• August 14, 2022

It’s Time For Somebody To Start Telling The Sixers The Truth

There’s a good chance that the Philadelphia 76ers are going to miss the playoffs.  I remember Sixers fans talking about them going to the Eastern Conference Finals during their early season run.  Things have changed dramatically.

Doug Collins talks about how his team can’t shoot, but there are a lot of other things they can do either.  Still at times you wonder how they can be getting blown out by teams like the Toronto Raptors after playing so well earlier in the season.

As I see it, it’s probably better that the Sixers miss the playoffs and get more of a chance to select a good player or two in the draft.  If they make the playoffs, they’re going to be one and one against the Bulls or the Heat.  I know there would be some excitement for a moment or two before the series starts but it won’t last long.

“The one thing about players today is that they’re very sensitive, and very fragile,” Collins said before the 76ers were blown out by the Boston Celtics according to SBNation. “They didn’t grow up with tough coaches. You know, I had my ass kicked since I was six. It’s a different time, and so I treat this team very much with kid gloves. I really do, and I’m still looked at as an ogre.”

Sensitive or not, it’s time to start telling the truth.

Evan Turner is probably their best point guard despite the fact that his shooting skills need to improve.  He’s got the potential to be star, but his ability to create opportunities for himself and his teammates to score when he has the ball in his hands, affects what we should do with the current starting point guard Jrue Holiday.

Holiday has been a disappointment to me because I expected him to blossom as a star, but instead of him blossoming, we’ve seen more problems with his game.  Defensively he can’t guard the top point guards in the league.  They kill him.  In some ways he’s a point guard but he’s more of a two-guard because of his scoring ability, but he can’t create opportunities to score for himself and his teammates like Holiday can.

The Sixers have the same problem at the small forward position with Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young.  Iguodala has great size for a two-guard, but his offensive skills aren’t good enough for a good two-guard, and he’s small for a small forward.  Young can play the power forward position, but he’s ideal for the small forward spot which Iguodala plays.

I think Collins has made a mistake all season by not playing the youngsters more.  The talent on this team is lacking, so it makes more sense to invest in the youngsters and see what they can do.  We don’t need to see any more Elton Brand.  Nikola Vucevic and Lavoy Allen should be playing the majority of the minutes.  We all know Brand won’t be here after this season.

Let’s start working toward building something that can develop into an outstanding team.  There’s no use in lying to ourselves with so many players that will never win anything together.

It’s time to stop holding these guys hands and tell them the truth.


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  • The Truth is that they are not very good, plain and simple.. Can anyone on this team drive to the bucket once in a while, I’ve never seen a team that is satisfied with just settling for jump shots and that’s all of them..
    Also, someone needs to tell the thruth about the Phillie Ultra-Lite too..
    This is the weakest everyday Line-up for the Phils sine those horrible late 90’s Teams..

  • Where’s are the articles on the Phillies….
    Most of us knew the 76ers were frauds all season long but were excited about their start and hoping for the best… but now I think some Phillie fans are getting a rude awakening and possibly realize on how bad this 2012 Phils Ultra-LIte version is going to be despite having the Big 3 in their Starting Rotation..
    It’s only 4 games of a long 7 month Season.. but seriously, when you look at this line-up, where are the runs going to come from..

  • I have always said Igoudala should have been traded 4 years ago, and his being on this team has stunted the growth of Thaddeus Young, and Evan Turner, and even Jrue Holiday because the last 3 coaches have always tried to run the offense through a mediocre Igoudala.

    Truth is those 3 are your neucleus, for the future. Holiday may benefit from a veteran presence on the team. I would not be opposed to them signing Daron Williams, and have Jrue come off the bench, as a spark like Lou Williams.

    I also would make a play for LaMarcus Aldridge. The Sixers have really no length, omitting Hawes, and Vucevic. He provides a low post presence that teams wouls have to respect and not play so high on the scorers on this team. Aldridge is 6-11, and give you what you always wanted from Elton Brand, and would allow Thad to rome a bit more to help on the offensive boards.

