• July 7, 2022

Spags Is Headed To New Orleans, But Did Reid Try To Bring Him Here?

I wasn’t shocked by former St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo’s decision to take the defensive coordinator’s job with the New Orleans Saints.  I can understand why Spags made that decision but I was disappointed that he didn’t even come to Philadelphia to be interviewed.

It makes sense for him to take the Saints position.  They have a great offense in New Orleans with a great offensive-minded head coach in Sean Payton, a great quarterback in Drew Brees and a great opportunity to go back to the Super Bowl and win it.

Spags wants to become a head coach again and the best way of putting himself in the hunt again is to help another team win a Super Bowl.

I’m confident that Spags would have made the trip to Philadelphia, if head coach Andy Reid requested him.  That’s makes me think Reid didn’t ask him to come.  Not only is Reid the guy who opened the NFL door for Spagnuolo, he also shares the same agent, Bob LaMont with the former Eagles linebacker coach.

Remember Spagnuolo interviewed with the Colts for their head coaching position.  He was also a leading candidate to fill the Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator’s position.

If Reid wanted Spags to be his defensive coordinator, he could have made some strong moves to get it done and again he would have at least brought him to Philadelphia for an interview.

This makes me believe that Reid wants to keep Juan Castillo in place as the team’s defensive coordinator.  He hasn’t talked to the media since his post-game comments after the win over the Washington Redskins.

Bob Grotz of the Delaware County Times believes Reid told Spagnuolo that Philadelphia isn’t the best place to be coaching nowadays. If Reid were to have talked Spags out of coming here, that would be a reason to fire him.  That would be insubordination because that means he was talking bad about the organization.


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  • G-Man,
    I’ve stated that the #1 Reason is is the Spags was not going to Coach in Philly was the DL Washburn is the Eagles DL Coach.. You have 2 “Type A” Personalities, 2 Different Schemes.. There is and was never a doubt, in my mind, that Spags and Washburn would be a very volatile and contentious mix to be on the Staff together and that Spags would not take a DC position unless he had full control and Authority of Schemes,Player Personnel which he would not have as long as Washburn remains on the Eagles Staff…
    It’s this simple and I believe that Spags already knew that Washburn wasn’t going anywhere so Spags was not really even interested in discussing a potential position with the Eagles regardless of his former time with AR and the Eagles … How many fans and local media took that SPags would be seriously interested in the Eagles was beyond me and really made no sense for Spags from the get go… Spags is moving forward and not looking back…

  • From an interview with Mike McCarthy last season:


    (Aaron spread the ball around to nine different receivers. Would you agree this is an unselfish offense with a lot of different options?)


    Clearly. It’s an unselfish offense that’s built around making the quarterback successful. You have to have a starting point, you have to have a focal point. Our offense is based on making the quarterback position as successful as possible. That’s why you start, with the game plan you start “building the run game,” because running the football is what needs to be done up front so the offensive line, the run-blocking unit can establish the line of scrimmage. From that, it gives you the variations in pass protections that’s definitely needed in today’s game with the amount of pressure and scheme diversity that these defenses in today’s NFL give you, and then off of that comes the passing game. It’s clearly about throwing the football to the right person. It’s about decision-making, accuracy, getting in rhythm, timing, and it’s all driven by making that quarterback successful.”

    As you can see, Coach McCarthy places high value on running the football to enable his QB’s success.

    This is in stark contrast to McCarthy’s approach earlier in the season during a 16-13 loss to Washington, in which he called 53 passes and only 14 runs. Please see the Elliott Harris’ article, “Passing Fancy: Packers’ Disinterest in Run Game a Mystery,” dated October 12, 2010.

  • Really Drummer,

    Mike McCarthy “places a high value on running the football to enable his QBs success” (your words)

    And you get this because of something he said in 2010? Instead of looking at what he said, try looking at what he did.

    2011 GB regular season:
    647 called passes. 322 Called runs. He called passes on 67% of their snaps. (oh, and this in a season where they trailed for what? 15 mins all year I think)

    That’s “running the football to enable his QB’s success!!!!!!” for sure.

