• May 27, 2022

Reports: Eagles To Be Visited By DT Brockers And Two CB’s

Many times you can tell what a team is thinking by what players they fly in to take a close look at.  That’s why it’s worth making note of the report that the Birds will be hosting LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers.

Brockers had a mediocre Combine but he was impressive while playing for the Tigers.  He’s big, powerful and quick.

It’s not news to anyone that the Birds are interested in defensive tackles.

But the report by Wilson that the Eagles will be hosting cornerback Trumaine Johnson of Montana is definitely news.  This makes the reports about Asante Samuel being on the trading block even more believable.

Not only do the Eagles have Samuel, Nmandi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, they have last year’s third round draft pick Curtis Marsh and free agent acquisition Brandon Hughes.

Word has it that they like both Marsh and Hughes.

According to Wilson, Johnson isn’t the only cornerback, whom the Birds are entertaining.  They’re also be having Arizona cornerback Omar Bolden in for visit.



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  • Brockers would be a good choice —
    I like the Eagles off season so far and think the Front Office is really doing a good job so far —– retaining Juan Castillo is the only move I wish they did not make

  • cant start all over with a new defensive coordinator .. wed be back at square one

  • Montana? stick to high school blue chippers who are now projected to be high NFL draft picks — not firemen from Canada or Montana

  • the montana kid is the biggest corner in the draft 6’2 201 i think thats why theyre looking at him .. the other corner is also over 200 pounds mayhbe the eagles finally realized they have to many midgets

  • larrwd — maybe your right I don’t know anything about cornerback Trumaine Johnson of Montana — I shouldn’t slam someone I know nothing about

  • First off thank you G for getting the draft juices really flowing today. Two great post, um I personally don’t like Brockers potential first round bust all over him.

  • Bringing in Brockers could be smoke and mirrors… They year the Eagles moved up in the draft and took Brandon Graham they brought in some DE’s but Graham was not one of them.

  • the could be bringing in bcockers to draft poe or even keuchly i agree with sully….
    @eagles0 i always liked big corner backs i remember bobby taylor was so good.

  • Brandon Graham is that dud cannonball firework you wasted your money on during the 4th of July, his fuse won’t even light up. What a waste by the FO.

  • We got”Kolbed” again by the FO and their “high-motor” talk with that one.

  • Hey you guys want a run stopper you can have alameda Ta’amu in the third rd. He will probably be better than Poe.

  • Wow. Okay. I just watched a number of game films on Cox and Brockers to form a more solid opinion on the two. Cox is definitely stronger but Brockers looks like a much more instinctive football player. He sheds blocks better and takes much better angles of pursuit to the ball carrier. He has a definite nose for the ball. “JPDraftJedi” has some great film on the two on YouTube. Watch for yourself and come up with your own opinion if you have the time. I want Brockers.

  • Boyer now check out Still’s and give your honest opinion.

  • ok diddy, I watched some tape. I would take still over Cox too. He’s definitely instinctive too, nose for the ball type of guy. He looks like more of a lane clogger. Cox would go up field on every single play and take himself out of the game. Still looks like he likes to sit in the lane (maybe just systems the teams play).

    As far as Brockers, it’s hard to say one is better than the other. Brockers plays way better competition. That PSU/Alabama tape was the best test. Still looked dominant against a great line for the 1st half. It was impressive. Had he kept that up the whole game I’d say Still over Brockers. But he was really tired in the 2nd half and did nothing. There are two X-factors for Brockers- the SEC, and the fact he was only a Sophomore this season. He still has room to grow. I’d really be happy with either one and they both looked more impressive than Cox. Thanks for pointing him out. I automatically discounted him because he played for PSU.

  • Remember that Teams who may like a Brockers or a POe may want to trade up with the Eagles at #15 To get them, which is why you do your due diligence nad work the potential players not only you are interested in but others that will most likely be in that range of players that other teams may want to trade up to obtain..
    RE: CB Trumaine Johnson from Montana who is 6-2 205lbs and a hitter who many Scouts/bservors really like.. also many of them (myself included) beleive he as the talent,the skills,size,speed & toughness to play Safety at the NFL Level.. Do not be surprised the Eagles grab Johnson in the 3rd Round in the with the intention of moving him to Safety once Ota’s/Camps begin.. Johnson does come with some off-the field baggage that they probably want get to know him a little better…

  • Boyer, thanks for taking the time out to look. Man look your points on Brockers are legit, he did go against the best of the best, and put up numbers. So i can’t take that from him, as long as they star away from Poe and get one of the other three I am cool wit it.