    They also need to trade Igoudala, and get some combination of players, and draft picks, perhaps LaMarcus Aldridge, or someone of that caliber. This years draft has some players like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 6-6 SG/SF, Harrison Barnes 6-8 SF, Bradley Beal 6-4 SG, Festus Ezeli 6-11 PF/C………These players could help with some issues on this team.

    I would also trade for a guy I thought the sixers should have drafted last Year. I would make a deal with the Houston Rockets, for the rights to Donatas Montejunas. He bings a Dirk Nowitski flavor to this team, a big man 7-0, that is a legitamate outside shooter, as well as Chase Budinger, a consistant 3 point threat.

    How about some Big Time free agents, Like a Daron Williams, and Kevin Garnett, to play center, and not put so much pressure on Nick Vucevic. As GM, my sixers team would look something like this:

    G- Daron Williams 6-4
    G Evan Turner 6-7
    C Kevin Garnett 7-0
    F LaMarcus Aldridge 6-11
    F Thaddeus Young 6-8

    G Jrue Holiday 6-4
    G Bradley Beal 6-4
    C Nic Vucevic 7-0
    F Donatas Montejunas 7-0
    F Harrison Barnes 6-8

    G Chase Budinger 6-7
    G Ray Allen 6-5
    F Lavoy Allen 6-9
    F/C Festus Ezeli 6-11
    F Quincy Miller 6-9

  • Now that would be a championshiop caliber team………Your Welcome 76ers, no thanks needed just….Consider Hiring GMCliff………..again your welcome

  • Amen, GCobb! I’ve been trying to bring your boy Joe Hickman, & the delusional stepfords on here, back to reality, for a year now. Plain & simple, here’s the deal, Stinkadala is, was & never will be a good player. We will never win with him being paid as a top dog. He’s 2 years past his welcome. Brand can’t rebound anymore, can’t jump over a piece of paper, is done, & should have been amnestied in the pre-season. We are a scared, soft team. No scorers. Our 4’s & 5’s are as soft as custard in the heat. We have entirely TOO MANY similar type, 6’6″-6’8″ tweeners with no true position. We have 3 PG, who can’t gaurd ANYONE, are soft, are TO machines, & CAN’T hit a consistent shot. Meeks should NEVER, be in another starting lineup again. We made no moves at the deadline, to upgrade this team, when Monte Ellis, Lavalle McGee, Nanae & Nick Young all got moved, that would have instantly upgraded us. INSTANTLY! We got the great, almighty, savior, SAM YOUNG! WOO HOO!!! Not to mention the coach has NO answers, officially checked out, is in excuse mode & is on a verge of a nervous breakdown. This organization is a Black hole & Comcast were brilliant to find these ALL DAY SUCKERS to buy them. This team gets what they deserve, one & done, or no playoffs at all.

  • Paul, I see you took my Ultra-lite suggestion, HUH? LOL!

  • gm, I respect your sports knowledge, but where & how do you expect to get the $$$ for those guys, & why the hell would they come here to this $#!thole? Brand would have to be amnestied, & although it isn’t cap accountable, that is $20M of dead $$$, out of the owners pocket, so that’s easier said than done. Stinkadala has to be traded, & that’s another $16M+ next year, that virtually can’t be moved unless we get similar type $$$ in return. This team has NO SHOT at anything, anytime soon!

  • They are playing the opposite of how they were at the beginning of the season. No heart or interest. Time to blow it up. Play all the young kids and don’t make the playoffs. Amnesty Brand. Trade Iggy (If you can for whatever you can get in a player with an expiring contract). Trade Turner or Holiday. We only need one of those guys and I would like to go with Turner. Then draft a true shooting guard. Not someone who is a tweener. Not someone who can cut to the basket really well. I want a dude that is a lights out shooter. Stop drafting guys that can’t shoot. That is the main problem with this team. No one can shoot. Sounds like a strange way to describe an NBA team, but it is what it is.

    Depending on how much contract you shed, sign a big time FA (if anyone wants to come here) or stink again next year and then clear more cap space.

  • DCar is right. It will take some time to get rid of all of the money that they have tied into players that can’t play, are overrated or don’t want to be hear. Probably should try to clear it up the next couple of years which means stink.

