• July 4, 2022

Options For The Eagles 2012 Draft

With the Eagles’ biggest question mark heading into the 2012 season answered with the acquisition of DeMeco Ryans, questions linger as to which direction the Eagles will go in April’s draft. Before the trade brought Ryans to Philadelphia, almost every mock draft had the Eagles drafting Boston College’s Luke Kuechly. Any draft that didn’t have Kuechly going number 15 to the Eagles had the Birds drafting a defensive tackle like Dontari Poe from Memphis or Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State. However, the way I look at it, the Eagles have no real need that they can fill at the 15th spot.

Defensive tackles Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins worked well together last season. Mike Patterson will be entering the 2012 season recovering from a brain surgery early in the offseason but all signs look promising. Cullen Jenkins is coming off a 5.5 sack season and is entering his ninth season, second in midnight green.

Behind the two starters, the Eagles aren’t exactly empty. Antonio Dixon, a talented, young run stopper will be returning from an injury. Derek Landri, currently not under contract, was a preseason stud and showed much promise in his limited action during the regular season. If no other teams swoop in, expect the Eagles to resign Landri to a minimal value deal.

With three solid options at tackle, and one waiting in the wings, the Eagles don’t have an absolute need to fill with their first round pick.

Having signed Evan Mathis on for another five years and Todd Herremans getting extended for three more years, Philadelphia will have its starting offensive line returning for next season. Arguably, the Eagles offensive line was one of the best in 2012 paving the way for LeSean McCoy’s breakout season. Having said that, the Eagles have no real need on the line except for extra depth. You don’t draft depth with a number 15 pick.

Safety is another area that many are questioning for the Eagles. Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, and Jaiquawn Jarrett are a young corps that looks to have a promising future. It is a position that lacks a veteran presence. Drafting a rookie wouldn’t solve that issue. The only projected first round talent at safety is Mike Barron from Alabama. Since the prospect has yet to work out for NFL scouts, his draft stock is on the decline and may be falling to the back end of the first round or into the second day.

Following 2012, Michael Vick’s status with the Eagles is questionable. A quarterback could be an option at 15. But do the Eagles stretch for a Kirk Cousins or Brock Osweiler with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, and Ryan Tannehill likely off the board in the first five or six picks? Unlikely. With Trent Edwards, a former starter, and Mike Kafka, who is entering his third season in the system, the front office seems satisfied with their backup situation, much to the chagrin of the fans. The Eagles will look at quarterback options but not in the first round, possibly as early as the third round.

At receiver, the Eagles gave DeSean Jackson the long term contract he was seeking. With Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, and Riley Cooper, the receivers aren’t anything different than they were last season. Plaxico Burress and Braylon Edwards are still on the market as an option for a big receiver.

If the Eagles don’t sign one of them by the April 26th, they could use the 15th pick on a receiver like Michael Floyd, the 6’3 Notre Dame grad with a 36.5” vertical, if he lasts that long. Another option is to stretch on Georgia Tech’s Stephen Hill who stands 6’3 and runs a blazing 4.36 40-yard dash.

Wide receiver is the only realistic option I see for the Eagles in the first round. Of course, it is a sexy pick unlike a defensive tackle or an offensive lineman might be, but it is also logical. The Eagles have serious issues inside the redzone and besides handing the ball to LeSean McCoy, no receivers have stepped up to become the go-to guy in 3rd and goal situations.

All this being said, I think the Eagles will trade out of the first round and stock up in the second or pick up an extra first round pick for next year’s draft. The 15th pick could be a hot commodity for teams with bigger needs on the defensive side of the ball than the Eagles. Luke Kuechly and a wide array of defensive tackles (the draft’s deepest position) will be available at that spot.

However, the Eagles do always find ways to leave fans scratching their heads at draft picks. Maybe the front office will surprise us once again.

Brenden Peddigree

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  • Safety is a position of need, their safeties are horrible, also if u have moises fokou on your roster then lb is a position of need, i dont see chaney as anything more than average. Rolle impressed me, but still unsure of how much upside he has.
    Nate allen and coleman are backups in my opinion, with glaring weaknesses, jury is still out on jarrett, the only thing i do know bout jarrett is he could have been drafted rounds later than he did.

  • Peli good points. I disagree with the article completely. Just like you dont draft depth on the O-line at 15, you also dont draft a “specialist” type reciever. If your looking for a red zone threat than sign Burress or find a tall guy much later in the draft. Chaney struggled at SLB last year and there isn’t much after him, Rolle perhaps? I feel at 15 you still get Kuechly to play SAM. If not Barron at SS. DT is deep and a guy with the talent of Still is probably still there with your early 2nd pick. Our biggest probs last year were TO’s on O and a soft D, spec. LB and S. You cant draft less to’s, you can draft quality defensive players.

  • Kuechley will be gone before #15
    The Bills at #10, Seattle at #12 or even the Cardinals at #13 will most likley be the landing spot for TOp MLB in this Draft..