    How about the 2011 playoffs?

    57 called passes and 16 called runs. NICE. Passes on 78% of the plays.

    Let me get this straight. Reid does this and he’s an idiot. You want to run him out of town. McCarthy does it and he’s “placing high value on running the ball to enable his QB’s success.”

    Do you even know what you write sometimes???

  • In the first game of 2011 (after that quote), Mccarthy opened the first game of the year with:

    pass run pass pass pass pass pass run pass pass run pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass.

    18 passes 3 runs. I guess he was “building the run game” at the start of the season so that his QB ould be successful all year.

    LOL too funny.

  • I can answer that HELL NO – he just writes shit – then when totally busted, he changes what he ‘meant’ to say and typically that is wrong to. Ask him if Reid used McCoy in the Red Zone – (he says no) then point out McCoy had 20 TDs (17 rushing) – 5 more then say Adrain Foster or Ray Rice – and he will reply – ‘they came at the end of the year when it didn’t matter – though we all know he didn’t play the last weekend and didn’t score a TD against Dallas (and technically before this each game counted –

    He scored 5 TDs in the last 4 week – so 15 in the first 12? –

    no Vinnie Dummer windbag just pulls a selective quote and then tries to twist the quote to mean something –

    but I applaud your efforts – remember these are just ‘fans’ showing there ‘passion’ for the team and posting ‘opinions’

  • I beleive Castillo will be back as defensive coordinator. And with Laurie already stating that Reid will be back as head coach, Castillo should be back at defensive coordinator. Reid’s married to Castillo at this point, having annoited him to that position last year and honestly setting him up for failure, given his lack of expierience at DC, roster turnover, shortened off-season and lack of talent at key defensive positions. You cant keep blaming the DC every year for failure. Somewhere along the line the responsibility must lie on the front office, HC and defensive talent evaluators. Furthermore, with the wide -9 just installed, you really cant just change schemes now, in year the HC must win. The players just learned the system and a player like Babin (key FA signing) is just not effective in any other scheme. If next year is win or else for Reid, than Castillo should be the DC, they either succeed together or fail together and the whole thing gets blown up in 2013.

  • Lets look at all gb’s 1st quarters and see how McCarthy “started building the run game” to set up his Qb to succeed.

    week 2: 2 passes 1 run
    week 3: 13 passes 4 runs (including 6-1 on first drive)
    week 4:12 passes 2 runs (including opening with 9 str8 passes)
    week 5: 5 passes 3 runs
    week 6: 8 passes 5 runs (almost a balance!)
    week 7: 9 passes 5 runs
    week 9: 7 passes 2 runs
    week 10: 11 passes 3 runs (and this starting up 7-0 off opening kreturn td)
    week 11: 11 passes 5 runs

    Do I have to go on? Or have we done enough disproving the the GB packers “run to set up the pass” yet. Not enough? Good, because I find it fun annihilating your ridiculous proclamations……

    week 12: 6 passes 2 runs
    week 13 12 passes 5 runs (though to be fair, they began with 2 runs, so I guess that’s what McCarthy was talking aobut
    week 14: 10 pass 5 run
    week 15: 8 pass 4 runs
    week 16: 10 pass 3 runs
    week 17: 13 pass 4 runs (with the backup QB in!!!)

    To recap: Mike McCarthy clearly did exactly what he said he would. He “That’s why you start, with the game plan you start “building the run game,” because running the football is what needs to be done up front so the offensive line, the run-blocking unit can establish the line of scrimmage”

    He established the LOS with the run game by running the ball 56 out of a total 211 plays, or 26.5% of the time.

    He set up the pass by passing on 3 out of every 4 downs! Brilliant!

    I think you would call Reid “arrogant” for this type of playcalling. How he thinks he knows better than everyone else. That he’s stubborn etc etc.

    I think though you should keep listening to what people say McCarthy “I will run to set up the pass!” (as he does the opposite), Vick “I am studying now” (as Gruden reported he has to be dragged to the film room), Morningwheg, “Vick could be as good as Steve Young” (as he interviews to get as far away from Vick as possible) and start paying attention to what they do.

