• June 27, 2022

Tim Tebow’s Conversion To An H-Back A Real Possibility?

One of the strongest arguments against Tim Tebow coming to Philadelphia is that he isn’t a good enough passer to throw the ball 35-40 times a game in Andy Reid’s system. And I don’t disagree.

To me, bringing Tebow to Philadelphia makes sense under the following conditions:

1) He is not billed as the quarterback of the future.

2) He serves as an emergency quarterback–I have little interest in Tebow serving as the primary backup, and teams don’t usually activate three quarterbacks on game day.

3) His primary responsibility would be as a hybrid offensive weapon, playing the “H-Back” position.

Some analysts have suggested that it wouldn’t be in Tebow’s best interest, or that he would be reluctant to convert from a traditional quarterback role. Fine. But if Tebow wants to get on the field and make a contribution from the jump in 2012, this is how he’s going to do it.

While conventional wisdom suggests that Tebow would be reluctant to make such a move, there’s some evidence emerging that suggests otherwise.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers are both interested in acquiring Tebow. Now, the 49ers quarterback situation is unstable, but it’s likel QB Alex Smith will return to the team. As for Green Bay? Aaron Rodgers is cemented as the team’s starting quarterback. There’s no way Tebow would inherit snaps from Rodgers–Green Bay, under no circumstance, would take the ball out of Rodgers’ hands.

That Green Bay is interested at least suggests the possibility that Tebow isn’t completely against a position switch. And if that’s the case, again, he becomes a weapon the Eagles could use.

It may seem like I’m banging down the door to bring Tebow here. I’m not. Michael Vick, if healthy, should be this team’s quarterback and, no, it’s not even debatable. But Tebow presents a plethora of intriguing possibilities on the offensive side of the football. Matchup nightmares in the redzone. A tough goal line runner that could come at you from anywhere on the field. Just one more thing to keep opposing coordinators up at night. So yeah, it would be foolish if the team didn’t do its due dilligence to see if he’s a player that can fit the scheme.

Bob Wankel

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  • Add plexico as a redzone threat and other teams d cord will be up all nite with all the o weapons we currently have. Let tebow anywhere else but here. I wish him well just not here.

  • eagleman215 – good stuff buddy, i agree 100%.

  • I believe he will either go to Jacksonville or New England. Its not surprise how much respect Tebow has for Brady and vice versa. Brady would love to play with Tebow and Bill Belichick is a coach that likes taking a chance on his player (randy moss, ocho cinco, albert hanyesworth) Plus Josh Mcdaniels the guy who drafted Tebow in the 1st round so I think New England can be one of the teams phoning the Broncos and willing to offer a 4th rounder for him.

  • Lions re-sign MLB Tulloch to 5-year contract. LOL I bet the Eagles dont even realize the LB position even exist.

  • ************BREAKING NEWS***********

    The Eagles just acquired Texans Linebacker Demeco Ryans.

  • Nice veteran move.

  • Nice upgrade at LB. Tebow as an H back and work with AR for a year – I vote yes

  • He was a pro bowl player at one point very good move. Mlb solved thank god.

  • If DeMeco Ryans has been signed Eaglehaslanded, this is a reasonable acquisition. Before his knee injury, he was mentioned as one of the young top linebackers in the league.

  • Don’t doubt landed guys its all over NFLN

  • I concur with your position gmcliff.I hope he has the knee in good health. He hasthat dog in him. The Eagles will still need to drafta linebacker or two. This move tells me the Eagles will go Defensive Tackle in the first round.The Eagles traded a midround pick for him.

  • NICE!

  • Its true guys, we got DeMeco Ryans! I think its an excellent pickup, the games i saw him play the man was all over the field,seemed to be in on every play, way to go Eagles!!!

  • We still need two new young outside linebackers in the draft. And yes Eaglehaslanded, I think they have to go DT, in the 1st round, I draft Fletcher Cox, and trade Asante, and my #1 in 2013, to Cincinnati for their first #1, trade down a bit, for an additional 2nd round pick, or two, and draft Dontari Poe, and grab Zach Brown, Vinny Curry, and Nigel Bradham in the 2nd.

  • Sounds like we got Ryans for a 4th round pick and a swap of 3rd rounders. Good haul for the Eagles!!!

  • No way does Tebow go to the Patrots, they Drafted QB Ryan Mallett last year who they have some very high hopes for and are supposedly very happy with his progress thus far.. Remember the Patriots are a passing offense first and do not run the ball much. The Patriots Offense requires a QB to throw the ball 40 times a game and a QB who can get rid of the ball quickly and accurately which are not Tebow’s strengths ..

