• July 4, 2022

This Is An Off Season Which Andy Reid & The Eagles Must Win

When the New York Giants walked off the field after winning their second Super Bowl title in four years, the Philadelphia Eagles off season officially begun.  If it had not already begun after their season ending victory of the Washington Redskins which ended in a disappointing season at 8-8.

Now the important work begins for the organization to get this team to the position they want to be and that is winning the Super Bowl.  Like the rest of the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles will be going out to Indianapolis in a couple of weeks for the annual NFL Scouting Combine workouts by future NFL players.

The draft for most teams is a way to add and make improvements on your team.  The Eagles as of late have had so-so draft picks and well this draft is going to be very important for the team because they need some fresh young blood players who want to play and who are also ready to play in the NFL from day one.

Last off season the Eagles were a major player in the Free Agent market and they added some really good talent to their roster.  Will the Eagles hit the free agent market this off season?  The Eagles definitely have some needs they need to totally improve on and free agency is always the next option to look at.  The Eagles needs right now are linebackers and defensive backs.

The Eagles and DeSean Jackson look like they are going to keep the marriage together.  There as been so much speculation as to whether or not the two sides would continue this relationship after the season that Jackson had and how he handled his contract situation.

Well the Eagles made DeSean Jackson a franchise player which means in 2012 he will be paid with the top five receivers in the NFL.  This does provide more time for each side to decide on a longer contract.  DeSean could become a free agent after the 2012 season if he does not sign a long term deal with the Eagles.

Looking at the current Free Agent market there are some interesting players out there. Let’s take a look at the linebacker position.  Dan Connor, OLB  (Panthers) is a good young talent and he does play the position well.  He is a local product who did play high school football at Strath Haven and he is a Penn State graduate where linebacker is king.

Stephen Tulloch, MLB (Lions) is an interesting player.  He was a major contributor to a young and upcoming Lions defense and could provide some leadership to the Eagles defense.

The rumor mill continues as a couple of current free agent players have said they want to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. Now the question to be asked, are the Eagles interested?

Well former Steelers, Giants, and Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress has come out and said he wants to play in Philadelphia.  In the last couple of days it is being reported by the media that the Eagles are talking with Randy Moss about the possibility of signing him.  Moss took the 2011 season off and has stated he wants to play in the NFL in 2012.

Do the Eagles sign either one of these guys or both?  How much do they have left in the tank to contribute to the Philadelphia Eagles is the question that needs to be answered.  It really does not hurt to find this out.

The Eagles last year made a huge hit in the free agent market and this off season look for them to make a couple of signings not like last year but they do need a couple of proven professionals in the positions that are of a need to them.  The key to this off season is going to be in the NFL Draft in April.

The beginning of this process begins in a couple of weeks when the Eagles coaches and scouting staff go out to Indianapolis and take a look at the young crop of future NFL players at the annual NFL Scouting Combine.  This is going to be a huge Draft for Andy Reid and the Eagles.  There are going to be so many expectations of this team going into the 2012 season because they do have the talent and they just need to fill in the gaps.

Let the off season begin and lets see what this organization does this time around because this is no doubt the most important one of Reid’s 14 year regime.

George Remaily

I am a major sports fan... Philadelphia number one but I am very knowledgeable about other teams.... I was a broadcaster, play by play for C.B. West Football in the 1990's during their state championship years... Have interview players, famous people, and had two shows I did with guests and interviews.... I am looking to pursue my dream of being in the sports industry as a career....

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  • FAT ANDREW WILL LEAVE WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT. I’m so tired of all these fans who think if this season is bad Fat Andrew will be gone. He will leave on his own terms. So all you Kool Aid drinkers who can’t think for themselves keep putting money into FAIRYTALE LAND LURIE’S POCKET because you feel you have no choice but to support this team. No me! Geek boy won’t get a dime from me.

  • Jeff Lurie < Steve Tisch
    Joe Banner< John Mara
    Howie Roseman < Jerry Reese
    Andy Reid < Tom Coughlin
    Marty Mornhinweg < Kevin Gilbride
    Juan Castillo < Perry Fewell
    Mike Vike < Eli Manning
    What is the Eagles off season hoping to produce 2nd place in the division with a wild card playoff dream of anything can happen when you get into the playoffs sales pitch?

  • The Eagles have already failed this the off season because they keep:
    Joe Banner
    Howie Roseman
    Andy Reid
    Juan Castillo

    You cannot win with these dingbats following Joe Banner’s calculator plan for positional worth relative to the salary cap also refered to as the Gold Standard.

  • Eagles to do the following things

    #1) Take care of D-JAx, even if its for 2012 Season
    #2) Re-sign LG Evan MAthis to allow for OL Continuity from the Start
    #3) Trade CB Samuel and try to get a 2nd or 3rd Rounder or package him to move up in the 1st or 2nd Round
    #4) Add 2 Quality LB’s (1 to play MLB and 1 to play SAM)
    #5) Add a veteran Strong Safety to help versus the run and to be an enforcer on that back line of the Defense
    #6) Add a big-target WR (Buress/Moss as a 1 year fix or a younger bigger WR who can contribute for the next 3-4 Season)
    #7) Add a quality FB who can contribute and is more athletic than Schmitt

    Then they need to rid themselves of players who do not fit into the future plans for the Eagles. Do not resign players like VY, R Brown, S Smith, J Jackson,V Abiamri, T Laws, and then also release players like M Fokou, W Justice.. Do re-sign quality players like DT A Dixon, D Landri and even OL K Dunlap to provide quality depth & experience along the OL due to his versatility and the fact that he can sub in at LT,RT or even the Guard spots in case of any injury

    Then Comes to Draft
    Eagles have 7 Selections in the 1st 5 Rounds ( The Top #150 Players or so) and they need to nail it big time and come away with at least 4-5 big contributors on Defense at DT,LB,Safety and also add a DE/CB for depth purposes) and then address depth and potential future contributors at WR,TE,Back-up QB, RB..

