• May 27, 2022

Hanson Will Have His Hands Full Holding Off Brandon Boykin

Somebody tell Eagles nickel back Joselio Hanson not to be spending a lot of money this off season.  He needs to emphasize saving and don’t take it for granted that he’ll be cashing those big NFL checks every week this fall.

Hanson has gotten a great deal out of his ability, but he’s going to need more than that to hold off rookie draft choice Brandon Boykin.  This young man from the University of Georgia is quite an athlete, who seems to be quicker, faster and stronger than Hanson.  Check out Boykin in this dunk contest when in high school.

[media id=267 width=320 height=240]

The only advantages Hanson has are his smarts and his experience.  Hanson has good quickness, but he isn’t very fast.   The veteran does a great job of jamming receivers with his hands and anticipating what routes they’re going to run.

You have to be willing to tackle at the slot position and Hanson has always done a good job in that aspect of the game.  He has some toughness, but Boykin has that same edge to his game.  This youngster will give after you.

Hanson has made a career out of playing the nickel position, but he’s no longer a top flight nickel back.  He doesn’t have the speed to play out on the corner with no help and that lack of speed has hurt as a nickel back as well.

The Birds had wanted to replace him a year ago, but they couldn’t because not one of their top cornerbacks, Asante Samuel, Nmandi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie were capable of playing the nickel position.

He’s going to have trouble hold off Boykin very long.  This young man is a tremendous athlete.  He’s got great quickness, speed and leaping ability.  His ball skills are outstanding as you would expect of a kickoff and punt returner.

The return teams will benefit a great deal from having Boykin returning kickoffs and punts.

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  • When are the Eagles gonna sign Plax? Do they really think they solved there issue in the red zone with the kid Mcnutt? Just sign the guy already. Don’t understand what the waiting game is all about. It’s obvious we need his height, receiving ability, and experience. He would be the red zone monster that we need. Gonna be the same old story if we don’t address this pressing issue

  • Drop the first paragraph and this is a decent article – really – we need to tell him to not spend his money – quick – go tell terell owens and warren sapp and all the other broke mega superstars that pissed it all away –

    this is a great move – you challenge for the slot CB spot and get the added bonus of a solid kick returner – great, great move.

    I am a firm believer in the adage old age and treachery will win out of youth and skill every time – guys don’t live to be 7 year veterans in the NFL without learning some tricks and winning some camp battles –

    but damn – Boykin looks like one hell of an athlete –

    interesting part is what do you do with Hansen if Boykin beats him out – keep him for depth – most folks think Marsh will be the 4rth CB – and he is taller – more suited to the outside..

    someone correct me if I am mistaken – but if Boykin plays in the slot with the wide 9 – the majorty of the time he will be locked on the slot rcvr in man – so pure athletisism and cover skill will be #1 priority?

  • At the end of the day and seasons ahead, Boykin could very well be the biggest playmaker from this Eagle Draft Class which is a pretty damn good selection in late 4th Round

    Looking ahead for the 2013 Draft, Paulman’s Eagles Top 3 Selections (Mock#1)

    1st Round — SS Ray Ray Armstrong – Miami (6-4 216lbs)
    2nd Round — OLB Chase Thomas – Stanford (6-4 240lbs)
    3rd Round — WR Mike Shanahan – Pittsburgh (6-4 225lbs)

    Remember these names, we will be talking about these players sooner than we think…

  • back on topic,
    I believe Trevard Lindley was going to beat out Hanson to begin with..
    I see 6 CB’s on Roster for 2012 (Asmo,DRC,Lindley,Hughes,Marsh & Boykin)

    Hanson believe it or not, probably has some trade value (as does De Darry Tapp) Wagles may wait to Summer Camp in case of injuries and then look to trade these 2 players to a Team that sustains injuries or that still has holes at these positions…

    Teams like the Vikings,Panthers,Lions,Browns,Colts,Pats could very well be in the market for an experienced CB and/or a DE and be willing to cough up a 5th/6th ROund Draft in next Years Draft…

  • Navy:

    I would say yes – unless it’s a tight twins formation; but then it’s not really a slot receiver. But I don’t like the crossing options with man-to-man in that formation. Looking forward to that battle at training camp.

