• May 27, 2022

Report: Broncos Trying To Workout A Deal For Asante Samuel

The Denver Post is reporting that the Broncos have called the Eagles about working out a deal to acquire Birds Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel.  The report says the two teams have talked about two scenarios in which Denver would acquire Samuel but neither deal could be agreed upon.

It’s been public information for quite a while now that the Birds have been shopping Samuel to all takers.  They want to go into the season with Nmandi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie as their starting cornerbacks.

Samuel will making more than $9 million dollars salary this year and the Birds want him to earn that elsewhere.

I think the Birds will find a trade partner for Samuel between now and the draft.  The NFL is a passing league and Samuel is too good of a football player, to be unable to trade.  Of course that might mean the Eagles coming down on their asking price if they are serious about doing a deal.



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  • Make the right move Andy! Make sure we are straight. I dont wanna see DRC looking like crap out there this year and see you giving out excuses for the dropoff in play at Samuel’s old spot. I think we lose a little edge over the Giants and Cowboys if we do this move…. But it’ll be fine if Andy is sure about this move… This cant be all about money… not now

  • **CB Samuel to Bronco’s for MLB Joe Mays and back-up QB Brady Quinn
    Good Greif..

  • Get a 2nd rounder and a future 2nd and 3rd rounder.

    Its not like they are going to win with Vick at Qb anyway.

  • Paul why would we want a dog like Brady Quinn? He sucks….., and why bring back the sequel of Joe Mays?

  • they are talking about only gettin a 5th or 6th rounder?

  • They can fuck off for a fifth rounder. I would go no lower than a fourth. Paulman is talking shit. We have absolutely no use for Joe Mays.

  • the broncos know good players… the eagles have sucked on defense ever since jim johnson left

  • eagles probably want a second and the broncos probably offered 4th

  • Is Gcobb.com becoming nothing more then – lets comment on the articles on Philly.com.com?

  • So we are trying to make our poor Defense better by trading one of our best, if not our best defensive player??

    Philly fans might be as stupid as the Eagles front office lol.

  • Samuels for a 5th or 6th rd pick is a joke! I understand that maybe all the value you can get for him right now, but there is no reason to trade him for a day 3 draft pick!

  • navy – was it ever much more? This has always been a side job at best for Garry, and essentially, aside form Garry’s orriginal content – opinions from time to time, everything else was opinion, speculation, or reposting news/opinions from other more ‘news’ type sites to spark more conversation/opinions/speculation.

    Seriously, you viewed it as more than that?

  • if we dont get better the moment we make the trade then id keep him. I understand that we want to use this money for shady/maklin but it has to be the right deal. AND- we need to be sure we have quality CB’s backing up the 2 starters.

    I would love for them to use Asam as part of a trade that lands us an OLB or has us move up to get the guy we want.

  • navyeaglefan- that’s what this site has always been. Or comment section for the Cleveland plain dealer

  • Samuels is not going to bring in a 2nd Round Pick in 2012 plus a future 2nd Rounder from anyone.. Best they are looking at is a 3rd Rounder or in part of a package to move up… Eagles have little leverage in trade demands with a 31 Year Old scheuduled to make $9.5 Million who is on the downside of his career..
    I could see the Eagles Trading Samuel and a 6th Rd (#174 Overall) to the Broncos for their 3rd (87th Overall) or even 4th Rd 120th Overall)

  • and Stevo, Eagles will not get better immediately n terms of what the receive..
    This is one of those deals where you “add by subtracting”
    Unitl Samuel is gone, CB Asmo and DCR will not be comfortable and Asmo can then bcome the leader of the Secondary like he wants to be but won’t until SAmuel is gone.. Both Asmo & DCR never felt welcomed by Samuel last year and it showed on the field…. Call it semantics, childish behavior or whtever, the deal is that this Secondary is going to rise or fall on play and leadership of CB Asmo and in order for this to happen, the old guard in Samuel has to go..

  • for crying out loud paulman… Its Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie..


    where the hell are you getting DCR?

  • And also how the hell do you blame Asante for Namdi and DRC’s poor play last year?

    it’s Samuels fault because they didnt feel welcomed?

