• May 27, 2022

First GCobb.com Mock Draft Of 2012

It’s just about a surety that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will lead off the draft in that order, but everything else is not certain.  I expect the Birds to select a defensive tackle with their first pick and I want to see the Birds draft Mississippi State’s Fletcher Cox.  The concern will be whether he’s there or not when they’re on the clock.

I see somebody making a mistake on Dontari Poe, the question is who will it be.

Here’s my first Mock Draft of 2012.

1. Andrew Luck, QB – Indianapolis Cots

2. Robert Griffin III, QB – Washington Redskins

3. Matt Kalil, OT – Minnesota Vikings

4. Trent Richardson, RB – Cleveland Browns

5. Morris Claiborne, CB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6. Justin Blackmon, WR – St. Louis Rams

7. Melvin Ingram, DE/LB – Jacksonville Jaguars

8. Ryan Tannehill, QB – Miami Dolphins

9. Quintin Coples, DE – Carolina Panthers

10. Riley Reiff, OT – Buffalo Bills

11. Dontari Poe, DT – Kansas City Chiefs

12. Luke Kuechly, MLB – Seattle Seahawks

13.  Nick Perry, DE – Arizona Cardinals

14. Mark Barron, S – Dallas Cowboys

15. Fletcher Cox, DT – Philadelphia Eagles

16. Courtney Upshaw, LB – New York Jets

17. David DeCastro, OG – Cincinnati Bengals

18. Andre Branch, DE –  San Diego Chargers

19. Michael Adams, OT – Chicago Bears

20. Stephon Gilmore, CB – Tennessee Titans

21. Michael Floyd, WR – Cincinnati Bengals

22. Cordy Glenn, OG – Cleveland Browns

23. Janoris Jenkins, CB – Detroit Lions

24. Jonathan Martin, OT – Pittsburgh Steelers

25. Jerel Worthy, DT – Denver Broncos

26. Stephen Hill, WR – Houston Texans

27. Dre Kirkpatrick, CB – New England Patriots

28. Devon Still, DT – Green Bay Packers

29. Peter Konz, C – Baltimore Ravens

30. Kevin Zeitler, OG – San Francisco 49ers

31. Chandler Jones, DE – New England Patriots

32. Coby Fleener, TE – New York Giants



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  • could be dead on…. but i expect some wrinkles.

  • A lot of so called experts are suggesting that Cox will be off the board by 15. A lot of talk about Seattle, even as they have a similar player already on the squad. Kansas City – hard to tell due to them having so many needs as of now. I hope you are correct.

  • If Upshaw was sitting there???? Cox vs Upshaw – thoughts

  • I prefer Cox (no pun). Hoping he could provide you similar skill set to a J Tuck. Rush the passer from the DE or DT. That is best case senario

  • To be perfectly honest with you guys, the eagles at #15 can sit pretty like the steelers, giants, ravens and packers do and draft who ever comes to them because there are going to be some good players left there.

  • Floyd in Cinci would be deadly. Pairing him with AJ Green. Dalton would think that it was Christmas in April.

  • washburn tried to introduce poe as cox and tried to avoid the media.. but they were there for the demetress bell signing… i think the eagles will take either poe or cox …theyll be ok with either one..unless they trade up for tanehill

  • @navy… I’d prefer a DT over LB because of the potential for the Eagles D-Line. We’re one pass rusher away from being the best in the league. Now that we have Ryans I don’t think we need to take a MLB that high in the draft. We can take a chance on a MLB in the 3rd or later. Besides, Romo and RG3 are both athletic QB’s that can evade the average pass rush so we need to be able to put as much pressure on these guys as possible. And I guarantee that Eli will not be able to handle our combo of pro bowl pass rushers and corners when having to handle the blitz. He’s good for a hail mary or two when under pressure.

    I say we go DT… but having said that I’d rather have Poe than Fletcher C.

  • Navy you want Upshaw for DE? I assume so, because from what I’ve heard he’s not a 4-3 LB, more of a pass rushing speacialist. I doubt that the Eagles have interest in him.

  • No Brokers in first round? I’ve heard him as a the favorite for 1rst DT taken…who knows…

  • I have no problem with Fletcher Cox @ #15. I personally want the Eagles to jump over the Cowboys and get Mark Barron, but I dont think they will. We already have enough safeties and I dont think they are ready to give up on them yet… No need to reach for an LB since we have Demeco Ryans. They just need to fill out the defense with the best players they can get their hands on.