  • HE’ll go to the Pats and be a stud. Bill knows how to get the same if not more from a player.

    Was impressed with the highlights from this kid. The return aspect alone makes him a lock for the roster.

    Maybe this will be a great draft and one that propels us deep in the p-offs. Pac 10 Def. MVP, Cox(monster among boogey men),Boykin-return stud and slot help,Polk..might be back-up,Curry 26 sacks in college is good anywhere,and throw in the big wideout we got.

    Looking forward to the season and GOSSHDARNIT we deserved this draft turning out with some promise.HOW LONG DID WE TALK ABOUT ALL THESE GUYS!!!?


  • Paulman, I doubt they keep all those CBs – don’t think they ever kept 6. I don’t know that Hughes AND Lindley make the team. We’ll see. The R free agent CB is also a slot/returner too so it’s a log jam there – that’s a good thing.

  • With Boykin,Damaris Johnson ,Cliff Harris the Eagles have really upgraded the talent with the return specialist.

  • 6 is a little heavy but being a passing league and if Boykin becomes the full-time kick-off/punt returner, that’s kind of saving a roster spot from a 5th/6th WR or 4 RB’s positions when you think about it ..
    Last year (2011) the Eagles had 6 CB’s on the Roster (Samuel,Asmo,DCR,Hanson, Marsh & Hughes)

    Defensively, it’s usually 9-10 DL, 6 LB, 5-6 CB & 4 Safety for 25-26 players
    I think Eagles carry 10 DL this Season (5 DE and 5 DT with both Jenkins and Cox able to slide outside at DE if need be)

  • Hell, Avant better be careful if the coaches let Boykin in the slot as a WR like he occasionally was in college. This guy is all kinds of quick, just not break away fast. Was there 20 long kick off returns, I though they might have included high school also.

  • Time to replace Avant. i love Avants toughness and being a team player. But his time has come. We need more of a playmaker from the slot. Someone who gives the 3rd corner nightmares.

  • Teams with the most cap space post-draft: Eagles ($21.5 M), Jaguars ($19.4 M), Bengals ($19.1 M), Browns ($18.5 M), Chiefs ($18.1 M). No we havent won a superbowl and thats the ultimate goal. But this roster is littered with talent and we are laways in cap heaven. Cudos to the front office. If they could just find 1 stud safety.

  • someone mentioned he may have fell a round because of an injury, is this injury a Cornelius Ingram, Ricky Sapp or Jack Ikegwuonu never make the game day lineup injury

  • Boykin, injury news any one have his training camp availability projections

  • Paulman I’m going to give you 2 more names to add to your list. TJ McDonald USC Safety and Robert Lester Univ. of Alabama Safety.

  • Paulman I’ll give you two more names also, Bill Polian and Jon Gruden to look for next year

  • Man our team is very talented on both sides of the ball. May be the most complete Eagle team in quite sometime, what do you guys think. Take into consideration guys that your not going to have pro bowlers at every position.

  • Hey I watched that dunk contest boykin was in, dam he got ups. Hey lets make him our Sam linebacker since he can jump, sike only kidding.

  • Cliff Harris has more talent than Boykin as a corner, but needs to grow up.

  • We need to sure up the safety position. our back end defense is still suspect.

    ” The biggest concern in Philly might be safety, where youngsters Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman struggled often in 2011. They were not terrible, but in a division with Eli Manning, Tony Romo and now Robert Griffin III, this could be an Achilles’ heel for Reid’s group” per NFL.com.

    Here we go again like during McNabb days, we get good pieces then AR shoots himself in the foot by not addressing a suspect hole in the defense. After Dawk signed with Denver, we should of drafted a first round safety that following year. We need to call up sharper or an experienced Veteran safety to help lead this young group or we’re going to be in trouble again this year.