    I live DE Whintey Mercilus from Illinois who is 6-4 260lbs and to me is the best pure Pass-Rusher in this Draft. He is long,lean and quick and reminds me a lot of 49ers Aldon SMith and even the Giants JPP a little bit.. Mercilus has the frame to pu on 10-12 lbs over the next 2 Years in a NFL Program and I believe will be one of the Premier Pass-Rushers in the NFL withing 2 years Time … I look at the Eagles DE and Babin,Cole are both over 30 Now and have maybe 2 Years of prime ball left in them.. Brandon Graham is still a question mark and I am not sold that he’s nothing more than a rotational players similar to what Darryl Tapp is who has also been around for a little while.. As the Giants have shown the NFL many times over recent years, you can never have enough pass-rushers on your DL… Mercilus is also very good against the run and played on a very good Defense at U of Illinois and went agains tquality O/Lineman almost every week playing the likes of Wisconsin,Ohio State,Michigan State,Penn State and Michigan every year in COllege… Remember this name for he will be a Star in the NFL by 2014. if not sooner…

    My 2nd Choicee would be WR Michael Floyd from Notre Dame, he’s 6-3 224lbs and can run, catch and block, He also can be an excellent returnman his Rookie Season and contribute right away in a area of need for the Eagles.. Imagin the EAgles having a 3 WR set of both D-Jax/Maclin split out wide on both sides and then having M Floyd in the Slot… These 3 on the field together would be a match-up nightmare for the entire NFL and would rival all the Top Teams who have 3-4 Good WR’s (Giants,PAckers,Saints, etc,etc)
    and remember thet WR Maclin is coming into his Contract Year and it’s no given that he remains an Eagles after 2012…

    My 3rd CHoice if both these players were gone already and the Eagles were unable to Trade Down would be CB Fre Kirkpatrick or CB Stephen Gillmore for you can never have enough quality CB’s in the Pass-Happy NFL..
    Kirkpatric is 6-2 198lbs adn more of a slot CB who could very well be converted to a Safety per most NFL Scouts, he plays physical and can make plays on the ball… Gilmore from South Carolina is more of a pure outside Cover CB who is 6-0 and 190lbs and is a ball hawk and can fly..

    I am going to assume that CB Samuel is either traded or released by Draft weekend, I also think that CB DCR has this Season to prove himself as he is entering a his Contract Year, He plays well, the Eagles will most likely lock him up long-term,but he could bolt for Free-agency becoming a very desirable player who could name his price in next year’s Free-Agency and I have no idea who committed he is in remaining an Eagle, plus who knows, he may not have a good 2012 and the Eagles may not even be interested in locking him up long-term if he underperforms so drafting one of these 2 CB’s again provides a quality replacement and or Depth if DCR does not work out and this is Slot CB Hanson contract year too and most likely heis final Season with the Eagles any way you look at it…

    Any one of these 3 Selections/Players would give the Eagles their best Value with their #15 Pick even though they may not see real benefits until 2013…The DT and OLB Postiions are real deep in this Draft and the Eagles can still select a quality player from each postion with both their 2nd Round Selections (#46 & #51)

    If they can Trade down and pick-up an additonal 2nd Round or 3rd Round Selection that would be awesome, but there will be lots of teams trying to trade back so it’s not going to be as easy to do this years once the first 10-12 Players are selected…

  • I think they’re going to trade down – though not out of the first. Grab Cox in the 20s.

    My fav option would still be to draft Kuchley at 15 if he’s there and then trade back into the first (using an extra 2nd and Samuel) to get Cox around 25 – if that’s possible. Then Cousins in the 2nd.

  • DRC has to vanquish the opinion out there that he is lazy. Cardinal fan (if there is such a thing) was not upset to see him go. I would not at all be suprised if he has one of those magical “career years” heading into free agency. I would be very wary of signing DRC to any large amount of guaranteed $$ next year however….

    Corner or DE could very well be Eagles’ targets at 15, though looking at AR’s track record DE or DT would be the most likely scenarios.

  • God, I hope they don’t take a DE in the first round. We have 2 solid ends, and they stink at drafting DEs. LB or run stopping DT is what I want. Forget about Floyd. Not a need for this season.

  • STock up at LB – grab the guy from BC if he is there at 15 – he can go as SLB, and be the back up MLB – look to Chaney and Rolle and Jordan to battle it out at WLB…

    best point made was if we go safety – need to find a vet – bringing in a rookie to battle with 2nd and 3rd year guys.. we just redo the learning process.. if we load up at LB and stay solid on DL this year – we are strong at CB – S may be our weakest are, but don;t think anyone in the draft will fix that (especially not a guy coming off double hernia surgery?!?)

    Bottom line – 1st round should be LB or DT – history says DT – but really want to fix the LB issues..

    I can see the eagles moving back inthe draft if the LB and DT they want are not available – lets see where we go with the remainder of FA (back up RB – Addai – are we going to have a FB next year – what about Landri and Laws – another safety)

  • If Kuechley is on the Board at #15 (which I highly doubt) then their 15th Pick will be very valuable to a team like the Bengals (Who have #17 & #21st Pick)
    to the Bears at #19 (Urlacher is about to wind down his career) and remember the PAtirots have the #27 & #31 picks and Belichek has been rumored to be very interested in moving up for a chance to selet Kuechley and DE Mercilus..
    If Eagles Traded their #15 for the Pats #27 & #31st, that would give the Eagles 4 Selections out of the Top 51 Players (27,31,46 & 51) and could go a long ways in adding quality players to their Defense and maybe add a WR or RB to their Offense to help this Team for the next-5-6 Seasons .. .

