• December 2, 2021

Vontaze Burfict Is An Impact Linebacker

Arizona State’s middle linebacker Vontaze Burfict is definitely an impact player.  He plays the game with a chip on his shoulder, which is something you like to see at the middle linebacker position.

He plays a physical brand of football.  More than any other college linebacker, Burfict drives ball carriers backwards.

There’s no question that he is a talented young linebacker, who plays the game passionately but his fundamentals must improve drastically.  He’s got to learn to shuffle rather than stand up and run.  When you commit one way without shuffling, it’s nearly impossible to come back the other way.

Burfict delivers a pop when he comes into contact with ball carriers.  He reminds me of Jeremiah Trotter with the way he’s able to blitz against offensive linemen and pound them before they can get out of their stance.

He’s got to develop his pass coverage skills.  I would also like to see him do a better job of using his hands with offensive linemen and getting off of blocks.

Burfict has a big upside, but that means play passionately but under control.  He’s got to play smarter and control his emotions to avoid getting stupid penalties, but I do like the attitude he brings to a defense.

I’m not sure he’s a middle linebacker in a 4-3.  I would lean more to him being an inside linebacker in a 3-4 than a middle linebacker in a 4-3.  He just doesn’t make enough plays because of his slow reads and bad technique.

I think ultimately he might wind up being an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.  If he works at his game, he could make an impact in the NFL.




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  • “I’m not a fan at all,” said Mayock. “I just watched a bunch of his tape the other day. I came away unimpressed.” Mayock said he tried to filter out Burfict’s off- and on-field behavioral issues and graded him strictly off game tape. “His instincts aren’t good,” Mayock observed. “He gets enveloped by bigger bodies and he runs around blocks. I don’t see first round at all.”

  • Pauline reports that NFL teams’ biggest concern with Burfict is work ethic, and he apparently hasn’t solved the issue ahead of the draft. Per Pauline, Burfict is unable to complete 15 reps on the 225-pound bench press with one week left before the Combine. After a poor junior season at Arizona State, Burfict’s draft stock could be headed for free fall if he performs poorly in Indy.

  • Burfict was a third-year junior before he declared for the draft, so the 17 personal foul penalties occurred only in a 35-game span. And that’s not including other, lesser penalties. On-field character is a real concern for Burfict. His work ethic and 2011 performance have also been criticized by draftnik types.

  • Tommy Lawlor is not a Burfict fan: http://scoutsnotebook.com/2012/01/player-spotlight-vontaze-burfict/
    Tony Pauline and Mike Mayock are not impressed by Burfict, either: http://nfltraderumors.co/draft-news-vontaze-burfict-nick-toon-kendall-wright-zach-brown-rueben-randle-orson-charles/

    The work ethic questions are red flags to me. The last thing this team needs is more slackers. He really needs to knock it out of the park at the Combines to not have his stock slide farther.

  • Per Breer, “the word is out” on Burfict, and he has “serious image recovery” to do at the Combine. Burfict was commonly mocked on ESPN at No. 29 overall to the Ravens as recently as late January. The media seems to be catching up with the NFL’s evaluation of Burfict, and his stock is “falling” in the public eye.

  • According to the NFL Network’s Albert Breer, Arizona State Sun Devils linebacker Vontaze Burfict is already getting a bad reputation in some circles as being much less tough than originally thought, and shouldn’t be amongst the top 30 or so talents entering the NFL Draft this year.

    “… When I did a mock last month, initially had Burfict at end of Round 1. Sent it to 6 or 7 personnel guys. All told me to take Burfict out”

    “… One of these execs thought I was particularly crazy for having him at 31 or 32, and called Burfict a “fake tough guy.” Ouch.

  • I could care less if the Eagles’ select this guy at one point or not because none of us know whether or not he’ll ever be a good player, but it better not be with one of the first 2 picks.

  • enough said…Do we need an impact player or just another system guy for the defense?

    Don’t worry…Ross over there with the Giants won’t let him pass them…Now, that”s a championship mentality.

  • Anything that Mike Mayock says should be taken with a grain of salt IMO. This is the same guy that said that Gerald McCoy would be a better 4-3 DT then Suh. That clown lost all credibilty with me at that point.

    No doubt Burfict’s stock is dropping fast. He really tailed off late last season, and has obvious discipline issues, but the size, speed and tackling ability is there.

    We need some fire on this defense, and I think Burfict would be a great pick, and if we can get him in the 2nd round, even better.

    For every Albert Breer quoting “un-named personnell guys” saying Burfict isnt going to go high, there are guys like Mel Kiper and Todd McShay that have him rated as the 2nd or 3rd LB coming out.

    The bottom line, the tape dont lie. He has shown that he can be an impact linebacker against high level competition.