    As most Football fans would say, this team does not need to be blown up and rebuilt, many pieces are in place, a full off-season of OTA/CAmps should help alot for the COahes and the players, the addition of Todd Bowles should help improve the Secondary which to me is the real key of this Eagle Defense getting back to a dominant style of play, If the Secondary can play as a cohesive unit and as they are capable of, and the DL continues it consistitent Pressure from 3-4 players, then the LB’s Corps should be able to maintain and make some plays as they updgrade the LB Position thru Free-Agency and the Draft ..
    Offensively, A lot will fall on the shoulders on QB Vick who must play better and protect the ball and himself better than last Season.. He doesn’t have to be superman, get the ball out of his hands quicker and more often and put into the hands of the various weapons like McCoy,D-Jax,Maclin & Celek..
    This will be a hugh off-season for 3rd Year players TE C HArbor and WR R Cooper who I think were hurt by a lack of OTA/Short Camps last Off-Season
    They started to come on a little bit towards the end of the Season.. I would even like C Harbor take some snaps at FB/GB to help with pass blocking and be the safety valve to come out of the backfield in 3 WR Sets.. He is very athletic and I thing can create some big plays catching some screens,outlet passes where he would be open.matched up with a LB who is 10 yards down the field in most cases..

  • Please stop mentioning Dan Conner please..HE SUCKS!!!! He can’t help this team! I don’t expect them to do what needs to be done. They’ve already failed to identify the real problem – Andy Reid, and his flawed philosophy on the TYPE of players he drafts..Bunkley, Patterson, Trevor Laws, Matt McCoy, Stewart Bradley, Barry Gardner, Victor Abiramiri, etc…….That should have been the first thing changed. What makes people think that all of the sudden, that things will change…This man, and this organization is stubborn…I would bring in Mari Williams, why?..Because teams will be able to neutralize Babin (overrated), and Trent Cole (who’s getting long in the tooth). We definitely need Linebackers, but not overpriced ones like Stephen Tulloch. An infusion of new blood is needed like Courtney Upshaw, Donte Hightower, Vontaze Burfict, Nigel Bradham, Zach Brown, Ronnell Lewis, Bobby Wagner……We need a combination of 3 of those guys…..I don’t want to hear Casey Mathews, or Moises Foiku……I like Rolle, Chaney, A. Jordan, and Keenan Clayton, but not as starters. Moss, and Burress, I sign to 1 yr contracts; both of them. They may keep teams honest against DeSean this year, and when they sign him to a long term deal. Big DT’s, will stop teams from running on us so much, that too has been obvious for years. But Andy’s smarter than the GM……………..Yeah Right!!!

  • To Eagles0Superbowls

    Your forgot

    WR’s D Jax/Maclin/Avant < Nicks,Cruz,Manningham
    DL T Cole/Babin/Jenkins< JPP, Tuck,Umenyuri,Joseph

  • @Paulman – Paul, I still think they should strike while the iron is hot with Ryan Mallett…..They can make them a quality offer, in terms of compensation with draft picks in some future draft. Brady is going to be there for at least another 3-4 years, he is better than anything we can get in this draft, other than Robert Griffith III.

  • Pats think very highly of Mallet too and are very unlikley they will want to move him for insurance purposes in case Brady gets hurt, and to be honest,
    I think Brady has about 2 Elite Years left as his mobility becomes a little less each Season..
    I would rather the Eagles Draft QB Nick Foles in this Draft and could use one of their 2nd Round Picks and not have to give up anything to the Pats to have a young QB to develop for the post Vick era (which may come sooner than many think) I think Foles can be a Starter and a very good one in about 2-3 Seasons, He has a size,strength and probably the best NFL arm in this Draft and can make all the throws

  • They’ll never win anything ,you guys are right.No sense in even caring who they pickup,draft or re-sign. 12′ will be another whacked season. Horrible.Im giving up. Glad i have you guys to tell me how things will go and that it will be a waste of a season…in Feb. i find this out too. Right when everyone cept the Giants are losers.Glad i found out early so i can plan my Sundays for next Fall.

    Friggin no it alls…post something that makes sense.

  • Sounds like someone didn’t get a Valentines Card or Candy yesterday…

  • I agree with Paulman. If we make the right signings and draft well we will be fine. I would also try to get Vincent Jackson to help in the red zone. If we can’t then definitely sign Plexico Burress. Reid will coach better because he will be under pressure to get this team in the playoffs. I also feel the off season will help Vick. This should be a good year, however, our off season moves will probably set a tone in the direction this team is going. I hope that we draft well and sign some free agents that can help make a difference.

  • I’ve seen Foles, honestly not impressed; wouldn’t draft him.

  • I’ve never seen Foles play, Arizona had such a bad team they were never on TV, but I read he is not ready for the NFL and is running away from new head coach Rich Rodriquez’s offense. After Michigan I can’t say I blame him.

  • pman- your off season plan smells alot like mine. I 100% agree with you. One of the probs that our plans dont seem to answer is this… who are our leaders? If you add a Moss or a burreess does that fix the leadership prob or just add to it? I dont think this q is overrated. The team flat out gave up last year. I dont care what anyone says…. Djax, and others gave up. Can andy lead this team? we dont have mcnabbs or dawks or Hue’s. Im hoping guys like…. Herm, Nnamdi, Babbin, Cole, Shady, Jenkins… can step up and teach them to fly the eagle way.