  • If you notice, I’m not talking about Tebow…to me it’s a mute issue…I think the guy is a fraud bum.

  • Holy ish folks! DEMECO RYANS!!

  • Nice Pick-up on Eagles for Demarco Ryans.. He’s a very good MLB, signal caller and a natural leader.. He’s 6-1 247lbs and can run,tackle and play all 3 downs.. He’s 28 Years old and in his prime athletically… He should be the #1 Starter at MLB allowing Chaney to battle Matthews for the SAM spot.. but I believe they will be Drafting a big LB for SAM (Shea McClellin, Keenan Robinson or Nigel Bradham)
    I would think this puts any thoughts of the Eagles selecting MLB Luke Kuechley with their 1st Round Selection at #15 (I think Kuechley will go a few spots earlier to KC Chiefs,Buffalo Bills or even Arizona CArdinals before #15)

  • Man I am going to pass out we all agree on something, this is once in a lifetime I may save this page lol.

  • I thought Ryans was more of a 2 down thumper???

  • With teh Signing of LG E mathis and now the Trade for MLB D Ryans, you have to think the Eagles are looking at DT or WR with that 1st pick at #15
    Could a WR like Michael Floyd be the choice with Maclin in a contract season or do the Eagles go DT with a Fletcher Cox, Devon Still or Jerel Worthy or maybe grab the best SS in Mark Barron to solidify the Safety spot.. Lots of options..
    I think this move of solidifying the MLB with Ryans and the signing of LG Mathis to solidify the OL probably makes the Eagles Trade down to a team looking to move up like the Bengals,Patriots or even Browns who all have 2 1st Round Selections and remember that Teams like the Raiders,Falcons and Saints have no 1st Round Selections at all and may be willing to give up a little more to get into the 1st Round…

  • I cannot believe this….Demeco f’n Ryans…..wow. He should be fully healed from all his injuries in 2012. WHAT A BEAST OF A LINEBACKER WE JUST GOT!!

  • If healthy, Demeco Ryans is much better than Tulloch or Lofton. If he is, this is an outstanding move.

    G, when are you going to do some actual reporting? You didn’t even write about Mathis being signed and now Demeco gets acquired and yet no word again.

  • Can’t be a good move. Our GM isn’t a “football guy”. And the Eagles never pay big for a top notch LB. So this won’t work out.

    Obviously I’m kidding. But all you haters and doubters…. how you like the team now?

    Seriously, this move makes Chaney a lot better. It makes Rolle a lot better – and I still want them to sign Hawthorne for SAM. Or imagine if they hit on a LB in round 2 or late 1…. This is an awesome move.

    And once again – nobody saw it coming. BAM

  • go get them Howie, nice move ———————there is a fire sale going on in Houston

  • OK – first off – guy never hurt his knee – he tore his achilles in 2010 – and played in all 16 games last year (7 tackles vs Ravens in Playoffs)

    in 6 seasons he has played in all 16 games 5 of them – so lets not spend more then 10 seconds on missing 10 games 2 years ago…

    I did not read anything about trading 3rd round picks – only that we got him for a 4rth rounder – either way – solid addition

  • navy – the 3rd round swap is true. Who frickin cares. Still a fleecing of Houston. Great moment to be an Eagles fan. Now I’m really excited to see what they do with the LBs around him. Do you go with Cheney and Rolle outside? Do they try to work in Mathews at the starting position? Go with a draft pick at SAM? Get another free agent?

    And just think, all 3 safeties will play better now. BAM

  • This if friggin’ awesome!!!!!!!! Demeco Ryans is EXACTLY what we need at MLB! I would have never guessed this one in a million years… Now the Eagles can go after Dontari Poe to play next to Jenkins and draft Mychael Kendricks and convert him to SS making this a very potent defense. Ok… maybe Poe won’t be there at 15 and Kendricks at 46 but I can dream! I really can’t wait for next season.

  • Ha, NFL network had some lineman for Houston on talking about losing Ryans – he was pretty bummed.

  • For the losers who have been dupe into thinking Ryan is the answer at linebacker…..LOOK!

    The trade for Ryans gives the Eagles the legitimate starting middle linebacker they sorely lacked a year ago. The 27-year-old was a two-time Pro Bowl player early in his career (2007, 2009), but “he ruptured his Achilles tendon in 2010.”


  • Nice to see us all agreeing for once.

  • He will floss and make the d legit. He makes Chaney and or Rolle(one will start) that much better.

    Good point about BC kid Paulmandomis…go get a d-tackle with that pick or trade out 1st into high second.