  • Mayock is probably one of the best pure Talent Evaluators in all of Football..His ability to see how Talent/Skill of players translate from the College Game to the NFL Level is the best in the business and more consistent that Mel Kiper/Todd McShay and others..
    I think Burfict will be a good NFL Player if he gets on the team with solid leadership and good coaching, Burfict has the physical tools and probably better suited as a SAM LB in the Pros than playing in middle.. He will make a good player for someone, but with his character issues, lack of maturity and coachability issues, it won’t be with the Eagles…

  • I want to discuss something that is going to pop here amongst us Eagle fans as we move towards FA on 3/13. That is this ever looming call for Fat Albert Haynesworth. Last year there was a lot of sentiment about wanting to go out and get this guy. So it bears some discussion. Last year he was property of the Skins and playing under a huge contract. Shanny was not going to cut him and let him return to the Eagles which would be a likely landing spot so he traded him out of the conference. The Eagles would never have taken on that contract anyway or given up a high pick for the guy. So he really was not attainable.
    Now to discuss further, last year many of us felt like this would be a good idea because we felt the guy just wasn’t motivated to play for a loser team with a coach he didn’t like that was trying to force him to play in 3-4 system that he hated. If he came here he could be with his mentor Jim Wasburn in a 4-3 system in the wide nine and playing for a contender. Right? Well he got traded to a much more legit contender than the Eagles with a coach and culture that is known to be able to work with difficult players. And he was a bust. So forget about being motivated to play for a contender and forget the 3-4 stuff because Belichick put him in a 4-3 scheme to try to get production from him. Still it didn’t work and he was a lazy malcontent there as well. He was traded to Tampa and actually did not play poorly although he was said to be a headache and still getting paid $7.2 M.
    So fast forwarding to now, is this a guy that we should still consider? That is a complex question and it is going to irritate many of us that many guys on here will call for him incessantly between now and whenever some other team were to sign him.
    The cons are obvious. But let’s consider the pros for one moment. First he would be playing for his old coach in the one system that he was very successful in, the wide nine 4-3 defense. Now why did the wide nine work better in Tennessee and Detroit than it did here? Some would argue validly that those teams had Tulloch and that’s why it worked better. I would argue that was part of it. But I would argue that a bigger part was that Tenn had Fat Al when he was the best DT in the game and that Detroit has Suh who is currently the best DT in the game. You see when you have all those miles between your defensive ends, it is paramount that you have someone standing between them that eats a lot of that space. 300 lb guys don’t eat that space. You need a REALLY BIG guy that CANNOT be single blocked to eat that space. Patterson and even Jenkins can both be single blocked. When Haynesworth plays at HIS average level, (I’m not suggesting he will ever again be the player he was in 2008. He is too old and too much time has passed. He can’t just flip a switch and go back there) he can’t be single blocked by the average OG. And this line could really use that. They have needed that guy literally since Jerome Brown. And that is why this becomes something that fans want so badly.

  • Vinnie….I agree that Burfict shouldn’t be taken with any of our first picks.

    I mean why pick Burfict when we need talent like Brandon Graham, Nate Allen, Jaqai Jarrett, Trevor Laws, Jerome McDougal, Broderick Bunkley, Patterson, to play in the all important first couple of picks slot.

    Thanks Vinnie

  • TL:DR

    But since it said Haynesworth Ill comment:

    If he didnt play in Washington, New England, and Tampa, what makes anyone think he is going to play here? The fire is gone, he is done as a player.

  • lol @ SONGSRME2

    So true. Lets draft another offensive lineman just to be safe.

  • Burfict looked unbelievable in that video 2010 — what happened to him in his Junior year that all those scouts vinniethevictor mentioned turned on him? In the first seconds of the Keuchly video they said he was preseason#3 and in the Burfict video preseason#2 who was preseason #1?

  • I think the comparison is actually quite laughable between Luke and Vontaze. Just look at the clips above.

    Its the same thing over and over with Luke. Tackling guys after a 4 yard gain. Dropping into coverage against the 3rd passing option.

    Look at the Burfict clip. Right off the top of the vid against Oregon (yes Oregon! not Nevada!) tackles for loss, big hits. IMPACT PLAYS!

    Keuchly is an average player at the next level. He is Paul Puzluzney all over again.

  • I’m going to break this up so it might get read by those who actually read other comments like myself rather than those who just want to hear themselves talk. Yes I’m talking to you trufan who totally ignored me the other day while I was agreeing with you and addressing you directly.
    The other pro now is that there is nothing to give up for Fat Al. No draft picks. No seven million bucks. There is no risk. The FO simply talks to him and says, “This is what we have in mind. We would really like to have you here and we think you could really help this football team and Jim has tremendous confidence that you are a player that still has a ton to offer. But your track record over the last three years puts us in a position in which we cannot guarantee you anything. And we cannot offer you a lot of money because we don’t have it and there is too much risk. We can give you X with some incentives and no signing bonus. This a take it or leave it deal. What do you think?” It is really that simple. If he plays he gets paid. If he decides to be lazy or a pain in the neck, he gets cut. Nothing lost. You don’t pin your hopes on this guy because that would be a recipe for disaster because there is an 80% chance that he bombs again.