  • Here not hear. SAT fail.

  • Yes indeed DCar and will give you credit for doing so.. Also the was a nice
    picture of me pondering the new nickname… ha ha …
    It’s funny, we have probably been the only 2 who didn’t like the make-up of this 2012 Team from the get-go and that it would not be good enough to get back to a World Series and expressed our concerns with this Team
    and of course we get labeled as haters and non-fans.. but that’s ok for, I will always continue to call them as I see them whether it’s its the popular thing to do or not.. This is a middle of the road time in the NL despite their Great Starting Pitching in my opinion and may not win more than 85 Games unless they get some hitters in this line-up and soon… Utley’s toast and Howard is July return at best and who knows how he will be upon returning and I wouldn’t not be surprised to see him miss all of 2012 and return 100% for future season where if he returns too soone before it’s healed, he would be putting his future career and seasons in jeopardy….

  • bugs, I hate to speak the truth about them, & I take no pleasure in it, but they are, what they are. A Fraudulent, bad team, going nowhere fast! VERY SAD!!!

  • Paul, no problem. That’s what we’re here for, to pilfer each others rants & nicknames. LOL! Palm to the face, is always a classic. In all seriousness, they have major issues- AGE, INJURY PRONE, NO POWER, NO GOOD LINEUP YOUTH, FLAWED HITTING, BAD BP (- Papelbon).

  • DCar, remember Brands contract doesn’t have to be amnestied, it expires after this year. If they were going to do that amnesty, they should have done that this year.

    Trading Igoudala for Aldridge save money for the sixers because Aldridge contract is up next year. Which allows the sixers to negotiate a cap friendly contract. They’ve already saved money buying out Nocioni. They should also trade Lou, and not sign Spencer Hawes to a long term contract to save some money. The only contract they should have commitment to is Thaddeus’s.

    The money could be there DCar, but they have to do what they have been unwilling to do; get rid of the guys they put on the pedestal.

  • Pualman, I’m not a baseball expert at all (its the sport i like the least out of the 4) but come on man do you really need to ask why the Phillies get preferential treatment over our sixers in articles or anything else for that matter…They won a damn ring, plain and simple. Its all we care about and they did it…Now granted it was a couple of year ago but still for the time being we will cut them slack if they have a down year like them losing in the 1st round last year. The Sixers team and organization right now are a laughing stock compared to the Phillies. We have given these Sixes player year and year to develop…year after year we were told they are a young team…well thats BS now. Iggy, Thad, Jrue, Lou are far from rookies. We know what they are. They are far from championship winning players. In my opinion, the Phillies will be in the playoffs come end season but they won’t win the WS this year. That will happen, you can’t win the WS every year. At least they will always be a competitive team. The management has at least changed the culture of the phillies unlike the Sixers. Top level BAseball players have shown they want to come here over the other bigger markets. Nobody wants to play for these sixers on the other hand and we don’t even have the money available to do work on the open market..The Phillies will always spend top dollar compared to the other teams now and will just buy new talent once the current group is long gone.

  • What do you guys think about my idea of trading the house in draft picks for Anthony Davis? Im serious, i think the Sixers should pull a redskins here. I would easily trade our next 3-4 1st round picks to whoever has that overall pick. When you think about it those picks will likely be mid level – high lottery picks anyway…you are not getting a star there.

    Then I would just trade Jrue and Iggy for draft picks and a shooter in return. start Turner at point and Thad at small forward. Amnesty Brand…so you take hsi money off the books, Nocioni 6 mill comes off after this year. Getting rid of those 2 contracts alone could give you about 20 million is cap space to spend on the open market for a low post scorer. I think you have have a better shot at getting a stud in the FA market to want to come here to play with Anthony DAvis and Turner at the point then the team we have now. Its drastic but this team needs a drastic move…will never have a chance to compete for a championship as its built now.

  • I rather the 76ers relocate to Seattle and become the Seattle 76ers..

  • I’d rather Paulman’s internet access be permanently revoked from every IP address in the world.

  • gmcliff- Brand has one more year on the books at 18 mil after this season.