  • The Eagles would not be wise to trade SAMUEL (stop calling him samuels people) for anything lower then a 2nd round pick, and they aren’t going to get that. Given there were injuries with all 3 starting corners last year, it would be in best interest to keep him instead of draft another Macho Harris (who is now in the CFL) with a useless 5th round pick. The cap situation is fine, so it’s not like there is a money issue involved. It might not be comfortable for all 3 to be on the field at the same time, but Samuel and Nnamdi are over 30 which increases the likelihood of injury and therefore the CB depth will be valuable. Hell our safeties can’t tackle anyway, move Samuel there and let him play centerfield haha!

  • atra- really? 2 2nd rounders? come on man. be real.

    pman- No. If a team wants him, they can either give up a 3rd rounder or they can battle it out with other teams to pay him top dollar. I can see MAYBE a 4th rounder but id rather cut him then get a 5th. Crazy? yes but this guy is worth more than Brady quinn or a 5th rounder for that matter and we are not just gunna fold up shop on him. Maybe we cut him…. maybe DRC fall in camp and we then keep him.

  • and Pman- you sound like andy with the excuses….. Nnamdi played poorly cause Asante didnt get him a fruit basket? This was the reason we failed in 2011? i thought it was young LB’s and Safeties? or the vick turnovers? or a young DC? please. Coaching coaching coaching was to blame for 2011. Not even considering moving asam around….. or to the other side was to blame. Putting young SS’s on fits…. those were the probs. Coaching coaching coaching…. not lack of fruit baskets.

  • They definitely will not cut him, they technically can’t because there will be a cap hit because the way of the contract structuring. Besides that, you would not want anyone in the NFC east to have a chance of signing him, and I think Dallas would. I said a 2nd in my last post, but a high 3 would be ok, otherwise I think its important to keep him for the depth (all 3 guys had injury problems last year and you have to expect the same). He is not preventing Shady from getting a deal, and it is in Maclin and the Eagles best interest to play this season out before he gets a deal.

  • No schill – always knew it was more of a rumor/gossip site – but there used to be the occasinal insight – the guest writer (Micah?) but today in particular – seems to be all Philly.com articles … I mean why don;t we all cahnge our name from DummerWindbag to Lonewolfe 11 – post an ugly pictureof ourselves and just throw our hissy fits on Philly.com?

  • You are def better off trading ASamuel. The truth is he is not going to garner alot in return. He is a detrement to the team if you keep him (adtuide, scheme) and if you flat out release him, hes most likely going to sign with the cowboys. So you might as well trade him to a team in AFC.

  • Have been watching Eagles for a long time. Have never viewed Asante as a detrement to the team/ bad attitude… He is a Very Good cover corner and a leader on the field. One of the best playmaker’s at the corner position in the NFL. At his age he may not be as good as he was 5 years ago but he was their top corner last year. He Suck’s at tackling as do many corners in the NFL and also this team but I have never viewed him as a detrement to the team. Can’t blame a player for speaking his mind when his name is involved in trade talks 2 offseasons in a row. He seems to be saying all the right things…

  • Better hope the draft is deep with talented corners. Cromartie is not a starter.

    Burned too many times.

    If they cant play defense then move up and grab Blackmon and outscore them.

  • Frank22 please explain Asante’s Attitude problem… I would like to hear about it..

    He played better than Namdi and Cromartie last year.. It wasnt one of his best seasons but he still out performed the 2 guys who are supposed to be perfect for our new “scheme”

    Will this scheme be the same as last year? you know the one that put Namdi in zone coverage and Casey Matthews at starting MLB?

    We are not better off trading samuel for a 5th or 6th round pick as opposed to keeping him. He is one of the better players on the defense and he is the best playmaker on that side of the ball..

    5th round pick? just to be “better off”?


  • It is obvious the guy has an adtuide problem. It is however something that suited him well to get him where he is today and i dont begrudge anyone for being successful at what they do. However, he wont play press coverage granted, not his strong suit. The Dallas game where he was crushed on 64 bubble screens is a perfect example. If it dosent fit him he wont do it. They have 2 talented corners and most likely going to draft another fairly early in the draft. ASMO’s stro0ng suit is obviously not zone coverage, but he did it becasue that what his coach asked him to do. So, in my opinion, keeping him here now matter how talented the guy is goes againt what they are trying to do. Dude is good tho

  • If Castilla wants them to play press, man to man coverage while the DL can create pressure. Than in my opinion we are better off getting a 5th rounder for him. He is a veteran of this team and if he is complaing and sulking it is not good for the younger players.

