• August 17, 2022

Eagles 2012 Draft Needs And Possible Draft Choices

With 10 picks in the 2012 NFL draft and a significant amount of space in the salary cap, the Philadelphia Eagles are sure to be major players on draft day.  How effectively those picks are going to be used has yet to be seen, however.  Having 6 picks in the first 4 rounds of the draft also gives the team some flexibility if they feel they need to move around to get a particular player.

While there was some disagreement earlier about whether the Eagles would select a linemen (as Andy Reid has been notorious for) or linebacker (a position they greatly undervalue in the draft) in the first round, it’s widely agreed upon that Philadelphia will target Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly with their first round pick.  It’s without a doubt a position of need, and Kuechly is by far the most NFL ready linebacker in this year’s draft.

The only issue is that Kansas City (12th pick) and Dallas (14th pick) also have a need at linebacker, which could force the Eagles to trade up somewhere around the 10th or 11th pick to nab the BC standout.  The middle linebacker position is not the only one that needs addressed, and many experts are predicting the Eagles to use a 3rd or 4th round pick on Texas outside linebacker Keenan Robinson.  He has the potential the physical ability to go much higher than this, but “film doesn’t lie”, and right now he’s projected in the 3rd or 4th round.

There are obviously some other areas of need for this Eagles team (any time a team misses the playoffs, they are bound to have some glaring deficiencies).  I anticipate adding some depth to the offensive line with at least one of their second round picks.  Depending how the DeSean Jackson situation plays out, Philadelphia may find themselves in need some speed at wide receiver.  If Jackson does depart, they will also need to find someone to return punts, and many people feel that Joe Adams should be able to fill both those voids.

The restructuring of DT Cullen Jenkins’ deal certainly helps to solidify the defensive line for 2012, but a few draft gurus, such as Mel Kiper, have the Eagles taking another defensive tackle with their first round pick.  A significant part of this draft is going to see the Eagles take the best player available, after they address the glaring holes that were exposed in 2011.

Throughout the tenure of Andy Reid, and especially in recent years, the Eagles have performed disappointingly in the early rounds of drafts, and have found their biggest contributions from the middle to later parts.  In order for Philadelphia to contend in 2012, they are going to need to find some players in the first 3 rounds that can come in and make an instant, positive impact on this football team.  Doing so will also allow the team to grow organically for several years, as opposed to continually brining in free agents that need additional time to mesh with their teammates.

Carl Conrad

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  • is Keenan Robinson a MLB or OLB? — first time anyone suggested OL in the 2nd for depth — everyone was filling starting positions with the first 3 picks

  • MY draft

    1st round: Mark Barron

    2nd: Brandon Thompson

    2nd: Lavonte David (if Burfict is here tho i would take him)

    3rd: Bobby Wagner or Sean Spence

    4th: Ladarius Green (ran a 4.53 40 at 6-6 230 pounds…this guy might be almost as good as Jimmy Graham)

    4th: Bernard Pierce

    Then I uses the rest of the picks for O-line and either Brian Quick or Joe Adams

    Use FA to get a veteran linebacker

  • Keenan Robinson played OLB at Texas, He’s about 6-3 245lbs and would make a great SAM LB in a 4-3 Scheme in my opinion..
    If Eagles Re-sign LG E Mathis to a Deal, Then I think they can wait to the 4th Rd for an OL and maybe Draft a C/G type of Player for Interior Depth..
    If Eagles do not re-sign MAthis, then they would probably move Herremans back to LG and have to keep W Justice to play RT and Draft an OT in the 1st 2 rounds are so to groom for the future.. This is not a very deep Draft at the OT position but some good potential ones like Tony Bergstrom,Nate Potter,Matt Reynolds who should all be on the board come 3rd/4th/5th RD but will need 1-2 Years to compete for a Starting RT in the NFL