  • I don’t understrand why Mathis is not signed yet. Are the eagles looking to upgrade RT and move Herremans back? He has made it clear he wants to return by the way he defended Coach Reid, I thought he was an easy and good re-signing.

  • @stevo — Player leadership must come from your pro bowlers and your highest paid players— Peters, Vick, Cole, Babin, Nnamdi

  • I think Kelce/Celek can step up for Offensive side as Leaders and Vick has to take more a Leadership role and demand more from his wideouts,more effort..
    Defensviely, C JEnkins and Asmo become the Defenses Leaders but still need that LB in the Middle to be the heart and sould of the Unit and that player is not on the team as of yet.. Can a Hightower or a signed Free-Agent be that player..
    I hope the Eagles stay away from MLB Luke Kuechley, who I don’t view a top NFL Prospect, He’s too slow laterally and not strong enough up top at the point of attack, I am sure he will have a decent career but not the LB the Eagles need to man the middle and be a play maker

    Back on QB Foles, I saw him play a few times and I think he has the tools,
    Arizon’a Offense was pretty good, their Defense sucked and he is a Senior abnd was ready to move on to the Pro’s regardless of the Rich Rodriquez hire.. He’s probably more a Mid 3rd/4th Round Prospect, but can move up in the Late 2nd/Early 3rd Rd if he has a strong Combine showing..
    I also like Brandon Weeden from Oklahoma State and aat 28 years old, will probably still be on the board come 3rd Round due to his age, but he’s a natural leader, mature and someone who may be abe to step in and not be in awe of being in the NFL, a very headsy player with a very accurate and quick release, make lacks the big NFL arm, but the guy’s a winner ..

  • Players the Eagles need to stay away from in the 1st Round with the #15 Selection

    MLB – Luke Kuechley
    WR – Michael Floyd

    Which most liklely means that the Eagles will select one of these 2 Players..

  • @Paulman you really think the Eagles draft a QB? I thought for sure Vince Young would be back at a reduced price because he would have nowhere else to go.

  • I disagree with your assesment Eagles0SuperBowls

    J Peters & T Cole are some of the higher paid/best players on the Eagles,but they are not natually extro-verted type of Personalities and usually just go about their business.. The key for Leaders is to be natural and honest with yourself and the others surrounding your.. Players see right thru other players trying to be something they are not or if they are uncomfortable in that role.. A great leader usually is not the best athlete or player on that team, many times it”s that overachiever, that gym-rat, that hustle player whose motor never stops and has high passion and isn’t afraid to show it and call people out when neccessary and tell it like it is and be accountable himself and hold others accountable..
    former Eagle players Dawkins,Trotter were Leaders, but even players like Sheldon Brown,Leonard Weaver,ChadLewis, Jon Runyan had those traits where others looked up to and rallied around

  • Paulman, I think you are totally overrating Nick Foles. After, RGIII, al of this years QB Crop have major red flags.

    I do agree with you about Kuechly, and any WR in the first 2 rounds. We need to concentrate on LB, DE, DT, S, and CB depth. Joe Adams, for KR, or PR, …or Brian Quick, if they choose not to sign Plaxico, or Moss

    I do like taking a fly on Kellen Moore, from Boise State, in the 6th round. He is probably, the smartest, savvy and most accurate of this class, although he doesn’t have the strongest arm; Possible 3rd string, Practice Squad consideration.

  • @paulman fair enough you seem to know the players personalities way better than me, past and present
    The Eagles had a huge problem with the SAM LB———– esp. when lined up behind Babin and in between Samuel. Marshawn Lynch made all three look small & over matched and was on his way toa 200 yd rushing day until Trent Cole broke Russell Okungs arm ( that was a nasty body slam I recommend fans Youtube that play) — I don’t think the MLB will be a target before SAM. Who can the birds get to play Carlos Emmonds type SAM ball next year?

  • LB Upshaw from Bama would be a perfect SAM LB but Eagles would have to grab with their 1st Pick at # 15 to secure him
    I do like this Bobbie Wagner/ Shea McClellin who will be on the board in the 2nd Round. I also like Nigel Bradham (3rd Rd) and Keenan Robinson (4th Rd) who all have the potential to be that that big,strong physical type of SAM backer the Eagles have been lacking to play the Strong Side

    TO Eagles,
    I do not think VY Will be back, I think the Eagles may sign Trent Edwards to be #2 and continue to groom Kafka to compete as the #2
    I really do not anticipate the Eagles to grab a QB in this Draft unless a PLayer they liked really fell down the draft boards.. Let’s see that Brandon Weeden (Age 28) drops to the 4th Round, I could see the EAgles grabbing him just because AR loves his QB..
    Back to QB Foles

    As a 3 Year Starter at Arizona who played in 35 Games
    He was 935 out of 1400 passes (67%)
    Threw for 10,000 yards and 67 TD’s with 33 Int’s (2 to 1 Ratio)
    and was sacked 57 Times in 35 Games (less than 2 per game)
    He was coached under Former NFL Coach Dennis Erickson the last 3 years and who runs a Pro-Style Offense so the learning curve for Foles is not a big as many of these College QB’s who come from the spread offense and have a problem playing under Center or pre-reading coverages,etc,etc..
    I am not saying Foles is the next Peyton Manning or anything, but I think after Luck & RGIII at the Top, that Foles is right up there at the top of the 2nd Tier of QB’s in this Draft and could be a better player with better Coaching which he will get in the NFL..

  • Paulman Your assesment of the Eagles seems to be much better than what you were saying yesterday.

    Draft Plans
    Trade Asante to Move up from second rnd pick to late first or early second.
    Trade either Coleman, Jarret or Allen to make room for Barron the Safety from Alabama.
    2nd pick Draft Mercilus Whitney or Devon Still to add youth and depth to an older D line.
    Other 2nd rnd pick draft CB or best D player available.