  • hey i gotta say the eagles had hell of draft and dont andy fool anybody on this site when teams go to 3wide you dont have to worry about kendricks sticking te’s cause nnamdi will be on them cause when teams go 3wide on us the birds will play 4-2-4-1 meaning 4dl-2lb-4cbs-1safety your 4line men will be cole,cox,jenkins,babin or curry, lbs,ryans,kendricks,4cbs namdi,drc,boykin,marsh, with allen at safety and when they go to set namdi will be on the te and marsh will slide out to his spot outside with drc and and folks the rookie kendricks will be on the attack to kill the QB SO DONT LET ANDY FOOL YOU GUYS WHEN HE SAYS KENDRICKS WILL BE ON TE’S NOW HE MAYBE ON THEM ONCE IN AWHILE BUT NOT TWO OFTEN NOT THE WAY THAT TEAMS PLAY 3WRS SO ALL IN ALL THE BIRDS FROM I SEE HAD A GOOD DRAFT ON PAPER BUT WE WERE PAPER CHAMPS LAST YEAR LETS BE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS THIS SEASON AND THAT BOY BOYKIN IS NASTY I THINK IF HE WAS 6’1 HE WOULDVE WENT IN THE FIRST RD NOW EVERYBODY JUST KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED THAT EVERYBODY CAN STAY HEALTHY ON THIS TEAM WE DONT NEED ANY MORE INJURIES KNOCK ON WOOD GO BIRDSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • curt coleman can play tho rocko.. and if nate allen can improve on the end of last year they will be solid.. and we dont even know what jarrett can do yet.. yerimiyah bell is a beast thoug i admit . and he s built to play another 5 years

  • To Eagleshaslanded,

    Thanx for the names (Lester is a good one) the kid from USC MCDonald I am not all the familiar with and will check him out.. Wonder if his Dad is former NFL Safety Tim McDonald who was a good one for the 49ers/ & Cardinals I believe

  • Eagles0superbowls…… I’m with you on Gruden & Polian, bring them aboard! This is the first draft I have liked since the Eagles drafted Jeremy Maclin and Lesean McCoy!!! I haven’t been impressed with Howie Roseman yet and I’m tired of Andy Reid ! As much as I like the draft they just had and the trade for DeMeco Ryan’s, it seems as though the Eagles have not tried to improve their weakest position last year… The Eagle secondary is pretty much the same with the exception of their best corner Asante Samuel. He has been traded for a 7th rd pick that was spent on a player that only played one football game last season and sat out the year before that! I’ve been listening to the we are now gonna play man press coverage and with Samuel gone we will be a better secondary but I’m sitting here looking at the roster and now see the same safety’s, I’m looking at Hanson probably being cut again so here we are counting on another 4th rd pick (Boykins) whomI actually like in the long run but not sure if he will be as good as we need him to be to cover the slot WR’s in the NFL…
    I like most of the picks but It seems again they have put of some positions of need. If Demetress Bell or Todd Herremans get hurt this season we are once agian counting on King Dunlap. If DRC or Nnamdi get hurt we are counting on Curtis Marsh ( I’m not sure any of us know what to expect outta this guy ) to hold down the fort. Anyways what I’m getting at here is there doesn’t seem to be any depth what so ever on this team right now! I’m looking at the corner position and say to myself there is no reason that Boykins doesn’t beat out Hanson and Cliff Harris doesn’t beat out Lindley. Also there is no reason that McNutt doesn’t beat out Cooper and Foles doesn’t beat out Kafka. This team can’t be drafting player that are beating out 4th rd selections from the previous year every year and expect to be competitive!

    I don’t like being the Debbie Downer or Mr Negative but I would really like to see a different front office and a new head coach start making new decisions around here…

  • They wanted to get rid of Hanson last year, what makes any of us think they will keep him this year, at a cap hit of $1,050,000.00 this year & Boykin being drafted. They didn’t draft Boykin to sit him on the bench. Hanson is gone. Tapp better get his bags ready also, Shady needs his raise.