  • listen to this scout, that scout,, but look with your own eyes at that video, his athleticism, speed and power are apparent, throw in the attitude and you have the potential to be a great one, i don’ want to hear about risks, all picks are risky because you are projecting, but this guy burfict is a game changer, put him on the weak side, sign tulloch for the middle, now you have something to talk about

  • Paulman…read my post. All these other guys are ignoring me.

  • I reaad your post jbird,
    I am not a fan or in favor of brining in Albert Haynesworth.. I want young players to play to learn and get more experience and improve rather then brining in re-treads like Hayneswoth, Moss,etc,etc . This didn’t work last Season when thy brough in R Brown, VY , Steve Smith, Jarrod Page.. How much more advanced and confident would QB Mike Kafka been if he played in the those 4 games rather than VY.. The Eagles at 3-6 last year were not gong to make the Playoffs anyways and it would have been smarter for the Team to play QB Kafka, RB Lewis over Ronnie Brown, and maybe C Harbor more to see what these young guys got moving forward..

  • The huge pro is that if that 20% chance comes through and Fat Al is 75% of his 2008 self, he is still one of the top ten DTs in the game and top three against the run. That makes the LB issue less of a crisis. Does it eliminate the need? Not at all. But right now we have a crisis. We have to have a good MLB to make the playoffs next year. It is a “have to.” Not an “it would help.” Its is a “have to.” The schedule is too hard to have that glaring weakness. And given the crisis, you can’t really roll with another rookie. And what if we miss again and draft the wrong guy when we were absolutely depending on him for our playoff lives to fix the problem immediately?
    Here is what we can do if we keep Jenkins and give Fat Al a low risk contract: first we can avoid spending all of our FA money on a MLB. Because it will take all of our money, especially if we franchise the punk. Instead for the price of Fat Al and a veteran SAM we can get two players instead of one. SAMs are much cheaper than MIKEs. We could sign a guy like Manny Lawson and let Chaney compete for the middle.
    The conventional wisdom has been lets get a FA MIKE and draft a SAM. SAM is in worse shape than MIKE truth be told because Jordan is fine in short stretches and Fokou is absolute garbage. We have no SAM on the roster. At least we have Chaney at MIKE. He is average, but he is not garbage like what we have available at SAM. So SAM is really the more pressing need. If Fat Al plays well then MIKE has less responsibility. And there is no MIKE in the draft that is enough of a slam dunk to draft at #15 so it is very risky to draft a MIKE at # 15 because you could very well waste the pick. Also there is no Suh in this draft. There isn’t one in most drafts but aside from Devon Still who I don’t think will be there at #15, you are going to get a Broderick Bunkley, Mike Patterson, Corey Simon type guy with the #15 pick and that is not value either. So what to do?
    If you get a good veteran SAM like Lawson and take the chance on Fat Al, you can draft a WR with the # 15 pick. There is much more value at #15 with this year’s WRs than with this year’s MIKEs and DTs. And then you don’t have to franchise DeSean or pay him 9.5 M. You also put pressure on Maclin that this a no excuses year so start putting up first round numbers or forget the big contract next time around. It is a domino effect.
    You then draft a MIKE in the second round with less risk and he can compete with Chaney to start. You get the best from the kid and from Chaney because they are forced to compete and nothing is handed to anyone. Burfict and Hightower are guys that will still be there in the second as well as some other good prospects.

  • Top linebackers in the draft and their comparison:

    LB Courtney Upshaw = Terrell Suggs, Ravens
    LB Luke Kuechly = Dan Connor, Panthers
    LB Donta Hightower = Brian Urlacher, Bears
    LB Vontaze Burfict = Bart Scott, Jets
    LB Lavonte David = Jonathan Vilma, Saints
    LB Zach Brown = Rocky McIntosh, Redskins

  • I read it Jbird……I would take a fly on Haynesworth; he wont cost you much and he’s better than Trevor Laws at 5% motivated. Both he and Jenkins in the middle is close to what we need, with Dixon, and Brandon Thompson backing them up. We have never replaced Jerome Brown. Reid drafted Bunkley, and Patterson, envisioning fastballs to get to the QB, but Jenkins had more sacks this year than Bunkley, and Patterson had in their last 5 years playing together, and as much as some try to say they were good, iti never improved our run defense; we got run on religiously because they were too small, and couldn’t carry the load. If he wants to go to the bowl, and keep his job, he better change his philosophy on DT, and LB’s. I don’t care what anyone says, Vontaze Burfict on the outside is what the Eagles need. He doesn’t need to start this year, that’s why you bring in a veteran, but he will next year,and he is more talented, and physically equipped to bring the nasty to this defense than anybody else they have.

