• August 14, 2022

Has This Sixers Roster Maxed Themselves Out?

So who far can this Sixers team go as constructed? Has this roster maxed out? There is nothing wrong with that if that is the case. This season is really about growth. They play hard every single night. They move the ball around unselfishly. They can defend almost all teams every single night. Where they may have maxed out is on the offensive end.

They are now 2-11 in games decided by 7 points or less after losing to Bulls on Monday night, then the Bucks. By the way, the Sixers got what they deserved against the Bucks, 97-93. They let him score 25 points. Drew Gooden?! You have to be kidding me! Relax Joe.

They are also 6-13 against teams that are .500 or better. Ouch. They lost to the Bulls by 5 points, Bucks by 4, OKC by 4 points, Dallas by 7 points, Clippers by 1 point, Houston by 6 points, Timberwolves by 1 point and lost to Denver/Nets in overtime. In every one of those games they had a chance to close them out.

As of a couple of weeks ago people thought that maybe Lou could be their closer. He could still be but just at times. He is not consistent enough at the end of games. That’s what is killing this team right now, not finishing games. They also have had these stretches late in games where they can not knock down anything. This team drives me nuts when they settle for the jumper. They NEED to attack the rim and create contact to get to the charity stripe.

This team needs a go to guy. That is stating the obvious, Chris Wheeler style. The Sixers GM, Rod Thorn has come out and said that he would like to keep this roster together for the whole season. As frustrated as I am right now that the way they are losing games I am cool with that. I do not want them to make trade just to make a trade and hurt their cap space.

For example, “Iggy” and Lou for Monta Ellis in which I heard over the weekend. That is too much to give up for Ellis. Straight up that is a different story. Thorn, also has said if the right deal for the right player comes along he would do it. It seems as if they will just do a minor deal most likely for a big-man. Hawes might be back in a week and half but the Sixers can not really count on him. His injury will most likely plague him for the rest of the season.

The way they have been losing games, does this force Thorn’s hand quicker than he would like? We will find out. Now to get back to my main question, so with this roster as it is right now how far this team can go? Depending on the matchup they could go to the second round even with their struggles of late. If they draw the Hawks or the Pacers in the first round I believe they can win. They might even have a shot at Orlando if they have home court against them. I would like to see them win a round or play a tough 7 game series to call it a good season for them. This is all about stepping stones with them.

I am trying to look at the big picture here even though it is very hard right now. I have to get two new remotes because I broke both of them after this game. One of the steps was to see what they had in the roster and to see how far it would take them. They still have some questions to be answering especially Evan Turner. Turner just seems to be lost right now. His minutes are way down though he got 32 minutes against the Bucks. He is the most important player they need to find out about. The next step is to see who stays or who goes. That answer might come sooner than later. The trade deadline is March 15. Tick, tick………

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • Drew Gooden….and losing to the Bucks….come on.

    I agree dude…dont make a move just to make it.As soon as we lose Andre the defense will look suspect and Lou will dip points per game. Monte Ellis fills the iron but he seems like he is a one trick pony.Straight up and i’ll send Iggy….ill let the D drop off if we have a dude who could go for 40 on any given night.But it wont happen this year….i think they stand firm and ride with the horses they started there journey with..

    Drew Gooden?

  • Sixers do not match up with the PAcers at all who probably have the deepest Front-Court in Basketball….
    SF Danny Granger, PF David West, Tyler Hansbrough and C Roy Hibbert
    create match-up problems and these Pacers pound the Boards… If the Pacers get any Guard play at all (George & Hill),they can find themselves playing in the Eastern Confernence finals..
    Pacers were my Dark Horse team in the East and have a real shot since they rebound, block shots, play pretty godo Team Defense and get to the Foul Line..

  • First, what happen against the bulls.. earlier in the year the sixers would have won that game. They had plenty of opportunities to take control of the game but they couldnt buy a basket.. There defense has glimpses of greatness but there lack of a defender downlow continues to haunt them. Spencer hawes’s injury has hurt this team so much, if they never loss hawes they would still be in the top 3 in the east. Hawes helps them on offense and defense.. Its just been a huge loss and it hurts watching them lose these games by small margins when they have proven they can beat these teams… Iggy’s shot last night in the last few minutes of the game angered me so much. It was an ill-advised 3point shot that was unnecessary since they were down by 2 points. He didnt even set his feet, some guys shoot to win others shoot to shoot, he shot that ball with zero confidence, his defense was stellar but him shooting that ball like that really hurt them.. Another question, where the heck was Jrue Holiday late? Doug didnt even have him on the floor in the last few minutes of the game nor did they draw up a play for him.. he was scoring well and they should have given him the ball… Lou has slowed down dramatically i think hes running out of gas from them relying on him so much on the offensive endof the court,iggy should take it upon himself to take some of the load off him but obviously he hasnt even considered it… That leads me to evan turner, a guy who was the 2nd overall pick 2 years ago, hes young and can do anything on the court well. Hes a good all around player, but it may be time to trade him and get some value for him.. I say this because Doug Collins is not giving him enough burn. When hes on the court hes productive. But its not for a long stretch. How do you expect guys to grow if your not going to give him the minutes? There better off trying to trade Evan and get equal or greater value for him.. Hes not meant to be a bench player, hes supposed to be a starter.. I believe Doug doesnt like Evans attitude nor do they have a good working relationship.. If evan makes any mistake doug pulls him right away. Thats not how you teach a young guy whos confidence isnt very high already and in a season where there arent many team practices where the coach can perform drill and teaching lesson etc etc.. So it may be time they begin fielding offers for Evan turner and that may be the guy they get the most back for… But in my opinion if they get Spencer Hawes back then they will begin winning again.. Doug just has to do a better job at drawing up these plays and being more creative in designing them, and the player that call themselves “go to guys” Iggy, Lou and Jrue need to start knocking down shots and in iggys case take some more shots! He refuses to shoot more than 10 shots a game and its crippling this team..