    Cowboys don’t need ILB’s for they have S Lee and last years 2nfd Round pick in Bruce Carter, but they do need an OLB to play opposite D Ware since they probably won’t resign Anthony Spencer.. and the Cowboys have more pressing needs at CB and Safety as well as OL I expect the Cowboys to select CB Dre Kirkpatrick if availalbe, then Janoris Jenkins if Kirkpatrick is off the board and if both CB’s are off the board, they may Select SS Barron with their 14th Pick
    The Chiefs have needs at OLB,DT and OL and would probably jump at LB C Upshaw, DT S Still or OT J Martin or OG D Decastro. The Chiefs MLB Isd Derick Johnson who is a very good LB and in his prime so I don’t see them making a move for Kuechly

    I think Kuechly will be on the Coard at #15 and I think the Eagles select at DT or possibly even drop back 5-10 Spots and get another 2nd or 3rd Rdd Pick for soing so and be in position to Select MLB D Hightower

  • Luke Kuechly will not be the Eagles pick if they decided to go linebacker, Courtney Upshaw would be their pick, possibly Hightower if Upshaw was off the board. Sean Spence and Bobby Wagner types is already on the team They are small 6’0″ 230 lbs, Sean Spence is actually smaller. Stop throwing names out there and think of the type of player needed to play in the Eagles scheme.

  • There gonna sign Stephen Tulloch so with the first pick the Eagles select Alshon Jeffery he weighed in at 219 or Micheal Brokers from LSU but my picks will change after free agency.

  • After combine Hightower will be the highest rated Mlb on the board.

  • Hey Mr. Conrad the Eagles need a physical game changing Middle linebacker and I don’t see Kuechley being that player Hightower played in big games dominated in the best conference in college football plus has more upside than your buddy from BC.

  • If Eagles don’t resign or trade D-Jax, you have to keep an eye on WR Kendall Wright from Baylor at the #15 Selection.. He would be the deep threat replacement from Day 1 for D-Jax and at 5-10 190lbs, can run and handle all the deep routes that D-JAx used to do.. Anyone watching the tapes of Baylores QB RGIII great deep TD Passes, well Kendall wirght was the WR making most of those catches and many of the were great catches in tight spots.. WR K Wright could play 35-40 Snaps a game as a Rookie and be as productive or more so than D-Jax does playing 60 Snaps
    then the Eagles get a Veteran Big WR like Burress and the Eagles don’t have to chaneg a thing offensivley except in the Red-Zone where they need some alley-oop plays to Burress

    Hightower has pass-coverage issues and will not leap over Kuechley as the Top MLB.. But for what the Eagles need to most is to toughen up the middle of their Defense at DT,MLB and SS.. Hightower even if a 2 Down LB and of course in SHort-yardage and Red-Zone defense would be a hugh improvment over what the have.. I am not sure you Draft that at #15, but if you trade down 5-10 SPots and then grab him it would be a great move and to be ghonest same with Safety Mark Barron,, Maybe $15 is too high, biut to me, if yuo get a players yuo really like, who fills an obvious need and can be a Starter and make a impact, then Select him when you have the chance and who cares if it was 5-10-15 SPots before they were supposed to go.. Once you have great players and winners, who remembers whether they were drafdt at #12, #18 or #24, get some damn players with passion,energy and a mean strak to them to help this Defense where it needs it the most which is right up the middle…

  • Luke Kuechly is NOT, head and shoulders above the rest of the class of draftees. Keep in mind that Courtney Upshaw, can play MLB. He can be used in so many ways, and he is an every down MLB, more so than Donte Hightower. Upshaw would be my MLB of the future, but I still bring in a veteran like London Fletcher, and Burfict to play on either side, along with Nigel Bradham or Bobby Wagner. I like Sean Spence, but he is small for the position. I would make him our strong safety. He hits like a truck, and he has the speed to cover; he runs a 4.4 40. He reminds me of Brian Dawkins, with better cover skills, and much more speed. But, as someone who is a better judge of talent than Howie Roseman, I’m not trying to hear Luke Keuchly. Although, this front office will think highly of him. Thats fine because I don’t. They’ll regret it after the season…thats what they get for drafting soft……….

  • No more players from Utah St we draft a guy from that school last season and he’s a stiff no thank you… Hightower can cover and he has long arms I watched 10 Alabama games this season and Hightower covered backs and tightends pretty good just because he’s 260 doesn’t mean he can’t cover plus hightower is a violent hitter and whats does the Eagles defense lack violent hitters.