  • Agreed. I don’t want someone who couldn’t put up numbers against poor competition.

  • CB Omar Bolden missed most all of his Senior Season with a torn ACL during spring practice last year whikle at Arizona State He’s 5-10 202lbs and again,many Scouts believe he could adjust rather easily to a Safety position in the NFL.. He’s currently rated as teh Drafts 14 Rated CB Prospect and if it wasn’t for his lost Senior Season to a torn ACL, he would have been in the Top 6 or so.. He ran a 4.45 40 Speed but was a bit slower in the agility/Cone drills which wasa expected coming off Knee injury..
    He also was Returnman during his College days and actually earned 2nd Team All Pac during his Junior Season with a 30 yard kick-off return average on 11 Returns..

  • Looking at some video on this kid, trumaine has great ball skills… He is a real hawk. Im not familiar with him but Im impressed with what I just saw…

  • Bolden dude intrigues me with some corner /safety skills. Good call on the return game too Paulie. We havent had a returner since…………

    Brockers and Still are legit. Still is a somewhat local product and is a go hard every damn down guy. You know what you get with him and the LSU guy…forget a guy who like someone on here stated..didnt dominate at a mid-level conf..

    They take David Beckham…Andy thinks tHey havent come close to replacing Akers and wants to go a completly different direction.Hey look guys thats how this thing works…you make a decision and you run with it.

  • Trumaine Johnson kind of reminds me a young Charles Woodson, kind of long,lanky but not afraid of contact and has excellent timing on making plays on the ball.. I like this kid alot and saw a few games with Montana in the FBS Division Playoffs over the last 2 years and he always stood out in the few games I saw them play… MOntana is a great program year in and year out and they actually have a LT named Tom Compton who has NFL Ability and could be a 5th Round pick for someone and probably more suited as a RT in the Pro’s.. He’s 6’5 about 305 lbs and tough-nosed players…
    Eagles Colt Anderson played at Montana I believe as well..

  • Brockers in the next john harris .. i hope this is just a smoke screen .. still cox and poe are all better in my book.. he projected by many as a DE in a 3-4 in the pros..

  • Paul – You know I’ve been talking up Trumaine Johnson all off-season. I honestly believe that if the Eagles are bringing him in, they want him as a Safety, also knowing he’s versatile enough to play Cornerback. He is a threat to take Nate Allen’s spot at FS. I wouldn’t mind them drafting Brockers, he would be a high first rounder in next years draft, which is why it shouldn’t be a problem for them to offer their #1 next year, packaged with Asante Samuels, for another #1 pick this year which should be Whitney Mercilus. But they are going to have to decide between Brockers, and Cox, with their first pick.

  • Just looked up trumaine johnson hes nasty.. i hate brockers he get bullied by only one blocker.. i think trumaine johnson can play corner.. can start at nickel is rookie year and blitz and cover TEs..

  • Boyer, pdiddy, if we wind up with any of the 3, it will be an upgrade over Patterson. He is OK, but is not a play maker, & does nothing special. He is a mediocre DT & is also coming off of brain surgery. Not to mention Dixon’s injury & Jenkins age. Upgrades are needed at DT, along with SS & OLB. So I’d be happy with any of Brockers, Poe, Still, Cox, or even Brandon Thompson. He’s not getting as much love, but is pretty good also.

  • Yes you have GMCliff.. Great Scouting on Trumain Johnson and I have been checking him out since you first brought his name up back in January..
    I think he’s a Safety Candidate myself but may look so good at CB that he stays there also.. Either way, he’s a player that I want him on my Team… He’ll probably be selected by the 3rd Round somewhere

  • FYI – today Jeff McLane laid out the case I have been espousing for drafting a QB. Critical for our future – and If they like Tannenhill, he could be had at 7 with a trade with JAX. If not Tannenhill, then who?