    Sign Moss or Plaxico. Preferably Moss.
    Sign Tulloch and Larry Grant at LB in Free agency
    Resign DRC to a long term deal

    With Desean, Macklin, Avant and Moss its lights out and opens field up even more for Shady!
    Keep O-Line together which will be a top 10 and maybe top 5 O-Line in NFL next year if Kelce and Watkins continue to get better.

  • Courtney Upshaw should be the pick, to play Strongside Linebacker, but I like him at Middle Linebacker, and Vontaze Burfict at Strongside Linebacker. I like Bobbie Wagner, but he is a lot like what we already have in personnel at LB( not good enough). Nigel Bradham, brings what we would hope from Zach Brown; Speed, sure tackler, cover skills, and nastiness.

    Fair enough Paul on Foles but, I still don’t like him to draft that high in 4-5 rounds; I’m not sure we need to draft our back up. I think it would be to their advantage to see what it would take to grab Mallett. Give them, Jaqwain Jarrett, a #2, and a #4 in the 2014 draft, or something. Either way, I think there are better options than Foles.

  • I’m all for drafting Alabama players — I’ll take 2 please Upshaw and Hightower or Barron and Kirkpatrik or any combination you come up with ———

  • eagles0superbowls – Mathis is not signed yet for the same reason that no other players are. The NFL season has not yet begun – so 0 players are free agents right now, and 0 teams can sign players (with a few random exceptions). The league year has to begin for regular free agency signings to happen. Mathis is technically signed with the Eagles right now, under his 2012 contract.

  • Schiller, thanks it just made too much sense that Mathis should return— I read on G site that he didn’t give up a sack — I know they would moved Herremans back to guard near the goal line to gain a much needed yard or two next to Peters so I assume Mathis’s weakness is physical run blocking but I don’t want to go back to Max Jean and/or Nick Cole so I’ll except that.

  • Indeed – I like Mathis a bunch and I’d be pissed if they don’t bring him back – and for that matter, give him a mult-year deal. Remember, the guy stood up big time for the head coach and while it would make sense for him to not love all Philly fans (he argued with them outwardly), he seems to want to be here. I think it’s a big step back if you don’t bring the guy back.

    O line needs to be stable – heck, we ALL agree on that.

  • For those of you new to player evals at the combine here are a few drills the scouts will be looking for out of LBs after weigh ins:

    ****Most Important*****
    1. Shuttle Run: change of direction, coordination, quickness
    2. 3-Cone: explosion, quickness and change of direction
    3. Pass Drop: hip fluidity, low hips, natural running ability

    ****Fun to Watch but much less important*****
    4. BP: Overall Strength (Poor Measure for overall strength but better indicator of overall fitness)
    5. 40 yd Dash: Straight Line Speed (better identifier for DBs and Receivers)

  • Mathis and Kelce’s performance was a plus to even out the major disappointment in Harris and minor disappointment in Watkins

  • Its funny how everyone likes to post how much better the giants are. Last i checked the Eagles are 9-1 including playoffs against them. And everyone loves to hate on Banner and Lurie. First Banner always puts them in position to get whatever player they want and Lurie always pays for big time Free Agents and never mingles into football operations. What else do you dopes want. No matter what they do it is wrong in every ones eyes. Do me a favor and stop posting and go whine on WIP with them jackass.

  • @trufan we want a superbowl ——– Lurie came here preaching champianshipSSSSSSSSSSS now he is down to just make the” tournament”

    You can clap all you want for Lurie, Banner, Reid but since Tom Coughlin joined the Giants they have the same reg. season record but Tom has an 8-3 playoff recordwith 2 rings and Andy has a 5-6 playoff record.

  • trufan – love it.

    But in terms of “what els do you dopes want” – I’ll attempt to answer that question for you – they want to blame and hate someone. They have what they want – scapegoats (the front office) for the frustration of losing seasons. You and I, and a few other good men (and women), know that there are millions of factors that go into winning a superbowl, and it’s just not that simple. But the “dopes” just want a simple scapegoat to blame and hate (and a superbowl win). That’s all.

    Banner and Lurie could be dropping millions in the dopes’ bank accounts on a daily basis, providing them with butlers and season tickets free of charge and a whole buttload of other amazing treatments, and if the team still doesn’t win a superbowl, the dopes would still hate the FO.

  • @trufan – you can go to the Philadelphia Eagle website and Kumbaya with spadaro and kaplin and pretend being Marv Levy and Ralph Wilson is better than being Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick

  • Never mentioned anyone from Eagles web-site i believe Spadaro is the biggest lap dog i ever seen. Let me make myself clear i want to win a superbowl more then any of you. But like Schiller pointed out their is a lot of stuff that is involved in winning a superbowl. For one you need luck if you can sit their and tell me the Giants were the luckiest team to ever win. I mean i NEVER seen a team get Every break and bounce throughout the playoffs. And i’ll give them credit they took advantage of every fortunite break that came their way. But don’t sit here and preach how great the giants are cause i will always dispute that. The difference is they take advantage of their opportunities and the Eagles don’t. I am as frustrated as everyone with Reid and i also believe his time has passed but don’t sit here and discredit all that he has done that’s just not fair. Back to the front office take a look at all the teams that have so much cap space and never spend it. The Eagles are always up their in spending and every year Banner has them in good position to do anything they need to do cause they never give bad contracts. I don’t know whatelse you want from him. If this team ever wins people will find something to complain about. Which is totally rediculus to me

  • trufan, if luck is such a big factor then the nfc east are the luckiest sobs, 12 super bowl tiitles from the nfc east, 5 for dallas, 4 for giants, and 3 for redskins, damn are we unlucky or what….