  • Pacers have no shot at beating the Bulls or Heat in a series. Nice squad and yes they are nice in the front court.But dont front on the Bulls defensive scheme and D-Rose is the second best player on the planet in opinion.Hoping for a Bulls heat final…should be a classic.

    Tired of looking at Hawes dress clothes…get some shorts on dude….total waste this season.

  • The game last night against the bucks was a dissappointing one because the sixers could not score the ball, at all late.. They held the bucks under 40% shooting so it wasnt the defense that was the problem it was the offense late. Its as if when its 2 mins or less, guys get tense and play frantic, uncomposed basketball. Doug Collins has done great but, he needs to stop being such a worrier, its written on his face. If the coach isnt composed than the players wont be. It shows late in these games. Of course the loss of Spencer Hawes has killed them but they still are giving themselves chances to win these games, they gotta put the ball in the bucket late..

  • The Pacers have played the Bulls tough over the last 2 Seasons and it’s no given that Bulls beat them in a series (likely yes, but not a given)
    the Pacers do not match up well with the Heat at all and don’t have the athleticism to stop the ball from Wade/LeBron.. The Sixers match up better with Heat, but don’t have enough scoring to win the games down the stretch..

  • We need to make a trade. We need another big man who can play and someone who can score during the clutch time. Trade Andre as soon as possible. If we don’t we can’t get better. Keep Evan in the starting lineup and give him an opportunity to see if he can help. We must give Lou Williams more help when he doubled team in the last few minutes of the games. Last night are starting guards didn’t get to the foul line and they were terrible shooting the ball. They must penetrate early when they are struggling with their outside shots. They must bring their A game Wednesday if they want the beat Boston!!!!!

  • The problem with the Sixers is Doug Collins keeps trying to play half court basketball in the the last 7 minutes of the game with this lineup: Holliday, Williams,Iguodala, Young, Brand —- it is not even close to the best lineup on the team which is why they keep losing close games over and over again.

  • Rotation, substitution patterns… Trying to keep people happy. Doug plays favorites too. Lou can jack up shot after shot, but ET does it he takes him out. He came into the season with so much confidence, it’s all gone now. Elton Brand right now reminds me of Webber at the end of his career…he gets no lift. We need a low post scorer and shot blocker. Tomorrows game is big…

  • ChuckRob — Evan Turner sucks. Get over it.

  • Skman even if a trade happens this team won’t really go anywhere. Believe me im so sick of Iggy too, dont get why Collins loves this guy so much, I think his Defense is overrated. However i just play this season out and make my moves in the offseason. I’d be willing to deal anyone on this team. Even if you blow it up does it really matter? seriously does anybody see this group beating out the HEat or Bulls or even Knicks in the years to come. I don’t. And thats just the EAst. Holiday has really regressed. And Turner looks lost due to the coaching he is getting. something will need to change

  • Ill tell you whats wrong with the sixers .. we took that bum evan turner instead of demarcus cousins..evan turner should never even see the floor he literally sucks.. hes horrible and they should trade him before they can get absolutely nothing for him. and lou williams should start over meeks.. evan turner has got to go …

  • THEY ARE FRAUDS! GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD JH!!! They have NOBODY that can sink a shot, NOBODY that can break anyone off a dribble, they have NOBODY who can create their own shot, they have NOBODY who can rebound, they don’t get to the line enough & when they do they are pathetic, they have too many similar players, that have similar skill-sets, that are tweeners with no real position, & their 4 & 5 positions are non-existent. Don’t give me Spencer freaking Hawes. Every time I see this big stiff, I hear the Mr. Softee, ice cream truck theme song. Since when is he Shaq reincarnated. The only reason they won most of those games in the beginning was because 7-8 games, were against teams with their best players not playing, & now that the rest of the league has caught up to this fraudulent line-up, the gig is up. With the upcoming schedule, over the next dozen games, they will find themselves under 500 with the quickness, if trades & adjustments aren’t made! It was fun while it lasted, but when you make ZERO moves to improve your team in the off-season, & stand pat like they did, they get what they deserve. It was the perfect storm to rebuild & get the fans back on their side right away. New ownership, new hope, had a amnesty out, for Brand’s horrific contract & had a trade worked out for Monte Ellis for Iggy already to be done. But they chose to do squat, so they deserve to be the losers that they are. They should have worried about making the team better, rather than drumming up bogus interest in the team, with that made up, asinine mascot vote, that they never intended on using. This team will always be 4 years away from being 4 years away. Rebuild the right way you morons! What Superstar in their right mind, would want to come to this black hole of an organization anyways!?