  • G:
    Look, I’m not going to make a torpedo out of miniature carrot, but where is Sean’s hand in this photo? And what is Spag’s reaction?
    Coaching Fraternity indeed!

  • G:
    I thought that Big Red would seriously go after Spagnuolo. I’m disappointed that he didn’t. Maybe he’s still looking at one of the DC’s still in the championship hunt. I hope so. I do like Castillo – but I don’t know that he can solve the elite offenses in this league.

  • OMG…Only one guy on here can turn an article about SPAGS into a shot at Mike Vick… Man talent makes the DC…what did SPAGS’ def do in the STL this year… didn’t we beat that Defense. What was NE’s Def ranked this year? GB too…? Players make plays, talent wins games… Get the better talent and you win those games. We can sit there and debate Castillo until we are blue in the face… Who thought either Harbaugh would do what they have this year, and for John in his previous seasons. He was our Special Teams Coach…Let’s get healthy as a team get some tough as nails LBs and a stud safety, and let’s see how it goes… I’m not sweating SPAGS not coming to Philly at all.

  • I still wouldn’t say its a sure thing that Castillo comes back as the DC. If it was such a sure thing I think Reid or the FO would have made some type of statement saying it, publicizing their faith in Castillo, showing they have his back and want him for the job. Just like Lurie did for Reid but refused on comment on Castillo…just a thought.

    I think what is going on is that they ARE exploring options, don’t know whether Spags was involved in those or not, but I think they DEFINITELY know there are better people than Castillo for this job. The fact that they even mentioned Castillo wasn’t even their top choice for the job in the beginning proves that (don’t think setting an NFL record in blown 4th quarter leads with an array of newly bought pro-bowlers on D helped either). The real question is who is willing to come here…And if noone wants to which is sad in itself as an Eagles fan, then Castillo will be the guy again as the leftover.

    If Castillo comes back I think its possible that his duties get replaced midseason. Remember we don’t have a cupcake schedule this year. Since he was never a DC, I would def question his ability to target players in the draft on that side of the ball. (we need a great draft on defense to make up for the past 5 years of mediocrity).
    Further, there will be tape on Castillo and how he coaches his defense now. People don’t really mention that he had a huge advantage this year by OCs not really knowing what to expect from him. The good offensive teams already torched him this year, the bad ones will polly as well with tape of what he likes to do and what worked for him this year.

  • Castillo is going nowehere and will be the DC for the 2012 Eagles

    Some other NFL NEws–
    Cowboys best CB Mike Jenkins had shoulder surgery and could be out up to 6 months time before playing football again..
    I mention this for I think GM Roseman should call the Cowboys and offer CB Samuel for a 2rd Pick
    Many Mock Drafts have the Cowboys Drafting CB Denard from Nebraska with thier 1st Round Pick..
    Many who follow the tream believe the Cowboys will release the other Starting CB Terrance Newman..

  • Heres an article thats 100% on point, please read and if anybody disagrees you just dont have a clue.

    No question, the Eagles’ defense improved, allowing no more than one touchdown in each of its last four outings, yes, against subpar quarterbacks, but looking much better than it had looked against equally subpar quarterbacks earlier in the season. (Ryan Fitzpatrick? Tavaris Jackson?)

    Castillo is an earnest, decent man who doesn’t deserve to be cast aside summarily. And if you’re going to retain Jim Washburn and the Wide 9, which seems advisable, the easiest way to do that is to keep Castillo in place. Still, I want to see a prominent, experienced voice given a position of power on the defensive side, with Juan, in place of Juan, whatever.

    The Eagles missed the playoffs for two reasons: Turnovers and Castillo’s learning curve. The turnover thing they’re going to have to fix by beating Michael Vick over the head with it all offseason. The Castillo problem isn’t just magically cured by the former offensive line coach having one season on defense under his belt now.