  • Jbird, I read your post too. I agree that they need a fatty to fill up the middle and I think that they thought that Dixon was gonna be that guy and then he got hurt. They need a huge run stopper Gilbert Brown type dude, but I don’t think that Haynesworth is that guy. If Belicek can’t motivate, how can Reid?

  • It’s stupid to draft a WR AT #15, especially since DeSean isn’t going anywhere, and with more urgent needs at linebacker. Bring in veteran DT’s, and draft 2 for depth, but not at 15……………

  • If those comparisons actually project JOTT, then I would take Hightower (who I am really a fan of) and Updshaw.

  • Honestly- i would bring in Fat Al if he comes for next to nothing. He knows what he would be meant to do here…. take up space in the middle. He knows the coach and he knows the system. That being said….. id rather draft a Stud DT in the draft if there is one.

    about Burfict- honestly guys…. what Kind of LB does this wide 9 really need. I mean- dont we have enough system guys? If this guy is there in the 2nd round i would perhaps take him. The bigger problem for me with these Charater guys is… whos going to coach them? Im not sure we have the kind of staff here that can control them. I want nuts but whos gunna put them in the can?

  • jbird –Haynesworth is damaged goods I don’t think the birds want any more injured hurt guys like Ryan Harris or Marlin Jackson or Ricky Sapp or Cornelius Ingram or Jack Ikegwuonu

  • Get Haynesworth and Burfict for some real defensive nastiness. if anything, get burfict at least.

  • ARM….I appreciate your feedback and you are probably right. But the remote possibilty with little risk might just be worth giving it a try. If it doesn’t work what do you lose? Nothing. The day he gets cut the checks stop and he doesn’t effect the cap because there is no bonus. If he agrees to play with no guarantees there is really nothing to lose. It is no more risky than signing Dan Conor, Larry Grant or DeAndre Levy to be our MLB. These are the guys we have a good shot at because Tulloch and Loftan and Hawthorne are simply not likely to be an option at all. And none of those guys thrills me. With these DTs, the MIKE has got to be REALLY good. Not just a little better than Chaney or “solid,” but really good. I don’t have any more confidence that Conor, Levy or Grant can be really good than I do that Wash can get Fat Al to play one more time. Get my drift?

  • gmcliff…Thanks for responding. I’m a little disappointed with you if you are a big DeSean guy. You can get a much better WR (like Kendall Wright) at #15 than DeSean Jackson. Maybe not as good this year but better than D Jack ever was by next year. Plus you make Maclin put up or shut up. If you recall he was supposed to be the number one and not D Jack. He has been an enigma. We signed Steve Smith because we were afraid he wouldn’t play last year. Now we don’t know what to do with Jackson because Maclin has not given us enough confidence after three years. Jeremy, the time is yours!! Lets see what you got? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

  • eagles do not need any one else’s trash, plus with a healthy Dixon and maybe a healthy, improved graham, they will be strong on the defensive line, why are talking about the d line, draft Burdick, and jbird stop your whining, limit the length of your posts, have a nice day

  • No WRs from the draft. Defensive needs are too glaring to add to a strength.

  • jakedog- because the D line can get to the QB but can they stop the run? thats y. Jenkins and Babbin are not the best at stuffing the run and wouldnt it be nice to help them with that?

    the middle of the D is soft jake. Starting at DT, then to MLB and FS. we need hitters… enough system guys… we need hitters.

  • You have to see what Burict does at the compound, but character issues aside he’s the best early draft rookie avialable for the Eagles defensive system.

    As to jbird’s Fat Albert point: If Tampa releases him (and I expect that they will…just checked and they did yesterday) the Birds should try to get him in on a low cost one year deal to kick the tires with him playing for Washburn again.

  • Jbird —- the eagles would rather get screwed by Victor Abiamiri again before Haynesworth because when Abiamir screws them he does it quietly

  • The question we are really asking guys is what kind of D are the going to run.

    In the recent past the eagles have built a fast, thin, D that focuses on turnovers and getting pressure on the QB. Everyone is either a “ball hawk” or has a “high motor”. The hope is- we score 35 points with the high flying “young guns” and the D becomes a moot point. But the way to best hurt this is to do what GB in the playoffs 1 year ago. Grind it. Quick screens. Short quick passes. Run up the middle.

    The flip of that D is a dream.. but an unreal one. Id love to bring back that old Buddy Ryan 46 D style. Where everyone smashes and stomps. Lb’s are built like tanks and FS’s try and blow out knees. Those days are long gone my friends BUT…. can there be a mid ground? I say yes.