  • Oh I get it… Frank22 thinks any player who has any swagger at all is a player who has an attitude problem…

    any other way Frank’s comment makes no sense. I get it now…

    Like me and others have mentioned already… Asante is still the best corner we have on the team and it is a plainly dumb idea to trade him for a 5th or 6th round pick just because…… oh yeah thats right…. He has an attitude ‘problem’ according to Frank22….

    I dont remember him complaining or sulking about playing whatever scheme they install… In fact I heard say he’ll play where they put him…

  • Brandon marshall went for two fifth rounders why would anybody give a second for Asante and his ten mil.

  • Rasheed thinks that any guy that has “SWAG” is good.

    Rasheed thinks that Asante is a choir boy.

    Rasheed dosent remember Asante complaining? How about when he blew up in the media last year about his trade rumors. Do you remeber that?

    according to Rasheed1 he is the best corner on out team. If he was the best corner on out team why would he be traded?

    according to Rasheed1 he is the best corner on our team. If he was the best corner on out team wouldnt he be worth more than a 5th round pick?

    yea but he has SWAG so hes all good.

  • Why don’t people do their research or have SOME sort of knowledge before commenting?

    Brandon Marshall was traded for two THIRD rounders, not fifth rounders.

  • I”m happy for Dawk.

    The Broncos are trying to do it and with that top defense things could get interesting.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Elway bring another chip to Denver.

    It hope it happen for Dawk because he deserves it.

    Andy an the crew will find a way to lose again this season and the major issue will be the Safety position.


    Then next season they’ll finally end the Nate Allen experiment breaking down and finally address the position while letting a player of another important position walk.

    finally address a blind spot while creating a new one.

    This is what we’ve come to expect here in Philadelphia.

  • My fault I don’t look up every little detail it’s called having a life. But I was wrong my whole point is they will not get a second rounder for him. But I hope I am wrong again.

  • I’m enjoying the bantering today, keep it up mates! Mumu good stuff buddy! It is DRC Paulman.Schiller Schiller Schiller…smh

  • really – songs – they offered a 5rth rounder for the guy you called the best CB on the team? If the eagles only offered a 5th rounder you would get out your shekels and nickles and teeth color comments – oh – that’s right your a double standard talking out both ends of you ass douche! So the fact this article states ‘ would acquire Samuel but neither deal could be agreed upon.’ in your mind Denver and Elway are doing great things and clear indicators the a Super Bowl may be in the future.. so – just talking about a trade with Denver shows they are in the right direction.. dude – you are shameless – if Elway REALLY wanted to win, he would have given us a 2nd rounder for Asante… he is being cheap!

    I have an idea – become a broncos fan – maybe you can talk them into drafting Burflict – were they not the ones that drafted Clarrett out of Ohio State??

  • Sully – I see the points you are trying to make even though I disagree…. What I do is trade him. Why? becasue he is an uneccesary luxury with a chance to sour your team. Does that make him wrong? I dunno – not the way I would handle it. but unfortunately I will never know what I would do in his shoes. . You trade him, cut your loses and free up money. If he was worth a 3rd than you would have already got one.

  • Brandon Marshall was a known head case and locker room cancer and the Broncos probably couldn’t get a fifth rounder from anyone else because of that. Samuel is not. My hope is that they trade DRC to be honest…that guy is half as physical as Asante Samuel. DRC will NOT play press coverage and he won’t gt half the interceptions Samuel will so what’s the point?

  • If Asante was still in his twenty’s then yeah second pick no doubt. But thirty something getting ten mil next year I doubt it.

  • Oh before I get attacked again he’s making 9mil this year my bad. What was I thinking. LOL

  • Contrary to what you guys may think DRC can run with Djax. Speed like that don’t grow on trees. Plus he is tall, I think he has a major bounce back year this year.

  • Agree diddy… Wasn’t it Larry Fitz that called him the best Athlete he’d even seen? Granted that dosent mean hes the greatest cb… But it sure helps

  • Pdid – valid points – Asnate is a ball hawk – a man willing to take chances to make a big play –

    DRC is fast – Djax fast – and tall –

    For the wide 9 system, with DL getting up the field and playing man coverage- who would you rather have a CB –

    My mind – in thios system – have to go with DRC – can not have 5 guys in press man coverage, and then Asante giving a 8 yard cushion – not saying who is better – just saying for the system the eagles are planning on running – Asante may not be a good fit –

    people can see that and bitch at Castillo (wrongly in many cases) for not just putting Asmo in press man all day – but can;t see that asking Asante to play press would be doing the same thing on other side?!