  • trufan….First you got the Falcons who are over rated and cannot play a lick outside the GA dome. Dallas or Philly would have easily beaten that team as well. Next, you get GB. Oh really the OC’s son just drowned this week? And he was not around all week but decides to be with the team for the game. Thanks dude but go be with your family. We don’t need you this week. Maybe next week. Rodgers played like shit. Team was out of sorts and passes were dropped allover the field. Next,Saints lose to Niners. I said all year that no one was going to GB and NO in consecutive weeks and knocking off those two teams. No one had to. Thank you very much for the Niners and Vernon Davis. I knew after the GB game was over the Giants were in the SB. But then the Niners had them beat. After a stellar first half they couldn’t get past midfield after the Niners halftime adjustments. Then the kid gives them a TD. Then they can’t convert a third and two in the RZ. Then not once but twice guys run into each other when they could have picked off passes that would have ended the game. And then….that f-ing kid fumbles again! Thanks Niners. So we got the Pats in the SB. Oh really? The Pats second best player and top TE in the game is seriously injured? Jeez that’s too bad. But the Pats are still winning and they can run out the clock. Brady is looking downfield with just over four minutes to go and he’s got…..Welker one of the league’s top receivers drops a twenty yard pass right in his hands. I believe Collinsworth said that’s a catch he makes 100 out of 100 times. And then on third down Branch couldn’t make a catch that the Giants treceivers were making all day. Patriots are punting and I’m turing off the TV. De ja vu all over again was not something I wanted to see. I scoffed for a month. Whatever 2007! They aren’t gonna pull that shit off again. And they frigging did.

  • Not saying that is the only thing. But it helps. Lets look at the Giants superbowl wins. They won their first cause Norwood shanked a make able FG. They beat the Patriots cause Asante Samuels drop a EASY Pick and they needed a football to stick to a helmet which you see all the time i guess. And lets take a stroll down this years memory lane. Green bay had a hail mary pass. Packers dropped 8 passes and Khon who never fumbled in his whole career fumbles. Lets move to the 49ers game The great Eli should of had 2 picks but the 49ers ran into each other not once but twice. They got 2 fumbles not 1 on the punt team not once but twice. They blew that extremily fast whisle when bradshaw clearly fumbled. And lets not forget the Superbowl. They had 3 fumbles lost none. Wes Welker never drops a pass and dropped the game winner. The great Eli threw a prayer up that was answered by Manningham. So if you don’t think luck has anything to do with it then ur nuts. I believe when i pass i will enter the gates and GOD will be wearing a Giants Jersey. I also believe that’s why we are cursed lol

  • Players that may improve from first year to third because they did not have off season before second or were hurt.

    Nate Allen-I think he can be pretty good with Bowles coaching him
    Brandon Graham-this kid is a bust. I said it on draft day. Another Eagle DL bust.
    Trevard Lindley-are you serious? Next
    Keenan Clayton-ST lifer. Not a starter.
    Clay Harbor-I think he might impress
    Riley Cooper-I doubt it but this is the last year to see what he’s got.
    Kafka-Come on! Draft a QB that can be a starter in this league.
    Coleman-This kid is savvy and works hard. That also means he didn’t need more time. He needed to be born bigger and faster. He is what he is.
    Chaney-You really have to hope they understand he is not good enough and now he is injured. And its a neck. Thats like a back. Move on with FA. Not a rookie. I liked Chaney but he’s not the guy.

    So I say Allen and maybe Harbor. Cooper and Chaney are long shots. Clayton can be, but is not currently, a solid role player. The rest forget about.

  • and the Eagles SUper Bowl Wins…that’s right, they don’t have any..
    Usually the winner of every SUper Bowl catches a few breaks, look at the Steelers who beat the Seahawks and CArdinal in 2 games in which they were outplayed but come up with huge plays like LB HArrison 95 yard Int Return and WR Holmes last second on his tip-toes in the corner of the end-zone…The point is that you have to get to the big-dance to win and the Eagles have failed to do so with some very talented teams but fail under the bright lights and high expectations (another words, they choke)

  • trufan…we are cursed by Vince Lombardi because Bednarik sat on Jim Taylor at the end of ’60 championship. I don’t know if it breaks the curse but the man is 86 years old. Yeah I know he’s the greatest Eagle ever, but if that’s what it takes to break the curse, he’s had a good run.

  • Paulman thanks for informing me of how many superbowls the Eagles have. What would this site be without you. That was my point that it takes some luck to win and the Eagles never seems to get that break or bounce it usally goes the other way. Please just continue to put out all these predictions so 1 out of the 1,000 will happen and you can proclaim yourself a genius

  • Paulman, finally I agree with you on something. I think are worst nightmare is gonna come true. Pick #15 the Eagles chose LB out of Boston College Luke Kuechley. I watched 3 or 4 games and the only thing impressive about the kid was his closing speed, trouble is he misses half the tackles when he gets there, and he can’t get off a block. I’m no scout but this one really scares me, he does’nt even seem to have great instincts. Hope I’m wrong but I got a bad feeling about this kid.

  • Mock #1001
    Trufan watched the movie “True Lies” 17 times by himself

  • I rather the Eagles take a DT/DE/OLB or even a WR at #15 than Kuechley, who I am just not that impressed with.. Tons of tackles but many are 6-8-10 yards down the field and I will say that he closes in behind a play really well, but at the point of attack, he’s another Casey Matthews and overmatched physically and this is not the type of player the agles need in the middle of their defense as MLB..

  • Give me ANY defensive player from Alabama or LSU. period. lol

  • Dag im with you man. I said t right after the BCS game, Reid should just use the 1st rounder on a player from anyone of those Ds..seriously, he needs a HR here and a great draft if he wants to get this team back on track. You cant go wrong with any of the top defensive players from any of those 2 teams.