    I think the birds need some Tude. And i dont mean the ASAM talk all day about my hair Tude. Im talkind…. Jim Wash in your face Tude.

    Im not going to lie…. i wanted Phillips last year when the cowboys let him go. Ill take this wide 9 tho… it has style. But now we need some beef on the middle.

  • stevo, a healthy Dixon is far better option than a fat malcontent, some other teams trash, is this really a discussion and why, because this jbird fella was about to tantrum for being ignored when he went off topic with a war and peace length post about haynesworth, draft burfict

  • steveo the eagles take after their leaders Juan NICE and Andy BORING—-so the eagles are going to run a nice and boring defense

  • Jake- prolly true. But just remember- a Healthy Sean Andrews is an elite Guard. A healthy Stu Bradly would still be on this team and a healthy Brian dawkins would have retired an Eagle. How many times have we entered the year hoping a CB can come back from that bad knee injury? Or that our star OT has figured out those back problems? Stack this team top to bottom with players. Jake, do you even understand how many spots on this team will be open after guys like Abi and Laws are gone?

  • Heres the problem with the “all in crap”- when does it end?

    Truth- we need a run stuffing DT and a gap smashing MLB- these 2 spots MUST BE VETS.

    Truth- we need a true S- one who brings the wood and a blue chip LB- draft picks.

    go and find a LB coach to coach them and we are off and running. (BTW NAVY- SEE IM BACKING OUR DC)

  • Stevo I like your plan

  • JBird I appreciate talent. Are you evaluating Kendall Wright based on talent, or the fact that DeSean had an off year. Because prior to this year no one talked about him like this. Reality, Kendall Wright, hasn’t proven he’s better than Todd Pinkston in the pros yet. I wouldn’t disrespect DeSean, and say a currently undrafted rookie to be, is BETTER THAN DESEAN EVER WAS; Is ridiculous. Be careful, those words can be easily eaten, because your saying he is going to the pro bowl, I think your overvaluing him a bit because honestly….. he can’t touch DeSean. That is until he proves it. Which we will see, but I DOUBT IT.

  • Hey Stevo – hope all is well – I freely admit that I do not catch enough college ball to have a solid input into ‘people’ – but definitely agree with you on the posisitons of interest. I think (with Dixon back) or D line will be fine – bring back Landri – keep Jenkins – Our CBs will be fine – focus on LB and S – I prefer a vet (mentor type) in the middle with your draft on the outside –

    My other random thoughts –

    I really don’t think anything is going to change in coaching ranks – I would not bring in Haynesworth – Jake talking about other people whining is funny – Jbird has good thoughts – most important thing to do on offense is keep Mathis – songs is an idiot – and I am going to Las Vegas this weekend – I think we should get our Darwin awards ready for the idiots that will post lame ass comments when we sign camp bodies to get the roster to 80 –

  • Navy- i agree that we womt be changing any coaches…. but a LB coach would be nice.

    The core of our team is good- the problem will be after we cut vets that have done nothing for us….. we will need to fill those spots. We are going to have lots of young guys on this team. Great starters and rookie/ 2nd year backups- thats how they will stay under the cap.

  • Good Stuff Tag, – But This is why I have been stating all week that Burfict, would be best utilized on the strongside….These so- called evaluators seem to blame him for Arizona States shortcomings…He is still the most talented LB prospect. He has exactly what the Eagles are missing….an attitude. He’s a competitor, what would you expect…Casey Matthews…He will be a better pro than alot of these other prospects that some are making out to be better than Burfict. Audie Cole, DaVonte David, Jerry Franklin, Luke Kechly – Sub-par Special teams players. Hightower, Burfict, and Nigel Bradham. Can we have some talent on this team by drafting better football players PLEASE…Instead of paying more for those — who we may overlook, or under-evaluate because of being overly critical — in free agency later when they prove they should have been drafted higher, and prove themselves all pros.

  • gm- im with you. I dont want any of these guys to try and start day 1. We need a vet FA MLB to add to this mix and perhaps another 1 via draft day trade. I actually would like to see what kind of impact sister mathews and Rolle make when the light is not so dang bright in their face. Not as starters but lets see what they can give us as backups. I miss the days when training camp gave guys a chance to compete for jobs instead of naming them the starter before they earn it….cough-KOLB-cough