  • Schill remember, the rosters have been expanded by 10 this year, so that gives the Birds the flexibility to keep some extra players. We’ll see.

  • Dcar, good point. Im not even close to getting used to that.

    Sully,water, air, get some. There are 32 teams in the nfl that aren’t 2 deep at OT. And defense is a team game. The secondary doesn’t wait for the dl to take a turn, then the lbs to play d, and then hit the field. They will benefit from a new coach and a vastly improved team in front of them.

    Did a full night’s sleep help? Hopefully you recovered from freakin out.

  • It was a bone in his leg that Boykin broke/fractured during Senior Bowl Drills, not and injury to his knees which is why he went from a late 2nd/early 3rd Rounder to the late 4th Rounder per most Draft Observors..

  • paulman,
    Boykin also had 2 concussions @ georgia..something that bears watching.

  • Good info Repski, and was not aware of the concussions and is something that needs watching.. Probably in this day an age, with all the heighten awareness of head injuries, it’s probably going to be rare that any player coming out of College has not had “diagnosed concussion’ or 2 while playing in College.. Hopefully it’s not the severe kind but who knows for everyone is different..

  • I said 3 years ago that,Trevard Lindley, after his rookie year would be cut, and he was!!!……because he stinks…..He is not going to beat Hanson out of a roster spot because he himself will be cut again.

  • @Sully
    There is NO way that Nick Foles doesn’t beat out Kafka. Kafka only played QB 1 year in college, has a meager arm and cannot hold up to a beating like the bigger, stronger Foles whose footwork and throwing motion are already advanced. And being that Foles was drafted fairly high, he won’t be cut when he’s not even had a year of NFL preparation… which Kafka has had and they wouldn’t even use him in place of “big mouth dream team guy” when Vick went down. I’m looking to see Foles take a BIG step forward by end of this year working in this system with good coaching. Foles would never make it to practice squad after cutdowns. Hope they don’t carry 4 QB’s…one has to go and that appears to be Kafka, hopefully by trade for low draft pick. Got to keep Edwards for his previous experience and toughness.

  • @Sully… sorry, ignore that. I just reread that entire sentance.

  • stop dating yourdelf GMCliff…
    LIndley was not 100% Heathly his Rookie Season (was still recovering form his Knee INjury/Surgery from Senior Year at U If Kentucky,
    Last years Off-Season was a washout due to Lockout.. I am giving him this Summer Camp before writing him off, just like Brandon Graham,Clay Harbor, Riley Cooper, Keenan Clayton and some other Eagles that were drafted in 2009 since this is really their 1st Full Off-Season as an Eagle/Professional player with access to working and learning full time with t hTeam and Coaches.. Now if any of these Players fail to step up this Summer Camp, then 2009 Draft Class was a very poor one and I would not hesitate on releasing any of them whether it’s Brandon Graham, Riley COoper or Clay Harbor or LB’s Clayton/Chaney or Lindley.. I have a feeling that a few of these players are going to shine and play well for their jobs adn careers are on the line and their opportunities are beginning to run out and plus I think a few of them are finally 100% Heatlhy in Graham’s & Lindley’s case