  • What do you mean??? You sign POE end of discussion

  • I disagree Navy,
    1st Round should go an elite prospect who plays skill position like DE,WR OR CB.. There are plenty of very good DT’s & LB’s in this Draft and the Eagles can use both their 2nd Round Sleections to grab a DT and LB.. That 15th Selection should be a player who has a strong possiblity to be an All_Pro type within 3 Years at a “Skill Position” in my opinion ..

    Everyone talks about how strong the Eagles DE position is..
    Can anyone really say besides the 2 proven players like T Cole & J Babin who are both over 30 years of age, that the other 3-4 DE’s on the Roster (Tapp,Hunt and Brandon Graham are stud player ???) I think of them as more rotationale,back-up types.. Graham is the wild-card here obviously, let’s say he progresses and plays up to his expectations, then great, but how about if he continues to be inconsistent, injured or just not very good, then this Eagles DE position is not that deep..

  • Poe & Brockers are built for 3-4 Schemes as NT’s.. Washburn and the Eagles Defensive philosophy has neven endeared itself to having 330-340lbs DT’s .. They utilize up the field penetratiors… Poe was super impressive in his workouts and may be an exception, but his College Game Tape doesn’t really reflect his superior athletic talents playing for Memphis versus Conference USA Competition which is definitely a Step Below the big powers Conferences.. I didn’t see much domination from Poe at the Coollege Level as you would expect from a player of his size and athleticism.. ..

  • The Eagles are not stupid enough to draft a WR in the 1st round. Please stop suggesting that……it’s stupid. They wouldn’t start anyway, for at least 3 years. The person they draft at that spot has to come in and start. It has to be DT/DE combo player, which points to Fletcher Cox. They would be smart, to try to make a trade with either New England, or Cincinnati, to grab one or both of their 1st round picks, by trading a combination of their #1 next year, #1 in 2015, Asante Samuels, Casey Matthews, Brandon Graham and or Daryll Tapp. By doing that, they could trade down a bit and get more picks in the 2nd, and 3rd round……and trade down in those rounds a bit to get even more picks, or future picks……GMCliff’s updated Mock Draft………….

    1a. Fletcher Cox DE/DT
    1b. Whitney Mercilus DE

    2a. Zach Brown OLB
    2b. Vinny Curry DE
    2c. Brandon Thompson DT
    2d. Kelechi Osemele OG

    3a. Bobbie Massie OT
    3b. Nigel Bradham OLB
    3c. Sean Spence SS
    3d. Josh Norman CB

    4a. Brandon Brooks OG
    4b Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DT

    5a. Devon Wylie KR/PR/WR
    5b. Kelcie McCray FS

    6a. Vontaze Burfict MLB/OLB
    6b. Terrance Ganaway FB

    7. Jordan Jefferson QB

  • stil is better than cox .. cox reminds me of corey simon

  • i think we should steal zac brown from the giants.. hes a linebacker with world class speed who the giants are interested in to become a vick and rg3 stopper

  • Devon Still is a personal friend of mine; same high school Alma Mata, same city, Wilmington Delaware, but he is not a better prospect than Fletcher Cox, especially considering Cox can play multiple positions on the Defensive Line, faster of the edge, and proved he is stronger at the combine. Again, more local loyalist that keep calling for Penn State prospects that will be injury casualties, and average players in the NFL. If Cox, reminds you of Corey Simon Larrwd, than that is just a terrible judgement of talent. Cox could put on more weight, and be a better pro than college player. Devon is a little overrated.

  • on tape devon still makes more plays the cox and is much tougher inside..cox can never beat a double team inside… on the eagles cox will never line up at end in a wide 9.. cox and simon have similar body type both ran the same 40 time 4.79,, corey simon was actaully a great player for a few years

  • I do agree with Larrwd with Zach Brown. We need more speed, and nastiness at all three LB positions. All the other linebackers we have on the roster, are only situational, or special teams players. Also check out Nigel Bradham, bigger, touch slower, but still faster than most. He also is better than what we have and can come in and challenge for a starting spot, by week 4.

  • Larrwd – Cory Simon was strictly a 325 lb DT, how are they similar in body type?…..Simon ran a 5.23 40. Cox ran a 4.7, how is that similar? Devon wasn’t double teamed every game in college. Another thing is, his tape doesn’t reveal he is, or isn’t more productive than Cox, or any other prospect, especially when they play in different defensive schemes. Plus, it also doesn’t say that any production in college, translates to the NFL. He is NOT a better prospect than Fletcher Cox. I love Devon, but I think he will be over drafted, and will be an NFL journeyman bust.

  • Cox would more than likely be a better DE, than DT….and the Eagles would draft him, to play both inside and outside; he’s that kind of athlete, and like I said a better prospect than Devon.

  • gmcliff thats incorrect simon ran the exact same time, 4.79 and simon weighed in the 291 and had a 41 inch vertical leap

  • No larrwd, that is correct. Cory Simon was 325lbs, and hasn’t been 291 lbs, or run a 4.79 since the 7th grade. You are absolutely incorrect. My point is he, and it is fact, that he, and Fletcher Cox are very different players. Corey was a run stuffer, that could rush the QB. Cox can rush from anywhere on the defensive line, and the major point I’m making is Devon is not the same player as Cox, that’s why Devon stock has dropped, and Cox is predicted to go as high as the top 10. Devon could slip to the 2nd round, because of his inconsistencies in rushing the QB, and disappearing from games from time to time. Your totally overvaluing Devon.