  • I’ve read all of the recent criticism about Burfict and I will give the scouts and analysts the benefit of the doubt regarding their analysis, but as a devout Eagles fan I like him and think he has the exact attitude we need on Defense. Flat out he has more upside than ANY ILB in the draft this year. I hear this term “tackling machine” being thrown around allot and that’s all good but the Eagle don’t need a “tackling machine” on defense they need a difference maker and an intimidater. I’ve watched plenty of Burfict highlights and this guy is freeking amazing! There is not another LB in this draft that has gifts or his attitude. If the eagles bring in another sub 250lb ILB they will regret it. At this level size matters. No other ILB in this draft gets to opposing RB’s by knocking Offensive Linemen off their feet. And this whole “fake tough guy” label is suspect. Fake tough guys don’t get in their team mates faces for not playing well and fake tough guys don’t tell their coach their not coming out of the game. Besides, Philly can negate any problems with Burfict by bringing a Veteran in Like London Fletcher for him to learn behind. Burfict definately knows what Fletcher has done in this league and has to respect it. There are also plenty of respected veteran players on this team to keep him in line if necessary and besides that, after last season this locker room will be ultra no nonsense. If Philly passes on Burfict it will be like passing on Pierre-Paul… it will come back to haunt this team.

  • In case many of you forgot
    DC Juan Castillo concentrates on the LB’s and is assisted by
    LB Coach Mike Caldwell, Castillo knowledge and past experience on the Defensive side of the ball is at the LB level..

  • what’s the point paulman are you suggesting that he has influence over who the eagles draft early at linebacker, if they draft early at linebacker, I think many of us are resigned to the fact the eagles will not take burfict.

  • yes paul- we all know this…. but we dont like it.

  • Hell to the Yes, he is. Please GOD, Andy, do not draft Kuechly over this guy!!!

  • I mentioned this Jake for many think the LB Positions Coach Mile Caldwell was the only LB Coach and in fact, Castillo is the LB Coach ,with assistance from Caldwell, besides getting the Game plans together as the DC.. This is where the addiition of Todd Bowles should be able help as Bowles can assist Castillo with some of the schemeing/coverage packages and game planning for the the back end of the Defense.. ..

  • Boyer, that’s what concerns me, they will take Keuchley over burfict, keuchley played against weaker competition, not even close to burfict as a football player, a scout described burfict’s nastiness as like ray Lewis after someone kicked his dog, this is the type of football player this team needs right now

  • Jake, i forget who i was arguing abou this with when one of Garry’s guest writers posted about potential LB’s, but all you have to do is look at the tape (I’m agreeing with you here). Burfict is an absolute animal. You can “Combine” these players to death, but the tape always tells the truth. Burfict is a future all-pro.

  • Burfict a future all pro? Really? Did you see him play this year? He was almost invisible . The Philly fans will kill him by game 3 (as RBs run through hugh holes where he was supose to be). Having said that, I would consider taking him in round 3 or 4 (like Trotter) and take a shot that you could harness that undisciplined talent…

  • I agree…if he is there in the late 2nd early 3rd…i will definitely pick him…not in the 1st

  • Brufict has dropped all the way into the 2nd 3rd round. Mayock seems to really like the kid from Boston College Luke Kuechley who he said and i quote is the only LB worth tqking in the first round. Mayock does miss sometimes so like all the other players it can go either way. Ive seen Kuechley play and he does alot of great things out there, what stands out the most is his instincts. Not hes not speedy gonzalez but hes always in the right place at the right time, he is explosive and is the very best tackling LB in this years draft and we did struggle with that last year.. with all this said i dont see them drafting him or any other LB there. Theyre gonna go DL either DT Devon Stills who is starting to drop due to them saying he doesnt show that fire every down every play, some plays he would just stay with the guy blocking him.. they may go DT Brockers who like Stills is an absolute beast and Quinton Coples who is a hybrid DE/DT and will most likely be gone in the top ten but could drop weve seen that before.. but any 3 of these guys is where i would go in the first round with the 15th pick.

  • Burfict’s one and only Bowl appearance.

    0 tackles

    1 assist

    172 yrds rushing against.

    Looks all pro to me.

  • Vinnie I read today that Burfict was benched his last two games on the 2011 season, so your Bowl appearance stats are obviously a result of that conflict with Dennis Erickson. i didn’t see the bowl game but maybe the assist tackle is a just a special team tackle and not a result of poor play because he just wasn’t playing defense just special teams —–

  • he looks great in that video, which is for the 2010 season. Preseason TV draft analysts projected Burfict to be a top 15 draft pick for 2012 NFL entry draft —– He did not duplicate the same results in 2011 — either Pac-10 offense neutralized him or his body couldn’t maintain that aggressive power game for another 12 games in back to back years but he looked worse in 2011 and the TV draft analyst downgraded him out of a top 32 pick.

  • It’s clear that Burfict had choice words for Dennis Erickson and now the coach is seeking to sink him.

    The coaching fraternity is tight and this is nothing more than a smear campaign. the more I hear the more I want Burfict. We need a linebacker who will challenge stupidity and fight to stay on the field.

    Remember Trot bust into Reid’s office and had words once they franchised him?

    Passion s what this guy Burfict has and they’re trying to break him like a horse.

    Dennis Erickson have nothing good to say about Burfict for all those years?