  • Good points Turk, but as far as overall talent Upshaw is better, But, I would draft him if Upshaw’s not available, but I can trade down to get him. Curtis Marsh, was a converted RB to CB prospect; he’s still learning the position. I would be more comfortable drafting Bobby Wagner, but Nigel Bradham, would be my choice of the two, but I do think Wagner is a very good prospect.

  • WR’s this morning
    Michael Floyd from ND and Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech having excellent workouts so far…
    Stephen Hill is a 6-4 225 lbs from Georgia Tech who runs a heavy Wing-options Running offense and doesn’t throw much much.. Hill only had 28 Catches his Senior Season but is lighting it up at the combine with his 40 yd time of 4.3 and his catching skills… very impressive so far..

  • I agree about Stephen hill. He looks great. What’s the scouting report on him Paulman?

  • Wow Stephen Hill’s 40 yard time, did he play in the Senior Bowl?

  • TO be honest Btc24
    There are a lot of unknowns about WR S Hill since he played at Georgia Tech who passed the ball 15-18 Times a game.. he is known a good blocker with good hands, he ended up with a career of 49 Receptions for 1250 yards for a 25 yards per catch average and finished with 9 Career TD’s.. He was mostly asked to run the straight deep or post routes so his Route running is kind of unknown.. Georgia Tech’s Offense is the type of College Team that runs the ball 75% of the time and then relies on Play-action or fake option with a deep pass behind it.. It’s the system they have run there since HC Johnson took over a few years ago.. which is the type of Offense he ran at Navy when he coached there.. Hill is obvioulsy a great athlete with size an speed and remember 2 Years ago another WR from Georgia Tech by the name of Danarius Thomas was the 1st WR taken by the Denver Broncos who shas shopwn some flashes as a Pro but had some injuries his Rookie Season and then last Season had QB Tebow throwing him the ball so the jury is still out on Thomas.. Hill was alros ranked the 20th Best WR coming out of High school when he signed with Georgia Tech so you have to assume that this guy can catch and run routes, but Teams at his provate workouts will get a lot better feel.. It appears that Hill has a bright future..

  • Stephen Hill is a 2nd round pick…. .he has SICK potential and Randy Moss type ability….however, he needs to work on route running…..if you are looking for someone to run posts or deep routes, Hill is the guy! Right now he is the 7th ranked WR in the draft.

  • To Eagles
    WR S Hill came out after his Junior Season at Georgia Tech so he was not eligible to participate in the Senior Bowl which is just for Seniors Players
    I expect him to rise and WR A Jeffrey and M Sanu to drop…

    Right now it’s probably like this as far as the Top 10 WR’s
    1st Rounders
    #1) J Blackmon (Oklahoma State 6-1 207lbs)
    #2) M Floyd (Notre Dame 6-3 220lbs)
    #3) K Wright (Baylor 5-10 196lbs)
    #4) S Hill (Georgia Tech 6-4 215lbs)

    2nd Rounders
    #5) R Randle (LSU 6-3 210lbs)
    #6) M Sanu (Rutgers 6-2 211lbs)
    #7) A Jeffrey (South Carolina 6-3 219lbs)
    #8) N Toon (Wisconsin 6-2 215lbs)

    3rd Rounders
    #9) J Criner (Arizona 6-3 224lbs
    #10) B Quick (App State 6-4 220lbs)
    #11) D Jones (UNC 6-3 230lbs)

    Late 3rd/4th Rounds
    #12) T Streeter (Miami 6-5 220lbs)
    #13) J Adams (Arkansas 5-11 180lbs)
    #14) M Jones (Cal 6-2 200lbs )
    #15) C Givens (Wake Forrest 5-11 200lbs)

    Who doesn’t doubt that Patriots with 2 1st Round Selections (#27 & #31 Overall) wouldn’t take Hill at #31 after getting a Pass-Rushers/OLB at #27 to give them a legitimate deep threat they are lacking ..
    Why trade away picks and pay a huge salary for a headache like D-Jax when your the Patriots an ddraft a kid who you can mold in your likeness…

  • LB V Burfict was blaming his Coaching Staff at Arizona State at the cmbine with the press for screwing him up as the excuse for having a poor Season in 2011.. Things are getting worse for this young man and he is kind of blaming everyone else and not looking at himself for your own mistakes and short-comings and how to go about improving the situation.. This kid may drop to the 3rd Round for he is very immature and has big issues contolling his emotions..