    Yeah, they’ll shore up the linebacker position and maybe safety, too, and that will help. But how do we know Castillo won’t stand and watch Larry Fitzgerald beat him again when Larry Fitzgerald is the only real weapon on the field for the other team? As much as I like Juan, I don’t want to see him matching wits with, say, Bill Belichick, or even Drew Brees, in the third quarter of a close game. There is no way Castillo is going to have the grasp of defensive nuance of someone who has worked on the defensive side for many years, no matter how hard Juan works. My feeling down the stretch was that players and other coaches got Juan to simplify things, to blitz more, to junk the complex zone coverages he’d designed. I don’t trust the man’s instincts, based on what he planned for his rookie season.

    I still think it’s inexcusable that the Eagles missed the playoffs in large part because Andy Reid couldn’t forsee that making his offensive line coach the defensive coordinator in a lockout year, with no offseason preparation, was going to be a disaster. The lockout didn’t just sneak up on anybody. Teams knew it was coming, for a couple of years.

  • since the day the season ended, someone sat here and said that they would not fire castillo, and then the day that this magical report surfaced that he was coming back to philly happened… and I sat here and said that that was a BS report, and that he wouldnt be back. When has anyone ever known what the eagles were doing months before it happened ? noone even knew they were signing nmandi 5 mins before it happened.

    I thought however when they brought him in, that they could convince him to be here in another capacity outside of DC, but didnt think he would take that job, although he may have if the NO job didnt come up.

  • Andrew mentions that Juan was using Jarrett to cover Fitz at the end of the game. Is it not possible, as some have said, that Asante was supposed to be covering him, jumped the route early on, missed the read badly, and hung the rookie out to dry, as well as his DC? Perhaps toward the end of the season players stopped trying to do everything by themselves? They may haave started to buy into the scheme and focused on just doing their own jobs and trust the guy next to them to know and take care of his responsibility?

  • “Yeah, they’ll shore up the linebacker position and maybe safety, too, and that will help.”

    I’ve heard many people say something similar to this in nature. But how in the hell can people just assume this will happen? Seriously, has this not been the case every offseason in which they just fail in. What evidence do people rely on to think that Reid will be able to draft a stud linebacker or safety? Further, we know he doesn’t value those positions enough to pay the top dollar in FA to get the top ones. Yet these are the positions that cost us year after year.. you would think the guy would learn for once…Rmbr when Rolle was available in FA? Tulloch just last year? Na will pass and give millions to back-ups like Vince Young and Steve Smith and just start the mediocre talent we drafted here. problem solved.

    Agree with most of the rest tho

  • That’s Andy….If it’s not his way the whole ship gets steered into an iceberg.

    He should have been fired after the Kolb draft.

    It’s not over yet folks……

    A lame duck coach over the draft?

    Look for the preverbial wheeling and dealing in the first couple of rounds in the draft that yields a few more busts with 6 players who makes the roster from the 5th round to undrafted free agents destroying the future of the team for years to come.

    Jeff Lurie should call up Tom Modrak asap and hire Golden from the college ranks to steer bthis proram correct.

    It’s a hot mess!


  • i’ve been such a Juan supporter fromthe beginning. Look, he had to take that job or be out of a job #1. so what you do? #2. i hear peole calling up the radio bad mouthing Juan woth out facts, NUMBERS DONT LIE. in 2007 when spaggs helped that defense win a superbowl they finished 7th in regular season and thats with Strahann and those guys. In 2004 when we went to the bowl with Jim at thr helm and Trotter and dawkins we finshed the rgular season 10th, this year Juan finished 8th wiht rookies and some over hype players. And sisnt we have 3 coaches in 4 years on that side of the ball. we say we want to win now right? so you bring Someone else NOW you have to implement A WHOLE NEW DEFENSE AGAIN. Do you see how long it took these guys to get it, now imagine you bring in another scheme it will take them another year or two to feel comfortable in that scheme. Not just that we had almost a totally different defense team that need to Gel together when you bring in CHANGE it means setbacks ALWAYS. You need time to get it right. like Juan been telling everyone you get better at your job the more you do it.