  • Paul and Erock…I wanted to chime in on your WR discussion from another post. First, I would have to say that I agree with Paul that our WRs are not elite. But that is not to say that they are not good and that we could not win a title with those two guys. They are more than adequate to win a SB.
    The argument about number one WRs is an interesting one that I have given much thought in assessing our WRs. I would definitely like feeback from anyone on my humble opinion. I decided in my mind that a #1 WR comes down to two criteria and you must meet both to be a true #1:
    First is the intangible. The question here is: Are you a threat to take it to the house any time you have the ball in your hands? Can a quick slant easily turn into a seventy yard TD with one false move by the defense?
    Second is the tangible. There has to be some level of production that shows consistency to the degree that the offense at least to some degree runs through that receiver. 1,000 yards is a dated standard and YPC does not complete the picture, nor does TDs. 1200 yards is the new minimum standard of elite for both WRs and RBs. And also you have to have double figures in TDs. I would say at least 70 catches seems fair.
    So my definition of a true #1 WR is a player that has at least 70 catches for at least 1200 yards and ten TDs and is a threat to score in a flash anytime he touches the ball.
    By those standards, D Jack has never had the production. You can say anything you want about his impact on the game and blah, blah, blah. HE DOES NOT HAVE THE PRODUCTION. So sit down and shut up with that. Further I think he has reached his ceiling. A better attitude is not going to improve his numbers much and I would bet heavily that he will never catch 70 passes in this offense. Also for all his game breaking ability, he does not register double figures in TDs. Why? Because he sucks in the RZ and drops several TD passes every year. He only possesses the first quality.
    Maclin is close. This is his make or break year. I am not really seeing the game breaking ability we were all told about. His 74 catches and ten TDs in 2010 was promising, but he either needs more catches or more YPC because he has yet to break even 1,000 much less 1200. These short falls in yardage department really further magnify the questions about game breaking ability. But as a 19th pick compared to a 49th pick, I expect Maclin to be in PBs and that has not happened. And I think four years is long enough. This is his year to determine his true value and quality. I suspect its a little short of what we had hoped and that he is not actually a true #1 but just a very good possession WR.

  • Paul….you meant 2010 draft. But I agree that there may be some decent production in there. I think Kafka and Harbor will step up. Allen will shine with Bowles to teach him. The rest including Mr Graham are garbage. Yet another Eagle draftee with no fire in his belly. They sure know how to find them. Speaking of which, Did anyone hear the Kendricks interview on WIP yesterday. That young man is ready to go and he is not soft nor does he lack that fire. I was ready to start the season listening to him!

  • Ryans and Kendricks are going to feed off one another. They are going to fire the other guys up too.

  • Excellent Points jbird and I agree that neither D-Jax/Maclin have put up Productive #’s and Stats to reflect them as True #1”..
    A big think is that #1 WR’s become more dangerous as you get closer to the End-Zone, the opposite in fact happens with D-Jax, the closer to the end-zone the Eagles get, the less likely the ball is going to him due to being smaller and harder to see and locate in smallet spaces.. and teams that know this and roll their coverages to Maclin & Celek

  • Dman – you on today – there is a rumor flying around they found Jr Seau shot dead in his backyard up in Oceanside! He has had a couple family member killed in gang violence….

    Vilma suspended for the year! Damn – commish means business

  • I hope Boykin wears #2 for the Eagles like in college. Screw the rules, lets see #2 in the slot on defense.

  • Since he broke his leg hanson can probably hold him off this year. but maybe not they say it was very minor and your talking about a guy who runs 4.35 and already plays nickel so he doesnt have to learn the position

  • Nuff said Paul,……just wait and see…….maybe he’ll catch on with Cleveland

  • Boykin is most exciting for his ability to return kicks. KR needs stright line speed and the ability to break tackles at first contact. Lewis was horrible as KR. He has the kind of shiftiness more appropriate for a PR rather than a KR. You don’t dance on KR, you run with decisiveness and as straight as you can. Boykin will be our best KR since Demps and maybe since Mitchell. KR was very under rated on our list of deficits. Improving that will be very helpful.
    The only thing that can derail this team from a legit run is injuries and Vick sloughing off or being careless with the ball and his health.

  • 4 players suspended that played for the Saints
    LB Vilma for the entire Season which is no surprise and why the Saints signed LB’s Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne in Free-agency

    DE Will SMith for 4 Games
    DE Anthong Hargorve (now on the Packers for 8 Games)
    LB Scott Fujita (now on the Browns for 3 Games)

  • Espn confirmed that former Great LB junior Seau was indeed found dead in his Oceanside,Ca home.. The Call came in 10am by a woman, when police arrived, the woman also had a gunshot wound in the chest, and Seau’s body was found and confirmed deceased.. Police inverstigators are thinking Suicide at the moment or possibly even a skirmish with his girlfriend in which the weapon went off .. More detail will come out …
    RIP Junior Seau, who played LB at USC (G-Man’s Alma-Mater) and who was a 1st Round Draft PIck by the SD Chargers in 1990 and had an All-Pro Career there and then finished up with the DOlphins and played a couple of seasins with NE Pats in his quest for a Championship which he never did attain before full retirement after the 2008 Season. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Seau Family, his Friends,Teammates and to his many Fans ..