  • wow looks like typical philly fan nonsense. lol stay off the wagon PLEASE…keep hating

  • Evan Turner shut me up tonight against the Celtics —- Great game Evan

  • I agree Don! Its funny how after a loss they come on here and talk about how bad the team is or how much ET sucks and how iggy needs to be traded but after a win we hear nothing. There not true fans of the team. There negative idiots. Guys like Dcar and Birdo and others who dogged out Evan Turner, now he starts a second game and you all look so stupid after he dropped 26 on a playoff team tonight, with a sixer win against boston. Yall look so dumb right now haha.. Stay off the blogs and start studying the sport clowns..

  • I forgot to mention the other phantom fan, the guy that lives in the boones and doesnt even get sixers games in his state, so how can he really be a fan when he cant even watch the games? Paul.. what is he 0-1,000? everything he proclaims is as meaningful as dirt. Does he get anything correct?.. sheesh

    And if you look at what i stated in my earlier post, i said the sixers need to either start Evan or trade him because he wasnt getting enough burn on the court. I dont know what Collins has been thinking all this time not starting this guy, 2nd overall pick with enormous amounts of talent.. He has to be on the court more and after tonight i guarantee he wont lose the starting spot now.. And i like Jrue evan and iggy starting bc we have 3 ball handlers on the court, all 3 can bring the ball up the court which is a plus… Huge win tonight, and we still remain in first place… #ShowYaLuv!

  • JH, I work two ft jobs loser, I don’t have time to be on here all day long. He had a good game, against an old, slow, washed up team. Get a life you idiot. Where has a game like this been, for a year & a half? BTW, where did you disappear to, when they lost all of these recent games? Don’t be a hypocrite, you nitwit! I’m a fan of all 4 teams & I’m on here mostly everyday, not just to come on here to say I told you so, like you do, when one of your ten million asinine predictions happen. You are the biggest, dumbest, @$$clowns on here. You are the bandwagon fan. Where was your rooting interest in the Sixers last year, when they were putrid & you were all over Bron Bron’s (as you call him) jock!? Get a life you idiot! What you say is a joke & everyone on here knows that you are a laughing stock.

  • Dcar, keep up guy i wrote the day after the bulls and bucks games, im not that kind of fan. Im an honest one, unbias and loyal and dont leave once they win or lose.. I stated that the sixers needed to either let Evan Turner play or trade him.. I stated that he can do just about everything on the court. This was all a few days ago on this article, and among other ones.. Im sorry you have to work 2 jobs so you can move out of you mothers basement, everything will be just fine just keep hope alive..For someone that has to work 2 jobs you surely have alot of time on your hands, I know for a fact that you post on here more than i do…

    And in regards to bron bron and the sixers, ive always been a fan of both.. obviously im a die hard sixers fan but im a heat fan too as well as a bulls fan, (In that order).Wade, bron bron, drose… You dont recall but i wrote posts about the sixers consistently last year, and i wrote on the heat articles too… Get your facts straight.. And lets not change the topic at hand, you were proven wrong again like you always are, Evan Turner had a breakout game and the team locked down a playoff team. GTFOH. Talk that other crap to someone like paulman or birdbrains, but not me. I know the sport and my team too well… You are forced to eat your words and i love it, Im sure you ll be back once they lose again to say how much they suck so much but im positive there team doesnt suck as much as your life does.. jeez louise

  • The Hawks Josh Smith is asking to be traded…. perfect scenario to deal Iggy straight up for him…

  • Hawks have enough 6-4/6-6 Swingmen…
    It woudl take more that Iggy Straight-up.. (Maybe throw is Jodie Meeks and a 2nd Round Draft pick in return)

  • JH, numbnuts, first off, I’m 42, married with 4 kids, & my Mother is dead, so don’t make classless, jerked off statements. If you notice I comment on here about the same time frames everyday. That’s when I come on here to read, comment & have some fun with you guys. Turner has had ONE good game. ONE! Now if he can put together games like that for the remainder of the season, then you can beat your chest, like you beat your mini-meat. Until then you are a know nothing, wanna-be, blowhard. You just come on here to just say I told you so, & take credit for meaningless crap. Get a life. I’m glad your a fellow fan, but you need to step back in reality with this team, & out of your world of delusions.

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