    Leave Juan in there and let these guys learn how to play that scheme, all these damn schemes coming in here, man if you know football you know it wil take at least 2 years to get it to were you fly around and have fun and HIT PEOPLE. the last 4 games were still played by NFL FOOTBALL TEAMS and those guys had to play for there jobs also so thery just didnt beat bumb teams, we wanted it more. ANd these guys learned the best way, GET ER DONE BITHCH!!! THATS RIGHT ON THE FLY. so come next year with some added pieces no doubt we will be nice with or with out COACH Reid in the future..IM ALL IN BABY.

  • Joe, I remember watching that play and seeing Jarrett line up on Fitz for a good 4-5 seconds before the play was called (think Fitz came around on motion)…I think I rmbr even the commentators mentioning it as well before the snap was called and how Ftiz was just going to burn the kid…just saying.

    Nnamdi had covered Fitz man to man for most of that game. He had basically done nothing. Why Castillo didn’t have Nnamdi follow him around in the 4th quarter is a joke esp after he started making plays against every other corner on your team.

  • Paulman was all over it from the get go that Spags would not return to Philly
    Paulman also stated that Coach MM will leave and become HC for the Colts, which I still believe will happen within the next week or so and probably take QB Coach Doug Pedersn and possibly even WR Coach D Culley with him…
    I also Stated that Coach AR will have a difficult time attracting quality Coaches to the Eagles Staff as a “Lame-Duck” Coach who everyone knows basically has to make a Deep Super Bowl run 2012 or he will be gone.
    I also stated that if Coach AR was going to fire Castillo, It would have happened shortly after the season was over so as not to string him along and lose opportutnites for Castillo to talk about other Positions with other Teams around the NFL before everything gets filled, for this is how Coach AR operates..
    I am looking at some Def/Secondary Coaches and have only come up with the following potential candidates to replace the fired Johnny Lynne..
    #1) Kevin Ross from the Oakland Raiders (who has a great relationship with Asmo from his Raider Days)

  • Hey Paulman, this isn’t the WWF…..

  • That play happened about 30 yards away, right in front of my seats. If I recall correctly, Asante was in the flat when Fitz ran by him. I do not have a monopoly on being right, but it seemed set up to be an over and under coverage, until the under wasn’t there. I will however agree that Nnamdi would have seemed to be your best bet there, perhaps when he went in motion the coverage responsibilty switched. The hard fact is,, the play didn’t get made, and none of us without access to coaches’ tape and the defensive meetings will ever know what the true story was on that play.

  • How can Reid interview anyone, when his fat incompetent @$$ is on vacation until this week. I’m convinced that this entire organization is full of nothing but stupid, stubborn, condescending, delusional, incompetent, nitwits, that could give a $#!t less about the fans or winning a SB. If they did, Lurie would have cleaned house. This is what they get for staying status quo, & not having the balls to make the changes that is necessary to move on to the next chapter. So now we get a year with a lame duck coach, with a $#!T staff that has ZERO chance of winning a SB, this year. Good luck on the unemployment line next year, boys! Now there is a rumor/ story that Reid told Spags not to come here, because of the FO dysfunction. If that’s true, he is intentionally sabotaging this team, because of his lame duck status, & Lurie needs to fire his @$$ IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • Caoch AR was out of Town, but stil has access to calling and getting in touch with potential Coaches around the NFL (like last off-Season when he was talking to Washburn and Mudd)
    I think AR get’s out of Philly after Off-Season to get away from the distractions and try to focus and evaluate on what changes he needs to make during the Off-Season in the form of the Coaching Staff, Players, etc,etc. to basically save his job in 2012..
    This Off-Season will be the most challenging for AR for his JOb is literally on the line which has never been the case and many around the NFL know it. so he has very little leverage to attract any Quality Asst’s to join him..

    Eagles will finish 7-9 in 2012 and the complete crew will be Terminated

  • D, everybody goes on vacation. El Presidente goes away when people are without health care options, people struggle with food on the table issues, jobs etc. Football coaches work marathons from August to January, a few days off here and there don’t make any difference.