  • Excuse me he was 320 lbs

  • cox will never be a DE for the eagles its not what the eagles do and im giving you corey simons draft info right off of NFL.com.. can you say owned.. thank you very much

  • and it would be incorrect….and why not as a DE?…….. they do the same thing with Cullen Jenkins on some plays…Can you say misinformed?

  • I just copied this from NFL.com on Corey Simon…………Coach Jeff Fisher said Simon met with him Wednesday to discuss the decision, and the veteran would be missed.

    “I’ve got kind of a fond place in my heart for Corey considering what he’s been through the past couple years and what he brought to this team, the locker room and special teams and the defensive line,” Fisher said.

    Simon had one tackle and one quarterback pressure this season. The Titans had signed the 6-foot-2, 320-pound tackle looking to add depth to their defensive line……..No Larrwd, you are owned…..can you see 6-2..320lbs..no where on NFL.com state that Corey Simon ran a 4.7 anything, or any of his combine information…I didn’t start doing this evaluation stuff yesterday brother. We can agree to disagree, but the facts are the facts….you talking to the GM

  • Fletcher Cox is not a good comparison to Corey Simon who had a bigger lower body and base. to him.. Cox is longer and leaner and I think could develop into a A Haynesworth type in 2-3 Years. He’s 6-4 and 300 lbs and could be at 315lbs in 2 years time .. (Haynesworth was 6-6 317lbs when he came out of College)and playhis best Years about that 325lbs weight range) before he balloned up to 350lbs and lost the explosion and desire to compete his last few Seasons..

  • Thank you Paulman….I see the same thing you see Paul…potential to be a Reggie White type. Haynesworth was strictly a DT, Cox, can also play the DE, with his 4.7 speed. I disagree with the Corey Simon comparison as well. Corey was a good player for us, and if Cox can be anything close to him in his prime, we’ve got a player……..Props to Paulman, Fletcher Cox has been his guy from day one…….But don’t come posting stats that are incorrect, and can’t be justified, and claim you own somebody………..Negro Please..

  • reggie white ran a 4.5 – 4.6 40 ..lets see 4.6 vs 4.8 big difference my dude.. cox only had one good year… he will never play end in a wide 9 .. devon Still had 17.5 tackles for loss and had double digit tackles for loss in back to back years.. cox only had just 10 last year.. to put it in to perspective ndomakong suh had 20.5 … its a very important stat when projecting dominance.. i like cox i like his 4o yard dash time ,, i like corey simon .. but cox will not play end for us and probabally not anywhere else.. i just think still is a better DT and it shows on tape

  • and if you were the GM you would be fired within 2years…..because Devon isn’t close to the same player as Cox. Larrwd, Reggie’s measurables vs Cox isn’t the argument. There will never be another Reggie White. His skill level say he can be that TYPE of player. Who cares what Devon’s stats were, Kuechly’s stats speak loudly, but he won’t be that great a pro either.

    According to CBStats.com Devon had 17 TFL this year, and 10 TFL last year. Cox had 14.5 TFL,this year, not 10 and 5.5 TFL, last year. and so you think that proves Devon will be a better Pro than Cox? TFL, are situational plays and each game, has it’s own circumstances, and Devon played well, but its asinine to base pro potential on that….Kurt Coleman had 3 interceptions in a game, but he isn’t a better safety than Troy Paulamlou, or Eric Berry. That analogy, holds true with Devon, and Cox as well, whether you see something on tape or not. I can see you like Devon, I do as well just not for the Eagles, and be honest, your partial to all his shortcomings as a player good, or bad as well So your not looking at those tapes as an unbiased evaluator. I know Devon has a major injury red flag, to that same leg he broke his freshman year. The same leg he had issues with all last year, and before the combine…………I don’t see your point.

  • Some players peak in college, and other peak in the pro’s

  • Devon Still to me is another Broderick Bunkley type, similar build & measureables for when Bunkley came out and just doesn’t impress me..
    Devon Still had a great Senior Season in a down Big 10 last year with some pretty average OL (outside of Wisconsin) .. Ohio State,Illinois,Purdue,Illinois.Indiana and Minnesota were all pretty offensively challenged with below Offensive LInes…. His previous 2 Seasons with Penn State (playing against better OL in the Big 10) he really didn’t do much in my opinion.. Flecther Cox was double-team much of last season going against better competition and was Voted 4 Times the DL Player of the week in the SEC.. I really see little comparison between the 2, Cox is potential POr-Bowler in 2 Years Time, Still could be a 1 hit wonder and a rotational player at best…

  • not similar bunkley was a workout warrior who did over 40 reps at the combine.. infact bunkley reminds me more of cox.. looks like tarzan plays like jane.. though cox is a little better.. still is better still no pun

  • I agree with that Gmcliff,
    F Cox has inproved in each of the last 3 Seasons while at Miss State
    D Still was considered a big dissappointment the last 2 seasons up until his Senior Season and remember that Still was playing alongside a very Veteran Penn State D/Lineman likes Senior DE’s Jack Crawford & Eric Lattimore who all worked well togetheras a unit..