  • Pretty good G-Man
    I think the 2 Teams who can go in many directions and shake up this Draft are the Cleveland Browns at #4 and the Jaguars at #7, In fact, I expect both of these teams to Trade down … Taking a RB at #4, which Cleveland does have a need,but think they would select QB Tanneihill before Richardson. The Browns with the GB Packers Connection run a similar offense system formation, and terminology wise that former Texas A&M Coach Mike Sherman ran with Tannehill at in College.. The Jaguars need some weapons for QB Gabbert
    I see a WR to help with them for Melvin Ingram is more of a 3-4 Scheme type of Player which the Jaguars.. If Tannehill is not selected at #4, I could see another Team (maybe even the Eagles) trying to move up to #7 to Select Tannehill before the Dolphins can get him at #9.. I hope they don’t do this, but who knows..
    DT M Brockers goes in the 1st Round before Penn State’s D Still who will most likely fall into the 2nd Round…The Lions have publicly stated that they will not be selecting CB Janoris Jenkins due to his off-the field/Character Issues and would proabably grab CB D Kirckpatrick or OL C Glenn instead..
    The Bengals at #22 taking M Floyd is a stretch since they have WR’s AJ Green, Jermoe Simpson and TE J Grescham already.. They are in need of CB, RB and LB and there is now talk about a trade with the Bengals sending the NY Giants LB Keith Rivers..
    I think WR Floyd goes earlier to Arizona at #13 (DE Nick Perry a real reach at #13) as is DE D Branch at #18 to the Chargers who probably would take OT J Martin or OL Cordy Glenn
    Lots of scenario’s and moving parts as usual..

  • For the love of baby Jesus in a tuxedo tshirt no more FASTBALLS! That is all i ask. Hopefully andy will remember we still have vernon gholston..i mean brandon graham on the roster who would b like having a rookie fastball cuz he hasnt been able to stay on the field.

  • The only highlights ive seen that stand out with Poe is at the combine where he really impressed. Not on the field with a helmet and pads. He did get double teamed in games and things like that but so did Fletcher Cox and he still was impactful. Id go Cox over Poe. Poe may turn into a better Haloti Ngata but i wouldnt take a chance on maybes, if i were the eagles and from what im gathering i may be right, i think they go Fletcher Cox, and they will move up to get him, meaning hop right in front of the cowboys because the boys will select him if hes still there, you better believe it, forget all that safety talk the media is spewing. Theyd love to have a guy the caliber of Fletcher Cox on the line with DWare. Coples in another guy i hear they like alot.. So for the eagles they cant lose between having to pick Coples or Cox.

  • The NY Giants just acquired LB Keith Rivers from the bengals for a 5th rounder.

    My Thoughts: Im a big fan of Rivers. Has alot of potential, just needs to be more consistent and less injury prone..

  • Everyone should know not to believe Lurie when he says this is Reid’s make or break year, we all know a first round playoff exit will allow him to keep his job. Therefore, assuming Andy will be here beyond this season (and knowing of his interest in RG3 and Peyton Manning)….

    Bold Prediction (actually not bold just scary and true):

    Eagles trade up with either Cleveland or Jacksonville to select Ryan Tannehill…feel free to debate the compensation, but don’t tell me you cant see Andy saying “we love what this guy can do when he get’s out of the pocket”

  • i new name that visited the eagles is stephen hill wr 6’4 215 4.36 speed.. in my opion the eages should trade both second rounders and get another 1st

  • wait, I’m confused about this Rivers trade. The guy has an injury history, including missing all of last season with a wrist injury. And an NFC East team traded for him. But I was told by haters on this website that on the Eagles acquire players coming off injury. The Giants are not the Eagles. How can this be?

  • @larrwd:

    I love Stephen Hill, not a lot of production on game tape and he is extremely raw, but if he puts in the work and with good coaching he could possibly be the steal of the draft….Another potential steal of the draft on defense could be Josh Robinson out of UCF, I doubt he will still be there by our 2nd round picks, and CB is not a need, but if he is there he could be too good to pass up. The kid completely shut down AJ Green in their bowl game victory over Georgia a few years ago.

  • @birdzflyinhigh … yea and josh robinson ran a 4.29 or something like that .. we need to trade both second round picks and get another first and get 2 quality players

  • Schiller, a wrist and broken jaw injury history is far from an achilles tear, or torn ACL/microfracture injury…not even close, get real and stop being a clown. Further that NFC East team has won 2 Super Bowls in 4 years including the last one, while we haven’t won shit with Reid, haven’t even won 1 playoff game in years now. A reasonable person would think winning SBs in the manner the giants have done recently would factor into fans questioning/lashing out at the moves the FO makes.