    Pheags- I love the idea, but I dont’ think that any team would trade the number 1 pick in the NBA draft. Not for mid level picks like the 76ers will have. Especially not if they can get Unibrow.

  • I see no way in hell that Portland trades their best overall player in LeMarcus Aldridge for Iggy..Especially when their former best player retired with chronic knee issues just before this season in Brandon Roy..
    Garnett is toast and going to retire this year..

    In the 2012 NBA Draft with the 14 Selection, the Philadephia 76ers Select
    PF Myles Plumlee from Duke University.. .

  • Thanks Bugs, I was sure they had him leaving this year. But, to amnesty him would save money on the cap, add the money saved by buying out Nocioni, and trading Igoudala, you have romm to work.

    Paul getting Aldridge, is not far fetched. He has already stated that he was not looking to sign long term with the Blazers. I’m sure they would take Igoudala, as a marketing chip, and they have 2 first round picks to retool their roster.

  • Cripes Pman, don’t say that. That would be awful.

  • I liked Aldridge when he came out of Texas a few years back..

  • I’d rather not say.

  • no dwight, no ring EVER!

  • This whole team is trash. I wouldn’t buy any of their jerseys. Except maybe for Thaddeus. He’s still young and maturing but he has heart and TALENT, something this team is severely lacking.

    Lou Will is a fake poor mans version of Iverson. Jrue regressed faster than Utley’s knees. Turner couldn’t shoot a rock into the ocean, WHILE standing on the beach. Brand is just Brand. Spencer Hawes faked us out for a month and made us believe he was actually good.

    This team just makes me sick.

  • 2000man – then why doesn’t dwight have a ring?

  • Harrison Barnes is a guy i think the sixers should target in the draft. Since it appears that they will end up in the 7th or 8th spot i say lose out and not make the playoffs at all and position yourself to get into the top 10 or 5. Barnes is a big time player, he can hit big shots, he reminds me of Carmello Anthony to be honest, very similar games. I would do all i can to move up or to draft this guy. But another dude i like is Austin Rivers who i think will be a derek rose type in the league but it may take him a little while to do it. And keep in mind the connection that Doug Collins has to duke with his son as the assistant coach there. So Barnes and Rivers are guys i would target..

  • Whats wrong Jon Hart? Are you done #showingyaluv?!

  • Bird- not at all but i dont want the same thing happening that took place last year. There better off tanking it and they are certainly headed in that direction. If they fail to make the playoffs, this team will get blown up, i would say at least 6 of the guys currently on the roster will not be returning. So i think they gotta get into the lottery, i say top 5 or 10 pick, they may need to acquire two 1st round picks..

  • And bird you was mute when they were 20-9 and when Evan Turner was playing great ball, now you found your way back on the blog talking junk haha thats funny.. its all good though man

  • 20-9 is Ancient History JH, they are 9-17 over the last 2 months when it matters

  • I think we all know that paul, i was making a point.

  • Evan Turner out of the starting lineup lol Doug Collins is trash! Chi Town and Washington realized that the hard way when they fired his ass. He deserves nothing more than to be a NBA analyst and lacks the common sense it takes to be a coach in the NBA

  • or someone like him……

  • ES…..what are you doing on here tonite…mommy out of the flat?

  • Green fan how about them 4-0 Mets? what happened to the 1-3 Phillies? did the Knicks tie the sixers in the Atlantic like I said they would? lol Shut up Troll and stop hating.

  • @Jon Hart –
    Harrison Barnes sucks! He is so overrated and will never be able to create his own shot in the NBA or defend anyone….