  • Give credit where credit is due fellas, he called this from day one. Reid made his bed and is about to lye in it for putting Juan in this position in the first place..The GM, stated last year that the only candidate for the D-Coordinators position was Eric Mangini. Andy for obvious reasons would never do this, because it would mean going against the grain of his philosophy of what works, although 3-4 teams beat us all the time. But if he had been hired,his system would have been established already, and we wouldn’t be in need of a D-Coordinator. Because this is Andy’s swan song year, he cant afford to bite the bullet now. We have lost at least 4 Superbowls because of his stubbornness to see the weakness in his stupid philosophy.; No WR’s, too small DT’s, no LB’s, not running the ball enough, passing on drafting real football players( Haloti Ngata, Jason Pierre Paul, Justin Houston etc…; as opposed to players for his system (Matt McCoy, Kevin Kolb, Broderick Bunkley, Casey Matthews,etc)…He should have been fired, as well as Howie Roseman. Period!! I want Eric Mangini for our D-Coordinator/ Asst. Head Coach, this year, or next year. My coach has to be fresh name talent, or Josh McDaniels. Good call PAULMAN!!!

  • Wow..Paul was right about Spags not being hired. What a feet? Predict all kindsa ish and half of its right.Yeah,i said he would come here..i was wrong …Paul,you insightful devil you.

    Pick the Braves to win the East again.

    D.c. …like the breakdown of the org….dilusional…nail…head…its been hit.Defense better not falter early season or it will be ugly.

  • @ Paulman – Kevin Ross is a great suggestion for or secondary coach…..

  • Paulman has actually been right a good bit lately. I gotta give props where props are due.

    The Eagles’ hands are kind of tied with Castillo. I really don’t think a third d-coordinator in three years is the answer right now for the Eagles. I think they need to focus on getting the right personnel in here and upgrading their LBs and/or Safeties.

  • Once again,, you guys are reading things that AREN’T THERE.
    Please show me in Lurie’s text of his end of season speech where he said that Reid would be fired if he didn’t win the SB this year? He said he expected “significant improvement”? What’s “significant improvement” to him? The only thing that was ever said by Banner was the he believed Reid had to win a SB before he got another contract extension. Well, his contract isn’t up until 2013–so he has TWO years to run–so he isn’t a lame duck coach the bunch of you are making him out to be.

  • btc……Do you really trust Andy doing what’s right towards personel?

    Would it surprise anyone if we ler Burfict go to a rival like the Giants while he pick a light in the ass middle linebacker?

    We have 2 second round picks and it would not surprise me if we ignore the safety position once again. Nate Allen is a damn bum. Jarrett needs to beef up and was a reach for the 3rd round….and the other guy was our best already safety but he’s less than average at best.

    The Eagles need to target Burfict MLB and Barron starting pro ready safety with having 1 st round and 2 2nd rounds to work with to land those 2.

    That alone would brings legitimacy to this front office. But Noooooooooooo.

    We as Eagles fans have come to expect weak drafts now as well as subpar seasons.

    Andy can’t pick the guy we all know can play..Hell, that would be so easy.

    Let’s look at the guy noone really have interest in so Andy can show everyone how stupid they are for not recognizing his new jacuzzi warmer.

    I’m done.

  • Bobby, The rest of the Coaching Staff are only signed thru 2012 ..
    Unless Coach AR Gets an extension and relatively early in the Season,
    How does he plan on keeping keep his Staff from bolting.. Lots of moving parts..
    I belive COach MM will leave shortly and move on and probably take Doug PEderson as his OC for the COlts job..
    I also believe that 2012 is OL Coach H Mudd’s final season of Coaching regardless and will go back into retirement.. Washburn probably too.
    So even if Eagles do well Coach AR and the Team does well, he will have lots of postions to fill but if the EAgles do not do well, how would AR be able to hire a Staff next offseason if he does not get a Contract extension… Who is going to join him in a 1-Year Job.. Knowing all of the This, The Front Office is sending the message loud and clear, win in 2012 or your gone..