  • I like QB Cousins, but to be honest, I don’t believe any QB’s after Luck & RGIII are worth trading up for including even for Tannehill, who I dont’ see anymore than a Back-up.. I think the Eagles will concentrate with the 3 QB on their Roster in Vick,Edwards and Kafka who all need as many reps as possible this Off-Season.. I don’t see the sense of grabbing a 2nd Tier QB who is a 2-3 Years project at best taking away valuable time and reps fomr the 3 already on the Eagles Roster.. If Vick bounces back with a good Season in 2012 as we all hope, a 2nd Tier Rookie isn’t going to see the field for a few years anyways… IF Vick and the team bomb it in 2012, then most likely a whole new Staff comes in and can change course at the QB position.. Go with who you have, and Coach these 3 up is my motto…

  • Outside of RG3 and Luck, I dont think there are any more starting QBs, alot of 2nd string QBs.. I wouldnt waste a pick on any of these guys, id wait til next year if i were them, Im not overly impressed by any of these guys outside of RG3 or Luck..

  • Dixie Fan, JH, AND Paul – I still say my plan would be to make a trade with New England to pry Ryan Mallett from them to be our QB of the future. Paul, I know the Pariots like him but he is still 3rd on their depth chart. I think he could be had. There is no obvious solution to this in the next 2 drafts, and don’t give me Matt Barkley. I would try to draft Jordan Jefferson from LSU, to groom in the 6-7th rounds……

  • How bout we store up enough picks for next year so we can move up to draft a real franchise QB in Matt Barkley out of USC, A QB that has it all, may very well go 1st ovr next year, definitely in the top 5.. Would have been the 3rd QB off the board this year..

  • Gmcliff…
    What’s your thoughts on OLB Shea McClellin from Boise State
    He’s 6-3 260lbs and could be an excellent SAM LB at the NFL in my opinion.
    I’ve been talking him up for a while now, but have not heard too much from anyone else talk about him.. Check him out ..

  • gmcliff– I like your thinking. Ive been a fan of Malletts for some time now, he could be the pats 2nd QB but i think politics are involved. Id trade a 5th and a 6th for Mallett.. Pats dont seem very high on him right now but they could be just burying him on the depth chart which makes sense bc they may be trying to keep him on the roster until Brady retires, but the kid could be waiting awhile for Brady isnt retiring anytime soon…

  • The problem with the “wait till next year” idea is that we’ll be in the same boat again. This team is not going to fall flat on its face or “bomb” and win 3 games (ensuring a top tier QB), but with you know who at the helm, we’re not winning the SB either.

    Eagles’ go anywhere from 8-8 to 10-6 this year and then what? Heading into next offseason with a now 33 yr old injury prone QB who missed another 3 games (min)…..and is still an “unknown quantity” (to some anyway)

    Don’t talk to me about Trent Edwards. That’s just a flyer on a guy. To see what he has. I’m betting on “not much” – if he turns out, I’d be suprised.

    As for Kafka…well who knows there, but it was pretty telling that (in the worst coaching decision of the year – worse than Matthews at LB) they kept rolling out the absolute piece of crap Vince Young over the idea of giving Kafka reps and seeing what they have in him (at least against Seattle). Sohe’s unknown, but I don’t hold out a lot of hope at this point.

    We all know I have absolutely no faith in the starting QB bringing home any hardware, but….

    Honestly, does anyone here have confidencwe in Trent friggin’ Edwards or Mike Kafka coming in and winning 3 or 4 games this year? Because that’s going to happen. They will be playing this year…..

    I think they’ve got to take a QB this or they enter 2013 with the exact same questions at the most important position.

  • I have no problem with Shea McClellin as a player . I like him. I just like Zach Brown, Nigel Bradham, and Bobby Wagner better. McClellin reminds me of a slower Ben Leber, or a faster Stewart Bradley; decent players, not really difference makers that impact the game.

  • Could this deal be discussed?
    Trade Asante Samuel and a mid round pick for Terrell Suggs and a late round pick.. This is possible, There around the same age, the ravens could use CB and we could use a OLB.. Not sure about Suggs current deal but i know he would be a monster in the 4-3 defense, the guy could play end and obviously can play LB… Id do this deal in a heartbeat if i could get Suggs out of the deal…

  • gmcliff, you are OUT OF YOUR MIND. Jordan Jefferson might be one of the worst QBs I have ever seen. Give me Russel Wilson over Jordan Jefferson any day of the week.

  • Paul – What are your thoughts on Vinny Curry, and Sean Spence? I think Spence could be converted into a Strong Safety. He reminds me of a faster Brian Dawkins. I think Curry, is a nice back up plan to an aging Trent Cole, and Mercilus, ( who I would draft with a second #1) a solution to the overrated Jason Babin. Gotta make that trade with the Bengals, for their 1st pick, before the Bears draft him.