  • WTF ..RIP..

  • Yeah – the locals are saying self inflicted – had an incidetn a couple years back where after he was arrested for domestic violence after his release his car went off a cliff – he said he fell asleep at the wheel….

    tough – I know two of his kids – his older girl is a senior Volleyball player that played at the same club as my girl – and played against her in HS..

    son is a pretty bad ass lax player – I think going to Duke.. both in HS..

    that’s rough….. poor kids…

    met the guy twice – in real life he is not that big – I mean he is a stud – but only about 6ft… very nice – met him adn Bud Kraft at Seau’s Resturant.. super, super nice guy, always friendly.

    Boy, he was one hell of a player

  • 6 foot ? hes listed at 6’3.. Its sad one of the best ever..If your having relationship problems just get prostitutes..

  • paulman & repski — thanks for the injury news on boykins — I assume you both think he will be 100% recovered for training camp


    My prayers are with his family and children.

  • @larrwd, Yo you crazy with that one boy, prostitutes tho. Man go to second and cambria set it off all day. LOL Alright enough of the hooker talk RIP Mr. Seau. As far as the Eagles go man look leave our safties alone Nate will play better(hopefully). And Coleman is a player let’s go get that ring boys.


  • a couple of thoughts on Boykin and the roster. I’m a huge Boykin fan. I wanted them to draft him well before the draft rolled around, so I’m very excited to see what he can do. That said, I don’t think they’ll release Hanson unless Boykin absolutely shines. The reason being is that they would have Marsh, who is extremely raw and better suited to play on the outside, Lindley, who was cut and not picked up by anyone else, Hughes who played ok in the last two games last year and Boykin. There would be absolutely 0 game experience at the slot position behind Boykin if something happens. I think what you’ll see is Hanson kept and Lindley released again. Nnamdi and DRC on the outside with Marsh as the 3rd option to give one the occasional breather. Hanson and Boykin battling for the slot, and Hughes inactive most weeks.

    I think they view Marsh as their long-term outside CB. He only played there for 2 years at Utah St, but he is a phenomenal athlete. I believe they see him in a Nnamdi type mold. He’s very fast, physical with extremely long arms. I think they want him to emulate Nnamdi’s style and learn from him. Nnamdi will be 31 by the time the season starts. His clock is ticking….

  • To EaglesOsuperbowls

    I read somewhere leading up to the Draft that Boykins should be cleared and 100% ready by about Mid-June and possibly sooner, so maybe during this upcoming Rookie OTA’s, he may not be about to be out there running around but stuyding playbook,doing some walk-thru’s etc,etc..

  • Paulman — good info — I hope the Georgia talent is ready like you suggest because I have no faith in DRC, who I expect to mentally break down after being the guy everyone chooses to throw out because of the talent disparity between Nnamdi Asomugha and himself

  • one real positive about DRC, he is in his Contract Year and he is the Starter coming in, I think we will all will be pleasantly surprised on how he plays.. Rumor is that he has worked pretty hard over the off-season and has put on about 5lbs on his wiry frame and has added some upper boddy strength, now wether this translates to better tackling or becoming more physical who knows, but I am willing to give him this Season to show what he can do and if he stays focused and plays his cards right, he should be playing for a large contract after this season whether that’s from the Eagles or one of the other 31 Teams in the NFL, we have to remember that he was a 2 year Starter in Arizona and a Pro-Bowl Player in 2010 so the fella has Talent and tcrazy speed and the best thing is that he’s only 26 Years old so with a full Off-Season with the Eagles and working with Secondary Coach Todd Bowles to improve his technique, positioning and how better to use his speed and long arms should prove to be very beneficial , I think the Sky is the limit with him and would shure hate to see Todd Bowles coach him up and have a very good Season only to leave in Free-Agency. He has a lot to play for when you think about it and that’s a good Situation for the Eagles to be in … (and hopefully us Fans too)