  • Navy– agree 100 percent. The point that I was trying to make was that exactly and that you have a chance, by keeping Asante, for it blow up the chemistry. He is a player that is very confident in his abilities and could act out if he feels disrespected.

    You trade him for the best offer you can get. Don’t cut him and give him a chance to wind up with the cowgirls.

  • Navy and Frank I agree with you guys, HEY BIRD O BITCH NOT BAD FOR A GUY WHO HAS NO KNOWLEDGE HUH LOL. Sorry fellas the Ciroc is flowing right now it’s friday. Let me get off here before I am banned from Gcobb.com. Have a great weekend fellas. GO FLYERS!!!

  • Latest mock drafts have the Eagles selecting Syracuse DE Chandler Jones… Ouch.

  • i had to to take some time out of my day when i read this story today when has anybody ever known the eagles to leak out what they want for a player ANSWER NEVER if all they can get for him is a 5th or a 6th i would just keep him and hav him redo his deal to stay here cause he is to good of a player for a 5th rd pick hell keith rivers was just traded for a 5th rd pick and who his the better player between them.If you cant find anybody thats gonna make a real offfer hold onto him into the offseason and maybe trade him for next year picks other wise keep him we can afford him were like 19mill under the cap while trading him would help with cap money a 5th rd pick just aint worth it i hope the eagles laughed at denver when they offered that we could get a 6th rd pick for hanson hell winston justice got traded for a 6th rd pick in the words of meshawn COME ON MAN

  • trading Asante will be another mistake in the long line of them by Reid and Roseman… he is the only DB to come up with turnovers when needed…. he is their best CB next to AsstoMouth and DRC is a fraud!

  • Good post gloomysmitty.

  • some of you have a clue, but not the majority. there is no use in having a “talented” CB when he simply CANNOT play the system they want to play. Nnamdi CAN ONLY PLAY PRESS MAN COVERAGE. he cannot play zone, period. on the other hand, Asante CANNOT play press coverage, and refuses to do so. he is not even good in man coverage, period. he has always been better in zone because he has ELITE read and react skills. you cannot have starting CB’s that absolutely can’t play the same defense. it doesn’t matter if they are both Deion Sanders out there, if one of them is a true zone corner and the other is strictly a man to man corner it’s never going to work. on every single play one of them will be asked to do something they aren’t any good at.

    the problem is that they shouldn’t have signed Aso last year if they weren’t going to trade Asante. but instead they thought they were going to play Nnamdi in a way in which he had NEVER played in Oakland, which was asinine.

  • @ Frank,

    you are babbling and repeating yourself…

    1. I dont give a damn if the player complained about the front office floating trade rumors.. Half the players to come thru here have done that.. That doesnt constitute a player having a bad attitude… Thats stupid… I never said he was a choir boy… you made that up.. I said he was the best corner on the team last year (which he was).

    2.I already said in the OP that I would welcome the trade if it was certain to improve the team… A 5th or 6th round pick and your excuse of “We’ll be better off’ is nonsense..

    Eagles cant afford that same old logic this year.. Keep the best players on the team…

    Dont trade a pro bowl corner away for a 5th or 6th round pick… thats a bad idea

  • It takes so much energy to even post on this site. First off I have lost all respect for G. he is a total slacker. Hey dick we are your customers how about a little effort once in awhile. Second Paulman is def. the biggest jackoff I think I have ever had the pleasure of reading, everyday the same shit. DRC and Nnamdi were never comfortable because of Asante, like you fucking know. Dude put your fucking pants on and go outside once in awhile. Third Asante does’nt fit the scheme, whats the scheme? If you can get pressure with 4 guys rushing you can play almost any kind of coverage you want, were is it said that Nnamdi can’t play man press and Asante can’t have help over the top, If the eagles trade Asante it’s to free up money that simple. I don’t know alot but I do know that DRC is no Asante. Fourth elite corners can play into there mid 30’s (woodson, c. bailey) and beyond at a high level, it’s not like he’s beat up he has’nt tackled anyone in 3 years. Fifth I don’t know what the eagles will get but I’m pretty sure the same strappers that are saying that they won’t get shit were saying the same thing about Kevin K. remember him. Sixth fuck it I’m going to bed