  • Btc24 – Jordan Jeffersons skill set is much higher than Russell Wilson. During the entire combine Mike Mayock pointed out that Jefferson had the strongest arm at the combine, one of the fastest QB’ s in the entire draft, and was more accurate than Russell Wilson. I don’t know why some are so high on him he’s Seneca Wallace take 2; Nothing special. I’m not saying Jefferson is the next Doug Williams either, but I do believe he is better equipped for the pro game than Russel Wilson. I really don’t think he’s (Wilson) an NFL Quarterback.

  • Wilson really stunk it up at the combine, as well as the Senior Bowl. I think it’s just time to let that go.

  • Fair points GM but I feel like the biggest knock on Wilson is his height. I watched Wisconsin play several times this year and I was very impressed with him. I’ll also be the first to admit that I’m no scout but he looked very good to me.

  • Larrwd knows…. That corner Trumaine Johnson is a playmaker

    I like Fletcher cox.. he gets consistent push in the middle… but I didnt really see any explosion out of him…

  • Btc, I too watched some impressive games he played in but, he played in a system behind 5 first round potential picks. So his skill set was never exposed until the spotlight was on him specifically. As a pro, he would have to play a different role…..Cordel Stewart, Seneca Wallace, Randle- El, Brad Smith, etc….

  • Am I really reading posts espousing the merits of Jordan Jefferson – from LSU as a quarterback option?

  • I am not very high on LB Sean Spence at all to be honest with you gmcliff
    He’s 5-11 231lbs and ran a 4.71 in the 40 which is too slow for a Safety..
    He only lifted 225 lbs 12 times (least of all LB’s at the Indy COmbine)
    He’s a good player who reminds me a little like Eagles Brian Rolle, but just does not have th measureables/athleticism & Strength to overcome his short size and would be engulfed by Offensive Lineman at the point of attack..
    I think he’s strictly back-up LB material and a Special Teams player and is simply to slow to play the Safety position.
    I’ve mentioned since last off-season that I would like to see the Eagles have LB Keenan Clayton take reps at Strong Safety to see what he can do.. Clayton is a natural ball hawk, and his normal playing weight was about 220-222lbs and at 6’1″ and with his natural speed, I think he can play Safety at the NFL Level. Clayton was an all-State Safety player in high-school which is what he was recruited for by Oklahoma who then converted him to OLB due to his size..

  • DE Vince Curry (from Neptune,NJ) would be a great pick in the 2nd Round (if he last that long) and reminds many Scouts of a Trent Cole type, that energizer who keeps coming on every snap and to many, is much more polished than T Cole was coming out of College..
    At 6-3 263lbs, a great explosion off the ball from the Edges, he will get better at the NFL level once he perfects a few more moves, works his hands better and has the body type to put on 10lbs-12lbs on easily and not lose his explosion.
    He has a nice Senior Bowl week but did not have a great Combine in Indy where he was fighting a wrist injury but had a fantastic Pro-Work Day at Marshall
    He ran 4.64 40 time, a Verticle Jump of 35″ and lifted 225lbs 28 times
    Curry had a great Senior Season with 22 Tackles for loss of yards and 11 Sacks following a strong Junior Season where he has 12 Sacks and 18 Tackled behind teh line of scrimmage so when your looking at an up the field pass-rusher with explosion and the ability to complete the play, Curry would be a natural fit for DL Washburn and the Wide 9 Scheme and I believe could be very productive as a NFL Pass-Rusher, He does need to work on his Rush Defense as all Pass-rushers seem to do.. He could play 20-25 Snaps as a 1st-2nd year player in Rushing situations and get you 8-10 Sacks a Season, Lots of Upside
    There is talk that the Patriots are very high on him may even grab him with their #27th or #31 Selections at the end of the 1st Round as well as the Colts,Viknigs & Browns who may use an early 2nd Rounder to grab him…
    Very doubtful that he falls to the mid-2nd Round in many observors opinions

  • When will the Eagles admit Nate Allen is garbage and get a real starting safety? Coleman was our best Safety last season and he’s less than average at best.

    No more excuses!!!!!! I don’t care where he was drafted …. we need better production and toughness at his position. Allen was getting toasted and ran over before his injury.

    Let’s not waste another season hoping.

    Nate Allen is what he is and that’s not good enough.