  • Paul a lot of people like Devon because he is a local favorite, but when your talking about a #1 draft pick you have to be a little more critical……….Devon knows he has a major injury that will shorten his career, and so does his agent, so he’s going to take the money, and run. Smart on his part, but we need a more long term player.

    And personally give less than a darn about statistics, in some cases. They don’t always tell you if the guy can play at this level. Some players like basketball are system players. Unfortunately, Devon is one of them.

  • Larrwd , your still trying to evaluate them by the numbers. I’m not trying to be critical of what your saying but you can’t look at this like that. I will flat out tell you that Devon will be a bust, even with all you see on tape. And, he will not be in the NFL beyond 3-4 years barring injury. You are totally overvaluing Devon.

  • you two dont know what your looking at ..im not even going to argue with you about anymore.. your either born with a high iq or your not

  • We already have a player like Cocks on our team… Cullen Jenkins.
    I think Still will be the best DT in this draft. Just my opinion. It seems he is always making plays in the backfield. But if Cocks is always double teamed like many suggest, then that is also something to consider too. I wouldnt mind trading up from the 2nd round and grabbing either of these guys late 1st early second.

  • Is it conceivable that Kuechly or Hightower could be converted to SAM or WILL and start right way? How easy is this transition for a college ILB?

  • its supposed to be easy but not for the eagles.. if keuchly falls to 15 the eagles might take him

  • You know what guys this team was 8-8, they should stay where they are if not move up to improve this team. This article makes it sound like they won the dam superbowl or something. No this team could still use upgrades.

  • Paulman – If Belichek would be interested in giving up 27 and 31 for kuechly, why in the hell would we pass on that talent? If Kuechly is there at 15 we have to take him.

    Reid won’t of course, it’s a linebacker.

  • larrwd, are you smoking some of that wacky tobaccy today, bruh!? Your mind ain’t right. You had not one thing correct. LMFBO!!! Fletcher Cox is more of a Justin Tuck type, not Simon or Bunkley. They were fire-plugs. He & tuck are versatile, taller, leaner muscle types.

  • Cullen Jenkins is 31-32 Years old and had some aging knees that swell up and get sore, etc,etc.. If Jenkins plays 40+ Snaps a game, he won’t last 2 more Seasons.. A replacement needs to be groomed..
    I am not sure how many fans on here think that 1st Round Draft Picks always start their Rookie Season, for about 75 % of all 1st Round Picks, do not start right out of the gate as a Starter, it’s a learning curve no matter who you are, what team your own and what position you play.. ..

  • i was simply saying they had the same exact 40 time 4.79 and still is not like him either .. i like still better he a better player plays with more passion.. he will do whatever it takes to be great.. i like fletcher also.. just like still better

  • Fubard
    Belecheck Values the LB Positon more so than the Eagles
    If you can get the 27th & 31st Selection for Trading your 15th Selection in this years Draft Pool,you would have to be foolish to pass that up.. Basically you are getting 2 Very Good Players for the price of 1 in my book..
    WIth the acquistion for MLB D Ryans, the Eagles dno longer need to draft a MLB with their 1st Round PIck.The Eagles are counting on Ryans to be that stud player in the middle

  • First of there is no right or wrong right now, this is all a crap shoot. Hell brockers might be the best DT, it’s a wait and see type of deal. All I know the first three rounds I would like to see all D. That’s if they don’t make anymore Fa moves.

  • I doubt very seriously there is one person on this site that saw all of Fletcher Cox games last year so stop it.

  • Oh no lets get Poe he ran a 4.2 oh ga ga ga goo goo, his fat ass didn’t even dominate that popcorn league he plays in. Inferior talent he went against with one sack last year man please.

  • One thing Roseman said this offseason was, they were going to look at actual game film and level of competition these guys played against and rightfully so.

  • Tell him again DCar !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes the obvious, is not so obvious. How many prospects have looked good on film, or at their pro days, and the General Managers regret drafting them. Its does help to get your facts straight before you insult someone, and claim you have a high IQ…………………There is something your obviously overlooking…..that reflection in the mirror, and your weak talent evaluation. Devon Still, will be a bust as a pro.

  • the Eagles Defense is small, weak and slow ——– the article seems to imply noone at 15 could possible help a team that runs out of gas in the 4th quarter — the birds will rank the players and one of their top ten will slip to 15 most likely a DT because that is the strength of the draft —- expect a DT — Howie and Joe will draft best available this year not need

  • you over- analyze gmcliff.. keep it simple stupid

  • at least your consistent Larrwd,……because you still don’t know what your talking about.

  • are you still upset babygirl… tuck that pride away…

  • upset about what? you haven’t said anything intelligent, or accurate all day on this post. I will end this by saying….We’ll see….because I can show you better than I can tell you…….remember I told you so about Devon. Have a good one brother Larrwd…………….

  • im actually kinda leaning toward dontari poe.. after watching the tape it seems he was double teamed on almost every play and even triple teamed sometimes ..i think this is why his stats are almost non-existent ..just messing with you brother no hard feelings..