  • NE is predictable they will draft a cornerback again early just like Miami loves to take 2nd round QBs

  • Baylors Phil Taylor looked so good last year running over Danny Watkins in the preseason — if the Birds go after DTDontari Poe can they get those same type of results — a Pat Williams or Vince Wilfork big strong DT

  • No way the Eagles go after 350lb DT D Poe, he just doesn’t fit their type of schemes… Poe is better suited by a 3-4 Defense and I expect teams like the Steelers (Casey Hampton career coming to an end) or the PAckers would be very interested in a player like him.. Poe don’t not fit the Washburn mold of DT’s..

    Patriots have 2 1st Round PIcks (#27 and #31) and will use one ofr a big target WR for Brady..

  • kendal Wright ran a 4.61 at 5′ 10” that might drop him out of being drafted

  • Cousins is looking good today and came in at 6’3″…taler than originally thought

  • To EaglesO
    Kendall Wright did not have a great workout day today, He will still get drafted but probably fell out of the 1st Round..
    Arkansas’s WR J Adams and J Wright also ran slower than expected and also came in with smaller heights/weights which will drop them to…
    My Man WR Brian Quick from App State looked prettty good and has a lot of upside ..

  • My Obeservations on the QB’s who threw

    QB’s Keith Cousins, Ryan Lindley, Jacory Harris, Austin Davis and Kellen Moore all looked good today throwing the ball and probably helped themselves …
    QB Brandon Weeden, Nick Foles, Russell Wilson & Case Keenum did not and probably hurt themselves

  • i was looking at the 40 time list for wr and I don’t understand how Jacoby Harris failed as a QB — maybe a team had a corner who could cover one 4.4 guy but the whole team

  • Did anyone check out the RB’s Drills…
    Was anyone overly impressed with this group….
    I’ll be honest, I think generally speaking the Offensive Side of the ball for this upcoming Draft is pretty weak and not very deep outside the WR position
    OT is pretty weak, TE’s are real weak after the Top 3-4, FB are non-existent and the RB group appears average and even with the QB’s after Luck & RGIII, I think the rest of the QB class are back-up material (Tannehill hurt his foot to ankle in JAnuary and won’t be 100% until his March Work-out day..
    The Defensive side of players start topmmorrow so we will see how they look but the consensus is that it’s a deep draft for DT,OLB,CB’s and Average/Below Average for DE/Safety position
    The Eagles Draft Strategy should be to load up on Defensive picks the first 2 Rounds at DT,LB where they should get a potential starter wuality player right away and then use 3rd/4th/5th Rounds for WR/RB/Safety/TE/OL to be groomed for the future …
    Eagles have 3 Picks in the first 2 Rounds (top 51 Selections) and need to get 3 players who can make an impact their Rookie Season and compete for Starting time or at least be solid rotational players.. Then they have 4 more picks in Rounds #3 thru #5 where they need to get at least 2 more situational players/special teamers who have upside and be groomed for the future

    Overall, I am not as high on this Draft as I was 2 months ago. so If I am Eagles Gm, I puse my 3 6th Round picks and package some players to move up in the Draft.. Get 7-8 Selections out of this Draft and maybe trade some 6th Rounds for next 2013 Draft picks.. .

  • Perhaps I should have rephrased. There’s no way BB is going to pay (picks) for Desean. All the other guys you mentioned were basically picked up off the scrap heap. Reclamation projects. Of the 4….2 were basically buried or released soon after (85 and AL) and Moss was dumped the moment he strayed from the company line.