  • Sky is the limit for DRC with that speed.. i mean he runs 4.29 at 6’2 hes faster than desean jackson.. it will also be good for jackson to go up against our corners in practice im expecting a huge year from jackson.. hes rich now lmao

  • I wonder if Andy Reid still believes Rory Segrest is a helluva coach?

  • eagles0 – I think you’re mistaken – Boykin, on defense, is a slot specialist. That’s his role. He’s not an outside guy. Your misguided hate for DRC is leading you to want Boykin to take DRC’s job, but that would be Hughes, Marsh, Lindley… those guys are the young prospects for the outside. But make no mistake about it, DRC is the best option opposite Nnamdi, and the best case scenario for the Eagles is that DRC, Nnamdi, and Boykin in the slot are your corners long term – with DRC playing well this year and getting an extension. Boykin is a rare slot specialist with all the tools to be a major asset at that specific position – SLOT CB.

  • I wonder if the herpes on Song’s hemorrhoids is resolving any – at least that would give him hope of returning to SOME form of viewing life positively at somepoint in the future… Enh, maybe I’m overreaching. He’s gonna be a pain in the ass because of the pain in his forever….

  • yeah schiller your right about my hate for DRC clouding Boykins role, it is his unofficial job to lose as the slot corner on the bird’s wish list — I have to get back to cheering from booing like pdiddy does

  • I love when Eagles let players go or trade them knowing the replacement on the roster upgrades the position…..

    I mean…When we let our offensive tackle go in the same year …the replacements on the roster were just marvelous….

    remember the Safety debacle?

    the right corner replacement?

    Don’t worry….let Stew walk…We have Matthews…

    Now, here we go again.

    DRC over Asante…..

    this will prove you can’t downgrade a position and expect better results.

    This one will bite us fellas

  • I would like to see Boykin get some time at safety.

  • Songs – you HATED Stew. And Stew was damaged goods – FACT. You raging hypocrite. Remember when we let Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent go at the perfect time, and replaced them with Brown and Sheppard and it worked really well? Remember when we let McNabb go and he stunk it up and then Vick worked out? Remember when we let Westbrook go and Shady stepped in to shine? Remember when we let Castillo leave the Oline and Mudd came in and kicked ass? Remember when we let Segrest go from the DL and brought in Washburn and he lead the team to leading the league in sacks?

    Songs, wipe the corner of your mouth, you missed a spot, still some dookie seeping out

  • Remember when Runyan left and Herramans stepped in and played great? Rembmer when Thomas left and Peters came in and played well? Remember when Jackson was replaced with Kelce who played well? Remember when Rhodes was replaced with Reid and team got way better for a sustained period of time?

  • Remember when the Wrs sucked and we then got 10, 18, 81?

    Remember when LJ smith was replaced by Brent Celek?

    Remember when Rory Segrest was replaced with Bobby April? Remember when Ellis Hobbs was replaced by Nnamdi Asomugha? Remember when Mathews/Cheney were replaced with Demeco Ryans? Remember when Bunkley was replaced with Cullen Jenkins? Remember when Parker was replaced with Babin?

    Remember when sanity and sense was replaced with Songs?

  • Remember when Weaver got a nast injury and it was Reid’s fault? Remember when Shawn Andrews’s psyche was shattered somehow and it was Reid’s fault? Remember when Dawkins got old and it was Reids fault? Remember when Jim Johnson died and it was Reid’s fault?

    Remember when Songs opened his mouth and the guy next to him handed him a roll of TP?

  • Yooouuuuu remember whennnn Bobbbyyy Boucchher came in and wwwon the Sugar Bowwwlll.

  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????

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