  • be cool larrwd….good night brother

  • Just for SNG’s… Corey Simon was listed at 6’2″ and 297lbs at the combine and did not participate in workouts.


  • larrwd, I agree with you about Still. I think in the long run, he will be the best out of the DT draftee’s. Cox 2nd. I would like for the Birds to get Poe, but I think he will be a NG for a 3-4 team, & we will end up with Cox.

  • Dcar i dont know asante samuel has just officially been placed on the trading block.. so now we might take a cb or mark barron..

  • Love to see a trade with Samuel to the Panthers for RB Jonathon Stewart and a mid round Draft Pick… Stewart would be a perfect compliment to McCoy and could handle the load if McCoy were to get injured,hold out, etc,etc
    Stewart has shared the load with DeAngelo WIlliams so he’s is beat up yet and could give the Eagles 2-3 very good Seasons,,

  • paul , with mccoy potentionally holding out that is an option . wasnt ronnie brown a 2 year contract

  • Correction… Meant to state that sinec J Stewart shared the load with D Williams, is that Stewart is “not beat up” and still has good mileage left him in his legs.. He’s a good blocker, good pass receiver and good in the red-zone..

  • I would love to see Stewart but just don’t see it happening. I think the Birds are avoiding bringing in a RB who they will have to pay a few million. It would just piss Shady off. Thats the last thing you want to do when you’re trying to negotiate with him. I would like Addai as a better option…However Im not sure you could get Addai for like 1 million a year.

  • To Nev856,
    Ronnie Brown, Steve Smith, Vince Young and Evan Mathis were all signed to 1 Year Deals last year and are all Free-Agents.. The Eagles have only pursued and re-signed LG Mathis and most observors do not believe the Eagles have any interest in re-signing RB,SS or VY ..
    The Eagles Backfield right now as far as players being under contract are as follows

    RB – MCCoy, Dion Lewis and Greg Cooper
    FB – S HAvilli…

    This is it, Eagles need a legitimate back up for McCoy again for the chance of a hold-out and or injury, Eagles also need an experienced FB in the event that FB Havilli (who was on practice squad last year) is not NFL ready ..and I believe hthat if the Eagles siigb a Free-Agenet FB like Jacob Lester or Tony Fiametti, that Havilli could be moved to the ‘Big RB” spot for he runs and cathces the ball well, but is not much of a blocker and if you are going to play FB in the NFL, you have to be able to block and enjoy it and I think the Eagles like Havilli’s atlhleticm.. ..

  • Marion Barber could always come out of Retirement too and be that big-back to compliment McCoy.. He still has some juice in his legs to play for a season or 2
    He still had 1 Year left under his Bears Contract so he would have to formerly retire with the NFL, and then formerly reinstate to join the NFL or the Bears would have to get some type of compensation in return for losing him..

  • I like dion lewis and think he a future star.. he is a pocket hurcules but not fat like mjd..also the eagles are high on stanley havili who is a good ball carrier.. dion lewis also started taking away from ronnie brown’s few carries and was more productive

  • I just don’t see it larrwd with Dion Lewis, who had a nice camp/pre-season and showed some early flashed but he really seemed to regress as the Season went on and actually looked like he was running ‘scared” in my opinion.. Maybe he hit a rookie wall during last season, but based on what I saw over last season, he is not a legitimate back-up RB let alone a fill in for McCoy if he were to ge injured or hold out come camp time.. He’s more of 3rd Down Scat back who comes in about 10-12 plays a game and they toss him a couple of Screen plays, a run play here or there and that’s about all you going to see from him..he was really disappointing in the kick-off return game where he rarely ever made it to the 25 yard-line..

  • He got stonger toward the end of the season avergaed 4.8 yards per carry.. hes not built to be a kick off returner ..he has it all and was better in college than mccoy.. but i still think we need a veteran back but just as a number 3 .. its not like we have a 2 back system anyway ..

  • I’d like to see the Eagles pursue Jason Snelling free agent RB from ATL. He can play both FB and RB… He isn’t the best lead blocker out there but as we all know the Eagles don’t seem to go after FB’s unless they can pass block and catch the ball. With how much the Eagles use their 3 WR sets and One Back sets they really don’t need a big thumper back there in front of Shady.

  • Eagles reportedly scheduled to Host michael brockers.. DT lsu

  • I think every NFL team gets to have 12-15 Private Workouts with players between now and the upcomg Draft in late April… Eagles should bring in as many as possible..

  • Larrwd –Michael Brockers? last season the bird’s took a player too old in Watkins now they’re hosting players too young in Brockers– no consistency

  • I like Brockers just think he is a year or two away from dominate play

  • dont know why hes the first . last year they had ties with rolle mathews and marsh and drafted all those guys…i kind of agree at eagles0superbowls.. maybe they think washburn can make him what haynesworth was supposed to be ,they are the same exact size almost

  • larrwd, if Barron lasts until the 3rd round I’d draft him. He is coming off of double hernia surgery. So he ain’t getting drafted high by anyone, let alone at #15. Not going to happen. Even when Asante is kicked out the door, I don’t think we draft a CB high. We still have Asomugha, DRC, Joselio, & the 2 kids Lindley & Marsh, that they are high on. I definitely am convinced after all of the stuff I’ve heard this week, that we come out of the first 3 rounds with a DT, DE, OLB & QB. Not in any particular order. I say DT-Fletcher Cox, DE-Vin Curry, OLB-Lavonte David, QB-Kirk Cousins. In that order. I’d be happy with that. But Asante can’t get out of here fast enough for me. I honestly can’t stomach the dude. He is the epitome of a overrated, overpaid, selfish, cancerous, me player. SEE YA MESANTE, DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE @$$ ON THE WAY OUT!!