    I just hate the BS about Desean being disrespected. He signed the contract with full understanding of 2 things:

    1 – NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed and players get bounced when the don;t produce.
    2 – he knew the salaries

    Just a symbol of the times. Understand exactly what the terms are. Sign. Then whine, complain and play poorly because the team isn’t doing what he hoped they might.

    A new contract along with millions in growing endorsements were on the table. If he had just played hard. Now gone. Nice job putz. Enjoy Oakland.

  • Paulman should the Eagles break the bank and use Asante’s money to sign Tvyon Branch or 2nd choice Laron Landry at SS instead of going after a Stephen Tulloch in FA

  • No Eagles0SuperBowls,
    The Eagles need to get a legitimate MLB more so than a Safety..
    I do like Tyon Branch and Gholston from the 49ers, but not LaRon Landry who has been hurt too much the last 2 Seasons unless I could get him cheap…
    I would rather Eagles sign a Top Free-Agent MLB and then use first 3-4 Picks for DT,OLB,SS and the Eagles would be better off. .
    But I do think Samuel needs to go ..

  • Watching the Combine,
    Warren Sapp just stated out of the Top 5 DT’s, that he likes Fletcher Cox from Miss State (my Eagles Mock Pick at #15) the most and feels the Cox reminds him of himself the most out of this years DT Class.. just sayin…

  • I love LaMichael James from Oregon and I know the Eagles wanted Sproles last season and I think in the second round they may think about drafting James he remind me of Sproles so much I’m not sold on Dion Lewis.

  • Paul, just saw that too. But did you notice that Sapp called Jarell Worthy “James Worthy”? He was just going through the motions in that segment, had more jokes than substance comments. AND, he said Cox reminded him the most of himself. Nobody mentioned or asked who he thinks will be the best or who is his favorite. They specifically asked for the one he thought was the most like him.

    Id be happy woth Cox but I most want the Eagles to select Worthy. Worthy is one of my favoites, along with Couples, Rg3, Keuchly, Hightower, and the safety. Worthy reminds me or another Cullen Jenkins. And I don’t even think we need a dt that bad at all .if we can get Landri and Dixon signed. But worthy, cox, or still would be a nice pick.

  • When Warren Sapp and Deon speak about players I listen — I think they have a good eye on talent

  • Turk, yep. There are a few tempting backs. Tht would be a good way for the Eagles to spend picks along with ol depth after they shore up lb/dt in free agency and round 1.

  • schiller they could use a DT because noone they have has ever been to a pro bowl or will — if there is a pro bowl caliber player to be added at DT the birds have to be interested — I like Poe

  • Brockers and Still are 1 Year Wonders,
    Poe is too big for the Eagles scheme and best suited as a NT for a 3-4 Scheme leaving Worthy/Cox.. Cox is longer,leaner and has more explosion to the backfield than the others and is the type of DT that Washburn really likes.. Th Eagles will re-sign Dixon no-doubt, but there is no guarantee of Patterson’s health or that the Eagles resign Landri or Laws who may get better deals elsewhere or just want a fresh Start.. .. Jenkins also has had some injuries and at 31 Years old, will not be the type of 50 snap a game player he used to be moving forward. .. The Eagles need to upgrade this positon and the middle of their Defense

  • Wisconsin whole interior line is projected to get drafted so I’d like to see Worthy’s games against Wisconsin — if he looks good there he might be a good choice

  • Paulman, I work in a hematology departmet, I talked to docs about his diagnosis. Its a freak anotomical thing, not a disease or something that will necessarily change. Its very unlikely that there are any health concerns for him going forward in relation to the AVM. Patterson played well last year too.

    Zero – why do you like Poe other than his size? The man is a nose tackle, not a 4-3 guy.

  • Schiller the birds really missed Dixons size last year, When Dixon stole Bunkley’s job in 2010 I thought he was exactly what the team needed — I was hoping Poe plays like Pat Williams and a better version of Dixon

  • I agree with P as far as the offensive weakness in the 2012 draft. While I’m a little higher on Ingram than P, I think Cox represents the most likely BPA to fall to us at 15. I would be happy with either guy (although I don’t see Ingram falling to 15) both would provide a great year 1 impact/depth to Washburn in the currents system.