    On the mock draft Gcobb, i think its a pretty good one. However I just think there will be some surprising trades come draft day that will alter the top of the 1st round big time. I seriously have no idea where the EAgles will pick and who it will be…should be very interesting to watch.

    Mel Kiper tweeted that there is no way Barron drops past the EAgles if they stay at 15. I hope he is right because this team isn’t going anyway near a SB without better safeties. (Don’t think the cowboys are taking him…they need a pass rush more than anything and have already spent big money on secondary in FA…see them easily picking Coples if there, or Upshaw or Poe)

  • Spot on GC.

  • My feelings for Poe have been expressed many times(no to poe). I dont feel like I need to say anything else abouth him (5 sacks his whole college career he sucks). But anyway nobody likes my boy stills, from my alma mater PSU baby. So Cox or Brockers will do.

  • Boy the Cleveland Browns are a very pitiful organization. They lose of on RG3. Just year their running back was on the cover of Madden now we are looking at them drafting a RB with Mccoy still as the QB. Sad times to be a fan in Cleveland.

    Good job G cobb on the mock.

  • Isnt Poe a Jewish last name?

  • Fools Fools Fools. And with the 15th pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Kellen Moore QB Boise State. GASP! hahahaha. Andy is smarter than everyone else. Get ready for the annual WTF just happened! Fools!

  • Any rumors out there about Assante?

    Something is bound to happen before the draft…figure a 3rd will be likely.

  • GreenFan- From yahoo

    The 2012 NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 26. For the Philadelphia Eagles, most expect the focus to be on defense. The team has glaring needs in the secondary and could stand to address the defensive end position as well. Anything other than selecting a defensive player in the first round would be a major surprise for fans. But as the draft approaches, one glaring question still remains for this team. What is going to happen in regards to Asante Samuel? Until the Eagles make a decision in that area, the direction of the first round pick might remain a mystery. Samuel is a talented player and he knows it. The Eagles need to figure out his future as soon as possible.
    So far, several NFL teams have been linked to Samuel. The Tennessee Titans and Detroit Lions both seemed like they were in the running for the Pro Bowl cornerback. The Eagles are expected to trade him after a tumultuous 2011 season. With Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the fold, Samuel became expendable last season and the team reportedly tried to move him. Obviously, he wasn’t happy about that and expressed it throughout the season. Few people expect the cornerback to return in 2012 and draft presents the perfect opportunity to trade him.
    So what should the Eagles expect for the talented player? The best case scenario probably involves a second round pick. More realistically, the Eagles should hope for a third rounder. Whatever the case may be, the team can’t afford to waste a lot of time in making a deal. If they can’t move Samuel during the draft it has to be because they plan on keeping him. With the money and bad blood involved, I can’t see any way in which that happens. Since the team will have to address the cornerback position in the first or second round, it might be helpful to resolve the Samuel situation before they choose in the first round. If the Eagles hold out for a better deal, they might wind up costing themselves in the long run. Now is the time to start making some calls to teams that might be interested. The sooner this is done, the clearer the draft picture will become.

  • Not so fast ES..
    I think potential interested Teams in Samuel (Panthers,Lions,Titans,Vikings,TB Bucs and yes the Cowboys) will all wait until after the 1st Round and even the 2nd Round Shakes out out to see who got what… If Lions & Titans & Vikings don’t find their CB to their liking by the 2nd Round, then they will be more liklely to trade for a known commodity as Samuel and probably even willing to pay a little more for him, the downside is that it will probably end up with a 2nd or 3rd Round in Return for a 2013 Pick and not give the Eagles and additional Picks for 2012..

  • Thanks for the info ES, but are they saying that the Birds will then look to “address the cornerback position in the 1st or 2nd round”?….I do not believe that or have not seen it in any mock draft out there. I guess if a CB is the Best Player on the board at that time, maybe, but there are many more needs, especially LB or Safety on the defense that should be address before we draft a CB. Wasn’t one of the problems this past year that we couldn’t get all 3 CB’s playing together?? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • I didnt write it P-man its a article from yahoo

  • I hear they like Curtis Marsh so getting rid of Asante could get him some more playing time. Joselio Hanson will probably play the nickle. Also lets not forget about the money they owe him this year too. I think its a 80% chance he is traded. I personally like Asante. I think us as fans sometimes dont know what we got until its gone. Asante cant tackle for squat but watching all those Eagles vs Giants games I started to think Asante was playing wide receiver for Eli Manning. lol.