  • I’ve heard that Vinny Curry is moving up the charts as well. Who would you rather have with a second 1 st rounder, Curry, or Mercilus? I would have to take Curry, just more consistent over the years, although I like Mercilus’s potential. I really want Curry on the Eagles.

  • Songs, you dont think Nate Allen coming back from a major injury had anything to do with his lack of production? I do. In fact, if you recall towards the end of the year he began to play the way he was before his injury, i dont see them going away from Allen at all, in fact I think there trying to find a SS to side up with him in the starting lineup.. I dont see it being Coleman of Jarrett…It would make sense for them to bring in a veteran there at S, possibly a Yeremiah Bell but with the whole Dawkins talk withe them letting him walk when he was 34 idk if they will bring Bell in.. But we will see..

  • Vinny, he would be an option as a project, that’s all……not an option as a solution to our future QB issues. Relax brother. I dont think any of these QB’s outside Luck or RG3, are anything special and not worth a high draft pick, especially in the second round. The Eagles aren’t going to draft a QB that high in this draft; there is no one worthy of that. Cousins, Weeden, Foles, Tanehill, none of them.

  • Here are the Eagles draft choices:

    Round 1 (15th overall pick) – Own Selection
    Round 2 (46th overall pick) – Own Selection
    Round 2 (51st overall pick) – Acquired from Arizona in Kevin Kolb trade
    Round 3 (88th overall pick) – Acquired from Houston in DeMeco Ryans trade
    Round 4 (114th overall pick) – Own Selection
    Round 5 (153rd overall pick) – Own Selection
    Round 6 (172nd overall pick) – Acquired from Indianapolis in Winston Justice trade
    Round 6 (194th overall pick) – Acquired from Denver in Joe Mays trade
    Round 6 (200th overall pick) – Acquired from New England in Tracy White trade

    Here are picks that were previously owned by the Eagles:

    Round 3 (76th overall pick) – Traded to Houston in DeMeco Ryans deal
    Round 4 (99th overall pick) – Originally acquired from Tampa Bay in 2011 draft day trade. Then, sent to Houston in DeMeco Ryans trade
    Round 6 (187th overall pick) – Traded to Indianapolis in Winston Justice deal. Indianapolis traded pick to New York Jets
    Round 7 (223rd overall pick) – Traded to New England in Tracy White deal. New England traded pick to Minnesota

  • The elephant in the room is the QB position must be addressed at some point (I believe sooner than later). Birds aren’t going to be in a position (I don’t think) to grab a Barkley or a Bray, or Wilson or whoever else will be top 5 in 2013.

    If not now….when??

  • jhart – the age thing is just bogus. There’s WAY more evidence that the Eagles take guys in their early thirties than there is against. Jenkins, Nnamdi, Babin, Watkins, Mathis, Vick, Juqua (sure, he’s gone now but…), Samuel, Herremans, peters….. all around 30 soon.

    The myth about the Eagles and age is BULLSHIT and OUTDATED

  • BSchill– When was the last time they signed a 34 year old? Typically, the birds don’t do that, they begin getting rid of you around that time. Its always been there way.. Dawkins is just one example of it. Bell just turned 34, I don’t mind the age thing for I believe its overrated, but the birds just dont acquire FAs 34 and up.. I cant recall one that they took a chance on in past or recent history, can you?

  • Good stuff JH…

    2 Trade Scenarios that I would love to see
    -Eagles Trade their #15th Pick and DE Darryl Tapp to Pats for their #27 & #31st selections at End of 1st Round
    Round #1 (Eagles Select #27 DT Kendall Reyes & #31 OLB Zach Brown)
    Round #2 (Eagles Select #46 DE Vince Curry & #51 RB Lamar Miller

    -Eagles then Trade CB A Samuel and their 5th Rd Pick (153rd) to the VIkings for their 3rd Rd Pick (66th Overall)
    Round #3 (Select #66 CB Trumaine Johnson & # 88th WR Marvin Jones)
    Round #4 (Select #114 OT Tony Bergstrom)
    Round #6 (Select #172 FB Emil Igwenagu from U Mass)
    Round #6 (Select #194 LB Brandon Lindsey from Pitt)
    Round #6 (Select #200 G Desmond Wynn from Rutgers)

    GM Paulman then announced as “GM Wanna-Be of the Year”
    by Mel Kiper,Jr and Mike Mayock

  • Did JH say trade for Suggs? I like the sound of ryans, suggs and rolle.

