will not bring in a highly touted DC because that is the answer from Step 1.

January 19, 2012 10:25 pm

I am aware that many will hate a view from a different point of view. I understand the Eagles do nothing right and they should all burn in hell for all eternity. I learned that here at GCobb.com But for those who are lamenting the Saints hiring of Spags as opposed to the Eagles getting him, ponder something else, briefly. Then you can return to slamming one and all at One NovaCare Way. The Giants D caught fire late in the season in 2008, and carried the team to a SB win. All praise was rained down upon Spags as the architect of this late season surge. Fast forward to the 2011 season. Same players (particularly on the D line), different DC in NY, same late season surge deep into the playoffs. Given the average performance of Spags’ D in StL the last few years, is it not possible that the more of the credit belongs to the Giants defensive line (meaning the players), and not so much Spags leadership/scheme/coordinating?

January 19, 2012 10:36 pm

Excellent Point Joe
It’s kinda of finny when you realyl think aobut it..
When Teams win, it’s about the players who rise to the occasion and make big plays at the critical times of the game and you rarely hear about the coaches or schemes or play calls..
When Teams lose, you don’t hear much about the players lack of focus or execution, or poor play but you hear about how the Coaches Stink, Schemes stink, Poor clock management,etc,etc,…
To me, iFootball is about the players juslt like the others.. Winners make playsd and losers make excuses.. The Eagles have too many losers and whiners on their club and still half the roster, think they should have been in the Playoffs this year even though they finished at 8-8.. Denial,Arrogance, whatever you want to call it, but until this type of “Culture” changes from the Top Downstarting with teh Front Office to it’s HC down to the players, this Eagle Franchise will continue to underperform and that’s my “Stone-Cold Lock” Pick of the Off-Season… ..

January 19, 2012 10:39 pm

JoeFriday – I wouldn’t take the liberty to speak for anyone else on this site but I’m not twisted over the Eagles not hiring Spags even though Spags has many years of defense experience, some with very good success, and the Eagles DC has on year with modest success. I am however, unhappy with the prospect that Reid doesn’t see value in upgrading the quality of his defensive coaching staff. I don’t hate the team but I’ll admit I come damn close to it with Reid. Admittedly, he drives me insane although some might consider that a short drive.

January 19, 2012 10:45 pm


January 19, 2012 11:06 pm

I think Reid does see value in changing staff members. They had completely new coaches in many areas this year on defense. New DC, DLine coach, LB coach, and I think Zordich was only in his 2nd year with safeties. They canned the cb’s coach after this season. I just don’t know that you can fire everybody every year and maintain any kind of continuity from one season to the next. He has to drive a stake into the ground and make a stand somewhere, show some faith in the guys he has selected and let them get busy coaching guys up. Last year was weird, they get a full off-season this year. Juan (I am assuming he is staying) should improve, as will the whole defense. I hope. I cannot see any reason why they will not upgrade the players (linebackers) thru the draft and/or FA. They have done horribly selecting LB talent, but have certainly spent enough 2nd round draft picks on them, plus trading for them. I do know Seth Joyner has expressed interest in helping to coach up the LB’s, I wish they had explored that option.

January 19, 2012 11:09 pm

And Pman, thanks. I believe it is always about the players. The coaching part is an adjunct to talent, nothing more.

January 20, 2012 1:22 am

Stupid question. Giants have a ring in that time period and we don’t case closed.

One way to differentiate the Eagles from the final four teams is the drafting…those teams didn’t have to go out and buy basically one half of their team in the offseason like we did due to the putrid defensive drafting at best in the past couple of years. The only free agents that come to mind on those teams is Boldin, Rolle, and Rogers that those teams have actually needed…the rest is their own drafted players for the most part…again those teams didn’t have to go out and buy a whole new defense.

Does anyone have any faith in Castillo’s ability to pick players for this defense when it comes draft time? THe last thing this team needs is another terrible draft on defense.

January 20, 2012 2:09 am

Same HC, same General Manager, same coaching staff = missed playoffs again in 2012. Did anyone think this idiotic, hopeless, delusional organization was going to make any changes, after square peg in round hole Reid was given a vote of confidence from Douche Lurie!? I didn’t! This team leaches all of the fun & excitement out of its fans, by not making smart, responsible moves. If they don’t have a good Free agent period & a great draft, this off-season, I might for the first time in my life, not even watch these @$$clowns, until they fire this entire staff of buffoons!

January 20, 2012 5:44 pm

Can Reid possibly come back as coach in 2013 without a SB win? Would 11-5 and a loss in the NFC Championship game next season give him enough security with Lurie that he’d get another contract? I realize the first question is a bit ridiculous what with Lurie bringing Reid back after such a disappointing season this year, but is this really it? Is it Super Bowl or else? I can totally see a scenario next year where the Eagles have a great season but don’t win the SB and we’re all right back were we are right now.

January 20, 2012 6:12 pm


January 20, 2012 8:52 pm

“Same HC, same General Manager, same coaching staff = missed playoffs again in 2012″…

hmmm. I can think of 60+ men, x 12 that will ACTUALLY determine whether or not the 2012-13 Philadelphia Eagles miss the playoffs or not….

January 20, 2012 9:00 pm

JoeFriday – Your right, Reid has shown value in changing coaches in the past couple of years. I suppose I’m still blown away by his selection of his DLine Coach to be his DC and it’s no suprise to anyone that he and the D struggled mightily this past season. Come on, it often takes a couple or more seasons for an experienced D coach to get things going in right direction without having to learn defense…

January 20, 2012 10:10 pm

I just look at the choice of Juan for DC as being more about Reid’s faith in the man. He believes he is a hard working guy who shows good leadership qualities. With some experienced position coaches to help guide the ship, they probably figured they could weather the storm early in the season on talent, then make a run late as the team gelled together. I know people’s opinions range from concern to outright disdain for Castillo, but you cannot bring in a 4th DC in 4 years. The Skins and the Raiders do stuff like that, the dregs of the NFL.