  • Listen, I do no t come to this site to start arguments. I stated that it seems Asante Samuel does not fit the scheme that the eagles are rolling with next year. It is counter productive to have a zone scheme CB on your roster that makes nine mil per year while you run a press man. Rasheed1 likes Asante because he provides the eagles with “swag”. He has been a beast and for that matter. I get a kick out the guy. To say I’m mumbling the same things is true… That’s what you do on a “blog”. It baffles me how you don’t see that the eagles are moving in a different direction. They do not want a 31 year old corner that can’t play man coverage. Are you with me rasheed? So, you trade him for what the market dictates. Is that a 2nd round draft pick? Hopefully, but prob not. It is what the market says it is! Is it a 5 th round pick to keep him out of the division? Probably! You can take he’s been the best corner last year and keep riding that. Where did last year get them 8-8. Sounds good to rasheed1.

  • It’s amazing how when the Eagles are going in a new direction with a player guys begin to talk about what a player can’t do….then, we see the team digress with the replacement and we all realize letting go the player was a mistake. This does not apply to Kolb because we all knew he was garbage from Day 1.

    I’m talking about pro bowl players.

    Guys here was talking about Dawk is old and lost a step only to see now, he wasn’t that bad compare to our alternatives. Same with Sheldon Brown ..that corner spot stunk once he left after the trade.
    eagles fans are quick to buy the company line instead of thinking rationally. Teams completed 68% of the passes thrown to the receiver DRC in his last season in Arizona.

    That’s a fact.

    If he is moved to Asante’s spot teams will pull out the old tape to expose DRC weaknesses. Period.

    The question people should be asking.

    Is DRC a downgrade from Asante?

    The Answer is yes.

    The scheme be damned if DRC is getting beat 68% of the time his side is thrown to.

    That don’t work in any scheme if he’s out there permanently we’ll know soon enough why he was traded for pathetic Kevin Kolb.

  • First off let me start by saying this much respect to Asante on of the best corners in the league for years period. However when he got hurt last year and Drc stepped into his starting spot, the D got a lot better. Now I am sure it’s more than just Asante not playing the D got better. But the D got a lot better with Drc in there. His last year in Arizona was a bad year for him everybody knows that. For someone to point that out and look up some silly stat of that is stupid. Fellas the D played better with DRC starting period, right or wrong they finished strong with DRC starting right or wrong. We all saw that with our own eyes. Now let’s see how you guys argue with that one.

  • Drc is younger and has a bright future if the eagles let him play. And remeber the D got better with our two man to man coverage guys starting.

  • They played less wide 9, they got a lot of pressure with the front four and the corners as a group played well together, including hanson. Hanson play’s the nickel corner the best for this team. Unless Asante can play that position, we can no longer use him.

  • P Diddy..the improvement had nothing to do with Samuels absence but more to do with the defensive line tightening the wide 9 alignment on running downs, which should have been done day 1.


    Teams were exposing the weaknesses at safety and linebacker, knowing the the strength of the team was the line and corner positions.

    If Asante is not there that leaves a void DRC can not filled.

    There’s no addition by subtraction here. Have we learned anything?

    When the Eagles replace exceptional talent to save a few dollars, it shows on the field.

    Right now, the Eagles need to keep things like it is right now in case an injury happens at the corner, they’ll have a ore than adequate replacement.

    Focus on getting the Safety position solid this year….(no wait and see)

    Realize what we have and get someone better at Safety now.

    This will put the team in position to make a run.

    Don’t create a void but sure up the weaknesses.

    If you going to send Asante to Denver….then get a 4th round pick with Dawk returning for a curtain call…..but please.

    I’m digressing.


    Don’t give talent away and think it can be re[placed with lesser talent…

    Look over at the G Men…real champions

    Osi have been complaining for years yet the Giants endured it and used him to help win it all……AGAIN

    They didn’t claim he had issues.

    They didn’t trade him because of his mouth.

    They needed his talent and knowledge on what to do in the playoffs.

    They had the disciplinary in place to deal with the attitude to utilize his talent for the better of the team.

    Why can’t the Eagles do the same with guys who walk with swagger?

    Because we are use to losing..that’s why.

    Championship teams don’t look for ways to get rid of their top talent…Losers do.