    Paulman, you are really down on Floyd man…I actually think he will be a pretty good pro. Rmbr, who was really throwing him the ball last year…I think he will be similar to julio jones but a notch below him…If the Eagles spend a 1st on him then I will be mad because we need defense asap…but if he was still around in the 2nd and they got him then I would be all for it.

    Im with you on Kuelchy tho, I do not want to see him as the pick. I never really see him making plays in the opposing O’s backfield..its always 5 yards or more from the line of scrimmage.

    Im surprised there hasn’t been much talk on fat albert on here since his release…for some reason i think he will be wearing an Birds jersey this year. Will I think its a bad move? no prolly not considering they will prolly pay him close to nothing to get him, no risk there. (I mean give me a break we gave millons to Steve Smith and VY while our own guys like Djax and Shady who have actually single handily won us games here were playing for NFL pocket change).
    However, Im pretty sure it will just be another free agent disappointment mainly because that guy doesn’t give a damn about football or teammates or winning. Everyone says Washburn got him to play when i think its obvious that it was all contributed to getting that money not washburn.

  • JBird, Trufan, and my man Paulman — Great Stuff guys…….I do think they will look heavy at Keuchly, but I AGREE IT WOULD BE A MISTAKE BECAUSE THEY WILL BYPASS POTENTIAL PRO BOWLERS…
    JBird is correct we have a lot of special teamers starting, and we don’t need anymore. Courtney Upshaw, has better recognition skills, as a Middle Linebacker. I feel Burfict would be best suited to play the strongside, and Nigel Bradham, is more of a sure tackler, and nastier than Zach Brown, but Brown has more speed he runs a 4.47,and Bradham plays as fast with a 4.51 40 time. They haven’t drafted the players they need to win a championship; more misses than anything else at key positions.

  • Pheags, if they are smart he will be wearing green….Albert Haynesworth would have been here if Washington didn’t trade him to New England…I want to see what magic he and Washburn can recreate. Smart Pick up. I agree.

    My buddy Paul will disagree, but I think he can get back to what he once was, a reasonably dominant player. He, and Cullen Jenkins in the middle, helps the run defense, but we have to back them up with some aggressive players. I like Dixon, but we could use a draft pick or two here; Brandon Thompson, Nicolas Jean- Baptiste, Akiem Hicks, all 6-2 – 6-4 320lbs, or more.

  • trufan…”what else do you dopes want?”……Hmmm, how about just drafting ONE pro-bowler on defense since like 2005…is just one probowler on defense in 7 years too much to ask? is that too demanding? cuz you know that side of the ball is kinda important too. defensive drafting has been atrocious since we got trent cole ages ago yet the people mainly resp for the atrocity continue to still have jobs here.

  • Gmcliff, I don’t know if I would call it a smart move like you did. Mainly because the guy has shown he doesn’t have a high desire to play the game and let it all out on the field and I think this Eagles team already has too many of those, don’t need another one.

    Would it bother me tho? No because it would be an Eagles friendly contract which they could prolly cut the cord once they saw him take one of his daily naps on field again.

    ONly way he will play like you say is if they backload his deal with some ridiculous incentives based on performance. However this guy already has all the money he needs so who knows if that will work either. Again, i just don’t think it was ever Washburn that made him once the best defensive player in the league. IMO, It was all about the money

  • Paulman here is the eagles first half of the draft so copy it and write it about a month from here so you can look smart

    1st rd – Stills
    2nd rd – D. Hightower
    2nd rd V. Burfict
    3rd rd – La. James
    3rd rd – N. Foles ( with pick for Asante)
    4th rd – G. IIoka

  • The Eagles need to stop looking at free agency and learn how to draft….that’s how you build a winner.

  • Realistic Eagles draft

    #15 – QB Brandon Weeden, 28yr old from Okla St….Reid says he is the next Favre and couldnt wait till round 2 to take him…he immediately becomes Danny Watkins camp roomate.


  • This question is for @pman & @shill……if this is going to be andy’s last year if our beloved eagles don’t make a strong run, why would they let Andy be in charge of this years draft? It doesn’t make sense to me. Or will the front office draft this years players?

  • (A conversation with my fellow NYG buddies)

    The Eagles are the reason we won the Superbowl because if they would have never took Steve Smith away from us there would be no Victor Cruz. LMAO

    That has a lot of truth to it…

  • To Trufan,
    I have your Mock Draft duly noted for the record..
    Who is that La, JAmes in the 3rd Round ???

  • To Eagleman215

    #1) I think GM Roseman has been mostly selecting the players their last 2 Drafts (with Andy’s Imput of Course, but I think Roseman’s had the final call)

    #2) I actually think Coach AR will be more involved this Draft since his butt is actually on the line this year and I will assume that he is going to select a few players early (1st 3 Selections in the first 2 Rounds ) as players who can come in immediately and contribute instead of the usual 2-3 Year grooming stage..

  • My take, because they have by no means made any decisions about Reid’s future or what will happen after the next season. Don’t be fooled by the media. They don’t get ahead of themselves. You don’t draft based on fear of failure this year. You draft with the personel you have in place, not based on ifs, maybes and guesses…

  • albert haynsworth is free.. he just might get here.. thats all i can say….lol

  • I hope the Eagles stay away from Haynesworth and Draft a big-hungry DT and learn to improve his craft his crat from Cullen Jenkins. I really believe Ithat DT Antonio Dixon’s Injury last Season really hurt the Eagles up front more than many fans relaized.. If he’s back 100% and in shape, I think Dixon can flourish in Washburn’s attacking stylye and can learn alot of playing with and next to C Jenkins.. With Dixon,CJ, Patterson, Landri and a maybe a Drafat PIck, that’s a pretty solid Rotation of DT’s in my opinion… Have the Experience of CJ and PAtterson, the non-stop Hustle of Landri and 2 big guys in Dixon and the Draft PIck… I don’t think the Eagles need Haynesworth at all and would only be a distraction .. . Now if Dixon or PAtterson were slow to recover from injuries, and Landri signed elsewhere, then maybe I would entertain Haynewsworth out of neccessity..