  • bobbyuk…look at the firing of spags with one year left on his deal. Reid is a lame duck coach and the team can let him go after next season with a severance of the last year as a great big thanks.

    Andy is on his last pork chop.

  • Songs, not to pour salt on the wounds, Safety Jarrett was the Eagles 2nd Round Selection last year, that’s right, the 55th Overall Player selected.. talk about a reach… holly molly..

  • Who didn’t know Spags wasn’t coming back here? Would you? What reputable DC would come here under these conditions? Why, to run the DLine Coach’s Wide 9 scheme while you’ll be the one getting fired for it? And next year with the brutal schedule, their lucky to have a .500 season and AR might finally be going bye bye. And when he does all of his Coaches will too. Not the most secure situation. But it’s just another day in the Soap Opera that is the Birds. Sad thing is, just like the DeSean thing, and really going back to the TO thing, all this could’ve been avoided. All AR had to do is what most of us would’ve done and hire a competent, experienced DC. The Texans did it by hiring Wade Phillips to run their defense. In ONE season they went from like the 30th defense in the league to like the 5th… In ONE season they’re a dominate defense. Hell, look what Harbaugh did in SF in ONE season. Two playoff teams, and both happen to have one of the best defenses in the NFL….now how the hell does THAT happen? The draft, for starters. Both teams have high picks in LB’s like Cushing and Brooks Reed and Pat Willis and Navarro Bowman. We don’t subscribe to that theory though, our LB’s have to be 5th round picks or later. And small too, they have to be small. Just look at the SIZE of the Texans’ defense too. Mario Williams and JJ Watt, both #1 picks that are monsters, not smurfs. These are just a couple things right off the bat. That’s why it’s frustrating, because as much as I love the Birds, and would give a limb to win the SB, I know until some fundamental philosiphies change, we ain’t going nowhere.


  • To Ggmcliff…
    To follow the logic about Secondary Coach Kevin Ross..
    I believe the Raiders will hire Winston Moss as their HC and he will bring Secondary Coach Darren Perry to the Raiders as his DC from the Raiders… The Raiders already have Ron Woodson as CB Coach and he would probably be named as the Secondary Coach making Kevin Ross expendable and out of a job since Darren Perry’s specialty is the Secondary..

  • I think Spags was offered the job without an interview and he turned it down. I doubt very seriously that seeing the Eagles tied for most sacks in the league would have turned him off on the “Wide-9.” I do think ultimately the Eagles job was the better job, simply based on the amount of talent they have vs. the Saints. Spags will be expected to get results on defense whether they have the personnel or not. He would have flourished here, but I get the sense he’s not going to have the talent fast enough to be able to do what he would need to do get that D humming.

  • Paulman…Damn…you’re right.

    Whoever is scouting safties need to be fired right now. Earl Thomas was there for us and we pick a damn midget so called fastball.

  • I agree Songs, If I was going to trade up 11 spots in the 1st Round and cost me 2 3rd Round Picks to do so, I am making sure I got an impact player and that players who evveryone had on the board as being an impact player right away that actually filled a big hole on the Eagles Defense was Safety Earl Thomas.. A Huge blunder by Roseman/Reid..
    Now fast forward to 2012 Draft, this is why I draft Safety Mark Barron at #15
    in the 1st Round If I am GM…. Get this revolving door at Strong Safety closed for once and get Barron who is a 6-2 220 lbs Safety who is physical, can run and has been well coached, which he has down at University of Alabama.. Then Grab LB’s (1 a MLB & 1 a OLB) in Round 2 wIth the #45 & #47 Selections and this Defense will be much improved..

  • Some interesting NFL news from Pittsburgh today

    O/Coordinator Bruce Arians retires at age 59 due to some health issues…He’s been the OC for the Steelers for that last 5 Seasons (ever since Tomlin has been there) and has kind of transformed the Steelers from a run team to a much more passing team with Big Ben…

    Steelers also announced the signing of QB Troy SMith who did not play in the NFL in 2011.. This tells me that Free-Agents Charlie Batch, Bryon Leftwich and Dennis Dixon will most liekly not return.. I would like the Eagles to check out this Dennis Dixon who is very athletic and has a strong arm along with being a very bright kid and could be a nice fit for this Eagles.. He is not just a runner nad prefers to pass first but does have some good feet to get out of trouble and buy some time.