  • Suggs doesn’t have much time left, don’t like the move at all..

  • Look out for the Jets and Vikings to target Trumaine Johnson in the 2nd or 3rd round who they also brought in for a visit, Jets would love to have a guy like him along with Revis.. Vikings just need secondary help all around, they may go CB,CB,S..

  • J hart – Yeah, 34 is old. But has ANY team signed a guy that old recently? I doubt it. Mabye Farve is an example… but 34 is just plain old. Has nothing to do with the Eagles…

  • Yeah, but look at it this way Paul, we don’t NEED Samuals. He is a luxury, a very expensive one. We could USE Suggs this year till another young guy gets going. Especially if we are all in this year.

  • Damn Schill, I’m 37 and I don’t feel that old.

  • Deasr, Yes i did. Im not trying to stir anything up but that would be a good trade, I would be surprised if the Ravens pull the trigger, but i see them drafting both Suggs and RLewis replacements this year regardless of what happens, which makes perfect sense.. But if i were the eagles id try to trade for Suggs in a hot second, bc we could use his Veteran leadership, which would be great for the young guys here, he has alot left, he has regressed to the degree that Asante has by no means.. Trade for Suggs, the ravens need the secondary help too and would love to have a guy like asante back there..

  • Schill – tell that to Dawkins or Ray lewis whose still raw beasts.. If you think 34 is old, you’re an even bigger idiot than I thought.

  • It’s a good thought. That would definitely make one of our weaknesses of last year a strength. Our D would be all kings of sick nasty. I keep holding out for Briggs, however, I know better.

  • Schill– The 49ers just signed Rmoss… DGarrard signed with the dolphins, among some others but this does apply to the eagles because they normally dont sign 34 and older players, you said it didnt apply to the eagles, when it does.. Yeremiah Bell is a good player and i would love to have the guy but generally with him being 34 and plays defense, they wont touch him..

  • deasr – Well, do you play professional football? If not, ‘old’ is an entirely different context….

  • rocko – yeah, there are always a few exceptions, but those guys are old damaged goods now. Dawkins cannot cover wide receivers downfield anymore. LOVED him as a player here… but you’re using your heart, not your brain with that comment….

  • Jhart – let’s see how many games those two play this year… How many hits do you think Moss will take versus Bell would give…And Gerrard may be a backup for the most part.. We’ll see.

  • Paul– You just said Suggs doesnt have much left? Was he not just named defensive player of the year this past season? Cmon man, sounds like you was just attempting to shoot down a trade scenario i came up with without actually thinking haha.. funny.. AP Defensive Player or the Year for 2011-2012 season Suggs was..

  • @Schiller, if the words of a great man, and I quote, “Why you heff to be so mad?”

  • Oh Schill I see RMoss playing the whole year unless hes beset with injuries but he took an entire year off so I dont think he ll have a problem with those, keeps himself in excellent shape.. But the point i was making was that the birds normally do not keep or sign 34 yr old and up players, with what they did to Dawk when he was 34 them just letting him walk, signing Yeremiah Bell would make this fan base say, “then why the heck did you allow Dawk to walk when he was the same age?’.. We know thats whats gonna be said.. Doubt the guy comes here but again i wouldnt mind it for he would help this current crop of young safeties and he already has a great relationship with our secondary coach Todd Bowles who he credits for his success esp with becoming a probowler and having multiple 100 tackle seasons..

  • Why would Ravens even Trade their best Defensive player in Suggs..
    They have good young CB’s and don’t need Samuel, who doesn’t even fit their man-to-man covreage scheme.. This deal doesn’t work on any level…
    Suggs is turning 30 Years old this Season and probably has a 3-4 Good Seasons in him..

  • I really don’t want to see another defensive player picked in the early rounds by the Eagles. There’s no good evaluator of defensive players in this organization.
    Until we get a guy like Marc Ross of NY to come here and take over our draft process we might as well do what we’re good at. Based on their past success the Eagles should draft a receiver with the 15th pick. Period.

    By the way…..Riley Cooper stinks

  • Pman- still trying to trade Parker… i mean Tapp. Lol.

    Why in the world would Chi trade Suggs for asam? really? The birds are trying to create space to land Shady for years to come. They are not trying to swap headaches and cap problems.

    On top of that- We have leaders in Ryans, Jenkins, Nnamdi. why on earth would they want to land a problem child? I want some tude in there…. you know i do…. but lets bring in young tude that these guys can mold.