    Well, why did Dennis Erickson have him on the team in the 1st place? Why recruit him?

    It’s evident this is personal.

  • Another observation..If Keuchly’s instincts are so good when sniffing out plays…why aren’t their one clip if him shooting the gap at the snap for tackles behind the line of scrimmage?

    He’s a regular linebacker who can play if the DT’s keep him clean on the 1st level…He’s not a game changer. He will not seperate players from the ball or intimidate anyone.

  • Ii still say DT Fletcher Cox from Miss State will be the Eagles #1 Pick
    Devon Still and Michael Brokers have 1 Season of good play in their resume
    In fact Still have 2 pretty averrage yers befire he’s bust out season last season so maybe he’s matured and gives effort on every snape now.. Brockers I am not so sure about .. Those LSU DL have been disappointments and get too big and slow once they become Pr’o’s Glenn Dorsey, Tyler Jackson,Drake Nevis all come to mind in recent years..

  • Paulman reported fall ooBurfict back in December… It;s become old news about Burficts fall from the 1st Round .. He gets susupended by his Coach, get into fights with your Coaches and Teammates, doesn’t follow instructions, issues with the Police in non-football issues, issues with the School Administrators in non-football issues all spell trouble for this yuong,immature player.. Could he turn it around as a Pro under the right siuation and tutleedge (like a Ray lewis or Patrick WIllis) Sure he can.. Will he get a chance with the Eagles for many of the other NFL Teams, no he won’ tfor they will stay way clear of him.. Insubordination and Hitting your Coaches is not accecptable, Problems with the Law and School (Grades) only reinformce that this kid has some serious issues ..

  • Songs — the BC Eagles look like they have real speed issues with their SAM LB ( LB Mark Herzlich) and have pushed him way out into the flat to compansate, which prevents Kuechly from being agressive and shooting a gap since he is covering more ground —- he is covering alot of territory for Herzlich which is real impressive because noone is getting by him

  • I’ve not only watched this kid play I’ve listened to him talk about being a leader and the kid says the right things. But in that same vein are we really looking for a coir boy at MLB? Philly has a solid close knit coaching staff with well liked and well respected position coaches. This team has the structure to bring this kid up the right way in this league. Besides that this team is very well positioned to take a “chance” on Burfict with FA, cap space, and the number or players they can trade or simply not re-sign. Dallas regrets to this very day passing on Randy Moss because they listened to the scouting reports. If Philly passes on this guy and lets him go to a division rival it will come back to haunt us. This guy has way too much talent at a position we sorely need to improve for us to pass on him.

  • Agree absolutely lion, and Paul, stop with the downfall bs, we are talking about an amateur athlete, not a pro, somebody will take him in the first, but it probably wiil not be the birds, the birds have it ass backwards, they take character issue guys on offense, choir boy types on defense, go figure

  • Anyone want to bet that Burfict does not go in the 1st Round…
    I bet anyone $10

  • burfict is falling to the second round right now .. imagine if we got kuechly and burfict.. which i would do

  • Big spender paulman ,10 bucks, I bet you go to bars with one of those plastic coin holders with the slit in the middle, 65 cents, belly up to the bar

  • I’m a little too old for the bar scence JAke,
    At 48 years old and 2 kids in High School preparing for College, my going to the Bar days are long gone. I have my “Man Cave/Draft Central/Sports Center” in my Basement..
    I state $10 Because I expect to get the 15-20 of you who think Burfict will go in the 1st Round to bet with me.. and I say Burfict will not go in the 1st Round ..

  • recent drafts don’t have many Lbs going in the 1st unless they are edge rushers like von miller or Aldon Smith, and Burfict has bad tape and bad head coach reviews —

  • OLB/DE like MElvin INgram is more of a Pass-Rusher and better suited in a 3-4 Defense,
    OLB Cortney Upshaw can play all over the place but will probably be the 1st true LB selected in the 1st Round.
    Donte Hightower will most likley go next towards the end of the 1st Round
    Zach Brown, Lamont David, Bobbie Wagner are all early to mid 2nd Round Selections then folowed by the others

  • Burfict is a 3rd round pick people….. there are already teams who took him off their draft board because of character concerns and I wouldnt doubt the Eagles are one of them…. the NFL is now a passing league and the need for a thumper at MLB is not a priority…..the secondary and defensive line will take precedence on draft day over LB

  • @paulman – agree on LB draft assessment……I am a huge David fan because he can play OLB on early downs and ILB on passing downs….complete package for today’s NFL defense

  • As a pro burfict is suited to the outside, a blitzing, Lawrence Taylor type, he is the most talented football player available, and the eagles should select him with the 15th pick, sign Tulloch for the middle, trade Vick to the dolphins for 2nd and 3rd, sign Peyton manning, now you have a championship football team

  • keep talking jake , i am listening . do the dolphins really do that deal ?