  • I still would rather that DRC be the CB to be traded, but the differences in contracts is what is really driving this move.

  • ** Bengals signed former Cowboy CB Terrance Newman,
    so we can scracth the Bengals off the possible interest list in CB A Samuel

  • i think its a 100 percent chance he is traded.. asante can still play and is the one of the best in the league.. i think the eagles are doing too much shuffling and changin pieces to much .. the giants didnt do anything last year and they one the superbowl.. i dont think they signed one free agent..

  • Don’t be surprised to see Curtis Marsh take some reps at Free-Safety this summer.. Problem with Samuel not being a tackler is 1 thing, but when you trade for another CB in DCR who can’t tackle, and then in what was perhaps the worst Free-Agency Signing in Eagles HIstory,went out and Spent a ton of $$$ on another CB in Asmoguah who also can’t tackle… Put the Three Amigo’sout there with the light hitting Safety Corp of the Eagles and it’s no wonder the Eagles Secondary is recognized as the “Softest” in the NFL…

    Eagles screwed up big time last Off-Season
    Should have signed CB CArlos Rodgers and Safety Dwan Landry and still would have had $$$ leftrover to sign a decent LB… Asmo was a fantasy league signing and the Defense still hasn’t fgigured out how to use him and Asmo doesn’t seem capable of playing anything else but press-man on 15-20 Yard routes.. He is terrible on deep routes ..

  • GF – I have seen a couple mocks that had the birds taking CB from Bama at 15… but most back off that now and have them looking inthe later rounds for someone to compete for the 4rth spot (Marsh drafted in 3rd last year – 6’1 200lbs)…

    Three of the first 4 picks will be DT, DE and LB

  • I wanted them to sign ike taylor .. thats the exact reason they have to trade asante cuz asmough cant play zone defense.. so they have to chance the whole secondary philosophy.

  • do you guys think the eagles are asking for too much for Asante. I mean teams know they have to do something with him.


  • Courtney Upshaw vs. Fletcher Cox

    Upshaw is a good college player who will be a mediocre NFL player… he can’t play in space so OLB is out of the question and he doesnt have a great 1st step and the quickness to play DE in the 4-3… someone will take him late round one, but not in the top 20…..Cox is a beast and with good coaching can be a stud in the NFL……he has lots to learn and is just getting better…. he is worth the #15 pick.

  • I have no problem with Coples, Cox, Brockers or Poe in that order. I actually want them to go with a big WR and I’m on the Floyd bandwagon.
    The Eagles defense was terrible at the beginning of last year and needs more players in this years draft, but the NFL is about offense and scoring. Vick is not elite at reading defenses and most of the games lost last year were from scoring less than 10 points in the second half. He needs a guy that will go get a toss up. Eli has 2 rings thank to his big Wr’s that call get jump balls, Vick needs a guy like that.
    The Eagles don’t have a Brady, Rodgers, P. Manning, Brees, Luck (haha), E. Manning(puked a little), or Rothleburger; therefore they have to get more weapons for Vick to keep scoring points. A playoff games against the Saints or Packers isn’t going to be 17-14.

  • I think Asante may be combined with a third rounder to get a second rounder or even better combined with one of the seconds to get another first rounder or high second rounder. I don’t want to trade him for a 2013 pick.

  • I don’t think the Eagles can justify a SS in the first round. An elite or great FS yes, but Barron just doesn’t cover enough ground to be selected at 15. This is how I see it and also think it’s how the Eagles look at the position. I think SS is where you look for a inexpensive free agent that is dependable.

  • I think the Eagles can package CB Samuel and the Eagles 5th Round Pick
    to the Vikings/Lions/Panthers for their 3rd Round Pick at the best and of course, he would have to agree to renegoitiate his Contract with whatever new team he would be traded to for them to agree o.. If he is not Traded by Draft Weekend
    then he will probably end up being flat out released and then become a Free-Agent to all 32 Teams and free to make whatever new deal he can..

  • Paul if they can get a high 3rd rounder for Mesante & a 5th, I will send Rosebuds & Round peg in square hole Reid a care package & a gift card to a local restaurant.

  • This is the order i think the birds will go if these guys are left on the board..

    1. Fletcher Cox
    2. Quinton Coples
    3. Dontari Poe
    4. Luke Keuchly
    5.Ryan Tannehill

    Subject to change**

  • Fletcher Cox is corny! look at all the extra equipment he be having on. No push at the line i dont see the dominance to take him at 15

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