  • I live in NC and have seen HArrison Barnes play about 70 games over the last 2 Seasons.. He is a marginal NBA play for he cannot put the ball on the floor, does not play Defense and does not rebound for a player his size.. He’s a very good catch and shoot player around the perimeter and actually he’s a much better passer that given credit for. I compare him very closely to Former Tar Heel Marvin Williams who was a #5 Overall Pick 4 years ago by the Atlanta Hawks and stil has made a little impact on consistent contribution as a Pro for he has the very same limitations that Barnes has (can’t dribble, defense or rebound)

  • your name is EaglesSuck and I am the hater….you are still obviously starved for attention….you are touting the Mets with 159 games left…you are truely pathetic, but I guess that is what happens when your mother ignores you and you have to go on a sports website and cry-out for attention…go back to NY you loser or it will get alot worse

  • Harrison Barnes and Austin Rivers are the two guys I want the sixers to target. Id go to war with those two guys on our roster and drop iggy and brand. They gotta find a way to get two first round picks. One in the top 10 and one in the 11-20 in order to nab them both. They both have potential through the roof

  • JH – I lean more towards Michael Kidd- Gilchrist, and a shooter with some defense Bradley Beal. We also need some height in the post, but I think we can get that in free agency, or through trades.

  • Yeah GM i like Gilchrist too, hes a definite top 3 pick. We’d have to really strike it big with another top 3 pick. The chances of that happening is slim but it can happen. If we want real size and talent lets look at Kentucky Center Anthony Davis whose a stud and in all likelihood gonna be the 1st man called on draft night.. Then theres Thomas Robinson of Kansas who is a force and a load inn the paint, he would provide the toughness and interior presence we need.

  • Austin Rivers has a lot of upside and actually reminds me of a your Deron WIliams..He does need to get stronger and learn to pass better too
    I am not so sold on harrison Barnes, he’s a catch and shoot player who really struggles when putting the ball on the floor, He plays too straight-up and is very susceptible for his ball to be stolen by the quicker,faster ghands players that he will see in the Pros… With the Tar Heels having Zeller and Henson down low, the 6’8″ Barnes was able to hang out on the perimter and play over the 6-3 to 6-5 size players from many of his college opponents opponents.. He will see bigger/faster payers in the NBA even out on the perimeter.. He needs to bulk up and get stronger and concentrate on his ball handling skills.. but if you leave him open, he will burn you
    With good coaching and a strong work ethic amnd the right type of team, I see Barnes potentially being a purely off the bench shooter for instant Offense (similar to how a Dell Curry or Robert Horrey were) which is not bad, but you are not going to get a complete player who can play 30-35 Minutes a game, play Defense, Rebound, etc,etc.. He’s a 15-20 Minute a game player who can score you 10-12 Points in hurry but is a liability on the
    Defensive end as many Rookies usually are…

  • Looking at the ESPN Prospects ranked 13th-20th which is probably where the 76ers will fall and here’s the list ..

    #13th) – PF John Henson (6-10 210lbs UNC) – Great shot blocker, has improved his own 15-17 Foot jump shoot, and is solid rebounder, naverraged a Double-double in Pts and Rebounds his last 2 years at UNC.. He needs to improve his overall strength in upper body and his lower body.. He needs to improve his Foul SHooting which is a horrible . 50% in his 3 COllege Seasons
    #14) Austin Rivers (6-4 199lbs Duke) Tremendous upside and natural leader. needs tio get stronger and improve on defense
    #15th) – PG Kendall Marshall 6-4 188lbs UNC (Great floor leader, passer and penetrator and facilatator for rest of the Offense, needs to improve outside shot and of course his defense)
    #16th) – PG Tony Wroten (6-5 205lbs Washington) only 18 years old, high risk) and high-reward, very athletic but he is 18 years old still..
    #17th) – SG Terrence Ross (6-6 190lbs Washington) has upside, is 21 years old and been inconsistent)
    #18th) – C Meyers Leonard (7-0 240lbs Illinois) a tough kid,pretty athletic for a big guy and could develop into a nice Center
    #19th) – PF Arnett Moultrie (6-11 225lbs Miss State) A tough,hard-nosed player who averaged 16pts 10.5 Rebounds a game playing last Season, could be an under the radar type of player who loves to do the dirty work, set screens,rebound, finish around the basket, also is 80% Foul Shooter..
    #20th) – SF Royce White (6-8 240lbs Iowa State) Another all-around grinder who averaged 13 pts, 9.5 Rebounds with 5 Assists per game who plays a little bigger than he is…

    I hope the 76ers can get another Pick for this is one of the deepest Drafts in Recent Seasons.. lots of decent Big Players in this Draft which is what the 76ers should target but it’s hard to not take an excellent PG either…..