  • nev, dolphins need a quarterback, although Vicks stock took a hit with last years performance, I think they would be interested if the price is right, the flip side is to make certain manning is healthy, if so, I also think eagles would be a team he would want to play for, if eagles pulled this off, shoring up the defense with burfict and tulloch,improve other areas in draft with the picks from Vick, then we have something really exciting, real chance for super bowl, how about it

  • DOlphins will be signing free-agent QB Matt Flynn from the Packers who has worked with new Dolphin Coach Joe Philbin since he was drafted by the Packers 3-4 Years ago, A no brainer and probably a done deal already…
    Vick is not going anywhere (at least for the 2012 Season, no way, no how)
    Peyton Manning will most likely retire, but if he is able to come back, I see him
    landing with Arizona,Redksins or possibly the Jets… but I still think he retires..

  • Also note the New Dolphins HC Joe Philbin has been QB Coach with the Packers for a number of years and is a real proponent of the Packer/Holmgrem style of a West Coast Offense in which Vicks skills do not match very well..

  • Paulman, I want in on that action. Lock it in.

  • Ok Boyer
    I have you down for $10 , Boyer says LB Burfict goes in the 1st Round and I say that he doesn’t .. Who else want’s in…

  • Paul, I don’t need to bet you $10, but I think there is mutual respect for our opinions on this issue. If Burfict gets past Pittsburgh, Baltimore, or the Giants, I think he will go in the Mid – Late 2nd round. Somebody is going to get a steal, if they draft him to play at the position he’s suited for; the outside. I think we agree on that. Whether the Eagle stake him…..I don’t know for sure but my case for him has been, he brings something no other linebacker on the Eagles has….attitude. I want Courtney Upshaw, as my MLB of the future. I also want Burfict, and Nigel Bradham, but I also want some veteran leadership at that position that can come in start, and mentor all of these guys….We’ve got to have more talent at a position that has been neglected for years; I don’t mean drafting SOMEONE,..I mean getting some real players…I will go on record to say, Burfict will be a better pro, than college player. When this draft is looked at in the future. The Eagles will wished they drafted him, if they don’t.

  • Fair enough GMCliff, and I appreciate and respect your opinions as well.The
    Ravens & Giants need more OL Help than a LB with their 1st Round Picks (The Steelers actually need a DT with Casey Hampton probably done)
    I hope Burfict does get it together and has a great combine and gets drafted high and finds a home in the NFL, there is no doubt he has the Talent to be a good one, but there is so much more of being a NFL Professional Football player in the Today’s league besides just talent..
    I see the Eagles adding just 2 LB’s in this Draft — An OLB in the 2nd Round and a MLB in the 4th/5th Round as well as Signing 1 Veteran Free-Agnent to play MLB …

  • Amusing to watch the progression:

    Originally – Burfict a machine!!!!! Eagles need him in the middle He will exert his dominance and bring attitude against the run!!!

    Reality – Burfict is a putz, always out of position, benched by his own coach, not really that stout againt the run……

    Revised – Burfict was “out of position”. This is Ericosson’s fault!!!! He will be an amazing outside linebacker!!!! That’s where he will shine….all he’ll have to do is react……

    And so when when we look at his (non existant) pass D and pass rushing stats and realize VB is not suited to the outside….

    where will the revised2 “we must have Burfict” guys slide their arguements to I wonder???

    Interesting to note….the guys who are all over defending the Vick/Desean/sideways hat wearing crew are the first to jump on the Burfict bandwagon….

  • yeah…..a team with championship pedigree will obviously draft Burfict because they have the strong players on defense to help his transition and allow him to bring his exceptional power and speefd to their organization that will result in more championships….we’ll draft the media hyped Matt McCoy Deux by the name of keuchly because he’s the safe locker room guy. it have nothing to do with leadership for a rookie is not coming in a locker room to lead anything. This guy will be another bump in the road for Brandon Jacobs.

  • Brandon Jacobs will be getting released by the Giants Songs in a Salary-Cap Move, C’Mon Man… keep up with the NFL News..

    To Vinnie,
    I agree with you, I checked into Burfict and read many articles and watch some games with him back in December when his name was first being tossed around.. He’s another Ernie Sims Part II (as songs would say)
    Bad character, lack of smarts, Uncoachable and issues with the law, his teammates and authority.. I’ve stated these things 2 months ago and are now being confirmed by even the Profesional Draft Gurus in Mayock,Rang,McShay,Kiper…
    It’s not very difficult to find bad apples.. and Burfict is one of these.. ..
    Now Posters want to use the fact that the Eagles won’t Draft a player of his baggage as a Poster Excuse on why they will fail in 2012 and why AR and GM Roseman are putzes.. It is kind of funny but is is also pretty predictable with some of the posters too.. .

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