  • The Eagles Secondary over the last 3 Seasons has been among the worst in the entire NFL (and definintiely the worst in Eagles Franchise History)
    The Only player on the Eagles squad to be a member of it’s worst Secondary is Assante Samuel, He needs to go and play RUN-DRC and see what he can do..

  • DRC did play well at the end of the year. He is not a slot corner, once he went to the outside, he got a little comfortable and played well.

    Osi”s and Asantes situations are not compareable. Osi wanted more money! He fit exactly what the giants were trying to do on defense. Asante has the money, he feels that they are giving him the cold shoulder. Situation could get ugly. Trade the dude

  • Headlines Update….. In sticking with eagles tradition after getting rid of a good player the Asaunte Samuel trade will come back to bite them in the ass again.. Seems Every time the let a player go they say is done that postion was never replace with equal or better talent. If you sit here and really thing DRC is just as good… Look at Asaunts resume. The Excuss for next years will be WHY did they let Samuel go???? If it isnt one thing its another. I really hope not but history says it will..

  • okay songs top teams don’t get rid of their top players then why in the hell didn’t new england resign him then? New england no what there doing way more than we do and they didn’t keep him either.

  • Like deion sanders said he is the best off corner in football. We need a man to man dude.

  • songs and scramz, what is your solution to the problem of Asante and Aso only being able to play the exact opposite styles of defense? someone mentioned, Aso can play press and Asante can have help over the top. that makes no sense. the only time you need help over the top is if your going to press or you are in a zone. Asante refuses to play press, because he knows he would get slaughtered out there because he is so weak physically. furthermore, you can’t give a guy help over the top on every play, that defeats the purpose of having a supposedly “great” CB.

    another problem is that you have DRC or Asante on the bench because neither guy is capable of playing in the slot. they learned last year that Joselio Hanson is a far more capable slot corner than either DRC or Asante.

    another issue with Asante is that he is absolutely terrified to make tackles. on numerous occasions last year a linebacker had a runner wrapped up but still moving forward for more yards and Asante refused to stick his nose in there to cause a fumble or stop his forward momentum. he actually ran up the field away from the ball carrier and towards the sidelines just to avoid getting hit. it’s pathetic. no defense is going to be great with a guy that terrified of tackling as a starter unless he is a true shutdown corner like Deion Sanders, which Asante def. is not. a major problem of the Eagles defense is that they are soft. replacing Asante with a guy that’s at least going to attempt to make tackles goes a long way in getting rid of that attitude. soft defenses are almost never going to be able to win in the playoffs. average defenses can win with great offenses, but not feather soft and average defenses.

  • The problem with asante is he never wanted to be an all around corner. I mean he gets turnovers and that’s important. But in crunch time when teams are running right at him and he OLAY’S on the tackle it cost the D big time.

  • Dam Hots you beat me to it but you dead on with that post enough said.

  • Fellas look it’s a few days till the draft let’s turn the page everybody know’s that # 22 is gone including # 22. Anybody hear any good rumors about possible moves the eagles are making. Not your moves Pman but the Eagles.LOL

  • 2 Moves I can see happening

    Eagles Trade Samuel and a 5th Round (#143 Overall) to the Jags,Bucs, Dolphins or Panthers for their #3 Rd Pick which would be somewhere in the #70-#75 Overall Range)

    Or Eagles Trading down with the Bengals (who need a CB), the Bengals have the 17th & 22nd Picks so the Eagles could trade their #15 and CB Samuel for the Bengals #17th and 2nd Rounder (#55 Overall)

    I think in the end, it will be difficult to trade him and if they can’t package him to move up or acquie a decent pick, then they may just as well keep him..
    Eagles do have 3 6t hRoundeders, so maybe Samuel and a 6th Rounder to a Teaam for a 4th Rouind may be the best they can get given Samuel’s Contract and Age and recent knee concerns..

  • Reid hammered by the sports guy.

    In the latest Bill SImmons mailbag, he proposes a kickoff rule change….hypothetical….says it would be funny wantching NFL coaches bumble over the decisions. He specifically targets Reid:

    Let’s apply the revamped rules to a game situation. It’s Sunday night and San Diego is playing Philly. The Eagles are trailing by four points with seven minutes to play. They’re on San Diego’s 22-yard line. It’s fourth-and-four. If they make the field goal, they’re still trailing by one, and they have to kick off from their own 25 (conceivably, giving San Diego excellent field position to finish off the game). But if they get the first down? Better chance of scoring the go-ahead touchdown coupled with an overwhelming chance of a touchback kickoff (and San Diego starting their next drive from their own 20).