  • gmcliff, Brand has another year 2012/2013- $18,160,354. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aldridge, but it is far fetched, why would they want Stinkadala? The only thing that could make it possible, the $$$ fairly matches up. He is under contract until 14/15, so he is actually still considered under contract fairly long term. So him not wanting to sign long term isn’t correct. He might want to be traded, but I haven’t seen any reports about that. Anyone else?

    LaMarcus Aldridge- $11,800,000-11/12; $13,000,000-12/13; $14,100,000- 13/14; $15,200,000-14/15> Stinkadala- $13,531,750-11/12; $14,718,250-12/13; $15,904,750-13/14. STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THIS CONTRACT. IT’S NAUSEATING!!!

  • BTW, if jack@$$ Collins would just play Thadd at SF, his natural, primary position, he’d be fine. He is a good player, probably the only one on this team that I’d keep. But, again, another reason to ship Stinkadala out of here
    A “F^#@ING” SAP. He is killing this teams progression. Anyone else on would have like to have seen what Jrue, Evan & Thadd, could have done on the court, if they were allowed to play & work on their chemistry from the beginning!? I would of! I could care less about the bogus, fraudulent start they had. Anyone that thought that this team was going to do anything of consequence, with this current team, is a delusional, stupid, idiot! How can you find out what kind of good future team you could have, or what players to keep long term, when you have Delusional @$$ Stinkadala, AARP Brand, & stinking @$$ Jodie Meeks, starting & taking minutes, that they SHOULDN’T be getting. All of this BS Playoffs hoopla, is NAUSEATING! I love this team, & long for the days of Doc, Moses, Barkley & the bump brothers, & hell, even AI’s early days, before he reverted back to a punk @$$. Even if we somehow squeak out a playoff berth, we HAVE NO SHOT TO ADVANCE! BTW, making the playoffs, gets you out of a lottery chance. Another road block to upgrading the future team. This team should have been blown up, in the off-season, but their expiration date was 3 years ago! SHOOT OUT TO STEPHANSKI & KING! You both SUCK, & ruined this team for 5-10 years!!!

  • **SHOUT OUT**

  • Id be shocked if the 76ers go pg in the draft. Some may think we need one since Jrue hasnt blossomed like many thought he would this year, but they seem high on the kid and im not ready to cast him aside either. So they will target a pure scoring SG and a PF and or Center. They have to find a way in the top 10 then in the top 11-20 in order to take advantage of this deep draft. They could sure up two weak positions. If it were me, i would try to get in the top 5 and draft either Center Anthony Davis or PF Thomas Robinson, do this by tanking the rest of the games and they will end up around the 8th or 9th best in the league and will have a great chance of a top 5 pick, we need as many ping pong balls we can get. Then in a shocker they trade Andre Iguodala to a team picking in the top 11-20 and draft a real SG and a true scorer in Austin River who isnt bashful with the ball in his hands and will look to score before passing and can make a big play in the clutch. Teams will shy away from him because hes young and still raw but he has the chance to be a allstar/superstar in the league if he progresses the way i think he will. There are plenty of guys in the league that didnt light it up in college but came to the league and are now allstars, some guys games are better suited for the league over college.. So thats my draft plans for my sixers..

  • Took Turner out of starting lineup and back to winning. Told yall that chump wasnt ready.

  • JH, There really haven’t been any productive basketball player superstars from Kansas since Wilt Chamberlain. I stay away from Thomas Robinson, I see nothing any more special than I see on Tatnall Street, in Delaware.

    He played well in college, but I see nothing that says he’s a superstarin the making. Anthony Davis MAY be a good pro but, he is Kenyon Martin to me with a some handle, because he was a point guard before his growth spurt.

    Gilchrist does have a consistant jump shot, and plays defense, would be a nice compliment to Holiday. I agree the sixers are not going to trade their young point guard; they may trade Lou Williams to get a value trade commodity. I would go all in at LaMarcus Aldridge, and try to get the rights to Donatas Montejunas. I too agree they have to get another first rounder; thats where they get their bigman I like Festus Ezeli 6-11 270 from Vanderbilt.

