• May 16, 2022

Eagles Sign 13 Rookie Free Agents

Most of these guys are just filling out the roster with a remote chance of making the football team, but there a few of these players who have a legitimate chance of making the roster.  Here’s a look at all 13 of them.

WR Damaris Johnson (5-8, 170, Tulsa)

This young man has a chance to make this football team if he can pick up the offense.  He didn’t play football in 2011 because he was convicted of paying only $14 for $2600 worth of merchandise at a store where his girlfriend worked.  He received a deferred sentence.

As a junior, Johnson became the NCAA’s all-time leader in all-purpose yardage  with 7,796 yards gained.  Johnson set the NHe had 3417 yards as a kick returner.   He caught passes for a total of 2,746 yards.  Johnson ran for another 1,062 yards during his career rushing yards.

FB Emil Igwenagu (6-2, 245, Massachusetts)

Igwenagu caught 38 passes for 375 yards and three touchdowns a year ago at UMass.  He’s got leadership qualities as a two-year team captain.  He’s also versatile.  The fullback played running back, tight end and linebacker during his time as a Minuteman.

This young man could make the Eagles roster, if he can prove himself as a blocker and receiver.

FB Jeremy Stewart (6-1, 218, Stanford)

Stewart was the lead blocker in that tough, physical Stanford running game.  He ran 55 times for 257 yards and nine touchdowns, but he caught only seven passes for one touchdown.  Stewart has a chance to make the football team, if he can be an effective blocker and pass receiver.

WR Elvis Akpla (6-1, 190, Montana State)

Akpla is a possession receiver, who caught a school record 126 passes for 2,270 yards in his career at Montana State.  He majored in cellular and molecular biology, which means he could probably learn the west coach offense.

LS Matt Camilli (6-4, 245, UTEP)

Camilli was first team, All-Conference USA this past season.  He’s coming in here to try to take the job of the Birds current long-snapper Jon Dorenbos, who also went to UTEP.

TE Chase Ford (6-6, 245, Miami, FL)

He’s got to be a very good blocker because his receiving stats are nothing to write home about.  He caught a total of 16 passes for 184 yards and two touchdowns over two years at Miami.

CB Cliff Harris (5-11, 180, Oregon)

Harris picked off six passes during the 2010 season and returned one of them for a touchdown.  He’s also a punt returner which could help him in trying to make the Eagles roster.  He returned 29 punts for a 18.8 yard average and four touchdowns, which is outstanding.

WR McKay Jacobson (5-11, 199, BYU)

Jacobson is supposed to have a good set of hands.  He caught a total of 113 passes for 1,836 yards and 9 TDs at BYU.

WR Aaron Pflugrad (5-10, 182, Arizona State) … pronounced FLU-grad

Pflugrad caught 96 passes at Arizona State for 1,241 yards and 8 touchdowns.  He played at both Arizona State (2010 -11) and at Oregon (2007-08).

RB Chris Polk (5-11, 222, Washington)

Polk is a pretty good running back, but the only way he makes this team is because of his pass catching ability and effectiveness in picking up the blitz or special teams.  He caught 31 passes in 2011 and ran for 1488 yards with 12 touchdowns.

Polk ran for 4,049 yards during his career at Washington.

FS Phillip Thomas (5-11, 198, Syracuse)

Thomas is on the small side for safeties, but he led Syracuse with 82 tackles while picking off six passes in 2011.  The Eagles aren’t yet set at the safety position, so he’s got an outside shot at making the team.  He must be productive on special teams.

P Ryan Tydlacka (6-1, 190, Kentucky)

He punted for a 43.6 yards per punt average this past year.  He’s got a strong leg as he boomed 20 punts for at least 50 yards, which led the SEC.  He also placed 19 punts inside the 20 yard line, which is close to two punts a game.

WR Darnell Williams (6-2, 195, Louisiana College)

He was the leading receiver at Louisiana College.  He caught 62 passes for 1,101 yards and 10 TDs this past season.


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  • With Boykin drafted and Johnson/Harris here, it looks as if they are trying to find a Kick returner. Hopefully it pans out.

  • WR Mardy Gilyard..

  • Dorenbos must have asked for a raise.

  • NMaybe GF – but the team gets an extra 10 players to carry on the roster – and isn’t it better to have a guy come in during the camps and see what he can do then have a mid season injury and have to find someone to dig off the pile –

    I think the only two guys I can ever remember snapping are Bartrum adn Dorenbos…

    anyone remember when Akers go thurt and Siminoue was kicking for a game or two? Didn’t our punter also place kick in college or was it the kicker also punted?

  • FS Thomas is actually a little bigger than last year’s 2nd Round Pick
    J Jarrett, just sayin’…

    I like 3-4 players on this list

    FB Emil Igwenagu who I believe makes this Roster and actualyl had teh Eagles selecting him in the 7th Round on many Mocks
    CB CLiff Harris who is a playmaker
    RB Chris Polk who had a great career at University of Washington
    and than any black guy who goes by the name of Elvis, I have to like and support for this is something that doesn’t happen to often so I am pulling for WR Elvis Akpla

  • The expanded rosters this year, will give all of these guys a good chance of sticking. I don’t know if GCobb knows this or not. I believe Goodell installed this rule this year. I like what we did with the draft & UDFA’s. But I don’t like the fact that Rosebuds is saying, that he isn’t signing a veteran Safety. WILL YOU SIGN YEREMIAH BELL ALREADY, YOU JACK@$$! One year veteran contract, WTF is so hard about that!? It will only help the growth of all of the
    young-ens. It won’t hurt. That’s all we need now! JEESH!!!

  • Dcar, so you’re taking roseman for his word? I’m not. I’ve said it a billion times, don’t listen to his words, it is literally his job to not show his hand to the media. I do think the give phillip thomas a shot to win a job, but faking no interest in bell only increases your ability to sign him, or any other vet.

  • You could be correct Schill, but this time he seems genuine. Bell is the absolute perfect fit. Bowles, his X-coach is our DB coach now, he is a very good established vet, that can help out our young Secondary, with his veteran leadership. He also is still a good DB. If they keep dragging their feet, he will sign elsewhere.

  • Dcar, agreed im holding out hope. But I also believe the team can play well with no additions at safety if the front 7 and cbs work out, I honestly do.

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