  • Good points by both

  • Players from 2011 draft class that may improve from first to second year when guys make their biggest leap in most cases.

    Watkins-I think the kid is a worker and he has pride. He wants to be good and that is just as important as talent sometimes. As far as talent, he is average. But wanting to be good and taking pride in what he does will make this guy a good solid RG. Not a PB but good like Herremans.
    Jarrett-I just see him as a bust. Big reach and dumb pick. Last year’s Teo-Nesheim. He will be out of the league in four years. Three because the Eagles try desperatyely to prove they didn’t screw up and then one year bumping around then gone. Enjoy the pension kid.
    Curtis Marsh-I like his measureables but man all he did was fuck up and look dumb when he played. Maybe Bowles can work with him. The raw materials are good.
    Mathews-runt of the litter. Kid has pride though and he will develop into a decent role player in a couple years. Could see him making a mark as a ST ace. Larry Izzo type. Never going to be a good starter though.
    Henery-he will be a good solid kicker in this league. Lacks great leg strength but he will be reliable inside 45.
    Dion Lewis-too small. Next.
    Vandervelde-mystery to me but a good back up prospect.
    Kelce-I don’t see as much as some other people do but I think he will be solid. He’s a worker and I like his mean streak. Needs to get bigger.
    Rolle-I like him. He is the best LB on this team and he will make an impression next year. He is one to watch for.
    Havili and Lloyd-will have a nice summer job as camp bodies.
    Henry-too bad there are not any good veterans out there this year. We need a better punter than this. You always have to watch for guys that punt in warm weather. Look at all the top college prospects. They punt in warm climates or domes. That was Rocca’s problem. He couldn’t kick nearly as well after Halloween. Get the best punter north of the Mason-Dixon line as UDFA.

    Overall I do not think we will look back at this as a bad draft class. Did we get any studs. No. But we did get four guys that I think can be good solid starters. Maybe a good role player in Mathews and possibly even Marsh as a nickel back one day. Teams do not consist of all stars. You need regular guys that just do their job and work at it. Most teams don’t get a PBer every year. And we haven’t gotten one in last two, but I think this was a pretty good draft when you look back after next year.

  • I swear that Dave Spadaro did not write that last piece. It was really jbird.

  • LaMichael James RB Oregon. Common Paulman didn’t think i had to educate u too

  • Paul, Hayneworth is a big-hungry DT. Look how fat he is. Do you think he’s missed a few meals. Fat tub of lard.
    trufan, did I read you making excuses, & blaming us losing on luck? And the last time I looked, the Giants have 2 SB wins in 4 years. The Eagles losing have ZERO to do with luck, it’s called a clueless front office, over-matched coaching staff, bad talent evaluators, players that can’t play, soft players, stubbornness, arrogance, stupidity, delusions, ego & the love for the status quo, that prevents us from winning the SB. Did I miss anything? Come on dude, I think you have more sense than that. BTW, if that mock draft you put up comes to fruition, I’ll be ecstatic. But Stills will be gone by #15, Hightower isn’t lasting until our 2nd pick, & Iloka will be gone by the 4th round. But I’ve seen stranger things happen in every draft. So let’s keep our fingers crossed. [-o>

  • jbird…….you’re right on. A few more drafts like last year will be the ingredient we all need to get this team to the Superbowl and begin the “Dynasty”.

  • Guys you notice the Eagles spin machine is not using the so called 2nd year jump for rookies excuse this year after their 2nd year guys from last year totally sucked ass.

    This year excuse was the limited OTA’s and the lack of time Vick had with the coaches.

    Did the 49ers new coaching staff have a full offseason with the pudrid Alex Smith.

    I can’t wait for the new excuse after Andy destroy another wide open chance to win it all.

  • Trufan,
    RB L James is another dyanmic,speed but small player and the type that Coach AR loves .. If Eagles end up with multiple selections in the 3rd Round, he is a definite possibility, good call there .

  • Must win…

    After “The 400” made a offensive line coach a defensive coordinator I thought he “must win”

    After “The 400” used our 1st round pick to take the Oldest 1st rounder in the HISTORY OF THE NFL I thought he “must win”

    After “The 400” sighed a player with back problems to protect Mike Vicks blind side, I thought he “must win”

    Ah but Jeffrie Loser made it clear, the only thing Andy Reid has to do is put fans in the seats and sell merchandise.

    Go to Pittsburgh or New York if you are looking for a “Must Win” Francise. The Eagles only “Must Win” game is winning the Salary Cap Championship.

  • The New Scapegoat IS………..

    Good morning fellow Eagles fans. I’ve been away for a few weeks as I needed to, to calm down my anger over the Giants win a Super Bowl with a coach they hate, while our beloved Eagles failed to make the playoffs due to bad decisions and poor play while our players showing their loyalty by saying, “We love our Coach”! One of the reasons why Andy Reid will be returning is due to the loyalty of his players and how they play hard for him. Why am I not buying? The Giants hate their coach and won 2 Super Bowls while the Eagles love their coach and they haven’t won a Playoff game in 3 years. What is wrong with this picture?