  • gm, cmon id love to have a guy like Robinson. He may have played at kansas but i see how he played against good talent, id take a chance on him early in the draft. Anthony Davis is way too skinny for the league right now, he has to bulk up, BUT he can alter shots at the rim and can rebound the ball and can score a little bit, he still needs to grow and mature. Hes like 18 19 yrs old. I would love to have L.A on the sixers, but i do not see it ever coming to fruition, he is the centerpiece of the blazers organization, they wont let him go for cheap. Its gonna take iggy and multiple picks, if they even take that. (We should have drafted Cousins, i digress)…

    We need a pure SG, Gilchrist is certainly that, he can flat out score the ball reb, pass, i like his game too. Kentucky was packed with talent this year. I just want the sixers to play there cards right and tank these games, Now that they need to lose, there trying to win. Just stop it. Your in the 7th or 8th spot a place no team wants to be in, you have a death sentenced having to play the heat or bulls. The sixers have no choice but to lose and try to get in the lottery, then trade back into the 1st round to acquire another player..

  • JH, its really one of those things that your gonna have to wait and see what I’m trying to tell you about Robinson. When he gets drafted and watch and wonder why it is he’s not making an impact in the pros. Danny Manning was a great college player way better than Robinson, but………………..I’m telling you just like the Morris Brothers he will be nothing special. People get hyped about what they see a player do in the tournament, and really don’t analyze their game in comparison to those who have been minimually successful in the NBA. There are more guys in the NBA sitting on the bench, or in the DLeague, that are just as or more talented than Thomas Robinson is right now. Lets just wait and see, and rehash what I’m talking about.

  • Wait wait…what is this? Jon Hart agreeing with me that we should have drafted Cousins instead of Turner? #SHOW YA LUV JON HART! SHOW YA LUV!

  • Birdo i said this way back you dont remember?But then i said we have to make the best of the situation since we cant change it. I was all for Cousins from the beginning. I havent lost hope in ET though. He just doesnt fit with this current group of sixers. He needs the ball in his hands in order to make plays, hes never been a catch and shoot type of guy and may never be. If the sixers dont make the playoff, 6 out of 12 of guys on the roster will be goners. Regardless, this team will look relatively different by the beginning of next year.

  • BoB, although Cousins has done a little more than the WINEY BUST, he is a psycho, & will be on his 3rd team, in as many years, in the off-season. Word in Sacramento, is they can’t wait to unload him. That’s just what we need, another arrogant, delusional, self entitled fool.

  • DCar — with the right system, I think Cousins could dominate in this league. He has something you can’t teach, size.

    Turner spent the offseason with one of the best shooters ever teaching him…..and he STILL hasn’t developed a consistent jumper. What that says to me is that he never will.

    ET is a good roleplayer type of guy. Cousins is someone you can build around.

    Besides all of that, we should of drafted Cousins for the simple fact that it would have led to a quicker Elton Brand departure.

  • Also DCar, Demarcus is averaging 18 and 11 this year. In his SECOND year….at 21 years of age! He’s learning the NBA game and still putting up VERY respectable numbers. Averaging a double double. It should have been John Wall to the Wizards and Demarcus to the 76ers.

    That’s the way it should have been, but it’s not. So F it. I’m pissed.

  • Thers is another trade partner in the off-season Sacamento. I wouldn’t mind DeMarcus Cousins on this team now. They have to do the right things. If I were to tell the Sixers FO the truth it would be…YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN AN NBA TITLE WITH ANDRE IGOUDALA!!!!!!!!!!

  • BoB, same here. I was a Favors guy, myself. Either of them would have been better than the Winy, pouting, bust.

  • DCar at this poin tof time Favors is actually the bust. Turner, I admit still has some maturing to do, but we’ve at least seen flashes when he has had opportunities. Favors has been horribly inconsistant, and was traded by one of the worst teams in the NBA, after drafting him #2 the previous year. Thats an admission, that they made a mistake, and he wasn’t at all what they expected. I’m not saying Turner is consistant either. I for one understand why Doug Collins takes him out, and doesn’t start him. Everytime he has the ball in his hands he bucks the team concept, and tries to get his. Collins being an old school coach, probably wants more of a team concept.