    B- offseason grade…get Plax and or have a great draft and they get an A.

  • Confirmed Demecco Ryans will be traded to the birds Wednesday.

    My Thoughts: Just as i reported would happen, you guys gotta give me my props. My sources are very very good. I said it wasnt tulluch or lofton or hawthorne necessarily and that they were looking elsewhere.. This may not be the only LB they get during FA. They may decide to sign another or to draft one. All possibilities. Good pick up of Ryans, when healthy hes a top tier LB, 28 yrs old and has the size and speed to be a dominate LB. There not done yet though.. stay tuned

  • He played every game last year and his achilles is healed dude.Songs wtf are you calling losers after that statement? Come on? Playing ps3 and reading comics when he was making plays in the p-offs last year?

    Nice move Walrus.

  • Songs – gotta hand it to you, you are one consistent fellow. Kinda like you haters call Reid – STUBBORN. But nobody can say that you’re a flip flopper. You’re a hater true and true. I could hand you a billion dollars in cash and you’d be complaining about 2 of the bills being wrinkled.

    I hope you lose electricity during the next Eagles superbowl and cant watch it.

  • Your sources arent very very good Jon.They’re top-shelf.

  • what is going on in Houston — they finally get into the playoffs for the first time and they start shedding starters up and down their roster?

  • Songs you are a moron. Have you not ever seen Demecco Ryans play? dude when healthy is a top 10 LB in the league! for a 4th round pick this is a amazing pick up for you guys.

  • Geez Jon Hart, where did you get the idea that the Eagles weren’t interested in Tulloch, Lofton or Hawthorne? Could it have been when they DIDN”T SIGN ANY OF THEM OR HAVE THEM IN FOR A VISIT?!

    Stop looking for props around here pansy. If you woulda predicted that the Birds were after Demeco, you would have gotten props…..suck your own stick cause you ain’t going to get it around here.

  • Brian Cushing on losing D Ryans.

    @briancushing56: I wouldn’t be half the player or person I am today w/o @DRyans59 this one hurts. Philly got a unbelievable player/leader

  • Eaglessuck…the point of your comment..”when healthy”


    This is a classic Eagles bargain basement, injured goods acquisition.

  • Thanks Erock. I try to shoot the news as fast as possible but only if its from reliable sources, i dont just shoot from the hip..

  • I hope we take Devon Still now. To me he is better than Poe or Cocks

  • Songs I don’t understand your point, he played all 16 last year. He got hurt in 2010 and played all 16 in 2011. They switched systems from a 4-3 to a 3-4. He fits a 4-3 scheme. He is better than Lofton and Tulloch neither was ever pro bowl player. This is not a bargain basement anything he has a huge contract he’s making close to six million this year. I don’t get your point at all.

  • I Love Devon Still he makes a ton of plays behind the line of scrimmage. I got to see a lot of his games this year.

  • Birdo, ive made a habit of giving accurate up-to_date news. Dont knock the messenger. I told you guys they were looking elsewhere from all the other LBs in FA a week ago so obviously i had news that noone else did. Did i know it was going to be Demecco Ryans? Not at all. But i did say it wasnt any of the guys in FA and that they were looking elsewhere possibly thru a trade. Check my posts buddy, i dont make this stuff up.

  • Devon Still should be our #1 target.

  • They still may make another signing of a LB in free agency or they may decide to draft one. I told you guys this last week. I said also to expect two moves this week, i even gave the days tues weds or thurs.. i mean cmon haha.. another one coming this week..

  • Yo if the eagles get Devon still and sign plax this offseason will be unreal.

  • PDiddy, I have to disagree,I watched Penn State also,at timese wasa beast, other times I would’nt haveknownhe was on the team. Consistency wasan issue with his on the field play. It seemed to me that he turned it on and off.I must alsoadmit a bias because I’m a Michigan Wolverine.Hail To The Victors, and Go Eagles!!!

  • I think that this is a steal. It is also low risk, high reward. A 4th round pick? That is nothing. He will anchor this defense for years.

  • He has a full season post injury and was only made available due to transition to 3:4 and most important his CAP Number. He is a salary cap casualty much like we expect Assante to be.

    The texans lost talent this year because of salary restrictions.

  • I understand your bias I went to Penn State, you can have your Brandon Graham cracker back. Give me stills. LOL

  • Preach Regaleagle preach this is no bargain basement deal. They will be paying him top dollar.

  • I would go Still’s or Cox, I would stay away from Poe.