    Hearing about the Giants win in the Super Bowl (because I didn’t want to watch it because I knew the Giants would win and money off it to) wasn’t the most aggravating thing, it’s the fans and the media looking for the scapegoat for the Eagles disappointing season. All I read and see is how the Eagles can’t win a Super Bowl with……..Michael Vick. I call this after the departure of Donovan McNabb. I asked who would be the scapegoat when the Eagles continue to lose the same way they were losing when McNabb was here and I said it would be Michael Vick and my opinion is now reality. Fans and talk show host attacking Michael Vick’s injury history and inability to slide or go out of bounds to avoid injuries and how his play at QB has reverted back to his Atlanta days after he got the money. Now some of this may be true but is he the MAIN reason for this team’s failure. The answer is NO!

    Who is the MAIN reason for these failed seasons year in and year out but continues to get support from the blindfaithful AND Eagles ownership? No surprise here, it’s Andy Reid. Now I’m not the one rip people just to rip them, but it annoys me when people continue to look for scapegoats for each failed season instead of just admitting the truth….that we can’t win a Super Bowl with Andy Reid!

    Jeffrey Lurie’s speech where he acted out this script where he plays the concerning Owner that understand the fans anger (he’s a movie producer folks) was just another slap in the face by the Eagles FO. They believe we are all blind loyalist that will believe anything he says IF it’s scripted correctly. Anyone with any common sense can see that what he was saying didn’t make any sense and that his speech was NOT sincere. The thing he said that outted him as a liar in his speech was his decision to let Andy Reid decide on Juan Castillo’s fate. Why? Because Lurie has confidence in Andy Reid’s decisions….huh?!? What decisions is Lurie talking about? I’m going to post a few decision made by Andy Reid that would got him fired if I was the Owner. And here they are:

    1. The year he didn’t value puntrunners – First game of the season, 2 punt returns, 2 fumbles that cost them the game against GB.

    2. Andy Reid doesn’t value full backs/big backs – The Eagles year in and year out struggle on 3rd and inches

    3. Andy Reid doesn’t value Possession WRs/Redzone WRs – The Eagles are near the bottom in Redzone touchdowns

    4. Andy Reid doesn’t value an effective running game – He limits one of the best backs in the league to only 10-15 carries game and wonder why they lose leads in the fourth quarter.

    5. Andy Reid doesn’t value linebackers – other teams attacked this obvious weakness ALL season long

    6. Andy Reid signs 2 big new corners – And then takes them out of their natural positions and wonder why they didn’t meet expectations (Nnamdi playing zone instead man-to-man, DRC playing nickel)

    7. Andy Reid settles for FGs in the Redzone – The Dallas game applies here where a FG would mean automatic defeat because our defense couldn’t stop the Cowboys all game and instead going for it at the end of the game, he settle for a FG and gave the ball back to Dallas who ran the clock out because our defense could not stop them…as expected.

    8. Letting Dawkins walk – now they have NO leader in the lockerroom and it showed on the field for the defense.

    9. Letting David Akers walk – The last of the veteran players from the 2004 Super Bowl and he went on to have a Pro-Bowl season in SF.

    10. Andy Reid relies on “Running” QBs to bail out his failed offensive schemes – And then the “Running” QBs are blamed for failing to lead the team. Why hasn’t Andy Reid drafted a Prototype QB to run this offense…I will get to that in a moment.

    11. Letting Juan Castillo learn on the job – on a team with aspirations of going to the Super Bowl; Andy gives the highest position on defense to an offensive line coach who had NO experience coaching defense at the NFL level.

    11a. Lurie letting Reid decide Castillo’s fate – No surprise here…Andy brought his loyal employee back as defensive coordinator for another season, Aaaaarrgh!!!

    These are the decisions that Jeffrey Lurie has sooooooo much confidence in. Lurie also mentioned Andy Reid’s track record and number of times his team got to the NFC Championship game and the such. Again, this is a slap in the face of loyal fans who pay with their hard earned money to watch a good product on the field. Lurie is talking ancient history and we are suppose to hang our hats on that? What about his track record over the last three season? No playoff victories, that’s right ZERO! It’s not a coincedence that since Jim Johnson’s passing and Brian Dawkins departure to Denver has left the Eagles with a team that can’t win in the playoffs because of Andy Reid’s decisions listed above. It’s safe to say that Jim Johnson’s defense has carried this team and the moment he left this team has went down hill from there, yet our beloved owner wants us to believe that Andy Reid’s track record (as if he was main reason for his own success) warrants a 2nd chance. With the anger of Lurie’s lies, Andy Reid inability to coach winning football, the fans/media attacking Michael Vick while looking away from Reid’s errors and the Giants winning the Super Bowl, I have come to this conclusion and here it is………….

    Since this fanbase and the local media continue to support Andy Reid and blaming the “running” QBs each season for the team’s failures, I would like to suggest this…It’s time that Andy Reid draft a “Smart” QB or get one in free agent. Peyton Manning should be out there, the Eagles should be contacting the Colts about a deal or give him a lucrative deal when he’s released from the Colts when they draft Andrew Luck. Bring back Jeff Garcia or AJ Feeley or try to bring back Kevin Kolb or broker a deal with GB and get Aaron Roders backup (I think his name is Flynn). This way if the team continues to fail with those QBs then people will blame the right person for all the failures this team has experienced not make certain players scapegoats because of an issue they have with that player or some hidden agenda. Give us a “Smart” QB that plays in the pocket and we will finally see who the REAL problem is on this team. With that being said, I have the feeling that even if they did get Peyton Manning and continue to fail, the fanbase will find another player to make the scapegoat because most don’t have it in them to just admit who is the biggest problem in this team. It’s gotten to a point that the only way this fanbase will out the coach is if it adopted Rush Limbaugh’s idea of an all “Smart” team, then there will be no one for certain folks in the media and fanbase to blame except Andy Reid. That in itself is pretty sad.

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