• January 23, 2022

Eagles won’t raise ticket prices for 2012

This has to be considered one of the smarter things the Philadelphia Eagles have done in recent memory. The team will not be raising ticket prices this season, just like they haven’t in the past four years. This might be good enough to keep the pitchforks away…for now.

“We understand that this is a difficult economy, and we’re grateful that fans still turned out this season in sell-out numbers to support the Eagles,” Eagles President Joe Banner said in a statement. “Holding the line on pricing for another year was one way we could thank Philadelphia fans for their continued support.”

Which also could read: “While we are capable of some incredibly poor decisions, we’re also well aware that asking for even an extra penny from our loyal fans (who continued to show up during this stinkburger of a season in which we spent a ton of money on a bunch of guys who got us eight wins), would be a huge mistake. Like ‘making Juan Castillo our defensive coordinator’-type of big mistake.”

This is a smart move by the Eagles. Might have been smarter to cut the prices a bit, but you and I know that ain’t happening.

Micah Warren

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  • High five Joe and Jeff
    thanks for helping the top level fans still enjoy their weekend

  • they should actually reduce them by 5%-10% in my opinion and would even be a better PR move..

  • caption for photo…”You’ll pay for those comment Warren!!”


  • Get real, yeah no superbowl, but you had a more good times than bad under lurie and crew. Arrogant fans should not complain about arrogant Reid and FO we were made for each other! LOL I still luv ya fellas, best fans in America. I would say world but have you seen some of those soccer fans in Europe Whoa baby!

  • Anyway…. What a great time it is to be a NY fan. Giants won the superbowl. Jeremy Lin, Peyton Manning to the Jets talks. All philly has to talk about is this garbage LOL.

  • ….NY?? last time I looked the Knicks were 5 games back of the sixers, and does anyone actually consider the Nets an NBA team??…..yeah, those Mets are really looking to be a threat to the Phillies this year!! New York sucks with or without a SB championship…go screw yourself you giant maggot

  • BTW, the Jets & Giants play in NJ, loser! The Muts are a bunch of bums like you, & the Yankees are the highest paid team every year that wins STUGOTS! Go on a NY website you troll!

  • Have you been injured in an accident? Slip and fall?

    call…..Lurie, Roseman,& Banner

    We’ll get you the settlement you deserve….call 1-800-SUCK ASS

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