    3rd and Long – Babin-Cox-Jenkins-Cole

  • That is a scary pass rush forcing teams into quick throws (even from shotgun unless they load the line)

    1rst and 10 – Ingram-Patterson-Jenkins-Cole (you sure up your run support on the defensive left edge)

    Either one of these guys would provide a major building block for the future of this d-line and provide needed depth that was not really tested last year as we were unusually healthy

  • Depending on where Manning and Flynn end up, it is totally possible that Ryan Tannenhill will be available at 15, and I would expect Andy to take him as Vick’s replacement (after next season )

    We get a vet LB in free agency and draft a LB and DT in round 2. If we trade DJ (which I’m not sure happens), we use that pick to draft a WR.

  • That’s goo dto hear about Patterso Schiller and yest Patterson have a very good Season.. I think a rotation of Jenkins,Dixon,Patterson,Fletcher Cox and Landri would be excellent.. I also would like to see Jenkins slide out to LDE in replacement of Babin on 1st Downs or again strong running teams (Steelers,RAvens,Panthers,Falcons,GIants,Redksins) and let Babin come in on Passing situations only.. Babin is not very good in containing his edge which makes getting a Stud SAM LB critical for this Eagles Defense

    Melvin Ingram is probably the best all-around OLB/DE in this Draft and will most likely be gone between 8th and12th Pick. I do think that OLB Upshaw could still be on the board at 15th

  • Paulie, while I do agree with you on the rotation, until I see a FA move to solidify that Mike spot (which all ramblings point towards addressing in FA) I don’t like moving our best run stuffer to the outside. I like Patt, and Cox’s (pause for a juvenile laugh..yes!) ability to fight thru blocks while keeping his eyes in the backfield is one of his enduring traits to me. I’d rather see Cox’s 300lbs eating up T or T/G double teams as they force the play to the Jenkins/Cole side of the line his rookie yr.
    As far as Upshaw, I loved him at Bama, but I have some reservations about his ability to transition to a 4-3 (LB or DE), though his Senior Bowl tape provided some proof to the contrary.

  • Paulman..you left out these quotes from Burfict.

    Burfict claims he’s the best linebacker in the draft, while he concedes he played “average” in 2011. So what makes him the best linebacker?

    “My instincts, my nose for the ball, my study habits in the film room. I am a leader on and off the field,
    and my aggression to win and my passion for the game,” Burfict said.

    Who care where he slides in the draft?

    Whoever pick him will have the best linebacker drafted and he’ll make the money with the next contract.

    Hell, Djax slid and is about to bag a cool 9 Mil…and I know there’s many guys who was picked before him that will never get the opportunity to see 2 pro bowls and receive a serious pay day.

    So, you keep focusing on the negatives to why Burfict will slide but one thing can’t be denied is his talent. Eagles need his intensity, his fire. Keuchly is ass and will be a roll player at best in the NFL.

  • Stydy habits and beinga leader.. HE weas suspending for getting into fights with his teammates and coaches… He was called out for missing assignments, changing plays and not following instructions, and he is reported as not being too bright to begin with.. This Kid id bad news period and will be reflected as such as he dropps down the rankings.. A good performance today at the combine nad more importantly, good interview sessions with teams will seal his fate.. If he does well in both areas, he will be a 2nd Round Pick, if he does poorly in his interviews, he will drop to the 3rd/4th Round…. (Use Ricky Sapp as an example. whose situation was a little different and dropped further down to a 5th round because of a his knee injury but he had character/immaturity/coachable issues too when coming out and didn’t he actually quit on the EAgles after they gave him a 2nd chance,.. )

  • getting into fights with teammates is now an undesirable trait with this soft coach, regime, remember the buddy days, loved the fights, buddy himself threw Haymarker at gilbride , it would be great to see burfict steamed after mm and Reid gas the defense with 3 consecutive 3 and outs by passing, knock Reid on his ass, Washburn with a credited assist

  • I’m watching the combine and I’m loving DT Fletcher Cox he’s a beast a good impact player should fall to the Eagles or they can always move up but if there gonna draft a DT in round 1 its between Cox and Brokers.