    So what would Andy Reid do? (Thinking.) Well, he’d waste a timeout to think about it — and if he could waste a timeout by challenging the previous play, then spend a second timeout to think about fourth down, even better. Then he’d probably decide on kicking a field goal because that would be the dumbest move. Then we could poke fun at him the next day for the entire sequence. See what I mean? We need more decisions in football; there’s just no downside. We win anytime Andy Reid, Norv Turner, Mike Smith or whoever has to make a decision with multiple variables in the spur of the moment.

    Its funny because its probably true….

  • The fact that DRC is fast is of little comfort, when you know he likes to watch ball carriers run up the field hoping/praying for somebody else to make a tackle.

    Nnamdi seems like a pretty sharp guy, so I expect him to play significantly better this year. Between having to learn a new system in a very short time, having that system and his responsibilities remain extremely fluid throughout the season and not being able to turn to any players, because they were all learning the system as well, put him in a hole. He also has a lot of speed and athleticism, so I suspect within the zone scheme he’ll be more of a ball hawk than he’s been previously in his career.

  • Butch- are you suggesting that ASamuel is a better tackler?

  • Butch- are you suggesting that ASamuel is a better tackler? And you want Nambi to learn zone to cater to ASamuel?

  • pdiddy, I heard the other night, that the Birds have discussed with teams, to trade up to the top couple of picks in the second round. The scenarios, from what I’ve heard is, Samuel will be included with our high, 2nd & another pick, & the other was next years 1st rounder. But nothing is likely to happen, until after the 1st round, to see how that pans out first. Another couple of things I heard is we are going to sign Yeremiah Bell & a possible vet RB. But as before, everything is hinges on how the draft goes. It’s going to be a fun draft. I’m actually more excited & intrigued, more than I’ve been in a long time. They BETTER NOT f^#@ this up, or my possible rants will be vicious.

  • LOL Butch are you kidding me? the guy on this defense that you are going to pick on with tackling is DRC? let me make this crystal clear, ASANTE SAMUEL IS THE WORST TACKLER IN THE NFL, and it’s not even debatable. Aso is a far superior corner and talent to Asante, they are not going to make the same mistake again by asking him to play zone. when he is in press man on the right side of the field is a top 3 corner in the NFL. when you ask him to do all kinds of other crap that he is uncomfortable with he is adequate. Samuel has far more weaknesses than Nnamdi, can’t play press coverage, horrendous tackler, gets beat on double moves frequently while trying to jump routes, consistently gives up quick screens to his man because he is so far off the LOS, is easy to run at because between him and Babin the left outside of the defense is completely and utterly worthless at stopping the run.

  • Comparing Asante to Nnamdi is like comparing apples to oranges… One player is good at one style and the other is good at another. They are both Pro Bowl caliber players and are both great athletes. Just stating facts here Nnamdi is one of the best press man cover corners in the league. Asante is the best off corner in football and is very good in a cover 3 scheme. Asante plays to make plays and get turnovers, while Nnamdi plays to shut down his man and keep him to 0 catches. When Nnamdi was in Oakland he played one side of the field ( RCB ) which happens to be the weak side of the offense in most situations so QB’s never looked to throw in his direction. Oakland has been known for decades now to be a press man defense and when Nnamdi was there opposing teams picked on the LCB position because Nnamdi had the other side shut down.
    Asante on the other hand has played the LCB position for most of his career and has lined up there on every snap for the Eagles. Every team in the league knows what Asante’s strengths and weakness’s are and they plan accordingly. He has made a career out of picking off Eli Manning and also by getting Smoke Screens thrown at him 4-5 times a game by Tony Romo.
    The Eagles deciding to get rid of Samuel is the team deciding to move in a different direction as far as defensive scheme. Anyone that thinks Asante sucks or is inferior to Nnamdi should go to pro football focus . com and check out their player ratings on Cornerbacks. As I posted on here earlier, Asante was ranked #2 overall in the NFL in 2011 with a opposing QB rating of 52.4 when he was targeted which was 2nd in the NFL only behind Darrel Revis. They have some very interesting stats on the website…

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