    If it happened, id be all over it… but its not so… let it go.

  • Songs- i hear ya BUT…. im seeing some hope. Honestly…. look at what they have been trying to do right now… they are getting more agressive. I like what im hearing these days. I like Ryans. I also like that Andy wants more control- perhaps this has been part of the prob.

  • deasr – I’m not mad. Not sure how you inferred that.

    Jhart – trust me, I hear you. But you’re take on Dawkins is off in my opinion. The birds didn’t “let him walk”. He was a free agent, so he is free to walk – the team can neither ‘let’ nor ‘not let’. He told them he was going to get an offer and let them match it. He was offended by their initial offer, and didn’t call them to give them the chance to match. All the power was in Dawks’ hands, and he CHOSE TO WALK. I don’t see you a players choice can be spinned to be a team’s action. Sure, the Eagles could have overpaid for him from the start out of respect, but normal negotiations are for the buyer to start low and the seller to want to start high. Dawk got his ego bruised and CHOSE to leave.

    Heck, I love Dawk for his INCREDIBLE play here, but especially after his “tebow touched my neck while we prayed” comment…. i just think we all need to move on.

  • The Eagles didn’t “do anything to Dawkins”….

  • trade Rumor from Charlotte

    Eagles Trade CB A Samuel and a 6th Round Pick to the Carolina Panthers rs for RB J Stewart and QB Jimmy Clausen…..
    (Claussen finally gets the Coaching he needs and deserves and becomes the Comeback player of the Year award leading the Eagles to a 14-2 Record after M Vick breaks his left should in the 4th Preseason Game versus the Jets when Tim Tebow (playing LB) blitz’s and knocks Vick into the Stands

  • Gimme Jacob Hester at FB this year and he sures up some short yardage needs….Plax for jump balls and to Songs point cause Riley Cooper sux..you cant have locks out your helmet unless your Steve Lergeant and its 81’…

    Defense first 3 picks…or first two. They have to get a legit tailback to back up Shady and that might be with the 3rd pick in 2nd round.But they need to load up on d-line and backers. Patterson is a great player and props for his comeback but lets get a starter there for next year.

    Maybe draft a true return guy 4th 5th?

    Whats with all the Flyers articles? I follow em but i need more Phills on here…wheres the real baseball writer man.

  • They didnt match the offer or even try to offer Dawk squat.Mistake. Walrus admitted thatShill.

  • schiller…Dawk been voted to 2 pro bowls since he left and i better than every safety on our roster ..So, what do you mean they didn’t want to over pay? what’s the going rate for an all pro safety? Stop towing the company line….are they over paying for Nate Allen and garbage ass Graham?

    Did they over pay for Steve Smith last season?

    So, why giving the heart of the team his worth was labeled over paying?

    Denver thinks every cent paid for Dawk was worth it and looking at the garbage we currently see at the position…No one can disagree.

    They low balled the heart of the defense and ave top dollar to a selfish non tackler in Asante Samuel.

  • erock and paulman – sure Jacob Hester sounds ok. But the Eagles barely used a fullback last year, and even around the league – the position is dwindling in terms of importance. There have been several articles floating around that the Eagles may go with no fullback this year. Wouldn’t be the end of the world.

    Erock – in terms of suring up short yardage – we’re fine there and have been for a few years now. No problem to solve.

    Hey, if they bring in a capable fullback, great. But it’s not a major necessity.

  • Songs – first of all, the contract Dakwins got from Denver is WAY more than what the birds paid Allen, Smith, and Graham combined (so far). And it was CONCENSUS that what Denver gave to Dawk was overpaying – a 5 year contract. Yes, he’s made pro bowls, but he plays in a different scheme up there – he was a major liability in the pass and injured when he left the birds. He WAS overpaid. But for all we know, the Eagles might have matched it if he had given them a chance.

  • Paul puts players in retirement more than anyone ive come in contact with.. Suggs whose 29/30 he says has only 3-4 years left to play in the league.. Whose thinking about 4 years down the line in regards to a LB and how many years he has? Hes a great player and a defensive player of the year..

  • erock – they were given no chance to match it. Dawk (and/or his agent) said they’d give the Eagles a shot to match – but didn’t.