  • No way Barron is dropping 3rd Round, he won’t go 15 but will be somewhere
    between the 25th and 40th Pick (early 2nd Rd).. This is not a Deep Safety Class and he’s in probably the best all-around Safety in this Draft..
    I could see the Ravens at #29 or the Pats at #31 Selecting him or the Rams,Vikings, Dolphins or Panthers with their 2nd Round. picks as they all need Safeties as all of these Teams need Safeties (Ed Reed is not going to play too much longer, Dwan Landry signed with Jaguars last year and Tom Zbitowski signed with the Colts this free-Agency so the Ravens are very thin at Safety behind Reed).. Patriots have 2 1st Round Picks and need to add a Pass-Rusher and a Safety/CB to their Defense.

    Cowboys & Jets really need Safety help and would pounce on Barron if he’s still on the Board when they come around to pick in the 2nd Round, but I don’t believe either Team would select him with thier 1st Round picks, the Jets are hurting though losing 2 Safeties B Poole and J Leonard and may have to reach at #16 to secure a Safety…

  • Paul I would love to get Stewart. Dude is built like a FB, he’s versatile, hasn’t been injured (except torn rib cartilage in college), powerful & quick. He’d be a perfect #2 back, in here. I’m not too crazy about Dion Lewis. He’s OK, but is another Smurf, on this team. But what makes you think that the Panthers would trade Stewart? Do you think that they are high on that Goodson kid? Are you hearing something there in NC?

  • I love Brokers, but he is too raw to draft as high as he is going to go. We will have to trade up to get him. Remember, the Birds rarely draft players with their high picks, that they bring in for visits. They are just doing their due diligence. Remember the idiotic, big hoopla, that went on at the combine, that Rosebuds had a meeting wit RGIII. It’s due diligence, that’s all. I’d like Brokers though, I’ll take any of the top 5 DT’s in this draft. IMHO, they all are going to be solid- great DT’s. Poe, Brocker’s, Cox, Still & Worthy. I even like Brandon Thompson as a steal in the 3rd round of the draft. We will see!

  • BTW, Paul did you see the numbers that that kid Dale Moss put up at his South Dakota State pro day- Ran an eye-popping 4.44 40, 41.5 inches in the vertical jump, 10-feet-10 in the broad jump, and a 6.32 in the 3-cone drill. Dude is 6′ 3″ 213 lbs. Moss caught 61 passes for 949 yards and six touchdowns. That’s incredible. I read that on another site. Do you know who this kid is? I watch a crap load of college football, & I never seen this dude. He & Steven Hill would be good 4th rounders, if they last that long, now!

  • I did read an article on Dale Moss on NFL DraftScouts/.com about him. He was not invited to the Combine and posted these #’s at the South DAkota STate Pro-Workday and SD state is a FBS level school (which we used to call Division II)

    Panthees now have 4 Wuality RB’s under Contract after signing RB mike Tolbert to a 4 year deal last weel
    Deangleo Williams, Jonathon Stewart and Mike Goodson and they sure can’t keep all 4 of them and remember the Panthers are close in Cap Space.. Since Tolbert is the bowling ball type for the tough short-yardade/red-zone yards, I would expect the PAnthers to keep DeAngelo Williams for his big play,explosiveness and look to trade Stewart and possibly Goodson both..

  • That’s right, I forgot about Tolbert. Wish we would have taken a run at him. I guess that’s why they want to trade him for cap reasons. Do his & Asantes salaries, come close, if not, that wouldn’t fit for them. We’ll see?

  • Panthers RB Salaries DCar
    D Williams makes $5.5 Million, J Stewart makes $1.5 Million and Mike Goodson $650 K
    Panthers show at $73 Million currently so they have about $35 Million under the Cap to Operate while the Eagles currently show at $90 Million with about $20 Million of Space to work with

  • ##### Big Suprise of the Day #######

    Steve Smith signed with the Rams today.

  • No real surprise Greenfan… Rams needs WR’s and SMith needs a Team..
    How much $$$ did he get.. There was talk about Jets or Redskins as poosible landing spots.. thnx for info

  • Guess sarcasm doesn’t always translate through the written word Pman.

    Agreed. No real suprise.

  • Rams have made some nice Moves this off-season and they add a few good players in the Draft with those extra picks, they will be competive in an improving NFC West Divsion.. I am still not sold on Bradford ever being an Elite QB… If I were them, I would have traded Bradford to the Redksins nad get those picks agrred up and then stayed at #2 and selected RGIII.. Imagine RGIII playing in that dome on that speedy surface…Yikes..

  • What are the chances we can trade Asante to the Rams for James Laurinitus? Asante and a 5th for Laurinitus and a third?

    Rams could get an immediate impact player at DB and draft someone like Kuechly to fill their middle.

    Win win on both sides if you ask me.