  • I been following and talking up Fltecher Cox for a couple of weeks now…
    I hope he doesn’t do too well for he may go earlier than projected
    I beleive DT D Still is dropping while DT’s Fleecher Cox, Dontari Poe & Jerel Worthy, Brandon Thompson are rising

  • Kuchley did 27 reps on the bench. Good for 5th amongst LBs. Burfict did not participate (go figure)

  • Paulman after today Cox is not dropping he had a great combine.

  • The Birds MUST sell the farm to get RG3. I really do believe this. The kid is a once in a lifetime talent and he would lead us for the next decade.

    They have to make a move for him.

  • vinnie – what Burfict chickened out? How did Hightower do?

  • Im trying to think of a scenario that would bring RG3 to philly…The rams own the 2nd pick and they have there QB for the forseeable future in Sam Bradford, so there not in need of a QB at all.. Could the eagles trade up and nab RG3? Its possible, depending on what they wan for him.. I think it would take alot of picks and players to add to it.. probably both Desean Jackson and Asante Samuels.. I personally would take a look at it but i would NOT trade the whole farm for him.. we already have our franchise QB in Vick for at least the next 3-4 years if he remains healthy and performs at a high level… I doubt they would morgage the entire draft for this guy though I would not mind having RG3 on my team.. (Id want Andrew Luck more)

  • Nice to hear Turk,
    I will watch DL/LB Combine highlights when I get home from work

    I propose Eagles Send WR D-Jax, CB A Samuel ,OT Winston Justice and a 1st & 2nd & 4th Round Pick from 2012 for RGIII…

    (the Rams could have their choice between D-Jax or J Maclin and may actually want Maclin who is from Missouri and doesn’t have the baggage that Djax does)

  • I do not know why Burfict did not participate in the bench press, just that he didn’t. I have been reading that he’s out of shape – but that’s just speculation. He might be injured. It might be his coaches’ fault. 🙂

    Hightower also did not do the bench press. Don’t know why either.

    Upshaw did the benchpress and came in at the LB average of 22 reps. (but that number pretty disappointing in that he weighs 272lbs)

    Again Kuch had 27.

    I can no longer see how the Eagles’ move up from 15 to 2 to get RGIII after the run he put in. Peter King writes how SD had to put up 2 firsts, a second, and Eric Metcalf to move up just one spot (from 3 to 2) in 1998 to get Ryan Leaf (Whoops!). With the new rookie cap the way it is, I think the Rams are going to be asking a fortune.

  • Burfict lost 12 lbs and came in at 248lbs and in good shape physically..
    Now emotionally and mentally is a differencet story.. I don’t believe there are any injury issues.. I am sure something will come out though.. He”s fallen faster from a mid 1st Round Prospect to the 2nd Roudn and is now probably dropped into the 3rd/4th Round.. The guy has major emotional issues..

  • I’m thinking our first this year, a second round pick this year, next years first and Desean Jackson should be able to get it done. Maybe even throw in Winston Justice and/or Asante like Paulman said.

  • Bird.. do you really want RG3 that bad to give up the entire draft along with the future? Is it worth it to you? I wouldnt mind getting RG3 but im not ready to give the whole house toward a position that were already pretty strong at, with all the time and money the birds have invested in vick it would not be wise to go away from him just yet.. I doubt the birds move up for him.

  • Jon Hart — I believe RG3 is a once in a while type of quarterback. I see a young Michael Vick in him with a more accurate arm — not that he’s more accurate than Vick NOW but he’s more accurate than Vick WAS when he first came into the league.

    I also believe RG3 has a better head on his shoulders than Vick did when he first came into the league. Granted, I love Vick. I love how he plays the game and even though his carelessness with the ball sometimes irks me, I understand the fact that he’s just trying to make a play. He has an incredible “will to win” and I admire that.

    With that said, he’s going to be 32 years old. He never plays a full season. I’ll go into this year with Vick and maybe even next, but he’s going to fall from the ladder harder than Iverson did when these injuries catch up to him. If we draft RG3, maybe he can see what Vick does and understand what NOT to do if he wants to last in this league.