    When Igoudala used to do that we would kill him for that, but some don’t understand why Evan Turner is benched for it. He as a PG/SG Combo player, should be able to shoot the ball better; and he doesn’t. He gets too cute with the ball sometime referenced by his turnovers against the Nets the other night; trying to get cute with the ball, dribbling aroud his back in traffic, and Collins was livid, and I understood. I hate it when Igoudala does that , because he is not a point guard. Turner CAN play that role but, he’s got to be smarter with the ball in his hands and recognize that he can’t waste possesions like that. He is sat because he isn’t ready to be a leader on the court because he has yet to learn how to actually be a point guard, and play with his team, and he is average at shooting the basketball.

    I hear you isn’t that what Jodie Meeks does. Yes, and I don’t think Jodie Meeks should be starting either, but he plays within the concept of the team,and knows when he has to give up the rock, so thats Collins only option to play with Jrue Holiday.

    Both he, and Favors have somthings to work on but I think the learning curve is tougher for Favors, he really isn’t doing anything as a pro.

  • on top of the fact that Evan Turner isn’t that great at playing defense either. GMCliff appreciates Doug Collins sitting his ass. Learn how to play a complete game homeboy, and then maybe I’ll trust you with the reigns of the team. For now sit your overconfident, prideful ass down.

  • A shout out to my favorite 76er Thaddeus Young, the most consistant of the team, and the one I believe his holding his game back, to suit Doug Collins philosohy.

  • Wait, DCar gets to call people “whiny and pouting”? Now that’s funny stuff right there…what a world

  • Schill, stick your head in your own @$$ & swallow, you douche! I don’t whine & pout, I spew & vent! Big difference! LMFAO!!! What a world is correct. It would be even better, without turds like you in it! Just saying………………….

  • Now the sixers want to start winning games. They beat inferior teams but a win is a win. They need to lose. Im not win to encourage losing but with the situation theyre in as an organization they have no other choice. Unless in the off season they plain to trade for or sign a superstar in the off season. They should be looking to get as many ping pong balls they can get. They have strong needs at 3 positions, SG PF and C. This front office better have a trick up there sleeves for this team in the off season bc i dont understand there philosophy.. as much as you want to beat the heat you wont. They can beat the bulls but how about in a series? I doubt it. In my opinion there blowing a huge chance to improve this team going forward into the future in one of the deepest drafts in the last few years..

  • Jon Hart, you are the BIGGEST FRAUD on the internet! Now all of a sudden, you say they’re beating inferior teams, they need to lose, they have strong needs at 3 positions, & they can’t beat the Heat. Where is the criticisms to Paul & myself, for saying for 2 years, what fraudulent bums they are? Where is the premature chest puffing? Where’s the how great of a young team they are? Where’s the they are going to win the division? Where’s all of the SHOW YA LUVS!! So now that we clearly SUCK AGAIN & HAVE ZERO SHOT, you are on your boy toy Bron Bron’s Woody again!? You are the BIGGEST FRAUD on the internet & should be ashamed to even post on here again! YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF A FRAUDULANT, FAKE@$$, BANDWAGON FAN! Although I am skeptical & rip my teams, I do it with truth, facts & my brain, & I would NEVER ROOT FOR ANOTHER TEAM, or against my team. YOU ARE A DISGRACE!!!

  • Omg I have a stalker people.. he goes by the name of Dcar formerly known as Freddie Mitchell… Shouldnt you be at your first job or is it the second one freddie? Haha

  • Just got done at 7:00, fraud! Get your monthy SSI check yet, tard! Don’t be a hater, because I have a life & knows what it’s like to be with a woman. Just admit your a fraudulent @$$clown, that you were wrong & move on. But you ain’t man enough to do that! Said it before & I’ll say it slowly again for you- U R A ASSCLOWN, KNOW NOTHING, BLOWHARD! ! ! O K.

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