  • And Songs – Dawkins was selected as an alternate to the pro bowl after Troy Polamalu got injured. And Dawkins missed the last 4 games and the playoffs last year due to a neck injury. If the Eagles had a player that missed a third of the regular season games and the playoffs due to injury – do you know what YOU Songs would call him? YOU WOULD CALL HIM A BUM. Me? I wouldn’t say that. But by your standards, he was a bum last year. An over paid BUM.

  • Ok…managed poorly by all parties in my opinion. But the Birds shoulda looked at him as a player who needs to get an offer no matter what.

    Then bring Schimdty back in here since he knows the deal…lead blocmk and catch a garbage td now and again.

    Instead of running a sneak or asking the franchise back to take a beating for 2 yards i feel they need to get a tough running FB for that.

    Dawk in my opinion woulda only brought leadership last year….it was against Sexy Rexy Grossman last year but i dont think Dawk is picking 3 balls off in one game. I think right now Coleman and Allen are better safeties…not leaders…but there decades younger and i’d take em over Ole Dawk right now.

  • To JH,
    Why do you bring up Trade Scenarios that have no chance of happening
    why would Ravens trade their best Defensive player for a 31 years old, with knee issues CB .. The Ravens have high hopes for 1st Round PIck from last year’s Jimmy SMith to play along up and comer CB Ladarius Webb & Cary WIlliams

  • Paul, we all know that you put serious effort into your trade scenarios and believe they are realistic, but I’m sorry – you asking JH that is HILARIOUS

  • waa…wha…. paul…. trade lessons??… ugh…. i need to lay down.

  • Deasr- we cant go wrong with Briggs either, another great player.. remember the game against the bears? Both briggs and urlacher did a great job against vick, they still got it, speed, athleticism, instincts, power, control, leadership.. Id take briggs in a hearbeat. The bears need corner help too and they play zone alot along with man and would be a good landing spot for Asante..

  • Paul wants to be the only one that makes up trade scenarios haha so much so that hes telling me i mention scenarios that wont happen when thats all he does everyday all day on here and they never come to fruition..how dare he..

  • Just for paul, i have a nice trade scenario not involving the eagles..

    Patriots trade there 2ndrd & 4thrd pick to the Chicago Bears for Matt Forte who has been very unhappy in chicago with no new deal being given to him which he is deserving of bc he played his heart out last yr and was one of the most productive players in the league.. Look out for Matt Forte to be in New England come season opener..

  • This is why the Eagles Brass will always be able to make cash on this pathetic fan base. You got fans here claiming our sorry ass safeties are better than Dawk. This is sick

  • Songs…its not 2004 anymore.

  • I know Vinnie…it’s 2012 and our safeties are ass

  • Songs – look in mirror – there – now you see the ass

    Really – grow the hell up – does your CONSTANT wanking, whining, bitching and griping make you feel better?

    Please can we have a rant about how little money you are going to spend on the Eagles –

    No one on this site disagrees that Dawkins in a future Hall of Fame player – we got it – he played out his contract – he got a great deal from Denver – good for him – get over it – the Broncos used Dawk the way Johnson was using him his last year in Philly as run support close to the LOS – he was taken out in passing downs… move on – if you want to have a who is better in what psotion debate – Vinnie will talk to you about Vick all freakin night..


  • To JH,
    Have you even watched CB Samuel play for the Eagles, don’t you realize that he is not effective in press-man coverage.. You are not going to play CB for the Ravens or Bears if you are not strong in Press-Coverage so these Teams have
    Zero interest in Samuel , Cmon already and get with the program..

  • I still think that CB Samuel to Panthers for RB Stewart is a realistic Trade for both teams..

  • I really like Johnson and Bolden…. they both can play man to man defense and are physical…. they wont run a 4.4 but they can cover and will come up in the run game and hit you. Johnson is a 3rd round talent while Bolden 4th. I am not a Brockers fan at all…. I think he is a one year wonder and should have stayed in college.

  • @Paulman –
    Jonathan Stewart is worth more than Asante and a 6th…. it will take at least a 2nd and a 4th to get him. He has top 5 RB talent and if given the chance, will be a star in the NFL. The Panthers are clueless and dont know what they are doing….they should have let DeAngelo Williams walk.

  • Peterson,Mccoy,Foster,Gore,Chris Johnson,MJD,Lynch,Forte…….Stewart doesnt even compare.

  • @ERock – Stewart has just as much talent as all of them

    I would take him over Lynch, MJD, CJ, Forte and Gore

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