• December 4, 2021

Packers Players And Coaches Say They Missed Cullen Jenkins

The Green Bay Packers are at home now for the rest of the playoffs and their defense, especially their lack of a pass rush is a big part of the reason.  Many of the Packer players as well as the Packer coaches are saying that a big reason for the fall off defensively was the absence of defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins.

Jenkins had a good year for the Birds as he registered 5.5 sacks from the defensive tackle position but even more importantly he was able to generate pressure against double-teams.  His pass rush pressure from the inside restricted quarterbacks from being able to step up into the pocket and it had a lot to do with the success of the Birds defensive ends.  It was one of the reasons the Eagles were tied for the league-lead in sacks with 50.

“Jason Babin, I’m hoping he got Cullen a good Christmas gift because he’s probably been his biggest asset there,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said.

“I don’t want to get into who we missed, but let me just tell you something: Cullen’s a rare bird,” defensive line coach Mike Trgovac said. “He is a rare bird. There’s not very many guys like him. But, in this defense, still, you can create some things that’ll give you opportunities (to generate pressure on the quarterback). And we obviously didn’t take advantage of them as much. We didn’t have that type of guy.”

“You lose a Nick Collins, you lose a Cullen Jenkins, you just may have to cut back on some things you do”, Packers cornerback Tramone Williams said. “Obviously, the caliber of players we’re talking about, it makes a difference in any defense. I think the defense took a hit with it, but like I said earlier, when it happens, you just expect the next guy to step up and do the job.”

“If you look at some of the things Jenks did last year, we has able to play around the defense”, defensive end Mike Neal said. “I think some of the things he did, he was able to create rushes when he didn’t have opportunities to rush (in the scheme),” Neal said. “I think that’s just experience. He’s played here, he understands football. We have a young defensive line, we really don’t have guys as athletic as Jenks and really understand this defense like Jenkins did. I think that showed.”


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  • The best Free-Agent Signing of last years Off-Season in my book,
    I said it then, and still say after the Seaso was over… He’s a throwback football player, who does his job, makes no excuses and not oging to sugar coact anything.. He just plain gets’ it done and hopefully his work ethic and desire will rub off on some of the other players who may think they are a little better than they are…

  • Agree with you Pman. But the reason for Pack loss was not due to missing Jenkins or any other, it was lack of execution and turnovers that killed them, plus some bad playcalling at worst possible time. They made Giants look like world beaters.

  • if the packers had jenkins (one of the few eagles that can tackle) they certainly would not of given up a hail mary, and actually may have won the game… those 2 plays at the end of the half lost them the game

  • 1/2 the Packers Coaching Staff are all bolting for new jobs/promotions didn’t help either… A complete lack of focus and urgency on their part I thought

  • #1) Packers lose Unbeaten Streak in Early December to KC Chiefs and lose a little of that mental edge
    #2) Packers play 2 meaningless games the last 2 weeks of the Season already having the #1 Seed locked up
    #3) Director of Player Personnel R Mckenzie accepts the Raiders GM job spurring runors about Asst HC Winston Moss and Secondary Coach darren Perry going out to Oakland as thgeir Raiders new HC & DC..
    #4) QB Coach T Clements has to dismiss rumors about being interviewed or tageted by Penn State in their Search of a HC
    #5) O/Coord Joe Childs Interviews for the Dolphins HC job during the BYe, Returns from Interview and has his sone been listed as missing and then 2 days later found dead in a Osh Kosh,Wis Lake
    #6) OC Childs to take leave of absence following the tragic events, HC McCarthy divies up his Duties amongst the rest of the Offensive Staff
    #7) OC Childs decides on Saturday b4 the Game that he wants to be on the field,coaching.. HC McArthy changes everything back to have Childs back on the Field for the Game
    #8) D/Coord Dom Capers linked to open HC positons in Tampa & Indy
    #9) LB Coach Mike Trgovac lined to open DC positons in Indy & Philly
    #10) Packers WR G Jennings returns to active status for Playoff game though he has not played in about 5 Weeks.. He drops the first pass thrown to him
    #11) The rest, they say is History…

    No excuses here, but a a couple of weeks of events which clearly distracted this Coaching Staff which resulted into almost a “Perfect Storm” Scenario for the Giants to take advantage of and they sure did against the lisltless, emoitionally drained where 1/2 the Coaching Staff are already looking with an eye for future job opportunities and all the possibilities and excitement that a promotion, evelated Coaching Position means and of course, more $$$ fopr them and their families with these Job promotions….

  • Waaaaa! Waaaaa! Too bad, you can’t have him back! Go preach to the choir, Rogers. You & your teams TO’s costed your team the game, not by not having Jenkins.

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