  • Thanks for the info Paul.

  • The eagles worked out 3 quarterbacks wilson lindley and cousins.. i really like russell wilson and he would work well with vick similar styles.. had an amazing proday and was the most efficient quarterback in the ncaa last year.. so it looks like the eagles will be taking a quarterback after all..

  • larrwd, I’ve been saying for a few weeks that we will end up with a QB early. I think they trade up for Cousins in the 3rd round. Trade Asante & 4th rounder- #116 for Cleveland’s 3rd rounder- # 68. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  • Who wants to waste a draft pick on a QB project? Unless its a blue chipper RG III or Luck whats the point? Arent most of the stud QBs in the NFL high 1st round picks? Even then its a crap shoot let alone a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Plus a new coach will be coming in soon anyway and want his own guy. Its all about winning in the next 2 years.Defense Defense Defense.

  • dagg, agreed, I want DF too, but you know the Eagles & it was reported that they met with Cousins, Lindley, & Wilson. So you know it’s on their radar.

  • BTW, not only 1st round QB’s work out. If that were so, there would zero QB’s in the NFL. LMFBO!!!

  • dag, every draft pick as crap shoot. If you look into it, Brees, Rodgers, and Brady were all selected after the 20th pick in the first round. So at least half of the NFL’s best QBs now were not selected in the first half of the first round.

  • Good points Brett Schill…

  • Trent Cole, Brett Celek,Todd Herramans were all 4th/5th Round PIcks
    The Eagles have had good success with 2nd Round selections in recent years and it’s nice that they have 2 picks again in the 2nd Round this Draft..
    The 3rd Round Selections have been a very sispect to poor if you ask me,
    He’s the last 10 years worth of 3rd Round Selections and you decide
    (remember that a 3rd Roiund is between the 65-100th Overall pick so there are plenty of good players on th Board in the 3rd Round

    2011 – CB Curtis Marsh -(Too soon to tell,but projected as a 4th/5th Rd)
    2010 – DT Teo Neisham -(Was projected a 5th Rounder and overmatched)
    2009 – No Pick –
    2008 – DE Bryn Smith – (Was not even 250 lbs, cut in his 2nd Season)
    2007 – LB Steward Bradley (Decent pick but torn ACL his Senior Season and a history with injuries)
    2006 – OLB/DE Chris Cogong (Played with his hands down as a DE in College where he domintated Div II competition, switched to OLB by the Eagles and was a fish out of water???)
    2005 – RB Ryan Moats – (Was projected a 5th Rounder, the next Brian Westbrook… A complete shot in dark)
    2004 – CB Matt Ware – (Had some raw talent, mostly as Nickle back and even as Safety by Arizona where he has had a 7-8 year Career in the NFL
    2003 – WR Bobby McMullen – (Couldn’t catch or run routes very well, a perennial practice squad player but never did much on the big squad)
    2002 – RB Brian Westbrook.. (A home run to say the least, and one of top 3rd Round picks in Eagle History for that matter)

  • Feltcher Cox @ 15
    Vinny Curry @ 46

    If you cant sign another linebacker in free-agency (Jo-lon Dunbar) you could take best available linebacker @ 48.

    This solitifies youe DL for the recent future and upgrades the linebacking core.

  • pick 51, not 48

  • Pman – one theory – feel free to shoot it down if you like – but look at your list – the Eagles tend to view the third round pick as a ‘reach’ pick – they tend to find raw talent – smaller school – a great if it hits – oh well if it misses –

    the fact the Eagles typically have a full stable of picks (and tend to do very well in later rounds) gives them the freedom to strecth for a Westbrook – but not really suffer if a Smith or Teo don’t work out..

    different teams view their drafts in different ways.. this year will be huge from the perspective of the team has gotten hammered for bad defensive drafting –

    several players really need to either step up to the plate – Allen, Graham, Coleman, Jarret, Marsh, Lindley, Rolle, Chaney, MAtthews et el.

    These are 2nd and 3rd year guys that need to contribute – then we can have a much more accurate assesment of the Eagles D Drafting

  • Navy, if the majority of these guys don’t step up…..then what?

  • The Songs – the world will stop spinning, the polar ice caps will melt, the rain forests will die off and the zombie apocolypse will begin – based upon how you view every single member of the Eagles defense and the coaches – I strongly encourage you to start hoarding food, water, sun screen amd weapons – go get the manula ‘How to Survive a Zombie Attack” you have time Songs – prepare!

    Either that or the team will cut them and they will be unemployed

  • I think a 3rd Round is too soon to be reaching Navy..
    We are talking about the 65th-100th Overall Best Players out of 500 or so that are elgible..
    Now come the 5th Round or so, than I can see taking a flyer on a player or if you have multiple picks in a round .. than that chance

  • Just different philosophies – and when you hit a home run like Westbrook early on – tends to make you think you can do it again – I am also not as down on Bradley and Gocong as others —

  • Gocong wasn’t a bad player, he wasn’t a real good fit for the Eagles scheme, and Bradley was good when he was healthy, problem is that he couldn’t stay healthy to be a consistent player during his Eagles Career.. I expect Bradley tro have a decent year with Arizona in 2012 now that’s used to there system/terminology playing in a 3-4 Scheme and is Healthy again..

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