  • Guys what are your choices for a new OC? Andy will probably bring in Brad Childress. I would give an opportunity to New England’s QB Coach.

  • Former Packer HC and Texas A&M Coach Mike Sherman would be a nice Addition if Coach MM moves on.. Sherman & AR go back since his Packer Days.. I am pretty sure that if MM leaves, Coach Ar will possibly even go back to calling plays himself with his Job and Reputation on the line, so he would only hire another OC that he knows and trusts real well would be my guess…

  • source tells me keep an eye on chuck cecil as secondary coach/dcoordinator with eagles. Also if marty moves elsewhere andy may be bringing back an old friend…Brad Childress

  • As far as the draft is concerned, in my opinion the eagles will not draft a linebacker in 1st round. I believe its between a safety or defensive tackle. I do believe in the second round if hightower or the outside linebacker from north carolina are there they could possibly draft either one.

  • Paul, finally everyone else other than me, is starting to realise your genius. LOL! Don’t worry, Sciller will still come on here to try & still rip you, like the no-fun, troll, douche, that he is. BTW, if MM does leave for Indy, like I believe he is, & Castillo rightfully so gets axed, Sherman & Childress would be perfect choices. But I doubt neither of them will come aboard this sinking ship, with a lame duck HC. This team is a lost cause until the status quo attitudes are changed. Look for a very frustrating 2012 season, with the same inept, incompetent, buffoons, calling the shots.

  • Spags not coming to philly was obvious from the start. Castilo would have been fired shortly after the season ended if he was gone. What annoys me is that jeff lurie doesnt assume the power that he can. He saw just like all of us did how horrible juan did all year long, and dont give me that the last 4 games they improved, yes they won the games but there were still plays where teams beat the coverage and the eagles had break downs whether in the run or the pass. Can they improve next year under castilo? Yes. Am i going into next year confident that they can? No. I would prefer them go out and get a veteran DC…

    I mean I say all that to say they may very well be waiting for the 49ers Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio to become available because look what he has done with the 49ers defense. Though Fangio runs a 3-4 defense with the 9ers he has experience with both 3-4 and 4-3. I would move castilo to look after the LBs and coach them up, and bring in Vic Fangio to coach up this defense and bring in some monsters in the draft, specifically at Line Backer, the only 2 in my opinion that showed real promise are casey matthews and brian rolle.. Get me one stud middle LB and we ll be okay there (Vontaze Burflict) .. but i say bring in Vic Fangio from the 49ers and they will not regret it, hes an excellent coach.. but thats if he would leave the 49ers to come to philly…

  • IF the 49ers go to the SuperBowl …and even if they don’t Fangio will probably be a HC next season. Jaun Castillo will be the DC in 2012…I don’t know who the DBack coach is going to be, but he better be good. Maybe they can snatch up Rod Woodson from the Raiders since that organization is being blown up.

  • Butch, I dont think Fangio will be a HC next season.. he probably will stay with the 49ers but man would i love to have a coach like that. And im not just talking about as our defensive coordinator im talking about him taking over as our HC.. we have alot of talent here in philly its just andy has neglected to provide the talent we have with quality coaches.. andy fears a coach will come here and take over and move the owners to get rid of him.. thats why harbaugh and guys like spags didnt last, andy is a control freak and will sacrifice team success for his own stubborn selfish way of coaching and thinking.. im just being very honest.. So as much as id love to get a Vic Fangio here Andy wont let that happen just like he wont leave a trace of food on his plate.. If and Vic Fangio came here he may very well win a SB his first year and andy does not want that at all..Hed rather leave this team and Front office with the sense that they cant win without him. Notice many of the players and jeff lurie said that andy gives them the best chance to win.. thats the type of influence andy has on this team and even the owner.. Get Fangio in here and he ll change the culture and mentality of this team…

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