  • Still is the best .. cox is ok .. brockers is fat slow and weak and poe works out like tarzan and plays like jane

  • Ryans is a real first round pro bowl talent and a great move by the Eagles front office.
    No to Plax Burress — use remaining cap money on Shaddy and Defensive starters

  • laarwd I agree on your D line assessment still’s is excellent.

  • Still went to h.s. in my town. Saw him play numerous times and he would maul guys.I know a few coaches on the staff from his h.s. and they all spoke highly of him.He’s gonna be a good pro.Id be happy with the pick.Theres zero chance of him doing anything but tryna be a PB tackle.

  • Jon, I have to admit, you’ve been pretty good with them. You did tell us you work at the Novacare right? Anyway, yeah, you go overboard. You really do. Right or wrong, coming around her look for people to stare at your chest while you beat it (your chest that is)….not cool. Honestly, we’re here because we care about the Eagles and other philly sports teams. Not because we particularly care about your ego. Not trying to be a dick, just being honest.

    And case in point? You confirmed it after all the major news networks had confirmed it. And it was “reported” in the past tense. Nobody was worrying about the validity. But the fact that you see yourself as our lifeline to news is over the top. I wasn’t a fan when Paulman did or does it. Or you. You can give us the leads, but don’t think that we don’t have the internet too…

    THat having been said, JHart what’s your pick for draft round 1?

  • Cant imagine not still going after Luke Kuechly. I wonder if they believe he can play outside. I thought our whole LB core was a mess. I didnt think we were just 1 LB away. If Ryans goes down were back to having no LB. So we must keep adding at LB.

  • Pdiddy- no , be patient with Brandon he is a baller trust me. He will be a stud once he gets it together. I’m willing to bet you, will see the beast in Grahm before the next season ends. Give him time to heal, we tend to forget these guys are human too.

  • Pdiddy…i dont like Poe either…Still dominated in several games against some bigtime runnin teams.

    I’m saying it right now…im high on Still.I have been waiting to use that closer to draft day. High on Baron too.


  • I hear you daggolden but there are a lot of teams in that position. I hope the Eagles draft two linebackers in the first three rounds.

  • See I feel like Brian Rolle is ok at weak side, he makes plays. Our middle is set, and I have said this on previous post but Keenan Robinson from Texas would be a great Sam linebacker for us. He was great at Texas, and like Pman said he is a projected 3rd rounder. But the great thing about our situation now we can draft several good young linebackers. We are in a very good position right now with this pick up gives us flexablility in the draft.

  • Paul and Jons sources….Al Gore,Warren Buffet,John Denvers ghost,Casserly,the janitor,and a guy Paul buys firecrackers from behind the dollar general.

  • and don’t forget Joe Banner’s Daughter, I used to go out with her, unitl her Dad met me…

  • I beleive Rayans Salary will be approx $6.5 for this 2012 Season and I am not sure where the Cap Level sits with this addition.. Do keep in mind that Teams are mandated by the new CBA to spend 95% of their Cap Figure so there should be plenty of $$ to still add another player or 2, extend MCCoy and especially is they move,trade,release Samuel so there will be other signings or moves or announcements to be made in the near future..

  • —————BREAKING NEWS——————–
    Eagles to ship draft picks to Texans for Pro Bowl LB Ryans; Thats at least a start for us guys. Now we need to draft a steed lb in the draft.


  • Not so fast Rocko, Ryans has to pass a Team Physical in Philly which is scheduled for tommorrow.. Then we can rejoice
    The Eagles gave up 1 of their 4th Round Picks (not sure if it’s the #101st or the #115th Selection) and then the Texans and Eagles will swap 3rd Round Selections and Positions meaning the Texans get the Eagles 79th Selection while the Eagles get the Texans 90th Selection in the 3rd Round

  • Schiller– Ive been pretty on point bro even going back a year ago, no chest beating from me at all though… The birds will not make many more moves this off season.. I think this may be the biggest of moves they make. Maybe smaller additions if any more.. maybe LB in draft or 1 more in FA but they may not. Right now i want to say that they will go DT in the 1st round and there are a slew of those but i have to see what else if anything more they do in FA before i give a clear concise decision. I like DT Devon Still who has dropped all the way into the 20s so the birds may trade back and acquire picks and draft him… DT Cox LB LKuechley DT MBrockers OLB Courtney Upshaw and my personal favorite who will most likely be gone when we pick unless we move up and thats DT Quinton Coples who is a stud and can play DT and DE.. Poe is another one that his combine numbers were so good that it would be difficult not to pick him if there right? But again i gotta see what else they do in FA then i ll have a better idea…

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