  • Birdo. I think RGIII IS more accurate now than Vcik. The last thing I would want is for RG to sit behind Vick and “learn” from him.

  • Say what you want about Vick, he’s a changed man who approaches the game a different way now. Vick can teach RG3 on what not to do OFF the field and RG3 can learn what NOT to do by watching Vick ON the field. The wreckless careless body approach will make you a star but it hurts your team in the long run.

    We’ll be able to see what RG3 can do THIS year if we draft him once Vick gets hurt, because we all know he will.

    With that said, he’s still my quarterback and there’s nobody else I would want running this offense right now.

  • birdo – what has Vick done to demonstrate that he’s a “changed man” on the field? He had a good season, but I haven’t seen any changes in his approach – not in the least bit.

  • If you can’t see how much his game has changed (for the better), then I don’t know what to tell you.

    Everyone and their mother can see that Vick’s quarterbacking game is on a different level than what it was. I was a fan of his since he came into the league. He’s cut down on most of his weaknesses…..but the most glaring of turning the ball over is still costing him and the team.

    Last year, when he had confidence in his o-line, he was lights out. This year, he regressed a bit early and then turned it on late in the season (coincidently when the O-line was starting to dominate other teams.).

    This upcoming season will determine where Vick stands in my book and I believe in the book of the Philadelphia Eagles. Barring injury, there will be no excuses. The o-line will be ready. The receiving corps will be ready. The running back is one of the best in the league. This is it for #7. If he doesn’t have an MVP caliber year in my book, it’s time to wrap up the chapter on him.

    Which is why drafting RG3 is crucial.

  • Birdo you were on fire today, I agree with your points of rg3 and vick.

  • Th rumors are running rampant today…
    Adam Schefter is reporting that there is a sleeper team in the sweepstakes for RG3..u have the browns, redskins then you have a sleeper team.. could it be the eagles? I doubt it but anything is possible.. this sleeper team does not want to be revealed obviously..sounds alot like the eagles to me.. but its unlikely to happen..

  • Hart — where did you see/hear this about a sleeper team? I’ve looked all over and can’t find a thing.

  • A couple of potential Sleepr Teams …

    #1) Cowboys – Jerry Jones loves this RGIII from Texas and could Trade Romo to Seattle,Miami and get some Draft picks back in return…
    #2) Texans – Again the Texas connection to build on a PLayoff team, with their young and upcomign Defense with WR Andre Johnson and RB Arian Foster combined with RGIII, we could see the next Dynasty in the NFL
    #3) Arizona – Trying to build a legitimate contendor but keep failing at at the QB position.. would make the Cardinals with Fitz, Beanie Wells & Co a legitimate playoff contendor overnight…

  • Reports that the Redksins are willing to Draft PIcks nad players to the Rams to move to #2 and select RGIII, Reports state they are willing to Trade their
    1st (#6th Overall) , 2nd Round & 4th Round Picks this year, PLus 1st Round for 2013 and throw in CB Deangelo Hall and TE C Cooley (who will most likely be Salary Cap Casualties for the Redskins anyways but players that the Rams could use for a Season as they rebuild their Team/Franchise..
    The Redksins stated they would been a gentleman’s agreement by the Rams that they would hone a deal like this before the Free-Agency Period begins since COach Shanahan knows he needs a top flight QB if he ever is going to turn the Redskins Franchise around and Owner Daniel Snyder is apparently on boad with the Deal..

  • on the fanatic last night it was reorted that SI’s Peter King also says a “sleeper” tem is after rg3, a team you would not expect to go after him given their quarterback, and this “sleeper” team told the rams call us before you do anything with that 2nd pick, this is a quarterback that Lurie covets, do not be shocked if eagles are drafting at 2 to get rg3

  • Why does everyone keep say that QB RGIII is the type of QB that OWner Lurie covets.. What does Lurie know about football players and the QB position..
    I can see when people say RGIII is a QB that Coach AR covets and I would agree with that 100%, but Owner Jeff Lurie coveting a football player.. really..??

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